American Horror Story: Coven continues its streak of bringing strong female characters together on one screen with the addition of Stevie Nicks tonight. Check out our full recap below!

With the title, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks,” American Horror Story: Coven gives us a performance by Stevie Nicks that is certainly a moment audiences will anticipate. Nicks delivers in this episode, but her performances round out another chapter of stellar scenes from the strong female cast.

Truce: After losing everything, who can you turn to but your enemy for help? In her darkest hour, for the last 300 years, Marie Laveau turns to the Coven for protection from the witch hunters she initially hired to do her dirty work. But revealing her weakness to Fiona is only the tip of the iceberg of troubles awaiting Marie that night. As twilight creeps over the Coven, Marie is visited by Papa Legba, the Haitian Creole voodoo embodiment of death and fertility.

In a flash back, we see Marie summoning Papa during child birth with her determination to keep herself and her baby alive through the labor. It is when she is at peace with her child that Papa appears. In exchange for one innocent soul per year, Marie will live forever. The first soul offered is that of her first-born, the following souls are “borrowed” from other parents. With a little voodoo assistance, Marie smuggles a child from the labor and delivery ward of the hospital for her dues.

Mouse Hunt: Cordelia, Marie, and Fiona discuss Hank’s involvement with the notorious witch hunting family. The other cheek that Cordelia turned towards Fiona is slapped away when Fiona berates her for being blind to the fact that a witch hunter lived among the Coven for so long. Marie interjects that she is also at fault for hiring Hank and reminds them that placing blame is not going to help ensure their future.

In their first act of equality, Marie and Fiona attack the Delphi Organization where it will hurt them the most: their finances. Watching the mice navigate the maze, the FBI mirrors Marie and Fiona with an invasion of the Delphi organization in Atlanta, halting all trade and keeping their leader from the resources. As the spell comes to a halt, Fiona is overcome with fatigue. Marie takes Fiona upstairs and listens to Fiona explain the ritual of the Supreme to her.

Everyday that the girls’ powers become stronger, Fiona’s cancer maintains a direct correlation. Fiona inquires about Marie’s deal with Papa Legba. Marie informs Fiona that if someone demands his attention enough, he will present himself.

Ashes to Ashes: Nan’s powers are showing much more promise beyond telepathy. Mind control becomes her weapon of choice to prove to Madison, in a racy manner, that her chances at being the next supreme are greater than she anticipated.

Nan and Zoe find out that Luke passed away at the hospital and pay Joan a visit to see if they can find his body, possibly to mourn, but more likely to bring him back. Death is not a… well, death sentence for these ladies anymore. Joan confides that she cremated Luke, and he will reside in their home. Nan’s anger cannot be controlled, and she takes her mind control out for a tragic test drive. Zoe watches helplessly from the corner as Nan forces Joan to “cleanse” herself by drinking a gallon of bleach.

American Horror Story Coven Nan

An Innocent Soul: Fiona summons Papa Legba with an offering of cocaine and the intention to hand over her soul completely to him. With her current state promised for eternity in return, there is only one item preventing the transaction: Fiona’s soul does not exist. While Fiona has done nothing to prove her emptiness otherwise, it is striking to see her struggle with her new identity crisis. On the one hand, she is now free to kill all the ladies of the Coven, but on the other, her entire life has left her without anyone or any redeeming quality to take to the other side.

When Nan catches Marie with the kidnapped baby, Fiona devises a plan that may save Marie from murdering a child once again. If Papa wants an innocent soul, a tainted soul may do just as well. Marie and Fiona drown Nan in the bathtub with the intention to pay both of their debts with Nan’s soul. Papa is disturbed by the evil their partnership has sparked. He takes Nan with him to the other side, but this may not be the last we see of Nan haunting her past.

The Magical Stevie Nicks: Fiona’s intention of bringing Stevie Nicks to Misty Day was two fold: Allow Misty to feel the power that comes with being the Supreme, and show the other ladies of the house that not all hope is lost for them to prove their abilities. This trick works especially well for Madison. She is, after all, the reincarnation of Fiona’s youthful self.

Nick’s haunting performance of “Rhiannon” on the piano casts the perfect eeriness of hope in Misty’s soul for a future as a leader of women. However, Madison takes it upon herself to ensure that Misty is not too comfortable in her new glory. The ladies follow a funeral parade to a cemetery where Madison raises a man from his coffin to show Misty she is not as special as she thinks. The shawl she received from Stevie is nothing more than a piece of memorabilia from a life that she must now leave behind. As Misty bids farewell, Madison smashes her head in and closes the coffin on her. The grave diggers finish their job, placing the casket in a mausoleum. The running for Supreme is becoming a smaller race by the minute.

It’s been a day: The violence, greed, and ruthlessness of the episode kept the pace moving, but it is the final scene that slows the racing heart of the show and hits viewers the hardest. As Fiona winds down from her revolutionary day, she greets Nicks at the piano with an exhausted appreciation for her companionship. Nicks begins to softly sing, “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?” as Fiona migrates to the couch and collapses slowly into the cushions. Having nothing and everything to live for sets Fiona against herself, which is the hardest battle to face alone.

Scene Stealer:

Myrtle Snow (yet again): One of the lighter moments of the episode arrives when Cordelia questions her place in the Coven. No longer in her mother’s favor and tortured by her blindness to Hank’s sordid past, Myrtle offers her little comfort outside of the soothing sounds of her theremin and a quick comparison of Fiona to Hillary Clinton. Long live, Myrtle Snow.

Watch American Horror Story: Coven episode 11, “Protect the Coven,” Wednesday, January 15 at 10 p.m. ET on FX

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ spares no lives — who are you sad to see go?

When it doubt, look to Harry Potter. At least, that’s what Marvel and Sony are planning for the latest Spider-Man reboot.

When Tom Holland showed up in Captain America: Civil War as Spider-Man, fans were obviously hesitant to throw too much weight behind his version of Peter Parker. The webslinger had been seen at the forefront of a blockbuster movie twice in the past couple decades, and even the biggest Spidey fans were wary of yet another incarnation.

But Holland swung himself right into our hearts with his charm and enthusiasm, both on screen and off. The cast took him under their wings and fans were soon to follow. So, when it was announced that he’d be starring in another solo Spider-Man film, titled Homecoming, the response was optimistic.

There are a lot of things Marvel and Sony are doing differently for Homecoming, not least of which is actually working together. Peter is also much younger than we’ve seen him in the past, and his story will focus as much on his time in school as his time fighting bad guys.

spider-man homecoming logo

In fact, the school year may even help structure Homecoming and subsequent Spider-Man solo films. Speaking to Collider, Kevin Feige even said they may take a leaf out of Harry Potter’s book:

“Should we be able to make more after [Homecoming]? Sure. This is sophomore year, is the next one junior year? Is the next one senior year? Is there a summer break between each of those? I don’t know what, but it was sort of how do we do a journey for Peter not dissimilar for what the students of Hogwarts would go through each of their years, which was one of the early ideas we had for the movies.”

This structure allows for a consistent progression of time for both the characters and the world. We’ll say goodbye to Peter at the end of the school year, but welcome him back again at the beginning of the next. It allows for changes to take place over the summer, for new threats to materialize, and for the story to stretch its legs and develop over the course of nine months, rather than a few short days.

But first we have to see if Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the hit both Marvel and Sony are hoping it’ll be.

How are you feeling about the current developments regarding ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’?

Netflix has passed on picking up Agent Carter for a third season, and now they’re explaining why.

The cancellation of Agent Carter sent shock waves through the Marvel fandom. We get so few female-led properties in the superhero world, and Peggy was unapologetically kickass on every level. When ABC didn’t renew the show for another season, fans immediately started pitching to Netflix, hoping they would give the S.H.I.E.L.D. founder a new life.

Alas, it wasn’t to be so. In an interview with EW, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explains why they decided to pass on the opportunity.

The first reason was because they’re looking for “truly original brands to own.” Netflix, as you probably know, already has a pretty clear corner on that market with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, both of which have been wildly popular, as well as their upcoming series Luke Cage and Iron Fist, all four of which will eventually merge into an Avengers-esque crossover series called Defenders. Plus, the Punisher is getting his own series, too.

ABC had already owned and put out two season of Agent Carter, which means, creatively, Netflix couldn’t take over the show and make it their own. They would have to honor what came before and make sure it had the same look and feel. Considering how wildly popular their original series have been (for reference, check out the current buzz about Stranger Things), it’s understandable that they’d rather focus on something they can build from the ground up.

The second reason why Netflix passed on Agent Carter is a bit more technical in that the streaming service likes to release its original content globally, something that would be difficult, if not impossible, due to Agent Carter’s current international restrictions. As Sarandos says, passing up on Agent Carter was “a business decision more than a creative one.”

But neither of those reasons make the situation any better for fans of the character and her solo show. While Netflix would’ve been an ideal place to watch Peggy’s next great adventure, we’ll have to hope the showrunners and Hayley Atwell can swing something else instead.

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New Snapchat teasers for AHS season 6 reveal a bit more about the cryptic installment. Well, sort of.

Blink and you’ll miss the new season 6 teasers for AHS. Coming to FX September 14, the hit anthology has gone well out of its way to keep the buzz surrounding the series almost non-existent.

New teasers from Snapchat brought about clues regarding the location, another bit of support for Ryan Murphy’s teaser that more children will be involved, and, of course, a creepy staircase. You can watch the compiled clips below thanks to the magic of Tumblr.

We have a farm house! A creepy mobile with an even creepier hand! And some people grabbing at ankles from under a stairwell! Where would a horror show be without those? (I’ll be honest I jumped at the hand in the crib. I’m not immune to the horror that AHS is capable of achieving!)

So, what can we make of all this? Not much, but we are going to try.

In the last teaser, released at the FX Exhibition at Comic Con, we were able to see a steel building within which fans got to immerse themselves in the AHS Fearless VR teaser that placed them on a stretcher and wheeled them through a creepy lab filled with fetuses in jars. All that was reminiscent of past seasons where doctor’s experiments led to some rather terrifying results. Perhaps this is the thread that ties the entire series together.

Keeping that idea rolling, we now have a greenish monster hand taking a knife from a child’s crib. I’m hoping that the “monster” figure only appears in teaser form, much like some of the past years where the content in the trailers never appeared on screen.


The most impressive and highly intriguing trailer is the farm house with the smoke creating the mysterious question mark/number six that has come to define the season thus far. Farm houses are terrifying enough, if that is what the setting is meant to signify, but mix in a basement of horrors and you have my attention, AHS.

Personally, I am loving the slow burn of information for season 6. In the past, casting announcements dominated the news cycle and 13 to 14 teasers per season was overkill. Keeping the audience at arms length is doing a great deal more to subvert expectations, which the show needs after two, arguably three, lack luster seasons.

AHS season 6 premieres Wednesday, September 14 at 10:00 p.m. ET on FX.