Game of Thrones season 4, episode 1 finally airs tonight! Here is everything you need to know about the season premiere, titled “Two Swords.”

Update: Read our recap of tonight’s episode now!

HBO’s epic fantasy drama at last returns tonight – and things are only going to get more epic. Game of Thrones season 4, episode 1, titled “Two Swords,” will plunge viewers back into the intrigue and excitement that we have learned to expect from the wild world of Westeros.

What happened last season on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Quite a lot.

Tyrion Lannister struggled to re-assert himself in the King’s Landing political scene while his father Tywin took over as Hand of the King. With Joffery ready to marry Margaery Tyrell, Tywin forced Tyrion to marry Sansa Stark, and betrothed Cersei to Loras Tyrell to solidify the Lannister-Tyrell alliance.

Almost nobody was happy about these arrangements.

Also unhappy was Jaime Lannister, who had his right hand cut off while being returned to King’s Landing by Brienne of Tarth. (He did become slightly less of an asshole, though.) Also in the Riverlands, Arya Stark was taken hostage by Beric Dondarrion’s Brotherhood Without Banners, but was soon kidnapped by Sandor Clegane.

Up in the North, Jon Snow infiltrated the wildlings and got jiggy with Ygritte, but then betrayed them to return to the Night’s Watch. Unfortunately, the Watch is in a bad state, as Lord Commander Mormont was murdered by his own men in Craster’s Keep. Luckily, Samwell Tarly managed to escape with his wildling not-girlfriend Gilly, and her infant son. Sam also figured out how to kill White Walkers with dragonglass blades.

At the same time, Theon Greyjoy was tortured to insanity by Ramsay Snow, the bastard son of Roose Bolton. He is forced to call himself “Reek” because Ramsay is a freaking psychopath.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen met up with Ser Barristan Selmy and a flirty sellsword named Daario Noharis. She stole an army of Unsullied slave soldiers from the city of Astapor, and then beat the crap out of Yunkai. Now she is headed toward Meereen, watching her three dragons grow more fearsome by the day.

Also, Robb Stark, his wife Talisa, Catelyn Stark, and pretty much the entire Stark-Tully host were all slaughtered by the Frey family at literally the worst wedding ever.

What’s happening tonight?

The official synopsis for Game of Thrones season 4, episode 1 says:

Tyrion welcomes a guest to King’s Landing. At Castle Black, Jon Snow finds himself unwelcome. Dany is pointed to Meereen, the mother of all slave cities. Arya runs into an old friend.

And a new preview for “Two Swords” makes it clear that the action kicks off right from the start.

Still images also give us a hint at the main players in tonight’s episode.







Before Game of Thrones season 4, episode 1 begins, test out your Thrones-IQ in our quiz on the first three seasons! Also check out our unspoiled predictions for season 4, and – if you’ve read A Song of Ice and Fire – read up on the book-to-screen changes we are most excited to see!

Game of Thrones season 4, episode 1, “Two Swords,” airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

What are your predictions for the new season of ‘Game of Thrones’?

Arrested Development‘s fourth season aired three years ago today. To celebrate its legacy (and to try to forget how much we’re missing it right now), let’s rank the best recurring Arrested Development jokes!

It’s really no secret that Arrested Development has some of the best recurring jokes and gags of all time. Even people who don’t watch the show are familiar with things like “There’s always money in the banana stand” and “I’ve made a huge mistake.” The jokes in this show are just so understated and catchy that it would’ve been crazy had they not have caught on. Thanks to Arrested Development‘s recurring jokes, pop culture has never been quite the same.

To celebrate our undying love for Arrested Development, we decided to forgo the banner (sorry, everyone) and instead put together a list of all of the gags and jokes that we think are the best ones the show’s ever done. Not only that, but we’re leaving it up to you to rank them!

How to play: Love a certain joke and think that it should be at the top of the list? Upvote it. Really hate another joke and don’t understand how it got on the list in the first place? Hit that little downward-facing arrow. Don’t care either way for some of these gags? Then you can just leave them untouched. It’s all good! We just want to know what YOU think! With everyone participating we’ll be able to build a definitive list of the best Arrested Development jokes!

So, grab your denim cut-offs and hot ham water, and maybe even do a little chicken dance to get yourself pumped up (but not with the hot ham water in your hand, please). If you’re an Arrested Development fan, you’re sure to love ranking these jokes.

(Just be careful about which arrow you hit. You don’t want to hit the wrong one and find yourself saying “I’ve made a huge mistake.”)

Are there any ‘Arrested Development’ jokes missing from the list? Add them below!

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Marvel fans aren’t pleased with the twist in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

By now you know that Steve Rogers is revealed to be a Hydra agent in the first issue of the new Captain America: Steve Rogers series (Read our in-depth analysis of the new issue here). Naturally this news — that ultimate do-gooder Cap would be so evil — has not sat well with fans.

The general consensus is that this shit is unacceptable…

… And the only thing to do is ignore it:

Others think Marvel need a taste of their own medicine:

And/or need to fire their lame-o writers:

Then there are beautiful Photoshops like this one of Chris Evans’ Captain America ripping up a tree the comic:

Some people are Photoshopping the comic to make him say things that are just as outrageous as him being a HYDRA agent:

While others are giving him a different revelation — one concerning Bucky. This is the twist that SHOULD be in the new Captain America series

Marvel, please write yourself out of this one as quickly as possible.

… Before you start coming up with other outrageous revelations

Emilia Clarke proves there is more to Dothraki than death threats in a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Clarke, who plays the indomitable Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game of Thrones, sets Meyers straight on the fact that Dothraki is, in fact, a real language created for the show. Linguist David J. Peterson crafted Dothraki, and all of the other fictional languages used on Game of Thrones — but even after six seasons, his words present Clarke with a continual challenge.

“You get it in English, at the top in the first script, it’s like, ‘This will be in Dothraki,'” Clarke recounts of her learning process. Following English is the Dothraki speech, followed by a literal translation, and then finally the dialogue in spoken English.

“And then I get an MP3, and then my kitchen hears it for weeks and weeks and weeks on end, until I sound convincing,” Clarke says.

But given the opacity (and complete invention) of the Dothraki language, Emilia Clarke admits that there have been times when she replaced her lines with something a little more… interesting.

“With the latest marvelous actors we’ve had doing Dothraki with us, it was a long day,” Clarke admits, giggling. Not realizing that the camera was on her, Clarke allowed a moment of silliness to take over.

“I thought it would be funny if I did ‘MMMBop’ in Dothraki,” she says. “And that didn’t help him at all! And then I think some of that was definitely my take.”

Ever game, Clarke dives in to her rendition of the Hanson hit, translated into the language of the brutal horse lords.

“I can’t stress how much less catchy that is!” Meyers laughs.

Game of Thrones 6×06, “Blood of My Blood,” airs Sunday, May 29 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.