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Hypable sat down with Once Upon a Time’s creators today to watch the show’s spring premiere, “New York Serenade,” and fans are in for a treat!

Once Upon a Time returns in just over two weeks on March 9 with season 3, episode 12 “New York Serenade” and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Having seen the episode today, we’re here to share a few spoiler free teasers from the episode that you will not only love, but will keep you guessing until March 9.

The synopsis for “New York Serenade” reads: “After Rumplestiltskin sacrificed his life to stop Pan from enacting another curse, Regina obliterated her original curse, which erased Storybrooke from existence and whisked its residents back to Fairy Tale Land – leaving Emma and Henry back in our world with no memories of Storybrooke. But all is not well back in the Enchanted Forest when Hook comes calling on Emma in New York City in an attempt to jog her memory so that she can once again help her fairy tale family and friends out of a desperate situation.”

The episode was written by the show’s creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and something wicked has definitely come to the Enchanted Forest alright.

Here are a few teasers we gathered as we watched:

  • There’s a new beaux in Emma’s life. She’s a magnet for attractive men.
  • Flying monkeys!
  • Someone goes heartless.
  • Henry in “New York Serenade” = Harry in Chamber of Secrets
  • Hook in the real world is like Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow in 2014.
  • We find out what happened to Storybrooke.
  • Flashbacks aplenty.
  • “The Queen might be evil, but I’m wicked.”

This is one episode of Once Upon a Time that you won’t want to miss! Potions, romance and wickedness combine to make one of hell of an episode.

Will you catch ‘Once Upon a Time’ when it returns?

Once Upon a Time season 3, episode 12 “New York Serenade” returns March 9 on ABC at 8:00 p.m. eastern.

  • Kevin Landeen

    CANT WAIT! This has been the longest hiatus ever!

  • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Melissa West

    I look forward to seeing Hook in the real world. I love how Ichabod acts to things in Sleepy Hollow so this could be very funny!

    • guest

      If no one has already, can someone PLEASE try to fist-bump him?

      • Zoe

        Omg. Now I want to see Hook get a fist-bump! See, him awkwardly retaliate with his hook arm. Perfect imagery.

        • kandy830

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  • LenSol08

    I cant wait to see Hook act like that lol… and be a little jealous of seeing Emma with someone… little jealously goes a long way!

  • Ritetron

    Emma, I’ve missed my baby <3

  • Len

    But i think the new guy is working for the Witch

    • Zoe

      That might be it but at the same time, the theory seems way too predictable but at the same time, it makes sense.

      I cannot wait for a jealous Hook!! I miss his snarky comments….

  • Sarah Johnson

    Really they had to give her a boyfriend. Let’s throw in another guy. Does the romance u mention. happen with emma and walsh or does it happen with others.

  • Kali

    I cannot wait!!!! So excited to get the whole ouat gang back again – see what the Wicked Witch will do to our beloved regulars. And I CANNOT wait to see what’s in store for Hook and Emma – love those two so much and their story. Have a feeling it might be epic :)

  • Marysocontrary

    Always thought there was a chance that Christopher Goreham’s character was someone Emma was dating in New York. A little disappointed that he’s not a foster brother though. Hate having to wait until the fourth season for more of her back story.

    • L3nn13

      Even i thought he might be a foster brother, but seeing the new promo few days ago… i am thinking he’s working with the witch and maybe a flying monkey lol.

      Anyways cant wait to see Hook act like that… i cant wait to see his reaction to Emma and this new guy! Jealous Hook ;)

  • jessiesan

    I can’t wait for the flying monkeys and the Wicked Witch! They’re turning Emma into a marry sue with the amount of guys that fall for her since season 1.

    Oh great does this mean the Ichabod and Ichabbie tags on tumblr are going to be flooded with Hook/CS again? They are nothing alike except for Hook being unaccustomed to real world.

    • Lia

      Did that really happen? What does everyone think: Ichabbie vs. Captain Swan??

  • http://www.twitter.com/starlysh Lysh

    I love this show, but didn’t realize I’ve missed it until more and more new things (like these teasers!) are popping up. Can’t wait for it to be back in my life! I’ve always wanted more of what Sleepy Hollow was able to succeed at with Ichabod experiencing new things. And the Henry/Harry comparison has me really intrigued!

  • Michu1945

    “The Queen might be evil, but I’m wicked.” – goosebumps

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I NEED IT NOW!!! I’m most interested to know what happened to Storybrooke because if its really gone forever, I’m going to miss it. I really want to know what happened to everyone else afterward. I know they went back to the Enchanted Forest, but how could they get used to having that life again? What a culture shock.

    • christi-anne Mbe

      Yesss took the word’s right out of my mouth.

  • christi-anne Mbe

    Ooo omg omg omg omg. *whispers* I’m ready

  • mari

    not more men…groan.

    • Anna

      Emma: the men magnet.

  • Glaciusx

    I was sold at “flying monkeys.”

  • christi-anne Mbe

    The Queen might be evil but im wicked. ….whaaaaaat

  • Molly

    So someone loses their heart…I can’t…plus the knowledge that a series regular will die this season…I don’t want to be done with this show but if someone besides Henry or Belle dies…I will sadly be done.

  • Seriniti


  • William Holt

    There is something that still Grinds my gears. what about Greg mendel? I mean Blue came back when the shadow was killed because her shadow was returned. So Greg has to return, right?

    • Lia

      Did anyone really LIKE Greg? I mean, wouldn’t it be absolutely ok with EVERYONE if we were never to see him again? Especially after what he did to Regina? He’s probably wandering around Neverland… and dead again…

      • Guest

        Lisa read my reply below Hamza’s below. It is directed at your comment as well.

        • Guest

          I mean Lia.

    • https://twitter.com/JassyPugh Jasmine P

      I’ll try to explain it to you the way that I understand it. Both Greg and Blue had their shadows ripped from them which means that they died. When Tinkerbell ‘killed’ The Shadow it released the last shadow the he took, giving Blue back her shadow and bringing her back to life. Hopefully that makes sense, this show defies logic at times, just try and go with the flow.

      • HamzaOUAT2000

        I agree with you 100%, I’m guessing he’s somewhere in Neverland all lonely (which he deserves) and crying over Tamara. But then again, Peter Pan left Neverland so dose that mean Neverland still exist? The show dose defies the logic some times. But i don’t really care about Greg and Tamara. They were the WORST villains of all time in OUAT, i’m pretty sure everyone’s happy they are gone…

        • https://twitter.com/JassyPugh Jasmine P

          No I’m pretty sure that Greg is dead. I’m not sure about Neverland, it exists because Rumple’s father created it and I think that it will now be there forever. No one cares about Greg and Tamara, but I have a feeling that Tamara’s backstory will come into play again. I would like to know how she realised that there was magic, why her Grandmother was so important to her, and what happened to the Dragon….

        • Guest

          You people kill me. Do you watch the same show I do. Do you just have amnesia when it comes to the characters and their pasts. I cannot believe people are saying they do not care about Greg and that he is a worst villain. There was a reason that Greg came to storybrooke. Have you forgotten the little boy whose father was taken away from him. He grew up without that father. It was a terrible loss. He did not know if he was alive or dead but he was determined to come back there and find him or to get vengence on the woman who took him away from him. Regina deserved everything that Greg did to her because she killed his father without any kind of remorse for doing so. She had no care or concern for this child or his feelings. Greg did not deserve the demise he got. I hope that he is alive because that child had every right to fight for what happened to him and his father. When you say happy that he is gone you are in essense saying you are happy that sweet innocent little boy whose father was murdered by Regina is gone.

          • HamzaOUAT2000

            -.- it seems like your saying your opinion is true and everyone else’s opinion is wrong. Everyone has different opinions on a tv show some people liked Greg some people don’t. He is a respectably villain of course. Some people love bad-ass evil Regina and some people hate her guts. This is the problem with fandoms, they get into fights with each other over their opinions thinking their opinion is right and everyone else’s opinion is wrong.

            Greg shouldn’t talk at all! You think he was the only one that had these problems? Emma, Snow, Henry, Baelfire, etc all had these problems or worse. That -sweet-innocent-little-boy-whose-father-was-murdered-by-Regina was responsible for Henry to torn from this family and a heart broken Neal. Your saying that all he did was get vengeance on Regina, well he did worse then that. Henry, Snow, Charming, and Emma did nothing to him and yet he tore Henry from him to ‘get rid of magic’. He is just as bad as Regina so he shouldn’t talk. Owen and Greg aren’t the same, people change. But yes, he was a respectable villain though.

            You shouldn’t be rude okay. You need to accept peoples opinions on fandoms and well will accept yours. Yes we may have different opinions that go aganist each other but we don’t need to make a fuss about it. I accept your opinion and I perfectly fine with it but i’m still hold to my opinion

  • Alice

    “Henry in NY serenade= Harry potter in chamber of secrets”
    What does that even mean?!?! Is he going to talk to snakes? ???

    • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

      I SWEAR it’ll make sense when you see him in it.

      • Alice

        Okay….. im trusting you kyle!!

  • sharon flores

    I sure hope Christopher Goreham’s character is working for the evil queen i’d hate to see emma not be with hook

  • kayleighchance

    where is the neal-related news :(

    • Jen

      We didn’t get any Snowing or Rumbelle news, so I have hope! I saw stills of him in the Enchanted Forest so we will see him.

  • Lia

    LOL! Hook = Crane!! Yay! You have no idea how much I lOVE this idea!! And what does that even mean? Henry = Harry?? Like??? Can someone kinda clarify for me? And idk if I’d call Walsh ‘attractive’, but *spoiler* he is proposing! And she’s saying no! It’s going to be a FANTASTIC episode! :)

    • Plat

      Henry = Harry, could mean a lot of things. Basically parts of the plot of this episode with Henry could be similar to Harry in the Chamber of Secrets story. What parts specifically, we’ll have to wait to find out.

    • Zoe

      Where exactly did you get that spoiler?

      • Lia

        IDK why it refuses to post, but: TV fanatic released a spoiler that says that there is a marriage proposal and someone ending up in jail. The “she’s saying no” came from the pictures released, but the proposal has been legitimately spoiled, and not just analytics, don’t worry!

    • kyle

      Its not hook that proposes.. Its her other boyfriend in New York that hasn’t been introduced yet. And yes, Hook ends up in Jail but then is realeased by Emma

      • Lia

        Yeah…I said that it was Walsh proposing….sorry if it didn’t come across that way!! Again: HOOK IS NOT PROPOSING!!! And I can’t wait to see how Emma decides to release him! :)

  • Cassie

    Henry = Harry in CoS?? So everyone hates him and thinks him responsible for bad things, he hears voices no one else can hear and is lured into a dungeon?

    • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

      All of that word for word happens, actually. Did you see the episode early too?! You forgot the giant snake attacking him, though.

    • Lia

      Maybe it means that he hears/sees/believes things that no one else does. For example, maybe he believes Hook? It’s been a rumor (not a spoiler) that he plays matchmaker, so maybe he reaches out to Hook in the way that Harry spoke parsletounge?

  • Jasmine

    Lame. More Love Triangle Captain Swan BS. Bring back Season 1! This is not the Captain Hook show. Just hurry up and kill him off already. Emma is being turned into a brainless ninny, who Hook just wants to bang. AND HOOK IS NOTHING LIKE ICHABOD CRANE! Hook abuses women and is the very epitomy of rape culture – no respect for women. He even said to Emma he didn’t care what she thought and that he’d “get her” eventually. Ichabod is 10,000 times the man Hook will ever be.

    • Lia

      Where are you getting that Hook abuses women??? Is this about Belle is S2? I mean, it’s not like we’ve every seen a villain on OUAT hit a girl before, right?? And how about Rumple? He KILLED his maid!! Or Regina and Cora, who rip out hearts a hobby??? Just to be clear: I still LOVE Regina and Rumple, but you can’t just hate one character for something they all do!
      And he’s the very epitome of rape culture? All of his romantic gestures and touches seem pretty consensual to me…. OR that he told Emma that he didn’t care what she thought??? And Ichabod left Abbie in purgatory. It wasn’t his fault, I get that, but he could have sacrificed himself for his wife. He didn’t. He let HER take the punishment for getting HIS wife back. It wasn’t his shining hour, either…

      • Carolina

        And ripping out Aurora’s heart while she was asleep and leaving Snow/Emma/Mulan/Aurora in Rumple’s old cell to die. Several of his comments can be also construed as predatory instead of romantic, depends on the viewer, what one finds romantic, another finds creepy.

        • Jere

          I see such pathetic reasons ppl come up with for Hook when its not even in the show… or been made to come across like that other then understand why he did that, Hook actions are pretty clear because he shows it to you in actions and words… and the wall he has! Hence why Emma understands him esp when he and why he went for Belle and however stupid it was, and why he took the bean!

          Can anyone tell me who has apologized for the things they have done. Does Belle want an sorry? Also no way was Hook ever far gone as Rumpel and Regina (hell even i get what they did and see that in season 3 both the villian and even Hook are on the right path, cant really be called full on villian, which Hook never really was a villian) And Hook cares – more then anyone hence the bloody walls. he’s self aware – i mean didnt he save Charming, for Emma and also coz he knows the pain of losing someone his brother. Hook does mask his emotions with walls.. coz of the lonely and lack of love he has…. but to always go at him to say he is worse which is not true, he loves Emma, he has put her first and done all things right ever since he made the chose to come back and take them in Neverland and now he finds her… thats what this show tells u… when you love someone you find them… he has pretty much done things that is needed in true love unlike Neal who has never done or has that role in any situation

          As for ripping out Aurora;s heart was coz he had to get on Croa’s side again. and leaving them in the cell was Cora… but guess did it scar Emma? has Emma brought it up? has it hurt her, she fully understood why he did it, coz she left him on the beanstalk – none of its right but the understanding of it is what got across and the main thing to take from here was that Hook wouldnt have abandoned her on the beanstalk in the first place

      • Jen

        The main thing that bothers me about Hook is that he NEVER apologizes! I cannot think of a single time when he apologized to anyone. Changing for the better and moving on also means acknowledging the past. And what about Neal? Weren’t the markings (how he taught Neal about sailing) on his ship what made him turn back to save Storybrooke? And didn’t he tell Emma that he missed him too when they were on their way to Neverland? So why WHY didn’t he say something to Neal?! Neal who he abandoned… He could have some remorse for ruining his life. He is a good character, but he is far from being the amazing guy everyone has made him out to be.

        • Lia

          I’m not saying he’s an amazing guy. I’m saying he’s a gray character, but NOT a sexual predator, nor is he a villain. He didn’t do the right thing every time (which, no one on that show does), but he tried. And the thing with Neal is that he did try to make it up to him: he tried to back off. For Neal. For Henry. He wanted Henry to have the family Neal never got, and he was trying to give Neal a chance as well. I also don’t think that it was HOOK who ruined Bae’s life….I think Rumple and Milah did a pretty good job of that themselves…

          • Jen

            I wasn’t necessarily saying YOU think Hook is amazing, but so many people do. I also wasn’t saying Hook ruined his life (that was definitely Rumple, Milan, Pan, August, etc.) but he did play a part in it. I just want him to feel true remorse for what he’s done (not just in the past, but recently). Maybe Hook was giving Neal a chance. If he really was, I’ll like to see how it plays out in the upcoming episodes.

          • Lia

            This next half will be interesting for sure! And the one thing that does bug me is that Milah is never faulted for Bae’s life. It’s always ‘Rumple’ or ‘Hook’ who take the blame. Like, c’mon! His mother left him, too! It isn’t just a kid with daddy issues, it’s that his mother hit the road!! And Milah wasn’t a saint to her husband, either. I know that she didn’t appreciate Rumple as a ‘coward’, but everything Rumple did (including handicapping himself), he did for her, so she could have at least POLITELY left!

    • Guest

      Hook respects Emma more than Neal does. So you can hop off that wagon. The fact that Neal was hounding Emma for a date the same night they got back from Neverland goes to show that he only cares about himself. If Neal truly cared about and respected Emma, he would have backed off for a little while. The poor woman JUST got her son back and didn’t even get a chance to get settled before he was trying to get her to go on a date with him.

      I don’t know where you got the idea that Hook told her that he didn’t care what she thought, because I’m pretty sure he never said “I don’t care what you think, Emma. I’m going to get you”. No, what he ACTUALLY said was that he is going to win her heart the honorable way. Without tricks. He was being a little confident by saying he will win her heart, but that’s just how Hook is. He loves Emma. And we see how he is with things he’s passionate about. Be it revenge or love. Hook is determined, dedicated, passionate, and caring. Don’t try to tell me he isn’t because I know he is. In Neverland, when Hook tells her that she will get Henry back, you can tell by the look on her face that the reassurance Hook gave her was exactly what she needed, exactly when she needed it. Hook understands Emma better than Neal does. They’re kindred spirits and he can practically read Emma like an open book. If Hook wasn’t caring, he wouldn’t support Emma, give her the reassurance she needs, and put her first the way she does.

      Yes, Hook puts Emma first. He proved that by immediately telling Charming and Snow that Neal was not only alive, but in Neverland when he could have kept the information to himself. And he proved it again when he was the first to share his secret even though it not only exposed himself and made himself extremely vulnerable, he knew that his secret would get Emma one step closer to the man he thought would take her away from him. And all of this also proves that Hook doesn’t just “want to bang” Emma. He’s a guy. If all he wanted was to bang Emma, he wouldn’t be doing all of this.

      Also, don’t compare Hook to men that abuse and rape women. That’s not fair to Hook because those are two very drastic comparisons. Hook is many things, but he doesn’t deserve to be brought down to the level of men that are truly abusive. And what about Rumple? Rumple ripped the heart out of the woman that he supposedly loved and crushed it right in front of her and Hook. That’s worse than anything Hook has done. Does Rumple get to be condemned, too? Or is it okay because “Milah deserved it”?

      Hook and Ichabod might be very different men, but he’s not a horrible character and doesn’t deserve to be treated like the worst character on the show because he did a handful of bad things. Regina, Rumple, and even Cora deserve to be forgiven even though they collectively have probably killed a country’s population worth of people, but not Hook because he hurt a woman? Okay.

      • Jen

        Hook may respect her, but you can’t say more than Neal! Neal has a freaking tough life, and Hook doesn’t even give a second thought to the fact that he played a part in that. In the present, Hook wants Emma. That much is obvious. But he wants her for himself. He saved Charming to “win her over,” not because it was the right thing to do. We all shouldn’t be really impressed by him doing good deeds. Once again, I’ll mention that he has never said anything about everything terrible he has done in the past. Rumple is far from perfect, but he has actually admitted to wanting to be a better version of himself, that he is a monster, and he wants to redeem himself. He desires to not be the terrible man he has been. He, fully knowing Henry was his undoing, traveled to Neverland (to face his messed up father) to save him. Hook does what he can to get his way, be it love or revenge. He didn’t just knock Belle unconscious in “Queen of Hearts.” He also shot her in more recently. An actually selfless moment of his that you mentioned is when he told them about Neal. I was proud of him for that, although he should feel like he owed Neal something. I will agree that Hook is “determined, dedicated, and passionate,” but caring??? Since when has he been caring?
        Neal also believes in Emma. “If there’s one thing I know about you, you never stop ’til you find what you’re looking for.” And she gives him a grateful look after that. And they don’t understand each other? Really? They definitely have a connection. I know the Tamara issue is bad, but we can be understanding in the situation. Neal had been hurt by so many people and abandoned, been circumstances when he selflessly had to abandon others. It makes sense for him to not want Tamara, who said she loved him, to be another person lying, about to abandon him. You can also cut Neal a break when it comes to him wanting to talk with Emma. Emma has admitted to Neal and her parents that she loves him (in the present tense). She tried everything in the echo cave before confessing her deepest secret, that she has been terribly hurt in the past, and she just doesn’t want to face their pain. They were finally restarting their relationship in 2×21 and opening up to each other before they had to save Regina, shortly followed by him falling through a portal. They have yet to have a chance to talk, and so it makes sense that Neal wants to talk with her. That’s all he says. Neal after finding out about Emma, even though he is wounded is persistent in getting to her even though she is in his least favorite place. Neal has apologized and feels remorse for many choices in his past, and he is always trying to be a better person.
        We’ll all have to wait and see where the story takes our characters, and while I honestly think Neal is the man for Emma, maybe she won’t end up in a serious romantic relationship, because Henry is the most important person in her life. I’m not trying to impose my opinion. I’m just defending a great character.

        • Jessa

          ANYONE who uses the whole neal is Henry’s dad as a reason for Emma and Neal to be together is an idiot and has never been in an actual relationship.

          • Jen

            I didn’t mention that once in this entire response. I used many other viable examples that had nothing to do with that.

          • Abi

            Anyone who says that two people having a child together isn’t a valid reason for them to be together has obviously never had their parents separate.

        • Guest

          “Hook may respect her, but you can’t say more than Neal! Neal has a freaking tough life, and Hook doesn’t even give a second thought to the fact that he played a part in that.”

          1. Just because Neal has had a tough life doesn’t mean Neal respects Emma more than Hook does. The fact that Neal didn’t even give Emma a chance to settle down once they got back to Storybrooke and was already pressuring her to a date is a pretty big indicator of his level of respect for her. If he respected her, and understood her, he would know he should back off. He would have thought “You know, a lot has happened in the past few days. I should give Emma some space. Everything that’s happened is probably a lot for her to absorb”. Because when you respect and care for someone, their feelings come first. Instead, he wanted to pressure her into a date for the next day. It was almost like he didn’t want to give her any time to think about anything else before trying to make her realize why she fell for him in the first place. Didn’t want to give her any chance to realize that maybe she does feel something for Hook. I’m not saying that was his intention, but it could come across that way. Emma had enough to come to terms with as it was. I don’t see how he couldn’t know that, unless he was more absorbed with “I need to win Emma back” to consider her feelings. And that is not respect.

          “Rumple is far from perfect, but he has actually admitted to wanting to be a better version of himself, that he is a monster, and he wants to redeem himself. He desires to not be the terrible man he has been.”

          2. And it’s obvious Hook doesn’t want to be the villain he’s been. Emma inspires him to be the man he once was: Killian. Which is one reason why I love their relationship. They have the greatest potential for amazing character development, individually and as a couple. They bring out the best in each other. Hook is becoming a better man because of Emma’s influence, and even Emma is changing for the better because of Hook’s influence.

          “He didn’t just knock Belle unconscious in “Queen of Hearts.” He also shot her in more recently.”

          3. And Belle survived. Has he really apologized for it? No, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen and she doesn’t seem to bear any ill will towards Hook for it. Hook was blinded by revenge, similar to the way Rumple was when he ripped her heart out and crushed it. Personally, I would take being shot over that any day.

          “I will agree that Hook is “determined, dedicated, and passionate,” but caring??? Since when has he been caring?”

          4. Um.. Read the examples that I so clearly gave of instances proving he was caring. How is going to fight against a person known as a demon (Pan), someone he’s interacted with before and knows well, so he can help Emma get her son back not caring? Even if Hook did save Charming partly so Emma would be impressed and appreciative, it’s still caring. You have to be a little caring to know “Hey, if her dad dies, she’ll be really upset. I can save him from dying and give him a little more time”. If he wasn’t caring, he could have easily thought “When her dad dies, I can be the shoulder she cries on. In her grief, she can come to me for comfort”. There’s lots of cases that prove that Hook actually is caring if you don’t hate him enough to see it.

          “Neal also believes in Emma. “If there’s one thing I know about you, you never stop ’til you find what you’re looking for.” And she gives him a grateful look after that.”

          5. It’s good that he was being supportive. But compare that reaction to the reaction she gave Hook when he said that she will get Henry back. Hook didn’t just say “You won’t stop until you get what you’re looking for”. He said “You will get Henry back”. He addressed her fear head on and his complete confidence in her is exactly what she needed. Her reaction speaks volumes! She almost looks like she could cry and beg him to say it again five more times. That’s more than a grateful “Thanks” look.

          “And they don’t understand each other? Really?”

          6. I never said Neal doesn’t understand Emma. Just that Hook understands her better. Proof: Besides the example I already gave, he decided to give Emma space when they got back to Storybrooke. He understood she needed it. Did Neal? No. AND.. Hook was able to read and understand Emma from the beginning. He could tell that she hasn’t had a lot of love in her life and could tell she was damaged before he even knew anything about her. Being kindred spirits, it makes sense that Hook would be able to understand Emma really well.

          Neal does not know who Emma is now. He knows the girl Emma was over a decade ago. Because of this fact, it also makes sense that Hook would understand her better than Neal does because Hook knows more of the woman Emma is now.

          “I know the Tamara issue is bad, but we can be understanding in the situation.”

          7. Oh thanks for reminding me about that. So does it not bother you that literally minutes after Tamara, the woman he absolutely 100% loved and was ready to spend the rest of his life with even after Emma came back into the picture, betrayed him, he’s suddenly “loved Emma all along”. Does it not bother you that Tamara’s betrayal has not been addressed? That Neal isn’t mourning at all? Sorry, but even though she betrayed him that way, he should still be mourning a bit. You don’t go from being ready to spend the rest of your life with a woman to trying to get with another one without any kind of grieving because of betrayal. Unless Emma is a rebound. Which is possible. I’ve had a rebound boyfriend and been the rebound girlfriend without realizing it. I know what it looks like and that could be what’s going on. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it’s not healthy. And it leads me to believe that Neal is just trying to recapture his memories with Emma without realizing that it can’t go back to the way it used to be. It’s not possible.

          “They have yet to have a chance to talk, and so it makes sense that Neal wants to talk with her. That’s all he says. Neal after finding out about Emma, even though he is wounded is persistent in getting to her even though she is in his least favorite place.”

          8. Which is selfish on his part and not being respectful of how she might be feeling. They haven’t had the chance to talk and yes, I understand that he wants to talk to her. In fact, I think they should. They have unresolved issues that should be taken care of, whether they get back together or not. But why does the talking have to be done immediately? Why couldn’t he wait a few days at least? Because HE wanted to talk to her as soon as possible without consideration for her feelings.

          All of this aside, think about it. When in life is it healthy for us to take a step back when we should be moving forward? I still love the ex (my first love) that dumped me five years ago. Should I get back together with him? Of course not. I understood long ago and was reminded recently that I have to keep moving forward. We had some great times, but I can’t recapture the past. A part of me will always love him, just like a part of Emma will probably always love Neal. But that doesn’t mean they should get back together. Emma is extremely damaged and I just don’t see how it could be a healthy relationship if they were to get back together. I truly believe Emma needs to move on, even if it’s not to Hook. And Neal needs to move on too. It would be healthier for both of them. They would both be taking a huge step back in character development if they were to get back together. I don’t think he’s the best choice for Emma, but I don’t dislike Neal and I’d like to see him have his happy ending.

      • Anna

        THANK YOU!

      • anne

        Thank you!!! Hook is the best character on this show. The most intriguing and exciting. He is the one that gives the show a certain appeal. Also, they will never kill Hook off because he has a huge fanbase that loves him.

    • Anesu7

      honestly as someone who watches the show Hook is no better or worse than Regina and Rumple the only problem is he hasn’t apologized for his past misdeeds which may happen. He is more of a bad boy than a rapist he never forces himself onto women as l recall he later told Emma he was backing off to allow her to be with her family and her son , to choose what she wanted. Neal was more pushy.
      Hes not the same guy he was in season 2 and this is not the captain hook show Emma in my opinion if she was with Hook would never turn brainless and whinny its just not who she is . She kissed the guy and then acted like it didn’t really happen thats Emma for you , she didnt have room for love .
      Hook does love Emma this is pretty obvious whether you hate the character or not and the show is not all about Hook , the character has fans . HOOK IS CHANGING.
      And Ichabod left Abbey in purgatory when he could have sacrificed himself instead and taken her place whether you agree or not that was a shitty move. I would have believed he would have sacrificed himself to save both the girls but alass.

      • LS1

        Hook is becoming and bringing out Killian Jones that he lost and kept inside of him when he lost his brother, and then lost his first love and his hand… man of honor, thats who he is getting back to, because Emma inspires him and for herself and for her. Emma and Hook connect due to similar experiences. Also Hook and Emma are given moments and build up… we see their reactions and how they react to each other, i think its obvious by now where its heading since the start.. and another thing big thing he finds her… in this show it says you love them you find them!!!

  • Zoe

    No one has mentioned on the comments below how one of the non-spoilers says, “Everyone goes heartless”, freakin’ say what!?

    • stormqueen

      Because it doesn’t. It says SOMEONE goes heartless.

      • Zoe

        Wow. You’re right. This article excited me so much, my eyes got stupid. That would be depressing if everyone went freakin’ heartless. I am so optimistic.

  • https://twitter.com/JassyPugh Jasmine P

    Still trying to wrap my head around Henry being like Harry in Chamber of Secrets. Is there a diary that he uses to communicate with someone from the Enchanted Forest?

    • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

      Think more physical.

      • https://twitter.com/JassyPugh Jasmine P

        Oh okay gotcha. Voice changes.

  • theexodusishere

    Just to clarify, it would be Emma has a new beau. Beaux is plural. “Emma has no shortage of beaux” would be more accurate. Literally. Ha!

  • Zoe

    Rewatching the first season and damn, I totally miss Season 1 Rumple! >_<

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