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The ending of the much-maligned HIMYM finale has been “fixed” by a crafty YouTube user. No more sad tears here.

Whether you hated the How I Met Your Mother finale, really hated it, or really, really hated it, you’ve got to hand it to the show – it was a thing that definitely existed and we all saw (struggling to be diplomatic here).

But what would it have been like if the ending had come in a more conventional, let’s say…less horrifically depressing direction?

One YouTube user heroically thrust that responsibility upon himself. Check out the result.


It’s crazy how much can change by just cutting out the words “and then she got sick.”

Granted, the video changes quite a bit more than that and deftly cuts Ted’s final monologue to his kids around some of the less savory bits like, you know, their dead mother.

How I Met Your Mother can certainly take the “only history can judge us” route and see how the benefit of time effects people’s perception of their Robin-centric ending.

But at the very least now we have video evidence that the more Ted and Tracy live happily ever after route works just fine on its own.

Fans have been sharing their disappointment over the finale since it aired Monday night on CBS. We wrote an article expressing our negative feelings, and a Hypable reader shared a more positive spin in a separate article.

Do you find this alternate ‘HIMYM’ ending more acceptable?

  • PabloRuiz7

    Yup. This is my ending from now on. Perfect.

    • Gary65

      But then, doesn’t Robin die alone?

      • Ale Fernandez

        With this ending Barney and Robin don’t get divorced, so no.

        • Gary65

          So it’s not much a alternate ending as an alternate finale. Bit short but I’ll go with it :P

          • Ale Fernandez

            haha yeah, it probably wasn’t posted as an alternate finale, but I’m taking it that way because everything in the real finale just sucked haha

          • Wenhux

            I think I speak for most of the fans when I say that this 3 minute finale is the one I will choose to remember.
            Not the hour long sh*tpile that they tried to pass off as the ending.

      • MrBuffySummers

        Well who cares about Robin? Let her die with her career if that’s what she wanted.

        • Gary65

          -_- I’ve seen some pretty blind & stupid analyses of TV in my time but that one takes the cake. She’s the lead female character. Everyone cares about her(besides you, obvsly). And dying with her career is not what she wanted.

          • MrBuffySummers

            Why should I care for someone who never appreciates the lengths Ted and Barney went to to be in a relationship with her.

          • Lauren Spellman

            THIS. So much this. In the end, especially after the finale seeing how Robin ignored her friends and missed out on so much, I really didn’t think she deserved Ted.

          • M Smith

            I disagree. I think what Robin really cares about is her career. And I don’t have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is the writers trying to fix that. All Robin really had for Ted was buyers remoarse because he ended up with someone else, who he could love, and who loved him back. There was never any room in her life for him. Heck, if they had another season Ted and Robin would be broken up by half-way through the season because she is still going to be traveling all the time and he would still be home with his kids. It didn’t work for Barney and it wouldn’t work for Ted. As for the ending above, I’m calling it the “Pretty Woman” ending, because its the ending you get when you ask the fans what they want vs going with what was in the original script. (For those who don’t know, the original ending had Richard Gere flying off and not coming back. They showed the ending to a test audience and they hated it so much that they changed the ending.) The ending above will always be the “real” or the “edited” version of the ending for me. The other one is the one they can put on the DVD for the “extended version” ending.

          • Gary65

            I’m not saying she didn’t care about her career. But the idea that that was all she wanted from life is nonsensical and indicates a very poor understanding of her character.

          • SunnyDiva23

            This is probably one of the best responses I have read. I didn’t get to see the video. It was taken down before I could. However, you seem to be someone who saw the show/characters with intelligent eyes. I have ALWAYS felt that Robin just wanted what she couldn’t have…Ted, Barney… jobs. Anyone could see that Barney did change for Robin. He went back to his old ways out of hurt. A real fan of the show remembers that Barney was originally a laid back guy who wanted to be committed to a girl. He took a new approach when that skank hurt him. Besides, why should he not date like a free man? Robin behaved like she expected Barney to be a hermit since he couldn’t have her…typical. She never seemed to realize relationships require compromise. Rather, she was compromising just being married so she should get everything else? Seriously, this man was willing to live without children for her! Though I couldn’t stand Robin…I loved Robin & Barney. I was more disappointed that they broke Barney’s heart than Tracy being dead. (Maybe because I kind of figured that out so early on?)

          • Tanushree Kansal

            I completely agree with you.. over the seasons I had come to loved Barney’s character so much that in the end I couldn’t see him so shattered because of Robin. She really did not deserve anything nor Barney neither Ted and not even such great friends (Marshall and Lily) other than her job, because that was the only thing in her life she was so committed to. All she did was break hearts and fulfill her desire of travelling the world, going to Argentina leaving Ted some other place leaving Barney and finally abandoning her friends for the sake of getting hurt herself seeing her Ex with someone else, what kind of a friend does that ?

        • christi-anne

          I completely understand your anger towards robin because Barney changed so much for her. And it seems like she didn’t even try or put in an effort to their marriage.

          • MrBuffySummers

            I’ve always found her annoying and thought that she didn’t deserve the valiant efforts both Ted and Barney made to make her happy. Honestly, she’s too selfish to see beyond her own nose.

          • christi-anne


          • WowDidIJustSayThat

            I Completely disagree with these sentiments. Barney changed a lot, that is true, but he did not fully change. And really, he only changed when he screwed up which isn’t the best way to make changes. I’d say the one time Robin really screwed him over was the whole Nora fallout situation. That was low of Robin especially when the Kevin thing didn’t work out. As for their marriage and relationship, it’s kinda easy to see why Robin was always so unsure about Barney. I can see they loved each other but they both seemed a little shallow in it, imo. Especially when Barney was still constantly talking about other girls and how hot they were. That episode in Season 8 where he wants Robin to get that hot girl to take off her jacket and show her smoking body was insanely inappropriate and I sided with Ted 100 percent at the end of it (mostly because Barney was also being immature and not owning up to how sick that was). And all of the CRAZY stunts that Barney pulled over on a confused and blindsided Robin- the proposal especially, That was just F’in insane. I’m surprised she didn’t have an anxiety disorder. It was cute for the TV show but realistically, it wouldn’t work for a relationship. Robin really needed those changes from Barney because they just weren’t practical in a marriage. I’m sure Barney changed that like he said he would but that probably wouldn’t make him happy in the marriage. And Robin had a job and it seemed like Barney probably didn’t anymore since he ratted out his boss. It wouldn’t be fair for Barney to ask Robin to give up her job (hence why that discussion wasn’t brought up when they decided to divorce) and I feel like that was their breaking point. Robin worked so hard to get where she was and if she did give up her job, what would they do? She had that inheritance coming but who knows when and it doesn’t seem like she wanted that lifestyle anyway. Robin abandoned the gang and that was bad but part of that was because she couldn’t stand to see her ex getting with other bimbos and that reason is fair. You can’t expect someone to get over something like that and be okay to face it on a daily basis. The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn episode in season 5 I believe showed how bad that was when they were just dating, imagine that when you were MARRIED to the guy,

            Now as for Ted…. it sucks but for her it just wasn’t love. At least love she can see. This is hard to admit for me but since we’re strangers on the internet, wth. I am a Ted with a Robin of my own. I have been madly in love with this guy for a couple of years now, I did everything I could to try to win him over and make him happy and it was never enough. It wasn’t even enough to get a date from him. In all of these years, I’ve gotten answers like ‘I don’t feel the same’ or ‘it’s probably better we stay friends’ and the honest truth is, I still don’t see why. We’re so compatible and love all of the same things and I could be so good to him. That sucks to live with but sometimes you just have to take the fact that’s give: it’s life and Robin just didn’t love Ted enough to appreciate the gestures like that. That made this show both my favorite and my most painful to watch. This show had the power to be SO damn insightful and totally connect to my situation. Sometimes it was beautiful and made me think and other times it made me go ‘too bad that doesn’t work for me.’ I nearly cried in the season 9 episode Before The Sunset where Ted explains to Jeanette why he never gives up on Robin. It was EXACTLY how I felt when all my friends told me to give up on my Robin and that it would never happen and I was completely foolish for doing it. And that ending where he let Robin go kinda made me feel at peace. I’ve been trying to let my Robin go for the past year and sometimes it’s easy but other times it’s hard. And it definitely wasn’t easy to find something so relatable give me this BS ending where after so many rejections and let downs, Robin FINALLY gives Ted his chance so and so years later. Like what the f kind of a message is that? Guess I have to go with it’s life. Anyways, I”m done ranting. Thank you for taking the time to read this hot mess.

          • Ted Bonkinberry

            “And really, he only changed when he screwed up which isn’t the best way to make changes.”
            Um yeah it is. Ever hear of “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”?

          • WowDidIJustSayThat

            You can only break so many plates before you’re fired as a waiter. That kind of attitude CANNOT work for a marriage especially when Barney’s been pulling his S**t for years.

      • PabloRuiz7

        Robin has dogs at the end, I assume she’s settled down. Barney and Robin get together again!

  • christi-anne

    We’re gonna pretend this is how it ended. Good this is good

  • LillyPCB

    Perfection! :’)

  • Glenn Stein

    This is definitely a happier ending; however, anything that cuts off after they meet on the train platform would have been a happier ending. It’s just dishonest. Why tell the story at all if the mother is still alive?

    • http://tolasudsla.tumblr.com tolasudolsa

      because ted loves to tell his stories, and he’s an hopeless romantic.
      I’ll go with this ending too!

    • Ben Gaynor

      I know the story of how my parents met. I’ve heard it a dozen times (grant it, it took at most 9 minutes, not 9 years). They’re both alive.

      • Glenn Stein

        Was only one of them there? Was he/she just telling you and your siblings? I’ve heard the story of how my parents met several times myself, but it was never just to my brother and me and usually they’ve both been present.

  • LiaCavasotto

    I saw this on tumblr. It’s what I’m gonna pretend actually happened and never think about what “actually” happened.

  • Carlos ⌘ Franco

    Someone give this person a job..

  • http://hmurya.tumblr.com/ hunyum

    dammit. i hate this. YT is blocked here in pakistan. does someone have an alternate link?

    • Riana-Tiana Menezes

      Can’t you use a proxy server to access youtube? That’s what most of my friends do.

    • http://how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com/ Babar Suhail

      Use Hotspot Shield.

      • http://hmurya.tumblr.com/ hunyum

        i personally dont like it. it kills my laptop and makes the internet REALLY slow.

  • Neil

    Put Barney and Robin back together and it’s great.

  • Samma


  • xiku

    This whole thing reminds me of the time when the last HP book was published, and a lot of people just pretended the final chapter didn’t exist xD

  • Brad Beckett

    This was way better! The original was depressing, dark and badly written.

  • Alyssa Homan

    Headcannon accepted!

  • Alexis Johnston

    Yes let’s keep it this way forever.

  • Meghan Carlisle

    The fact that Tracy died isn’t why I didn’t care for the finale…I’m okay with sad! I see people keep using the “life doesn’t always have happy endings” thing to defend the finale, and that’s true…realism is important. And I’m glad some people liked the finale–that’s great! My thing is her death was enough sad. I think everything else should’ve been happy. Not because I have to have everything Disney like or something but 1) this is a comedy and 2) again Tracy’s death was enough realism and sad. The way the finale was done it seemed like the happy ending was Ted finally getting Robin. And for several, several reasons I don’t like that. But that’s me.

    • Phoenix07

      I agree!! I was mad, but not because the mother was killed off (though I wish it hadn’t happened). I’m okay with the sadness and I’m okay with it being bittersweet because most things in life are. The problem I had was that the writers invalidated so many important character development moments from previous seasons in a matter of 40 minutes. It felt lazy and completely contradictory to who we thought these characters were from previous seasons. They could have still killed off the mother, they could have shown Barney and Robin struggling with their marriage and at least fighting for it even if they still end up divorced and not throw away all character growth from previous years.

  • Meghan Carlisle

    I love this. We’ll done to the person behind it!

  • Josh Owen

    I still think people are missing the point of the finale. And the show really. This show had never been about happy endings. If anything it has proven that there is no such thing as a happy ending the way most romantic comedies portray it. This show has always embraced the ups and downs of life, and the finale was the culmination of that. You don’t always get to grow old with the one you love. You have to keep moving forward no matter what life brings you. I think the people who thought the finale got it wrong are getting it wrong. Barney and Robin’s divorce? Real life. Tracy’s death? Real life. And to point out: Marshall’s dad’s death, real life; Ted getting stood up at the alter, real life; Robin not having kids, real life; Ted moving on, real life… I could go on. This show is a comedy, but it is a rare comedy that has always embraced the reality and the sorrow and the passions of real life. If Barney and Robin and Ted and Tracy and Marshall and Lily all lived happily ever after, I think that would have been a disservice to the entire series.

    As for how the finale was portrayed: think of it this way. The series could have ended two episodes ago, at the wedding, when Ted meets the mother. Instead, they gave us a glimpse of the future of our favorite characters futures, again for better and worse. Ted even says in a previous season that they all fell away from the group at one point or another (example, Robin’s divorce and subsequent disappearance), but they always come back together. I’ve read that people saw the mother as a side character or a plot device, when she should have been the major focus of the episode. But I say to you, what was the show called? How I Met Your Mother. Not How I Fell In Love With Your Mother and Got To Know Her. This site was about Ted’s journey to becoming the man who would marry Tracy. The man who would love her like he has never and will never love another. She wasn’t a plot device to get him to Robin, she was the love of his life. This show leaves a lot unseen for the viewers, including the many years he had with Tracy before she dies, wherein he loves her, loves her like he could never have loved Robin or Victoria or Stella or Blah-Blah. She was the love of his life, and it even took him six years after she died to stop being the man who lived in his stories and move on, like she wanted (see Vesuvius). And she wasn’t a side character. She was the most important character in the series. And sometimes those characters don’t need to be in the spotlight for long. They showed us the perfect amount of Tracy, and more and I think it wouldn’t have been true to the story. If they had introduced her any sooner than the finale (minus the small moments we’ve received this season) the show would have lost its magic and it would have just become a sitcom like any other sitcom. But no, we got this finale, this show, arguably the best comedy series of the 21st century. How I Met Your Dad has a lot to live up to…

    • Michael A Butler

      YOU GOT THE POINT! i truly and sincerely congratulate you on seeing it for what it is. When I first saw the finale i though that it all made sense the way they actually told the story. and it seems fitting that since it all began with Robin it all ends with Robin. The few lines the kids say are the perfect summation of the entire series and knowing how ted is about being direct with touchy subjects this fits with the entirety of the story and characters. Sorry i’m just tired of butthurt fanatics that think the writers and creators of the show are wrong.

    • Ben Gaynor

      I’m not saying I don’t get it; I’m saying I don’t like it. I personally don’t watch TV to experience real life. Or at least not comedies; save that for the family dramas. I’ve been struggling a lot with how I feel about the ending, but after seeing the one here, I’m definitely happier. I probably would’ve even shed a tear if that had been the ending. And even with the short time we knew her, I loved Ted and Tracy together. I stopped being a Ted/Robin fan long ago. I’d probably have even been happier if she died and the kids just encouraged him to get back out there.

      • SunnyDiva23

        Well said, Ben! I concur.

    • anon

      Whether or not the show was meant to be about “happy endings,” there isn’t one way that we’re all supposed to take the show, even on the author’s word. Everyone watches a TV show for a reason, and that’s going to impact what they expect out of it, whether you agree with it or not.

      That’s great that you got something good to think about from the finale, but the rest of the people who watched it and didn’t like it got something from it too– maybe not the same thing, but something for sure. Let them mourn their show, and who knows? Besides, opinions may change in retrospect, and it’s unfair to undermine the variety of opinions you’re going to get from something capping off nearly an entire decade of HIMYM’s running.

    • Carol

      Hey, if that ending episode had been developed during the last season, instead on the blink of a eye, I bet there would’ve been less complaining and more acceptance. Even from Barney/Robin’s shippers. They edited A LOT of important moments (they have mentioned about on twitter, about a scene on a cafe, with Robin and Ted), and they could’ve told a better story with the wedding reception happening in episode 22, and the meeting/future scenes during the 1-hour ending.
      And let’s be real: HIMYM was good, but far from being the best 21st century comedy. 30 Rock anyone? Parks and Rec, Community, Arrested Development, BLACK BOOKS, The IT Crowd? Maybe in its format (multi-camera) was the best, but script-wise, there’s a few better, more consistent shows that came during the last 14 years.

    • SunnyDiva23

      Josh, that is all well and good but James got his happy ending. To see a chauffer, a bartender, even an annoying co-worker (PATRICE!!!!) get happy endings and Barney go through all that to end up with Robin and then loose her because she’s so freakin’ selfish….it stinks. And to see Ted chase after Robin as if to say it was and always will be you?? Well, dang! I feel bad for Tracy, too! Is that why he dragged his feet on getting married? Too busy? Please! I didn’t get to see this video sadly, but I did learn they are releasing an alternate ending on the DVD collection. Yeah right. You know folks like me had no intention of buying that crap as it played out on tv.

  • Zoe

    I am pretty sure this is the ending that I saw anyways. That “horrible” ending that everyone is talking about is CLEARLY a figment of the world’s imagination. HIMYM had a very put together ending and it didn’t under develop any characters at all…. ;)

  • Meghan Carlisle

    I just want to take a minute and say kudos to Josh Radnor and Christin Milioti–both in the actual episode and in this video, this scene was so cute and very well done. Totally met my expectations and was worth the wait. Job well done to them!

  • DF82

    I agree, this is how it should have ended. That umbrella scene was the end for me. Well done

  • Happy Person

    Cool! Hey, I’ve got a neat idea. Let’s go back and re-do the endings of Forrest Gump so Jenny doesn’t die (that was just sad, she and Forrest should be together forever!). And let’s make it so Frodo doesn’t have to leave Sam at the end of Return of the King (that was also sad, and sad things make me think, which makes my brain hurt). In fact, from now on, no love story gets to have a sad ending…wait, no sad endings at all, because life is horrible and everything in fiction should be happy to make me feel better, or else it’s all pointless. Why would you write a sad ending when you could write a happy one? People like to be happy more than they like to be sad. Writers are so stupid sometimes; these guys who wrote How I Met Your Mother don’t know anything, we know better, right? We get to decide how stories end, not stupid writers. They don’t deserve to write endings if they don’t write them the way we want it, simple and happy. There’s no point in watching a show or reading a book if it has a sad ending. Sad endings are dumb, and people who like them are dumb, and I just want people to be happy. So we’re going to go back and re-do the endings to Schindler’s List, and E.T., and Terms of Endearment, and Old Yeller, and finally, Titanic. In the new ending, the boat misses the iceberg and sails to the North Pole and Jack and Rose get married by Santa Claus. YAY!!! No one in movies ever dies again and everyone gets ice cream and gets to pet puppies, and from now on 12-year old girls get to write everything because otherwise there might be something sad or complicated and its not fair to hurt people’s feelings like that :(

    • Meghan Carlisle

      Again, I can’t speak for anyone else–but for me, it wasn’t her dying or that it was sad. That’s fine. What I didn’t like was Barney and Robin regressing to their season one selves so that Ted and Robin could finally end up together. If that was the end game the writers should’ve built to that. Not the exact opposite.

      For me it wasn’t so much the plot itself but the delivery. All it would’ve taken is a little tweaking and explanation but what we got was a rushed (understandably with only an hour but still) version that had to have three of the main characters regress to “make it work”, at least to me.

      • Robert Monkman

        Barney didn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship. Even during the good times with Robin, he was eying up and often chatting up other women. Despite that, he clearly did want to be a father. You don’t have to have one to have the other.

        Realising, that you have changed too much and going back to who you are isn’t necessarily regression.

        Robin on the other hand, didn’t really have any character progression. Ever.

        • Jimmy

          I agree with Meghan and that the writers should have built towards the ending they wanted, instead of diverting. I am not disagreeing with you, however. Perhaps Barney is just the type of person who can’t stay in a monogamous relationship. However, if the writers wanted to keep Barney as the playboy comedic relief, then I feel it would’ve made more sense to keep him as such. During the last few seasons, Barney went from being in a relationship with Robin, to being one with Nora, to one with Quinn, to becoming engaged to Quinn, to eventually marrying Robin, which made it seem as if the writers just destroyed any growth Barney had. Once again, it’s not the content of the show that was most disappointing to me, it’s the way it was told.

  • ellie

    And that is gut wrenchingly beautiful, but it’s not the whole story. Maybe it’s what you needed to hear, but for the people who already have their girl with the yellow umbrella, for those of us lucky enough to have that perfect 100% otp, the question remains: what’s going to happen? Who am I going to be when she is gone? When God takes her from me, how can I possibly keep going? When you have everything, you have everything to lose. The ending they aired was for us: you will find a reason to keep waking up. It tells the part of the story that is almost never told: what happens after the happily ever after? It was a message of optimism in the face of the overwhelming reality that everything you have is someday going to be gone and that you don’t have to be alone forever when you inevitably lose your soulmate. That ending was so metal for married people.

    • Jimmy

      I completely agree with you, and it’s an incredibly beautiful message. I understand that the writers were trying to show how we keep moving on after times when we think we will no longer be able to move forward and when life becomes too hard to bear. However, I feel that the writers could have done a better job in showing it. Although it was six years between the time Tracy died to the time Ted pursued Robin again, it was only 2-5 minutes for the viewers, making it seem (at least to me) as if Ted didn’t moan Tracy’s loss and that Tracy was just second place to Robin. Having his daughter bring up the fact that their mother has been gone for 6 years feels cheap (My mother has been dead for over 6 years, and I still miss her so much today). I feel that if they had included Tracy’s funeral and Ted trying to cope with it, and possibly having Robin play a more active role in his life rather than ostracizing herself from the people who love her the most, then I wouldn’t have been left so unsatisfied.

  • Vajia Who

    We can’t see the video. It’s been deleted!!

  • jeff

    The only part I liked about the series finale was the last few minutes.

  • Talha M.

    Absolutely. Any ending except that ending would work. They just wanted to wrap things of because they knew it wasn’t going anywhere. So they thought Hey lets just kill the mom and end with robin and ted. This alternate ending does justice to the 9 years. Remeber its all about the yellow umbrella and not the blue trumpet or whatevrr

  • Angus Stokes

    yeah, i had a really weird feeling about the finale as it was about to end, it just felt so sad to me that after an entire season of their wedding weekend, robin and barney got divorced, that was actually my main concern while watching, so throughout the remainder of the finale i kept hoping they would get back together, but then he had a baby and it got really weird and sad, after all the growth he did over the entire series, but especially the last 2-3 seasons he went back to a sleazy guy looking for one nights stands, its just such a shame, to the point that as i wrote this im getting emotional. I so preferred the characters the way they had evolved, and then its all thrown out the window in the last 15 minutes of the show. This meant that when there was the twist ending, i actually quite liked it as it felt like it ball rounded out,as robin had essentially be disregarded after the announcement of the divorce. I ended up enjoying the ending, as it felt nice, but it was also a shame that they had to kill off the mother after it all, as a result i also like THIS ending, as it is happy, it does feel a bit sudden and mediocre to finish it so simply and predictably, nothing like the rest of the show actually. So as a result, i like both endings, but i sort of think that the original ending is more fitting, as it suits the show more, in that it is unexpected and very clever, and funny. But i can understand peoples disappointment as we had waited so long for the reveal, but then again i don’t entirely understand why people are so outraged, the ending is sad, but it is acted and written so there is no actual moment of depression when we learn she died, then they have a funny conversation, and there is an emotional moment with the blue horn, that is clever and heartfelt, as it links the first and last episode together, and te doesnt end up with a random girl after the mothers death, he ends up with the once love of his life, who we know and like, it is clever, funny and heartfelt, even if it does disappoint you initialy, i only wish barney hadn’t returned to his former self.

    (for the record, im still not entirely sure if i actually liked the finale as a whole, it seemed quite sad in general to me as there were so many goodbyes and emotional moments, not to mention the fact it felt like they rushed through it a little, and that robin was barely in it…. and that it felt completely different to the rest of the entire season, as the mother is only in episodes 1-22 a few times, plus as the finale is so quick the characters kinda feel different to me, i don’t really know how… it just felt so different)

    (and whoa, that montage of the actors at the end was the most emotional part for me!)

  • AC

    This alternate ending is the one that had me crying. It was heartwarming and beautiful. I was already not rooting for Ted/Robin because of how the writers developed the characters. Real life is already filled with enough sadness and stress so for less than a hour/week I like to get away by watching a couple of my favorite shows. HIMYM was one of those shows for me even though they touched a little bit on some sadness throughout the years, imho most of the show was funny. The finale they aired just made me, a fan from the very beginning, feel angry and betrayed. I was even somewhat prepared for the Mother dying bc of Ted’s 45 day speech and the references to La Vie en Rose but I was hoping they were trying to trick the viewers as they had done so many times in the past. I guess a lot of people might say get a life if a show effects you this much but to me watching funny shows gives me a small window of time when I can relax and laugh. Now, I can only hope when the finale of New Girl airs that it’s better than this!

  • Ben

    The video was removed on youtube, However, the alternate ending has been uploaded on Vimeo. You might want to embed that video on this page.

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