Baby drama coming up on ‘Bones’

7:00 pm EDT, January 23, 2012

Bones fans are still in the long haul waiting for the rest of season 7. However, we are already getting some spoilers for what will happen after the arrival of baby Bones! Check out this spoiler to learn what drama the new parents will have to deal with once their little girl arrives!

We already know that Brennan will go through a rough delivery as the cast has been teasing all season long. Once the baby comes Brennan will have to learn how to be a mother and anthropologist. Not to mention the nanny drama that will be going on! Now we are learning of another issue the couple will have to deal with.

The TV Addict reports:

As much as I’m enjoying Booth and Brennan’s storyline this season with regards to their about-to-be-born baby on BONES, I can’t help but feel that the producers have done a really poor job of dealing with Parker. Are there any plans to address how Booth’s oldest son is dealing with the new addition to the family?
The TV Addict: In short: Yes! Or to be more specific, when Booth and Brennan aren’t busy solving yet another gruesome murder in BONES upcoming tenth episode of the season, they will be busy debating how to deal with Parker, who begins to act out to the tune of lying and possibly stealing in response to their newest bundle of joy.

How do you think Booth and Brennan will deal with Parker acting up?

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