New ‘Iron Man 3’ trailer teaser released

2:30 pm EDT, October 22, 2012

We got our first look at the Iron Man 3 trailer yesterday with a 17 second trailer teaser and now we have a 10 second trailer teaser giving us our first look at Guy Pearce.

Marvel is hitting us with so much Iron Man 3 news we can barely keep up. With the first trailer teaser hitting yesterday and the teaser poster hitting just minutes ago, they’ve now released the second trailer teaser, which is laughably short, but still gives us our first look at Guy Pearce, who will be playing the villain Aldrich Killian aka ‘Extremis’ in the film, who works with nanotechnology.

For those who aren’t quite familiar with the history, Killian and Maya Hansen (old gal-pal of Stark) create the Extremis technology, which is a tool designed for the military which allows nanotechnology to bond to a human being (Could Pepper be kidnapped to be tested upon?). The military later pulled the funding for the project, and Killian (Pearce) decides to move on with human trials with Extremis. Now, this is all comic-lore and may not translate to the film’s plot, but we see a woman slamming Stark against a wall, which could end up being Maya Hansen – Killian’s partner.

If it turns out to be her, their story is that Maya explains to Stark that Extremis is a military nanotechnology serum, which is an attempt to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum (Captain America), which melds with the brain and forces the body to rebuild itself from scratch. The design for the new body can be programed prior to its injection and can be used to create superhuman abilities, giving it highly sought after military applications. Maya had initially taken the military contract to fund her anti-cancer research. Stark would later go on to be injected with the serum, so that he could defeat a certain villain in the comics, so we may see some crossover here where he’ll need the serum to get Pepper back from whichever villain has abducted her.

Tomorrow’s full trailer should give us a better idea of where Marvel is going with the new film and if you can’t tell – we’re excited.

Iron Man 3’s full trailer will be released Tuesday, October 23 and the film will hit theaters May 3, 2013.

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