A key part of a book to film adaptation is just how loyal the script is to the source material.

For The Fault in Our Stars, it’s nearly identical.

In a new interview with The Pittsburgh Gazette, The Fault in Our Stars author John Green says that “almost every line of dialogue in the movie is from the book.”

He added, “It’s very, very faithful.”

Though it’s a loyal adaptation, that doesn’t mean we have Green to thank. The writer says that he stays out of the way during filming and didn’t have a part in writing the script. “Usually book writers are on the set for one or two days. I’m lucky to have a really great relationship with Josh [Boone] the director, and he’s the kind of relaxed, laid-back, confident guy who doesn’t need to worry about that stuff,” he said. “I don’t want it to be my movie. I don’t know how to direct a movie.”

Green also spoke about why fans feel it necessary to see a book brought to the big screen. “When people really love a book, what they want to see is the book come to life. They want to see the book visually, and I’m sympathetic to that desire. I felt that desire about books that I loved, I felt that about ‘Harry Potter,’ I felt that about ‘Revolutionary Road,’ I felt that about a huge variety of books.”

“But, you know, my hope is that it can be a good movie, not that it can be a good visualization of a book.”

The Fault in Our Stars is currently filming in Pittsburgh, and this past Monday Hypable got to visit the set to speak with the stars and watch them shoot. We will have a detailed report up closer to the film’s release.

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