Ultimately revealing what Spider-Man will have in common with the movie’s villain The Lizard, Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb spoke briefly to MTV about the Lizard and what we can expect to see from him in the film.

Thanks to MTV (via CBM) for the interview!

Director Marc Webb on the problems that Spider-Man and The Lizard are both going to have to overcome:

“For the Lizard, Doctor Connors has a missing arm, which sets him on his path. There’s this symmetrical theme in Curt Connors being the literal embodiment of the movie’s theme: we all have a missing piece. How we look to fill that void is how we define ourselves. It made sense. After I figured that out, it was a logical choice. Obviously, Curt’s morality is looser than Peter’s turns out to be, but their motivations are quite similar. They just evolve and manifest themselves in different ways.”

On whether or not fans can expect to see the classic lab-coated Lizard in the film:

“That’s a good question. Be patient, grasshopper,” Webb told us when we asked about Lizard’s coat. “[Regarding] the lab coat, be patient… you won’t be disappointed.”

What do you think? Do you smell a fully labcoated first transformation?

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