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See the behind-the-scenes images from last Sunday’s Once Upon a Time episode “Queen of Hearts”!

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In “Queen of Hearts,” we learned that Regina’s mother Cora was indeed Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts. Hook traveled there to kill her, but ended up allying himself with Cora in order to keep his memories while the rest of the fairytale characters were transported to Storybrooke.

Emma, Snow, Mulan and Aurora searched for the squid ink, and ended up regaining the compass. Mulan and Aurora stayed behind in fairytale land while Emma and Snow traveled back to Storybrooke through the portal. Cora and Hook also found a way to our world, by using a magic bean and sailing into the port.

What will happen once Once Upon a Time returns on January 6? Will Aurora and Mulan still be a part of the story somehow? And was Cora telling the truth when she said that she wanted to help Regina – because we think the pair of them would make a fantastic evil team!

Don’t forget to check out Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast Onceable if you haven’t already! The hosts share their thoughts and theories about the second season of the show, and also discuss the characters as they relate to their original fairytale counterparts.

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