In case you wanted another reason to love Chris Pratt, watch his Instagram posts documenting his daily snacks on the set of Jurassic World 2.

As most stories do, it all started with a cacao baobab banana chia shake. From there, it spiraled into a regular segment on the Guardians of the Galaxy star’s Instagram feed, in which he talks (and often sings) about his latest superhealthy snack that helps get him to stay on track with his diet.

Here’s Pratt’s first “What’s My Snack” video:

#WHATSMYSNACK #JurassicWorld2

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But trust me, it only gets better from there. You can scroll through the star’s Instagram to find the rest, but here are a couple of my favorites. First, we’ve got the classic “I shouldn’t eat this, but I’m totally going to”:

Hot new full length episode of #WHATSMYSNACK

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That’s followed by the inevitable “I’m going to look badass while I rap about a carrot cake muffin but totally lose my s*** once I bite into it”:

The most recent installment brings out Pratt’s singing talents as he takes on seven cranberry, currant, butter, jam, clotted cream scones.

TURN THE VOLUME UP ON YOUR DEVICE for this all new critically acclaimed episode of #WHATSMYSNACK #cheatmeal edition. Starring Chris Pratt. Set on the River Thames in post World Two England, Chris Pratt plays lonely CIA agent Drake McGuiness, a man with a dangerous secret and a crippling addiction to dessert. Score by The Beatles. WRITTEN by Chris Pratt. PRODUCED by Chris Pratt. EXECUTIVE PRODUCED by Chris Pratt. ASSOCIATE PRODUCED by Chris Pratt. Special thanks to a CHRIS PRATT. Cinematography by @annafaris No animals were harmed in the making of this video. But 7 cranberry, currant, butter, jam, clotted cream scones got BF'd pretty hard. All rights reserved. #WHATSMYSNACK is a registered trademark. Copyright infringement is punishable by up to 500 years in prison and a $250 trillion fine. Piracy is not a victimless crime.

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We only have one thing left to say: Thank you, Chris Pratt, for all that you do.

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