American Horror Story: Asylum creator Ryan Murphy is talking last night’s revelations and what they mean for the characters of Briarcliff.

Last night a storm blew through the asylum both inside and out. In the modern setting, the lovers Leo and Teresa seem to escape the clutches of Bloody Face only to get shot by teenagers dressed up as the serial killer. But don’t worry, karma kicks in when the actual Bloody Face hunts the teenagers down. Back in 1964 the devil possessing Sister Eunice kicks its fun into over-gear taunting Sister Jude with the secret of the hit and run. It even has her tempting Dr. Arden with a romp in the bed.

Lana, Grace, Kit and Shelley also managed to escape the asylum only to come face to face with the Raspers in the woods. Their only option is to head right back into the horror of Briarcliff. Shelley, who had helped them escape by distracting a guard, meets a far worse fate. After trying to make a run for it on her own she runs into Dr. Arden who has already been messed with by the devil. In anger, Dr. Arden tries to rape Shelley but seems to have problems in that area, so she laughs at him. Not to worry though, the doctor has another trick up his sleeve. Shelley later awakens to find that Dr. Arden has amputated her legs, and since Sister Jude believes that the inmate has escaped, he now has the freedom to do whatever he wants to her.

Ryan Murphy spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the events of “Nor’easter” and more of what’s to come. He makes is clear that the devil possessing Sister Eunice is going to continue to play a big part in the psychological thriller. He describes this devil as sly and ambitious. It will continue to torment Sister Jude with the knowledge of her past and try to manipulate her. Murphy reveals that the devil has a plan with all of this torment, explaining, “The true devil is the devil in your midst who has power and a smile and has their eye on a bigger prize. She has her eyes on a much bigger prize which is coming up in the next couple episodes.”

The devil’s taunting of Dr. Arden had big repercussions for Shelley who loses her legs because of his inabilities. Murphy explains a bit about what we saw this episode: “I think his thing with women is when Shelly sees his member and laughs and says to him, ‘Were you in some kind of accident?’…There’s something very wrong there.” He also explains that Shelley is a tragic character and her problem is a big plot point for the next couple of episodes. He also teases, “When you see the evolution of what Dr. Arden continues to do to her, it’s pretty amazing.”

Murphy also tells fans not to count the lovers out of the story! Although we saw Leo decapitated, stabbed, and now both Leo and Teresa have been shot, don’t assume they’re dead. Murphy says that we will continue to see the modern storyline in the upcoming episodes. He also divulges that the lovers have a connection to the past, “The 2012 connection is really related to something and someone in 1964 Briarcliff, and you find out that in upcoming episodes for sure.”

What did you think about last night’s episode?

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