Many celebrities have been showing off their fannish side recently by expressing their excitement about the return of popular TV shows such as Mad Men and Community. But Glee‘s Darren Criss has been anticipating a very different season premiere: The Legend Of Korra.

Darren isn’t the most active Tweeter in the Glee cast or the StarKid gang, but he jumped online last night to let fans know how he felt after watching the first two episodes of the new Nickelodeon series.



Darren and his friends in Team StarKid are long-time fans of the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise – both of their Very Potter shows are packed full of Airbender references. Darren even auditioned for the role of Prince Zuko in the live-action adaptation The Last Airbender, but, like most fans, later expressed public distaste for the film. He did defend his choice to audition and his Asian heritage when a fan accused him of contributing to the controversial white-washing of the project, but stated that he was glad he hadn’t been involved.

The animated series, however, is one of Darren’s biggest passions:

Avatar: The Last Airbender is easily the biggest influence in all of our lives, hands down. It’s so good, it’s what I want my kids to watch. I want my grandkids to watch it. It’s the most moral, tried and true, beautiful tale and it’s just such a good thing for people…Everyone in the world should watch that show. Wars would stop if every world conflict would just sit down, and eat popcorn, and have a sleep over and watch the entire thing; they would all get along and it would be beautiful. – interview with The Phoenix Magazine, 2009

We love it when our favorite artists and actors let their fanboy/fangirl flags fly. Who’s your favorite celebrity super-fan?

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