A new Divergent trailer has been released and is packed with new footage in the 2 1/2 minute preview!

The Divergent trailer was introduced by director Neil Burger during a live chat earlier this morning.

In the preview we see numerous big scenes like Tris realizing that the Aptitude Test is not real (making her Divergent), Four throwing the knives at his potential love interest, some big train swinging, Jeanine Matthews warning Tris about the dangers of the Divergent, and much more.


What stood out to you in the ‘Divergent’ trailer?

Also, here’s an important screen cap:


The visuals look beautiful and have the feel of a “big” movie. We’re pleased by how good the film is looking so far.

The new Divergent trailer will be in theaters with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire next week. Both stories are popular dystopians, so Summit is naturally hoping to gain the attention of the Hunger Games audience.

To celebrate the release of the trailer, yesterday the studio released the film’s one-sheet which depicts Tris and Four standing high atop Chicago. It’s a gorgeous poster which we think will stand out on billboards and across movie theater lobbies.

In related news, this week Divergent’s official website was re-launched with new character profiles. With each of these new descriptions comes new profile shots of the characters. Visit the website and click “Characters” to see the bios and photos.

Divergent opens in theaters March 20, 2014. Hypable visited the set of the highly-anticipated movie earlier this year – check out our report!

What do you think of the ‘Divergent’ trailer?

Also, do you think this film is shaping up to have a wide appeal? The marketing material is pushing the “What makes you different makes you dangerous” tagline. The message is a simple and ominous one that we can absolutely see Hunger Games fans being intrigued by.

Moreover, sales of the Divergent trilogy have been performing very well over the past few months thanks to increasing awareness of the movie and good word of mouth. Lionsgate says that the Veronica Roth series is tracking as well as The Hunger Games was at this stage of its book-to-film development.

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