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Teen Wolf season 3, episode 17, “Silverfinger,” just finished airing. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans!

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 17, titled “Silverfinger,” begins with a flashback to a younger Chris. He was only 18 and he was in Japan. This was when he first came up against the masked warriors. But they weren’t after Chris, thank goodness. Instead, they attacked someone who was supernatural, though Chris doesn’t know what the man was.

A man named Katashi, nicknamed Silverfinger, is the only one who survived. Chris has been looking for him all night, though it’s been difficult. The group realizes that he may be the only one who has answers for them, though. All Chris can tell Scott and the others is that the mask the warriors wear hides absolute darkness beneath.

The next morning, Kira sneaks back home and fondly remembers being dropped off by Scott. Scott is obviously worried about what she thinks of him and the others being werewolves, but he shouldn’t be. Kira asks to see his werewolf face, and he shows her, much to her delight.

The twins decide to take it upon themselves to protect Scott because they think the “demonic ninjas” are after him. Scott appreciates the gesture, but he’s not entirely sure he wants their protection around the clock. Not only that, but he believes the warriors might be after Kira.

Scott slips his protectors to talk to Stiles, who goes to show him what he learned earlier that morning — that he was the one who opened the chemical closet door and wrote the message to Barrow on the board. Unfortunately, all the evidence is gone, including the key. Stiles swears he had it, and even compares something Barrow did as the Shrapnel Bomber with the trick Stiles played on Coach on Mischief Night.

Chris comes up with a plan to draw Katashi out. He’s going to sell him an antique gun, since Katashi is a collector. Unfortunately, Katashi isn’t going to make the deal himself, and Chris sends Isaac in to distract the men long enough for Allison and Chris to find his old enemy.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17 Silverfinger Allison Isaac Kissing

Isaac is extremely nervous and doesn’t think he’s going to be able to pull off the disguise, but Allison convinces him with a kiss (and a little groping) that he’s man enough to do it. It works flawlessly.

Stiles checks himself into the hospital, and Melissa takes down the information about how he’s feeling. She gives him a sedative since he hasn’t been sleeping, and with a whisper of “Thanks, Mom,” he drifts off. But Melissa isn’t content to leave it at that, and compares Stiles’ charts to his mother’s. It turns out she suffered from the same things Stiles is currently suffering from, which include hallucinations, panic attacks, and insomnia.

Scott slips his protectors once again and brings Kira to his house in order to keep her safe from the masked warriors. Kira tells him she thinks she is a Kitsune, since they take the form of a fox and being able to control electricity is part of their power. Scott and Kira almost kiss, but they break apart when Scott thinks his mother has arrived home.

Unfortunately, it is Agent McCall who arrives at the house, and he’s there because he knows the two of them broke into his office. While there, the sun goes down, and the masked warriors attack them. Agent McCall is injured, but Derek and the twins show up to help Scott defend his home. When they drive the warriors out, Melissa triggers a magical security system that Deaton helped install, and the warriors are successfully kept at bay.

Back with Katashi, Chris and Allison confront the man and Chris reminds him of who he is. When he shows Katashi the mask, the old man says that the masked warriors are called oni, and that they are demons and are unstoppable. The oni are looking for someone who is possessed, and they’re marking the ones who are not.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17 Allison

Katashi also explains that there are 13 kinds of kitsune, and one of them is evil — the nogitsune. The man from 24 years ago, the one the oni originally attacked, was possessed by this dark spirit. Katashi says they must let the oni kill the nogitsune, no matter who it is.

Agent McCall is seriously injured from the oni, and Melissa tells Scott he needs to go to the hospital. But how can they leave if the house is surrounded?

Agent McCall wants to talk to Scott, but Melissa tells him he’s not going to do it on his deathbed. In the other room, the oni find their way into the house, and after a talk with Allison, Scott tells everyone to do nothing. The oni check Scott and Kira, and they find that nothing is possessing either one of them.

In the final scene, Melissa and Scott get Agent McCall to the hospital just in time. Scott goes to find Stiles, but before he does, we’re treated to quite a different Stiles than we’re used to.

The oni show up to check Stiles and they find that he is indeed possessed with the dark spirit of the nogitsune. Before they can attack him, however, the dark spirit takes over and Stiles kills each one of the oni. As Scott shows up, Stiles reverts back to his normal self and acts as if nothing is wrong.

Our favorite ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 17 ‘Silverfinger’ quotes

“Since this is our first experience with demonic ninjas, we’re thinking we should play it safe.” – Ethan

“Thanks, Mom.” – Stiles

“How do you feel now?” – Allison

“They are demons, and they are unstoppable.” – Katashi

“I’ve seen the bad guys, and you’re not one of them.” – Scott

“I owe you more than my life. I owe you my honor.” – Katashi

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    HELP. I think this episode killed me a little. Stiles, baby, no. :’( Hot damn Isaac was looking good in that suit though. And I almost screamed when Agent McCall got stabbed. I started crying when Stiles called Melissa mom. And that ending. Holy crap, HOW DARE THEM LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT… AGAIN.

    • Joe E Dangerously

      I got ya, buddy. Worry not for Styles, my friend. He’s safe. Scott and Styles is what they call the show’s “franchise.” That means it’s the core element that makes the show what it is. For example, on Supernatural it’s the relationship between Sam and Dean. On the original Dallas, it was JR. Now it’s John Ross. On The Sopranos, it was Tony’s inner strife. So if they killed Styles that would likely kill the show. Jeff Davis is a better writer than that. The gang will discover that Styles is the one who’s possessed and they’ll save him somehow. Likely with Kira’s Kitsune abilities, whatever they may be. Styles is fine.

  • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

    Really feeling dark!Stiles right now, you have no idea. I WANT TO SEE MORE.

    Chris/Allison/Isaac need to team up more often, that was great.

  • Dev

    I absolutely love where they are taking Stiles. The coming undone bits to the “thanks, mom” (I died inside) and to the ending (dark Stiles is a neat idea, I guess he is on the chessboard now!) There was a lot to enjoy in this episode, this season feels so much better than 3A (although a slow start) I don’t know if I can wait until the end of this season.

    • ABrine

      Agreed 3A was to much of a train at top speed and not enough small character moments which are always the moments we love most, Stiles and his dad having dinner anyone. 3B has already had lots of character moments and we still have seven episodes left, plenty of time left to top the Derek t-shirt scene, though in doing so would result in the writers winning an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an Emmy, a Tony, a BAFT and a specially created new category for the Grammys.

    • pidecpeabe1983

      at GATVERcom, you can see this episode

  • christi-anne Mbe

    I really dont want stiles to be the dark one but I hope he’s okay by the end of the season. Alison and Isaac together no no not really down for that I don’t feel the chemistry. I really like kyra thou

    • ABrine

      (whispers) It’s Kira

      • christi-anne Mbe

        Hahaha I know I know

    • mo

      Same here. I’m sick of their scenes. Gosh they’re so annoying. It doesn’t help that I’ve never really cared for Allison. But Scott and Kira all the way:)

  • Jake


    1. Confused. This episode confused me. Maybe I was just slow, but I wasn’t ready for the information overload that was the cold open. I had to rewind and watch it 3 times before I understood everything.
    2. Loving the dark Stiles. Super creepy. Love it.
    3. The Allison and Isaac groping scene was…interesting. Somewhat awkward…but mainly because I like her best with Scott.
    4. Finally, we have names for things. Oni – Japanese demons; Kitsune; Nogitsune/Void; etc.
    5. 13 kinds of kitsune…I understand how they can make a spin-off of that.

    So to my understanding: The Nogitsune/Void possessed Stiles to write the stuff on the chalkboard to tell Barrow to kill Kira. But…why? Great episode, though! And next week looks AMAZING.

    • Zeo

      I’m thinking whatever type of Kitsune that Kira is, she is able to defeat the Nogitsune possessing Stiles. So it was trying to eliminate that enemy.

      • Himura

        she probably is the celestial kistune the light one

      • DNK

        She’s definitely an Inari Kitsune

    • shae

      In the previous season stiles father was kidnapped to be sacrificed to give power to the nemeton in order to save him stiles agreed to sacrifice himself but he was warNed that if he died then came back there will always be a darkness with him or something in that nature

  • Kendra Baird

    If Stiles ends up dying because he’s possessed by the evil spirit, I WILL RIOT.

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      I don’t see that happening because its too obvious..Not to mention, a lot of us will be rioting if Stiles dies.

    • twf

      If it does happen please hold-off Rioting until the credits roll on the last episode, just in case they bring him back in some other form.

    • Black_Dynamite

      I don’t think Stiles will die, Kira can probably save him. That’s why the Nogitsune asked Barrow to kill her.

  • Bruuhaha

    I think stiles will be freed of the the void spirit later on in the episode titled “de-void”

    • T

      Haha, that seems a bit obvious now that you’ve mentioned there is an episode coming up called de-void…

      Plus, the actual japanese myth of the Kitsune has a way for the possessing spirit to be exorcised, and it just happens to be by taking the possessed person to an Inari shrine/temple. So I think the people that have said Kira is the Inari Kitsune and that she will save stiles and exorcise the Nogitsune are definitely correct. Also with Stiles being one of the best characters on the show (in my opinion THE best), I disagree with those that say he will be killed off, it would be a terrible case of Jeff shooting himself in the foot.

      (Just learned that Kitsune info by checking wikipedia quickly… but you probably all already knew that)

  • Lotte

    The ending scene was awesome and I love the development.

    However the episode seriously was lacking Lydia and needed more Derek and Stiles.

    • twf

      Great ending. So what does it mean if you kill the unkillable and make the scary bad guys scared?
      Note from Dark Stiles: ‘Dear Oni, you only sent 3. Now That’s Insulting!’

      I think the lack of Lydia was made up for with the Stiles & Melissa scenes. plus where to put her, not at the house when her scream doesn’t work (Sorry unknown in the mountain ash capable area). The Hospital, maybe as a throw back to 2.01 but not if it cut into the Melissa scenes.

      But I did start thinking is dream Lydia good or bad because he left her in bed and walk through the door only to be attacked by the nematon.

      • Lotte

        Yeah, but Stiles scenes were far too minimal as well. I loved the last episodes, but in this one all my favorite characters (Stiles, Derek and Lydia) were missing or rarely used. Personally, I noticed it and it really impacted my entire enjoyment of watching the episode.

    • Rain

      The episode was seriously lacking Papa Stilinski

  • randomfigures

    Is Stiles really the nogitsune? Because the first nogitsune in the opening scene was easily overpowered by the oni. Stiles defeated the oni with ease… He might be something totally different.

    • Bruuhaha

      True & the Nogitsune in the beginning seemed very supernatural (white eyes & fangs) but what else is there to be?

      • randomfigures

        IDK. but probably something Japanese since that seems to be the mythology being explored this season.

      • Zeo

        Maybe it’s learned since then? Become more powerful?

        • 5353

          On wikipedia, it is said that kitsune get stronger and wiser with age which could explain this (they also grow up to nine tails) :)

    • Himura

      the nogitsune gets stronger the more darkness there is around. so back then the nogitsune wasnt strong enough to fight back.

      • guest

        But even so wouldn’t we have seen Stiles with glowing eyes, or fangs or something?

    • Jake

      For one, Stiles is just possessed by it. He isn’t THE Nogitsune. Just clearing that up in case you didn’t hear that, because I know this is CONFUSING. But my guess is that this nogitsune is extremely powerful or something….because what’s Teen Wolf without an impossibly powerful bad guy?

  • Zeo

    But.. but I still REALLY want to know who pulled out that growth from the Nematon and called forth the Oni in the first place. It’s one cliffhanger in Season 3b that never got readdressed.

    And I call it now: I said it below but I’m thinking whatever type of Kitsune that Kira is, she is able to defeat the Nogitsune possessing Stiles. So it was trying to eliminate that enemy when it got Stiles to instruct Barrow to kill her.

    • Zeo

      Argh, seriously, comment moderation. Maybe Claudia was suffering from Fatal Familial Insomnia (google it, I can’t link it without my comment being Moderated)? It’s really rare though so..

    • AnnaB

      i honestly think peter hayle ( derek’s uncle) pulled the growth from the nematon. i just find it so ironic that during all this he is nowhere to be found.

      • Zeo

        Peter or maybe Gerard?

      • mo

        Thank You! . I have been suspecting peter since the beginning of this season. He’s been too laid back. And whenever Peter disappears or stays on on the sidelines, bad things happen

    • scamrasc .

      i’m a little confused as to why people still seem to think that whoever it was that sent barrow after her did so with the intention that SHE be the one to die??….i mean, clearly whoever it was knew what she was, and we know that NOT ONLY does being attacked with lightning have absolutely no detrimental effects whatsoever (infact she absorbed it all – suggesting she unknowingly uses the energy somehow to make herself stronger) but we now know that kitsune ALSO have the ability of rubbing their tails together to actually CREATE electricity and fire. someone who knew that she was a kitsune would have known this also….and choosing barrow with electricity is very specific and a touch melodramatic. if they wanted her dead, pretty sure a bullet to the head would do the trick.

      no. i’m thinking that whoever it was that sent barrow (via possessing stiles) is actually trying to make kira stronger. like how the argents train their hunters by staging kidnappings and what not. maybe this is also some form of kitsune “kickstart” training…..from her mother maybe?…

      • Zeo

        But why would a Nogitsune-possessed Stiles want Kira to become more powerful? We saw it was him to send that message to Barrow.

        Besides, there are 13 different types of Kitsune, how could anyone know what type she would manifest as?

        • scamrasc .

          1st – who says he’s possessed by the nogitsune? as you said, there are 13 types. all that we know is that he IS possessed – we don’t know by whome, or by what. and we don’t know if he’s the only one possessed – some major clues are pointing to allison also.

          2nd – i just said in my last post – if stiles is being possessed by kira’s MOTHER, then of course she would want to make her daughter stronger! i even likened that to the argent’s style of hunter training – by manufacturing situations and throwing their children into them.

          3rd – not 100% clear what you mean by “how could anyone know what type she would manifest as” in relation to my comment, but the show has made it clear that she is from a very ancient and specific line of matriarchial japanese heritage. it made quite a point about it actually…..so i’d say she’s the same kind that her mother is (incidently, there was also a line about how kitsune and werewolves don’t get along, and her mother seemed a bit off with scott, giving him dirty looks etc…). we know that she is very young and niave and only newly discovering her powers – made even more explicit by derek in the last episode (he made a comment stating as such, and added that she’s not yet able to “conceal herslef”). kitsune get much more powerful as they age and develop more tails. so kira’s still very vulnerable – it makes sense that her mother would want to further her development as fast as possible as a way of making her more powerful and therefore giving her a form of protection. she even had an old japanese “children’s book” outlining the whole lore about them…..so basically an instruction manuel then. you think her mum just had that lying around for kicks???…

  • luis.nunez

    I think that Stiles is the Void/evil spirit now and will become normal again because Episode 22 is named “De-Void.” Also, the way that Katashi looked at Chris Argent when he said that he must let the Oni destroy the Nogitsune even if it was his own daughter, makes me think that Allison could end up being the evil spirit. Perhaps, she will be the main character that Jeff Davis said dies at the end.

    • Zozo

      Honestly, I’d rather it be her than Stiles dying.

      • Aeglos

        Agree. From season 1 until now, Stiles is my favorite character since he is the only one who don’t have supernatural things or fighting skills like the Argen Family and often use his brain to solve any problems. Now, he has the power but a dark power? give a break. Better Allison than Stilles.

      • Oscar Duran

        hell yeah cuz shes a hoe

  • Zozo

    So. Many. Feels. Stiles better not die. But he might. Omg. Sadness and feels.

  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle


    • ABrine

      No Stiles caught in silly situations is the best Stiles

      • ABrine

        Which would only be superseded by a Jacksonesque naked fight scene with Scott.

        (I can’t believe I just said that)

        • ABrine

          But thinking about it, he is possessed so…it could happen.

    • Rain

      Any stiles is the best Stiles! I’ll take him any way he comes!

      • Athrun

        So true. He’s a perfect friend and now he’s also the perfect oni killer. It’s just getting better and better!!!

    • Gary65

      Stiles is the best PERIOD. No further description is required.

    • philip

      I dont know what you think but Stiles kissing girls is the best Stiles . Last episode that was confermed. :D :D

  • aaron504

    So is scott and stiles brothers?

  • Jaden

    First, I just wanna ask if I was the only one screaming “NO!” at my computer screen during the final scene with Stiles and the demons?

    This episode was amazingly horrific. Mainly because it destroyed my soul a little. Damn you Jeff. But seriously, everything was very well done. The “thanks mom” from Stiles broke my fragile little heart. Isaac in a suit, no comment needed. Young Chris Agent, one word, hot. Kira and Scott relationship still absolutely adorable. Agent McCall being a douche. The usual.

    Now, I’m just going to say I hate myself for predicting what was happening with Stiles. However, I think we all saw it coming, to a point. With that being said, I’m very concerned for Stiles’ life on this show. With where the show is taking it, it may be inevitable, no matter how unspeakable it is, that Stiles could be the person Jeff kills off by the end of the season. I’m not saying I want it to happen but it is becoming a very likely option now and I am scared out of my wits.

    • Jaydan

      No you are definitely not the first, I am with you. Maybe cuz your name is Jaden and I am Jaydan.

      Agreed, agreed, I don’t look at guys that way, I don’t look at guys that way. Agreed, agreed.

      My heart is racing and so is my brain, they can’t kill off stiles, they can’t! Please Jeff, think!!

    • Jesper

      They wont kill stiles, main reason…He’s best friend is scott, second, main character three, everyone loves him and Jeff knows if stiles dies the show will lose many watchers, and Kira or Deucalion will save stiles, tho i think Deucalion will come back and join or help Scott’s pack and Scott to transform to the real beast he really is

      • Rain

        Finally someone who is still thinking about Deucalion!

        • Jesper

          He’s awsome dude :)

      • Jaden

        I know the riot that will start if Stiles dies, for any reason. However, I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility. The only person who I would say is “immune” from death is Scott, being as he is the teen wolf. Logically, it would make sense that Stiles could be killed off(again, not that I want it) because of the whole darkness thing. Although, I’m sure someone will save him or sacrifice their self for him. But then, we still that have illness that Claudia had, which Stiles is now showing symptoms of. And I don’t that illness can be cured, at least not by human means. Unless, Stiles becomes a werewolf but I highly doubt it because Jeff said he would not do that. Or of course, going back to what I said earlier, unless the illness was caused because Claudia was possessed as well and that’s why she died. That’s pretty much the only way for Stiles to live.

        P.S. I would LOVE for Deucalion to come back. I love him, if you can’t tell by my avatar already.

        • Jesper

          well Jeff said that he wanted Deucalion to comeback that’s why he didn’t die in 3A ;) and i think he’s demon form will come to use, tho im not sure if he’s the man to trust after all, and don’t forget that Peter is still evil and a demon wolf :p :D

      • beazellbub

        In my opinion Lidya will die, why? well: 1, she fills the role of killing a main character. 2, Jeff is trying to throw us off that Stiles will be the one thats killed, instead he’ll kill Lidya(probably some kind of sacrifice). 3, Introducing new girl(Melissa I think) is kind of a replacement for the Stiles’s love interest. Killing Stiles would be a terrible mistake for the show and Jeff knows that

        • Jesper

          i don’t belive lidya will die :p i think she will save someone, and Jeff said that he love holland’s acting so i doubt that she will die, still i do belive Peter maybe die’s again, or Agent McCall!

          • beazellbub

            One thing that I missed in the trailer for season 3b was that Alison was holding a dead wolf in her hands and looked angry at Stiles, when everyone else wanted to help him. It might be that Isaac will be killed by Stiles(against his will off course). That may happen. Again my vote is for Isaac or Lidya dying this season

    • ray

      I really don’t think stiles is going to die, there might be the possibility that kira might die while saving stiles – if jeff intends to kill someone, but i hope he does not! I enjoy watching kira and Scott relationship.

  • ABrine

    Anyone else think that Derek’s question to Ethan & Aiden if they would die for Scott could have been a favourite quote of the episode.

    • scamrasc .

      i love that derek is so natural with his wolfiness. everyone else is beyond craptastic with it and it annoys me so much. eh, HELLO!!!…you have all of these amazingly powerful heightened senses…don’t you think you should probably bother to USE them every once in a while???….only derek ever does. he was able to follow “true alpha” scott around all freaking day long and never be noticed. like, seriously!!….and everyone else spending so much time with kira and not noticing anything and derek walks in in 0.23 seconds flat and is like “she’s a kitsune idiot – use your eyes!” they also all suck supremely at tracking people down or knowing when there’s an intruder etc (e.g. barrow). and did isaac SERIOUSLY not realise that that was another werewolf????

      • ABrine

        truer words were never spoken, though I’m hoping that Scott’s under-performance as an Alpha atm is just a set up for when he actually begins to learn alpha powers, including but not limited to scent masking, stronger than a beta, memory-claw interaction and so forth, also will someone just sit him down (either Derek or Deaton, but most probably Derek, cause trying to get information out of Deaton is harder that blood & honey from a rock) and give him the full lowdown on all things werewolf, I mean come on no one’s even told Scott about the whole age thing and his is a werewolf.

  • Phobe Grey

    Once again Derek was reduced to the role of little more than an extra. What kind of Alpha needs the gormless killer twins to protect him? If Jeff Davis kills Stiles the shows done.

  • purplecolor

    stiles is the possessed one, but what if the one possessing him is his mother? when melissa checked the folder of his mom as well as when he said thanks mom, it seemed like a nice little hint they dropped in for us.. just random speculation. totally love where they’re going with this.

    • Hazz

      god dammit! i was about to comment the same thing then bam!!! you beat me to it haha WELL DONE SIR!

      but yeah i was wondering the same thing. What if she was possessed by the nogitsune and the onis (super ninjas) killed her.

  • Black_Dynamite

    I think Kira is the only one who can save Stiles and that’s why the Nogitsune asked Barrow to kill her.

  • Alex Dawson

    we know kira is a lightning kitsune, due to the powerstation…. stiles may not be the viod. the one thing that has power over darkness (the Oni) would be the celestial kitsune. stiles did not transform as the yakuza boss did. and we know once found the oni can easily destroy the dark kitsune. Stiles is the celestial kitsune as his mother was before him.. any thoughts

    • ray

      I believe that Stiles mom was being possessed by evil kitsune, now Stiles is, and kira is the key to defeating the dark kitsune! And i think that Scott dad might die, if jeff intends to kill someone.

      • Zeo

        Hasn’t Jeff said that her death was not supernatural though?

        • Alex Dawson

          yes but if she was a celestial kitsune she still could have died of natural causes…

    • Melanie G :)

      I agree with you. After going through the mythology and the given hints like Stiles is the “light” of Beacon Hills, I’m pretty convinced that Stiles is a celestial Kitsune and Kira is a thunder Kitsune.

  • Jesper

    They wont kill stiles, main reason…He’s best friend is scott, second, main character three, everyone loves him and Jeff knows if stiles dies the show will lose many watchers, and Kira or Deucalion will save stiles, tho i think Deucalion will come back and join or help Scott’s pack and Scott to transform to the real beast he really is, and Stiles can be something else we don’t know, Scott will accept Ethen and Aiden in to hes pack, and in 3A Julia said that, she and Lydia were the same? Julia could heal and if stiles “dies” and the dark spirit goes away Lydia can heal him, cause she love’s him but she wont admit it,

    There u go my thinking of the story so far ;) hate me please:D

  • Dalia M Mahdi

    when Stilles said “thanks mom” it really broke my heart, and i cried… poor stilles he must really feel lonely with all the crazy stuff that has been happening to him and really misses his mom :(
    about stilles possibly being the Kitsune i think it is still debateable… i mean in season two most of us thought that Lydia was truly the Kanime and Jackson wasn’t, esp when he passed the test, then it turned out to be Jackson… There is still a possibility for Allison esp after wt Katashi said, or even Kira being the Nogitsune… remember it is a trickster spirit… i think a big twist is coming up, and what is happening with stilles might be just the beginning… I just hope they don’t ship him off like Jackson :( he is the soul of the show

  • Rain

    Just because Stiles fought the Oni doesn’t mean he is or is the only dark spirit. Let us not forget that the Oni haven’t tested Allison yet and she is still not in the clear because they haven’t given her the symbol on her neck.

    • me

      good point. & remember what silver finger ( whatever his name is said)

  • grandmastergray

    coool stiles….i prefer scott with kyra

  • 5353

    They never actually tested stiles in the end, they almost did but they didn’t, but this shows that he is supernatural, along with the fact that no human thing can kill the obi and stiles did, but it is not definite he is the nogitsune because they never actually tested him (watch it back) soooo, I think he could be something else. We can’t discount allison because the japanese man said “even if its your on daughter” just sayin’

  • mon

    For me, I think Allison is the nogitsune. 1. We’ve seen the crazy Allison in season 1, 2. Her father was kidnapped to be sacrificed to give power to the nementon in order to save him she agreed to sacrifice herself but she was warned that if she died then came back there will always be a darkness with her or something in that nature, 3. IT RUNS IN THE BLOOD. (except for Chris)

  • mon

    I think the person that will be killed in this season is Derek, unlike the other wolves, DEREK IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WOULD DIE FOR SCOTT… (love derek though)

    • ABrine

      Isacc would totaly die for Scott

      • cris

        I’m not sure that Isaac will die, because, Allison will be alone, she have to be with someone

        • ABrine

          I just meant that Isacc would be prepared to die for Scott or Scott’s cause as it may be, not that he would be dying.

    • TW Fan

      Unfortunately totally agree. It will be Derek who will die this season. It was setup when he told the twins that they were willing to kill for him but would they be willing to die for him. Derek will be the one to sacrifice himself, whether it be for Scott or someone that Scott cares for. Would be redemption for him for having the guilt of taking a life. IF not Derek, definitely Isaac as he wanted to be as good as Scott and recognizes how good Scott has always been to him. His death would be one of loyalty.

  • 5353

    I was just wondering, did anyone else notice Scott’s eyes turning black or maybe just stop glowing when he showed Kira his werewolf form and she felt his face? Did that happen or did I just imagine it? ( i don’t know if this is relevant but in the season 3 part 2 promo it shows the stages of a werewolf’s eyes and they turn black in the end)

    • Zeo

      They just turned back to his normal brown because Kira was so calmly touching his face.

  • 5353

    Maybe Peter or Ducalean has something to do with it because they never carried on those story lines, plus that “i was always the alpha” said by Peter when he was at the tree might actually fit quite well with this story line- alpha meaning most powerful rather than actual alpha wolf)

  • RomyWolf

    Apparently, they got bored with destroying Derek’s life, so they go on with Stiles’ :(

  • Vasil

    Thats not good! How I said in last week episode comment – they will kill one of core. I think it will be Stiles(I am best fen of him and dont want to die) but now I am sure he will die and the end of season… Why? Cuz’ he has charts as his mother before she death(include hallucinations, panic attacks, and insomni), also he is the dark spirit… I am so sad about this and I can not wait for the next week episode to see how they will develop the things :(

  • fuck grammar

    i bet stiles is possessed by a dark kitsume the (nogitsune) and kira is obviously a light kitsume who will in the next coming episodes will have to attempt to get the spirit out… i bet when she does the (nogitsune) spirit will then try to kill them all and then the oni or someone will appear to kill it… its going to be interesting to c how the group will discover stiles being the nogitsune.. also i wonder how long the kira/scott and allison/isaac relationships will last…

  • Zesty Limes

    On wolf watch, Jill mentioned the part in the episode where Stiles called Melissa “Mom”. And Holland said that that was foreshadowing something. Could this mean that the sheriff and mama mccall are going to get married and then she can be Stiles new mom?! OMG. Then Stiles and Scott can be real brothers! They need to make this happen at least by the end of next season.

  • heather

    I honestly hate this season everyone is evil I hope them can turn stiles back I’m so mad with the episode everyone was so innocent I feel like my best friend (stiles) is ruined

  • Carolina

    Maybe his mom had something to do with the chessboard too and everyone who is talking about Stiles dying , I hope he comes back to life as a werewolf , can anyone else say hot!

  • WhatTheGrace

    When he basically K.O’d the oni, my hands literally went up and smacked my face. It’s so weird to see dark and strong – i don’t quite know what adjective to use to describe that whole scene – but i was definitely interesting.

    It really only dawned on me that it could be Stiles around maybe 5 seconds before he turned one of them back into a firefly.

    I honestly don’t know how i feel about where they’re taking his character. I like it but at the same time i’m really worried.

    And i really like “Skira” not really loving “Allisacc” .

  • Celine

    AHH! CUTE LITTLE BABY STILES IS GROWING UP INTO AN EVIL BAD GUY. The ending scene was a little awkward to watch because I’m so use to stiles being this little innocent kid. Wish they had kept stiles being the innocent good nerdy kid, but having a dark twist to him is cool too. I can’t wait to see the next episode c:

  • Matty Marie

    This episode was sooo good! When they said someone who wasn’t themselves, I knew it was Stiles!

    The Argents and Issac were badass.

  • TW Fan

    It will be Derek who will die this season, not Stiles. Way too obvious for Stiles to die. It was setup when Derek told the twins that they were willing to kill for him but would they be willing to die for him. Derek will be the one to sacrifice himself, whether it be for Scott or someone that Scott cares for. Would be redemption for him for having the guilt of taking a life. IF not Derek, definitely Isaac as he wanted to be as good as Scott and recognizes how good Scott has always been to him. His death would be one of loyalty. Either death would be a loss :(

  • Aramide

    Hey guys, what was the conversation between Agent mccall and mama mccall, and she went ‘seriously?’ i didn’t quite catch it

    • TW Fan

      That was kind of muffled but seems like he said he wanted or needed to talk to Scott. After her reply, he said you know why I came back.

  • nomaan

    i am sure stiles wont die becouse he is one of the main character

  • ABrine

    Just had a terrible thought, is Allison’s use of sex to distract boys from stress somehow related in some form, albeit in a lesser degree, to Kate’s use of sex i.e. her seduction of a younger Derek.

  • Jordan Roche

    ok so everyone i have an idea they say someone from the main cast will be dying before season 4 starts right
    right in this episode it looked like stiles but what silver finger said was let the oni destroy it even if it is your own daughter does this mean that Allison might become possessed by the nogitsune ???

  • Pemmalovessoccer

    They can’t kill Stiles because they will lose a lot of their viewers. They will certainly lose me.

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