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During a shareholders conference call Tuesday morning, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that plans are currently in the works for The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3.

While not many additional details were shared, Iger said that The Incredibles director Brad Bird is currently working on a story for the sequel. The news comes on the heels of an announcement yesterday that The Incredibles will be re-released in theaters in 3D. In our report on Monday we suggested that the 3D re-release will be timed around the opening of a potential Incredibles sequel, like how Toy Story 3D opened in theaters ahead of Toy Story 3.

Iger said that a new Cars movie is in the works as well but did not elaborate further. News of a third installment first leaked last October when one of the voice actors said the project is in development. Last week we told you that a Cars short film is slated for release next year, but today’s announcement sounds like a different project entirely.

Up next for Pixar on the release calendar is Inside Out in June 2015, The Good Dinosaur in November 2015, and the Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory in June 2016. They also have slotted films for June 2017, November 2017, and June 2018, but those projects haven’t been revealed yet. They could very well be for Cars or Incredibles.

However, the animation studio said last year that they are transitioning into a new release schedule whereby they release an original story every year and a sequel every other year, so if we take everything into consideration, we may not see The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 until 2018 or 2020.

Most Pixar fans will tell you that they’ve been eagerly anticipating an Incredibles sequel, so today’s news should delight many.

  • G

    They need to be done with Cars.

    • Juan Garzon

      what they need to do is a better story, Cars 2 failed because of the story being a tad flimsy, and dark in some area’s where the original film didn’t venture in. such as implied, death, offscreen death ect. essentially they were trying to make a spy film in the wrong universe.

  • http://www.garywrightonline.blogspot.com/ Gary Wright

    No to Cars 3…YES to Incredibles 2!

    • TheWorldsAStage

      They better not ruin it or I’ll fuck you up, bud.

    • Pizza the Hutt

      If they focus on Lighting again put mater back in his supporting role the film might be good. The environmental message of the 2nd film was not my biggest problem but mater being the lead.

      • Juan Garzon

        wait there was an environmental message in Cars 2? Sorry, I missed that…

        • Pizza the Hutt

          “I kept thinking about, “OK. A spy movie in the world where cars are alive. What would be a really good kind of über bad guy? Who is an über bad guy?” I kept going to big oil. This is before what happened in the Gulf of Mexico.

          Why isn’t alternative fuel more… Why isn’t everybody jumping on that bandwagon? It makes so much sense: Electricity, solar, whatever. There’s ethanol. There’s all this stuff you could be doing. And so I thought, well, that could be really cool in that you could have big oil versus alternative fuel. That’s when we kind of crafted the bad guy’s story.

          The greatest bad guys, you understand where they’re coming from. They believe they’re doing the right thing. Sometimes it’s for greed, sometimes it’s for other reasons, but they are what they call the center of good. They always believe they’re doing the right thing.”

          John L. the director said this.

    • AkaLink77


  • Pete.

    Cars should just die already…but nevermind that, we are having incredibles 2!!!!!!

  • H.

    Smart move to announce both at the same time. They won’t get so much bashing for making cars 3, for now.

  • hpboy13

    Cars 3 brings in the money so they can afford to take risks like Good Dinosaur and Inside Out. Let them make it, you don’t have to see it.

    • Ayh85

      I completely agree. Let them have their money makers, so they can have creative freedom on other films. Additionally, I have a three year old son and having sequels is refreshing, so needless to say I will most likely be watching Cars 3 by force.

  • Sarah

    They only are making a cars 3, because of the products they sell to little boys and girls. There is no valuable story line to continue like there was for toy story.

    • fruttivendolo

      Hence the Planes franchise, which is rather embarrassing, but acts as a good marketing tool for the kids. I wish they’d stick with that and not make another Cars.

  • FannyMcNee

    Hell yes Incredibles 2!!!!! It’s about time!

  • Gary65

    Hopefully with zero correlation between the two in the writers’ room.

    • Ultron

      Actually it’s going to be a crossover movie…..just kidding. That’d be horrible.

      • Gary65

        That would be AWESOME!!! Pixar realises that Cars is this pox of a franchise that just won’t f***ing die, no matter how crappy everyone thinks it is. Do they call in the cast of their best movie ever to kill it dead once and for all and put us all out of our misery.

        1 ticket please :P

  • http://how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com/ Babar Suhail

    Yay for Incredibles 2.
    Cars franchise is really bad, get done with it Disney!

  • Ultron

    Incredibles 2!!! I’ve been waiting for this for like 10 years!!! Boo for cars 3 though. The second one sucked and planes was just a terrible idea in the first place. They need to stop milking that damn franchise.

    • Charlie

      I wouldn’t have cared too much about Planes if it had stayed direct-to-DVD like it was planned. But releasing it in cinemas was too much. Plus, a lot of the general public mistook it for an actual Pixar film (not noticing that promotional materials only say ‘Disney’).

      It’s funny to think that the Cars franchise was the idea of the same guy who shut down the Disney sequels (and tried to stop the first Tinkerbell film getting made).

  • lmonster18


  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    So glad there’s an Incredibles 2!! I’ve been waiting for 10 years or so for that!!! I don’t really care about Cars 3 though. I never saw Cars 2 and everyone hated it, so I’m indifferent.

    • jewelchris

      lol same. I saw Cars, but not Cars 2. Soooo hyped for Incredibles 2! It’s long overdue and people have been begging. So they better not mess it up. I wonder if they will do like they did with the Toy Story Franchise and have 10 years pass in real time? So the kids are what like 10, 17, 21 or something like that.

      • Alixbee

        At least 5 years forward or something, I still like them being kids but they need to put it forward for development’s sake

        • humanbeing

          Even if they aged Violet 10 years, her voice wouldn’t change, because it was performed by Sarah Vowell, who was in her mid-30s when she did the part (and is now 44). Like the voice actors of Lisa and Bart Simpson, she was already a fully-grown adult when she did the first film, her voice just sounds child-like at times. Dash would be a different matter, of course. It’s possible that if they re-cast Dash’s voice that the sequel could pick right up where the first film left off.

          • jessica

            but jack jack was so cute as a baby :( i’d be a little sad to see him as an older kid

  • Glaciusx

    F I N A L L Y! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have been screaming for a sequel to The Incredibles ever since that ending with the Underminer. The game just wasn’t satisfying enough. Cars 3 is irrelevant to everything….just kill that series already.

    • Keven Pitre

      um…. these movies are for KIDS… my kid has everything cars….. bed… the ride on .. I say cars 3 would be awesome for the kids.

  • Jeff Dodge

    It’s obvious that it’s not Pixar who wants to keep the Cars franchise going but Disney. They should just hand it over completely to Disney so Pixar doesn’t have to have that dirt on its hands.

  • Elphaba Thropp


  • fruttivendolo

    Unfortunately we can probably expect to see Cars sequels as long as Lasseter’s around, since it’s his pet project. I do respect him and appreciate what he’s done for animation, but I get the sense that he’s biased where Cars is concerned. Which is understandable, but doesn’t excuse the quality of the films. I mean, he genuinely thought Cars 2 was good. Perhaps it would be good for him to take a step back. And maybe Cars 3 will die in production and Pixar can move on to original ideas…

    I would be more excited about an Incredibles sequel if we hadn’t gotten hit with so many other Pixar sequels (and news of upcoming ones) over the last few years. I truly hope that it was Bird’s choice to make it right now and he’s not just doing it because of pressure from Disney, as there was with Andrew Stanton and Finding Dory.

    I also hope there won’t be sequels to Ratatouille or Up. Or Wall-E or Bug’s Life, for that matter, though I’d be surprised at those. Let the films stand on their own. Though it’s harder to market those (as opposed to superheroes or talking cars) so there might not be as much pressure from Disney.

    • Shay

      Pressure from Disney? You mean pressure from Ellen Degeneres…. Ha!

  • Andy


    • Matt

      Basically what Mr.Gary said sir.

  • Edwin

    Cars should’ve died after the first movie. The second one was not even close to good. About time for the INCREDIBLES 2! Disney should maybe focus to make a sequel for Monsters Inc.

    • Evelyn

      They’re not going to make a Monsters Inc. sequel (at least that’s what I last heard). They actually had the sequel storyline planned out:
      One day Sulley and Mike find out Boo (Mary) has moved house and have to go to the human world to find her, but Boo doesn’t ‘remember’ them because she’s now a teenager and teenagers don’t believe in monsters.
      But they scrapped it because it was agreed that the ending to the original movie was just too heartwarming to spoil, which is why they then came up with Monsters University (which, in my opinion, was a brilliant prequel)…
      So yeah, I don’t think you’re going to be in luck with a Monsters Inc. sequel.

  • lisa

    why cant they come up with new ideas any more?

    • humanbeing

      I get where you’re coming from, but you CAN have it both ways; new stuff, and from time-to-time, sequels. Nothing wrong with a sequel if you do it right.

    • Charlie

      What about The Good Dinosaur? And Inside Out? And the Dia de los Muertos movie? Not to mention the fact that they still produce original short films to put before the feature-length ones.

      I think the main problem is that Pixar didn’t really make sequels for the first 15 years of its career as a movie studio (except for Toy Story 2), and now that they have the rights to do so, they are making more of them. But as they work pretty slowly, and only release one film a year, it feels like original ideas are being deferred. And because they refuse to go the direct-to-DVD route, the films get more public attention (but also more resources and development time).

      Of course, one could question why people seem to take more of an issue with Pixar making sequels than they do when other studios do it.

      By 2018, more than a third of Blue Sky’s (Ice Age, Rio) feature films will be sequels (5 out of 13 films).*
      By 2017, just under a third of Dreamwork’s feature films will be sequels/spin-offs (12 out of 37 films).*
      By 2018-20, just over a third of Pixar’s feature films will be sequels/prequels (7 out of 20 films, though they possibly have an unannounced project in there somewhere, they’ve got a lot of release dates announced with no pictures attached to them).

      Interestingly, the sequel/ original film ratio for each of these studios is pretty similar. Personally I do feel like there are too many animated sequels these days, but I feel like it’s an issue with the film industry in general rather than with specific studios. It could be argued these sequels enable the production of original films, as well as giving the studio the chance to test new directors.

      *other films are planned, but have no release dates, so I have not included them.

      Also worth considering that Dreamworks and Blue Sky have made much longer ‘series’ of films than anything Pixar’s done- Dreamworks has 4 Shrek movies+ Puss in Boots+ planned sequels to both of them, Blue Sky is working on a fifth Ice Age movie. Pixar, so far, have not gone beyond 3 feature films to a series.

    • Ultron

      Kind of tiring to hear people say this, no offense. As long as a sequel is good and is warranted, there shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Kevin Slechta

    I enjoyed the first Cars, so I still hold out hope a good movie in that universe can be made again. As for Incredibles 2, I love the world they created in that movie and I hope that the sequel is more of the same!

  • Garrett Pletcher

    I have waited 10 of my 19 years of life for The Incredibles 2. At last, my wait is nearly over.

    • jess

      exactly me!

    • Liam D

      Seriously man, it’s about time

  • Ajedi32

    I feel like the Incredibles has a lot of potential left that could be turned into a great movie. Cars… eh idk. Cars 2 was not so great, and I doubt Cars 3 will be any better. Who knows though?

  • Ryan

    Anyone else hoping they cross Incredibles over with Marvel characters? Because they’re Disney and they can do that now.

    • dani(el)


  • dani(el)


  • Timothy

    I think (with many other) that Cars 3 should not come. There need to be sequels for other Pixar movies, maybe WALL-E, or Brave, or something, just not Cars.

  • m

    Sorry I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this, but I don’t think there should be an Incredibles sequel. I just saw the Incredibles again on TV recently and I still feel it’s a Pixar classic that absolutely should not be touched with an inferior sequel. Besides, I’m not sure what they would do with the sequel as they’d probably would make the family a lot older, which wouldn’t be as fun. As for Cars 3… yeah i agree that is a bad idea.

    • MoodyFoodie

      What if the sequel isn’t inferior?? It…has happened. More Edna!!

    • Ultron

      Toy Story has 2 amazing sequels. I’d personally even argue they’re better than the first.

      • m

        You’re right about that, but Pixar films haven’t been as good recently, even though I liked Monsters U.

  • Imari McCoy

    2020? Ill have kids by then. ANd theyll be too young to care about the Incredibles.

    • MoodyFoodie

      Er… so what don’t you want to see the Incredibles yourself?? There’s a lot in that that goes over kids’ heads anyway.

  • Slytherinhero01

    Both good and bad news. Cars 3 is just a bad idea. The first movie was good, but now they should simply leave it alone or move it towards television. I think it would be really popular as a series on the Disney channel. As for the Incredibles 2, all I can say is: IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline J.

    i dont really care about Cars, but I hope they do something unique with The Incredibles!

  • Fluffy2di Maxx

    I want The Incredibles 2 because everything about that movie is incredible!!!! If they come out with The Incredibles 2 I’ll wait as long as I have to, 2018 hurry up and come! lol.

  • sirmichaelvalentine

    so we have to wait til 2020 which is close to 7 years down from 014 by then the love for the first would be way done ether make it very soon or move on completely cause by 2020 no ones gonna care ill be way in my 30′s by then.

  • Willow62442

    *Happy Dance*

  • DisneyChick

    YES!!! I love The Incredibles!!! IT’s one of my favourites!! I can’t wait for the second one!!!

  • 7Starrchasers


  • Tracy

    The Incredibles 2 & 3 should have been out by now knowing the first was a major blockbuster 10 yrs ago the kids 4 to 12 that seen it ten yrs ago & have to wait another 6 yrs will definitely be grown ups & probably care less even though the next generation of kids will want to see it.

  • Nat Baker jr

    Yes we need more cars . I love the first 2 cars and wanna see the next Cars. My brother loves The Incredibles and me too and wanna see part 2 come to the big screen in 2016 or 2017 along with the Final Avengers Movie with Thanos

  • Diamond Carter

    Hey guys what about those kids who like cars. they might be looking forward to cars 3 and the sequel of incredibles

  • Anthony Nichols

    Yes, I want to see a sequel to The Incredibles and a Cars 3. I love those movies! =D

  • Trent Taylor

    This is only good news if Brad Bird returns. Just saying.

  • realmusicfan

    For all the people complaining about Cars 3, you’re absolutely right and the series is awful, BUT- the movies aren’t the main focus. Disney makes tons of money from merchandising, and this is where Cars excels by far. This is also why we never got a sequel to say UP or Wall-E, you can’t sell as many toys.

  • Keven Pitre

    um…. these movies are for KIDS… my kid has everything cars…..
    bed… the ride on .. I say cars 3 would be awesome for the kids.heck cars 4 and even a cars 5… geeze guys come one… anyone over 10 watching these movies and complaining about them is just rong…. its meant for KIDS!!!

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