Some new, big casting news for the highly anticipated book-to-TV adaptation of Delirium this evening: Gregg Sulkin has joined on as Julien.

The books take place in an alternative present-day Maine when civilization has been partly destroyed by war and a totalitarian government teaches that love is literally a disease (commonly called the delirium). There’s a surgical cure for love that’s mandatory for citizens 18 and older. Emma Roberts will play Lena, a 17-year-old girl who is waiting for the cure. However things change for Lena once she meets a boy from the Wilds (Alex) who has not taken the cure. Together they forge their own path trying to decide just how much the government should control in one person’s life.

Sulkin may be known to television viewers as Wesley Fitzgerald in Pretty Little Liars. He also had a role on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Roberts joined the project as Lena earlier this month. Julien’s resistance of taking the cure is what brings the two together. The book was written by Lauren Oliver, who’s writing this story as a series. You can order it here on Amazon.

Recently we wrote a piece considering whether The Selection or Delirium will make a better show.

Thanks, Deadline.

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