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Neil Gaiman, as has been previously reported, is penning another script for Doctor Who. Apparently, the actors in the episode may need some help keeping better track of things as one of them left the highly prized Gaiman script in the back seat of a taxi.

Neil Gaiman and the entire Doctor Who creative team own a good deal of thanks to the honesty of Cardiff University student Hannah Durham. After Gaiman’s script entitled “The Last Cyberman” was left in the back of a taxi on Halloween. Durham and her friends found it when they rode in the same cab.

Initially, Durham, who is not a fan of the show, didn’t quite realize the magnitude of what she had found. Several of her university mates clued her in as well as assisted her in the return of the script to the production office in at Roath Lock in Cardiff, which is quite near their university.

More details are now emerging since the news broke last week. According to Wales online Durham was amazingly not tempted to distribute her find, or to ransom if off. She stated, “I glanced at it enough to see that it was a script and I saw the title and everything, but I didn’t feel the urge to read through it or copy it or anything.”

Upon discovering Durham’s honesty Gaiman tweeted his thanks.

Gaiman wasn’t the only person who was thankful. In an interview with MTV’s Geek, Durham spoke about how amazingly nice fans have been about the entire situation.

The most surprising thing has definitely been the amount of response from the fans! I’m not gonna lie, I’d never heard of a Whovian before now. But WOW. you guys really care about this show! And I was surprised that 99% of the responses weren’t asking me for any kind of spoilers, but actually thanking me for returning it unspoiled. Such nice people! I definitely have a lot of respect for the show and its fans now, and I’m really glad I could be the one to ensure this script gets back in the right hands safe and sound!

Hopefully Durham might get a bit more than thanks for Gaiman. According to Wales Online, the English literature student needs a job, and she is hoping the BBC might have one for her.

Do you think that Durham should be given a bigger reward?

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