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In the upcoming episode of The New Normal, recently just confirmed for a full season, a surprising (but very cute) wedding is being planned. Continue reading to find out just whose wedding it actually is!

The surprising twist of this episode is that none of the adults are actually getting married. It is in fact Shania, Goldie’s daughter. Thankfully, it’s not a real wedding, because that would be weird and not even legal, but instead it is an imaginary wedding. Once Shania (Bebe Wood) lets her mom know that she is “engaged” to another classmate, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) decides to plan her the perfect wedding, dragging a reluctant Rocky (NeNe Leakes) along with him.

The family is on board with Shania’s dream wedding, even getting her a dress that looks like a forest of fairies made it personally for her, but surprise – Jane (Ellen Barkin) is appalled and tries to put an end to it immediately. David (Justin Bartha) luckily sees how important it is to his husband and helps make sure the wedding goes on, while making a life-changing decision. There’s no information yet on what that decision is. Maybe realising that not all men should wear skinny jeans?

Rocky’s brother, Clint (Sterling Sulieman), probably best remembered for being a black man who supports Romney and flirting quite a bit with Goldie, also makes a return as the officiator for the pretend wedding.

Any guesses as to what their wedding song will be? “Teenage Dream,” perhaps? Although they still need to wait a few years before that could really apply to them. Leave your own guesses in the comments.

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