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In a new interview conducted by Emma Watson, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling drops a bombshell: She’s not so sure she should have put Ron and Hermione together.

The shocking revelation came in the new issue of Wonderland, of which Watson is a guest editor this month. The comments were obtained by The Sunday Times.

Rowling says that she should have put Hermione and Harry together in the Harry Potter series instead of Hermione and Ron, according to the publication’s headline, which reads, “JK admits Hermione should have wed Harry.”

UPDATE: Read the full interview between Watson and Rowling!

“I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment,” she says. “That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” she continued, “I can hear the rage and fury it might cause some fans, but if I’m absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this? I hope not.”

Watson didn’t seem shocked by these comments and agreed with her. “I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy.”

Rowling also says that Ron and Hermione would have needed “relationship counseling.”

We obtained these comments via a preview The Sunday Times posted on Twitter. More may be shared in the full article.

This is the first we’re hearing about Watson interviewing Rowling for Wonderland, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the full interview.

As fans are aware, Ron and Hermione raised two children: Rose and Hugo.

Which couple is right?

- In support of Ron and Hermione
- In support of Harry and Hermione
- In support of Hermione

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In 2011, Rowling revealed that she “seriously considered” killing Ron. Poor guy hasn’t had good revelations come out about him in this post-Potter world.

Thanks to The Sunday Times’ Twitter and Marine for the tip.

Note: A previous version of this article used the word “regrets” in the headline to describe Rowling’s feelings towards Ron/Hermione, but for the sake of keeping this as fair as possible until we see the full interview, we’ve changed the headline.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    Jesus is this February 1st or April 1st?? Harry and Hermione together has always seemed so wrong to me and I am horrified that she has come out and said this. What is the point of causing an uproar after it’s already said and done? Boo. Love you JK, but boo.

    • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

      I’m waiting for a giant anvil with “Just kidding” on it to drop

      • Rachel Dvorak

        The Sunday Times has a reputation for being kind of a tabloid. And the fact that no one had heard about a JK interview with Emma Watson before is a BIG red flag to me. Also, I’m very skeptical because JK Rowling has never even HINTED at having second thoughts about any of the Canon relationships. She’s always stood by her decisions on those 100%

        • amyk_712

          She actually has said in a confirmed interview in a book called “Harry, A History” that the Harry/Hermione relationship could have happened. Not really that she’s had second thoughts, but that it was a perfectly viable option and it “could have gone that way.”

          • John Carter

            We like to think that in the “real world” people are meant for one another because we hate the story when the characters wake up and don’t know each other. I’m guessing Hermione would have ended up divorced marrying either one of them.

        • Monica

          Emma tweeted previews of the Wonderland covers she did about a week ago, and at the bottom it clearly lists JK as one of the people she interviewed for the magazine. People knew about it.

      • PrisonerZero

        I call bull shit on this article

    • Gavin Walsh


    • Heather

      She never said that she wished she’d put Harry and Hermione together instead; that’s not how I took it, anyway.

      • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

        Just assuming what was written in the article is accurate. I know there isn’t a quote about it, but that’s what it says.

    • nannerl

      I concur 110% with every word in this comment. I actually checked the calendar when I read the first few sentences of this to make sure that today is in fact NOT April Fool’s Day.

  • Ahmed Tarek


  • katie

    I can hear the Harry/Hermione shippers rejoicing

    • http://www.twitter.com/morganstradling Morgan Stradling

      Yes! And I’m one of them! <3

      • leiasummers

        Urgh, that would be so much like incest. I always thought Hermione was too much of a mother hen with Harry. It actually gives me shivers. Eventhough I never bought the Harry/Ginny ship, at least that was more believable than Harry/Hermione. I mean even Hermione/Krum was more believable. Harry never knew what to do with Hermione, not how to comfort her (after she broke down due to ron/lavender) or when she was depressed when Ron left (in the last book). And I’ve never seen or read Harry ever seeing Hermione as a ‘girl’, I think he would have just as happily believed she was a boy all this years.

        Hermione may know how to deal with Harry(all mothers do) but god, even if I love Harry, he would have been horrible to Hermione. Not by his own fault but just by being his own clueless self. And I truly believe that Harry would one day be tired of Hermione insistent pestering about all his actions.(He’s never one for telling him what’s they believe is right or wrong for him)

        And I’m not even saying this as a person who think Harry/Hermione would destroy any of her ships. (My favourite ship is actually a rarepair Bill/Fleur) I’m saying this as a person who believes Harry and Hermione are all sorts of wrong for each other.

      • leiasummers

        The difference with Ginny and Hermione is that Hermione would take what Harry do as a personal insult. And I’m trying to prove how Harry and Hermione is wrong by using Ginny, and it’s kind of making me want to barf. But here goes, Hermione is too independent (I seriously DO love that side of her) and it’s good but she would want it her way too much. Even Ginny didn’t fight Harry when he asked her to be safe. But Harry has been controlled all his life, for me Hermione would have just been TOO controlling. Eventhough she may be doing it for the right reasons, doesn’t make what she does right either. I think if they end up together, they’d just be too angry with each and other and never talk to each other again. EVER. They’re too alike and one day, they just won’t meet eye to eye and the other would not back down.

    • jadedcorliss

      We always knew they were better….

  • Winkyxx

    And the fandom explodes!

  • AshQuill

    Wait, what about the interview she gave LeakyMug years back? Why say this now?

    • AlanMorlock

      She was convinced by the power of Nick Cave!

  • Winkyxx

    But I honestly think Hermione and Ron go together because it shows that Harry and Hermione can be best friends.

  • Gavin Walsh


  • Tom Buxton

    In light of this not-entirely-shocking turn of events, I would have loved it if during Deathly Hallows’ cross-country sequences (and as such the first part of its film adaptation), Rowling had developed the emotional tension between Harry and Ron to a more realistic and meaningful climax, although that in itself would have had ramifications upon the Harry-Ginny relationship which would have naturally deterred from the gravitas of the final battle somewhat. Nevertheless, DH Part 1′s awkward-yet-sublime dance sequence involving Harry and Hermione was begging to be developed on a dramatic level in terms of the central trio’s dynamic, and as such to me felt constrained by the need to adhere to its source material as an adaptation.

  • CP

    I’m not even such a huge fan of the pairing, but I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. When the author of a series says her canon was wrong then what are the fans to do? I refuse to believe any of this until I see the actual interview.

  • Sage McKay

    I know some people may disagree, but I’m really not very disappointed by this. I mean, I love Ron and Hermione together, and that’s obviously canon, but I think it’s super interesting Jo regrets that decision, and that Emma agrees with her. I loved the Harry and Hermione friendship and I am glad that it wasn’t complicated with romance.

  • Lara Gutierrez

    THAT’S DISGUSTING. I’ll totally ignore.

  • David

    Steve Kloves must be squealing.

    • Katie

      haha i love this comment

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims


    • Truthteller33

      HA! FTW!

    • Julie

      And JOHN GREEN!!!!! LMAO

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I have always shipped Ron and Hermione, long before Deathly Hallows came out and they ended up together. So, I’m not too happy with this, but I’ll live. Its over, she can’t change it.. unless she wrote more and broke them up, but I doubt she’d do that since they have children.

    • Sharon

      What does “shipped” mean? Sorry, not on top of current slang :)

      • Elle

        It means you support that couple (that “relationship”) getting/staying together :)

  • B

    I guess we’re not delusional after all

  • Christina

    My heart is shattered.

  • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

    Anyone else remember the knock down drag outs between Made-Eye Mike and Gryffindor Tower websites. I feel like I’m in a time warp circa 2003.

  • WhatTheGrace

    I’ve always thought this, i always thought that Hermione would end up with Harry but i still love and adore Romione, they’re un-perfectly perfect and i like that!

  • bill.i.am.

    Not surprising, the Ron/Hermione relationship always seemed like an afterthought to me.

  • Andressa.

    J. K. is never fully satisfied and she keeps digging up the story. Please stop.

    • humanbeing

      It seems to be a bit of a curse with some writers/directors, doesn’t it? George Lucas, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese…all created really great stories, and then later on had second thoughts and went back and either tampered with or added on elements that sort of spoiled the original tales. And now Jo is fanning the flames…sigh. Hopefully most Potter fans are removed enough now from the story not to re-ignite the shipping wars over this, but I don’t know…

    • SS

      Why? It’s her story, I think as the writer she has the right to say these things. It’s her universe, she created it.

      • Brandon

        Because Once the story is made, fans shouldn’t be bogged down with definite answers and post-publishing corrections in the story. Let the story lie and let the readers use their freakin imaginations to fill in any unanswered questions, which is the whole point of world-building. You create a solid foundation and story, and then allow the reader’s imagination to take it from there. Harry Potter did that perfectly and the fact that she keeps bringing these things back up is annoying.

    • Brandon

      I completely agree. Thank you. There is no reason for her to bring these things back up. Let the story lie.

  • Kate

    What?! I love Ron/Hermione – they are one of a few relationships in literature that are realistic.

  • finallycanon


    • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

      might have been okay if she had said this tbh hahaha!!

  • Liderc

    Ron could never land Hermione in the real world, makes sense. =P

    • Alex

      I know Several happy couples who are much like Ron/Hermione who have been married for several years that prove your statement wrong.

  • alice

    I can’t even talk. Im speechless. Ron and Hermione are my OTP! Im not going to say this is stupid or anything but this is definitely shocking. I feel like something really tragic just happened to me.

  • ElderPoptarts

    Personally, I’m glad that Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together because it went against the overused literary trope that main hero always gets the leading lady. It gives us lonely Rons in the world a little bit of hope.

    • Trentonio Wynn

      Too funny dude

    • ElderPoptarts

      Holy crap. I have a post with a lot of up votes on it. Hello world 0_0

      • Joshua Nathan

        Hello elderpoptarts :3

      • InuKun

        Hello ElderPoptarts. We come in peace.

      • Sharon

        :) Now you know you’re not alone…

    • Sam

      Clearly far too many lonely Rons on Hypable :(

      • ElderPoptarts

        Let’s ban together! Take over the world!

      • http://daydreamsandwhispers.tumblr.com/ Hermione Granger

        Despite my username, I actually did identify a lot with Ron (well, with all of the trio but definitely Ron). He was often the invisible one, who never felt like they had a place or were spectacular. Jo showed us with him that you don’t have to be the one who has some special talent or thing everyone knows or loves you for – just the fact that you are YOU makes you unique, and irreplaceable.

        • ElderPoptarts

          You made me tear up a little bit. I’ve always been able to level with Ron. I’ve even been called someone’s side kick before and let me tell you- that shit hurts. Not to mention, I’ve always felt like the comic relief and a little bit useless. I’m glad that there was a character for everyone in this series.

          • http://daydreamsandwhispers.tumblr.com/ Hermione Granger

            I just remember every day at school, it would be like…I felt like there was something WRONG with me, because my friends would get all these awards and recognition from peers and teachers and administrators for doing things and I felt like I should be happy for them but I also didn’t understand why I was never recognized for anything, when I definitely felt like I was at least as qualified as them. I even used to try and crack jokes and be the “class clown” just to get people to like me (and it worked, if only on the surface). But then I realized that these people weren’t really friends, that they just saw me as some disposable funny person. I didn’t understand. So I’d go home and read HP, and I’d completely understand Ron’s jealousy and I felt a bit better, and a little more secure with myself as a person.

        • Yuran

          Yeah you should just stop reading John Green novels

        • Tia

          So true! Ron is the relatable one. Harry is the special one, the hero, the incredible wizard. Hermione is the one with all the natural smarts. Ron is everyone else, trying to discover himself as a growing boy and in a world of turmoil and still he emerges as a hero, too.

    • Paulina

      I agree! Also I loved that for once it wasn’t a fucking love triangle

      • ElderPoptarts

        SAME! There are far too many love triangles in fiction! (Especially in one of my shows. Guess which one it is!) Also, I was glad that a huge romance conquest wasn’t a big thing in Harry’s story as a hero. Yeah, he ended up with Ginny and while it was there, it wasn’t a big part of the story. It wasn’t a terribly important or vital part of the story it just happened. I feel like if she would have written Harry and Hermione together, it would have been this big thing. I’m glad it wasn’t.

        • Ripley Wolfwood

          I agree with you all and also disagree with Rowling’s assertion that Hermione and Ron’s relationship was somehow less “credible.” Attraction can be a very random thing, I also like that Hermione and Harry were so close WITHOUT the sexual component.

          • ElderPoptarts

            Yes! I love you guys. You just get me and it’s awesome. Let’s all be friends.

          • Nani Lawrence Weasley

            Right? Oh, this fandom <3

          • Emma

            So happy to be a part of it <3 this is EXACTLY what I'm thinking. Harry and Hermione was never going to work. And as for the whole "Ron and Hermione would need marriage counselling", the fact that their relationship isn't perfect makes it relatable and realistic. After all, what relationship is?

          • Ripley Wolfwood

            Plus they’re freaking teenagers! lol All teenagers’ relationships are filled with unnecessary drama.

          • Ripley Wolfwood

            Haha! Sure beats arguing with idiots on the interwebz… :D

          • Anna

            YES. EXACTLY. Harry and Hermione’s platonic friendship is one of the best things about the books. The awesome thing about their friendship is that the endgame of it is literally friendship, not romance.

          • kIsS tHe PaNdA

            I don’t know…to be honest I never felt a strong chemistry between Ron and Hermione either.

        • Dianna

          I agree. I also think that having Harry and Hermione together would have ruined the dynamic of their trio. Also, what is Ginny, chopped liver? I think that Hermione and Harry were TOO agreeable if they had been a couple whereas Ron and Hermione had that tension like past literary couples. There are some things she tells us I just decide to un-know and this is one of them haha

          • John Carter

            Ginny was *way* hotter than Hermione (in the movies).

          • Gonçalo

            She was indeed described as more attractive in the books. Not in the movies, though.

          • John Carter

            I’m talking about the adult presentation at the very end. None of the children are “hot”, as I put it. Hermione has a harder time of it since she still looks like a child at the end. I’d call her handsome, winning, most valuable team player, even fantastic. I’d suppose she elicits a feeling of protectiveness … but that’s more about children than adults. I guess it is a matter of taste. Still, Ron was jealous, clueless and mental. To pair them is a form of abuse for Hermione. Emotionally, he would probably have been a bully, if only out of his inability to have the emotional IQ to relate. I suppose that’s the way it often goes. In real life, she’s probably have had to eat herself into obesity to escape his childish attentions while being kept barefoot and pregnant. She’d have done far better with Neville Longbottom.

          • greg

            are you crazy it wasn’t even close maybe in the book but not the movies and it wasn’t competitive

          • Mr Norrell

            No way, Ginny was bland. Give me Hermione any day.

          • jane smith

            too agre? No they weren’t.

          • leiasummers

            I always thought Ginny was just a manifestation of what Harry wants. His mother(Ginny is basically a replica of Lily) and a family(Hey, I’ll marry that girl and I’ll get an instant family.). I think J K Rowling forced that relationship too since Ginny was never meant to be anything but a side character(she came in for the romantic scene and she didn’t played much to the BIG plot) and she regretted it though I agree with that regret. (Not the hermione/ron one)

            I hated how people kept saying Yay Harry married Ginny, now he’s one of them. Felt a bit sick. For me, he was one of them since long ago. Since the first time Molly Weasley and her family helped him through the station in the first book. The fact people felt that he HAD to marry Ginny to be one of the family eventhough he SHOULD have been one a long time ago. It’s really sad. That’s why marrying Ginny cheapened his relationship with the Weasleys.

    • Jennifer

      I agree with this so much :)

    • Caileigh

      I agree. I also liked that Harry ended up with Ginny because he became an official part of the Weasley family which was the only real family he ever had. And that way the trio all became family in the end.

      • Sara C

        I agree with this totally. I also think that Hermione were far too much like brother and sister throughout the series, and to have them end up together would have been high on the “ick” factor.

        • Jake Hall

          I also enjoyed how Hermione was always so irritated with Ron only to end up with him. It added more of a sense of realism that two people that started off as friends that annoyed one another only to fall in love in the end.

          • ElderPoptarts

            Not to mention all their arguments were just childish and stupid. I feel like they were just dancing around their feelings.

          • http://drawwithlaura.tumblr.com/ DrawWithLaura

            Well of course, it’s not that Rowling decided to pair them together at the last minuet, she obviously built it up until that point, and she could’ve done the very same thing with Hermione and Harry. (building a partner relationship, rather then brother and sister)

          • Kayla Lamreau

            Yeah it was kind of like Ross and Rachel on Friends. They argue about the littlest of things but in reality they really do love and care for each other. Plus it took Ross and Rachel six years to get back together.

          • Cam

            Realism? Yeah cause everyone make it out of the friends zone?

          • TrollingForColumbine2.0

            The “friend zone” is a myth.

          • Arletta Sloan

            The friend zone is absolutely not a myth. The only part of it that is a myth is that there is any way to avoid it in the first place, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, if I meet a guy and he becomes my friend instead of something else, it is because there is nothing else he ever could be, no matter what.

            But, I did have a friend who I was attracted to and who was attracted to me, where neither of us was in a position to do anything about it, and, by the time we could have, we had been friends for so long neither one of us wanted to try to be anything else and screw that up.

            There was a guy I was attracted to, who was attracted to me, but, then, his dad married my sister and they told him that makes him my nephew (even though she never adopted him, we were almost adults ourselves, and there was obviously no blood relation there) and that’s all it took to make him lose interest.

            Then, there are the various guys who told me they were interested in me, but .l. too far away, couldn’t explain me to their friends or family, they were friends with a relative of mine or an ex of mine, or, whatever … so, that was that. I was friend-zoned.

            One guy, apparently, friend-zoned me because he was ill and thought he shouldn’t get involved with anyone. Then, because, he thought I was too ill and I shouldn’t get involved with anyone. Then, eventually, because, he did get involved with his caregiver. lol

            However, for my part, if I was going to get involved with anyone else, they would have to be my very good friend, first; so, that respect, the friend-zone is a myth, because, once you are mature and not just looking for “hot”, then, the friend-zone is where you would be going to find someone who can be more than a friend, having realized that no one can be more than what they are not already.

          • Leah

            Are you serious??? I’m Christian, thank you very much, and I grew up with Harry Potter, it was my favourite while growing up. It never gave me ANY kind of rebellious attitude, made me turn my back on my faith, or put on my head the idea that I should become a witch or practice witchcraft or anything like that. I NEVER saw what you say about the three principal characters being in love or whatever… though I’m not really surprised by that, since you really didn’t read the books. People like you are the ones that make the rest of us Christians look stupid.Seriously.

          • Keli Woods

            thank you.

          • DERP

            Where in the world did this come from???? Am I missing some comment? She doesn’t even ONCE mention Christianity in that post, WTF

          • Leah

            I wrongly posted an answer here for her other post, you can read what she said there.

          • Michael Adams

            I am not Christian, I’m Wiccan, that’s right, I’m a Witch, in the craft for over 30 years, and I can say, quite certainly that there is NO connection between Harry Potter and real Witchcraft. What is in the books is Fantasy Witchcraft, The same kind of stuff you’ll find in fairy tales and Disney. Yet, I saw articles that stated that Wiccan’s won’t let their own children read the HP books because the rituals given were too advanced for children. “bangs head on countertop” I swear I wanted to set an HP book on fire and insert it where the sun don’t shine on those idiots, They wanted the books banned, but hadn’t even read them.

          • Keli Woods

            as I said, thank you. HP is not witchcraft.. LoL… I say, if the Holy Spirit doesn’t tell you it’s wrong, then it’s probably ok. Do what the Holy Spirit in you believes.

          • Alex White

            I’m not sure I get you. I got the gist of what you’re saying though. You’ve posted a different view on the friend zone. The urban meaning of that phrase is someone who can and will never be more than a friend. You’ve implied that you can draw from your friends to find you special someone. That’s just a circle of friends though wouldn’t you think?

          • prick

            no one gives a crap

          • Sheechiibii

            The whole friendzone concept is a myth because it’s absolutely no different to being a friend. There is no ‘friendzone’ in all the examples you listed, you’re talking about deciding to be friends for one reason or another. If a friendzone is exactly the same as a friendship, then that means it doesn’t exist, it’s just a label people like to use to make themselves a victim.

          • TrollingForColumbine2.0

            You’ve never been “friend-zoned”. Such a thing does not exist in the real world. It’s an excuse people use to explain why their romantic or sexual advances were rejected.

          • Keli Woods

            Friend zone is not a myth. Honestly, I have a close friend who I care a lot about, but circumstances kind of put us in the friend zone, not by choice, but by what’s right.

          • Kyle

            That’s not what the friend zone is. The friend zone is the guy wants more and the girl just wants to be friends because she isn’t sexually attracted to him. It isn’t “Oh, the circumstances are not right.”

          • TrollingForColumbine2.0

            You’ve never been “friend-zoned”. Such a thing does not exist in the real world. It’s an excuse people use to explain why their romantic or sexual advances were rejected.

            If you and your friend really wanted to fuck, you would get together and fuck.

          • Heather Kallinger

            Without friendship, a relationship is worthless. I married one of my closest friends, and we’ve been together for over 12 years and still happy. The whole idea of a ‘friend zone’ is ridiculous and likely a part of the high divorce rate. Too many people treat dating and friendship as separate. If you’re not friends, you’re not going to be able to stand each other once the hormones settle down.

          • sequax

            Agreed, Heather. Friendship is a powerful bond and you need all the help you can get for a marriage. If it’s only about chemistry, the chemical reaction ends. If it’s a deep friendship coupled with desire and respect– that lasts forever. The friend zone is a myth, except for the people who fall for it– to their own detriment.

          • Keli Woods

            amen, and thank you.

          • patty

            i agree.friends first, then a relationship. my husband and i have been together for 30 years hes my best friend and then some.

          • Harmony

            I fully agree with you. Ron and Hermione have nothing in common, their relationship wouldn’t last 19 days, forget 19 years!

            Deep friendship is the foundation of any true and long lasting relationship. The ‘friend zone’ is indeed an absurd myth, and constant arguments and bickering are not signs of unresolved sexual tension! Period.

          • Alex White

            But they WERE really close friends. The reason they argued so much was because of difference of opinions or whatever. We all have those. It would have been the same with Hermione and Harry but Hermione forgave Harry for his mistakes because she knew his struggle. Ron also has a different way of expressing his affections, i.e. in the beginning when he’s making fun of Hermione for being so smart. He liked that, but he was obviously playing the bad boy role due to his family’s reputation. He wanted Harry to think he was cool.

          • Navea Adams

            Ron and Hermione were always friends. THey were togther in the book more then Hermione and Harry until Deathly Hallows.

          • Keli Woods

            true dat.

          • em

            except, ron wasnt constantly trying to win her affections, and then grumbling and complaining after being turned down. he didnt have a sense of entitlement (except maybe during the yule ball, then it was more of a refusal to acknowledge that hermione had a life and friends outside of the trio) and when they DID finally kiss it took ron by surprise. ron wasn’t the typical ‘nice guy’ who only befriends a girl to try to get in her pants. ron was genuinely her friend. if anyone deserved to make it out of the ‘friend zone’ then he did.

          • Buffy AnneSummers

            Yeah that trope is sooooo realistic and not overdone at all…

          • Jakeofclubs

            says the girl named Buffy.

          • Diagonotter

            Hey don’t mess with Buffy! You don’t want to be on the bad side of a Slayer! ;) And Miss Summers is right, it is a heavily used trope. But they never did the “hate you, I hate you, now kiss” which is good- I would have hated that. I predicted a budding relationship in book 3. And about as early on I said just like Laurie says in Little Women,” I was meant to be a March”, Harry was meant to be a Weasley!

          • Cactus_Wren

            @Buffy – It could have been worse. Much worse. A not insignificant fraction of the fandom advocated for Hermione to end up paired off with Draco Malfoy. One fan even wrote an “open letter” explaining to Ms. Rowling in exhaustive and condescending detail exactly how little she understood HER OWN CHARACTERS if she didn’t realize Hermione and Malfoy should be a couple.

          • http://www.katiecollinsblogs.wordpress.com/ Katie Collins

            That would have been one insane plot twist that would have ruined way too much.

          • Brookie Carol Adkins

            @Cactus I always saw Jenny W., and Malfoy falling for each other…lol As, “feuding families” go! Now that would make for some good reading! :)

          • bobsuruncle


          • Skinny Larry

            why correct every little thing. we all knew what she meant. stop trolling.

          • K Shaw

            Now that would have been interesting.. I would have liked that one but Harry and Hermione .. boring and predictable.

          • Mimi

            Eww that’s gross. I never could get with the Draco/Ginny thing, I can at least understand Hermione/Draco but Ginny/Draco? I always thought Harry and Hermione would end up together until I think book 4 when I saw it clearly so I stopped wanting it and digressed with Hermione and Ron and was on board with it a little later but a part of me is still a big Harry/Hermione fan.

          • Nathan Singley

            OMG either of those scenarios is insane!! If Hermione or Ginny had ended up with Draco, it would have ruined the whole series… Hermione had to end up with Ron, & Ginny had to end up with Harry… anything else would have been a travesty!!

          • Keli Woods

            love the idea of Ginny/Draco, Harry/Hermione, and Ron with someone else.

          • Anonymous

            That would have been hilarious!

          • Anna Taylor

            That would have been pretty cool. But I think Ginny ended up with the right person. I just wish that there was more in the books about Draco. I know he was enemies with Harry and everything, but it would have been cool if we got to know him more…

          • Alex White

            Draco and Harry were actually looking out for each other in the last book. It’s hidden, but it’s in there!

          • Paige

            I always liked the ship of Hermione/Draco BUT I still wanted her with Ron

          • ~ Caitlin

            I always wondered if Draco secretly had a thing for Hermione lol. I know he hated muggle because his dad instilled that in him but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been attracted to her. I thought it would have been interesting if Draco ended up marrying a muggle or half blood but I knew that most likely wouldn’t happen. Draco seemed like an okay person in the end though when he tipped his hat (I thing he had a hat on) to Harry. I really liked that gesture it was simple but said a lot and I was disapointed that that gesutre was left out of the movie where Draco tipped his hat or nodded to Harry. I was happy Ron/Hermione ended up together. I am kind of upset that J.K. Rowling is saying this now.

          • Myriam Roberts

            J.K Rowling should let sleeping dogs lay or dragons in this case!

          • King of Diamonds

            Now that’s… crazy. I’m sorry, I definitely wouldn’t want to marry a person who called me a Mudblood.
            Also, Ron and Hermione just *works*. Harry and Hermione is too overused. I like the way it was.

          • Natalëë Rëdman

            I dont think they fell in love..they settled

          • Navea Adams

            Hermione could have had Victor Crum or anyone but always really wanted Ron. Ron could have had Lavender but always wanted Hermione, but didn’t think he could get out of the friends zone.

          • Monique Simone

            I agree with this. I love that Ron drove hermione nuts and they ended up being together. my boyfriend drives me nuts and we’ve been together for most of the last 4 years and friends for almost 16 years. it’s just more realistic that the lead guy didnt get the lead girl the runner up lead guy got the lead girl and they all ended up as family in the end because they were like a family in ways throughout the whole series. and if ron wouldve been killed off i wouldve stopped reading harry potter.

          • Cherriemaynuez

            super agree. Ron& Hermione forever!!

          • Joy Ward

            exactly how me and husband got married. Couldn’t stand him in high school. lol.

          • Hailey

            Lily/James probz.

          • Matt

            In the real world that ends in the friend zone, not love. =( =(

          • Boo

            Oh this worries me so bad. This is what I do all the time with my best friend….

        • Wtf?

          I think that they should have pushed it even further and been the first novel to promote a polygamist relationship with bisexuality being the focus. To much media these days focuses on gay people…….no one wants to stick up for the bisexuals and polygamists.

          • Daniel

            Maybe cause polygamy is wrong?

          • Brad

            why? because god told you so?

          • NINO


          • Daniel

            lol no not because god told me so, I dont really care for religion personally, but you know other then the fact that polygamy is illegal (remember that little thing?) it contradicts the whole “commitment” thing our society has kind of been running by for the last few centuries, and is a gateway for cheating which we can agree is morally wrong.

          • lorraine

            Oh my God, ‘gateway for cheating’, shut the hell up. I’m sorry, but if three people love each other, and agree to be together, and WANT to be together, the three of them, then it’s not cheating. And it’s only illegal if you marry more than one person. Who says all polygamists get married? I know three people that have been together for the last fifteen years, without marriage. Most people would be lucky to find the kind of love those three have. That is all.

          • Lisa Coffman

            i agree with u that it isnt cheating if all 3 r in on it and agreed to it and not all marry im into monogamy but thats my choice and ppl who think ur opinions arne wrong they r wrong cause opinions cant be wrong since they arnt facts i dont believe the books should condone polygamy cause the books was written for children but nothing wrong with polygamy tho as long as all the ppl agree

          • KH

            That’s called a polyamorous relationship. Polygamy is marrying more than one person. Polyamory is more than one person in a relationship. And I know several people in those relationships and they are all happy and doing great.

          • Daniel

            wow haha youre allowed to tell people there opinon is wrong. But you just go the extra mile and dont like anyone voicing there opinion at all if it contradicts yours, “shut the hell up”? congrats you support freedom of polygamy but not freedom of speech.

            And furthermore as to why polygamy is wrong, it isn’t consistent with equality. it reality it creates situtations like what follows:

            Married people have to make endless decisions and compromises together. Consider the polygamous wife who doesn’t agree with her husband on an issue. He only has to ignore her until she comes around. He has other wives, he doesn’t need her. Her entire identity is tied to her being a good wife, so she seldom disagrees. She never gets a home of her own, gets to decorate the living room. She has to compete with other women for every scrap of attention, time, affection, even food for her own kids. It’s a miserable existence. Thats the most common result, and its made illegal to protect people from getting into such legally binding situations because they have an extremely high divorce rate and will cost people a lot of money and often the pre-existing relationship between the first woman and her husband

          • FiveOD

            Let’s clear something up here bucko, freedom of speech is the freedom to make political speech without fear of repercussions from the government. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to say stupid things on the Internet and not get called an idiot.

          • shinen

            Actually freedom of speech is the right to say whatever you want whenever you want however you want wherever you want. It does not only pertained to politics nor should it be, a belief to that effect is highly limiting and dangerous. Besides that I’m pretty sure this is an international forum ungoverned by any single nation’s laws, so it’s hard to say he can’t b as free as he wishes

          • http://fakepolystyreneman.tumblr.com/ Jason

            Actually you’re wrong. Freedom of speech is an amendment. Amendments only protect people from persecution from their governments. For example. I can say I don’t like Democracy and not get hanged for it. Freedom of speech does not prevent people from facing consequences for their actions. For example if I say something like to use a historical reference point: I hate all jews all jews should be killed (please don’t mistake this I would never actually think this or say this) I can absolutely be charged with hate speech and libel (especially if directed towards a specific company or person) and thus my freedom to express this opinion is not truly free. Thus, i am accountable for my words. We are all accountable for our words. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.

          • daniel buck

            Yes! Thank you, Jason. I’m so glad when people are able to make salient, intelligent points.

          • zarfy tezz

            Not quite, but close. Hate speech is free speech, at least in America. For better or for worse, it is perfectly legal to verbalize hateful thoughts such as “blacks are worse than whites” and “jews deserve to die”

            “libel” only pertains to uttering falsehoods about people to defame them. If it’s your opinion that “all jews deserve to die,” no one can say that’s a lie!

            There is, however, a big difference between saying “jews deserve to die” (a bigoted, but protected, form of speech) and “we should all go kill jews” (this is inciting violence and COULD be criminally charged). A subtle difference, but a big one!

            Of course, none of this protects anyone from social consequences from their actions. Being called an idiot on the internet is one such social consequence.

            (P.S. Don’t want a poly relationship? Don’t have one. Don’t want your relationship judged by random guys on the internet? Don’t do it to others. :) )

          • Keli Woods

            Freedom of Speech means that he can say what he wants about polygamy, and he presented a VERY good and well spoken argument against it, so why are we still talking about this when the main topic of this thread is HARRY POTTER, not polygamy.. lay off guys.

          • Gwen

            Freedom of speech is freedom of speech so long as it isn’t demoralizing nor offensive to individual groups – racism for example, or bullying or marginalising. Criticism is for criticisms sake and is down to your own values, experiences and insecurities as a person entirely.

            To say that that belief is highly limiting and dangerous is highly limitiing to yourself and dangerous to others.

            Perhaps, somewhere in the world, there are instances whereby people live in polyamorous or polygamous (as is legal in many INTERNATIONAL laws – to draw upon your comment about international forums and lack of governance or legislation) VERY happily. In some instances, imagine, perhaps, that (shock and horror) the wife (for example), husband and second wife all love one another equally. They have an accord. Who the hell is anyone else to cast aspersions or judge that? It may not work for all people – god knows that monogamy, at first at least, doesn’t agree with all. So many husbands/wives stray, and so many marriages end in divorce!!!

            It’s not like we live in a society whereby once you’re married, that’s it. No one cheats. No one divorces.

            Jesus. Open your mind a little. For the sake of yourself – because I can guarantee you, your judgements on polygamist or polyamourism, does not affect those whom live that lifestyle one iota, and only serve to make you judgmental and irate at the concept, or other’s condoning of the idea.

            To each his own. Let others live as it makes them happy, and live your own as makes you happy. If you disagree, you will build a life with those around you whom share your values and don’t impose upon your idea of ‘right and wrong’ relationships.

            (This is coming from someone who has been in a monogamous relationship for 17 years and who has no interest in another partner, whatsoever.)

          • D.J. DelliPaoli

            The Constitution protects what you don’t like not what you like. People are free to be douchebags whether you like it or not. People don’t have to be nice. People don’t have to worry about whether a person might cry if they say a certain thing. If anybody reading this can’t handle a difference of opinion, constructive criticism, or someone being a douchebag then may I recommend that you seek professional help to deal with your lack of thick skin & insecurities.

          • Rick

            Actually Freedom of Speech is the right to say stupid things on the internet and maybe get called an idiot for their opinions. Just ask the ACLU. They have been defending people’s right to be an idiot for years now.

          • D.J. DelliPaoli

            You be wrong. Freedom of speech is simply that, freedom of speech. The freedom to say whatever one likes. You clearly can’t handle difference of opinion. People are free to say whatever they want, where ever they want regardless of social consequences. People like you need to grow some thick skin. Freedom of speech is what holds the very fabric of freedom the free world enjoys. If people like you can’t handle constructive criticism & a difference of opinion then disassociate yourself from the rest of the world. What you typed there is communist.

          • Matthew Messerly

            Not quite. Freedom of speech is only applicable if the Congress is the censoring party. Say something Hypable doesn’t like they can delete it or ban you. Say something your employer doesn’t like they can suspend or fire you. It is not a universal right

          • D.J. DelliPaoli

            I am sure hypable didn’t like my opinion but it’s still there. An employer can’t fire you over something you say. Unfortunately you are wrong my commie friend.

          • Matthew Messerly

            No, actually I’m not. The First Amendment clearly lists the censoring party as CONGRESS. Try actually reading the Constitution first. That Hypable hasn’t banned you is proof of nothing.

          • Keli Woods

            very well said. :)

          • AGDoren

            there are lots of ways to be in a polyamorous relationship and yes because of the misogynistic nature of our society polygamy can make a problem for women. However Ron/Harry/Hermonie would shift the power balance toward Hermonie.

            the guy in your example is an a-hole who doesn’t deserve to be married to anyone. but not every polyamorous relationship would automatically be one a-hole married to multiple women.

          • Lesley E.

            Great point. Also, not to mention the whole “Mom-Aunt” and “Father-Uncle” thing.That is just confusing. Try putting yourself in the shoes of the children. Your mom and aunts are all married to your father. So, your father is also your uncle because your cousins are also your brothers and sisters…

          • Guckan

            its only potentially confusing, if the adults in the relationship are honest with the family and the kids understand what a polygamous relationship is all about, there is no reason for confusion….

          • Lesley E.

            Missing the point. Your father and uncle would be one and the same. Your cousins would also be your siblings. I am all for new-age thinking, I myself am a pagan, but this is too much. Since when is polygamy socially acceptable, let alone legal? It isn’t. Polygamy is wrong, period. And I think you as well are confusing polygamy with polyamory. Polygamy is illegal, one person being married to more than one spouse. Polyamory is not illegal, it is an open relationship, like say Daddy and Mommy are married only to each other but they have open relationships where Daddy has a gf/bf as well who they are not married to and Mommy has her bf/gf on the side and all involved are okay with the parents being married and having their own side relationships with people that are not involved with raising the kids and are in no way related to each other, like say daddy’s gf is also the aunt of his children and the aunt’s children are also his kids. Which is wrong by the way.

          • Guckan

            I’m most definitely not missing the point Lesley, I perfectly well
            understand what you are saying, which is why I didn’t say it is not
            confusing I simply said its only confusing if its not a hushed
            arrangement. Kids will always understand what they know, when one lives
            and is raised in that environment there is no reason why its should be
            confusing. Its only confusing to us because its a foreign concept, we
            aren’t accustomed to the idea or the family structure.. Also, I take
            extreme exception to anyone stating that this sort of arrangement is
            wrong. Who are you, or any of us for that matter, to judge? You have
            your ideals and you live by those, such ideals and your way of life may
            be considered wrong by people who live a different lifestyle with a
            different relationship dynamic and as Polygamy is also a
            lifestyle/relationship dynamic that is part of certain religions groups
            social and belief system it cannot be labelled as wrong. You can have
            your opinion, you can say its the wrong sort of lifestyle for you, but
            you cannot say its wrong period. You haven’t the right to dictate how
            people conduct themselves within the confines of their religions,
            traditions and structured societies. Personally I don’t believe its the
            right sort of lifestyle either but that’s only my opinion, so like I
            said before, each to their own.

            Another point to consider:

            man marries a Woman and has Kids. Some years later the mans wife passes
            away. In the process of mourning and the sharing of comfort with
            family, he and his late wife’s sister develop a deep bond that in time
            blossoms into genuine love. They enter a committed relationship and have
            The relationship that arises is exactly the same : the gf (or wife, if they marry), is
            also the aunt of his children and the aunt’s children are also his kids.
            Is that wrong?
            The difference here is Polygamy vs Monogamy and that’s
            what people are focusing on, so I will say again, just because a
            lifestyle or religion differs from yours doesn’t make it wrong. It just
            makes it different. Crying foul and condemnation of different religious,
            moral, traditional and social structures is a typical position taken by
            so-called Christians who advocate tolerance, acceptance and respect but
            clearly have serious difficulty putting that into practice. A true
            Christian would not judge, lest he/she be judged…..

            For your enlightenment however, I too am Pagan and have been for 30 odd years and it surprises me that as a Pagan you dont seem to know that traditionally, whilst hand-pairing is the bonding of a couple into a committed relationship, its also not uncommon and deemed perfectly acceptable for intimate relationships to exist outside of that paired bonding. Not a hell of a difference there ….

          • Lesley E.

            I am not dictating anything except, in the eyes of the LAW it IS wrong, and as per the law, it is wrong, period. As pagan, I DO know of hand-fasting, and I know of those that have relationships outside of their hand-fasting, polyamorous relationships, i.e. Janet Farrar she was in a polyfidelitous relatioship with Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone. I am saying Polygamy is wrong, as per the law (Polygamy (polygyny and polyandry), in which one person marries several spouses (who may or may not be married to, or have romantic relationships with, one another).) And when something is wrong per the law, the law says it is wrong period, and thus illegal. And yes you have your opinion, I have my opinion and since everyone took their turn to state their view of such a matter, I took my turn to state mine. It is my right to state my opinion. And since this is a page about Harry Potter, how about we drop this ridiculously long and off-topic argument and go back to the fantasy world J.K. Rowling spun for us so long ago that we all love and that is the reason we are even on this page.

          • lollygagger111

            Wow, if I had to listen to anymore more of your opinions I think I’d have to set myself on fire because I would be to annoyed to go on. It took a lot out of me to read your post. As pagan? hahahahahahaha. You must think pretty highly of yourself for that one. As pagan, blah blah blah blah blah.

          • Guckan

            Well said! couldnt agree more…. besides, marriage is an ideology that was introduced by the Church, its a religious communion that has been adopted into society because its what has been deemed socially acceptable. I say Fuck public opinion, a commitment between people, whether two or more people are involved in such a commitment, doesnt need to be governed, defined or consecrated by “marriage”, all that is important is that those involved choose to be involved. The rest of the world need to mind their own damned business!

          • Keli Woods

            commitment and loyalty are GREAT as virtues, and marriage involves commitment. It also involves preparation, and spiritual and emotional reconciliation after fighting, it requires people to fight for love, not just give up and break up because of a few disagreements. Just because you disagree sometimes and fight a few times deosn’t mean there isn’t love there, in fact, a close friend and I fight sometimes, my parents do as well with me, but it’s because they want the best for me, and for me to grow into someone worth knowing. and honestly, divorce makes it too easy to give up instead of fighting for love.

          • Guckan

            I dont disagree, Im simply pointing out that neither I, You or anyone else has the right to impose our morality, beliefs or opinions on other people. You are talking about what marriage involves but what you fail to realize is that any serious relationship involves exactly the same things. The fact that some people choose to not be married or to be involved in “non-traditional” relationships doesnt make them immoral, nor does it make the relationship and the bonds within that relationship any weaker or of lesser value than those who choose monogomy and marriage. As I said before, marriage is a religious communion that was introduced by the Church. If one is not religious why would they feel the need to follow religious communion? Again, I beleive each to their own. If you believe in marriage, get married. If you dont and your relationship works for you and your partner (or partners), who are the rest of us to say its wrong? Just because its different doesnt make it wrong. It may be unacceptable to many of us but thats the nature of diversity and the same tolerance, acceptance and respect that we expect from others should be afforded to those who differ from us.

          • Keli Woods

            I never said people involved in non-traditional relationships were immoral, in fact, I don’t believe they are immoral, but my point was that marriage is more likely to be lasting, and many don’t understand how much it helps a couple to be married, it takes financial stress away, and it actually is healthy to raise children in a marriage, because of the stable home it provides. Can unmarried people adopt kids, of course! They could have kids, but I’m saying that marriage is the ideal relationship. I’m not saying that the rest is bad, I’m saying that marriage is more beneficial. Other committed relationships can also be beneficial and great people too, but marriage is still the ideal one.

          • Keli Woods

            and honestly, not all marriages are religious communions.. My parents aren’t religious, but they’re married.

          • Keli Woods

            and if a committed partner leaves the relationship, most of the time, people aren’t as supportive. A divorcee still gets some emotional support from family and friends, and will probably get government benefits, and split everything, where a committed partner may not have the recourse of getting their stuff back, or custody of kids.

          • Jo

            Just to be correct..marriage is NOT introduced by church. it’s a misconception that people seem to fall for. Marriage existed since the beginning of civilized societies(not connecting the two I just mean after cave times). Ancient civilazations had rituals of marriage Ancient Greeks did, Egyptians did, Phoenecians did and so did Persians. Also the concept of commitement to one person has always been present. If you reasearch it most societies had monogamous relationships and even banned polygammy. There’s a reason for that. But humanity evolves and so do ideas and concepts. If more than two people can be in a relationship without harming anyone or any of them and genuianly love each other why should it be wrong? Anyway I don’t really care about any of it I just wanted to make the correction to you about the church thing. thanks

          • Lesley E.

            Personally, I could not do the polygamy thing. I am a jealous person and I admit it.

          • Guckan

            LOL … Hats off to you hunny, I hope yr partner appreciates your commitment. :)

          • Lynda Cordova

            polygamy is one person being married to more than one person at the same time — probably more than two people if you want to be technically correct. If you don’t marry more than one person than you are not a polygamist, just someone who carries on intimate relationships, with more than one person at the same time. Polygamy is illegal in the U.S. Having multiple boy or girlfriends however, is not. Some people like staying out of prison.

          • Guckan

            Such small mindedness…. what makes monogomy or polygamy right or wrong? Each to their own, we are all born into this world with one common right – free will. If Polygamy is what appeals to you and you have willing participants, who has the right to say you and they are wrong? Likewise, who are polygamists to say monogomy is wrong? Live and let live people, as with anything else, whether its tradition, religion, sexual preference or anything else, tolerance and respect should always be observed. After all, we have one life to live and whether minorities or majorities agree with our choices or not, we should all live our lives the way that fulfills us the most.

            As for the Harry/Ron/Hermione/Jinny debate – its fiction people, get over it!

          • sass

            No, because it is disrespectful to everyone involved in the relationship. If you can’t commit then don’t marry anyone.

          • Nani Lawrence Weasley

            Polygamous marriage has never been legal, as marriage is very much a legal contract…. Someone’s relationship is none of your damn business. Get off your high horse.

          • shinen

            actually there are a number of denominations in religions dedicated to the monotheistic God that branched out from Judaism that allow or practice polygamy, as well as a number of mentions in the earlier mentions in the bible itself of polygamy. The hate on polygamy has nothing to do with religion it’s purely society based. Besides this isn’t a discussion forum for that topic. I personally agree with the decision that Rowling ultimately decided upon when she published the books, as far as the pairings are concerned, mostly for the reasons already discussed in that decision’s defense on this forum.

          • dannboy

            your opinion on polygamy is irrelevant.

          • Daniel

            really? Why is that? Just cause you felt like saying that or cause you feel that I’m intruding on another person’s opinion? Wait, doesnt that make you a hypocrite then cause you’re intruding on my opinion? So noone’s opinion on another person’s opinion is relevant according to that, so then why the hell is he voicing his opinion on polygamy in Harry Potter?

          • noneofyour

            Everyone seems to be forgetting that this is a kids/young adult series , even though many ages have read it lol

          • Sharquisha

            Actually no, anybody who thinks polygamy is right has an irrelevant opinion because it’s against the law so it doesn’t matter anyways.

          • danny

            right……polygamy is irrelevant because it is against the law, therefor not worth discussing? So is gay marriage in most states so we should probably stop discussing it in those states….

          • Phantom

            I was fairly young when the last book came out, but looking back, Hermione and Draco would’ve made more sense. There were signs from the beginning. Him calling her “mudblood,” and her punching him; I feel like it was all kind of facade. Her friends hated him, and his friends and family considered her filth. And then at Malfoy Manor, Draco never confirms that it is her. Though Draco is definitely no killer, I don’t think he would’ve had many qualms about turning in Ron. But their was something that kept him from turning in Hermione. He had an obvious reason for wanting Harry to live. With Dumbledore gone, Harry was the only one who could kill Voldemort and free his family and him.

          • Lynda Cordova

            Yeah. I’ve never been one to think that the one that calls me really horrid names likes me, nor did I ever punch my future husband.

          • Johnny Beyoncé

            There’s definitely evidence for Draco having a crush on Hermione… but do you think SHE would have been happy with him? I know I wouldn’t want to be with someone who had called me a slur, tormented me and my friends, and eventually joined a hate group dedicated to killing me and my kind… even if he did redeem himself narrative-wise, that doesn’t suddenly make him a viable romantic partner. I feel like this pairing completely ignores Hermione’s feelings on the matter and instead focuses on Draco’s alone.

          • jq

            I agree. Rather like Lily never could have ended up with Snape after he called her mudblood.

          • Caitlin

            Fact check: Cody Brown challenged this in Utah, and while it is still illegal to marry more than one person, it is no longer illegal to co-habitate as one polygamist family. And really, if they aren’t married federally, they aren’t recieving any tax benifits, so what is it to you if consenting adults want to enter into a polygamist relationship?

          • Diaconos

            I agree it is against the Law. It is against the law because the laws that we have are based upon the Law of God, now, some people may think that God is irrelevant,but they will be sorry in the end.

          • Chris Kelly

            Actually, most Western countries evolved laws from Roman Law, which was created before Rome was Christianised. So our law is not based upon the Law of God, but may well be based upon the Law of the Gods.

          • Bryan ĸ McDonald

            Sorry, No, Chris. The law as Western Civilization understands it now arose after the Magna Carta,

          • Guckan

            or maybe you have just been duped by the church like so many others ….

            There is a reason why the bible refers to Jesus as the shepherd and his followers as sheep. Sheep follow blindly, even to their own detriment. Why would you live your life on someone elses terms? I can only hope that its not you who is sorry in the end, you will only know what awaits you after death when its too late – for your sake I hope there IS a Heaven and a Hell and that you end up where you want to be. Personally, whilst I do believe that there is some or other form of life after death I dont subscribe to the heaven and hell thing, I believe that the idea of heaven and hell is nothing more than a fear tactic that the Church uses to control the masses … and it works, because we have no way of knowing what awaits us when we die and nobody likes the idea of their “eternal soul burning in the Fires of Hell”, so many, if not most, of us comply and behave the way the Church wants us to. This behaviour includes “being a good Christian and going to Church”, Throwing your hard earned money into a collection plate, tithing your 10% each month ….

            Have you ever asked yourself why the biggest single entity of land and property ownership worldwide needs your money?
            I for one would love to know the answer to that ….

            By all means live by your values, morals and religious beliefs but for your own sake stop being a sheep and learn to think for yourself.

            All of this aside, consider just one thing :

            God said : “Go forth and Multiply”, NOT “Go forth and get married”

          • FiveOD

            Are you seriously arguing that the law is infallible? You know that interracial marriage used to be illegal too, right?

          • Dregonskreper

            Slavery used to be legal so please don’t bring up the law as a defense for things of morality.

          • Guckan

            The law is based upon Christian values, (which, by the way, is why when we go into court we are asked to swear upon the Bible), so if a person is not Christian the laws of a Christian society dont necessarily hold any value and depending upon personal and religious beliefs, traditions and values, the law cannot always be imposed. Therefore, Polygamy is only illegal if you observe the values and beliefs behind the laws that proclaim it to be illegal and no legal system in the world can impose laws upon anyone if those laws contradict ones religion. (unless the charge is murder, rape or similar). Test the theory, next time you are in court, refuse to swear on the Bible. What can the Courts do about it? Jack Shit! They have to accept that if you dont believe in God or the Bible, they cannot force you to take or make vow in the name of either and by virtue of those very laws, the courts are bound to respect your religion. If Polygamy forms part of your religious beliefs, its not a Crime.

          • jaq

            “no legal system in the world can impose laws upon anyone if those laws contradict ones religion.”
            Try telling that to North Korea. They’ve been imposing their laws on Bhuddists, Christians, and others for decades.

          • zarfy tezz

            Whether or not it’s right or wrong, I’m sure you don’t mean that. If you’re arguing that “the law says xxx, case settled,” that means you disagree with MLK’s civil disobedience.

            It’s also like saying “gay marriage is illegal, so it doesn’t matter if being gay is right or wrong.” It’s kind of..well, stupid.

            Just cause three people can’t get married doesn’t mean we can’t have an intelligent discussion as to the MORAL bearings of polyamory. It’s not illegal to be in a poly relationship with no marriage, and it’s also not illegal to include one in a book…

          • Guckan

            as is your opinion about everyone elses opinions …..

          • Ian Moone

            How so? It’s between consenting adults who aren’t hurting anyone.

          • Nice

            yet threesomes are pretty much accepted by society… cool.

          • jamie

            you don’t need to push your sexual degeneracy on the whole world, you tumblr-tier profligate

          • Kaitlyn

            But why not, if you’re allowed to push your ignorance on the whole world, you narrow minded bigot?

          • Sharquisha

            It’s because polygamy is gross and degrading.

          • kIsS tHe PaNdA

            These ideas were ahead of its publication time and would probably not have been well received by parents

          • ElderPoptarts

            Also being paired with the idea of “witchcraft.”

          • Nate

            Or normal people…

          • zid

            Define ‘normal’

          • Marcus Gray

            A washer and dryer setting.

          • MichelleP


          • Arletta Sloan

            As opposed to the witchcraft and open rebellion against parental authority? Hmm ..

            Every witch I have ever known – and, unfortunately, I have known many – has been bisexual and most of them have been polygamists, or wanted to be. It was hard to keep them from whipping off their clothes or breaking out into an orgy at the drop of a hat. They also had very little age discretion.

            I am not accusing them of molesting children, by the way, before someone goes crazy. I’m talking about 50- 70 year old women doing 18 – 22 year old boys sort of lack of age discretion.

            If parents don’t want their kids involved in that sort of loose-moral, non-Christian values, lifestyle, they shouldn’t be allowing their children to read books about witches and vampires in the first place. Duh!
            I didn’t watch or read much of Harry Potter, but, it was enough to be sure that Harry Potter and Ron were in love and that the chick that was hanging out with them was their secondary love who was mostly needed for the sake of bearing the children in the relationship. Otherwise, why were the boys always giving each other those weird looks?

          • dudebuddypal

            We don’t care about your anecdotes. I’ve known some rather nice and morally boring wiccans. Quit being religiously bigoted.

          • Sylv Taylor

            Most witches I’ve known aren’t like that, and neither am I.

          • Ben

            I bet you do weigh the same as a duck and float on water, though. ;p

          • Sylv Taylor

            Just don’t mention the newts, and we’re cool.

          • zid

            You are so full of it lol

          • Maisy

            Are you serious?? I dont know anyone my age who wasnt read harry potter books BY their parents, my parents encouraged me to read them. It never affected my attitude towards authority, if anything it made me all the more grateful that i have parents that i do! Maybe you should be questioning your own crazy christian bible bashing parental skills BEFORE questioning everyone else. PS, so what if Ron and Harry were gay? Are you homophobic now? PPS, im sorry did you write the books? Didn’t think so.

          • Debra

            Please go educate yourself before making such asinine comments.
            1. A religion does not make anybody bi or interested in polyamory (Wiccan here who has been happily married to the same man, who was my high school sweetheart, for 5 years).
            2. 18 – 22 aren’t little boys, old enough to enlist = no problems (bet you wouldn’t be saying that if it was the men who were older)
            3. “Christians” aren’t the only one with morals, have you ever actually interacted with people who truly ascribe to another faith? Ever? If you raise your child to have morals it won’t matter what they read or watch, they’ll stick to those morals.
            4. If you didn’t read the book you have no room to comment. Also, there is a difference between loving somebody, being in love with them, and being sexually attracted to them. They do not all go hand in hand 100% of the time, just so you know.

          • Marcus Gray

            Wow, that was so…pathetic, it was almost not worth the time for me to comment, but as apparent as it has become that you’ve obviously related being a ‘witch’ to a ‘cougar’, it goes to show exactly what little you know about the world around you.

            First off, most ‘witches’, or ‘wiccans’, will NOT drop their clothes at the ‘drop of a hat’. That’s just you that will do that. Nor do they have ‘no regard for age’, as I hate to tell you, this ‘orgy’ that you fantasize about, is almost non-existent (it happens, true, but not to the extent YOU apparently think it does).

            No, you are accusing them of molestation, you know, like Priests and altar boys, but we won’t get into that, now will we?

            If parents don’t want their children to be involved in being children, they can send them to the Vatican or some other country that disallows such things, or better yet, actually keep an eye on their kids, because you know, having a kid actually be themselves is just SOOO difficult, right?!

            Don’t go spouting about morals and ethics and “Christian” values based on a book that YOU YOURSELF can’t even abide by 100% without cherry-picking.

            Are you done now? You are? Okay.

          • Sinthia

            “50- 70 year old women doing 18 – 22 year old boys sort of lack of age discretion.”

            This gives me much to think about.

          • Jazz Gibbs

            Excuse me? What did you say about witches being all bisexual and polygamist’s- or wanting to be. I myself am pagan AKA a witch and therefore I know many others there is a festival every year where we all get together and WE DO NOT HAVE ORGY’S AND ARE NOT ALL BISEXUAL! That is one hell of a stereotype and we do not all fit it. Yes some of us are in fact Bi but then so are some christian’s that I know and even one or two catholic’s I know. You are the biggest idiot I have ever had the displeasure of reading a comment from. This is called homophobia and ignorance as well as many other things. NO HARRY AN RON WERE NOT IN LOVE THEY ARE FUCKING CHILDREN, THEY WERE BEST FRIENDS AND LIKE BROTHERS, SO THE “WEIRD LOOKS” YOU DESCRIBE ARE NOT WHATEVER PERVERTED FUCKED UP THING YOU THINK. I AM A PAGAN IN A STEADY RELATIONSHIP WITH ONE GUY AND WE ARE VERY HAPPY TOGETHER AND I DO NOT WANT MORE THEN JUST HIM. So I would thank you and your UP TIGHT MORALS AND CHRISTIAN VALUES, to keep your trap shut until you actually know more about what your trying to talk about.

          • Ben

            No orgies? Damn, so much for that plan… ;p

          • Jazz Gibbs

            Lol :) No, No orgies.

          • Keli Woods

            there is no need to yell.

          • Jazz Gibbs

            Sorry but I was rather annoyed, due to the fact that this chick was being religiously bigoted and, rather unfair to us Pagans.

          • Keli Woods

            I’m Christian too, but I try not to be bigoted. And, I try to speak honestly in any discussion, I’m always up front about my own beliefs and ideas. I just try to be civil.

          • Hannah Stern

            HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. This is the very best comment. It’s like ALL the stupid, condensed into one, single brain cell.

            So, ALL pagans encourage people to express themselves, and not be constrained by society’s ideas of age-appropriate (as long as they’re consenting adults), and body-image. Hmm, yes, I can see why you would object.

            After all, wasn’t Jesus ALL about judging people based on their age, income, and other superficial factors? DO TELL!

          • Keli Woods

            Jesus never judged people.

          • Hannah Stern

            ….was sorta the point I was trying to make. Although, to be fair, that’s somewhat debatable when a dude rolls into a room and starts flipping tables, and yelling at Romans.

          • Bricoleuse

            LOL. This witch has been monogamously and happily married for 20+ years. I don’t even like to get naked in dressing rooms. Unfortunately, I have known many Christians, and many of them commit adultery, or want to, or violate the other ten commandments.

          • Jessica

            You seriously need to actually read and watch something before you go and shoot your mouth off about it. You are obviously an ignorant, up tight, and rude person to have that kind of opinion about something you know NOTHING about.I also have to ask… you have a woman’s name but a mans face. What the fuck?

          • Paige

            Seriously? This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve EVER heard…..

          • A/N

            I pity your narrow mind.

          • Lynsey

            AMEN. (No pun intended) You believe a story that a virgin gave birth, and a man changed water to wine also he rose from the dead. Your bitching about a story that’s about magic. Think first before you think your intelligent.. or be laughed at. Either way your narrow mindedess is pathetic.

          • Mimi

            Lol you’re hilarious. You cannot have an opinion on something you know nothing about. You said it yourself “I didn’t watch or read much of Harry Potter…” that was enough to ruin any credibility you might have had. That just makes you look ignorant. Please stop.

          • Sciatach

            WOW! What can this witch say about that ridiculous lot of uninformed claptrap Arletta? I almost spat out my coffee at the sheer nonsense you just spouted there. Now I am rolling on the floor laughing in amazement that anyone could make such sweeping statements about a belief system they quite obviously know nothing at all about. And as for Harry and Ron? I always saw Ron as the brother Harry never had, not a potential lover.

          • Zoe Mills

            Here we go another “christian” who hasn’t read the “judge none” part of the bible. Your hate and bigotry have nothing to do with real Christianity. Get a clue.

          • A Good Witch

            I’m a witch, I’m NOT bisexual, and neither am I a polygamist. I am in my mid-40s and my husband of 10 years is in his mid-50s. Having sex with 18-22 year old boys? Yuck! I have children older than that. And just because my values are non-christian, they are not loose.

          • mahopinion

            I call bull on your “every witch I have ever known…has been bisexual…” statement. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you’ve probably never met any real witches.

          • Guest


          • Brandon Moreau

            “I didn’t watch or read much of Harry Potter”

            Now I don’t mean to offend when I say this but the Harry Potter series while seemingly written primarily for children at first, had rich detail and literary value, gathering together various myths and fables and merging them into a whole work.
            You basically lost your write to debate when you said you did not read much of the books. Affirming ignorance on a topic clearly disqualifies you from taking a serious part in any further argumentation.

          • twelfthnight

            I loved this series a hundred times more than I did originally when I re-read it start-to-finish as an adult. It really offers something new every time you read it.

          • Brandon Moreau

            And also as a christian yourself you should know that it is not our place to judge our brothers and our sisters, Jesus Christ gave us an additional commandant “to love one another”. “let he who is free of sin cast the first stone”

          • Camille Chaustre McNally

            Yeah… straight men can’t have close relationships. Not allowed. They’re only emotionally capable of sitting around drinking beer and grunting.

          • RickyWW

            This is absurd. I doubt the legitimacy of your claims about knowing many witches and I think you are just imagining things that mesh with your preconceived / Christian filtered view of the world.

          • Amber Tenoever

            Lady, you are ignorant.

          • Amanda

            I think we have a case of the analysis revealing much more about the person doing the anayzing than the thing actually being analyzed here. I would have never picked up on such strange interpretations of Ron/Harry/Hermione’s friendship. You on the other hand…your mind definitely works differently than my own.

          • Crystal Kelly Yzaguirre

            wow. just wow. for starters, 18-22 years old is a man. an adult. using the word “boys” is purely to be inflammatory. and second of all, harry and ron were best friends. Ron was in love with hermione since like day one and harry only ever saw her as a sister. BY your own admission you havent read the books, so who are you to judge? And just for the record, fans of the harry potter books and movies tend to be more politically tolerant and active, more open to diversity, less authoritarian and less likely to support the use of deadly force and torture. But thats probably just because of their loose moral standards they learned from the evil witch books, right?

          • Michael Adams

            I am a Witch, been one for over 30 years, and your descriptions are totally lacking any basis in fact according to my personal knowledge of THOUSANDS of Wiccans. Stop using Wiccans as a scapegoat for you bigotry. BTW, Totally straight here, just gay friendly

          • Sam

            what in the hell…

          • Alyse

            Or by this reader. That would very much be a targeted audience. I don’t care about it enough to read it – and I don’t mean that in a rude way, it just wouldn’t hold my interest.

          • Donna Macy

            Now don’t you really feel sort of ridiculous bringing up that kind of a topic in books for tweens etc? Jeez, nothing against those relationships IRL but they times had not changed enough to make that any kind of a focus. Not sure they have changed enough yet. Doing a major eye-rolling thing here.

          • Cheryl J. Brock

            Yeah, in a book series for children? I rather think not.

          • P In NY

            It was marketed as such and reported on as such by those who never read more than the synopsis. I think that whole argument is rather specious anyway, considering that a work of art stands independently of whom it is “intended” for. If it has themes in it that lean towards adulthood then perhaps it is really intended for those leaning towards adulthood.

            I read the books as they came out as did my Dad, Step-mom, and Step-sister and we are all way past adulthood. I think the audience is far wider than initially imagined however that doesn’t change the fact that it appeals to the larger audience because it isn’t just about children or for children. In the same sense that “The Hobbit” was intended originally as a children’s story but ends up with some very adult themes (violence, racism, war, greed, envy, death, betrayal, etc.)

            Now personally I would be careful not to introduce a child to either series if I felt the works would interfere with their growth (I don’t but I understand parents feeling that way.) After all the job of parenting falls squarely on the parent’s shoulder and no one else. Neither by right, nor by privilege.

          • Rick

            Yet all the movies were not rated G. Go figure a children’s book made into a movie and not rated G.

          • Lady_Hiroko

            I don’t think you realized when HP1 first came out…….It would NOT have flown very well. It was already battered because of the religious extremist (the idea of witchcraft). It was already accused of being a Satanic book. I grew up with HP. It always came out on my birthday (July 15). While I’m glad Harry got Ginny, I also felt that she took something truly unique and made it terribly cliched to please fans. She might claim that it was the “original idea”. But I don’t think so. She just appealed to the masses. Though I do enjoy books 1-3 still and after all these years, I never completely forgiven her for killing Sirius especially shortly after his introduction. As well as Lupus, war or not. I felt she was just grasping at straws and rushed just to end it. Just my 2 cents.

          • iujhhhjg

            lupus is a disease

          • Lady_Hiroko

            Whatever. I haven’t read it in years. I meant Lupin. Sue me. And I changed it. Happy?

          • orion58

            You SAID Lupin.

          • Me

            None of the Harry Potter books were released on July 15th. PS was released on June 26th, CoS on July 2nd, PoA on July 8th, GoF on July 8th, OotP on June 21st, HBP on July 16th and DH on July 21st.

            She killed Sirius two books after his introduction, in book 5. That’s not a short amount of time.
            Lupus is not a character in any of the Harry Potter books, Lupin is.
            Seven books over 10 years is not a rush job. The book would still have had the same ending if she waited several years to publish it, hence why it was her “original” idea.

          • Lady_Hiroko

            You do know that your counter-argument is weak right? Just because it took 10 yrs doesn’t mean it wasn’t “rushed”. It FELT rushed. And I meant Lupin. I haven’t read it about 5+ yrs so bite me. I also felt that she appealed to the masses instead of going with her “original idea”. As for the actual release dates, the July 15th is when they hit MY stores. Online shopping wasn’t available. Good god…..

            I forgot to mention that he had very little presence in book 4 even though he was killed in book 5, to me, that’s “shortly after introduction”. Especially since she pretty much dedicated the entire book 3 to him.

          • Me

            On-line shopping was available and the dates mentioned are the store release dates not on-line ones. Hermione and Ron were her original, she said so herself so how is she just “appealing to the masses”. And “bite me”. You realise the moment your point dissolved into petty comments you lost any ground you had.

          • Lady_Hiroko

            Online-shipping was NOT available in my area. As for the “appealing to the masses”, I mean the large doses of romanticism. And I have not dissolved into petty arguments. You’re the one who picked my entire comment and I responded in kind. So I have not lost any ground.

          • Lady_Hiroko

            This shit’s done. I’m not feeding to a troll anymore. And this has gotten boring anyway.

          • HT


          • Me

            I’m not buying the release date thing. How did you manage to get a book in a place that doesn’t do on-line shipping the day before it was released on July 16th. The only romance between them is a kiss in the heat of battle. That hardly qualifies as large doses of romanticism. And I’m hardly a troll. I have yet to say one negative thing about you, just that I disagreed with you’re opinion in the same way you disagree with mine. If I’m a troll, they so are you.

          • EJ

            I beg to differ! I’ve been re-reading the series and the little hints that Ron and Hermoine would end up together start in book 2! I HIGHLIGHTED THEM. It was clear early one.

          • Lesley E.

            *shudders* Take notes in a notebook, but don’t mark in the actual books.

          • Lynda Cordova

            Last time I checked, Hermione started noticing Ron in book 1.

          • Jess

            Seriously….I get debating your opinions. But seriously….who the eff cares about the release date of the books? Why do you care to argue that? Step away from your computer, crawl out of your basement and go find a hobby or something, you need to spend some time around some real people, you are most definitely trolling. That way, when you try to correct people over trivial bullshit that adds nothing to to the conversation, you’ll be able to physically see the eye rolls and hear them laugh directly in your face.

          • Rick

            I see by your use of the term “bullshit” that GED you got is not working out for you. You seem to put this whole thing about spending time around real people on the commenter, Me. It sounds like Lady Hiroko lived somehwere without the internet when ther books were published so the release date is a subject of discussion when she says each book was released on her birthday. Do not read between the lines. You might go blind or worse become an idiot. Oops, too late.

          • Amanda

            I may just be an idiot, but I don’t see why it’s important that we know when she got the books exactly. Perhaps she meant around her birth date. Not exactly on it. This is adding nothing to the conversation. Who cares? There are more interesting topics being discussed here.

          • Fred Buehrer

            Jeff! thanks for that. I’m impressed by the energy expended over idiotic minutiae. While it’s pretty funny, theirs is so much akin to the squalling of cats. Is there a ‘sarcastic eyeroll’ symbol on this keyboard??

          • Me Too, Me

            I agree with the Lady.

          • Lynda Cordova

            Online shopping was available in my area. Also pretty much world wide. You were expecting perhaps that Harry would marry Lavender and Ron would wind up with Susan Bones? She was writing books for the masses and for under 16′s so I wouldn’t expect anything too out there. Not if she wants to make money.

          • hplove

            What in the hell is YOUR problem? Seriously, you’re getting into a ridiculous petty argument about a series that we clearly all love and enjoy and you’re biting off Lady’s head for the sake of what. The “satisfaction of being right”? Jerk. Go on some medication or something, jesus.

          • anonymous annika

            Online shopping still didn’t ship the books until their release dates.

          • Anon

            The last four (I think) books were released worldwide at the same time, so how exactly did you manage to get a copy of the book… six days before everybody else? I thought the seventh book – the writing felt a bit… off to me but Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione have basically been set up since the first book.

          • Lesley E.

            I agree with most of what you are saying, but how could the two couples have been set up since the first book? Harry did not meet Ginny until the second book, that was when he met the rest of the Weasley clan, and when Ginny made her appearance.

          • Colin T

            No, Ginny was there with the Weasleys when they boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time. Don’t you remember the part where Ginny says that she wants to go to Hogwarts too, and her mother says she needs to wait until next year?

          • Maria P

            actually he met her in the first book

          • Kkel

            He did meet her in the beginning of the first book, she just wasn’t really given much thought until the second. However, I could be wrong, haven’t actually read the books in a while.

          • Arletta Sloan

            The two couples could have been set up since the first book (from the author’s perspective) because many people who write books don’t “just write”. They think of an idea and then they plot things out, from beginning to end, and stick to the plan and build a story, like building an advertisement, that will appeal and have everything needed. And, then, they write what will fit in with the plan.

            It’s pretty creepy, for the most part, and cuts out a lot of creativity and chance for the characters to grow. But, if it is a true story or based on one,, or is, maybe, something that has a specific purpose (promotion of an ideal, for instance) ) it can be extremely useful.

          • anonymous annika

            …How is that any more “creepy” than a painter doing a sketch before putting oils to canvas?

          • mahopinion

            Until you read the books (and by your own admission you have not) please refrain from commenting. Thanks.

          • Amanda

            When authors don’t plan their books out, it’s usually pretty easy to tell and wrapping things up is very sloppy. If the author isn’t sure who the killer is until the end, why should you be able to figure it out? But if they plan things out, things make sense in the end because the author knew about it from the beginning. Just as in real life, the mystery killer isn’t going to change identity as the story develops “creatively” (read: lazily). The killer is always one person, and the reader may not know, but the writer absolutely must. The best stories are usually the ones where you can go back and read them again, and see all the hints and foreshadowing that went right over your head the first time around.

          • d-dystopia.

            Ginny actually made her first appearance in ‘The Philosophers Stone’ on Platform 9 3/4. She actually got in trouble with Mrs Weasley over something to do with Harry being an orphan. She was also on the Station in the movie and says ‘Goodluck’ to Harry and what’s more that kept the same actor.

          • Gavin Walsh

            Harry meet Ginny in the first book at the TRAIN station

          • anonymous annika

            Ginny was the first witch of his own peer age group that Harry ever saw. That’s how it was set up. JKR wrote the series with a Homeric cycle (so HP1 mirrors HP7, HP2 mirrors HP6, HP3 mirrors HP5, and HP4 is the game-changing center of the series), so in terms of literary structure, Harry must end up with Ginny.

          • TheVeelaGirl

            I agree with you about Sirius’ presence. Harry only realized he was innocent until the end of the 3rd book and he wasn’t very integral in the 4th book. I’m sorry but a few fireplace conversations and the occasional letter wasn’t good enough for me. We saw a bit more of him in the 5th but then just when he and Harry were getting closer, she offs him. Every time I read/listen to the books, I get choked up about that part.

          • David

            you cleary did not read the book. sirius was in it quite a bit. they messed the 4th movie up really bad. the movies are somewhat like the books. but they missed alot…

          • TheVeelaGirl

            You clearly did not understand my comment. I’ve read everyone of those books cover to cover more times than I can count on fingers and toes. I wasn’t referencing the movies. I did say that the amount of involvement he had wasn’t enough for me. I understand now why JK killed him, Harry needed to be alone, with no adult guardians. Had Sirius lived, that would not have been the case. Even knowing all of that, I felt Harry had very little quality time with him.
            You may think he had enough time in the books but I don’t, he is a favorite character of mine and I wanted more.

          • Amber Finn

            What do you mean, ‘she appealed to the masses instead of going for her “original” idea?’
            That’s the opposite of what she said here, actually. She said she DID stick with her original idea, which was Ron and Hermione, and thus that is why she said it was wish fulfillment/contrived for her… She said Ron and Hermione ending up together was because of her “clinging to the plot as she first imagined it.”
            Because as a writer she decided to stay obligated to the way she initially planned the plot, instead of changing it when the characters started gravitating differently… This is a pretty common thing in writing, and I struggle with it myself as a writer, actually. sometimes I feel too attached to the initial idea that I don’t let it grow and evolve on its own into something else… She is saying that she regrets sticking with her “original idea” and that she instead should have had Harry and Hermione together….

            I’m really glad they didn’t end up together, though, personally. Way too overdone.

          • Quills

            Seven books in 10 years is a huge rush for the typical author!

          • Lynda Cordova

            And yet so many put out more than one book a year.. . . .

          • Dumbledore

            And yet so many put out crap literature multiple times per year. The Potter series stands alone in the lit world on many levels.

          • Nyisha

            Actually, she started writing the series in 1990 and the HPSS was published in 1997, the series was completed in 2007, exactly 17 years later, on average she spent about 2.5 years per book. I don’t think she rushed them; they were moderately paced based on her level as an author, now the last 4 movies were rushed.

          • P!

            What’s wrong with book 4? I love books 1-4. All of those had that excellent twist in the end. Had little clues throughout the book and then a big twist. Quirrell having Voldie on his head. Ginny opening the Chamber. Sirius being innocent/Lupin a werewolf. Madeye Moody being an impostor. The last books didn’t really have that kind of thing. Someone just died or we found out more information. Not really any impressive twists.

          • KayaScodelariofan

            Books 5 to 6 have huge twists. If for you people’s death are not twists well, ……………………. to each their own, In book four you talk about moody being the twist but the biggest twist is the come back of voldemort plus cedric’s death. In book five Syrious death and the prophecy, Dumbledore’s death and the mistery of the half blood prince resolved, Harry’s “death” and the deathly hollows. Frankly I don’t know what are you talking about. Just because you don’t like a twist doesn’t mean it’s not there.

          • Noir

            The only part I disagree with in your statement is the part where you say Voldemort coming back as part of a twist… Being that a twist is something you don’t see coming, I would say that doesn’t really count as a twist but more of following up with the plot line for the entire series. I’m pretty sure it was obvious Voldemort would come back and have his final showdown with Harry since the very beginning. Just saying ^_^

          • Amanda

            And don’t forget Snape over the entire series leading up to his eventual demise…

          • Rebecca

            I grew up with Harry Potter as well and I felt like the most special child in the world because it also came out on my birthday. Go July 15. :)

          • Charlotte Dann

            Same! The last film came out on my 18th and I cried and I was in the bath.

          • Keli Woods

            absolutely, and I agree, she rushed the ending and she killed off Sirius AND Lupin… I’d hoped she’d preserve one of the two…

          • Landon

            some one has to die in a war but fred weasley is the one i would save.

          • jaq

            Wasn’t she going to kill Mr. Weasley? If I am remembering that right, then I think she chose the right character to live.

          • Jenny_89

            I always thought Ginny would end up with Neville after the Goblet of Fire movie. I never would have considered the thought that Luna and Neville would get together. I mean they are both ‘out there’ and sort of the odd ones out in the crowd. I am sort of bummed that they picked a nobody for Malfoy’s wife. Can’t wait to see what comes out next.

          • http://www.comeicavoliamerenda.com/ Chiara Francioli

            I would have loved to see Ginny with Neville and Harry with Luna but she was obviously introduced too late for such an ending, while HP is an epic kind of work :)

          • sass

            You mean SHE, because there was only ONE author and SHE is a woman.

          • ‘Chris Beres

            omg i felt the same! also, polyamory not polygamy, polyamory is the multi-relationship, polygamy includes marriage and is currently not legal (at least where I live), but i noticed there is not one single gay or lesbian relationship in the story, regardless of Dumbledore being gay and having had feelings for Grindelwald in the past. I would have liked to see a gay or lesbian couple or two named out at the Yule Ball, you know?

          • Lady_Hiroko

            Actually, I’m kinda happy that there weren’t any gay/lesbians. Nothing against them or anything but they are always being shoved in just to keep the GLBS (or whatever acronym, I really don’t care) happy and not whining. It’s like the issue that we had a long time ago where there weren’t many African-American (AA) dominate shows and they always whined about white-dominate shows not even having one AA. Now there’s a bunch of AA dominate shows without a single white character (except maybe in a background somewhere hidden) and nobody whines about that. Same issue just at a different end of the spectrum.

          • Saberri

            You sound so sad. Not enough white people in shows? Are you serious? lol Is it so bad for people to want some representation for once?

            Also, Headmaster Dumbledore was gay.

          • Voldemort

            Hear hear.

          • jess

            Was he really? How interesting. I don’t know how I didn’t catch that, honestly.

          • KC Wardell

            It wasn’t in the books. JKR told us in an interview

          • Wendy

            Before JKR made this announcement, I suspected it after reading book 7. His relationship with Grindelwald seemed very…couple-like.

          • Voldemort

            Yeah cause it’s not like there’s any white, straight characters on TV…oh wait, there are heaps. Sounds like you’re the one whining.

          • noneofyour

            So so true

          • Laura Mae Schwartz

            AA movies (such as eddie murphy’s comedy line) almost always have a “token white person” or a few. These movies are mostly family focused so of COURSE the main cast will share the same skin tone. About homosexuality- it is very important to express it in media so any developing child that may identify as such can feel more accepted and thus come to accept themselves. it’s not about keeping the community happy, it’s about helping adolescents (and adults) be accepted as a whole.

          • Serpent

            have you thought of the possibility that the authors consider it more realistic if their main characters aren’t all straight while males? that they actually care about equality? of course sometimes it’s done to avoid negative reviews, but many authors actually care.

          • P in NY

            I suspect that is true but just as a potter shapes the clay somewhat by intuition and gut-feeling so do authors shape a story to some degree. Some rationality may creep into the creative process but there is also a good deal of “aha!” sparking and fueling it. So if a character has a sexual preference, that reflects on the authors creative moment more than anything.

            It is probable that publishers/editors will ask an author to write about themes and character traits or avoid themes and character traits because of agendas having nothing to do with a story but the end result must come from the Author’s conscious decisions. (Unless there is underhanded post manuscript editing going on.)

            I am not sure that it matters what the community wants at all if the author is a genuine writer and not merely the instrument of some other person’s agenda.

          • k2

            Dumbledore was gay you fucking idiot.

          • noneofyour


          • ‘Chris Beres

            seriously what? equality ftw

          • Mayumi88

            Hell no. Thank God she didn’t.

          • Morgan

            So much gross in this statemeny

          • cmsmith60

            Really!!! Come on, this is/was a FAMILY movie, not some movie about your type of people. Good grief, we have enough of that subject in adult movies, don’t bring it into FAMILY movies.

          • noneofyour

            Completely agree , everyone is so quick to push their views down everyone’s throats give it a rest already people. This is a kids / young adult series leave it alone already.

          • Kkel

            Excuse me? I’m bi, and I certainly would have appreciated having bisexual, or at least biromantic, characters in media when I was growing up. Why? Because it would have made me realize I wasn’t a freak for liking more than just guys. Representation is important. FAMILY movies need representation, don’t force those of us who need it to wait until we’re already depressed/suicidal from thinking we’re abnormal before showing us that there are more than just the people we see on TV in Pride parades out there.

          • cmsmith60

            GAG…I don’t need or want an answer and don’t need to know about your ‘problem’. Yeah representation is so important, that us normal people have to sit thru a good move gagging because they represent you and the gays and the lesbians. If you have a problem with your ‘lifestyle’ go see a shrink, don’t force it on us and definitely don’t force it on us thru movies, music, etc. Find your own outlet – I’m sure some porno station will supply the movies you demand and want to see so you can be comfortable in your own skin. You have a problem with yourself, not my problem. Grow up, accept yourself and go on with life…don’t feel sorry or push it on others. Your problem is not my problem.

          • Kkel

            Fuck you. Actually, no. I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole. I’m done. I hope if/when you have children, at least one of them is gay, just so you actually have to open your bigoted, selfish eyes and see beyond your own tiny worldview.

          • Person

            Jack Harkness was bisexual

          • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

            Captain Jack Harkness is actually omnisexual.

          • Debora Elizabeth Hill

            Yes, he was…but Dr. Who is universes away from Harry Potter…LOL.

          • Lynda Cordova

            Not really universes away. . .

          • Jo

            Barty Crouch Jr -10th Doctor…if you wanna make the connecton you can. Parting of the ways. (i don’t connect them but if you want to there’s the chance..not so many universes away)

          • Dahlia Kensington

            And that affects the story HOW??????????????????

          • Nay

            you realize this is a childrens book right?

          • Laura Mae Schwartz

            I don’t see how polygamy can be beneficial to all parties involved. the most frustrating aspect is that the famous polygamy is men with multiple wives….never a wife with multiple husbands. there’s no equality. it’s just another way to degrade women as objects and claim them as property.

          • Quills

            Well I’m polyamorous. I’m a woman with more than one male partner. Some female partners too. I certainly don’t feel degraded or like property.
            It all depends on how you do it. Personally I see many people in monogamous relationships treat each other like they’re property.

          • Mr Norrell

            Actually, in some highly remote parts of the world women DO actually have two husbands. It’s called polyandry, though highly uncommon.

          • Johnny Beyoncé

            I don’t think it’s polygamy itself that degrades women… I think it’s that the media focuses on the relationships that degrade women because the media likes to reinforce the view that they are property. In our sexist society the most “socially acceptable” view of polygamy would be one where there is one man dominating many women… which is why the media focuses on those particular relationships. There are plenty of polyamorous relationships where every party involved is equal… and many polyamorous relationships with no men at all, or with fewer men than women!

          • P in NY

            Polyamorous is the word you are seeking. Polygamist means marriage which has almost nothing to do with love.

          • Marshall Waha

            WTF?, I realize that’s your opinion,
            But Who are you to lash out against Gay and Lesbians they are as much of God’s Children as straight couples. Besides Rowling only implied about Dumbledore being gay, in the book at least thats my interpretation of it and besides what if Dumbledore secretly did like women and so what if he was Gay. Show some respect, I am one of those people who do stand up for gay and lesbians just as I do for Animal Rights.

          • missy

            I take it you’ve never read the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series from start to finish. The series has been active (and still churning out new books) for 20 years and she is in a polyamory relationship. So… it wouldn’t have been the first novel, no.

          • lanmanna

            LOL Polygamy is a joke. Isn’t one husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend bad enough?

          • random

            or polyandries

          • really?

            keep in mind that this series was written targeting the 11-17 age bracket… nothing like confusing kids that are having a very hard time with their sexuality to begin with.

          • Liam Pisan

            The first novel? Hardly. Off the top of my head, Issac Asimov’s “The Gods Themselves” comes to mind, but I am sure there are more.

          • D.J. DelliPaoli

            Polygamists are cowards who fear commitment of being with one person. Ron, Hermione, & Harry, for young people, are not cowards and have morals & virtue. The are Gryffindors for God sake. They prove it in every book. A Slytherin perhaps but not a Gryffindor. Maybe Hufflepuff.

          • Jakeofclubs

            You are not the only one to think about her as a bisexual.

          • bobsuruncle

            you are an idiot Wtf?

        • Nevermind

          I too agree. As for the sexual subculture issues, I don’t think there were any characters that were outwardly anything other than heterosexual. Then again, I haven’t read the books and I wasn’t looking for that sort of stuff in the movie.

          • Ryan

            Why a bisexual polygamist relationship? I mean progression is very good but that’s not progress. That is leaping over chasms for little to no good reason. I don’t have anything against polygamy of any orientation but it’s not very likely that you would have that in a world where bigotry ran so rampant and was so easily exploited and taken to an deadly extreme.

          • Observationalist

            You guys talk like you’ve never seen a troll.

          • sass

            For once Umbridge’s “progress for the sake of progress” speech makes sense.

          • Lynda Cordova


          • Guy Farting

            Wow, that escalated quickly.

          • noneofyour

            Sure did

          • Ian Moone

            Well Dumbledore was gay. But I don’t think he ever mentions it because 1) he’s too old for a relationship, and 2) he didn’t want to get into his past with Grindelwald.

          • Lynda Cordova

            Too old for a relationship. . . let me introduce to to my 98 year old friend Jake. He got married to his friend Jo(sephine) aged 95 two weeks ago. . . .Talk about jumping chasms and showing how shallow people can be. . .

          • Guest

            According to the author Dumbledore was gay

          • habshockeygrl

            According to the author Dumbledore was gay but it wasn’t addressed in any large scale way in the stories. Going back and knowing that information you can feel the subtleties but I don’t think it made any difference to the story.

          • Lady_Hiroko

            I highly doubt Dumbledore was gay. As far as you know, she could have said that just to keep the GLBS group happy since they like to rip apart anything that doesn’t include being gay.

          • Saberri

            You really don’t like for people to have anything, do you?


            You’re so full of it.

          • Diaconos

            Amen to your statement.

          • P in NY

            I didn’t get the sense from the writing that his sexual proclivities or preferences were in anyway relevant to us (the readers.) The bit about him being gay was a surprise because there wasn’t any real data in the story to indicate any sort of inclination so the reader was left to imagine for themselves whatever they wanted about that. Imho one of the charms of reading GOOD books is that they do leave room for the imagination.

        • Savannah

          im happy rona dn hermione ended up together, even though i was rooting for hermione and harry… im sure a lot of us were hoping for some flirting or something in Prisoner of Azkaban when harry and hermione were hugging and holding e ach other. but end of the day harry married ginny so he became part of the weasleys and together they became family so it couldnt have eneded better. props to jk for managing that. theres been basically no regrets in the entire series. WHAT A LEGEND. many people hate movies of books but i can clearly happily say that harry potter worked out. props to jk x

        • Leonardo Fábri

          I couldn’t agree more! There’s no clue of romantic feeling between Harry and Hermione throughout the series, so I can’t see how them could end up together!

          • KC Wardell

            I had a feeling that Harry would end up with Ginny and Ron wit Hermoinne. I knew that’s how it would end and I was disappointed when it did. Kind of like “What’s the point of watching ‘Titanic’?

        • Muhammad Qasim Khan

          I completly agree!

        • Sara Chapman

          As the characters were written it’s hard to see them getting together because it was deliberate on JKR’s part to give them more of a sibling vibe. If she’d intended to get them together the relationship would have had an entirely different tone from the beginning. I’m fine with Hermione ending up with Ron but now I think it’s interesting to wonder how much about the series might have been different if she’d decided to go with the other relationship.

        • Cesar Julian Aguirre

          Well of course they seemed like siblings, she wrote it that way.

        • whaddup

          that was because jkr wrote it that way, which now she regrets. imo it would have been more epic if hermoine and ginny ended up together leaving both ron and harry single :P perhaps killing off ron would have been good also

        • Skinny Larry

          Hey in the Original Star Wars Script for what became Empire Strikes Back, Luke is not Darth Vaders son, because Darth Vader is NOT Anakin Skywalker…this is eerily similar in that Luke and Leia were going to end up together, and not Leia and Han. Lukes sister was far away still. And no Luke never lost his hand either…

      • Heather

        You put it perfectly!! This is exactly right, it all came together perfectly.

      • Ella

        I 100% agree with you. JK Rowling did the best thing an author could do for a story, and besides, since there was no love triange, both guys and girls were really attracted to the series.

      • Don’t Tread on Me 8945

        who cares it a stupid book

        • Puddum1299

          I do. it’s not stupid at all, btw if you have a problem with a “stupid book” why post? if you really didn’t care then you would have stayed off of this.

      • Sandy Dias

        I totally agree, Harry and Ginny is perfect, and Hemione and Ron compliment each other. Why worry about that now? It’s nice to have everyone happy and together!!! Awesome ending!!!! Who wants to be alone? You?

        • Leiasummers

          I always felt the Ginny and Harry relationship was forced. I mean Ginny is basically a replica of Harry’s lost mother and an in to the Weasley family. And Harry is basically Ginny’s knight in shining armour from the second book. When Harry’s attraction to Ginny came about, it was so unexpected. I just feel Ginny is a means to an end of Harry’s sad childhood, no mother and no family. I felt quite sad that he ended up with Ginny for both Harry and Ginny. The whole of their relationship, just weirded me out and I felt Ginny was a bit like those mean popular girls. She kept going out with other boys to make Harry jealous. User much?

          Ron and Hermione though I saw from at least the second book. It became quite obvious they’d end up together.

          Hermione and Harry would be too incest-ty for my taste. Hermione is basically Harry’s mother hen, always taking care of him and everything. She doesn’t do that much to Ron.

      • noneofyour

        Great point and I too liked Harry with Ginny and it was also nice that Ron finally lucked out after all the hell he had to go through.

      • Billy’s Kingdom

        Always found it a little creepy that Harry got with his best friends little sister, but it’s true that now he has a real family.

      • Dane Miller

        I disagree harry shoulda ended up with ron >.<

        • Puddum1299


      • Mary

        yes yes yes yes yes yes perfect.

      • stooferly


      • Sandy Murrow

        I agree with you!

      • ♫ Khurram Siddiqui

        I didn’t think of that! Clever.

      • Onalie

        I agree about Ron and Hermione but I never liked Ginny! haha

      • Dahlia Kensington

        I SO agree with you!

      • Stupid

        You know Harry hitting Ron’s wife on the sly though.

      • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

        Although I am slightly disappointed with JK Rowling’s regret, the fandom is so large and dedicated to the books that this should only really matter to her. To all her fans they are a couple and nothing short of her writing a new book where they divorce will stop that. In my opinion they are not a perfect couple but which couples in this world really are? I think they could live long and happy lives together if they wanted to and put effort into it.

      • Jasmin

        I was seriously just thinking this exact thing earlier today!

      • Heather Kallinger

        So much this.

      • Debbie Miller Pietrzak

        I totally agree.

      • probably biased

        Actually, I think I would have enjoyed seeing Harry with Cho. I mean, when he first met Cho, she was smart and pretty and competitive. She had all the potential to be the first hero for all the asian girls of our generation, when most asians were being pigeonholed into kung-fu master/squinty-eyed restaurant owner roles.
        And then Rowling kind of wrote her out…I thought that was a bit unfair. :(

      • Gary65

        I never really had a problem with Harry & Ginny. My problem was always Ron/Hermione. Their relationship makes zero sense. Ron is the last person who should have gotten Hermione. I know it’s mean I’m really happy that JK’s half-validated what I’ve been saying for 7 years.

      • Kirstin Burke

        I agree whole heartedly with both of you, I love that Harry became an official part of the Weasley family in the end since that was his family all along. Also Harry and Hermione were too much like siblings it would’ve been disgusting to me if they had gotten together. My Romione feels are a bit broken after reading this article. Romione are perfect and so is Hinny! <3

      • tcorson

        Good points, Caileigh. I like the ending the way it was published.

      • Jayne1955

        Harry didn’t have to marry Ginny to be a member of the Weasley family. He was already considered one. H/G was not developed any better than R/H.

      • trinikwan

        In addition, Harry and Ginny totally mirror Harry’s parents. Kind of like a “history repeats itself thing”.

      • badfae


        It was also nice to see a male lead and female lead have a purely platonic relationship, for a change.

    • Penny

      I’m glad she didn’t end up with the hero of the story either, but somebody like Hermione wouldn’t have looked twice at Ron. See, even Emma Watson agreed. Nothing to do with his looks or because he was less “smart”, simply because he treated her wrong tons of times. He didn’t respect her.

      • Heleen Krueger

        I thought the same thing. He could have got in her pants by 5th year if he had just helped her out with S.P.E.W.

      • Michaela King

        in Ron’s defense, he was just a dumb kid throughout the series. The oldest we saw him through the action, he was 17 and immature. they had grown together throughout the course of the series, and very clearly were already discussing a relationship in Deathly Hallows. We don’t know much of their relationship because Harry didn’t, and it’s very likely that he truly did apologize for how he acted. Plus, we don’t really know what happened between the battle and the epilogue: that’s 19 years of him making amends for the way he treated her and her to forgive him. (plus, it’s not like Hermione ever let him get away with treating her the way he did. It’s the same situation that James and Lily had)

        • ElderPoptarts

          I think people tend to forget that Ron was a teenager and that everyone acts like an ass when they’re a teenager. I don’t even like to think about myself in high school. I was so ridiculous.

        • Roy Carlo

          He was not always a dumb kid. Insensitive at times, yes but isn’t his stupid mistakes with Hermione while feeling betrayed by Hermione going to the ball with Krum a way to develop the future romantic relationship between the two?

          Besides, since we’re talking about Ron. Can I just say that I hate how JK dumbed down Ron after book 1? Ron was the smart strategist who defeated McGonagall’s chess back in book 1!!! Maybe JK found him too smart and that won’t be good for Harry since it’ll make Harry the “dumb jock” of the trio.

        • jane smith

          No, even married they were fighting. I agree with JK.

        • Keith Harrison Allison

          You could make the argument that Ron develops in a similar way as James Potter did before him. Lily couldn’t stand James initially because of his arrogance and belittling of Snape, but the latter’s maturity and growth throughout their years of schooling allowed Lily to see him as someone capable of engaging with romantically. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ron ended up the same way, seeing as how we find out that he becomes a skilled Auror with Harry.

        • Anthony Runyon

          He wasn’t the dumb kid though. He was the member of the trio that grew up in the wizarding world, and taught Harry and Hermione all the small nuances of the culture. He was always most similar to the twins, a slacker, but talented when he set his mind to it.

      • FreakOfNature

        You make it sound like Hermione was the paragon of all that is good and right in this world. Yes, Ron had his flaws but so did Hermione, something the last few HP movies seemed to have forgotten. And Ron did respect her. That doesn’t mean he’s never allowed to make any mistakes ever. Besides, the author never stated she regrets the pairing because Ron was a terrible human being and Hermione deserved better, she regrets it because she thinks Hermione might have looked for other qualities in a spouse.

        • Tia

          Ron wasn’t always super nice to Hermione but he never disrespected her. And absolutely Hermione had flaws, too. I think their flaws complement each other as well as their strengths.

      • Tia

        I think he did those things though because he liked her and he was afraid to show his feelings. Not saying its right but like everyone else says he was a young boy. Its the old thing that the guy who teases you like you. I don’t know, I think all the factors came together to make a very real relationship between the two and I loved it.

        • Voldemort

          That’s a very dangerous mentality. If a dude’s mean to you, it doesn’t mean he likes you. It means he’s an arsehole.

          • Tia

            I agree in life for sure. I’m not saying you should put up with guys treating you bad. But remember this is fiction so I think old “proverbs” can apply.

      • Lynda Cordova

        Yeah. Girls never go for guys that disrespect them. “Put another log on the fire, cook me up some bacon and some beans. Fill my cup and mend my old blue slippers. Boil me up another pot of tea. . . .”

        That happens because girls go for guys that disrespect them in the first place.

    • Ella

      I know. Harry and Ginny are a perfect couple, and so are Ron and Hermione. Besides, its a little late now to say she regrets it.

      • anon

        I don’t think she does regret it. I think she’s just pandering to Emma and the complainers in the Harry Potter fandom. Throwing them a bone. It’s not like anything can be changed and she knows it. So why not throw them a bone because it doesn’t mean a thing. I don’t think she really means what she’s saying there. She’s always been so sure of how she wrote it all. Even up to recently on Pottermore. She expressed liking Harry and Ginny content she wrote so she didn’t want Harry with Hermione. She’s always been clear why they didn’t fit together. And those reasons didn’t change in the books. And they can’t be changed now. As it all was written how it ended was right. The epilogue shows that Ron and Hermione were happy together 19 years later so it’s all pointless for the article to say anything. It’s a done deal. And it’s fine as it is.

        • kIsS tHe PaNdA

          If she’s going to throw a bone, she might as well serve the hot meal now! Make her write a new series with new characters set in the same world!

          • Anon

            How about no. The series is fine as it is and should be left as such. Anyway she’s always said she won’t be messing with the books as they are. She’s done with that part of the Potterverse. She’ll only do prequels or expand on information within the storyline she’s already finished. The series is over and can’t be changed. The Epilogue has insured that. So whatever she says in this interview isn’t relevant anyway. What’s done is done.

        • Being human

          Maybe in the next series Harry and Hermione can be having an affair with each other. When Ron catches them in the act, he can become the next Voldemort. This could please the fans.

        • Jerry

          I think in this case a cigar is just a cigar. She admits that RonXHermione was the pandering, blatant wish fulfillment for a generation of underdogs and that if she could go back in time and change it she would. That being said, I agree that Ron and Hermione both work out better in the end, at least from my perspective. Ultimately it doesn’t matter now anyways.

      • Eric Seibert

        It’s not too late to say she regrets it lol. That’s how regret works. No one thinks I regret what I’m gonna write in a book tomorrow. You regret after the fact during a time of reflection.

    • Missy Ellsworth

      Well said! I don’t think there’s anything that was written out of place in the books. Always be a perfect read!

    • Carrie

      I agree with you. When I first read the series when I was like 6, I wanted Harry and Ginny together and Ron and Hermione together because then they’d all be one big family. I’ve been shipping those two groups for most of my life and I’m glad they came true. I wouldn’t like it as much if Harry and Hermione were together. Plus, who would Ginny and Ron end up with?

      • ElderPoptarts

        Yes, I’m glad that everyone got someone to love in the end!

      • Bryan ĸ McDonald

        Ron could have ended up with Luna and Ginny with Neville.

      • leiasummers

        I always thought Ginny would end up with Neville. Too bad she sets her sights high huh? I think she never got over her schoolgirl crush. Neville would have been perfect.

        To tell you the truth, during the book series. It felt more real if Harry ended up with Luna or even Cho. Ginny was really… nobody but his best friend’s sister.

    • beth

      Agreed, you never get good make/female friendships without it being spoiled even with hints of romance. Harry and Hermione were friends, and that was good

    • Neota Harrah

      I really like your thoughts on this. Ron needed a positive result in his life. Hermione makes him more positive about himself.

    • John L.

      I’m with you. Harry and Hermoine would have been a massive and predictable cliche. Their relationship reached a peak at friendship from the start and there would have been no dynamic development throughout all seven novels. By contrast, the dichotomy between Ron and Hermoine offered a more interested dynamic that we all hoped would blossom. There are a lot of loving relationships where the two people are very much opposites and somehow their love transcends their differences, and I feel that Ron and Hermoine symbolize that sort of love.

      Still, I can see where Rowling is coming from. Ron and Hermoine’s attraction and romance did feel forced at times and might have just been a summer fling at best. It’s hard to believe that their kind of love would last. Then again, I feel the same exact way for Harry and Ginny, so what’s the point in poking holes?

    • Lisa

      I like the concept of Hermione and Ron as well. Not because it goes against any cliche but because it links them. Harry marries Jenny so therefore, by law, is now Ron’s brother. And being that Hermione marries Ron, she is Harry’s sister. They’re together forever now. I think it was plotted perfectly.

      • Lisa


      • Leiasummers

        Urgh. Doesn’t that sound too disgustingly perfect to you? I’ve never liked a story because it would ‘link’. I like a story which makes more ‘sense.’

        It’s like you’re forcing them to be together just so you can make a perfect ‘happy’ family. But I think if that’s the only reason you’re going by. Then it sounds like you’re tying them up and holding them by knifepoint and saying ‘it’s perfect. It all ‘links’ now. Aren’t you happy?’ If real life was like that. They’d be leading sad lives because the only reason they should be together is because of how they become a ‘happy’ family altogether.

        And I resent the fact that Harry has to marry Ginny to be Ron’s brother. I think from the first book, law or not. Ron is in every which way Harry’s brother. Marrying Ginny just cheapened their relationship. Like saying that’s the only way they’d ‘really’ be brothers.

        • jewelleigh

          Yes. It’s too perfect. And for me, “making a family” is NEVER a good reason to write characters together if they just don’t “fit” together. I actually think that could have been part of Rowling’s logic, because she was trying to finally give Harry this perfect happy ending. In doing so, she didn’t necessarily objectively look at the characters and what they really bring out in each other.

    • Yezen

      It’s funny, I almost don’t believe that the article is real, but if so (and I am being 100% honest, and not trying to brag or anything) as a kid reading the Harry Potter Books, I had basically pegged that Harry would end up with Ginny by the time I finished the Chamber of secrets as a 5th grader, and that Ron would end up with Hermoine, as sort of a challenge to the common trope of the hero ending up with the lading lady/friend. But as I grew up, I started to see the defiance of that trope for defiance sake as really a shallow and transparent thing. It’s almost like Ron and Hermoine were being put together just because it wasn’t the obvious thing to do, and not as a result of any organic compatability between characters. And Harry ending up with Ginny, though a little more reasonable, felt like an obvious ploy to have Harry, who was without a family, marry into the Weasley family. It’s not terrible, but by the time I got to book seven, looking at the characters based on who they are independent of any weariness of falling into common tropes, Harry and Hermione actually make a lot more sense than Ron and Hermoine. Or at the very least, Ron and Hermoine doesn’t really seem ideal.
      I think sometimes breaking cliche is a good idea, but only if it comes organically from the characters.

      • Jerry

        My thoughts exactly.

    • Annemarie Tyler

      I was about to post this exact same thing. I’m tired of the worn out hero gets the girl trope. That’s what I loved best about the series, he didn’t get the girl, the wimpy sidekick (another worn-out tropes) did. I feel she made the right choice.

    • Guest

      That was my first thought. H & H were more compatible but it was so cliche, I think Ron challenged Hermione more and helped her have a sense of humor

    • Sam Johnson

      I think Harry and Hermione should have ended up together. Assuming she changed everything about Hermione. This sounds like she forgot she wrote the books and only remembers helping with the movies. The movies leave out all of what Harry was attracted to; her spunk, her funny ways, her Quidditch finesse. In the movies, there’s an absurd amount of sexual tension between Harry and Hermione (don’t know about y’all but I’ve never just casually held someone’s hand unless it’s my significant other). None of that is in the books. Go home JK, you so silly.

    • Johnny Pozzi

      I agree. It’s kind of like when Joey ended up with Pacey on Dawson’s Creek.

    • maroofisonfire

      Ron was a boy. You are not.

    • Guest

      Couldn’t agree more. They had the most important things in common and filled the missing aspects in each other. He brings her levity and a his family’s status and understanding of the magical world. She brings her big heart and her ability to see the big picture. They word as a couple, maybe just less so in the films.

    • Rachel Gunther

      Couldn’t agree more. I loved that Ron and Hermione were unlikely but had the most important core values in common. And they were an idealized version of what can happen when two opposites attract and stick it out–they make up for what is missing in each other. He brings her levity and his family’s legacy in the magical world. She brings her ability to see the big picture and great empathy. The both have great big hearts and the courage of their convictions. Just because the chemistry between the actors may have directed an alternative pairing doesn’t mean the story wasn’t served by putting together the two sidekicks.

    • Linda

      My thoughts exactly. There was never any chemistry between Harry and Hermione to begin with (Harry and Hermione..really, it even sounds cliche). If they ended up together, it would have been one of the most unsurprising turn of events in the history of literature. I’m glad Ron ended up with her. I too thought their bickering was just a cover up for the real feelings they were developing for one another throughout the years.

    • Elaine Maze

      I agree! I expected that sort of relationship, but when Ron and she started in on each other, it was like “bingo!” this is not going to turn out like so many many many other stories!

    • sadf

      I just with he hadn’t ended up with Ginny, that completely undid that. IT didn’t fit in with either of their characters, and it seems like the only reason it happened was to get Harry a girl.

    • Katnissfire46

      i totally agree with u that harry and hermoine didnt get together. i thought that he saw her as a sister

    • AJ_88

      This is why I love Ron and Hermione.

    • Mo86


      Thank you for saving me a post!

    • Christi Sutton

      I’m glad Hermione ended up with Ron as well. I always felt that the main ‘issue’ between them was Ron’s inability to realize what his feeling for Hermione really were…..and it made for really great tension between them. I’m pretty sure the majority of us fans really were rooting for those two to end up together in the end. Furthermore, I thankful JK didn’t kill Ron….that would’ve been just awful (Fred was bad enough).

      • ElderPoptarts

        I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO ANGRY OMG. I was never really into a whole romance thing but Harry and Ron were best friends. Through thick and thin their friendship triumphed and Ron was someone Harry cared about deeply. I’m not sure I would have been able to finish if she’d killed off Ron!

    • Michael J Rock

      Spoken like a true “ginger”, Ms. Poptarts,,,don’t over-react! I was a “ginger” too….before my hair turned grey and fell out! ;0)

      • ElderPoptarts

        My hair has a red tone to it but I’m actually a blonde! haha

    • jen

      I completely agree. I love that it was Ron and Hermione together. Its not a normal romance that you get, where the sidekick gets the girl and not the hero… I love Ron!

    • mike bilings

      Your absolutely spot on!

    • Kenley Polanco

      Shutup bitch nobody want ur dirty ass pussy

      • sgrice1

        Thats not nice.

    • Kyle Cheung

      Since the triumvirate serve the role of the main characters, wouldn’t Ron be considered one of the leading characters?

    • Benjamin Paric

      I’ve got a feeling that you could be feeling a whole lot better than you feel today~

    • BD

      Hermione wouldn’t have had to be with Harry if she wasn’t with Ron. It doesn’t sound like Rowling said that. There could have been no romantic relationships between the three main characters. How about that for going against a literary trope.

    • BookReader

      This has got to be the largest number of upvotes I’ve seen on this site!

      • ElderPoptarts

        That’s crazy and makes me feel special!

    • joshm662

      Totally 100% agree with you! If Harry ends up with Hermione, who does Ron end up with? Is he forever the third wheel in their relationship and ultimately ends up alone? I’m sorry, but I don’t see Ron ending up with Lavender! LOL! I feel like J.K. Rowling wrote the most incredible and PERFECT series of books EVER and that’s saying a lot. The ONE regret I think she should have is ending book 7 with a epilogue so far into the future. That bummed me out beyond words… it tells me that there is no chance we’ll ever get anymore Harry Potter in the future (and I don’t want any prequels on stage!). I would LOVE for there have been no epilogue and 10 years from the end of the last book we find out Voldemort had another Horcrux or something else that only a genius like JK Rowling could come up with.

    • Kaitlyn Rugg

      I completely agree. I always thought that Hermione and Harry had a more sibling relationship. I also believe that Harry and Ginny were just meant to be together because, while it would have made Harry an official Weasley, Ginny was also the only person who could truly understand what he went through with Voldemort. Ginny actually met Riddle, was possessed and had lost her childhood innocence at an early age because of it, just like Harry. And Ron and Hermione together just made sense. The only people who can annoy us that much are the people we love. Besides, other than Harry, Ron and Krum, there really weren’t any other guys she could have been with who would have accepted her know-it-all ways.

    • DanoTheKing

      You’re the Ron. I’m not a Ron…How dare you!

    • lankapal

      While part of me agrees, especially with the whole love triangle/main hero getting the leading lady, I never felt Ron was quite right for Hermione. Sorry Ron lovers, just feel that way. I think he’s a good character in his own way, but he never seems to challenge Hermione in the way she seems to need.

      But also, a Harry/Hermione relationship would have felt like more of a Marilla/Matthew Cuthbert relationship – like two people who love each other, but are not in love with each other/are related like a brother and sister. Why couldn’t Hermione be an independent woman and not have needed a man at the end of the story? It’s just as plausible she could have met someone later in life… I guess for the sake of the story she and the other characters needed an ending…

      • Wendy

        The bickering…is it any different from Han x Leia (Star Wars) or David x Maddy (Moonlighting) or Ranma x Akane (Ranma 1/2), for example? They had bickering dynamics, but all three pairs got together and the reason for the bickering (the first two examples especially) was because they were attracted to one another (romantic tension), but too stubborn to admit it or, in Ron’s case imo, too stubborn to realize that those were what the feelings were. I felt that Ron never understood why he felt threatened by other guys wanting Hermione’s affections because even he didn’t realize his feelings were growing from friendly to romantic.

        As for Ron’s leaving in DH I feel is unfair to use against him. The main thing in the book that was constantly pointed out during that scene was the fact Ron was wearing the locket. It was constantly pointed out. Right before that scene, Ron heard about Snape being headmaster and was worrying over his sister’s safety, and rightfully so getting down to it. Dumbledore’s murderer was running the school. The Locket fed off of that too. The telling thing is that Ron stayed all that time, and it took the effect of Voldemort’s Horcrux for him to leave and even then, he said time he left, he immediately tried to come back after he was out of range of the locket, meaning that it was the locket’s effect and influence that made him make that rash decision. Harry and Hermione didn’t have as much for the locket to feed off of, not like Ron. His entire family was in danger (Percy included) and he was constantly worried about them. They weren’t getting anyplace, but he still stuck around anyway despite that, but the locket continued to put those negative thoughts in his head and boom, he lashed out.

        • lankapal

          I don’t want to start a huge debate or anything, but the whole Ron had more for the locket to feed off of thing, I don’t buy it. First off, they all wore the locket. Second, Harry and Hermione had to worry about their families too (Harry considered with Weasleys his family plus he had the whole having to save the world burden on his shoulders plus Ginny plus his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore all dying for him and as for Hermione, she couldn’t be sure her parents were totally safe and had that on her shoulders).

          And as for the bickering, I get what you’re saying, but for some reason (that I have trouble describing), it felt different with them, almost like he would belittle the things that she valued most in her life, whereas with leia and han, it was more bickering because they were stubborn and wanted to be right more than having different ideas/values. but again, that’s a difficult argument to make. i think it just comes down to me not liking Ron much (sorry Ron lovers)

    • Jordan

      But Rowling could have avoided that trope without making Ron and Hermione a couple. Honestly, she didn’t have to end up with anybody. And ending up with Ron, who didn’t begin to share her interests and was awkward in his appreciation of her abilities, made no sense. At all.

    • laura

      They made the story for me. She is ent. to her thoughts. so glad i was ron and hermione. but it won’t change the story. i JUST adore that couple the slow build etc. the making fun of each other. It made sense to me and was so different.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      This thread so long that my phone actually gave up and reset itself to the home screen. Twice.

    • Alexea Luton

      I feel the same way. From the very beginning I always thought they were going to end up together because that is the cliche. I’m glad she went a different route. Hermione and Ron might not have been the best combo, but I’m glad it wasn’t Hermione and Harry.

    • Rachel

      Agreed! It would have been way too obvious to put Harry and Hermione together. I think I almost expected that to happen, and it was an interesting and pleasant surprise that it went a different direction. And I agree totally with Caileigh too, that by having Harry end up with Ginny they ALL got be a big happy family!

    • Andrew

      I feel like the fact that Ron and Hermione belong together BECAUSE they are opposites. They balance each other. Harry and her would just have always been competing and it would’ve ended up causing one to resent the other. Ron and Hermione is the way it belongs.

    • Kristin Eileen Sheckler Biondo

      agree…it’s just so cliche

    • http://twitter.com/WaveRunnr WaveRunnr

      Totally disagree. There’s a reason the hero always gets the lady: HE’S THE HERO.

      Different != better.

    • Tiffany

      I agree. It separated this story from all the other boring predictable stories and I like how it turned out.

    • Aliscen Khaw

      but if hermoine didn’t end up with harry, then it also gives us a possibility that ron could end up with another girl who might have been a good character and played possibly a big or reasonable part in the story’s plot, which could have made the story more interesting or something.

    • Jeremy Neil

      I guess I’ve always felt like the lead role. and I know that I wouldn’t want someone else unless they were pretty much as strong of a role as I was otherwise I doubt I’d ever be happy or feel like I wasn’t alone anymore. so of course I feel that the woman of this stature would feel the same, so I disagree with the ron and hermione thing, sure you might want someone that is more but as far as what hermione is like I think she would have been better suited for someone like harry and vice versa

    • MelissaGreen

      Exactly! Plus I could never read a scene with Hermione and Harry going
      out without like wanting to throw up….just ew. They just don’t like
      each other that way. Harry says in the seventh book that he loves
      Hermione like a sister! How could anyone want them together when they
      clearly love each other like family, and don’t have those feelings for
      each other? It makes no sense.

    • lol

      Your fedora is showing

    • Jake_DeShawn72

      I AGREE 100% I had a feeling Harry and Hermione would end up together so when she got jealous and it was revealed and known that she had feelings for Ron, I enjoyed the twist. Like @ElderPoptarts:disqus mentioned, it goes against the hero getting the pretty girl.

    • Christian Taylor-Williams

      Definitely agree! I was thinking the same thing. Harry and Hermione being together would have just been too cliche. I think it all worked out for the best and I enjoyed it just the way it was.

    • Brian Baywatch Hatzelhoffer

      Agreed. I was shocked when it happened but then it grew on me. I was only shocked because I wasn’t expecting it. Usually the main person in the story gets the girl. I am glad this wasn’t the case.

    • Cguy

      Longest f**king comment thread ever!

    • Sarahmint

      Not to mention it is a story you can control to begin with.
      Just have Ron and Hermione change preferences of things as they grow old together

    • Lydia Dwi Paramitha

      I think the author
      of the book would know her characters better than you do. To add, Ron and
      Hermione is just a wishful thinking of a friendzoner getting the girl. Never
      gonna happen. She is such an over-achiever and let’s face it, Ron was a his
      family’s “slacker.” Harry might not have hit the books as much, but
      he did have common sense and was never envious of other’s accomplishments (like
      Ron). Furthermore, if a pairing is your main reason for liking Harry Potter,
      you might want to re-evaluate yourself there.

      Looking at different
      perspective, it was Emma Watson who asked the leading question.

      Imagine what the
      ginger actor would have feel.

      First Emma said
      kissing him was disgusting yet enjoy kissing the four eye.

      Might be more
      personal than literary reason, i.e. she is a bitch.

      Her character is so
      cliché anyway. Rowling “forgot” about Hermione after about the fourth
      book. Everyone says how clever she is both academically and as a wizard, and
      yet what does she achieve ? She is just a typical smart kid with nothing deep
      to show.

      As for my opinion,
      Rowling should regret writing that trash in the first place but I guess its
      hard to regret becoming rich even if she did so thanks to people’s stupidity.

      It just a bunch of
      white kids chasing hocruxes, against an evil dude who has his nose chopped off.
      The noseless dude has an army called the death-eater, which is in itself a
      stupid name.

      The good guy is
      apparently this white kid who goes to a supremacist white school and fight by
      using branches that shoot thunder and light. You can’t fool me, branches can’t
      shoot a motherfucking thunder. If you know the biology of braches you know by
      definition it won’t shoot thunder.

      The you have this
      good dude and this evil dude waving their branches to each other. Shooting
      their “lumos” and all that. If a dude would pulled a gun, shit would
      have go down fast. See, I don’t care if you’re a powerful wizard, I ain’t gotta
      say Avada Kedavra before pulling my
      trigger. That could blast your ass.

      And what kind of
      spell is that petrono thing? The spell goes out like this.

      You got to thing
      happy “thoughts” and at the happiest point, white stuff come out from
      your “wizard stick”. It’s a sex-ed for a six year old. it even come
      out in the form of an animal.

      Its fucked up.

    • Cherriemaynuez

      Indeed. Harry and Hermione as couple would have been TOO PERFECT. This is the first time I would disagree with J.K., but I think Ron & Hermione is just right for each other, seeing as how Ron’s laidback and fun personality balances Hermione’s know-it-all, bossy attitude

    • ~ Caitlin

      I will admit that in the very beginning I kind of wanted Harry/ Hermione to end up together. I wasn’t keen on the idea of Ron/Hermione at first. The idea of Ron/Hermione grew on me and it became clear that they had feelings for each other. Now I am really happy that Ron/Hermione ended up
      together so it is upsetting to here that she now doubts it. I like that there wasn’t a love triangle between the three. I really like that the book didn’t follow that normal formula of the main hero getting with the main heroine (I think she even mentioned in an interview one time that she didn’t want to do the typical thing). She made it clear that it was Ron/Hermione very early. Harry said that Hermione was like a sister to him which is another rare thing in books today because of those dreaded love triangles. If Harry/Hermione ended up together she would have had to change the entire series because there were hints through most of it about Ron/Hermione. I like that Harry became an official part of the Weasly clan by marrying Ginny. I was a little surprised by the whole Ginny/Harry thing but when I was readying book 6 Harry/Ginny seemed to go good together. I think Ron and Hermione are good for each other. They built a solid friendship. Hermione can be uptight at times and serious and Ron can lighten things up and he is more laid back. I think they are a couple that at first seems like they might not fit together bit they do. It worked out the way it was supposed to and I am happy it wasn’t Harry/Hermione.
      I will say that in the movie I do not think they did a great job of building up Ginny/Harry but it made more sense in the books. I think they should have had more build up in the 6th movie but I get that it was a long book and there is a lot to fit into the movie. I was disapointed the whole Tonks/Lupin thing was practically left out though.

    • ~ Caitlin

      I agree that Ron/Hermione might have needed some counseling at some point because they bicker so much but I like them together. They were funny.

    • Ian Steffy

      Yeah, I’d much prefer the protagonist to get with the 2-d character with no personality.

    • badfae

      I came here to say almost exactly this. I would have been disappointed if she’d paired up Harry and Hermione, for just that reason.

    • Vicki K

      Saying that is no better than ‘hero gets the girl’ actually. Hermione isn’t a prize for ‘lonely Rons’ to feel good about themselves. She was a heroine in her own right, and I agree with the author actually – a pairing with Harry would have seen her paired with someone more her equal. Ultimately it comes down to taste but the argument that a Harry/Hermione pairing would have been too cliche is the weakest argument there is. (See Will and Lyra in His Dark Materials for how a hero/heroine pairing can actually be incredibly strong and incredibly compelling if written well). And if you put it that way, the love/hate relationship that Ron and Hermione shared is also a cliche. Who was it that said ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’?

      • ElderPoptarts

        I wasn’t arguing against anything. I was just stating an opinion. Ships wasn’t something I was concerned with in this series (or many series that I read/watch for that fact.) I never said that she was a prize to be won but thanks so much for reading my mind.

        I literally just posted my opinion. It’s not my fault it because the most popular comment in the section.

  • http://al-sobrante.tumblr.com/ Eric Coppes

    Is there an actual quote about Hermione ending up with Harry? Because in the quotes given here she only says that she shouldn’t have ended up with Ron.

  • Diana Guerrero

    no, absolutely NOT. NO NO NO NO NO ..

  • Lucas Brown


  • Corbin Bolies

    Well, this was unexpected.

  • Catherine

    I’ve always thought that Ron and Hermione complemented each other very well. And even though this hurts my heart, she can’t go back and change it! But, if Rowling does come out with a short story where they get divorced, I will march right up to her door!

  • H Mir

    NO NO NO. Hermione, for me, proved to girls EVERYWHERE that girls don’t have to fall for the star of the show, the hero. Hermione could never make Harry happy the way Ginny can, he needs challenge and Hermione can not provide that. Yes, Hermione and Ron will have ups and downs, but Hermione and Ron never saw each other in the brother sisterly way Harry did.

    That all said, if JKR is saying this, then well…

    • Kate

      Can I both agree and disagree with this? An interview long after the final book cannot change canon. I’ll believe what I’ve always thought, no matter what Jo said.

      • fruttivendolo

        Your comment made me think of John Green saying “books belong to their readers.” While I really like the extra information Jo’s revealed since 2007 about the HP world, I don’t like her going back and saying that a major part of the plot was the wrong decision. As you say, canon is canon, and the author trying to redact something years later really doesn’t serve much of a purpose except to taint what’s already there.

        • Potter fan

          Just take what Jo said at the time of writing the books or soon after as more reliable. As she was in the same frame of mind that she was in when she wrote the books. So what she said then is more relevant. Saying something 7 years after finishing the story isn’t a reliable thing. She’s had time to be swayed by critics of her work which will have lead to some doubting of herself. But at the actual time of writing she knew what was right for the story and characters and she wasn’t letting critics influence her thinking.

          She has always described and written Harry and Ginny as soul mates (she literally called them that in two separate interviews. Both after the books had ended). And she’s always said Ron was good for Hermione. So who cares what she says now. I don’t take it seriously. To me it feels purely like a cynical PR move to curry favour with Emma Watson who was interviewing her. It doesn’t gel with what she’s said in the past on the relationships so I don’t consider this of any importance. It doesn’t affect the story outcome in anyway. I don’t see the series any differently to how I always did. Though I will point out she never actually says she “regrets” Romione. Who I don’t actually even ship. But who I’ve always accepted because that is how things were written. That doesn’t change.

    • Tucker Conley

      I disagree. Hermione kept Harry happy while Ron stormed off in the last book, there Romantic Connection could be proven by the intimacy that they shared together in Godric’s Hollow.

      • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

        Not all emotional connection have to be romantical (much less, sexual), though. The trio clearly shared an emotional bond with each other, and Harry’s and Hermione’s peaked at Godric Hollows. That bond is not being questioned.

      • salina

        But she didn’t, and he didn’t keep her happy. It is constantly said that he hears her crying, and he does nothing to attempt to comfort her. And while lots of people may have seen their little “dance” in the film as a downpour of chemistry between the two, I saw it as the complete opposite: No matter how silly they got, how happy they pretended to be… they just weren’t. Both of them would never have lasted without Ron.

        • Revenwyn

          One of the reasons I will stick to the books. I refuse to watch the movies.

        • Michelle

          Well, of course they wouldn’t be totally happy if their best friend just abandoned them when they needed him the most. But I don’t think that means that they wouldn’t have lasted without him.

          • Nani Lawrence Weasley

            Why can’t people understand Harry was comforting his friend????? And not all chemistry is romantic….

          • Potter fan

            The movies weren’t even suggesting it was romantic. It was all wishful thinking by some of the audience. The movies did it how the books did it. Harry and Hermione had no romance. End of.

          • Michelle

            Have I said anything about romance? i just said that they could’ve lasted without him.

      • H Mir

        But during the entire time, he kept thinking of Ginny. I saw the intmacy as a very sibling like bond. We know Harry as the guy who loves playing Hero, and being with Hermione post-war wouldn’t have allowed for that. Hermione wanted the stable, simple life, whereas Harry wants the excitement only Ginny would understand,
        That’s just my view on it though!

    • http://brightstarflower.tumblr.com/ Dianne

      Yeah, I’ve had difficulty shipping Hermione with Ron (unless it’s really well-written fanfiction and does it really well) but I have even more trouble seeing her with Harry. I feel like she was always there for him as his best friend, and that was more important to their relationship than the possibility of them being connected romantically.

      • John Carter

        Frankly, Hermione was too bright to waste time with either of the boys. I think she was destined to write a famous series of books.

    • AJ Rabies

      Good point.

  • Kelsea

    Is this like April Fool’s or something? I remember all the shit she gave the Harmony community after HBP came out and now she’s with them? Haha I have no preference with either way and I love JK but this seems like she’s just trying to stir the pot and keep HP relevant? Not sure how to receive this…

  • Dianne

    O___o Oh Jo, the Harmonians bribe you with something? They have some dirt on you? What’s really going on here?

  • Katie

    Not so delusional after all, huh? mwahaha

    • Benjamin Smith

      yep, I guess you guys have vindication now.

  • ff501998

    Harry and Hermione had a platonic relationship, and she said so herself in one of those interviews like 5-7 years ago!!!! Those two have always acted like siblings!
    And with Ron and Hermione – opposites attract! pffft.

  • Zoe Yates

    I don’t want Harry and Hermione together at all, but I always disliked the Ron/Hermione pairing. I don’t see Ron as the sort of man who could make her truly happy.

    To be honest, I don’t see why Hermione had to be with either of the boys in the trio. Not to say I don’t love them, because I do, but I never thought either of them were right for her. I saw the three of them more as siblings than lovers

  • spacie19

    No take-backs lady. Isn’t she busy with some new movies or something? Stop talking!

  • kayleighchance

    this is fascinating. i’ve always wondered a bit how the ron/hermione thing would work, considering that they seem to frustrate each other to no end. passion only goes so far, you have to be compatible as well. i love ron/hermione and i love the canon as it is but i can def see what jo is saying here.

  • Anna Donnelly

    I think my childhood just died….I refuse to accept this! T_T

  • Guest

    I really need the Harry/Hermione quote before I believe that to be true. There’s a big difference between “Not with Ron” and “With Harry” especially considering Ginny.

    • for the love of jk

      You are probably right… especially since Andrew is one of the least reliable writers on Hypable.

      • alexa

        hey now no hate on Andrew! Andrew is our King!!!!!

        • for the love of jk

          Clearly you don’t listen to Hype – he comes off as an idiot who can’t pronounce anything in the whole of fandom.

          • Guest

            Colin? Is that you? lol!

          • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

            This is my second favorite comment on this article!

          • annie

            Clearly you haven’t listened to Mugglecast for years, or else you would’ve known that Andrew hasn’t been able to pronounce things for ages. No offense, Andrew. I’ve never thought it was a big deal

      • Marie

        “Writer”? Haha. You know he created this website, right?

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      The quote about Harry/Hermione is not in The Times’ article, but their headline reads, “JK admits Hermione should have wed Harry,” so either they made a huge mistake or Rowling says it in the interview in the magazine. I’m going with the latter.

      • Robert Monkman

        Sub-editors are notoriously bad at matching headlines to the stories that reporters actually write. Its why so many football teams in England try to get control of copy in newspaper because most readers only scan headlines and accept that as a general overview of the story.

  • kaitlin

    What? No!!! This makes no sense!

  • Phoenix07

    Jo’s words are law…..but on this one time, I’m gonna pretend she hasn’t opened her mouth and said any of those things. Like, this interview? Poof! never happened!

    • Anne

      No, they aren’t. Fuck the author. #TheAuthorIsDead is a thing.

    • Potter fan

      No. What she writes in canon in law. This is merely an interview it doesn’t have any impact on canon. So it’s not any kind of law and it doesn’t look like Jo’s is claiming it fits the actual context of the books. It all conjecture based on what she could have written and not what she actually did.

      • Phoenix07

        Oh I completely agree with you, Potter fan! I meant it in a funny she’s Queen Jo kind of way…I guess I should have explained myself better! =)

        But I agree, she had her time to make it canon by writing it into the series and didn’t, therefore how she actually played it out in the story is what I consider canon, not her wishful thinking during an interview. I mentioned this in a few comments somewhere here.

  • Katie

    hmm she has also said in the past that she is like Hermione and her husband is sort of like Ron…

    • Leigh

      Actually, she has said that her ex-husband was like Ron. Her current husband is much more like Harry. That was always very telling to me, since she based Hermione on herself.

      • Katie

        Ohh really! Sorry did not know that

  • James Brazil

    never liked them together!

  • Anna S.


  • snive

    Ron and Hermione…. Never. Hermione and Harry… Never…. Hermione belongs to Ginny. Harry to Snape and Ron to someone random. This is my opinion and nothing can change it.

    • hpfan

      Hermione is NOT A LESBIAN! HARRY AND RON ARE NOT GAY!! I’m sorry if you want her to be but THEY”RE NOT!!!

      Write you’re own damn books if you want gay couples

      • snive

        And you should grow up. In everyone’s own fantasy they can be whatever we want. You can’t tell me what to ship. I ship Snarry, Snupin, Snaco, Snucius, Drarry, Snames, Snack, Wolfstar. I see all of them as totally gay.
        And stop insulting gays, I’m one of them and won’t tolerate what you are saying. >:( Really, grow up and learn to respect other people.

        • Dominique Heflin

          Except Harry and Snape make absolutely no sense.

  • wayne

    I was very happy Ron and Hermione ended up together It was what i was hoping for,im glad Harry and Hermione did not end up together

  • Jessica

    No one ever gives Ron enough credit, not even J.K

    • Benjamin Smith

      Why must Ron be the Zoidberg of the Wizarding World

      • Should have been Luna

        You answered your own question. “Why not Zoidberg?”

      • dru.irkins

        But Zoidberg’s awesome!

      • Cguy

        Woop whoop whoop whoop!

    • Nani Lawrence Weasley

      And it’s truly heartbreaking. Sure, he wasn’t the amazing “Chosen One”, but he was the most loyal, real, loving character.

      • John Carter

        Like Samwise Gamgee? ;)

    • Roy Carlo

      Exactly! Where did the smart first year Ron who defeated McGonagall’s chess go to? What happened to that kid?

      And the way it was justified why Harry was not chosen to be prefect as if Ron was just a second choice?

    • Tia

      I know right? Ron is my favorite characters and one of my favorite fictional characters period.

  • Marie

    I’m not that into Harry Potter shipping, but I’ve never liked Ron and Hermione as a couple. Even to the end, I found Ron too immature for Hermione. But Hermione/Harry would’ve been weird. I dunno, I would’ve been happy without any romance. -shrug-

  • Spiny Creature

    Did she actually say anything about Harry and Hermione? Because everyone is acting like she did, and the article says that she did, but her quotes don’t match up with the article.

  • Ro Menendez

    I think a love story between Fred and hermione would have been better than any of these 2 pairings.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    What about the ball of light?!?! LOL! Now, seriously, I don’t think Harry and Hermione are any more compatible than Ron and Hermione are. From my perspective, they would have driven each other a little nuts at some point. Sure, they share incredible moments of emotional depth, especially during DH, but on a every day basis, the personality incompatibility is STILL be there. I think Harry and Ginny fit each other better when it comes to that. Whatever. At this point, canon is canon. No one can change it. Not even a JKR interview musing over what could have been.

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    This outrage reminds me of the Variety article which made Steph Meyer look resentful towards Twilight. I’d like to hear JKR’s statement on the validity of this interview before I make judgements. I mean, regardless of the interviewer’s identity, media is hocum in my opinion.

    • Jasf

      Not really. Jo commenting on one aspect of the series ( albeit a controversial aspect of the series) is different from saying she’s “SO OVER” the world of HP.

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        But Steph didn’t mean that, did she?
        God, I hate the Illuminati.

  • Guest

    And yet she’s said so many times why Ron and Hermione as well as Harry and Ginny work well as a coulple. I would like to see documented evidence of this interview because I’m not buying it.

  • Anthony Rex

    I think Ron was what Hermione needed though. She was always too serious and too focused on the now. Ron was more like his twin brothers – a free spirt, kind and humorous. They took the edge off of one another. Ron taught Hermione to relax and have fun, and Hermione showed Ron that not everything is fun and games.

    • alexa

      this is exactly how i always viewed their relationship! 100% agree! :) i really think in the long haul hermione/harry would’ve gotten sick of each other

    • http://brightstarflower.tumblr.com/ Dianne

      See, I’ve seen really well-written fan stories that do this, and I really like seeing them in this way.I think that sort of Ron would’ve been very good for her, yes. But I don’t feel like that is how it was portrayed in the actual books. I feel like Ron was a jerk to both his friends, and would have difficulty understanding her or connecting with her and having a harmonious relationship. I think Harry/Hermione would also have been difficult for her though, as she would probably feel the need to constantly be there for him and supporting him through his recovery from Voldemort. I think it would’ve been a draining and unhealthy relationship. TBH, I have trouble seeing canon Hermione with either of the canon Golden Boys.

      • salina

        Hermione is just as big of a jerk to both of them as Ron is, and Harry is. They’re friends that literally spend 100% of their time together; they even live in the same fricked up dormitory. They’re going to annoy each other and be mean.

        • He Who Must Not Be Named

          Yeah, cause Harry and Ron were both ungrateful little shits and basically wanted Hermione to do everything for them without anything in return.

      • Anthony Rex

        I think Ron being more of a ‘jerk’ is that he was always in the shadow of someone else. Everyone needs their chance to shine, to stand out (he eventually did get this in Quidditch / his part in the war of Hogwarts). He was constantly less ‘intelligent’ than someone (Hermione), less ‘humorous’ than someone (Fred and George), less successful than someone (Bill, Charlie, Percy), less ‘popular’ than someone (Harry). Ron wasn’t a jerk really, he just acted the way anyone would in his situation. He would be asking himself when his turn for the attention would come. And, when it didn’t…. it would definitely be frustrating. Ron persevered though. He had his moments, but he always came back to his friends. That speaks for a lot.

  • the head girl

    I sort of agree with her? Not about Harry and Hermione, but I never really felt Ron and Hermione were an omg-forever couple. Get together in the heat of the moment and things sort of fall apart post-War, then move on to other people.

    (The fact that I ship Percy/Hermione has nothing to do with any of this. Ahem.)

  • Alice

    Who else can already see the fanfiction that will come out of this?

  • Jane

    Damn. Jo is queen of dropping bombshells. lol TBH, I don’t have a problem with Ron and I definitely think he grew and redeemed himself throughout the series and became a man. However, I always wondered whether he’d make Hermione happy. IDK, her ending up with Krum would’ve made more sense to me then both Harry or Ron.

    Regardless, I think people who are going nuts over this are being a bit too overdramatic. I never thought the shipping wars were the most important part of the series so I’m not bothered by this.

    • alexa

      COMPLETELY AGREE! yeah of course we all have to have opinions on who ends up with who but when it comes to harry potter the (romantic) ships are probably the least important thing to me

  • Laura

    I love Ron and Hermione together. Harry and Hermione would be just boring. I personally feel like Hermione and if I had a Ron who’d love me then I would be happy!!

  • julia

    I always hated Ron%Hermione’s romantic relationship for different reasons, happy that Rowling does too. She should have written their relationship differently in the books.

  • Nirali

    I still wish Hermione and Fred ended up together. (And, of course, that Fred lived.)

  • Anna

    Screw this. She can regret it all she wants, putting Ron and Hermione together was totally the right decision. Harry would’ve bored Hermione to death.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      And Hermione would have given Harry a heart condition by age 30. lol!

  • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

    Tbh I ship Hermione with anyone BUT Ron :P

  • Michelle

    I don’t even know what to say about this. Harry and Hermione made NO SENSE to me. As far as I’m concerned, it ended the way it was supposed to, with Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione.

  • alexa

    i was glad Harry/Hermione didn’t happen because it seemed too easy, too obvious. Honestly i was happy with it, but i kind of wish she hadn’t said this.
    at this point it’s too late to change (unless you wanna rewrite them all? i’d read it again?) and i hope when i do re-reads this knowledge doesn’t distract me

  • alexa


    • Kelsea

      And we need Laura Thompson to weigh in!

  • Nahte91

    Does anyone remember her A & E documentary in which she introduced us to her high school friend Sean, to whom she dedicated Chamber of Secrets and on whom she said she basically based Ron? It can be found on YouTube. And we know that Hermione was based on a younger Jo. Part of me thinks that Sean and her had more than just a friendship in those years or that she at least had feelings for him and that that’s part of what she means by “personal reasons” and “wish fulfillment.” But also, I don’t see why the fact that yes, they probably would have needed relationship counseling means they weren’t right for each other. Why couldn’t that STRENGTHEN their relationship?

    • Sophie

      That came to my mind too but that doesn’t make Ron/Hermione wrong at all which is why this article makes no sense… :O

      • Nahte91

        I agree, I think Ron/Hermione makes much more sense than Harry/Hermione, personally. What I’m saying is she might have largely been motivated by the Sean thing and maybe that’s why she feels regretful of it, because while her HEART tugged her there, her BRAIN might honestly think that Harry/Hermione made more sense and she feels she betrayed her brain for the sake of her heart.

        • humanbeing

          But if we’re talking about love here, the logical brain doesn’t really enter into it, at least not massively. Sometimes it’s okay to let your emotions override your logic, or people would probably talk themselves out of doing most of the fun things in life.

    • marypao

      First thing I thought of was that A&E documentary too! I remember her talking about how Hermione is based on her younger self and Sean was based on Ron. Then I remembered another interview where she stated that she ended up marrying “Harry.”

  • evanna11

    NO BUT SERIOUSLY WHAT. Because of things previously said about Hermione/Ron and Harry/Hermione (see anvils, delusional).


  • Teo Mungaray


    • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

      Seriously. What’s going through my head was the Fandom Alley vs, Sugar Quill stuff that went down like 10 years back!

      • for the love of jk

        Yes, Laura, we all know that you had to walk uphill both ways in the snow barefoot for your HP books.

      • Phil Boswell

        Wasn’t that more about how many different authors Cassandra Clare had plagiarised her stories from?

        Or am I conflating two different arguments?

        • MerrySard

          I don’t know the details (was hiding in the slash corner), but there were some big sites that were polerized on pairings – one site favoured Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, while the other favoured Harry/Hermione, and the two Weasleys with other people, and the two sites were waging a Fandom War over whose ships were better. Cassie Claire (as she was known in her fandom days) was in the H/Hr camp at the time. I don’t know if her plagarism was ever connected to it, but I doubt it, since teh Draco trilogy was about, well, Draco.

  • guest

    I don’t think its about the hero gets the girl trope. Hermione and Ron have nothing in common and they always argued; their relationship was always odd to me.

    • humanbeing

      Well, there’s a difference between spiteful arguing and having differences of opinion on things. Seems to me that Ron and Hermione pushed each others buttons, but never in a really mean-spirited way (although a few times I think they let their respective passions for things get out of control). I think, like one poster on here said, they were a good example of the “perfect imperfect” couple, two people who seem wrong for each other on the surface, but often compliment each other with their varying strengths and weaknesses. Some couples, while not actively seeking out discord, also don’t want their respective partners to agree with them on everything; that would make life a little boring, wouldn’t it?

      • Dominique Heflin

        That’s cliche as hell.

        • humanbeing

          Thank you?

  • alice

    I am glad it went they way it did. It so over done that that three friends, two guys and a girl, that the girl winds up with ever more popular guy/ main character.

  • A

    I’ll only believe it if I hear it from JK’s own mouth. This seems like a desperate attempt for attention by these magazines/newspapers. If Emma Watson was interviewing JK Rowling, don’t you think it would have been a bigger deal and we would have heard about it? It should have been everywhere, but we’re only finding out about it now? Nice try. Hypable, you guys are just as bad for jumping on an unreliable and tabloid-esque headline such as this. I had higher hopes for you.

    • Phil Boswell

      Indeed. We’ve been hearing all about the pictures Emma shot with various different outfits and hairstyles, but an interview with JKR would have been publicity dynamite: no way they would have kept that quiet!

  • Julia K.

    While Harry ending up with Ginny was not exactly my favorite literary move made by J.K. Rowling, I think Harry and Luna could’ve worked a lot better than either Harry and Ginny or Harry and Hermione. Not saying I’m not a fan of Harry and Hermione (quite the opposite, actually), but I just feel like Harry could’ve been paired with someone so much more influential in the story than Ginny. It seemed like putting them together was a last ditch effort like Rowling didn’t know who to pair Harry with and she wanted “the Golden Trio” connected in some way for the rest of their lives (they’re all technically family now, after all). I just feel like Harry’s love interested could’ve been thought out better, so this article makes me breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that, regardless of who Rowling wanted to put together, she recognizes (subconciously) that Harry and Ginny was not her best romantic couple in the series.

  • Erika

    What. Is. This. Bullshit.

  • alol

    *listening to the sound of all hearts being broken*

    Never understood the Ron and Hermione ship. For me relationships should be build on love and respect. Not bickering and insults.

    • humanbeing

      Well, a lot of real relationships have all of those elements, both good and bad…If you know a married couple who doesn’t have arguments or sniping at each other once in a while, then I’ve got a unicorn to sell you…just sayin’…

  • meline

    This is the best thing I’ve read today. I always thought Ron/Hermione was absurd and that they’d be divorced within two years. Then I wondered if divorce was a thing in the wizarding world. I don’t really think Harry/Hermione would’ve worked much either.

    Obviously, Hermione would’ve ended up dating Pansy Parkinson.

  • Sarah

    The thought of Harry and Hermione ever together grosses me out. They are basically siblings. They had ABSOLUTELY no chemistry, and their platonic friendship has always been my favorite part of the series, so I honestly don’t see what kind of literary sense it would make to have paired the two of them together. I mean, seriously, how much more cliched could you get?

    • Benjamin Smith

      they were no more siblings than Ron and Hermione…. hell, even Rupert and Emma were dreading the kissing moment.

      • Phil Boswell

        Wasn’t that because Rupert and Emma had grown into this kind-of-sibling relationship, but were going to have to act against their conditioning?

        • Benjamin Smith

          Bingo! EXACTLY!!! RH and HH are one in the same since they met eachother the exact same time

      • Wendy

        Just because you work with someone, doesn’t mean you have to romantically like the person. Also, Rupert pointed out that he’s known Emma since she was like 9 (he’s also a two or three years older). I could see how they could view one another as siblings. Oh and Rupert seems to dread those kinds of scenes in a general sense (he said so when he did Cherrybomb, iirc)

        Emma admitted to having a crush on Tom Felton at one point, though, and Daniel admitted to having a crush on Emma at one point.

  • Dawn

    One word: fanfiction. You want Ron/Hermione? Search it. You want Harry/Hermione? Search. Draco? Fred? Snape? It’s all there. No need for shipping wars.

  • GoodFinder


  • Jill

    I always kind of hoped that Harry would end up with Hermione and Ron would find himself someone similar to Tonks. I’m perfectly happy with how it ended though.

  • sympathytears

    It’s not about Harry and Hermione together, it’s about the fact that Ron has never really respected Hermione as a person and doesn’t really know how to appreciate her. The article LITERALLY SAYS NOTHING ABOUT HARRY AND HERMIONE GETTING TOGETHER.

    • GoodFinder

      read the fourth sentence again.

    • MCK

      “Rowling says that she should have put Hermione and Harry together in the Harry Potter
      series instead of Hermione and Ron, according to the publication’s
      headline which reads “JK admits Hermione should have wed Harry.”

      Not sure how you missed that.

  • Angie

    I think all the people who are assuming she would have made Harry/Hermione a thing are really funny. She said she regrets Hermione and Ron as a couple not Harry and Ginny.

    • Pumpkin Pie

      “Rowling says she should have put Hermione and Harry together in the Harry Potter series instead of Hermione and Ron”

      This is why people are reacting that way.

  • fg

    Why doesn’t she talk about how Harry/Ginny came out of nowhere? That never made sense to me. It happened all of a sudden, as an afterthought of ‘now that Cho is out of the picture, let’s put Harry with someone’. I never bought it. However, she started dropping hints about Ron and Hermione having a different relationship (other than best friends) pretty much from the very beginning. So as Sheldon Cooper once said, ‘too late, no backsies’

    • betsy

      I think Ginny was a bigger character in her head than on the page. She was just never really able to translate it all the way, and then the horrible on screen chemistry for the movies really didn’t help things.

    • Meriyem

      I agree, I remember reading the 6th book and being so sad about what happened to Draco, and then 6 pages later Harry is kissing Ginny, and I was like WHAT ? WHAT IS GOING ON DID I MISS SOMETHING???? It just baffled me. And Hermione and Ron was pretty clear since the fourth book, I mean hints and such, even though I never liked it and shipped it, it’s weird to backtrack after writing them as a couple and after making them have children together.
      And since I’m at it, Harry and Hermione? Come on man ! Harry and Hermione and Ron behave too much like siblings for this kind of romantic entanglement to work .

  • Jesterwitch

    Personally, I was a DracoXHermione Shipper. *shrugs* ;-)

    • Mrs-N-Uzumaki


  • Lisa Lynn

    Ron and Hermione, ALWAYS!

  • han

    I cant even process this, I mean wait what??? The whole dynamic of the series is changed by this I feel – when we all do our yearly re read this will be in our minds. I cant imagine what it must be like being JK that she regrets such an integral part of her story.

  • MrsMiggles

    She needs to stop giving interviews, like, right this minute.

  • alol

    Remember Jk wrote the epilogue before she had even finished the whole series, so she felt that she had to have Hermione and Ron together. Hermione and ron’s relationship is not a good relationship. It is a very destructive with Ron always belittling Hermione.

    • Nani Lawrence Weasley

      And Hermione never belittled BOTH of them? They were both bad when they were young, then they grew up. Stand in the corner to reread the series, now!

  • Dooos

    LOL at people saying “You can’t take it back now!” It’s her world. This reminds me of the controversy of her saying Dumbledore is gay and people acting like it was just to stir controversy. If it’s from her lips, it’s canon. Just cause fans feel betrayed by this, doesn’t negate the fact that as creator of the world, she decides how it is. Of course, if you don’t like it.. fanfic :)

    • Jeri-Ann Abbott

      My only problem with her stating that Dumbledore is gay is that there was absolutely NO prior indication of it. Even the quote she chose to use to illustrate it – “his words inflamed me”. I didn’t read any sexual connotation in to that at all. Dumbledore had been an average, easygoing wizard until he met Grindlewald but became interested in the whole “pure blood” and “wizards dominating the world” idea. You could say that Hitler’s words inflamed Germany, but I wouldn’t say that everybody wanted to have a sexual relationship with him. I wouldn’t have a problem with a character having been revealed as being gay – heaven knows I always thought Neville Longbottom was – because I love the world of Valdemar created by Mercedes Lackey which has featured several openly gay major characters. I just felt that Rowling was only bowing to pressure from fans to state after the fact that Dumbledore was gay.

  • Emma

    I actually checked the date when I read this headline because I just couldn’t believe it. I’m gonna need counselling to get over this.

  • Alice

    Who else can already see all the fanfiction that’s going to come out of this?

    • Phil Boswell

      Too late…way too late!

  • Nikki

    Im sorry to say that i absolutely and completely disagree, even though J.K. Rowling has been my idol since childhood and it totally pains me to disagree with her! I think Ron would have made Hermione happy and i honestly believe that they are a perfect match. Their personalities are so different and i think that would help them balance each other out, (pardon the really cheesy remark im about to make) they complete each other. This article has broken a piece of my heart. Also! Harry and Ginny are a beautiful pairing too… I wouldn’t like to see them apart.

  • Amy Kelly

    While I can see where she’s coming from with Ron and Hermione not being a good fit, I really don’t think Harry should have ended up with Hermione. Any time that Harry was fighting with Ron and alone with Hermione he was never totally satisfied with her company. Plus, Hermione is very serious and Harry’s life has been extremely serious, I think he would need someone who could bring some fun into the relationship.

    I can’t say whether Hermione and Ron are a bad idea. The only experience I have of real people in long term relationships are my own parents (who don’t bicker). Their dynamic is very common in TV and film because it’s entertaining to watch, but obviously they’re not necessarily realistic. But if it is possible for opposites to attract in the long term, I think they have a great shot. They were friends for a long time before they got together and they obviously have a lot of shared experiences. Plus a lot of the problems in their relationship came from Ron’s immaturity and I believe that that is something he’ll grow out of.

    • humanbeing

      Listening to all of this speculation today, I’m reminded of a scene in The Five Year Engagement, where Jason Segal’s character confesses to his parents that he and his lost love couldn’t make it work because they weren’t 100 percent right for each other, and his mother basically smacks him upside the head and takes him to task for his statement, saying that she and his father probably aren’t even 60 percent right for each other, probably lower, but that they’re the love of each others lives. Relationships can be so complicated in that way; the best matches aren’t always the best matches, if that makes sense. Romance and love is really more chaos than logic, and so difficult to pin down.

  • Mathilde

    I was rooting for Hermione and Fred to be honest because they are both brilliant, and Fred could get out the playful side in Hermione. I think she definitely shouldn’t have been with Harry because they felt very wrong to me and they were like brother and sister!

  • Esmeblabbed

    Holy comments Batman

  • Valerie Marie Rutherford

    This does not seem real to me. Or maybe it’s taken out of context. If it is real, I don’t know how I feel about it. I was never the biggest Ron/Hermione fan, and I shipped Harry/Hermione pretty heavily through the first four books. After that, it became pretty clear that Hermione had deep (hidden) feelings for Ron, and that Ron was denying to himself that he felt the same. I still didn’t like the pairing, and it took all the way up to Deathly Hallows to finally see what other people saw in it. I think what did it was the way Ron reacted while Bellatrix was torturing Hermione. Ron was screaming and basically unable to think about anything else, even as Harry was planning an escape.

    Now, I could see that Ron and Hermione probably had some martial problems at some point. They are very different, in my eyes. But I don’t think you can deny the love they had. Is that enough? I don’t know. It depends on the individual people. I think it would be difficult, honestly. But if two people were really committed to making it work, I think it’s possible.

    And I reject that just because it was wish-fulfillment for JKR means it was the wrong move. Writers are meant to put some of themselves into their writing. That’s what makes it personal and real. I don’t care if it makes more sense for her to end up with Harry or someone else entirely. JKR wanted Ron and Hermione together. We can agree or disagree with her choices (That’s what fanfiction is for…), but it was what she wanted, so that’s real enough to me.

  • alol

    Would all the Ron/Hermione be saying the same things if Jk had said she wished she had put Harry and Draco together. I think not

  • Amber

    I knew it! I always knew that Ron and Hermione would have never made it. He was cruel to her far too often. Harry and Hermione forever.

  • Jo


  • Zayna

    I always secretly wished that Harry an hermione ended up together…

  • Benny

    I think that Ron and Hermione made no sense. I don’t think Harry is right for her either because she’s more of his big sister in a lot of ways. I think that if she had ended up with Fred instead it would have made more sense because he’s smart enough to keep up with her and also keeps her from being too serious. Either way it’s too late to change canon.

  • Michael Vartanian

    As much as I used to ship Harry and Hermione when reading the books as a kid, in retrospect I would never actually have wanted that to happen in the story. They would have to be significantly different people to fall in love. The Ron/ Hermione relationship is one of the best parts of the series. I can’t believe she feels this way… If only I could tell my 12 year only self that JK agrees….lol.

  • Benjamin Smith

    Goddamit Jo, Harmony Lives

  • Anna

    I don’t think Ron and Hermione would have been happy but I wouldn’t want her to be with Harry because I love that Harry and Ginny ended up together.

  • Melissa

    Harry and Hermione? That’s just…they are to much like Brother and Sister to me, that’s how they come off, and it just doesn’t work. I never really liked Ron and Hermione, and didn’t think they fit together, but they fit together better than Lupin/Tonks or Harry/Ginny (which is still feel was a cop out for no actual romance for Harry). To be honest, i was always a Draco/Hermione person, especially post-war, when he’s see the errors of his thinking and that he really didn’t want to harm people and all that jazz. But i digress. Canon is canon and i respect it.

    • Benjamin Smith

      “i was always a Draco/Hermione person”

      ….o_o BOO!!!! boooo! boo Wendy Testaburger boo! liar! boo

  • http://isabel-unfiltered.tumblr.com/ Vera

    Well… they can always divorce.

  • karina

    Harry and hermione forever <3

  • nannerl

    NoOoOoOoooOoOoOo Jo say it’s not sooooooo!

  • katie

    I don’t agree with her at all-I love the books and all but from the very first book you can see that Ron and Hermione should be together. I think that Hermione and Harry had a brother-sister type relationship. I do think Neville and Luna should have ended up together though.

  • ana

    im so sad

  • Blainers

    How about Hermione doesn’t end up with either of them? Both are overused tropes and I don’t think she’d be happy with either of them.

  • JohnHousecat

    LOL @ all of the damned Romione Shippers suckin’ on the sour grape wine that Rowling just so graciously served at our Harmony dinner.

    HA HA! VINDICATED. *expects an assload of downvotes from Romione people*

    • alol

      Amen to that

    • amyk_712

      YES! I need this legitimately confirmed so badly though…my soul is rejoicing and I’d rather not have it crushed…again…

    • humanbeing

      Unless she changes her mind back again a few years from now, in which case…Vindication Invalidated? (By the way, I’m watching as the comments are popping up around me as I type, and this article is going have crazy amounts of postings on it…yeesh).

  • beth


  • Wm. Thomas Hill

    All that ego in the same house? Harry and Hermione would be at each other hammer & tongs within a month. It’s one thing to work with someone like that with a single goal to find horcruxes, but marriage isn’t like that. No. Ron is strong and faithful but easy going. That’s what a Hermione needs. Artists need to learn to stop tinkering and let go. This is her first baby (and a big one at that with hours of labor pains at parturition). JK Rowling is just going through post-partum depression and separation anxiety as the baby tottles off throughout the world. All parents go through this. Just smile and wave JK.

    • amyk_712

      Because all those fights between Ron and Hermione was Ron being easy-going…

      • alol

        And don’t forget his.favorite name for her
        ‘know it all’

        • Phil Boswell

          Just to check, how often after that first Halloween did he actually say that?

          Didn’t he step up and defend her against Snape who said that exact thing? (In the books, not the stupid movies, obviously)

          • Wendy

            Yeah. I think he did that in PoA or GoF. He defended her to Snape. The thing that was interesting was how it pointed out that Ron called her that at least twice a week, but he was the one to speak up loudly to defend her. This is why I like Book Ron way more than Movie Ron.

            IMO, it was like, “She’s my friend, I like her, I can say that because I don’t mean anything by it and she knows it. You’re just being an arse!”

      • Wm. Thomas Hill

        The arguments at the beginning turn to lovers quarrels which by the end have dissolved into nothing.

      • leiasummers

        Ron is way more easygoing than Harry to say the least. All those ‘fights’ you saw was them angry at each other for dating different people at the time. I think Ron and Hermione are more likely to fight over small/minimal things because Ron does not operate that way. While Harry and Hermione are too strong a character to be together. They are just so destructive for each other.

        • amyk_712

          I disagree. They bickered frequently BEFORE they started dating other people. Over the Firebolt, Crookshanks, schoolwork, etc. If anything their bigger arguments showed that they were both far too stubborn and inclined to hold a grudge. Harry could be stubborn as well of course, but they were quicker to forgive each other than Ron and Hermione. The biggest fight Harry and Hermione ever got in was over the Firebolt in Prisoner of Azkaban…not only do I believe the fight was prolonged by Ron’s goading, but Harry was STILL quicker to forgive her than Ron. And I would definitely never go so far as to call their friendship destructive, nor would I define Ron and Hermione’s friendship as destructive…but sooner theirs then Harry and Hermione’s.

          • Wendy

            They bickered, that was normal. The only real arguments they had were probably the Yule Ball argument in GoF and the Rat/Cat thing in PoA (which I felt Ron was entirely in the right given Hermione’s actions here).

            Oh and you mustn’t forget…they seem to enjoy their bickering sessions. The two looked “offended” when Harry told them to stop.

          • amyk_712

            Well, I generally think a lot of people are offended when a person calls them out on their behavior. And I’m not saying bickering is abnormal. I’m just pointing out that their bickering indicates stronger evidence of Ron and Hermione both being more headstrong than Harry necessarily is.

          • Wendy

            But they still came across, to me, as enjoying it. There are couples like that. The bickering couple dynamic. Either way, I always felt they enjoyed it because they did so, so often. If they didn’t like it, seems they would’ve gone out of their way not to. Maybe if she had written “surprised” or some other descriptive word, I wouldn’t have viewed it in this nature.

            But from a literary standpoint, I always felt that JKR wrote them that way so that we readers could get to hear two sides of an argument (debate) to get us thinking. Like the Snape thing. Ron would go on about how he can’t be trusted while Hermione would say otherwise, and both had good valid reasons for the argument.

            As for Harry and Hermione, I always felt that Hermione’s personality would’ve been too forceful for Harry. Seems in the books, he would usually just tell Hermione what she wanted to hear to get her off of his case or either let Ron handle her (and I guess his character is used to it because of his own parents).

  • alol

    Who cares if Ron and Hermione have children? Plenty of people have children and still love someone else.

  • amyk_712

    PLEASE for the love of all that is holy I hope this interview is legit… I disliked Hermione and Ron together is the series, and I hated Harry and Ginny together even more the longer I thought about it. The former had too much contention and I don’t feel like they had enough in common…the latter was entirely too shallow. This would make my…day? Month? Year? Good God I am flipping right now and need this confirmed or denied!!!

  • M

    Bloody hell naw!

  • nimbuschick

    I think Harry and Hermione would have been a mistake. It was too cliched and also their relationship felt too familial. That would have bothered me.

  • mtlss


  • Delena

    Every ounce of me hopes this isn’t real… If it is, it completely breaks my heart. The possibility that JK Rowling doesn’t seem to think very highly of Ron or he and Hermione’s relationship absolutely infuriates me. When I was in 2nd grade — before Ron and Hermione were even close to being together — I wrote in my little journal “RW + HG”. I was a little kid and I could see it. And to say she belongs with Harry? That’s just…not…right… Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are the fictional characters I hold closest to my heart. To regret their entire relationship — which in part is regretting entire aspects of their characters — is… I don’t even know what to say. If she did in fact say this, I’m shocked, saddened, and can’t help but feel a bit personally offended. This isn’t a matter of dumb shipping wars and “who was right”. This is a matter of two characters that we’ve grown up and grown to love and saying parts of them are “regrettable”. Regardless, it really doesn’t matter what she says. Hermione and Ron will always be such important people to me and I’ll always hold them in high regards — flaws and all. Even if she regrets their relationship, I sure as hell don’t.

    • Benjamin Smith

      um……uh…… *backs away quietly*

      • Delena


  • Breanna

    I think I just died. The thought of Harry and Hermione together makes me sick. I would have been happier if she said Hermione and DRACO should have ended up together!

    • Mrs-N-Uzumaki


  • Severus Snape


    • vivcious

      never hopefully. with all the zero character development snape went through in the books, he doesn’t deserve lily.

  • Phil Boswell

    I am deeply sceptical about this. All the publicity about Emma Watson being “Guest Editor” of this magazine (of which I have never heard and doubt I will hear again) was about the pictures of her which would adorn the cover and be displayed inside.

    Surely if they had an interview with JKR in the bag, their publicity machine would have gone into overdrive, and everybody would have known about it weeks in advance!

    I smell a rat…and not an Animagus either ;-)

    • vivcious

      to be fair, they’re doing the marketing right now with this lol.

      and she really is the guest editor, there’s tweets from both emma and the magazine talking about it

  • mtlss

    I’m so afraid that this has been said just to create a sensation! I don’t ever want to doubt her but after the whole “I considered killing Ron” thing…I hope they’re not just trying to create headlines!

  • Richard Selby

    Ron and Hermione would have just got a divorce when their kids turned 15.

  • LostInPotter

    This isn’t saying that she should be with Harry, rather Ron can’t make her happy. Nor would Harry in my opinion. Maybe we’re missing the point and Hermione is just too independent to need any man to “make her happy”.

    • hogwarts_whovian

      Um… first sentence of the third paragraph: “Rowling says that she should have put Hermione and Harry together.” Yes, it is saying that she should be with Harry. Now, I do agree that Hermione is fiercely independent, and doesn’t NEED a man to be happy, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t WANT one. There’s a big difference.

  • hogwarts_whovian

    I AGREE!!! I AGREE SO MUCH!!! And it has nothing to do with Harry being the hero, nor with Ron being inferior. I just always felt like Harry and Hermione had better chemistry, and a stronger, deeper bond. Let me clarify: I think Ron and Hermione are cute together – in the teenage sweethearts, puppy love sort of way. They’re the high school couple that everyone (including them) thinks will last forever, but after a while – anywhere from six months to three years – the sparkle and glitter of the relationship fades, and they either start fighting nonstop, or they just sort of grow further and further apart. But Harry and Hermione have this intense, unbreakable bond, and even if you believe it’s more like the bond between siblings (which personally, I think is a load of crap, but hey, that’s my opinion), you can’t deny that they have a connection. Besides, your husband/wife is meant to be your best friend, the one person you can trust above all else. That’s what Harry and Hermione have.

  • Guest


  • humanbeing

    Dear God, this is going to get messy…Jo, Jo, what have you wrought? :)

  • elise

    in my crack-shipper heart, rowling killed off ron instead of fred and fred and hermione got married

    • Dominique Heflin

      Too bad your heart got AK’ed along with Fred’s face.

  • megan

    I always loved Ron and Hermione, if not them, then I would have been fine with another pairing outside of the main characters to sustain the friendship between all three, since that is what I cherished about this book as a child, that the friendship was just as important and did not need to diverge into something else to become something of value to the main character. Happy it turned out like it did

  • Dargon

    Nope. No this is wrong. No no no. Don’t care if it’s her book, she’s wrong. Why is the mean lady ruining my childhood?

  • amberissmiling

    This is actually upsetting and I’m not sure I understand what the point is. To stir up drama? Why?

  • bethanny23

    I have a strong feeling that this isn’t real.

  • Sam Poly

    I, for one think Hermione should have ended up with Draco ._.

  • Ruth

    Eww! For me, Harry and Hermione being together is like if Ron and Ginny were a couple. Plus I always liked that romantic love wasn’t a big thing in hp and if Harry and hermione had been a couple it would have been.

  • Tallulah Jane

    agreed it’s not like Ron wasnt a major character. but I always envisioned Harry and Hermoine together. I’m glad to think that the author has finally admitted her fault! Ron and Hermoine seemed so contrived and out of left field! I remember Harry having more in common with Hermoine bc they both had muggle blood. and that Hermoine always came to Harry’s help/rescue for potions or during school. So i didnt see how Hermoine and Ron had anything in common that would make a strong enough bond to be with each other forever

  • commentingcarlie

    Andrew I love how you ended this article like an obituary…

  • Sel U Own My Heart!

    I don’t think this is true. Until I see and hear the interview, I will consider it all made up.

  • MCK

    This is very disappointing.
    Harry and Hermione? Ugh no. Popular hero boy and lead girl fall in love and get married? Yawn. Too cliche and predictable. I love Harry and Ginny, I love Ron and Hermione.

    For those who keep talking about how Ron treats Hermione, let’s not pretend Hermione is a sweet little innocent. She’s been extremely condescending and cutting to both Ron and Harry. But part of why I love all the HP characters is because they are all flawed.

    • amyk_712

      I think the popular hero getting with the beautiful, popular, athletic, funny, hero-worshipping girl is exceedingly more cliche than the hero getting with his nerdy, book-worm best friend who stuck by him through absolutely everything.

      And the “opposite attracts,” “he’s/she’s mean to you because he/she likes you” dynamic Ron and Hermione have going is also TOTALLY not cliche…

      • MCK

        Sorry, I disagree. Hermione being a “nerdy, book-worm best friend who stuck by him through absolutely everything” doesn’t make her any less of the lead (hero) girl who would have played the WAY overdone situation of a pairing with the popular hero boy had Rowling wrote it that way. I was so relieved she didn’t go that route. I’d much rather have the Ron/Hermione “cliche.” I’m sick of books and movies that take the “hero boy wins it all” route.

        • amyk_712

          Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, of course…I don’t think that just because Hermione was the prominently featured girl in the novels makes her getting with the protagonist a cliche, nor do I think I would consider it as “hero wins all”…it’s just who fits together better that matters. Ginny could have been the main “heroine” in the novel, and I think that Harry still would have been more suited to Hermione. But, again, personal preference/thoughts on the matter.

          • MCK

            To each his own. In my opinion, it’s a tired and overplayed story line that I am glad didn’t worm its way into the books (and considering how many people expected them to be together, it shows how much that story line is ingrained in people). Sometimes it’s nice to see that the female best friend who stuck by someone’s side can actually remain just a friend without it being romantic in any way. I don’t think Harry and Hermione would have fit well together. I think Ginny works well with Harry…with her headstrong being her own person attitude that takes Harry’s occasional arrogance down a few notches.
            As you said, personal preference.

          • amyk_712

            I’m pretty positive most people knew Ron/Hermione was going to happen in the books from like the fourth novel on. And having been a fan of Harry/Hermione for a long time, I can definitely attest to Ron/Hermione fans insisting the same anytime a H/Hr preference was expressed (the infamous “delusional” interview didn’t help matters on that front). Even though I didn’t like Ron and Hermione together and wished otherwise, I was fairly certain Harry/Hermione wasn’t going to happen.

          • leiasummers

            I think Ginny never got over her hero ideal crush from when she was young and heard story about the famous boy hero.

            I also think Hermione and Harry would be too destructive. I think when you say nerdy girl, I think you mean the shy dependent type and I for one know Hermione is the exact opposite. She’s too headstrong for Harry. If you want to use stuck by him through everything, then let’s bring in Luna who never once turned on Harry. Hermione was too set in her ways, I think her persistent personality of always thinking she’s right (SPEW?) would have been too controlling for the Harry who has been controlled all his life. I think if they were together, Harry would be fed up with her in a heartbeat. In a way, Ginny’s crush with her red hair like his mother and perfect ‘in’ to the Weasley family would be more attractive than Hermione(Yes, this is the only reason why Harry would even go for Ginny, makes me want to puke). This is not too say that Hermione is a bad person, her intention is good but that does not make her actions right.

            Harry on the other hand, is too oblivious for his own good. He would do things to her, he would never know is wrong. And she would take it as a personal insult and be huffy about it like she always does. Harry would not know how to comfort her, not in the goblet of fire(when she fought with ron) or the half blood prince (where she was upset with lavender and ron) and even in the camp ( the dance scenes in the movie were awkward at best though the book was better). Seriously, the r/s is doomed to fail. I don’t have a main ship for this trio but I vehemently can’t stand Harry/Hermione.

          • amyk_712

            No, I don’t perceive Hermione as the shy, dependent type. I completely agree that she can be very headstrong and persistent, especially regarding things she’s passionate about. That being said, I think that pretty well sums up why she’s even less suited for Ron. And frankly I think you’re largely getting Harry’s character pretty wrong. I think you could easily substitute Ron’s name into that last paragraph and have a more accurate interpretation. Sure, there are definitely times when Harry has gotten self-involved and stubborn and even insensitive, but usually for a pretty good reason (i.e. being possessed by Voldemort, being intentionally left in the dark, being basically banished to the Dursleys, etc). Ron has hurt Hermione FAR more often than Harry has. Hell, the foundation of their friendship came from an incident that stemmed directly from Ron being an insensitive prat (yes, I know he was 11, but there are still plenty of circumstances afterward). I sincerely doubt Ron would ever have even become friends with Hermione if it wasn’t for Harry.

            Also, while I adore Luna, putting her on par with Hermione in terms of her experiences with Harry is not really valid.

  • Nick

    This would have probably happened if Ron died! Harry and Hermione would be left alone and they would end up together.

  • salina

    The thing that has always bothered me about this discussion is that it is always focused on whether or not Ron will have made Hermione happy; rarely does it focus on the reciprocal of would Hermione have made Ron happy. Hermione was belittling and arrogant at times, so to think that Ron would have been the only negative force in their relationship is clearly biased.

    That being said, I truly believe that Ron and Hermione are the only people who would understand each other, and I do think that they make each other happy. They balance each other out — Ron makes her laugh and Hermione keeps him in check. Harry/Hermione would have seemed bland and forced, whereas Ron/Hermione seemed real.

    I’m tired of Ron being pushed to the background and being seen by those who haven’t read the books (and even some that have) as a secondary character who is meant to simply sit there, look dumb, and tell jokes.

    • MCK

      Thank you…exactly how I feel.

    • Breanna

      Thank you! It seriously pisses me off how Ron ALWAYS gets pushed to the sidelines. Yes, I know this is fiction, but this is about as real as my childhood gets so I get very fired up over stuff like this. Everyone thinks he’s stupid, but he’s NOT, he’s actually a very smart character!!

    • Jojo_Squires

      Yeah, it’s totally unfair that it’s “I don’t know if Ron could make HER happy…” What about Ron? Does he not deserve to be happy? Ugh, that being said, they are perfect for one another. Harry and Hermione are two VERY intense individuals… They’d be HORRIBLE as a couple. There would be no level of calmness or contentment. Ron is more laid back and gets Hermione to relax. Hermione makes sure that Ron takes things seriously when the situation requires it. Harry and Hermione’s relationship would be one huge anxiety fest!

  • Rachel Whelen

    I feel like I just found out my whole life is a lie…
    Why would she say such a thing? :/

    • Juhina


    • Breanna

      That’s how I feel too… Sometimes I honestly think Jo just likes to stir the pot. I’m still not sure if this is real.

  • shadezero

    This kind of makes sense…psychology has shown that while opposites (like Ron and Hermione) DO attract, they don’t form relationships as stable as when two similar people get together. Not that I necessarily think that Harry and Hermione would have made a better couple, but I can see why Rowling would be regretting putting two such incompatible characters together.
    Also, I’m totally aware that lots of people who read this will be able to claim to be from prosperous relationships where they and their partner are very different; I’m not trying to disparage these relationships, just sharing scientific fact. Usually “opposites attract” doesn’t hold for very long in a relationship.

  • Ebster

    When reading the last book, had the thought “If all this were real, Hemione wouldn’t have married Ron. Of course its a book and she can do whatever she wants.”

    I like this because it validated my vision of what their relationship is.

  • Seda Weasley

    what? noooo what? nooo i just cant with this right now. i absolutely love jk, with every fiber of my being and i have always been first to defend anything that happens in the series but this? harry and hermione i never could see them together even if ron wasnt in the picture.
    i know what people are gonna say, shes the author and she probably knows better but argh i grew up reading these books and ive reread these books multiple times and there was never a single moment when i believed that ron and hermione werent perfect for eachother or that harry and hermione were anything more than best friends, more like siblings infact.
    but i guess thats just one persons oppinion.

    • Breanna

      I absolutely agree with you! I’ve read these books probably a hundred times, no joke, and I can’t believe Jo would go against what she said SO many times (H/Hr shippers being “delusional”)

  • shewholovesall

    where is this interview? Why no link? or name of publication? And somehow no one knew that Emma Watson interviewed JK Rowling? Suspicions to me

    • BlueBronze

      It’s in The Sunday Times. Snitchseeker has a photo up if you want to see.

  • Delena

    And it’s not like Ron acts the way he did in GoF forever. That was the point…to show a teenage boy being the little immature snot that he is and then to have him grow. Because that’s what people do. It’s not like after they get married and have kids and stuff that he’s still gonna act like he’s fourteen. Sure, they might still fight, but who doesn’t? One of the reasons I think Ron and Hermione’s bond is strong is because she helps him grow up some. The war helps a lot with that too, of course.

  • Kat

    I am having a very difficult time taking this article seriously. I’d actually need to see video proof of JK Rowling saying this for me to actually believe it. There’s no way. We’re talking about a woman who agreed with a guy who called Harry and Hermione shippers “delusional” saying she dropped “anvil-sized hints” that it would be Ron and Hermione from the start. For her to all of a sudden change her mind about the canon that she wrote in seven books is really, REALLY hard to believe.

    • Samantha

      Well, she dropped those hints because she wanted it to happen. She’s saying she regrets making those decisions. That’s a totally different thing to say.

      I think, after a certain point, it was obvious she was going the Ron/Hermione route, and it certainly was delusional to think that she wasn’t. But that doesn’t mean it was something that fit for their characters. That’s always been my argument, anyway.

  • Matthew Currie

    It’s always interesting when a writer’s characters don’t end up doing what the writer initially “tells” them to do.

  • KC Pendragon

    If Harry had ended up with Hermione it would have been like so many other trios that have been around. Main character gets the girl. Yawn. I probably would have thrown the book against the wall.

  • Meilinn

    I am so disappointed rn. What kind of author says a thing like this years after she finished the story? After explicitly stating the opposite many times? Really, Jo? This is cheap and sad.

    • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

      It’s her own story, she can decide.

      • Meilinn

        A nice time to ‘decide’ when everything’s been said and done years ago.

        • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

          It doesn’t matter. She created this world and wrote it for many years. And from what I could tell the fandom still lives on through fans, so why not Rowling? Her book, her rules.

          • Meilinn

            Her books are long over. This is either a fake or a pathetic PR attempt. Either way I’m not impressed.

          • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

            lol someone’s bitter about their ship, why? You said so yourself, the books are already written.
            I was never a fan of Ron/Hermione. I wanted Hermione with anyone else, Harry, Draco, Fred, Neville, I don’t care, just not with Ron!

          • Meilinn

            I am bitter about JKR’s unprofessionalism.

          • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

            I’ve seen examples of “unprofessionalism” when it comes to authors. This doesn’t cut much of it.

  • Roneo San

    Ron and Hermione’s, and even more, Harry and Ginny’s relationship, always felt very, very forced to me. Didn’t like at all. Now I know why.

  • s

    I thought the whole point here was that by having Ron marry Hermione, and Harry marry Ron’s sister, and then all of them having kids, the three protagonists would be family forever.

    • Dominique Heflin

      Yep, and it’s such a stupid notion as well. Harry and Ginny is a horrible pairing.

  • serpentinequeen

    While I am glad to hear that she regrets putting the two of them together, I am quite happy that she didn’t’ put Harry/Hermione together. I would have preferred for them to have a functional polyamorous relationship between the three of them. You can’t have one without the other and each one picks up slack for the other in the things they lack to make an effective unit.

    Personally, I would have liked to see Hermione eventually wind up with Viktor Krum, but that is why I have fan fiction.

  • http://daydreamsandwhispers.tumblr.com/ Hermione Granger

    I was never one to actually care much about which way the romantic parts of the story went. It made sense to me that romance was a part of the story, as it is a part of life, and with the characters that she created so well and deep, it always made sense to me that everyone really did find their romantic match…

    I was never one for “shipping” in this universe, so to speak. I thought it always made great sense that Ron and Hermione were the ones who danced around each other all those years, who had that connection that would always be cantankerous, but was real…and that Harry was the one who she could turn to without judgment, without feeling any sexual tension.

    Harry was a really emotionally stunted person, and as we saw with Jo, really needed someone who could push him out of his “wallowing” periods and would be extremely strong without asking for much in return (except loyalty and love, of course). He found that in Ginny. Hermione was a very emotional person, even if she had an ability to regulate it. As we saw in Deathly Hallows, Harry (ironically) was often unintentionally insensitive towards her, and Ron was the one who was, I think, less threatened by the female who really knew everything (Harry and Hermione often were the ones arguing about which version of something was really happening).

  • Hugo Weasley

    Oh no

  • Beth

    I liked Ron and Hermione because their relationship was flawed. Harry and Hermione would’ve been too perfect for each other. Also, Harry marrying Ginny, and Ron with Hermione, it meant that the main three ended up as family and connected at the end rather then one left out.

  • Christina

    I could see why Ron would want to be with Hermione, but I could never really buy Hermione settling for Ron. I accepted it as this: he grew on her over the years, and her intelligence and leveheaded thinking balanced out his simpler way of thinking and bumbling tendencies. Even if Hermione didn’t marry Harry, I would still not have chosen Ron for her.

    • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

      THANK YOU!

  • Nitwitoddment

    Anyone remembering the “anvil-sized” hints and the DELUSIONAL harry/hermione shippers in 2005? I just find this confusing but it’s her characters though.

  • Juhina

    NO!!! Why did she have the need to broadcast this? I DONT WANT TO KNOW YOUR REGRETS! leave the story and books alone! UGH. I am so freaking pissed off right now.

  • Sydney

    I like Ron and Hermione together because they are an unconventional couple. It shows that two people that might not get along in the beginning can end up becoming a couple and even get married. I am glad that Harry and Ginny ended up together, especially with how much Ginny loved Harry from the beginning. This also shows that one person might have feelings from the start while the other person has to develop them

  • Dramione shipper

    Everybody is arguing either for Romione or Harmony, and I’m over here shipping DracoHermione…

  • jk

    Anyone remember Joel McHale’s hilarious “Soup” parody that edited the “Goblet of Fire” trailer to make a sort of Harry/Ron “shipper”? Look for it on YouTube.

  • Jessie

    Although I didn’t necessarily feel like Ron and Hermione would have been the best romantic couple, Harry/Hermione ending up romantically would have been even more awkward imo. I think that while Harry/Hermione have the undeniable stronger bond, it’s more a sibling bond than a romantic one. :/ I would’ve preferred if Hermione didn’t end up with either of them, actually. She can have Draco. :D

  • humanbeing

    LOL @ the picture used at the top of the article. It looks like Ron is saying, “WTF, Author Lady?”, and Hermione is seriously considering things…

  • atltaics3

    Ron and Hermione just didn’t fit, as much as we all love the whole underdog gets the girl thing.

    I feel like even Victor Krum wouldve been better suited for her.

    Hermione needs an alphamale who’s as powerful as she, as intelligent to keep up the witty verbal sparring, and someone who can challenge her and keep her on her toes. Ron just doesn’t fit her.

    Harry and Hermione is okay, but they already developed a brother-sister relationship in the books.
    Although, for some reason, i still can’t accept Ginny for Harry.

    If only JK Rowling gave Draco Malfoy redemption despite his “bad fate” surname, Hermione wouldve been perfect for him, to guide him into the light.
    They are complete opposites, yet compliments each other.

    JK Rowling was adamant in presenting links between the first war and the second war (killing Lupin and Tonks), yet she didnt include a Snape-Lily relationship in the second war.

    Draco and Hermione couldve fulfilled that, and could also present a good lesson that redemption and forgiveness can be found through love.

    • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

      Dramione (even though it’s far-fetched to think Rowling even considered them) <33

  • Phoebe

    I get that people ship Ron and Hermione but I can’t help but feel elated by this article and J.K’s comments because since I was a young girl, I always thought Harry and Hermione were meant to be. Even when I knew they wouldn’t end up together, I felt like they were always right for each other.

    She did what she felt like doing in the moment, what felt right to her when she wrote it. But her regretting it now cannot change that they are together in canon. But I fully support her in whatever she says about Harry Potter and who should have been with who because in the end, it isn’t about the romantic relationships, it’s about the Trio and their never ending friendship. The story, away from romance, gives all who love HP hope that they can be told they’re not good enough, can live under the stairs, can go through terrible things, but come out a survivor with people who mean most to you. Which, even though J.K might regret putting them together, what I take from the story is that. I think the story of their friendship is more important than the stories of their romance.

  • Slytherin Girl

    I think she should write a book on the main characters children at Hogwarts. Does anyone agree with me?

    • Ella

      Yes. 100% yes

  • Stacey

    Ron and Hermione are PERFECT for each other!

  • Ruth

    Just because Harry and Hermione had a bond doesn’t mean they were meant for each other. It annoys me so much that people always jump to romance everytime two people are friends. I loved that they were only friends because it showed me that I could be friends with someone of the opposite sex even though people are always like “boys and girls can’t be just friends.”

  • Emma-Jean Patterson

    I think it would have been too far cliche to put Harry and Hermione together. That’s what everyone was expecting from the first book, and the fact that it didn’t turn out that way is very relateable to many people. Plus, it shows that you don’t have to be the most special person in the world to get the girl. You just have to be a genuinely good guy.

    • George Millhouse

      in other words….fantasy

  • Ella

    Surely if Jo regretted it, she would have changed the entire series to fit around the Harry/Hermione love story. I just feel like she would never have wanted or needed to do that.

  • Zack

    I loved Hermione/Ron as a couple, but Hermione/Harry just felt perfect to me. Ron and Hermione were downright nasty to each other a lot, which I guess is what makes their relationship so complex; but Hermione and Harry just felt natural to me.

  • Mel

    I’m glad Harry ended up with Ginny over Hermione (leading man with leading lady, boring!). I hate the Ron and Hermione relationship however, that seemed desperate and predictable as well, they were so not suited for each other. Ron should’ve found happiness elsewhere.

  • Ella

    Poor Ron. Thinking about killing Ron off, and saying he and Hermione would need so-called “Relationship counseling?” I think not. Besides, they have two perfect children. (Well, as far as fans say.)

  • BlueBronze

    Surprisingly, as someone who was a Harry/Hermione shipper in the beginning, I’m not actually happy about this. The distance between when I first read the books nearly 15 years ago and now actually made me realize the romance in the trio at all was pretty unrealistic. They really seemed like siblings. I never really counted Ron and Hermione’s bickering to be chemistry, and Harry and Hermione didn’t have anything romantic between them. I agree that it could’ve gone either way, but from what we were given in the books…. meh.

  • soccerteesandplaydoh

    For Pete’s sake — given that Harry Potter is a retelling of the Arthurian legend, which it is, Arthur and Guinevere (Harry and Hermione) canNOT get together even though they are supposed to be together originally, and she winds up with Lancelot/best friend/Ron Weasley, with her husband’s approval.

    The Arthur/Luke Skywalker/Harry figure HAS to be alone at story’s end — why? because of his role as the Jesus/hero sacrifice. His true love is the world, not one woman. It would make a totally different story if he were paired off.

    • Sunbird

      uhm… he was paired off… to Ginny.

  • Kat

    They were all teenagers when their attractions began. I have a hard time believing any of them would end up together or would be happy doing so. We change so much between 18 and 25. Harry had a lot of things to deal with in his life to even consider any permanent relationship before he dealt with his childhood traumas. No, Harry may have ended up with Hermione eventually or even Ron, but not until they had experienced a little life outside of Hogwarts and Tom Riddle.

  • Heleen Krueger

    It’s not too late to have them divorce in a fanfic. “Harry Potter and the Midlife Crisis.”

  • Muggle7

    It’s not about other stories or cliches. Harry and Hermione had better chemistry. That’s all there is to it. I agree with J. K. Rowling 100%.

  • ShikiKira

    Yes! I agree that Ron and Hermione was a huge mistake!

  • SomeGuy

    I always thought Ron and Hermione were a good couple, especially since they’ve bickered since the first book. And Rowling built a growing attraction between them since like, the third book.
    Harry should have gotten together with Luna Lovegood, ’cause she cracks me up.

    • BlueBronze

      why done people equate bickering with chemistry? I have literally never understood this.

      • Wendy

        Some people bicker. Some people like bickering. I personally felt that both enjoyed it.

        That aside, for some people, this dynamic works fine for them. My parents fit this dynamic, but for a person like me, it would drive me mad, but for them, it works out fine and they’ve been together for nearly 40 years.

  • notmonday

    Though I like them, I’d be fine with Ron/Hermione not happening, but I personally hate Harry/Hermione as a pairing. I never thought there was any romantic chemistry there, and I loved their relationship as just friends. Now, about Dramione…
    I was never a Harry/Ginny fan either; it felt too forced. Harry/Luna for the win.

    • Ella

      THere we go!

  • Emmy

    I never saw the Ron-Hermione chemistry… but the worst had to have been the Ginny-Harry. In the movies, I felt like Harry and Hermione had the most chemistry, like in Deathly Hallows Part 1, for a moment, I didn’t even want Ron to come back. Personally, I was hoping for Hermione & Draco. How cool would that be?

    • Breanna

      That’s the movies. We’re talking about the books here. But I do agree with you that Hermione/Draco would have been WICKED.

    • Muggle7

      We are on the same page. Haha.

  • ignitions

    this sounds super fake tbh

  • Ella

    Alright, lets all face it. The books were written the way they were written. I am 100% happy with how they turned out. There were losses, relationships failed while others blossomed. JK Rowling wrote what she wrote. So lets all just MOVE ON ALREADY.

  • Kristin Moutrey

    There are plenty of stories where the underdog ends up with the amazing girl (Ron & Hermione). There are NOT enough stories where the weird girl ends up with the hero (Harry & Luna). I really think Luna understood him on a level that others didn’t. Ginny was too boring.

    • Vanessa

      I’ve always approved of Harry/Luna, too. :)

    • http://liquidwaffles.tumblr.com/ pope_suburban

      Yeah, I always thought Luna would have been a good fit for Harry. The conversation they had at the end of book five sold me on it; she’s really perceptive and she seems to get what Harry’s about more than his BFFs do.

    • Alissa Roy

      I think book-Ginny was good for Harry- definitely not movie-Ginny. I think Luna could have worked for him on some level as well.

    • Nani Lawrence Weasley

      I completely agree, but I also found it meaningful that he ended up an actual part, through marriage, of the only family he knew.

  • JB5112

    Y’know, I’m personally glad that Harry and Ginny ended up together, as Ron and Hermione did. It all tied up together in one nice little bow.

  • WHyyy

    David Yates must be applauding himself

  • Arya


  • Michael Ratliff

    I like it as is. I was always rooting for Harry and Ginny the whole time. My only regret was that the final battle with Voldemort and Harry wasn’t more drawn out, instead of just a final duel.

  • Vanessa

    YES! This makes me so happy, as I’ve always just ignored the last chapter of Deathly Hallows. Hermione and Ron never felt compatible to me (neither do Hermione and Harry, to be honest). She is far too brilliant and mature. That girl deserves an intelligent man (perhaps with a significant age gap between them). A man who can challenge her and truly appreciate that mind of hers. :)

    • Veronica

      I agree with this completely. I’m thinking… dare I say it? Hermione and Severus.

      • Dominique Heflin

        Lol, NO.

  • Sentsuizan

    Poor Ron. Poor guy can’t catch a break even in meta.

    • Nani Lawrence Weasley

      I absolutely HATE how under-rated he is, especially after how under-rated he is in the books themselves. How can fans be like that?

    • Jojo_Squires

      Agreed. I love the character and he never seems to get the love he deserves. He did a lot in the books. Ron needs to be treated better!

  • LaurenElise

    No way! Okay, they’re relationship may not have been perfect, but whose is?! Harry and Ginny were exactly right for one another, and it’s a pairing that means a lot to me – if Harry and Hermione had ended up together, I would have been seriously disappointed

  • davidbonzaisaldanamontgomery

    Finally, JK has seen the correct light. Wait till Ron finds out those children aren’t his, either.

    *starts YESing Daniel Bryan-style*

    • Weird

      Is there a spell or potion to determine father?

      • davidbonzaisaldanamontgomery

        Yes. Maury Povichendo!

  • Anon

    JKR had it right all along. Harry belonged with Ginny. And Ron and Hermione enjoyed arguing so fitted together. Harry and Hermione never could have been more than friends as they were written and created. They had no sexual attraction.

  • Alissa Roy

    This kind of makes me sad, because I ALWAYS envisioned Hermione and Ron together from book one. It is just kind of the classic age-old story where boy meets girl, they hate each other, but then learn that they have this amazing give and take that makes them perfect for each other. I could never envision Harry/Hermione together. They always seemed too much like siblings for me. I just don’t even get why JKR is saying this, because what has happened has happened and there is no way to change it, so why bother saying it?

    • Ella

      Thank you!!!

  • Brittany Forbes

    I think the real regret should be Harry and Ginny. That was so rushed and Harry really moreso married her family than her.

  • Julia Robertson

    I regret ever having to hear of the entire series.

  • Hytop

    Can’t wait to see the forums and authors notes in fanfiction on this.

  • hplover736

    I honestly think it would have been better if Ron wasn’t the one who created a lot of problems and Harry was the ‘perfect’ hero. Like, I like how she put them together to get rid of the stereotype, but I always disliked Romione for the same reason she does, they would not have made it together. Also, I honestly think that Ginny and Harry would have been the same. It’s not because they fought like Ron and Hermione, but it’s because there wasn’t really a relationship between them. There was no talk, not deep connection, she was just there as a distraction from all the terribleness of Harry’s life. She did almost canon Fremione though, that I could actually see.

  • Irving

    So here’s what annoys me. Until the end of Twilight, EVERYONE really liked the happy ending scenario. All of a sudden, dystopian novels and sad ending came out. Now everybody wants that. Whether or not you think it’s an overused literary device or think the trio had only platonic relationships, or just plain ship other people. It doesn’t matter! Remember that all of you have formed opinions. If you re-read the books, you are going to see(read) what you want to. However, also remember that the love story was never the focus. It was a side product.

    • Irving

      For fanfiction, the relationship is usually what drives the story. Not always. Now as for JK Rowling saying something else, what else is new? I admit I’m happy but that’s my opinion. I can make a case againts him, but also for him. There’s always two sides to a coin.

  • Camilla

    are you fucking kidding me.

  • Joaaaannne

    Draco + Hermione forever. Waddup.

  • kIsS tHe PaNdA

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I knew it! I knew something was wrong, it had to be Harry and Hermione!

  • Emily

    I have to say in the beginning I was rooting for Harry and Hermione to get together. I think they would be really cute. But as I got a better picture of Harry’s mother and what Ginny was growing up to look like, it was obvious how it was going to go down. Harry and Ginny are an identical pair to his parents and it only made since that Ron and Hermione would end up together.

  • autumn

    I feel like the way J.K.Rowling made the book the first way was perfect. She made it so that everyone would end up as family, Harry marrying Ginny and Ron marrying Hermione made them actual family which i think was a really cute way to end the book. The friends ended up as family. But even at that at first i thought Harry and Hermione would end up together, but im way happier she wasnt cliche and made it the way it was. c:

  • Hytop

    Easily the most commented thing on here.

  • Vincent William Nistico

    Personally I agree with the decision just because I hate Harry ending up with the depthless fangirl.

  • Ruth

    “wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy” hahahhahahahahahaha because Ron wasn’t the one who always made her laugh and stood up for her and respected her opinions but also gave her someone to debate with? What a joke. The movie has manipulated everyone into thinking Harry and Hermione are a good idea.

    • Breanna

      Right?? The movies pretty much ruined the true perception of the trio’s relationships with each other! Unfortunately it looks like they got to the author herself… yes, I did just say that. Ron and Hermione are perfect.

    • rom pom pom

      Have you even read the books? I dare you to find one case, when Ron stood up for Hermione, that wasn’t in book 6 or 7 (although I doubt you find some even there)

      • Jojo_Squires

        Dude, second book. After Malfoy called her a “mudblood” he tried to curse him (CoS US ed. 112). And that’s not the only time. I’m pretty sure he gets detention for snapping back at Snape when he takes a shot at her (PoA US ed. p.172). It was Ron who ran to her when she got hit by a curse and pointed it out to Snape that the Slytherins did it (GoF 299) and then yelled at him when he insulted her-though Harry helped with that last part-(GoF 300). The movies turned Ron into a moron (despite Rupert’s wonderful work….Kloves…grrr) and made Hermione perfect (when-even though she is a wonderful character-she can be a shrill, uncaring brat at times). It’s unfair because Ron is a wonderful character and he should have gotten as much recognition as the other two.

        • Wendy

          I so agree with this. Ron’s always been the type to defend his friends and family, but at times it was pretty strong when it came to Hermione.

          Also, adding on, in book 2, after Hermione was petrified, Malfoy made that crack about how it was a shame that Hermione wasn’t killed and only petrified. Dean and Harry had to hold Ron back from going after Malfoy. Class had let out during that time right when he said it, and both boys had to struggle to keep him from practically going after the boy all the way to their next class and he even said so. “I don’t need my wand, I’ll kill him with my bare hands.” He said something like that.

          That aside, that’s something I disliked about the movies. It seemed that outside of the first film (maybe…they did make Ron the panicky one when in the book it was Hermione and Ron had to remind her that she was a witch), the characters were slightly…changed up compared to their book counterparts, especially Ron who was reduced to only comic relief and Hermione as perfect. Even in movie 2, they gave Hermione roles/lines from Dumbledore, Ron, and Arthur Weasley, for example.

          Yes, Hermione is the brains of the trio (when it comes to wizarding knowledge/subjects) but Ron was the street smarts one who was usually the one who gave information regarding how things actually WORKED in the wizarding world as he grew up in it. So he’d definitely have some knowledge that Harry and Hermione wouldn’t.

          The books, imo, balanced them out. Each had their weaknesses and strengths and it never really felt one character was more important than the other (regarding Ron and Hermione). The movies screwed that over, especially in movie 3 (the whole thing with Ron whimpering for Harry to help him was pathetic and an injustice to the character, who was dragged by Padfoot because he was protecting Harry….he was fighting to get away from him, not whining for Harry to help him). They gave Ron’s role to Hermione in the Shrieking Shack which really annoyed.

          Even in movie 2, with the spider thing, Ron was whimpering the whole time, even before they went, seemingly. In the book, I love the fact that seeing Hermione’s empty chair is what gave him the courage to go in the first place. Facing his biggest fear for a friend. You can’t have any better friend than that.

          That aside, for the movies, and as a person who was a bookreader prior to the films, this always bothered me, especially since, for the books, out of the Trio, Ron was my favorite.

  • Fitbeans

    I wanted Harry to end up with Luna. I didn’t mind the Hermione and Ron relationship, except that he wasn’t her equal and would have never challenged her. There’s no law that says you need to marry someone from your high school.

  • Kelly_Girl

    I’m glad J.K. finally admitted that Hermione and Ron was a mistake, but Harry??? I think he and Ginny were a good match. I must confess, I always pictured Hermione with a slightly older, much more intelligent man…

  • kamryn noelle

    I honestly always thought the Romione relationship was a little unhealthy. He treats her like crap in every single book. That’s not “adorably awkward” that’s just wrong. A character such as Hermione really should not have put up with that kind of treatment or even feel any attraction towards it.

    Now, I don’t necessarily agree with the Harry/Hermione thing either because I admit that it is a cliche. However, the relationship at least would have been a little more healthy.

    I think JKR should have put Hermione with Fred, as she has previously admitted to considering.

    • Dominique Heflin

      Too bad Fred got peaced the fuck out.

  • Kati

    She needs to quit making changes and regrets over her books. The series is over. The story is how it is, why keep milking all this attention over the series when she’s already proven herself a popular and successful writer. Just stop.

  • Summerschilde

    Guess I wasn’t so wrong wishing for Hermione and Viktor rather than Ron!

  • Ariel


    • Ella

      do you seriously have to keep commenting on here?

      • Breanna

        Oh shush.

  • Bluebears

    I’m really glad Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together. For me, it would’ve felt weird ’cause they seem to have almost a brother-sister like relationship. while Ron and Hermione’s relationship didn’t give me that vibe.

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    Harry should have ended up with Luna Lovegood

  • Sam


  • Dramione shipper

    I’ll just sit over here shipping DracoHermionie…..

  • WHyyy


  • Evelyn

    Jo I adore you but come on. Like why even reveal this now!?!? Ron/Hermione are my ultimate otp, they are perfect for each other. She even said it before it’s the whole ying and yang (opposites attract) kind of thing. Also I hate the whole assumption that Hermione is this perfect person so Ron didn’t deserve her because she was to good for him. No just no. I don’t know if she’s trying to appease all the Harry/Hermione shippers she in essence upset by not putting them together to begin with but she has to know what a popular pairing Ron/Hermione are and that a lot of us take her word as gospel when it comes to her work and would definitely be upset by this.

  • Dawnk.

    I believe J.K. Rowling wrote it perfectly, and should regret nothing. To have Hermione and Harry end up together would have made it another cliche, and ruined the ending completely. Harry falling for his best friends sister is much more realistic, and the tension created from the mutual attraction through the books made it story spell binding. So regret nothing, it’s perfect.

    • rom pom pom

      I’d like you to show me the mutual attraction in the first 5 books. Because I think In the first 5 books the story went its own way and by book 6 JKR thought “oh, wait, I wanted to do end this way” and totally changed the flow of the story

  • Luis D.

    In my opinion, the author has the authority to decide whether she puts Hermione with Ron or Harry. She should not not be criticized because it’s her masterpiece and great idea. So if J.K. Rowling wanted to express herself in that way, she should be respected, instead of looking for it to be a joke.

  • Dancagirl

    Personally, I loved Ginny and Harry together, and Rin and Hermione together. I feel like it really mad all of them like legally family. The weaslys were the first really family he ever got to experience. Plus it would have left Ron alone and awkwardly in the outside between the trio.

  • Sarah Mulcahy

    I completely agree with JK and have always thought this. I knew that Harry and Hermione made more sense but in the end, she made her choice, and it wasn’t a bad one. It just wasn’t the one that made the most sense.

  • rom pom pom

    Considering whole romance part of the book 6 an 7 was a joke, I fully agree with this new revelation. Until book 6, Ginny spoke like 2 whole sentences in the books ,and voila, she’s the love of Harry’s life. Not to mention Ron’s constant jealousy of Harry and his criticism of Hermione’s love for learning. That shows, that they were never compatible with each other

  • HpFanatic22

    I’m glad Harry and Hermione did not end up together. I like how in the end he officially became apart of the Weasleys; his first real family. On the other hand, I never thought Ron and Hermione could get along well enough to really ever make it work.

    • kIsS tHe PaNdA

      I feel like both would cheat on each other

  • notmonday

    If we look at the whole series though, my favorite relationship is Tonks and Lupin. At least she got that right.

    • Fitbeans

      Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are perfect as well.

      • notmonday

        Yes, definitely!

  • -blackmail

    I’m sorry but… Ron and Hermione belong together, they have two children and a wonderful life. End of the story. So, JKR, what…?

  • Muggle7

    Can you write a mini-book as an alternate ending where Harry and Hermione end up getting married and having kids? Please? Haha.

  • Max Cohan

    So if she wanted Harry with Hermione, does that mean she wanted Ron with Ginny? O.O

    • kIsS tHe PaNdA

      Yes, isn’t she a creep? (sarcasm)

    • York

      Wizards don’t understand genetics

    • Muggle7

      Ron shoulda been with Luna, cuz you’d have to be looney to marry Ron.

    • harmonyshipper

      No it would’ve been Ron/Luna and Ginny/Neville

      • notmonday

        Ginny/Neville, hell yeah!

    • Max Cohan

      I mean but really, think about all the Pureblood incest that was going on for generations to keep the blood magic or whatever. Its really not that much of a farcry for a pureblood family to keep it in the family, which is super creepy to us, but normal for wizards. YAY magic. I think we all know what the “ghoul” in the attic was.

  • Revenwyn

    Ron and Hermione were so used to arguing and making up that they decided to get married and do it on a more permanent basis. And for some couples, that works. Also… Ron really needed someone to take care of him.

  • FortuitousAccident

    I’m still waiting for this nightmarish revelation to be a hoax. It’s not the “Harry and Hermione could have happened” part, not at all. If Harry Potter were a tv series with a lot of seasons and a lot of additional drama, sure. But this story didn’t center on love triangles or romantic drama. It was a part of it. But this isn’t twilight or the vampire diaries.
    Whatever J.K Rowling may think, saying she regrets this decision after so many years, is just wrong to me. Completely wrong.

  • harmonyshipper

    THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST NEWS I HAVE EVER GOTTEN. So technically Harmony is now canon and my life has been made. Besides, Ginny looked like his mum.

    • Voice of reason

      No, it’s not canon. If this is all in context JKR is talking about how she COULD have written it. Not how it was written. How she wrote it is the only canon. And in that she has often acknowledged that the ending is the only way it could be. She doesn’t even contradict that with what she says here. The canon is Ron and Hermione should have been together and were. Harry should have been with Ginny and was. JKR didn’t write it a different way, and that is what she was talking about. So don’t take what she says out of context. She’s talking what if’s. And the Harry part isn’t even confirmed as we haven’t seen any interview parts of that. If we ever do. The Sunday Times could be bigging up the story and it never actually says that. Because that part doesn’t actually say she regrets Hermione and Ron. It says it was based on what she wanted. It didn’t say she would have changed it all. Just that it maybe wouldn’t be so idealistic in the real world. Well, the Potterverse isn’t the real world. And the books are written and can never be changed. The Epilogue sewed it all up. Harry is happily married to Ginny. And Hermione is happily married to Ron. So slow down and don’t re-write canon. That’s not what even J.K. Rowling is doing in the interview. What if’s aren’t canon.

  • Rachael Holicky

    I wish she wouldn’t say shit like this! What point is there? So many of us love the story JUST AS IT IS, we do NOT want to hear the “what ifs” or ” I should haves”! We absolutely do not! This is our form of escapism. I want to escape to a fantasy world where Ron loves Herminone and vice versa. Is it perfect? No. Does it even make sense? No. But when does love EVER make sense? I am having a shitty day, and Mrs. Rowling just pissed me off more. I need chocolate!

  • lisacolorado

    In the Hermione Story we’ll find out what made her turn to such a Nebbish. There must have been a reason. Maybe he’s like her dad.

  • jayanna

    I liked that Ron and Hermione ended up together. Harry and Hermione were too sibling-like. Hermione always thought that Ron was an ass, it was nice to see her fall in love with him in the end.

  • Rebecca

    it was more “real” with Hermione going with the “underdog”, Ron. it wasn’t a stereotypical ending….I think she did the world of literature a service by doing it the way she did – it would have been a diservice to have put Hermione and Harry together…

    • FortuitousAccident

      The quote “For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.” makes me kinda sick because I completely agree with you. I just don’t understand this. Is it too much to hope it’s all not true somehow?

  • Rodrigo Dwalf

    Txo cú.

  • Kasey Peppers

    I think that it was great that Ron and Hermione ended up together. It lets readers know that it is not always the most famous that end up happy. In a way Ron and Hermione are the better fit seeing as she is clever and intelligent whereas Ron is a more risk taker and procrastinator. They balance each other out. Just like Harry and Ginny are the perfect match. See Harry never had a family and with him being with Ginny, he gained a family that has always been more of a family than the Dursleys. And with Ron being with Hermione, all 3 of them will always be with each other just like they were at Hogwarts

  • Michael McCrary

    I think it was smart for Ron and Hermione to be together. It gave guys like me hope. We might not be the most hansome or smartest guy, but we do have a chance to get a great woman. If she didn’t kill off Ron and still had Harry and Hermione get together, then Ron(guys like me) would always feel like the 3rd wheel. Yes, that is part of society, but we want to escape the society and actually give people hope. That is what the Harry Potter series stood for.

    • Dominique Heflin

      Too bad real life Ronald Weasley’s get left behind.

    • Nani Lawrence Weasley

      I actually felt Romione made much more realistic sense than any other canon relationship. They balanced each other out, challenged each other, and underneath all the bickering, respected and supported each other.

  • Kaleidoscope

    To be honest, I cannot see Harry and Hermione nor Hermione and Ron together. She’s displayed maternalistic qualities towards them whenever they were in need of her help. I think that Hermione is better off as a solo.

  • Hytop

    What is the record for most comments on one article on this site?

  • http://WWW.MANHUB.COM/ LiteSkinBoiii

    I think Ron should have wed McGonagall cause in the last movie she was a bad b!tch. lol.. besides she’s was old if she died she would have left the Weasley family millions.

  • Annabella

    If Harry and Hermione ended up together, the entire series would have been a cliché. With having the two co-stars end up together instead of one co-star with the star, it adds quality to the literature and makes the story unique. Plus Ginny and Harry are a great couple enough as is.

    • Dominique Heflin

      Harry and Ginny are not a good couple. At all.

  • http://WWW.MANHUB.COM/ LiteSkinBoiii

    I also think Rowling should have thrown a gay couple in there.. Ron and Draco would have been hot. LOL

  • Emi

    i always shipped Fred and Hermione anyway

  • MechaVelma

    Harry should have ended up married to both Hermione and Cho Chang.

  • Arisa

    I’d heard she’d originally planned to kill Ron and have Hermione marry Fred, which I think would have been better than RxH. I love Ron, really I do, but Hermione and Ron, I think, would have clashed eventually. Even though Fred was a prankster, he and George were still businessmen and very into the politics and goings-on during the War. I personally think she would have been better off with him. Or Harry. Or Draco. Or pretty much anyone but Ron. I’ve never viewed that relationship as anything but dysfunctional.

  • elaine kimball

    I wish Harry & Hermione would have ended up together, always wanted that!

  • Anonamo

    I think it worked out perfectly the way she wrote it. Nobody saw the thing with Ginny coming and like someone else said, it really broke that one trope.

    • notmonday

      I think Harry/Ginny was little TOO unexpected. I mean, I guess it was kinda fun but I really don’t think those two would ever have lasted that long.

  • dobby

    I always wanted Harry with Luna.

  • LAOR

    Meh! Too little to late for changes or regrets. I do like the way the whole story ended.

  • mary

    it would of been too obvious for Harry and Hermonie I like the way it was.

  • LF

    I always saw Ron and Hermione as belonging together. I think they would have gotten along fine. You have to realize that in the series they are still high school age… so yeah there’s going to be silly bickering and drama and such. Harry and Hermione read too much as just best friends… no sexual attraction.
    I do wish Harry would’ve ended up with Luna though. I think there were a lot of moments between them that proved they would have worked really well together.

    • Dominique Heflin

      Harry and Luna make far more sense than Harry and Ginny.

  • Melissa Marino

    I always felt like Hermione and Harry had a better connection that Ron and Hermione. I also felt like Harry’s relationship with Ginny was nothing special, though at least they did have her mature from being his shy fangirl as she was initially. I almost feel like Harry was just kind of in love with the Weasley family and that’s why he went for Ginny. Harry and Hermione had a natural closeness and respect that often made people assume they were together romantically. Hermione and Ron acted like they couldn’t stand each other a lot of the time. Plus, in the movies, I felt that Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe had a much better chemistry than Emma Watson and Rupert Gint (no offense to Rupert).

  • Oscar

    …I feel like my heart was just ripped from of my body.

  • BadTigz

    No, just….no.
    What sense would it have made to put Hermione with Harry? None what so ever. Not to mention it is about as cliché as you can get.
    And really, what more does Hermione have in common with Harry than she did with Ron? Intellectually, she was far above both Ron and Harry. “Class” wise, both of her parents were dentists, therefore, they weren’t hurting for money. However neither Ron or Harry had much money growing up. (granted Harry had an inheritance from his parents, but a fat lot of good that did him when he was growing up)
    If she wanted to put Ron or Hermione with someone else, and give all 3 love interests outside of their little circle, that would be cool….but putting Harry with Hermione would have been a mistake of vast proportions.

  • TMB77

    Love Hermione and Ron. My only regret with the Harry Potter franchise was the last movie. The script was terrible and so far from the actual book I found myself wondering if anyone had actually read it. It is the only film installment that I only watched once. I actually wanted to leave the theater. Very disappointed.

    • notmonday

      Worst part of the last movie was when Harry and Voldemort jumped off the tower and had that flying duel, closely followed by Voldemort turning into ash. I will never not be bitter over how much they changed his death scene.

  • Kirsten Adams

    … you all do realize this is fiction? It doesn’t matter either way!

    • elin


      • Kirsten Adams

        Okay then, whatever floats your boat.

    • http://al-sobrante.tumblr.com/ Eric Coppes

      What are you even doing here?

      • Kirsten Adams

        Enjoying these comments, lol

  • Oscar

    …I feel like my heart was just ripped out from my body.

  • gandalfgrey1

    There will undoubtedly always be revisionists who want to change literature as much as history. I prefer to accept the growth and relationship of Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny as “historical fact” rather than spend time and effort in a What If Universe.

  • Ashley Singh

    As a huge Ron/Hermione shipper this just makes me feel kind of crappy. And if I shipped Harry/Hermione I’d be kind of pissed too. I mean, why say this? Saying that they would need counseling and all that lessens the relationship in my eyes.

  • lol_lol

    Still a better couple than Harry and Ginny.

  • sobby

    how do we know that she actually said this?

    • XJill

      I for one am REALLY hoping she didn’t.

  • XJill

    Wow. Thanks for taking one of my favorite literary couples of all time and ruining it. She is obviously the creator and can say whatever she likes but the Ron and Hermoine relationship was beautifully written and made perfect sense, that’s why I was rooting for it since the first book. It was one of my favorite aspects of the series actually, maybe my absolute favorite. This really, really bums me out that she felt the need to say this.

  • Sarah

    This seems just really odd to me. She once called Harry-Herminone shippers, “delusional.” That seems a strong word for a relationship she now regrets not writing..

  • what the…

    Was she drunk when she gave this interview? Harry and Hermione are like brother and sister.

  • Josh Starr

    I actually don’t believe this. The only source is The Sunday Times’ Twitter, and there isn’t a single thing on their Twitter about this.

  • Hytop

    Keep typing we may break a comment record here!

  • elin

    I can understand thinking that Ron and Hermione isn’t perfect for eachother, but having Hermione end up with Harry? No, that would’ve ruined the story in so many ways.
    - Because you know both Harry and Hermione so well, the romance part would have needed to be much bigger than it was. Of course you know Ron too, but Ron and Hermione was never as close as Harry and Hermione.
    - Harry and Hermione were like brother and sister, and I think it’s an important part of the series to show that boys and girls can be so close without romance being a part of it. Isn’t that one of the biggest things we learn in the series, that friendships are important?
    - Having Harry and Hermione together would shut out Ron so much I feel like. With Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione they all became Weasley’s, making them part of the same family. (If only Harry got together with Ginny, but not Ron and Hermione – it wouldn’t break up the trio, since none of them are together and can just be friends like before. And if Harry didn’t get together with Ginny it would be the same.)

    I have a ton of more reasons, but I feel like this is getting long and most of my opinions have already been expressed by others in the comments.

  • nweb

    I always thought that Harry and Ginny were an odd couple. The books are far superior than the movies, in my opinion, but in the movies- yeah, I didn’t buy that those two were even remotely attracted to each other.

    • Breanna

      I agree that in the movies Harry and Ginny were uncomfortable and soo awkward. But I loved them in the books.

      • Dominique Heflin

        The books were even worse. The Harry/Ginny relationship literally came out of nowhere in book 5.

  • Rach

    I love the way it happened in the book. I think that if Hermione and Harry ended up together then Ron would be completely left out of the group. I also think that Ron would challenge Hermione, maybe not intellectually, but in other ways, I mean they always fight don’t they? I also think that Ron softens Hermione, makes her more fun, and whilst Harry is fun I think that he and Hermione would be too serious.
    I also think Harry and Ginny makes sense. They’re very similar. Brave, funny, smart caring and passionate. And they share values. The book may not have devoted much time to them but it was a side plot. Harry Potter is not a romance book.

  • cklls

    Thank God! From the first time I read the epilogue I absolutely HATED the idea of Ron and Hermione together. They were a horrible mismatch, as were Harry and Ginny. Incredibly emotionally juvenile, and literarily lazy, I thought. Although I’m not 100% thrilled with the idea of Harry and Hermione together, it certainly makes more sense than Ron, who was never a match emotionally or intellectually. Geez, even Draco would have been a better choice than Ron.

  • Chrisaros

    I agree, it should have been Harry with Hermione and Ron with Ginny. Way hotter. Somebody write that fic and send me the link.

  • Joe Hvezda

    Ginny and Harry for so many reasons, though the love between Harry and Hermione would have supported a lasting relationship should they have followed through with Hermione’s suggestion (in the movie) in the Woods of Dean to just stay and ‘grow old’.

    But while Hermione was a loyal, beloved friend, Ginny was, I believe, the right match for Harry. She was Harry’s go-to, the one who could move him despite his stubbornness. Everyone looked to Harry to be the one who saved them, Ginny was where Harry went. She was Harry’s Harry.

    • duckz

      I don’t really agree. I think the foundation of that relationship was neediness. Harry needed to be needed, especially once he finished his life’s purpose of defeating Voldemort, and Ginny was needy. She needed Harry.

    • Wendy

      I’m sorry, I’ll have to disagree on the lasting relationship thing. Their personalities would clash too much, imo.

      One thing we all know Harry hates is to be mothered or mollycoddled (we saw this in OotP’s book with Molly’s approach). He hates being told what to do and being ordered around or nagged at. Hermione has a very forceful personality and she does have the tendency to nag. Whenever Hermione gets this way, Harry shuts her out. He may tell her what she wants to hear to get her to get off of his case or let Ron deal with her. Given how Harry grew up (the Dursley’s treatment of him), Seems in this sense, he tries to avoid conflict or a possible argument. I really couldn’t see those two working out in the long run.

      Ron and Hermione, on the other hand, seemed to be on more equal ground and footing in this regard. Ron shares his opinions openly with Hermione, just as she does with him.

      As for Ginny, to be honest, I’ve never been a real fan of any Harry pairing, but I could see how Ginny’s character could appeal to a character like Harry’s. Ginny can put Harry in his place, but at the same time, she DOES listen and isn’t very bossy about it in the way Hermione can be (even though she means well and her heart is always in the right place).

      • Joseph Hvezda


        You may have a good point there. I have to think about it, but I think that you’re right. Ron and Hermione had the open and sometimes contentious back and forth, but that was their personalities. You’re right, Harry did shut Hermione out when she got too confrontational. I think things out on paper sometimes and I speculated (for almost that reason) that Ginny was the only one (in the movie) who could have taken Harry by the hand and made him do what they all knew needed to be done- hide the potions book.

        I thought that was a beautifully done scene that concisely showed Ginny’s influence over Harry.

        I wasn’t a fan of the pairing either in my first reading, but I quickly realized that it was actually well done, though I argued when I wrote it out that Ginny should have received more coverage (in the books And the movie) so that it was more clear as to why. Ginny was unusually powerful for her age, and while that is shown in the movies, it isn’t given the recognition it needs.

        There are more reasons, and I talk about them in that thing I wrote, but I wanted to thank you for your perspective on it. It was well thought and insightful!

  • Alissa Roy

    I’ll be in my room, making no noise and pretending that this doesn’t exist.

  • Neota Harrah

    I don’t think it was a mistake. Harry’s heart belonged to Ginny. It has been that way since year 2.

    • Citronice

      What the hell are you talking about? Harry didn’t know who in the hell Ron’s sister was for the first 5 books. She was an ancillary character at best.

    • Fitbeans

      Ginny was a Weasley. Harry wanted a family. Bang, crush on Ginny. She was a boring, nothing character.

      • Citronice

        Agreed, she didn’t even really exist until book 5.

  • Hytop

    So anybody having a Super Bowl party?

    • notmonday

      I’ll be watching but none of my friends care about sports.

  • Lizly

    whispers Dramione into the night

    • duckz

      To be honest that would have been a really good twist. However, I just imagine Ron becoming an emotional, drunken wreck without Hermione.

  • maggotbreath

    I agree with her. This way Ron could have ended up with Ginny :)

  • Runi63

    Personally I kind of like the relationships as they were, with a few exceptions, though the line about Ron and Hermione needing counseling seems to ring true a bit. Because the two came from significantly different upbringings I wouldn’t be surprised if Hermione continued to get annoyed with Ron from time to time, and how he may have been rather irked if she had spent any time insisting on “mugglish” behaviors, and debatably you can see this during the epilogue when Ron mentioned confunding the person who gave him his driving exam. Still, a lovely bit of insight into the process ^^

  • Danielle

    I don’t know about you but I’m more concerned that the only thing that Rowling regrets is choosing the love interest of Hermione, as though she’s an object throughout the books. Hermione could’ve ended up with Luna Lovegood and I still wouldn’t care. Hermione is the perfect example of a great female lead in a series that doesn’t revolve around who Hermione’s next love interest is going to be. Anyway, regardless whether this article is legit and what not, I really love J.K. Rowling and all the characters as they are. Regrets or no regrets.

  • Aden Flux

    No, I agree… The relationships are perfect as is!

  • Barbie

    “Personally, I’m glad that Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together because it went against the overused literary trope that main hero always gets the leading lady.” I totally agree with this! At the same time though, having Harry marry into Ron’s family is a pretty common “boarding-school” stereotype like that of “Tom Brown’s School Days”, where the hero always marries his best friend’s sister… So, either way, she is conforming to popularized literary traditions. As for the characters themselves, I really do think that Ron and Hermione belong together. They had to work at their relationship, which is pretty realistic and representative of real life.

  • Matilda

    The quotes available in the times don’t mention her saying “regret” at all. Link-baiting, IMO.

  • Citronice

    Harry getting together with Ginny was too much like an Oedipus Complex, which just made things down right creepy. Hermione and Ron made no sense, especially considering that Ron was a jealous, verbally abusive and unreliable friend….I really wish that Rowling had killed Ron off in the series, it would have made for a far better story especially with the two crappy books that she ended the series with.

  • Jules Percy Hatfield

    Harry Potter is finished… stop trying to play with our hearts and emotions and just let a good story be finished. This is classic self promotional media beat up.

    • duckz

      I think the reason they did this interview was probably to get some hype for the new movie in the franchise. And hey, don’t mean to be mean but the title is pretty self explanatory. If you don’t want to read articles like this, don’t. Again, I don’t mean to be mean just saying…

      • Jules Percy Hatfield

        As a fan I’m always going to read things that J.K says about HP, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it just because i’ve read it. Of course this is to hype up the next big money maker, it’s just a shame that it comes at the expensive of J.K second guessing and revealing plot twists to a good story that we all loved and is now finished.

        • duckz

          I’m personally looking forward to the Fantastic Beasts movie. I don’t understand why you think self promotion is bad. People will want to talk about the Harry Potter franchise for a long time and that’s not a bad thing. And we all second guess our creations. I make videos on Youtube, I write short stories (most of which aren’t seen) and I’m constantly second guessing the work I do and whether I should have done a instead of b etc etc. It’s human nature to ask the question, “What if…”

  • Lexi

    Is this for real? While I agree Ron and Hermione had their problems that was kinda part of their charm, and even if they weren’t fantastic Harry and Hermione doesn’t make sense at all, they act like siblings whereas Ron and Hermione have been building up through all 7 books. Plus Harry makes way more sense with Ginny, they are a perfect match!

  • rom pom pom

    To be honest, I think the whole franchise after book 5 was a joke. Book 6 went in totally different direction than the previous books. And I admit I managed to download the 7th book on the internet before the official release, but when I read it, I couldn’t believe it’s the original, I thought it’s a fake, with so many plot holes and contradictions to previous books…. and obviously I rooted for Harry/Hermione :)

    • Citronice

      I still believe that Rowling didn’t write the last two books, I figure she had so much money after the first five she had a ghost writer finish the last two for her.

  • Samma

    Why, as an author, would you ever say something like this? About a book and a character relationship that clearly has a strong bond with millions of people, why would you feel the need to say this to your readers? Who does this benefit?

    • Phoenix07

      Well, she’s the creator of the whole thing, so she’s within her right to say whatever she wants to say about it. HOWEVER, I get your point. Like you said, this is a pairing that “clearly has a strong bond with millions of people” and saying something like this is a bit cruel.

      The way I see it is this: She may be saying all this, but it doesn’t make it cannon. I mean, the books ended the way they did and with the pairings we got. Her saying she WISHED she had done it differently, doesn’t change the fact that that’s not how she wrote it. Therefore, to me, it’s not cannon. Just a wishful thinking/regret from her part. Which she is entitled to. I suppose all writers regret their decision to have a character do one thing or another, at some point in their lives. But I like I said, her comments of her “wishing” for it, don’t make it cannon to me.

      • Samma

        Yeah, she wrote it and can obviously say whatever she likes, but it seems extremely thoughtless to me. Cruel is a good word for it. She she understand just how much her word means to the the readers of her books and know when something is a helpful bit of knowledge and when something is potentially hurtful to the reader.

        • Nani Lawrence Weasley

          You know what, though? It’s her work, but it’s not her story anymore. It belongs to the fans. We’re the ones who found incomprehensible meaning in it. We’re the ones who somehow found a way to relate to more than one character. I’m very upset by this, but her opinion means nothing after the fact. She changed lives and can’t take it back. (I know I just repeated a lot of what Phoenix just said, but I’m still processing.)

          • Samma

            I agree with everything everyone is saying, it still just baffles me. I write, and I can’t imagine saying something like this if I were fortunate enough to have a story that people really loved. I mean, yes, it’s written and we take what we want from it, belongs to the fans, whatever, but she’s still Queen Rowling and her words have undeniable weight. It’s not that what she says actually changes anything, I’m just sort of appalled that she would think this is a perfectly fine thing to say that no one should be upset about. As a writer, that baffles me.

    • LadySkyfire

      Well, it benefits all the us who started questioning our powers of observation when we thought Harry and Hermione would end up together, since the story up to that point was clearly leading that way. We know we’re not totally crazy now ;) In the end, its her story; she can do what she wants with it. But take comfort – the story has already been written, so it stands as it is. Whatever JKR says now, Hermione and Ron are canon.

      • Phoenix07

        Exactly! I was actually a Harry/Hermione shipper really early on, but then I reached Goblet of Fire and was like “Ok, this is clearly not happening” then begun to see how much better Ron/Hermione are together. Now, I can’t even see Harry/Hermione together because it just doesn’t make any sense.

        “But take comfort – the story has already been written, so it stands as it is. Whatever JKR says now, Hermione and Ron are canon.”

        ^^ completely agree!!!

    • Samma

      Also I called it as being Hermione/Ron in book 2 so I don’t know what all of this “it wasn’t obvious until book 4″ nonsense is, I saw it coming a mile off :-P (but that’s just me….)

  • Tia

    I agree with just about everyone on this post. I’m happy that Hermione didn’t end up with Harry. It always made so much sense that Ron and Hermione ended up together, they quarreled with each other over the stupidest things, but I felt like they were only hiding their true feelings they felt for each other. BUT, DID ANYONE READ THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE?!?! SHE WAS CONSIDERING KILLING OFF RON!!! NOW, THAT would have completely thrown off the entire series…can you seriously imagine the Harry Potter series without Ron???? I can’t. I feel kind of stupid for saying this, but these comments by J.K. Rowling are kind of heartbreaking.

    • Citronice

      Please, killing Ron would have been the best thing for the series. It would have been an even more profound death for Harry than that of Sirius and Dumbledore.

      • Tia

        I don’t agree. Hermione, Harry, and Ron all served a purpose in the series. Was Ron perfect? No. I do agree that with some folks on here saying that J.K. Rowling should have developed him a little more in the series, but they are a trio. An unforgettable one at that. Their bond and their love for one another was the one of the best messages J.K. Rowling set out into the world. This is just my opinion though.

        • Citronice

          I would have agreed with the trio part except for the fact that Ron ran out on Harry and Hermione twice and for the way he treated Hermione throughout the books. If Rowling hadn’t made Ron unlikeable (in my mind) throughout the majority of the storyline I would agreed that the “trio” was significant, however she didn’t do that.

  • Rhonda Painter

    Oh, nonsense! Having Harry marry Jenny and Hermione marry Ron was the only way they all ended up in the same family. Should she have let Ron develop a little more in ways that would have made him more compatible with Hermione? Sure. But have Hermione and Harry together instead? No way!

    • Doug

      Actually, it’s Ginny, not Jenny. Short for Ginevra I believe.

      • Rhonda Painter

        Realized that after I typed it.

    • LadySkyfire

      I thought that making them all end up as family really ruined the ending; it undercut the theme of friendship. The thing that made the three of them special was their unbreakable friendship; making them into family, something which may be taken for granted in a way friendship cannot, makes that theme fall completely flat.

      • Rhonda Painter

        Because family can’t be friends? That’s just silly. What Harry always wanted was to be part of a family. In the end he got to be part of the family that already treated him like family.

        • LadySkyfire

          Lol, not in my experience XD But seriously, its a choice of which theme you want to play up – by making them family, she gave Harry the family he was denied as a child, but she then downplayed the importance of the friendship; she made the ending more about Harry than about the three of them; which is appropriate in a way, but in another, less so. The idea that family is about more than blood or formal ties is also an important theme in this – I have never thought it was necessary – or wise – to tie them together formally that way, because to do so intentionally undercuts a lot of what the rest of the story tried to convey. I’m not being silly, its just my opinion extrapolated from observation. You’re welcome to yours.

          • Rhonda Painter

            See, I don’t think it undercut the theme of friendship at all. Harry and Hermione were great friends and I like the fact that it did not have to translate into a romance between them. We need more non-romantic male/female friendships depicted in literature.

          • LadySkyfire

            Exactly; which is why I think none of them should have married each other – they all should have remained friends.

  • Guest

    I never understood the Jenny and Harry thing either and I’m a 70-year-old grandmother! some people just ‘go together’ and putting Harry and Hermione
    would have go over better.

  • LadySkyfire

    Totally called it! Those two as a couple never made sense to me. To be fair, I don’t particularly like Hermione with Harry either – I would rather have seen the three of them remain life-long best friends, because that unbreakable friendship was what made the three of them so special to begin with. But all in all, I am feeling extremely validated right now.

  • no take-back-sies allowed, JKR

    I never saw Harmony as probable – not even when I read the first couple of books when I was 13 and was desperate to throw a romantic tint over them. The older I’ve gotten, the more I wish Dramione had been end-game. The chemistry alone would’ve been amazing, not to mention the redemption side-story I felt Draco deserved. JK Rowling gets all the credit for making such a wonderful world for us to play in, but I felt she did a real disservice to some of her characters – Draco and Ginny especially.

    I dunno. It IS children’s lit. Go read some fic if you’re up in arms for your pairing’s sake. :)

  • kpas6185

    so many pros and cons to this latest revelation! think I’ll stick with the outcome as it’s written. can’t really imagine Hermoine and Harry together.

  • Marsha Atchison

    I’m glad she didn’t kill Ron, he truly was my favorite character in the books. Just stumbling around being supportive and trying to get by with humor. You saw in the books how much Harry really depended on his friendship. I’m glad it ended with Ron and Hermione together and Harry and Ginny together. Harry got a family.

    • leiasummers

      Oh god, I wish people would stop using harry got a family as a reason why the ship works. Isn’t that a BAD thing? Isn’t that sad? I feel that he had a family from the moment he arrived on platform 9 and 3/4. The fact that he is forced to be with Ginny so he can be ‘officially’ have a family is sick. And what about Ginny? She was just a means to an end for Harry’s sad childhood. At least if you want to ship those two together, use something other than he will get a family. It is NOT a good thing.

      It’s like saying “Harry, I know you’ve never had a family before but you can get one instantly! Just marry Ginny!” The fact that you would push that as a reason is just sad and it proves absolutely nothing but the fact that his sad childhood continued making his life miserable because now he has no choice but to end up with Ginny.

  • Pokemon Blue Hero

    Honestly, I always felt like Harry and Hermione were meant to be together. Both of them were raised in the Muggle world. As far as experiences together, both of them spent more time together in Prisoner of Azkaban and later in Deathly Hollows and I feel like they have more in common. However, I think Ron and Hermione do complement each other and I’m satisfied with both of them being together. With that said, I think it’s rude for people to be bashing J.K Rowling for this. She was being interviewed and she responded with this. It’s not like she’s trying to “ruin” the story for everyone, It IS her world after all and she has every right to express what she feels about it.

  • duckz

    This makes me sad. Ron and Hermione’s relationship was one that I aspired to have.

    • Citronice

      You want a relationship where its based on being verbally abusive and unsupportive to your partner?

      • duckz

        They’re both very stubborn but if a relationship can come out of that and can come out of two people who’ve remained friends for so long, it’ll end up being strong. They both tried being with different people (Hermione with Krum and Ron with Lavender) but they came back to each other for a reason. I don’t think either of them could have been happier with other people. Perhaps Hermione with Fred, as Rowling initially intended, however I think her and Ron compliment each other much better.

      • Breanna

        Seriously, they were TEENAGERS, sometimes younger than that! We have no idea what happened after the last book, but obviously something good. Yes, the two of them fought. Harry and Ron fought too. That’s the way relationships go, you’re going to disagree with each other sometimes and yes, think the other person is stupid. Ron may not have supported Hermione’s SPEW efforts when he was FOURTEEN (I’m only typing in caps btw because there’s no italics, I promise I’m not shouting), but in the last book he actually said “we should tell the elves to get out, they shouldn’t have to fight”. He is such a good guy and never gets credit, imo.

  • Gabi Harrison

    Ron and Hermione were perfect for each other. Harry and Hermione were better off as friends. Definitely the perfect ending to the series.

  • Mike

    Ive read all 7 books 5 times now, and no….Harry and Hermione ending up together destroys a great friendship, especially since not once throughout the books was there even a hint of attraction. I know you wrote them, and these are your characters, but on this you were write, and now you are wrong. Just put closure on Harry Potter and write 3 more books. 10 books should be enough.

    • Doug

      I trust, had Rowling decided to go in this direction, the attraction between the two would have built in the same manner that the Harry/Ginny attraction did. I don’t thinks she’s saying that there would have been nothing to hint at a relationship and then the last chapter would just have had them together.

      • Citronice

        The attraction between Harry and Ginny seemed contrived in book 6 and almost read like Harry was a on a “love potion” instead of actually being in love. Ginny was a useless fan girl who got lucky because the author was someone who believes in the story of Oedipus…..

        • Rhonda Painter

          Um, that would have been more true if he had a crush on Molly. In no way was Ginny treated as a motherly figure!

          • Citronice

            I was referring more to the comparison of Ginny looking a little too much like his own mother. Plus the fact the Rowling was so lazy that it seemed like she just re-created James and Lily clones….I am not saying Harry should have been with Hermione, but Ginny was a waste of space

          • Rhonda Painter

            Ginny was the way he ended up in a large and loving family. Should her character have been fleshed out more? Yeah. But that doesn’t change the point.

          • leiasummers

            “Ginny was the way he ended up in a large and loving family” I believe that and the way she looks like his mother, is the ONLY reason why they would have worked and even then it is still a weak reason at best. She was just a means to an end of Harry’s childhood with no mother or no family. I also resent the fact that Harry could only end up with a large and loving family if and when he marries Ginny. Isn’t that sad? Shouldn’t he have already been that from book 1? And I don’t think Ginny really cares who Harry really is apart from her childhood crush which never went away.

            And I just have to say this, I am NOT a hermione/Harry shipper.

  • Ultron

    This is kind of surprising to me. I don’t think Harry and Hermione would have worked together very well. Would Ginny have married Neville then?

    • Doug

      You are evil, Ultron. I just want to throw that out there.

      • Ultron

        Thanks. What gave it away?

  • swiftmockingjay451

    I always hated Romione. It just seemed completely implausible given the character’s psychological tendencies; it wasn’t consistent within the foundations of the HP universe. Although Harmony would’ve been somewhat cliche, it would’ve been more in-character for them. At least this is some gratification.

  • Judith Rohlfing Hines

    I don’t think Hermione should have been with either one of them, honestly. If anything, she should have ended up with someone else….like Draco….but that might just be me being biased because I freaking love Dramione!

  • LF

    It’s this quote right here that makes me lose a little respect for JK: “That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.” Seriously? All those interviews where she was adamant about Ron and Hermione being together.. that Harry and Hermione were strictly platonic. What does that even mean, “reasons that have very little to do with literature”? It’s your story and your characters… have the guts to stick up for your decisions instead of doing a complete 180.

    • Dominique Heflin

      Or she can chose to remedy a perceived mistake on her part, via hindsight. You people are getting way too bent out of shape for some comments years after the fact. It’s not that serious.(Sirius)

  • Justin Kahm

    Disagree, I think Hermione and Ron made a good pairing and It would have made certain plot points in books 4, 6, and 7 quite different if they were not eventually meant to be.

    • Mr Norrell

      If by “different” you mean “better and more thought out”, then you’re right.

  • Hytop

    Brings new life to a ship war which will be going on for the rest of time.

  • Elisha Arms

    So unfair. Poor Ron. Bad enough she made him a ginger. Glad she didn’t kill him though. If anyone had to die it should have been Harry. I just wish Dobby didn’t have to die. He was my favorite.

    • Nani Lawrence Weasley

      I love gingers…..

  • notmonday

    At least it’s better than Ron and Lavender!

    • Doug

      Won Won!!!

      • Mr Norrell

        Won-won and Lav-Lav forever!!!

        Ugh, almost threw up there.

  • Doug

    I love every word of this story just the way it is. It’s interesting to hear this observation, and there’s really no need to make any more of it than that, is what I’m thinking.

  • Moira

    I don’t think that Ron was necessarily like evil towards Hermione or anything, but they had very different interests and cared about many different things and didn’t much care about each other’s interests. This is something that is fine when you’re just friends, but marriage might have been a bit much out of the picture unless they both drastically changed their prorities in life.

    • Mr Norrell

      Exactly. Unfortunately there’s far too much Ron bashing in the world of fanfiction and he really doesn’t deserve it. He’s a shitty guy, and emotionally abusive towards Hermione, true, but he’s not as vile as people make him out to be on every other subject. They never should’ve gotten together.

    • LF

      Well they were only high school age at the time of the books… still growing up and maturing. They had chemistry and sexual tension that Harry and Hermione just didn’t. Don’t forget there’s a lot of time in between the end of DH and when the epilogue takes place…. all of the characters certainly would have grown and changed through that period.

  • iank

    Ha ha, the truth comes out! Swivel on it, canon nutters!
    Game over. Harry and Hermione win!

    Canon shippers now officially have no legs left to stand on. Blissful.

    • duckz

      Harry and Hermione could never have worked. Harry was more suited to Ginny. Harry needed to feel needed and Ginny gave him precisely that. Hermione is far too independent and that’s more of what Ron needs, a sort of motherly figure. However, that’s just my perspective on it. I suppose Rowling would have made it work.

  • Diana

    I really like that Harry and Ginny got together. He finally has a big loving family in the Weasleys and Ginny ccan hold her own against Harry, not only in Quidditch but also in DA (even the twins were sometimes intimidated by her).

    Ron and Hermione seem like opposites who could balance each other; him for heart, her for brains

  • Brittney

    “I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy.”
    Wow. What they’re saying makes Ron seem so insignificant. If he was such a waste of space, so unworthy of Hermione’s love, then why make him part of the trio in the first place. He wasn’t the smartest guy, but he was a good friend, and there are millions of readers who loved him because they identified with his struggles with self-esteem and confidence.

    • Jojo_Squires

      Exactly! The movies turned Ron insignificant-despite Rupert’s performance-… He did a lot of things and he was a wonderful friend. So what if he gets bit jealous. He’s SURROUNDED by people who make him feel inferior. Successful older siblings, popular older siblings, a popular and smart younger sister. A best friend who is regarded as a hero and another best friend who is brilliant. If he didn’t have some sort of envy, self-conflict, and self-confidence issues he would not be a realistic character.

      • AWats1

        When he’s tempted by the locket it even revolves around that. If Rowling regarded Ron as so inferior she could have darn well have given him something better to do than to be Harry’s comical sidekick.

        • Wendy

          I find it interesting how it took the locket for those doubts to surface to the point that he left. He was willing to stay despite all of that, until the horcrux became stronger and fed off of his negative feelings.

  • David Yates

    I’m even better than Trelawney!

    • Mr Norrell

      You mean a hack that gives out thousands of prophecies and only 2 real ones?

      No man, she’s got you beat by 1.

  • vegaviscount

    I always thought she’d go for Dumbledore.

  • joseph costello

    no ron was the lucky one. harry got ginny anyway. no big deal.

  • MichaelFreeway

    It’s a fictional story. Does it really matter who hermione ended up with??

    • Kelsea

      You must be fun at parties.

      • MichaelFreeway

        Lol because those two things correlate.

    • notmonday

      you must be fun at parties

    • Mr Norrell

      For the purposes of portraying healthy role models for loving functional relationships for young readers and keeping the classic storytelling conventions we pass down through our culture generation after generation, yes, it matters.

  • tim

    i like the way it ended its like a real school crush that the boy and girl like each other and they play the game that they don’t then they end up with there school sweetheart and live happily ever after a more realistic life possibilities

  • Rillis

    Personally, I never thought Harry and Hermione made a good couple. They’re too alike where Ron and Hermione haave the ‘opposites attract’ thing

  • Teresa Danner Kander

    Harry and Hermione would have been a HUGE mistake. Ron was a much better match for her,as Ginny was a better choice for Harry. This way everyone gets to be part of the same family…ties everything up neatly in the end. Ron and Hermione were so obviously attracted to each other from the beginning, which is why they argued so much.

  • Doug

    This conversation is starting to become amusing. We are remembering that these are characters in a book, right?

    • sac12389


      • Doug

        I know. I think of them as friends too.

  • melinne

    The smart thing to do would have been to never write that godawful epilogue in the first place. Harry/Ginny was as bad if not worse than Ron/Hermione, paper thin ship that didn’t make a lick of longterm sense. She should’ve just left it untold.

  • Nicky Hunt

    I have to say that I can understand where she is coming from. I love Ron as a character and I think Harry and Hermione are definitely too brother/sister to end up together. However I don’t think that, from a reader’s point-of-view, Hermione would have ended up with anyone but Ron. Honestly, I’m ok with how most of the “post-battle of hogwarts” couples ended up. I just wish that Neville had ended up with Luna, and Draco had ended up with Pansy… Just saying.

  • Jordan Watson

    I think that they woudl have been fine with Ron and Hermione in the story. all of their flaws actually complimented each other.
    I had thought in Order of the Phoenix that harry would end up with Hermione or Luna, but I like the way she wrote it :) I truly do think it makes a lot of sense, but whatever Rowling would have written regarding the series would have been wonderful. I”m still hoping for an 8th book!

  • Guest

    I don’t think its very smart put out in public what you think you did wrong with your work. And yes, Ron/Hermione has the benefit of going against the expected outcome of Harry and Hermione.

  • Sabi

    Totally disagree. Moreover, Ron and Hermione must have their own book and film!

    • Mr Norrell

      Yes, so their ship can crash, burn, and explode in spectacular fashion for all the world to see. Then it’d be canon too!

  • Ian Moone

    I would have hated Harry and Hermione together. They were just really close friends and I couldn’t have seen anything sexual working between them. But I also don’t like Ron and Hermione. I don’t think they fit very well together. I kind of wish Hermione would have had a relationship with some character that wasn’t really mentioned in the story like Luna did. Or just not had a relationship at all.

  • Becca

    I think that it suited the story better that Harry and Hermione didn’t end up toge
    ther. It would have just been another cliched ending.

    • Mr Norrell

      Cliché is only cliché if it’s tired, overused, and lacks the emotional resonance that audiences crave from their stories. Having the Hero get the Heroine at the end of the story is the classic way to end things and will never be cliché.

      • Me

        “Having the Hero get the Heroine at the end of the story is the classic way to end things”…

        and is a total cliche.

        • Mr Norrell

          Having that basic point as a story element is not cliché. What would be cliché would be if she had waited until the very end and have them kiss in the Great Hall after Voldemort was dead.

  • ieyke

    ‘Bout time Rowling figured it out.

  • sass

    I mean, I am not really into romance, especially in books such as this, although considering it is a YA series I understand the need to add first loves and crushes, etc. However, I disagreed with Hermione and Ron because they are TOO opposite. I definitely thought exactly what Rowling actually said – they would need counseling.

    Hermione and Harry MIGHT have been a good match. Personally, I would have loved to see Hermione not marry at all, or at least not marry one of her best friends. I get the idea and I respect it – they’re all finally family and will always be together; the charmed circle, the impenetrable trio with their significant others and their mini-mes with their impossible namesakes. I guess it was almost expected that it would be that way. It’s comforting. But it’s not entirely realistic.

    Then again…neither are flying cars, moving staircases, whomping willows, flying broomsticks, biting books, or hippogriffs.

  • Kibachiyo

    I agree that Hermione should not have ended up with Ron, but don’t think she belonged with Harry, either. Ron should’ve ended up with Luna. Neville or Viktor seemed a slightly better match for Hermione, Harry did well with Ginny.

  • Zignat Abdisubhan

    I wish she gave Dramione a chance and made Draco cut the pureblood crap. THAT would’ve sent a better message to the kids at home.

    • notmonday

      I’d like to think that Scorpius and Rose end up together in the next generation since Dramione never had a chance.

  • Cheryl J. Brock

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I know that Emma Watson was interviewing her and that is fine, but why is it that J.K. Rowling keeps dumping these little factoids on her fans? Does Stephen King come out and say he should have killed Stu with Larry and Ralph, or Frannie’s baby should have died? Does anyone REALLY CARE that she wanted to kill Ron, that she decided to kill Fred instead of Arthur (okay, I care about this one a little, since I liked Fred a lot more LOL) , and now this little gem? The series has run it’s course and I personally think it has the staying power to become a classic that entertains kids and adults for decades to come – but I am tired of her dumping her literary ‘dirty laundry’ on the public. If she wants to do that, why not write a book on writing like Stephen King did?

  • guest

    “Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this?”

    Yes. Very Yes. :,<
    It's like hearing two of your close friends just broke up.

  • Kerry

    I knew Hermione/Harry was credible.

  • Taylor

    I think Ron and Hermione were genious, and a couple that is very rare among novels. For once, the main character didn’t end up with another main character, and I thought that was so brilliant. So I am very dissapointed that she saw their relationship that way, because it was one of the things that made me love the series.

  • Totti

    I also agree. Hermione and Ron wouldn’t last. Hermione needs someone who can challenge her intellectually. And that is not Harry either! So I’m just putting it out there: Dramione all the way :D (draco&Hermione)

    • sigh

      draco is as smart as god damn door though

    • guest

      right because being a ex-bigot who got supported people that tried to kill you totally would have worked better.

  • Morgan

    I wish Ginny had been more of a developed character, but I’m definitely glad it wasn’t Hermione/Harry.

  • David

    I’d rather have 1. Harry marry Ginny 2. Hermonie and Ron never marry. Think about it, Hermonie is an independent woman who really doesn’t need a man, let alone a man like Ron.

    • Mr Norrell

      Imagine the fight they’d have when she told him that no, she has no intention of staying at home and raising a brood of children, only living to cook and clean, but fully intends to have a career outside the home.

  • Angelina Dai

    It would’ve been fine if Ron had simply grown up in the 7th Book………but he didn’t. Well, not as much as expected. I was expecting him to use his chess skills to translate to real military strategy and do something great…but he stayed Harry’s sidekick from the beginning of the book to the end.

  • Edward Willshire

    I always kinda felt that in trying too hard not to fall into cliche territory of having Harry and Hermione together, the Ron and Hermione romance was a little forced. I mean, Harry and Hermione would have been a little predictable, sure, but just based on the chemistry they had together it would have felt more natural to me. That being said, the friendship dynamic they have together is nice as well.

    • Lunarmaster54

      Harry/Ginny was a lot more forced in my opinon. It just came up out of nowhere in the sixth book…

      Harry and Hermione always seemed like siblings to me

      • SkyPhoenix

        Please. Totally called it back in CoS.

      • Mr Norrell

        They didn’t hate each other enough to be like siblings. You only squabble at each other, retreat to your various corners, only to be forced to come back and have to be civil with each other (like Ron and Hermione perpetually do) if you have no other option. That’s classic sibling-at-odds behavior.

        Harry and Hermione on the other hand only fought when Ron served to egg Harry on about something (the Firebolt, the Half-Blood Prince’s book). All it would take for those two to become a couple would be for Harry to tell the literary embodiment of the inner egotistical male every boy wrestles with to shut up and let them settle matters on their own rather than cause a fuss over nothing.

        • Wendy

          Harry rarely ever fought with Hermione because he kept his opinions, which usually matched Ron’s views, mostly, to himself so that he wouldn’t have to deal with her and tell her what she wanted to hear (or not say anything) to get her off of his case to avoid conflict (and given how the Dursleys treated him, I can understand why). That’s not a very good thing, imo. At least Ron and Hermione were open and honest with their feelings and opinions in this regard (minus the romance issue).

          Also who says all siblings fight? I haven’t any, but I do have cousins with siblings. Three in particular I have all get along well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them truly argue or fight, even when we were all kids. They always got along. Two brothers and their baby sister. My other cousin and her brother rarely fought either…but I’m going to attribute that to their big age difference (9 years), but they always got along well. So yeah, just because you have siblings doesn’t mean you’ll always fight.

    • Mr Norrell

      Indeed, both a romantic pairing and leaving the story with them only as the closest and truest of friends would’ve worked just fine.

    • hpfan

      Right because Harry lack of comforting hermione during DH when she sobbed her eyes out spoke so highly of their chemistry.

      • Mr Norrell

        Harry has never been good with crying females or anyone else who was distressed. This is probably due to a severe lack of socialization because of his mistreatment at the hands of the Dursleys. And while some people would assume that after 7 years of being around others and having real friendships that Harry would’ve developed some of the social skills most of us enjoy, apparently Rowling didn’t think so.

        Or Rowling deliberately chose not to have Harry comfort her simply because at that time she didn’t want anything that smacked of a Harry/Hermione relationship. She did this before when Hermione disappeared for a month in the lead up to the Yule Ball when Harry was having to evaluate every female that got near him as a date worthy person. Hermione only spoke once until she was conveniently paired up with Krum.

        • Wendy

          But he did seem to try to comfort her in HBP after the Ron fiasco. Too bad he didn’t comfort her though, but as you pointed out, he doesn’t handle crying girls very well, but I’m sure Ron doesn’t either…sorta. He did comfort a grieving Hermione in HBP….

  • Doug

    Voldemort and Moaning Myrtle should have hooked up.

  • Audrey Crosby McLellan

    No no no no!!! Do NOT regret that (like she can hear me, right haha). Sometimes instinct is our greatest genius. Hermione and Harry together would have NOT worked for me. It just was never right. Besides, Ginny is too perfect for Harry. I think it was just right exactly as it was.

  • Kerry

    Well now she’ll just have to write an eighth book and put them together….how very terrible :P

  • PotterFan1029

    WTF! Then who was Ron supposed to end up with, Pansy Parkinson? I totally disagree with this, I’m glad Harry and Hermione did not end up together!

  • Raven

    If Harry and Hermione would have ended up together, it would have been too predictable. I like a little surprise.

  • Roy Carlo

    I have to disagree with JK. Granted she’s the author but the characters developed to the point that it seems she’s forgetting some things.

    Ron and Hermione complement each other. Ron needs Hermione to get his act together while Hermione needs him to learn not to get too stressed and enjoy life.

    Why do I have the impression that JK doesn’t like Ron that much? First of, she dumbed down Ron after book 1 (Remember, Ron was the smart strategist to defeat McGonagall’s chess) so as not to make Harry the “dumb jock” among the three.

    Then this? Come on JK.

  • malexandria

    Ron was so hateful and unreliable throughout most of the series – he’s the only character who never really seemed to grow up. The whole fighting/arguing equals love thing doesn’t work past Middle School – it just means you are in an abusive relationship. While I was never a Hermione/Harry shipper the H/R pairing was always odd and I thought the Harry/Ginny pairing came completely out of the blue and wasn’t earned either. At least with H/R there was history there, with Harry/Ginny it was like he woke up one day and discovered she was a girl and instantly fell in love.

    • Citronice

      Exactly! The whole story of Harry and Ginny seemed to happen overnight in book 6, coincidentally the same book that Slughorn introduces readers to Amortenia. Ginny was ancillary character at best until book 5 and now all of a sudden she is a relevant love interest for Harry? Give me a break

      • Mr Norrell

        This is one of your schizophrenic posts I can actually agree with.

    • Maggie

      And assuming just because people fight that they’re in an abusive relationship is bull.
      I fight with my boyfriend a lot about a lot of things (political, economic, sexism,etc)

      does that mean we are “abusive” to each other? NO!!!

      humans are far more complex like that and while abuse is a serious thing it’s not Always the case in a relationship

  • Doug

    Madame Maxime and Professor Flitwick was an obvious pairing that was completely missed.

    • notmonday

      Snape/Trewlaney 5ever

  • Elizabeth Trail

    Rowling was able to create a friendship between Harry and Hermione which was deep, sincere, and loving, yet remained just that. Putting them together romantically would have been a cliche happy ending, and would have reinforced some unfortunate cultural assumptions about male-female friendships. I’m glad that brave and determined Ginny got her man. However, Ron is far too jealous, insecure, and immature to make a partner for anyone — let alone to appeal to the often wise-beyond-her-years Hermione.

    • Nani Lawrence Weasley

      I agreed with everything until, ONCE AGAIN, you misrepresent and push aside Ron. Apparently, oh-so-fucking great fans just LOVE the status quo. Even his own family didn’t appreciate him the way he deserved.

  • jane smith

    Yes, I didn’t like her with Ron. I agree, or Draco. It should have been Draco.

  • sara

    OMG this is Joey . dawson and pacey kind of thing hahaha I see it now

  • SkyPhoenix

    Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny were perfect. There’s nothing to regret, Ms. Rowling; thank you for the amazing stories you gave us all.

  • Doug

    Moaning Myrtle and a Dementor? The poor guy would have starved to death.

  • Alicia Graybill

    Okay, now Rowling has to do an adult-themed sequel in which Ron and Hermione have marital issues, Harry and Hermione cheat on their spouses, and either Ron or Harry become the defense against the dark arts teacher at Hogwarts. We all know those professors are doomed. ;)

  • Silver Sterling

    Honestly we have been Shipping Hermione with everyone else since the beginning… I agree They are not the Match they could be.. I think she would have been better with anyone other then Ron or Harry… I don’t even like the Ginny/ Harry Mix up… Good for her coming out and saying what she said.. It takes guts to own up to ones mistakes in life.

  • Sonya

    The last section of that book where Ron and Hermione married literally broke my heart, because Harry and Hermione’s relationship seemed so obviously more than a friendship to me. Also, having Ron and Hermione *playfully* fight throughout the entire series and then “fall in love” is so incredibly cheesy.

  • Awesomesauce

    I can’t find any tweets from the Sunday Times about this.

  • sigh

    Ron was the best character in the trio, the most human one with believable reaction, screw that, i don’t care if JK Rowling regrets, she needs to shut the hell up and stop milking a series that ended almost 7 year ago

    • Tia

      Omg. I can’t believe its been seven years. I feel old hahaha

    • Mr Norrell

      Ron, the best character in the trio? You must be joking. The boy was bloody useless.

      • sigh

        You need to check your reading and interpretation skills

        • Mr Norrell

          I always scored 100% in Reading Comprehension while in school. And I never spoke about relate-ability. Ron is the character that I’m most like but I don’t let that cloud the fact that in every situation that he’s a part of Ron is an unneeded third wheel that doesn’t really add anything. He’s just kind of there.

          • sigh

            Okay, so Ron should have just let Harry and Hermione die against McGonagall’s chess game in the first year.
            you logic is trully brilliant

          • Mr Norrell

            Ron being good at chess was a character attribute put in place purely because they would later go up against a giant chess set that might kill them. Were Ron not around the author would’ve given that skill to someone else. The ever-intelligent Hermione, perhaps?

          • sigh

            Hermione sucked at chess. Ron was there to guide both harry and hermione into the wisard world, he was harry’s best friend, and harry makes it perfectly clear that while he adores hermione is never the same withouth ron. hermione is absolutely miserable when ron goes away. I guess he is pretty effin important and you have some grudge against him, bye

          • Mr Norrell

            Hermione sucked at chess for the same reason she sucked at flying, in order for there to be a difference between the characters. It was a writing choice nothing more.

            Yes, he was Harry’s best male friend and guys always need a “guy outlet” when they’ve been civilized or focused for too long. If there IS one redeeming element Ron brings to the table it’s that. He allows Harry time to decompress and just be a guy. But then again, any other guy could’ve filled that role too.

          • Wendy

            Nope, Hermione has never beaten Ron at chess. It even was mentioned in book 1 how both boys felt it was good or Hermione to lose at something for a change (bring her back down to earth, so to speak).

          • Dominique Heflin

            Other than that, what did he do of significance?

          • sigh

            that’s has already been answered a while ago, i’m not gonna type again, keep scrolling.

          • Mr Norrell


      • Tia

        Ron was a very relatable character for some people. He was the shadow to Hermione and Harry, which caused so much of his jealousy and insecurities. In my opinion, he was the most human. Don’t get me wrong..I love Harry and Hermione, but Ron was the underdog, and people love underdogs. I feel like Ron would have been incomplete e without Hermione and Harry, Hermione would have been incomplete without Harry and Ron, and Harry would have been incomplete without Hermione and Ron. They definitely needed each other. And for that reason alone, Ron wasn’t useless.

        • Mr Norrell

          So your argument is that Ron wasn’t useless… because he was useless.


  • Alice

    I think that the whole ron/hermione thing was very important. The reason why the trio worked was because they were all, in a way, the “third friend.”

    • Mr Norrell

      It’s more like an Oreo. Ron and Hermione were too hard layers and Harry was the gooey center that kept them together.

  • drdalektable

    I think she should have ended up with Harry. The entire Ginny and Harry thing, never was a fan.

  • El

    No no no no! A bit of me always loved Hermione/Fred and Hermione/Draco.

    • Mr Norrell

      You’re delusional.

      • El


  • chefnutmeg

    I think neither of them would have worked well for her. She was always frustrated with their childishness.

  • http://rottenvaginaz.tumblr.com/ Valeria Kementari

    I wish Potter had died in the end, I never liked him

  • M. Gabriela Sosa

    I don’t believe this. She spent so many years building Ron and Hermione’s relationship to suddenly regret it. I think The Sunday’s probably wrong. And if it isn’t, well, I suppose my OTP just isn’t canon anymore.

    • sigh

      your otp is canon, it’s on the books, harmony is not canon and never will be unless she writes a new book

      • Mr Norrell

        Or releases a new edition a la George Lucas.

      • M. Gabriela Sosa

        Sure, but doens’t it change if the author says so? Well, you might be right. Either way, I still don’t believe she said it. I guess we’ll see when the magazine comes out.

        • sigh

          no it doesn’t, the story is already written and read by millions of people, saying she regregs what she wrote doesn’t change canon

          • Mr Norrell

            Tell that to George Lucas. Or do you still believe that Han shot first?

          • lola

            you do realize that not everyone is an Star Wars fan right? And that George Lucas doesn’t make canon rules right?

          • Mr Norrell

            I’m well aware that not everyone is a Star Wars fan but since they’re a movie series known the world over it stands to reason most people have heard of it. And when it comes to rules of canon, George Lucas is a prime example of how canon can unilaterally change, even decades after the story was written and released into the public arena.

          • lola

            however, as it was pointed out before, it JK doesn’t write a new book or something in that verse, the canon is that ron and hermione and happly married and harry and hermione will never be canon

          • Mr Norrell

            And as I said before, all she has to do is regret them enough to publish a new Harmony edition. And thus, canon will change.

          • lola

            that’s never gonna happen though, sorry to burst your bubble

          • Mr Norrell

            Never say never. Just a few years ago Rowling never would have said what she did in the interview.

    • Mr Norrell

      Rowling spent any time at all building up Ron and Hermione’s relationship? You must be referring to when Hermione suddenly tossed her brain out the window and acted so unlike herself that she was barely the same character any more. Ron’s antics before that point could be evidence for a crush on Hermione while nothing in her actions spoke of reciprocating those feelings. If she wanted to go for realism Ron would’ve had to stick around and watch as the girl he likes gets involved with his best friend.

      • lola

        You haven’t read the books right?

        • Mr Norrell

          I’ve read them all, several times.

          • lola

            you should read them again then, and actually pay attention this time around

          • Mr Norrell

            You should read them again, and this time with a critical eye rather than putting yourself in Ron’s place so that you can relive that fantasy you have about getting that high school crush of yours that you were too cowardly to ask out until she married someone else.

    • Liderc

      Emma Watson herself conducted the interview, she’s guest editing. I doubt it’s “wrong.”

  • Chris Cox

    J.K. Rowling, you had it right the first time, and it’s too late to take it back now. Harry and hermione together is like brother and sister getting married, it’s not legal here in the US. Ron and Hermione makes sense together, I’m not upset that you’re changing your mind and regretting it, I’m just saying that it would have been way to typica that the main guy gets with the main girl, that’s lame and over done, no thank you.

  • sherbetlemons

    Does anybody know when the full article is out?

    I just need Jo to do some redeeming because this is killing me.

  • fas

    sorry harmony seems slightly incestuous to me and it would’ve been too happy. PERSONALLY I ship Dramione (UGH THE ANTICIPATION I HAD ENTERING THIS ARTICLE!) but I think Ronmione was alright-there was a lot of development between them and like they’re somewhat opposites idk i liked ronmione too but harmony..nah

    • JK’s got some ‘splainin’ to do

      I felt the exact same way.
      -fellow Dramione shipper

      (ours is the ship of maturity, imo)

      • Mr Norrell

        And now you’re posting in support for yourself. Wonderful. Schizophrenic?

  • Trish

    why are people under the impression Ron never grew up or matured? Yeah he was petty and jealous from time to time, but he also was loyal and he loved his friends fiercely. This operates under the belief that people never change and transition as human beings, that who you were at 14 is who you are at 24. Which is incorrect.

    Hermione saw the good in him, despite him being so thick in the head sometimes. Who’s to say they didn’t have a relationship like Arthur and Molly? He was maybe always slightly a child at heart and maybe petulant sometimes, while Hermione was the more mature of the two and the responsible one. Why CAN’T that work?He also was never worried about being honest with Hermione and she with him.

    Harry and Hermione is a perfect example of why a boy and a girl can be JUST friends and be platonic completely. There’s no need to turn that into a romantic relationship just because they fought less than Hermione and Ron.

    • Joe_Kickass

      Even by the end of Deathly Hallows epilogue he was kind of immature. What he was telling the kids and still holding a grudge against Malfoy.

      • Trish

        He can hold a grudge against Malfoy, because even I hate to admit it but Malfoy’s family did play a part in bringing Voldemort back, which led to the war. I mean he lost a brother in that war. Note I said he can still be petulant and childish at heart, but that doesn’t mean he’s a knob.

      • MW

        also, he seemed to be joking around with the kids. what an asshole! how dare he make a fun little joke????

        • Nani Lawrence Weasley

          Especially joking WITH KIDS! Who does that?!

    • sherbetlemons

      Thank you! Ron has a good heart and Hermione recognised that in him and loved him for it.

  • Tia

    Ron and Hermione are one of my favorite fictional couples! I liked that Harry and Hermione were able to have a strong friendship and love for each other without it being romantic. Ron and Hermione accent each other in an “opposites attract” fashion. Ron brings Hermione down to earth and lightens her up while Hermione gives Ron a standard to live up to and a seriousness. I think the “Ronmione” relationship is very real and relatable which is why so many people love it. The way Rowling did it was perfect and she definitely shouldn’t regret any of it.

    Anyways, I always wanted Harry to end up with Luna but I know a lot of people disagree with me on that. The Ginny/Harry relationship is nice though, in that it kinda makes Harry a permanent member of the Weasley family.

  • Kat Stahl

    If the discussion is a matter of what’s realistic was that basically everybody’s high school relationships ended up working out. The TRULY realistic storyline is that they all went into their respective fields of expertise, met someone there, or at the pub, or while traveling, etc. and ended up marrying that person. Who has a group of high school friends who all married each other? Any of my friends from high school who are married/engaged are with people who are strangers to our group of friends.

    Of course again, this being a children’s/young adult story, things can work out a little more perfectly and even though some of us may find it a bit cheesy, I think we all love to see the characters end up perfectly happy (on some level) :)

  • Sheri Burney

    im glad Ron & Hermione ended up together. it showed that the main hero doesn’t always have to get the leading lady

    • Mr Norrell

      Tell me, do you always post so many contradicting things? And why so often, are you only looking to be at the top of the scroll rather than making valid points?

  • Siskokid

    I always thought that Hermoine ended up in Griffendor because she fell in love with Ron on the train the very first time she saw him and she asked the sorting hat to put her in the same house as Ron. Then, after all, it knew exactly what to do with ‘another Weasley’.

  • Cho

    Really JKR, REALLY? Why would an author ever say something like this?! I hope this isn’t real or taken out of context or something.

  • Em


  • FanofHermione

    I agree that Ron and Hermione should not have been paired together. However I don’t think Harry is a good alternative. Solid friends, yes. I think it would have been better to leave it open ended and let fans speculate on their futures. There’s a whole world of fanfiction writers who have some really great pairings. I think the alternative pairings allow for growth and maturity for the characters.

  • Samantha

    Oh if this is really true I don’t have to hate JKR anymore. I was never a part of the shipping until I read Harry/Hermione fanfic without knowing what it was and I’ve believed in them as a couple ever since. Call it overdone, call it “brother/sister” but to me they belong together. I didn’t hate JKR because she didn’t put them together but because she was mean about it, about her fans. HHR fans have been subject to some very nasty, horrible comments and hopefully the war can stop now. No one is going to stop believing in their couple but maybe the fighting can stop.

  • Jraam

    This has made me think if there were any other characters that would go well with Ron. Certainly not Ginny, that would be incest. Luna and Ron seemed like oil and water at certain points. Without resorting to matching Ron up with some superficial one dimensional character, I can only see two options:
    1: Ron turns out to be gay.
    2: Ron lives on to be some 40 year old bachelor.
    The latter of which, I would not feel would leave a truly satisfying ending. Hell, it’s J.K. Rowling’s story, but those were my measly two cents.

  • Caprafan

    This makes me have much more regard for John Green’s stance that books belong to their readers. For an author to make this kind of statement publicly after readers have had years to imagine the rest of the characters’ lives seems unnecessary and heavy-handed.

    • Mr Norrell

      You realize that it was probably the anti-Ron/Hermione backlash that probably caused her to evaluate why she made that decision in the first place, right? In a sense, it was the readers who told the author that she had gotten it wrong.

    • Danny

      Hey, it’s her book, she can say whatever she wants about it. But we the readers don’t always have to agree with her.

  • EddyTh01 .

    I personally didn’t care for the romance and thought it shouldve been left out period… but that’s just me. my least fave book was Half-Blood Prince because it was so full of cat fights between Ron and Hermoine… it got really annoying. I couldve done without it, but im only 1 in a billion who thinks this. :P either way, i love the series and excited for the new book! :D

  • Brandon Coleman

    Am I the only one who thinks Harry and Luna would have been a better couple than Harry and just about any other female character in the entire story?

    • notmonday

      Definitely not alone, I love those two!

    • Tia

      YEs YEs YEs!! I wanted them so badly!

  • Vanessa Baltazar

    This is hilarious! I love HP, but was this necessary? The way she wrote the whole series, lead to the these two ending up together. lol

  • WhatTheGrace

    Imagine if she’d released this statement right after the release of book 7! Or even right before then!

  • 3FootSmurf

    Did she realize how she wrote Ron’s family. Did she even realize how messed up Hermione would be mentally after what she did to her parents. i think relationship counseling would be the least of their worries.

    Come on JKR you make plenty on the HP series just shut up about it and smile that it did so well

  • Rebecca

    I’ve always loved Harry/Hermione, and have always hated Ron/Harmione + Harry/Ginny, so all of this is music to my ears. If JK is telling the truth, then very much thanks given to her for this.

  • J

    Harry and Hermione? Really? They’re both miserable without Ron and they are just so boring when they’re together.

    • Tia

      so true!! Ron makes them interesting!! I hate people hating on Ron. I love him so much. haha

  • Alec Buckley

    Maybe it would have been better for Hermione, but Harry would have been happier with Ginny than her. That passion is something that he needed; what she needed to do was give her (Ginny) a larger role in the seventh book.

  • Feisty

    J.K. should stop second guessing herself.

    • Bris Stoanes

      As someone who used to write, it is easy to look back and regret a certain scene or idea. At least she finished her series before they hit her, because that whole regret process tends to get in the way of my writing and is the reason I will never finish or be published. lol

  • Desizinnia

    I agree that it was a mistake. While some may consider them sweet, it made no sense from a plot/story point of view to me, but that’s just my opinion. I personally always saw Hermione ending up with Harry if she ended up with any of the characters from the story (and not with a new character). And Not because “Hero gets the girl” or whatever, but because of the way the two characters interacted and complimented each other. To me Ron and Hermione were more like brother and sister, while Harry and Hermione had a deeper relationship. But I get why people really liked Ron and Hermione, I guess. It’s too common that the two characters that sort of fight a lot end up together xD

  • Isabelle Marinozzi

    I personally wanted Hermione and Draco..

    • Dominique Heflin

      When you say ‘Hermoine’, you mean ‘yourself’, right?

      • Ella

        No. When she means Hermione she means Hermione. Hard to believe, right?

        • Mr Norrell

          That anyone would think that a girl would fall in love with someone who wants her, and everyone like her, dead? Yeah, pretty hard to believe anyone could be that stupid.

          • A

            Dude, if someone ships something, let them. Why would you call a group of people ‘stupid’ if something makes them happy? Looks like that makes you an asshole, hard to believe, right?

      • Mr Norrell

        Pretty much, yes. That’s exactly what that means.

  • Sheesh

    Honestly – who the FREAK cares? This isn’t “shocking” – this isn’t a “bombshell”, First, because, for crying out loud – THESE WERE STORIES, NOT REAL PEOPLE. “Fans” who exhibit any emotional response to this need to get a grip – and then just go back and read the books. Like it or not, Rowling DID write the stories the way she did and she’ll just have to deal with it herself.

    And secondly, is anyone really surprised that Rowling is only know realizing what her stories were about or who her characters were? First there was the “revelation” that Dumbledore was “gay” (with absolutely ZERO indication of this in the books and an equally great big fat ZERO of importance to begin with), then there was the declaration that the entire series was a metaphor for Death – which, really, can’t be too surprising considering how many POINTLESS deaths she shoved into the Deathly Hallows… And now this – whoop-dee-doo!

    Am I the only one who sees this for what it is? Rowling hasn’t been in the spotlight for a bit now, she’s got to keep that 15 minutes going as long as possible. Being the richest woman in the world isn’t enough, apparently….

    • JohnG69

      I take it you have never written anything creative. One thing all writers do is create back story and ideas about their characters and often these ideas never make it into the stories, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

      Just because she never wrote about Dumbledore being gay doesn’t mean that she wasn’t thinking that in her head constantly.

  • Philip Elthorpe

    Something I have to say… Thanks, JK, for at least admitting that, in some ways, even you think Hermione/Ron was a disaster.

  • AG.

    I still wish for Hermione and Draco!

  • CandyDandy

    OMG, this doesn’t surprise me at all! I mean, I agree that Harry/Hermione would have been cliche, but then at least Harry and Ginny wouldn’t have been together! I absolutely hate the Harry/Ginny relationship — not to mention the little “future scene” with the children makes me gag!

  • Alex

    I think Ron and Hermione complimented each other. Hermione was always the brains amd structure and sometime people like that need someone to balance them out. That is where Ron came in. I disagree with JK

  • i don’t even know


  • Krissie

    I actually like Hermione ending up with Ron. Granted, I wouldn’t have minded her ending up with Harry either, but Ron was definitely a top favorite of mine. I would have been heartbroken if he had been left without a soul mate, or worse….. killed. My boyfriend and I have stupid little quarrels like Hermione and Ron do in the book all the time, so it was touching to me and really could see it happening, much like others I know. What couple hasn’t gotten irritated by each other? I have grown up with these books and wouldn’t want them to be any other way. I love the Harry Potter series.

  • Karen Kuhnle

    Not of fan of Ron/Hermione for a few rather good reasons: 1 Ron belittled her about her books, and her reading for fun. 2 They had NOTHING in common other than helping Harry. 3. He ran off on his friends, thus proving he would not stand by her when things got rough in a REAL relationship. 4. he was a bully through the series to her, always bickering over things that she loved. If you think that is no big deal, then start doing it to your best friend or significant other and see how long you can stay together. 5 his eating habits. He kept shoveling it in, and this is NOT attractive to ANY woman I know.
    Suffice to say it is not the base for a healthy relationship.

    Granted Harry/Hermione would have been great but too obvious. However Harry/Ginny!? They had very little interaction, and I never felt the spark in that one. If anything it felt more like he was hooking up with the image of his red haired mother.

    • Nani Lawrence Weasley

      And I suppose Hermione was just a perfect little angel, hmm? (BOOKS, not movies.)

      • Karen Kuhnle

        never said she was perfect. All I am saying is that the match would not have worked, and could not unless she had little to no self esteem by the end… however we see that to be quite the opposite. by the end of the series she is a very strong woman who sees herself in a good light. I just personally cannot see someone like her accepting someone belittling her for enjoying reading and her other hobbies as a happy and healthy relationship.

        Frankly if you want to ship it, and agree with how it was written that is fine. I’m not trying to sway anyone’s belief on it, I’m just stating why I think it could not and should not have happened.

  • Padr49904

    I feel like this is another ploy to get attention, after the whole gay Dumbledore and the wanting to kill Ron, she comes out with this??? I think she misses being in the limelight a little too much, I wouldn’t be surprised if this leads her to redoing some of the books and releasing them.

  • Jenn

    k idc because DRAMIONE

  • ToddonCapeCod

    What the what? If anything, J.K. should regret pronouncing Dumbledore as gay, after all the books were written. Talk about bizarre!

    • El

      I’m pretty sure JKR just randomly threw that out there to keep fans happy. :/

  • JohnG69

    No way a hot witch like Hermione would have ended up with a ginger like Ron. About time JK admits it.

    • jamie

      yeah, if you read the books you’d know that hermione is described as really ugly

      • JohnG69

        Maybe early on, but she aged well.

        • Mr Norrell

          She was never described as ugly. The worst she was called was plain. And yes, she aged well. When she put a modicum of effort into it she transformed so much that even the ever-insulting Draco could think of nothing rude to say to her.

  • Dorothy Sizemore

    I never saw Harry with Hermione. To me they acted like siblings. Harry had more of a connection with Ginny. For whether Hermione was with Ron or not well I always felt that relationship was all about the build up and would have fizzled later.

  • Voldemort

    I feel like they put Harry with Ginny and Hermione with Ron so that they’d all end up with someone. To me, both r/ships are problematic. Harry is with the person who hero-worships him, and Hermione is with the dude who just expects her to do everything. Neither of them work.

    • Tia

      Agree with your Harry/Ginny comments.

  • ilickedabuttandilikedit

    I know no one will read this but one time I was so drunk with my friends who later told me we went to mcdonald’s and I started yelling at my food for being a poor excuse of a burger then the manager kicked us out

    • Mr Norrell

      That explains what you’re doing posting so many contradicting things on the internet.

  • HP Fan

    I personally never thought Ron and Hermione were right for each other. They’re too different, have different goals and values, spend all their time fighting, he spends most of the series putting her and everything she believes in down, etc. As Rowling says, I think they would need serious relationship counseling, and I really think Ron would seriously need to grow as a person before they could be happy together. (I would say Hermione needs to grow, but she already grows so much over the series. Ron… kind of doesn’t, when you think about it. He doesn’t let his envy of Harry consume him and becomes less mocking of Hermione, but he kind of remains a snarky under-achiever.)
    Other than that, I’m not too heart-broken about Harry and Hermione. I admit it would make sense, but I like the idea of the leading lad and lady remaining close platonic friends rather than romantic interests. It’s so over-used in fiction that I admit this is a breath of fresh air. (Then again, Harry’s and Hermione’s relationship is the most natural and authentic-seeming, so maybe I’m mistaken…)

    • hermionefan

      I don’t like ron and Hermione for the reasons you listed. But I don’t like Harry and Hermione either. I think it would have been best to just leave it be and let the fans speculate. There is some really great fanfiction with different pairings that allow the characters growth in new pairings.

      • Mr Norrell

        You’re talking to yourself, Guy.

        • Mr Norrell

          Please disregard. When I posted it genuinely looked on my screen as someone replying to themselves. It has since changed.

  • Cal

    Fortunately for everyone it doesn’t really matter what JK Rowling thinks. The series have taken on such a life of their own they belong to everyone now, not just her. Her opinions are equally valid to everyone else’s.

    • Dorothy Sizemore

      I agree. Everyone who loves the series has their own favorites. From Draco/Hermione to Snape/Harry. To each their own. But I will say that for her to come out now years later seems weird like she is ashamed of what she did.

  • Ryan Conerly

    Dumbledore is gay.

    • Mr Norrell

      *gasp!* Say it ain’t so!

  • Luana

    eu concordo acho que a Hermione e o Harry deveriam ter ficado juntos desde o início !!! <3<3

  • Ash

    I loved Harry and Ginny together but I think I would have loved Harry and Hermione too.

  • tentacleTherapist


  • http://www.twitter.com/morganstradling Morgan Stradling

    I always despised the Harry and Ginny pairing. It never made sense to me. The relationship was pretty flat. Now Harry and Hermione, on the other hand, that was my original OTP since the beginning. Hermione deserved Harry.

    • Grant Feltis

      I agree completely Morgan. The Harry and Ginny thing was ridiculous, just like Hermoine and Ron.

    • Jojo_Squires

      I want to say I respect your opinion, but Harry and Hermione always seemed like a horrible idea to me. They’re both so intense…They’d live in a constant state of anxiety. Ginny keeps Harry a real person and not an over-serious cliche’d hero. Ron keeps Hermione a bit more laid back. They’re not perfect…no one is, but the original ships fit better in my head. Just my opinion. And, on an unrelated note, the Rotoscopers are awesome!

    • MerrySard

      I agree with you on Harry and Ginny. I just felt that it was shown really badly. Could it have worked? With better writing, I think it could have. So could Hermione and Ron, but I honestly feel romance is not really JKR’s strongest point, because I feel none of her romances worked well if they were more than just background mentions (like Bill and Fleur’s).

  • Adam

    Dear JK Rowling, Please shut up. Stop ruining the series with comments like these. I know Harry Potter has been out of the media for quite some time, but there is no need to arbitrarily stir up controversy to stay relevant. Harry Potter was perfect and sharing your regrets is just pissing fans off.

  • http://atg-reviews.com/ The_Wanderer

    I’ve got to say I prefer Ron with Hermione. Realistically, Harry and Hermione’s personalities would have worked better together in a relationship, but Rowling avoids a massive romantic cliche by pairing Hermione with Ron instead.

    Ron and Hermione pairing up is still reasonably believable. It’s not like its a stretch or anything.

  • Mayumi88

    Despite how I agree that putting Ron and Hermione together avoided the cliche of the leads getting together, I felt that Harry and Hermione’s characters just matched each other more. I was a little disappointed about Ron and Hermione but no so much. Either way, HP is still the best series I have ever – and probably will ever – read.

  • Sophia de Espana

    She needs to rewrite it, then. It’s bollocks the way it is.

  • Guest


  • Caroline J.

    it’s interesting from a story teller’s perspective, regarding the fluidity of a series over multiple books and how plans can/should change. i’m sure George R.R. Martin knows a bit about this, as he seems to change his story halfway through each book, LOL.

    but it doesn’t change anything about my feelings toward or experience with the books.

  • Brent

    “It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility.”

    So basically she did the right thing as an author instead of taking the industry shill route. She is basically saying that she regrets not making the boring, bad decision.

    • Dorothy Sizemore

      I thought writing fantasy was all about your personal views and letting others either agree or not. Making the credible route would have lost some of the wonder.

  • James Wiske

    She should have hooked up with Malfoy.

  • Gavin Walsh

    Forgive me if I’m going to wait for her offical Facebook or something like that

  • Barbie

    I am also glad that Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together. Too cliché. I loved Harry and Ginny, and while Ron and Hermione are not a perfect couple I think they work together just fine.

  • salazar

    Lol so many Ron stans, Jesus Christ. I never hardcore shipped Ron/Hermione or Harry/Ginny so this is music to my ears. Plus, now I can imagine an AU where Romione get divorced and Dramione happens. Yesgood. Also to the idiots who are saying “who would Ginny and Ron be with otherwise???” you do realize there’s about 30 other characters that they could’ve ended up with right… i.e. Ron/Luna, Ron/Any Other Female Character, Ginny/Neville, Ginny/Luna? Ginny/Any Other Char? They all work so just shove that argument up your ass and deal with it.

  • Mary

    It’s about time, JK….Hermione was too smart for Ron…he was just a bully. She settled bigtime. And Ginny was little more than an obsessed fan girl.

    • Jojo_Squires

      Yikes… What an oversimplification of characters… No offense, but I just believe there was more character development than that.

    • Devyn

      You obviously don’t understand the characters very well.

    • Wendy

      By your logic, no one was good enough for Hermione, and this includes Harry, as Harry was about the same as Ron whenever it came to school work. Neither are stupid, just lazy when it comes to school work like MANY kids in a general sense. Ironically, for either PoA or GoF, when trying to pick classes for the next year, Harry decided to pick what Ron did so that he [Harry] could have “help”. Ron also wasn’t a bully. He gave as good as he got from Hermione. The main flaw with Ron (and probably growing up in a house full of males did this) was his lack of tact and his unintentional insensitivity.

      As for Ginny, I don’t feel she was a fangirl after a while. She started to act more like her actual self. In CoS, Ron pointed out that Ginny is very talkative and such and the way she acted around Harry was a bit strange. I also was under the impression that she wasn’t shy. She came out of her shell, but she also realized that she shouldn’t chase after Harry if he wasn’t interested in her, hence her dating to “get over” Harry and move on with her life. An obsessed fan girl wouldn’t do that.

  • my2cents

    Isn’t it best to go with your first choice, that’s what I’ve always thought and been told, so I think it’s all good. AND to the other responses that have nothing to do with this article, I wish there was a way to keep them from showing up if they don’t have a comment that is relevant to the article!!!!!

  • nickolius

    going from polygamy to online shipping.. lol so harry potter is awesome

  • Felisha Monet Lovett

    OMG. Rowling is literally saying what I’ve been saying since day 1. Same thing for Ron’s possible death.

  • XCalburLdy

    You have to remember that when these books started they were 11 and all this talk about putting them into a polygamous relationship is insane. These books were written for kids. As it was I think things moved a little to fast and to show them married and grown up at the end was kind of sad, she should have left it open to the imagination of the reader. I think if Harry ended up with Hermione it would not have been good. It would have been too perfect of a match. A muggle with extraordinary ability that always saves the day and the chosen one together. You could put that into a scenario of the two together being more powerful than Voldemort if they pooled their magic together for the wrong reasons. I think it would have been cool if Harry winded up with someone like Luna who was a little wacky but they both shared the loss of a parent and could see things associated with death. That maybe could have spun off into something great, but I like the fact that Ron ended up with Hermione. It was like the perfect pairing of the clumsy pure-blood wizard that always gets things wrong and has has the muggle wizard of a perfect wife that is clever and smart to fit up all the mistakes. She really should have kept her opinions to herself on this one. And even bringing sex and marriage and kids into the end really should have been left out. Think of all the spin off adventures that could have been created with the 3 of them working together for the good. And after the revelation when we find out just how much Snape cared for Harry in the end, I don’t think she should have killed him off, since she killed off Sirius, Snape could have been like a step father to him and told him everything he wanted to know about his mom and the type of person she was.Oh well, Just my opinion.

  • Natalie

    NO. You can’t just do that. After all this time say that the relationship is a mistake. NO. I’m not happy about this at all. Give Ron a break, J.K! She has said in interview after interview about them being together and being well matched and then she just changes her mind? I don’t think Harry and Hermione are well matched at all. Disappointed.

  • Kay

    First of all, I want to say I’m not trying to offend anyone or their opinions, I’m just stating mine. So don’t take it as an insult lol

    I wouldn’t get too worked up over this yet. The only sites I find this ‘news’ on are gossip sites that young people visit. No reliable sites [I wouldn't say gossip sites not not reliable but they're pretty much unofficial news that isn't really confirmed]. I’m not exactly saying it’s a lie but I’m sorry, if it’s not on anything other than a gossip site, I can’t take it seriously. I think that’s being reasonable instead of being impressionable and believing everything I read..

    As for those saying Ron saying he was mean to her, I mean not really. Maybe in the first few editions but kids are kind of like that and she was kind of rude too [I like her by the way but stop being one sided, it goes BOTH ways] and she stayed that way a lot longer than Ron did. I don’t think she meant to be but she was and that is fact. She was a beautiful character, they all were but it’s true.

    As for the relationships, I certainly was surprised by Ron and Hermione but it didn’t affect me much because that’s not why I was into it. That’s not what it was about, it was about the journey Harry Potter took with his friends. The relationships were subplot, sure, but it wasn’t the main focus for me. I do agree she could have developed the relationships a little bit more but hey, it was a good series, enjoy it for what it is instead of crying because of something small like who ended up with who. You want a story where love is the main plot, theres thousands of romance stories out there as well as fan fiction, go read those or read that crap that is twilight.

    As for those saying there must have been fights in the relationship or they must have driven each other crazy, have you ever been in a relationship lol? Its not all rainbows and unicorns and ponies. You’re watching too much Cinderella and disney movies or something. Realistic relationships do have fights, they have ups and downs, they don’t always get along and opposites tend to attract more sometimes than those who are too alike because opposites compliment each other and people who are too alike tend to get on each others nerves. I’m not saying I’m for or against Ron and Hermione but I’m just saying you must not know what a realistic relationship is really like. Now there are that less than 1% of couples who probably rarely fight, not all couples are the same but the majority of couples do fight and a lot of times do drive each other up the wall. I know a few and they’re still together after 40+ years [family members], some of the younger ones still together after 10+ years.

    As for the article at hand, IF true [big IF], she’s entitled to her opinion
    but it’s a little late to change that now. For those saying it’s world,
    yes, you’re right, it is but YES it is a little late to change it
    considering the series is OVER. If she wrote another addition or
    rewrote, thats a whole different story but as of right now, she isn’t
    [that doesn't mean she won't but as of right now, she she isn't].

    • Liderc

      It’s an interview with Emma Watson and JKR, it’s real…

  • Marchel

    NOOOO! Hermione and Ron became the “family” (siblings) Harry would never have. Having Harry and Hermione paired would not have been a good idea. Ron and Hermione are great because they are such opposites; Harry needed a “Jenny” who was not so emotionally involved in the all the dramas of Harry’s life.

  • Rikki

    I never liked Ron and Hermione together, they were too much like oil and water. Nor do I like the Harry/Ginny ship. However, I don’t think I would have liked Harry and Hermione as a couple. There were so many other females that had potential. Luna Lovegood, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot…the list goes on.

  • Robert Black

    I thought it was great that Hermione got together with Ron. As most film’s it’s the start, ie. Harry potter getting the best looking and brainy girl. Not this time…Well done Ron!

  • Dev

    I’m glad it was Ron and Hermione who ended up together, it added a little twist to the plot especially since Harry ended up with Ron’s sister. Harry and Hermione would have been too predictable.

  • swole man

    Switch the roles. Harry/Hermione and Ron/Ginny. Giggity.

    • Caroline J.

      giggity giggity

      • Mr Norrell


  • Bernardo Triana

    I would not have mind Harry/Hermione…

  • Brendan

    Why would she release this now…? It almost seems like a publicity stunt, but that doesn’t make sense. The chemistry between Ron and Hermione is subjective, and readers made their peace with what happened whether they liked it or not. Releasing this statement simply adds a sense of illegitimacy to a plot that previously was not questioned (past the level of fan-fiction and personal opinion)

    • marypao

      It wasn’t so much a statement as a casual conversation between JKR & Emma Watson. Emma was guest editing a magazine and this is the result.

  • awesome news

    While I shipped HarryxHermione, I always saw it going either way. The one thing I never saw was GinnyxHarry which always felt rush and forced. I would actually have preferred Harry being alone to HarryxGinny.

  • Thi Lam

    See… I feel that Harry should stil be with Ginny… But Hermione with Draco… DRAMIONE. That’s just me and the dramione fandom..

  • Nightmare

    It makes more sense that Ron ended up with Hermoine, had he not been with her who would he have been with. My BFs yelling in the background he would have been a mormon. Personally though I love how it works out Harry marries Jenny whose brother is Ron who is married to Hermoine. They all end up together in the end.

    • vivcious

      technically, they don’t /have/ to end up with anyone. or any existent character. not everyone’s “destiny” is to get married and have kids.

  • TonksAmy

    I feel like yes there would have been problems with the relationship that Ron and Hermione had because of all the fighting that they did. But Harry and Hermione also feels wrong somehow. I don’t really know why, but it does.

  • Linda

    Ron and Hermione were the right choice ;)

  • Carrie Jewel

    Harry e Hermione it would be perfect <3 =

  • Rohan M.

    I liked the couple, but I can’t say I’m mad. They’re her characters, after all.

  • Hazard

    I think that Harry and Hermione’s personalities meshed together fantastically, but I personally could never picture them together romantically. Best friends close enough to practically be married, but not married. I really enjoy that Ron and Hermione don’t seem absolutely perfect for each other. It’s refreshing to see a relationship that isn’t storybook, happily ever after. Maybe they do have relationship problems, maybe they get divorced down the line. That’s okay.

    Now, Harry and Ginny was one coupling that was kind of weird to me. Maybe because I wasn’t all too interested in Ginny as a character.

  • Sunny

    I believe there are two different Harry Potter stories. There are the books, and then there are the movies. In the books, there is no question to me that it should’ve been Ron and Hermione. He was the bratty boy that teased her, but challenged her and gave her the strength she needed to be better. This whole nonsense about couples counseling? Why? Because they fought in the first seven books as teenagers? Seriously… Ron and Hermione both had a lot of growing up to do after the end of the series. And I’m sure they did grow up in the 19 year time period that we, as readers, didn’t get to see.

    Then there are the movies, where they is this obvious sexual tension between Harry and Hermione, something I did NOT see in the books at all. But, honestly, I don’t really see it as Harry and Hermione. More as Dan and Emma. They had this unbelievable chemistry, and I found myself hoping they would get together in the movies just because they worked so well together. They worked well together because, in real life, they were best friends. They still are to this day. So, yeah, I think it’s stupid of her to say this almost seven years later. And her reasoning is stupid as well.

  • Briony

    I think that part of the reason that JK put Ron and Hermione together was specifically to avoid the trope, however i definitely think in this instance the reasoning for Harry and Hermione to be together was way beyond that. To me Harry and Hermione should have ended up together.

  • John Jay Comerford

    It was a mistake. seemed so obvious at the time.

  • Tori Haley

    I love the fact that Ron got with Hermione in the end that and that Ginny and Harry ended up together as well. It shows one major thing- YOU CAN GET OUT OF THE FRIENDZONE! Best lesson ever to give to people :) Besides, I somehow expected Ron and Hermione to end up with each other in the end from at least book 2 or 4. Can’t remember which really.

  • Sam Sandoval E

    I wasn’t really bothered with the pairing of Ron&Hermione, but something didn’t fit, given their personalities and views. I certainly agree with JK; it might have been planed at first, but the character development wasn’t to make them a couple, crushes? Yes, but not for a long term healty relationship, I honestly imagined them getting a divorce after Rose and Hugo went to Hogwarts…
    And tough is nice that by marring Ginny, Harry becomes an official member of the Weasley family, the development of his ‘interest’ on book 6 just screams LOVE POTION.
    Not going to apologize to those who desagree, that’s how I see these love bussines on the HP universe.

  • wizard kelly

    okay am I the only one who really didn’t agree with Ginny and Harry’s relationship? I could see them together as teenagers and at Hogwarts but getting married, having children? It’s been 6 years and I still don’t agree with it. I always felt like they liked each other but never really LOVED each other. What do you guys think?

    • MerrySard

      I think this whole thread is full of Ron/Hermione shippers and very few of anyone else. I have always felt Harry and Ginny were badly written. It might work as a teenage crush fueled by libido, but as a long-term relationship? Nothing in canon tells me how they could last.

    • leiasummers

      I always felt Harry saw his mother in Ginny, red hair and all that and also Ginny was the fastest way to an instant family. And Harry was Ginny’s knight in shining armour and book 2 only fueled her schoolgirl crush. I think that the emotionally matured Ginny would find that Harry is not like the person in her fantasies and dump him and hopefully Harry would realise he never needed to marry her to be one with her family.

  • Zim365

    I always thought Harry and Hermione had more in common, more chemistry (in the book and the movie) than Ron and Hermione. It works either way for me, but Harry made more sense in my mind.

  • MinorGryph

    HermionexKrum forever

  • Matt Dymock

    I haven’t been through every comment on here, but the most common statement seems to be that H/G was the right way for the book to have gone. Now there are specific characters I never really liked in the books. Ginny was one of them amongst others. I genuinely didn’t like how JK left the series with Hermione with Ron and Ginny with Harry.
    In my honest opinion I never saw that Ron and Hermione were compatible and when they got together in the last book I let out the biggest groan when reading it. That was more of a personal point of view rather than anything else. But Ginny I thought throughout the books was more of a fame whore than anything else, granted she may have changed but I never agreed with that pairing in particular. I could somewhat see Ron and Hermione getting together and I hoped for a Harry, Hermione pairing by the end, I genuinely could see the reason for writing Ginny and Harry together. But that’s just my view, make up your own decisions, in the end this article and the interview it is reported on doesn’t make all that much difference, people who wanted to read a story where Harry and Hermione get together will find half decent fanfiction depicting them as such, and those who don’t have the same choice.

  • kat

    Hell no she did not first she kills hedwig now this?!

  • Cassie

    It would have been too easy for Hermione and Harry to get together. It is basically seen that they would until JKR wrote that she and Ron would get together. Sure, I would’ve liked to see what would’ve happened if it WAS Hermione and Harry, but I’m perfectly fine with Ron and Hermione.

  • Bashtheasian

    Hermione and Harry have an affair, Ron goes over the deep end, and thus a new story line is made. More Books!

  • Adri

    I was never really fond of Ron/Hermione as a pairing, and Harry/Ginny for me was just never really interesting? I dont know I dont hate the pairing I just cant seem to really like it. I would have adored Harry and Hermione getting together as I had been hoping for that since I had first started reading the books in the first grade. It seemed so cute to me and I was disappointed when several years later I eagerly read the sixth and seventh books as they were released, only to discover that Ron and Hermione became a couple and after the seventh book’s release married.

  • Jordan Passmore

    …and Dumbledore’s gay, we know!!! Either write a new book or stop lamenting about what’s already been published!!! Always LOVE J.K. though!!!!!

    • Jazzyjen508

      100 percent agree with you! She needs to stop sharing these revelations

  • Essma

    I think that’s right and wrong. It would be so much easier If Harry and hermione were in a relationship, and Ron and hermione are such a cute couple, don’t get me wrong, but it would have made more sense.

  • Nergaur

    Personally…I agree that Harry and Hermione should have go together. They were right together…
    Throughout, Hermione was the one constant in Harry’s life. More than any of the others she was there for Harry, supporting him when he needed it. Fourth year is a case in point. When no-one, not even Dumbledore, truly believed Harry when he said he hadn’t put his name in the Cup, she did. Ron? Give me a break. Yeah, he apologised later…but it took Harry being almost killed to realise that maybe, just maybe, his best friend (who had never been anything but honest to him) was actually telling the truth. Throughout, Ron has been little more than a jealous, insensitive, and – unfortunately – dim-witted bigot who coasts through life on the coat-tails of others. Putting the two together…I really don’t think that they’d have been a good match. Look at Ron, for heaven’s sake. Look at how he treated Hermione at the Yule Ball. Okay, I get that he was only fifteen…
    Look, then, at what he did on the search for the horcruces. He walked out on them. Yeah, he came back…but He. Walked. Out. On. Them. In their moment of greatest need, he abandons them. Why?
    Sure, his nerves are on edge from the horcrux.
    Sure, he’s worried about his family.
    Sure, he’s worried about Voldemort.
    So are the others. Hermione obliviated her family, for heaven’s sake. That is a massive sacrifice on her part. Harry doesn’t have a family. Who are his surrogate family, despite the tiffs he’s had with them over the years? The Weasleys. To him, they are family. So he’s in the same boat.
    It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Abandoning your friends, your comrades, in a time of need that bad, and going off somewhere you can have food and be safe? No. There are only three explanations for doing that. One: you’re a coward. Two: you’re not a true friend. Three: you’re on the enemy’s side.
    Harry/Hermione is my One True Pairing. Those who say Ron/Hermione was right? I have two words to say to you. Get Real.

  • Dominic

    While I loved the Harry Potter franchise because of it’s settings and magic and action I found all the romantic relationships coldly calculated. There wasn’t any spark or tension or romance or chemistry between the characters (even Harry and Ginnie) IMHO. That being said no one should or will remember the Harry Potter series for it’s romance so i think it’s ok.

  • J

    And I loved Emma Watson’s quote about Ron/Hermione when she said “Harry is the hero I suppose but obviously not to Hermione” And now JK is telling me that Ron shouldn’t even get to be the hero to Hermione?? Ron with his inferiority complex and JK want to take Hermione away from him too? How dare you? So cruel.

  • Teah

    If Ron had died it would have broken everybody’s hearts. That’s just not what the world needs xxx

  • Jami

    I prefer Harry with Ginny and Hermione with Ron. They balance each other out. Any other coupling would’ve been wrong.

  • Lukas Ridge

    I was always pushing for Ginny and Ron to get together myself.

    • Geo

      Ginny and Ron are brother and sister in the book, that’s sick.

      • Kirsten Adams

        Can’t you take a joke?

      • Lukas Ridge

        That was clearly the joke, Geo.

  • Jose

    Would’ve been better if she ended up with neither of them…

  • Amy

    I was glad that Harry and Hermionne didn’t end up to be a couple, i think the beauty of their relasionship was that Harry really loved Hermione but i wasn’t in love with her. He loved her like a brother love his sister.

    But this being sais I’ve never liked Ron and Hermione like a couple.

    • Jazzyjen508

      yeah the brother/sister vibe allowed them to be there for each other whenever one of them was in a bad place. that vibe also allowed them to be able to really understand each other without negative filters

  • Joyce

    I personally loved Hermione and Ron ending together.

  • Amiee Dawn

    This made me really sad to read. Ron/Hermione are literally my favorite couple in all of literature. But I can’t say I agree with Jo. I think that even if Hermione ended up with Harry, they would have had problems as well. There’s no electric spark between them. With Ron and Hermione however, it’s like opposites attract. Sure they’d have arguments, but what married couple doesn’t? There’s no way they’d be able to stay angry at each other for too long.

    • Jazzyjen508

      Yeah just because they argued doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have had a functioning marriage. Every couple argues and in many couples arguing fuels their marriage.

      • Mr Norrell

        When Ron and Hermione argue they don’t talk to each other for months. Hardly what I’d call a functional relationship.

        • Amiee Dawn

          What are you talking about…? The only time Ron even LEFT her was in Deathly Hallows and that wasn’t even necessarily her fault. Or Harry’s. It was Ron’s problem because Ron was jealous and he was still under the effects of the Horcrux.

          • Mr Norrell


            1) Ron forced her away in Sorcerer’s Stone where she cried the entire afternoon and was almost killed by a troll, and that was before they were even friends. Any “Yeah, but he saved her.” argument you give will fall flat because Harry had to drag him to go find her. He didn’t want to go. He never apologized or admitted he was wrong.

            2) Ron forced her to leave the group in Prisoner of Azkaban when Wormtail faked his death and framed Crookshanks for it. He never apologized or admitted he was wrong, even when he was proven wrong.

            3) He left them in Goblet of Fire when Harry was chosen as Champion. He never apologized or admitted he was wrong.

            4) The Yule Ball: He blatantly insults her in the lead up it, equating girls you don’t personally ask out to trolls and by insinuating that he was only after someone good looking. They barely speak to each other during this time otherwise. He fought with her DURING the Ball, blatantly attacking her choice to go with Krum as some form of disloyalty to Harry and then switching to an argument that Krum was only interested in her to work out the Egg Clue. He then fights with her AFTER the ball and before they go to bed. While this period of fighting doesn’t result in a proper split up of the group that’s only due to both parties silently agreeing never to mention anything about the whole thing ever again.

            5) He gets angry with Hermione when he learns that she had kissed Krum TWO YEARS BEFORE. He then leaves the group purposely to hurt Hermione by publicly making out with Lavender Brown. This goes on for months. He never apologizes to her for any of it.

            6) The Locket Horcrux: Yes, there are mitigating factors because the Horcrux was feeding on his thoughts and amplifying all of his negative emotions, but it was only a matter of time before he blew up and left again. He is a bad friend. It’s what he does.

          • Wendy

            1. He was in a bad mood and made that statement about her not having any friends. Time he said it and realized she heard it, he looked awkward over it. When the two boys went to the feast and overheard Parvati going on about Hermione’s crying all afternoon, Ron was still a bit awkard, but when the feast startd both boys forgot. Harry didn’t have to drag Ron along. He went along, he was biting his lip, etc. When the two boys locked the troll in the bathroom, both forgot Hermione was there until they heard her scream and without thinking twice about it BOTH boys went to help her.

            2. In PoA, Hermione was clearly in the wrong. Ron didn’t even seem as upset over the fact that Crookshanks ate Scabbers, it was Hermione’s lack of caring that got to him and he even told Harry this. Just acknowledge the situation. Hermione apologized finally and rightfully so.

            3. He didn’t leave Hermione, he left Harry (kind of, as there was that scene where Ron went to check up on him, but since Harry became snippy, he grew defensive as well and Harry threw the badge at his head…notice that Ron’s never been physical with neither Harry nor Hermione when upset, but these two have been with him?). Ron and Hermione were still hanging out together, as she was going back and forth between both boys (and imo, both boys were at fault for this fight). Ron did apologize to Harry, sorta. Harry wouldn’t let him as both just understood. Hermione then cried, hugged both boys because she was so happy, leaving those two confused as to why she was crying.

            4. Can’t argue against this, ‘cept this goes with the “unintentionally insensitive” thing. He was jealous, but as JKR put it, he was typical boy and wasn’t “getting it”. He was jealous, but didn’t know why nor did he understand it. The blame definitely falls on Ron for this one.

            5. Can’t argue with this one. He got jealous over that and embarrassed by his sister. He decided to start dating the girl who was actually giving him positive attention (Hermione really wasn’t as she was, once again, shielding her feelings a bit too well), but at least he learned from the relationship how bad it is to be in one if there’s no emotion involved and only physical. That aside, for all WE know, maybe he did apologize for his behavior or maybe they came to a silent agreement….you know, a moment where words aren’t needed because you just understand, like Harry and Ron in GoF.

            6. I disagree with this wholeheartedly and fully feel it was the Horcrux that affected his decision since in the book, JKR constantly pointed it out, like she wanted us to really get and understand how it was affecting him as it had more to feed off of compared to the other two. Ron had all of these negative feelings and worries, but did he leave? Nope. It took the power of a Horcrux for him to storm off (after Harry told him to leave, mind you). It also occurred right after he found out that Snape was in charge of the school so he was worried about Ginny. The fact that he said that time he left, and away from the Horcrux’s influence, he tried to immediately come back says a lot. After his head was clear, he tried to return but physically couldn’t. If the locket hadn’t have interfered, he probably never would’ve left in the first place and just kept the feelings bottled up or either they wouldn’t have been as intensified. His leaving was actually a good thing though. I figured as early as book 5 that JKR was going to find some way to split them up and that OotP was just foreshadowing and it made sense to use Ron since he’s actually from the wizarding world and knows the most about it. Harry and Hermione are the foreigners.

  • potterhead

    Uhm… source? Ages ago, she said she saw Hermione with one of the Weasley twins?

  • Jess L

    Stupid thing to say IMO. Make your fan base not like you more.

  • mstrchef13