Who has a solo in the Once Upon a Time musical? Check out the complete song list and teasers from the creators to find out!

Update (May 1): Watch Hook’s musical number!


Original (May 1): Can’t wait for the Once wedding-musical extravaganza? You are one day and seven song titles closer! Here is the complete track listing provided by ET Online.

‘Once Upon a Time’ musical song list

  1. “Powerful Magic”
  2. “The Queen Sings”
  3. “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance”
  4. “Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine”
  5. “Wicked Always Wins”
  6. “Charmings vs. Evil Queen”
  7. “Emma’s Theme”
  8. “A Happy Beginning”

A few more fun facts came out of an interview with ET Online, including one that is described as “David Bowie meets Rocky Horror.”

Expect to see that combination arrive with “The Queen Sings,” a Regina-centric number. “Wicked Always Wins,” unsurprisingly belongs to Zelena. And “Emma’s Theme” gives Jennifer Morrison a solo.

Don’t worry, Emma AND Hook will share a number. But expect to hear from the entire town by the time it’s through. “A Happy Beginning” will feature the couple in a duet, but end with the entire town coming together to celebrate the happy couple.

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Here’s a taste of the action in the promo for Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 20, “The Song in Your Heart.”

There’s a lot to look forward to in next week’s episode, but let’s not forget the looming threat — Rumpel and the Black Fairy joining forces. Will the wedding go off without a problem? Or will David’s worst nightmare come true?

Only a few days left before we find out!

Are you excited for the ‘Once Upon a Time’ musical?

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