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Get ready for the arrival of a new princess on Once Upon a Time. It sounds like you won’t be disappointed by the girl power factor if that’s your thing!

(And it must be, if you’re still watching at this point.)

Once Upon a Time is introducing a new character named Helena this season, according to E! Online.

The 30-year-old, brown-haired princess is described as, “Confident and well-bred, and can wrap any man around her finger.”

And on top of being seductive and cunning, Helena is also a warrior who has “slain many deadly creatures.”

So who is she? Of course the name Helena immediately makes us think of Helen, Princess of Troy – and considering the Lancelot and Frankenstein reveals earlier this season, a bit of Greek mythology wouldn’t seem that far out for Once Upon a Time.

Another possibility is that this is the character Helena from Shakespeare’s famous play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She could also be a character we haven’t met yet, like Jefferson’s wife or Aurora’s mother.

Helena’s first appearance is likely to be the 13th episode of season 2.

Who do you think she is? And who would be a good actress for the part? Share your thoughts in the comments or over on the Hypable forums!

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