Bree Turner has quickly become a fan favorite and NBC knows it! They have officially brought her on as a series regular for the second season of Grimm!

Turner was originally brought on as a guest star playing the role of Rosalee Calvert, first appearing in 1×15 “Island of Dreams.” Her character, a foxlike creature called a Fuchsbau, has taken over the town apothecary, and in the process grown closer to Monroe.

TV Line reports:

Turner’s promotion — which goes into effect at the start of the show’s just-ordered second season — should give Grimm ample time to explore her character’s backstory, including her past as a drug addict and the fact that she comes from a family of foxlike creatures known for their sly nature.

Are you excited to see Turner return as a regular in the second season? What do you think this means for Rosalee’s relationship with Monroe?

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