Fandoms to unfriend in 2015

12:30 pm EDT, December 24, 2014

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It’s that time of year again. The time where we all go through our social media friends lists and root out the people that we don’t particularly care for anymore. Likewise, these are the television shows our staff won’t be following up with in 2015.

The beginning of each is year a time of renewal for most. People join gyms, make “resolutions” that they (probably) won’t keep, and try to start fresh. While most of these so-called changes don’t usually last past February, we have some changes that we’ll definitely be keeping.

Just as you’ve created your new years resolutions, we’ve made decisions to stop watching some of our favorite shows.

We asked our staff to tell us which shows they’ll be dropping in the new year, or which shows they’ve dropped in the past few months.

Keep in mind these are the writers’ personal reflections on their shows, and won’t affect our coverage of them by any means. Let us know in the comments if you’re dropping one or more of these shows, and why!

Bye Bye, ‘Bones’ – Caitlin Kelly

Bones Mid
I dropped Bones after the season 10 premiere when a long-standing fan favorite character was killed off due to the actor’s increasingly busy schedule. That shocking death felt like a betrayal. Even though Bones is a series about murder, the tone has always been light-hearted, which is a nice change of pace from grim shows like Criminal Minds. Losing a main character in such a sudden, violent way felt completely out of place on a show where recurring characters tend to be written off by going on a sabbatical or a boating trip around the world. But not only did the show kill this character, they also wrote in a pregnancy for his on-again-off-again girlfriend, slapping viewers in the face after the initial punch in the gut. The shock value was plainly and simply cruel. Bones has always been a go-to when I need a break from the utter darkness of so much of what is already on television, and losing this character – my favorite character – took that away; because of that, I am no longer a viewer of new episodes or reruns.

Moving out of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ – Laura Byrne Cristiano

Sleepy Hollow mi
Fox had a big gamble going. They only aired the series in the fall last year. They really didn’t do anything with it again until the summer when they aired a few promos. Like a lot of people, in the summer, I’m not exactly focusing on TV when I could be at the beach. When fall rolled around this year, I tried to watch the first episode and, you guessed it, I was lost. Seriously, totally, where is Ichabod again, how much does Abbie’s sister know again, and while we are at it, what the heck is Abbie’s sister’s name kind of lost. I just didn’t have the time, or even really the desire to go back and marathon the entire season. It just lost its momentum for me, and I never got back around to it.

Overgrew ‘Glee’ – Brittany Lovely

Glee mid
Hi, my name is Brittany and it has been 230 days since my last Glee episode. That is not saying much, since any fan of the show has waited that long since the second to last episode for new material to arrive from FOX. I, however, will not be returning the halls of McKinley. Glee at its core is a show you have to take with a grain of salt and suspension of disbelief. In my finer moments as a Glee fan I was able to accept the episode after episode of Public Service Announcements, crying Matthew Morrison, and even taking Sue and only using her to break the fourth wall with every line. There was a glimmer of hope in season 4, “Dynamic Duets,” where the show returned to “the basics” the creators kept claiming they wanted. But by the time season 5 began, in the middle of the school year and the New York addition, graduation shuffle began, even the foundation of the show crumbled. I got the feeling both on screen and off that everyone had given up on the show. And that is why I am taking my final bow before the show does. The heart is gone, and from what I have heard about season 6, the mess left the summer after season 3 has yet to be cleaned up in the writers room. I may be leaving, but I am taking the Whitney Houston tribute episode with me.

Too much ‘Revenge’ – Tariq Kyle

Revenge Mid
I knew at the end of last season when they brought back a long-thought dead character that I would probably get sick of this show, and I was right. With that character brought back, it made every single move Emily did completely pointless. The premise of the show is now a moot point; literally the entire show fell around that character being dead. And now…what the hell?! The plot started getting really confusing and convoluted at the end of last season, and I found myself “watching” episodes while doing other things on my computer. I’ve missed about four episodes now, and even though there was a huge character death (of which I don’t know 100% who it was, but am damn positive my guess is right) I still find myself completely disinterested in catching up. You know something’s wrong with a show when a major, major character dies and your mindset is still “eh.” Revenge should have ended a season ago, and for that reason I won’t be watching in 2015.

Which fandoms will you unfriend this new year?

Have you completely given up on one or more of your shows? Let us know in the comments which shows you won’t be watching and why!

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