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Teen Wolf season 3, episode 18, “Riddled,” just finished airing. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans!

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 18, titled “Riddled,” begins with a phone call from Stiles to Scott, and we’re automatically thrown right into the situation at hand: Stiles doesn’t know where he is, he’s injured, and he can’t move. Scott and Isaac must rescue him.

Aiden and Lydia are in the school late at night, and she’s drawing him for her art class. Aiden has some notions of modeling nude for her, but before anything can ensue, Lydia hears Stiles’ voice coming out of the radio asking for help.

Kira is lying in bed doing homework. She reaches over to turn on her lamp, but the bulb is blown. However, when she goes to remove it, her hand sparks with electricity and the light bulb turns on and then explodes. Her mother comes in to change the bulb for her, and we see that the new light bulb also lights up when Mrs. Yukimura touches it.

Scott, Isaac, Lydia, and Aiden meet in Stiles’ bedroom. There are a pair of scissors embedded in the middle of the bed, with all the red yarn leading from the scissors up to his boards of unsolved cases. Lydia and Aiden stay behind to see if they can find any clues in Stiles’ room, while Scott and Isaac go tell Stiles’ dad that he’s missing.

Then, we get our first look at Stiles. He’s lying on the ground in a basement with his foot in a bear trap. A bandaged man is sitting in the corner, and he draws the symbol for “self” on the wall with chalk. But as soon as Stiles says it out loud, it disappears.

The sheriff is clearly upset, but he quickly gets his officers in crisis mode. They locate Stiles’ jeep, and find that it’s at the hospital. But it’s dead and Stiles is nowhere to be found. On the roof, Derek tells Scott that he can tell Stiles was up there and he was stressed as he struggled with himself.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18 Riddled Lydia 2

Lydia realizes that she can hear voices when she pulls on the red strings in Stiles’ bedroom. She finds out that Stiles is being held in the basement of the same mental asylum where William Barrow, the Shrapnel Bomber, was committed.

Back with the bandaged man, the creature tells Stiles he’s actually trying to save his life. Lydia, Scott, Aiden, and the sheriff show up at the basement of the mental asylum, but Stiles isn’t there. They leave, but the camera pans over to the wall, where we see scratches in the shape of the symbol for self.

If you’re wondering — no, we have no idea what’s going on either.

Melissa and Agent McCall team up to try to find Stiles. McCall thinks he’s still sleepwalking and that he only believes he’s in a basement. We get a little sneak peek of what their marriage was like, and it involved McCall having an apparent drinking problem. (Can you say hypocrite?)

Melissa and Agent McCall find Stiles in the coyote den, and he eventually wakes up screaming, obviously not knowing what’s going on.

Allison’s phone is turned off even though she didn’t do it herself. There’s a message on there in Japanese, and she and Isaac go to Mr. Yukimura to find out what it says. He translates it, saying that it’s a fake message about a Japanese internment camp.

Aiden tells Derek he thinks Stiles is the nogitsune. At first Derek thinks he’s being an idiot, but after a minute, it’s clear he thinks it could be a possibility. Back at the hospital, Stiles is fine, and Scott and Lydia go home because they have school the next day. Lydia hears some banging that no one else hears, but she ignores it.

Scott’s in a daze at school, and Derek shows up to tell Kira not to take it personally. Well, that, and to ask her what exactly happened at the power station. They go there so Kira can show him, and find Stiles’ bat is magnetized. Derek wants Kira to tell him everything she knows about foxfire.

Lydia is hypersensitive to sounds at school. Scott visits Stiles as he goes to do some tests. They’re looking for signs of frontotemporal dementia, which is what his mother died from. It’s when the areas of brain start to shrink. Scott is clearly upset, but he tells his best friend he’ll do anything he can to save him.

Derek figures out that Barrow used Kira’s foxfire to jump-start the nogitsune’s powers that was inside of Stiles. Derek relays this information to Scott, and also tells him that when he talked to his mother, Talia told him that the Hales not only lived in Beacon Hills, they protected it.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18 Riddled Scott Derek

Scott and Derek go back to the roof, realizing that Stiles was trying to protect everyone from what he was about to do. They find equipment that makes it obvious Stiles was going to do something very similar to what Barrow might have done. Meanwhile, Lydia continues to hear the banging sound, and we find out that it’s the MRI machine Stiles is going through. She screams when she can no longer take it.

Back at the hospital, parts of Stiles’ brain show signs of atrophy.

In the machine, Stiles closes his eyes and is again transported into the dream-like state with the bandaged man. The creature once again asks him, “Everyone has it, but no one can lose it.” He tells Stiles that if he can figure the riddle out, then maybe he won’t kill everyone he loves.

Under that kind of pressure, Stiles tells the creature the answer is a shadow. That’s when the bandaged man unwraps himself…and we see that it is Stiles.

Back in the real world, there’s a power surge in the hospital, and with that distraction, Stiles slips away. That’s when Mrs. Yukimura shows up and confronts Stiles, who seems to be fully possessed by the nogitsune now. She tells him that she will stop him, even if it means killing an innocent boy.

Mrs. Yukimura makes the oni appear, but Stiles isn’t afraid of them. That’s when Mrs. Yukimura threatens to pull out the big guns. Too bad we don’t know who that is just yet.

Our favorite ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 18 ‘Riddled’ quotes

“Don’t ask. It gets more confusing when you ask.” – Aiden

“Not who are you, Stiles. Who are we?” – The Bandaged Man

“In this town, there’s always something more.” – Derek

“I think we need to do some tests.” – Sheriff Stilinski

“Stiles, if you have it, we’ll do something. I’ll do something.” – Scott

  • Mike

    My poor Stiles!

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    Oh my GOD. This episode freaking killed me. I still can’t breathe. I think I freaked about a dozen times and I kinda cried.. But god dang, evil Stiles is sexy as hell. not that he isn’t always sexy.

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      Usually I don’t care about who dislikes my comments, but clearly the person that disliked this one is just jealous of Dylan’s hotness.

  • leah11170303

    ok so i think Kira is going to remove the demon the same way she helped it get in the first time

  • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

    I’m….Upset. All of the Stiles scenes….I….Wow, Dylan, you’re amazing. I was done when Stiles and Scott were hugging. I don’t need this Teen Wolf. ;(

    Also, something is totally up with Allison. I don’t know what yet, but it’s something.

    • leah11170303

      i think the darkness that they carry is coming out in some way but i don’t think she’s doing anything wrong. I just think she hasn’t learned to control the darkness as of yet. i can’t take anymore plot twist, this show is so good and keeps me on my toes.

    • j.

      Maybe Allison is possessed by her aunt Kate?

    • abop

      this might be a bit far fetched but, if you listen to the bandaged dudes face, it sounds exactly like gerard’s creepy ass breathy tone and the way he talks, so I think he might be gerard but stiles just hallucinated that it was himself (and if you remember, before jackson turned into the kanima, he had black spew just like gerard does) ..so going back to my far-fetched theory, maybe gerard turned off the phone in his human form…lol but I kinda doubt it..I feel that gerard is the masked dude more than the possibility that he turned off Allison’s phone though

  • leah11170303

    the firefox used kira to get in and her mom will use her to remove it and send it back to hell where it came from

  • Jake

    That was, by far, the most terrifying episode of Teen Wolf

    • alex

      I know right

  • christi-anne Mbe

    I cried so much man. Like this is brilliant writing like a really awesome twist but it’s stiles although it’s per it’s still stiles and this is gonna suck to watch him suffer and fight the evil and good in him. Awesome episode anyways. And it’s gonna be awesome learning Japanese mythology( or is it Chinese I can’t remember) since I know nothing about it

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      Its Japanese. :)

      • christi-anne Mbe

        Ahaha thanks dude

    • ABrine

      (whispers) remember Kira who’s half Japanese

      • christi-anne Mbe

        *palm to forehead* didn’t even think about that lol

    • Athrun

      Haha, don’t get it confused, Chinese, Korean and Japanese people won’t like it too much. While they all share certain cultural backgrounds (kanji and Buddhism for example), each culture developed their very unique characteristics. I mean I would be rather perplexed if somebody said “British, that’s something like French, right?”. Don’t get me wrong, France is a fantastic place, but it’s not Britain. They have more sunshine for a start T_T…

      • christi-anne Mbe

        Ahaha I know. I was just trying to make sure. But I get what you mean.

  • Sarah


  • Zoe

    WHOA. I am a hippie and this show is my LSD. For reals!!! Stiles and Scott hugging, Mamma McCall holding a screaming Stiles, and Stiles laying inside the scanner looking beautifully frightened nearly stopped my heart. Omgosh. Can’t take this–I can’t.

  • christi-anne Mbe

    Guys remember when that thing entered Jane Foster in Thor 2. Pretty much what’s happening to stiles. But with stiles it’s close to the heart and I can’t bare it.

  • Sarah

    Can I just ask: WHERE THE HELL IS DEATON??? And Peter, for that matter. But really, DEATON.

    • Zoe

      OMG AGREED. Deaton is freaking vacationing in freaking Bora Bora. Better get his ass to Cali and make himself USEFULL.

      • Guest

        Have you seen the promo? Sounds like Peter wants the Nogitsune for himself “give it to me”.

        • abop

          that’s what I thought until I heard it again and it sounded a bit like stiles, but this is only if something other than the Nogitsune is inside of him

          • luis

            You’re right. I think it was the nogitsune talking And He Meant The chaos,Strife And pain When He said: Give It To me

    • christi-anne Mbe

      Holy shit right. Like Deaton would know exactly what to do

    • Yasmeen

      I think that he will come back when we least expect it and save the day… like he always does.

    • Zeo

      Have you seen the promo? It sounds like Peter wants the power that comes with being possessed by the Nogitsune. “Give it to me”.

    • ABrine

      Being as unhelpful as possible, I really am starting to believe that Deaton has a plan, not an evil “kill anyone who gets in my way, for the power shall be mine” but a plan none-the-less that the Pack my not agree with.

    • Athrun

      Being unhelpful while having all the answers, as usual ^_^. Perhaps he’s still recuperating from the gruelling effort that was setting up the McCall security system. How did he do that, by the way? He’s a vet, not a carpenter!

  • Tiff

    So scott offered stiles the bite O.O which would make sense if the bite can pretty much cure anything.

  • e3callme

    This was by far the creepiest but the most emotional episode of teenwolf ever

  • Karen Rought


  • Kristen K

    I am officially referring to the Scott/Stiles moment in this episode as “The Hug” from now on, because I legit started bawling and had to pause my DVR. Knowing everything that was said (and not said) in that scene, and the whole connection between Stiles and his mom, there was just no holding back. Such a brilliant episode, and I truly hope they submit this episode as a screener for the Emmys for Dylan. I know fandom always says stuff like that, but he is truly doing some of the best work I have seen on television. All the awards for Dylan O’Brien.

    • ABrine

      It’s official, for evermore it will be referred to as “The Hug”, always with capital letters.

    • Athrun

      I couldn’t agree more. He’s doing such a phantastic job, he’s the perfect Stiles. “The Hug”, I love it! It was such a great scene!
      I know it is a TV show and everything, but t felt so great, feelings were rushing and it was just beyond description. Don’t get me wrong, there’re emotional moments on other shows, they are solid and credible, but don’t make it to this level. Scott and Stiles have set a new benchmark and they should get a BAFTA and an Oscar for sure! This show blows your mind!!!

    • Zeo

      Dylan is an amazing actor, there’s no doubt. But I actually really enjoyed Scott’s reaction to the stress of the situation because it’s exactly how I react to things that really hit me in the emotions. Scott in that scene, is me if I were in that situation: Standing almost perfectly still, looking at a single spot in front or below me and avoiding all eye contact while I try to hold it together. Because this isn’t just another monster to fight, this is an illness. And he doesn’t know what to do or how to help and he’s SCARED.

  • Lupita

    I still can’t deal with what I just saw OMFG! I didn’t want it to end ahhh can it be Monday again please!!!!

  • Husna DbsjShinee

    Gosh Stiles… What did you do to my poor heart?
    Dorky boy gone evil? I’m liking the idea.
    But please don’t kill Stiles character.
    He’s the reason I’m liking Teen Wolf.

    • Ashwitha Sun

      i will be heart brroken ifstiles dies

  • dylin101

    I don’t get it. Stiles is suffering from this life threatening disease (the same disease his mom died from), wouldn’t he still be dying even if the dark spirit is taken out of him. I mean he still has the illness. The possession of the dark spirit won’t stop him from dying .. right? well unless a miracle happens or maybe Scott gives the bite to stiles. He’s going to die one way or another.. right? (not that I want him too… He’s my favorite character).

    • Til

      maybe the nogitsune is whats causing the damage to his brain.

      • Athrun

        Yeah, there was a lot of speculation about that last week, e.g. the Nogitsune is mimicking the symptoms to get a grip on Stiles while discrediting him to his friends. But now we’ve seen the MRI scan, so there is something physically wrong. As dylin101 already said, possession by some evil spirit is unlikely to fix you. The Bite is the only thing we know at the moment.

        Okay, one more speculation: The Nogitsune is really good with electricity, as seen countless times. So maybe it managed to manipulate the MRI imaging systems. That would allow Stiles to escape the diagnosis of FTD, but I have to admit I don’t like this twist. Too often used, too obvious, not classy enough for Teen Wolf.
        I so hope it works out in the end, Stiles can’t die and Stiles shouldn’t be turned! Stiles is too perfect, even as Dark!Stiles!!!

  • Jaden

    I don’t even know what to say because I was balling my eyes out for every single second.

  • Til

    ‘The Hug’ reduced me to tears and I had to pause the video. Why Dylan hasn’t gotten any awards yet is beyond me.

    • ABrine

      That hug was just so beautiful best moment of the episode, and I reckon will be one of my top 10 for the series, probably in the top 3.

  • Til

    i just cant even

  • Marvin Jajo

    what was derek on about, why did it choose styls!???

  • Erin Yeats

    I seriously cant deal with teen wolf anymore. Like i was crying and i actually thought i would have a heart attack watching this, it will be the death of me. I love Stiles so much, he cant die, he cant, he wont, HE WONT. I was so terrified watching this, like legit creepy episode. But that Hug, omg that got me right in the heart right there. At least they have figured out that its Stiles that the nogistune has posessed and i knew Kira’s mum had something about her not right. Seriously cant wait till the rest of the season. Season 1,2 & 3A were good but nothing compared to 3B omgomgomgomgomg. Dylan o’brien has definately showed himself as an amaing actor, i can see either an Emmy or an Oscar in his future.

  • Nikki_S

    I didn’t get the part about Stiles on the roof. What was he trying to do that Scott and Derek figured out?
    I thought the previous episode was the best so far. But hell, this one was even better. Cant wait for next Monday’s episode.
    THE HUG had me crying.
    Evil Stiles is super sexy. I want more.

    • Himera

      he started to cut through the electricity cable, but stopped himself. But it still blew and caused the blackout at the end of episode.

  • twf

    I don’t know if I drink to relax for work or if I know Teen Wolf is going to crush me. Dylan does need an award for his acting this episode, Even if it’s ‘Hypable’s First Annual Best Teen Wolf Actor’s Award’ nudge, nudge. More people have said it better but the hug and the offer. FTW.
    Agent McCall finally starts redeeming himself by saving Stiles? ( For us yes, but I think Stiles subconscious was trying to stop shadow self.)
    though it was great to see the deputies prefer the Sheriff with the wanted posters.
    Damn it Lydia, trust in yourself, Good Stiles does.
    Great to see Derek is going better at his position in the town, and great to get info about what’s been happening with the Hales.
    As for Aiden if he’d tried anything more on Lydia in Stiles’ bedroom I’d be more than happy for Shadow Stiles to end him.

  • Elzevir

    What a great episode, I’m still shaking!
    Also, the nemeton still seems to play a part. The japanese imprisonment camp in Allisons phone calls was called oak creek and the insane asylum was called Eichen House which is german for Oak house…interesting. I’m curious if thats just an easter egg or will be important in the future…

    • Athrun

      I also made this connection! I have no idea how it might go together, but it must be significant, it’s Teen Wolf after all. We still don’t know if Oak Creek camp existed or not, but perhaps some Japanese American, possessed by the Nogitsune, was taken to Eichen House for mental problems. But I can’t make a proper connection, because the dark spirit couldn’t just linger at Eichen House until the Nemeton events happened. It was already active when young Chris Argent was having the showdown with the Yakuza and Oni, which was apparently in Japan…
      Ah, this show drives me nuts, I have to wait 6 more days!!!

  • WhatTheGrace

    How they managed to fit all that they managed to fit in into this one episode is just unbelievable!!
    I don’t even know where to start…. oh my heart.
    But i have to mention THE HUG… *okay bye i’m going to sit on bed and cry into pillow*

    • Athrun

      You aren’t the only one crying ^_^. That scene was so beautfiul, Scott
      and Stiles are best friends and it is so true. You see and feel it, it’s
      just perfect!

  • twincast

    Spooky episode, but if Stiles finds mutual attraction in episode 20, then whatever they’re trying next week has to work to get the nogitsune out of him (and into somebody else), does it not? Or at lest temporarily push it back down again, as it seems to be in complete control now and Stiles(‘s body) thus very much not in a disposition for romance.

    On a side note, the new deputy is indeed rather dreamy, the sole bright light in this rather depressing episode other than Scott’s promise. X)

  • ABrine

    Gonna have to watch it again before I get all my thoughts lined up and give a full post but here goes.

    I actually didn’t really like this episode much, don’t get me wrong it had greats elements, Stiles being taken over completely by the Nogitsune, the introduction of Kira’s mother as an important player (that scene was wonderfully understated), and “The Hug” (and the rest of the scene as well) so many feelings about that (heart melts, melted heart evoparates), but as a whole I did feel that the episode came together very well, I didn’t like the part of Lydia not telling the truth, as it’s been clearly established that when people don’t tell others something isn’t right it turns out for the worse.

    The part with Stiles telling Scott not to call his dad and Scott acquiescing to it was bad, Scott should know better by now (ugh! people making stupid mistakes when they know better, I FIND IT SO ANNOYING!, and is just bad writing to boot).

    I really liked that they finally had a scene with Derek teaching Scott a bit about being a werewolf, and how they showed that Agent McCall wasn’t just there to be annoying he actually could do some good detective work was a nice round to his character.

    And I don’t really get what was the big deal about the deputy, sure he’s good looking but really, there was nothing to him, though he did give good disrespect to Agent McCall was good, and the wanted posters they were good.

  • ABrine

    Btw what did Stiles say just before the Nogitsune un-bandaged itself, his response after the Nogitsune’s voice turned from feral to an almost normal whisper, and was it me or was it a voice other than Stiles.

  • Desiree

    NOOOOO!!! Leave our Stiles alonnneeee!!! I swear to God, Jeff Davis, if you kill him, I’ll knock your door down myself!!!!!

    But we LOVE Stiles….. pwease don’t kill him!!

  • ABrine

    Who else noticed/caught the line from Kira’s mother about the Nogitsune should remember that she will do what needs to be done, even if an innocent may die, maybe she understands that it would be a kinder fate, as I’m infering that it’s the presence of the Nogitsune which is causing Stiles neural damage.

  • Veliana

    Okay, am I the only one that doesn’t know what the fuck I am feeling??!! This was HUGE.

  • Tyler

    OMG this episode was a mindfuck !!!
    I dont understand something, so derek said that Kira was the trigger for the Nogitsune power that “was” in stiles. I guess this is this “dark energy” Dr. Deaton was talking about when Stiles, Alison and Scott would come back to life…
    But i wanna knw how Kira triggered Stiles “dark energy” i dont get it? Whats the relation between the foxfire and the Nogitsune in Stiles? And why did it only affect Stiles and not Alison or Scott….
    It would be really great if u can answer these questions because im really confused or maybe a missed sth important…

    • freshenupthegeeks

      I tried my hardest to connect the dots. Okay, first of all, I am going to start where Stiles, Alison, and Scott had to go inside the tub full of ice which opened up their consciousness. When they did this, Dr.Deaton said that they are going to face consequences..perhaps for the rest of their lives, so Alison’s consequence is that she is being haunted by her dead aunt. Scott can’t control being an Alpha which at some point he will transform into an Alpha form and he will not go back, but Jeff is going to address this plot in future episodes. Stiles’s deeper side has been greatly triggers, especially how in this episode, it is connected to his mother’s death. The nogitsune was in all of them (Stiles, Alison, and Scott)->”Everyone has it, but no one can lose it.” , but the dark energy continue to grow in stiles because stiles is the weakly out of three of them and I remember when that bandage guy was mentioning something about doors opening..so basically stiles’s mind is like an open book, so evil is capable of possessing him easily. ( So the nogitsune is guiding stiles when he is sleepwalking. Stiles wrote Kira name on the board, but it was actually the nogitsune inside stiles making him write “Kira”. it was suppose to guide William Barrow to kinapp Kira, so he could trigger her into starting the electricity thing..which activated the Nogitsune inside Stiles. Thats the foxfire. Also the foxfire refers to how Kira looks like she is on fire when she takes a picture on her phone, so we will have to wait until the end of the season to figure out the rest about the foxfire theory. )

      • Tyler

        Thank you soo much. Yeah i remember the part about opening doors but didnt knw what he was talking about. Again thank you so much for taking your time and answer my questions. Have an awesome day :)

  • Vasil

    Only two words “The Hug”, I start to cry like a little girl… Perfect! The best episode to now! I just cant wait until next week…. What I will do all week???

  • ADAM

    I am truly amazed – i thought that 3a was great… but 3b is AMAZING. Dark, twisted, riddled. The bandaged man, his teeth and his moves…. HIS VOICE. Horrifying.

  • freshenupthegeeks

    Man, Dylan O’brien is such a great actor.

  • RomyWolf

    I can’t say anything about this episode… Really. I’m still done, I’m seriously depressed right now. So many feels… I couldn’t take it… I knew it would get bad for me in that episode and that I would probably cry, but I never knew how bad it would actually be…
    Jeff, you can’t do this to us with Stiles! This was the saddest, most emotional ad exciting episode of all Teen Wolf episodes. No, of all episodes of any tv-shows I’ve ever seen! I’m so done right now…

  • Arlene

    This took me back in the 80′s when you see electric this and that means someone was freaking sleeping. Okay, I get it we are stuck inside someone nightmare now have him or her wake the freaking heck up and everyone can go on being back to normal.

  • Arlene

    GREAT SHOW!!!! I left my mind back in 1980

  • Zesty Limes

    This was a really sad episode of teen wolf. (and I don’t mean sad like in a bad way, but sad as in depressing). I don’t think there was a single comedic moment but there were a lot of heart-wrenching moments.

  • Nuzhat

    Love this episode…the HUG was heartbreaking. ..but does that mean that stiles is sick? I mean hw can they help him?

    • Matty Marie

      The only solution I can think of is a bite.

      • twincast

        Assuming the possession and the brain damage are separate phenomena (which I’d actually prefer – more drama – but kind of doubt).

  • Britany06

    For the people asking “Why would the demon pick Stiles?” Well, for one, who would suspect Stiles? The Oni were looking for supernatural creatures, not a human, so this would get the demon the advantage of hiding in plain sight. It’s actually quite genius.

    • Matty Marie

      It’s a Nogitsune, not a demon.
      The Oni are demons.

  • V

    The big guns is Kira.

  • Nay

    That was the most emotional episode for me (with everything with Stiles crying and such lol) but it was terrifying but my favorite and at the same time least favorite episode of teen wolf lol

  • Matty Marie

    Kira & Her mom vs Stiles.
    It’s going to happen, and I’m going to love it.

  • lilmiss_ice

    Sexy! Evil stiles!!! Woosh!…

  • Yaz

    This episode! The Hug. Yes, perfect caption. Stiles/Dylan is just my babe for life. Scott and Stiles are not just best friends, they are brothers. This episode was very freaky, and dark, but awesome all the more! A lot of stuff is going downnnn. And as for the ‘no comedic moment’ I think I found one. At the hospital when they were going to run tests on Stiles and the doctor says ‘I don’t know how to pronounce this or if it’s just misspelled’ on Stiles’ is first name. His dad is like ‘Just call him Stiles!’ That got me LOL, like what is his name?!! Teen Wolf. Love.

  • Brenna

    This is instantly my favorite episode, and the best hug, of all time.

  • Maisie’s Fan Group!

    Maybe i should put all your minds at ease….Stiles is not going to die! Dylan has already signed on for season 4! If you remember the end of 3A, according to Wikipedia we find that Peter has an evil agenda in 3B….i think wenow know what that is…

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