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Harry Potter’s best friend Hermione is one of the coolest, smartest people at Hogwarts. Do your wits match hers?

By knowing a lot about the Wizarding World, Ms. Granger would take a liking to you at Hogwarts. Think about it: She spends lots of time with Harry and Ron and enjoys their company, but she would love to have some new friends who are really smart.

Readers of the Harry Potter series always marveled at Hermione’s intelligence, and we at Hypable wanted to see if fans could compete with her.

This quiz will determine how much you know about the Wizarding World, and at the end it’ll tell you what person at Hogwarts you’d be best suited to hang out with. The top prize is Hermione, while Harry and Ron are a close second and third.

After you play, share your result on Facebook or Twitter. By doing so, you’ll challenge your friends to see if they know more! (Or less… Those Muggles!)

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  • Elle

    S.P.E.W. actually stands for the Society for the *Promotion of Elfish Welfare! :-)

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      Fixed… and I fail the quiz. Calling up Filch.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    Oh please, I’m smart enough to be her boyfriend. That’s the only time I’d be telling Ron to move away from her.

    • http://kiradineen.com/ Kira Dineen

      J. K. Rowling is on your side for this one.

  • ff501998

    Phew! 8 points …. but this quiz made me extremely nostalgic and I need to reread them.

  • Hugo Weasley

    this quiz is ridiculously easy… hermione would be bored

    • Marie Squyres


    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      Harder tests will be coming! This is one for the general public who aren’t as big on Potter as most of our readers.

      • H

        Excellent. I eagerly await your next “challenge”.

        • Hermione1905

          Me 2

      • Gaby

        Looking forward to those! I noticed a typo in question #6: it should be “Which of these people is an animagUS” (singular)

  • Emily Bryan

    Easy peasy, 10/10. :P

  • Luigi Barraza Cárdenas

    My 10 year old cousin who hasnt read the books would pass this

  • Nina

    I want to hang out with Ron, so how many wrong answers I have to give?

  • http://daydreamsandwhispers.tumblr.com/ Hermione Granger

    It would’ve been nearly sacrilegious if I did not get a perfect score on this…

  • Mahdy

    Sheesh you call this a test? come on.. A perfect 10/10 score

  • Raymond

    I must have drawn up the floor corridor answer from deep in my mind because I somehow got it right.

  • Miniryu-Ninja

    Pfff Hermionie’s arm would be dead after being flung up in the air so much…easy 10/10 :D

  • Gary65

    OK guys, seriously. This is a fan website. People taking this quiz will be fans of Harry Potter. All of these are ridiculously simple and none of the wrong answers stand a chance of tricking anyone who paid attention while reading the books. At least make it challenging. We’re talking about entering the intellectual social circle of a nigh-on certified genius. If Ron can get above a 5/10, the quiz is too easy.

    • Sharon

      The “fans” on this website probably amount to maybe 10-15% of the total visitors. The world is a big place, lots of people in it.

      • Gary65

        But the website motto is “For fans, by fans”. A casual fan would know all of these. Even 10-15% is too high a gradient of people to be friends with Hermione Granger.

        • SpiritBlade31033

          I have not even read the books and scored 9/10….

  • Caroline

    Had to guess on the fat lady’s corridor. Went with the classic and ever-reoccurring theme of sevens.

  • Michael

    10/10 Obviously!! ;)

  • Harrison

    “Animagus” is the singular of “animagi”.

  • sahina91

    9/10. dunno what i got wrong!

    • http://kiradineen.com/ Kira Dineen

      Andrew- It would be helpful if we could know which we got wrong and the correct answer.

  • Kristen O’Brien

    Hermione wants to hang out with me :’)

  • Ravenclaw

    We should be asking questions like where was the referee for the World Cup from? Or something along those lines. Make it challenging!

  • upper_westsider

    9 out of 10. Better than I thought I would do. I’m sure I missed the one about the Fat Lady’s floor. I guessed the 4th. Anybody tell me which floor it was?

    • Kristan

      It was the 7th floor

      • upper_westsider

        Thank you!

  • Winkyxx

    Im friends!

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    There was once a time when I would’ve found these all easy, but a few gave me pause. Still got a 10/10 but obviously I need to brush up on my Potter knowledge.

  • Rachel Whelen

    9/10 I’m sure I got one of the number ones wrong. I’m terrible at remembering numbers.

  • MHutch

    Yeah 10/10!

  • Nicki

    I’m glad this is easy – makes up for all the Ds and Ts I get in my O.W.L.s on Mugglenet ;)

  • https://twitter.com/#!/SonyaField Sonya Field

    8/10 – clearly I need to read the series again :(

  • http://7thpage.com/ Severus Snape

    The Hermione face at the end of the quiz is so dang sexy.

  • Delena

    That was far too easy!

  • Alexis

    10/10 It was a bit too easy though.

  • lennon

    she is hot i would date her and snog

  • Friend of Hermione

    Q: What will legilimency accomplish? Your Ans: Take emotions
    and memories out of a person’s mind

    NOT REALLY! Legilimency is the act of magically navigating
    through the many layers of a person’s mind and correctly interpreting one’s

    Your answer is the better of the options but is not right. Leglimency does not take emotions and memories out. That denotes taking memories out and putting in pensieve or something.

  • Wolvington

    10/10. Not sure why I was expecting any less.

  • Emily Marguerite Hough

    But Hermione values friendship and bravery over books and cleverness…

    I got one wrong, it was about Quidditch.

  • PotterFan1029

    10/10 baby! Hermione, here I come!

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