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It’s no wonder we’ve lost sight of all we used to love about American Horror Story; the Robichaux witch coven, so prospective at its beginning, has now dwindled into something that makes these witches look like they deserve to be burned at the stake.

Realizing how quickly the excitement for season 3 shriveled away, I didn’t expect much from this finale, except maybe a few questions answered, some notable deaths, and an action-packed witch brawl. Let me warn you, however, to not expect much from this last episode.

As is customary at one point in every season, a musical-type scene introduces “The Seven Wonders” (Remember “The Name Game” from Asylum?), with none other than Stevie Nicks performing. The witches are all studying for their big test — when it comes to this “supreme” nonsense, you lose, you die.

At first it seems like it’ll be a good show, as the witches have to perform telekinesis, mind control, transmutation, and must even get to Hell and back. But it’s not as interesting as you might think.

During this tight race, we lose Misty Day, in the most unexceptional way. Unable to escape from her Hell, she vanishes into thin air. Poof! There goes one of the strongest characters AHS has seen. We also lose Zoe during a game of transmutation tag (though only for about twenty minutes, because the coven manages to bring her back to life), and Madison (death by Kyle; even though, you know, she’s a witch, and he’s, well, Kyle. But we’ll overlook this).

Zoe wakes up from a disappointing version of her Hell — Kyle broke up with her again and again on a loop.

This, along with a few other anti-climactic events, made this AHS finale forgettable.

40 minutes into this episode, I realize that all hope I had for a powerful finale is gone. Things are officially not going to pick up. Cordelia somehow regains her eyesight — finally we can look at her without cringing — and is revealed as the coven’s supreme. Who else would be more fit for this role? Her first task as supreme is to bend to Myrtle’s will and burn her at the stake, for the murder of a witch sister and colleague. A quite pathetic death, considering we’ve already seen it before. But this is what “The Seven Wonders” presents to us: everything we’ve already seen before. It’s why this finale is so anti-climactic.

Once Cordelia reveals her beloved witch coven, every young witch from across the country lines up at Robichaux’s gates for a taste of the awesome. And then Fiona shows up.

Cordelia is hardly surprised to see her there — and neither were we — but Fiona’s physical decay is something to gawk at. Though the cancer is in its last stages, Miss Fiona Goode sits cross-legged with her cigarette between her fingers. We learn that she’d made a deal with the axeman to fake her own death, just to get rid of him. This last dialogue between Fiona and her daughter is probably the only part worth watching from this finale (“You were the monster in every one of my closets”), and as Delia holds her mother while she takes her last breaths, all is forgiven. Fiona’s version of Hell is also pretty interesting: an eternity with the axeman in a house that smells like catfish.

But this still leaves us with some questions: if Fiona knew her daughter was the supreme all along, why did she kill Madison? Why didn’t she kill her daughter? It seems that several bloody messes this season could have been avoided.

Apart from truly pitiful ‘Hells’ (Is an eternal breakup really your worst nightmare, Zoe? We thought your character had more depth than that), AHS missed the opportunity for exceptional psychological horror. It’s reminiscent of season two, when we shoved leading characters into brick ovens for no reason. Some of our favorite characters this season — Myrtle, Misty, Nan — just simply disappeared with no justification.

There are rumors that next season features a circus; another great opportunity for producers to branch out and create something truly horror-worthy [Editor's note: Ryan Murphy has denied this]. Though expectations are set high, we have to remember what happens with a good topic once we get into the plot. Not much, as we’ve learned from Coven and Asylum.

If you’re planning on watching this finale, skip to the end. Fiona Goode is the only one that has saved AHS from its complete collapse.

Score: 5/10

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  • Kevin Seurs

    I was a little disappointed by this season as well, but I have to say I really got into this episode, though I can see where you’re coming from as well. I actually had not seen the Fiona twist coming and that was probably my favourite part of the episode as well. I didn’t really get why Myrtle so desperately wanted to get burnt, but that didn’t really bother me too much, the rest of the episode had impressed me enough.
    I really liked that Cordelia turned out to be the supreme. It wasn’t as much of a shocker as the writers might’ve hoped it would be, but she was definitely the most surprising option.

  • Colin

    It was awful nearly from beginning to end. I hate that it had the best ratings of the series so far. Asylum was so incredible! :(

  • Dasher

    Fantastic article. This season was just terrible from a story telling perspective. Completely and utterly inconsistent and incoherent. So many plot points forgotten about or just fizzled out. What was the point of Zoe? She started as the main character, the eyes of the show, but slowly just got thrown to the wayside simply so Madison can make more bitchy comments. Coredelia started the season desperate for a baby. What happened to that? A baby was then kidnapped and in the charge of the witches. But we never saw what happened to the baby again. What a complete missed opportunity to have Delia adopt the baby for her own. The stakes were at a low when every witch died every other episode. And what’s so good about being The Supreme anyway? None of the girls listened to Fiona. It seemed like an empty role. And the actual Seven Wonders test was boring and too easy. Then again, I don’t know why I bother expecting anything from Ryan Murphy.

    • Plop

      You just explained everything that i was feeling.

    • CliveRogan

      I guess all the new recruits could be considered her “children” but they probably should have addressed that. And you’re right, what happened to that baby?!

      I won’t begrudge Murphy too much for it though, wildly inconsistent and incoherent has kind of been the main selling point of the show. It keeps you on your toes as you have no idea what insane thing he’ll throw in next, with the horror kept high it worked but when everything was so mundane this season that the shocking moments just stood out as odd.

      • Alex Smith

        The baby was given to the Voodoo Devil for her yearly offering… That was her only reason for taking the baby in the first place. But I agree, they should’ve closed that up with a scene…

        • CliveRogan

          Nan was was killed instead of the baby for her offering so she could keep the baby. He accepted Nan so surely he left the baby alone…

    • PDAce

      Everything you said was quite accurate in my opinion…. The baby, however, didn’t just disappear as I see more than just you either think that or are just wrong entirely about its whereabouts haha. The creepy butler dude, Spalding, kept him as his “very own live doll.” Remember?

    • RamblingBabbles

      We should have seen this coming, expecting continuity from the likes of Ryan effing Muprhy. I mean, what happened to the whole mystery of Cordelia’s blinding? The first one to be specific where acid was thrown at her face. Did I miss something? Was the suspect actually addressed or Murphy has done it again? Also, what about that dreadful power Zoe exhibited at the beginning of the season? That was never heard of again. Oh Ryan, and to think this premise had huge potential. You could actually try next time in making peace of all the women you seem to offend on a regular basis in your shows.

      • vickiebriggs

        After warching episode 3 twice I realized Cordielias husbands father blinded her.Except umm the fiqure that threw the acid did seem to be a little on the short side to be he. Remember his son confronted him about it and his hand was messed up from the acid.

  • Ivan Gatewood

    Not a great season finale, but it wasn’t horrible. Still the best season of the show, followed closely by Murder House in my opinion.

    • Colin

      Since we’re on Hypable I have to say I “respect your opinion” but how on earth can you call Coven the “best season of the show”?

      • Ivan Gatewood

        Because in my opinion, and the opinions of many people (look at the ratings), it was. The characters, the wit, and the acting was on point. Sure it had a messy ending, but I just fell in love with every single character (minus Zoe). Just my opinion of course!

        • Zababa-babaloo

          Yes, yes. Predictability is ALWAYS a fan favorite. This season was clearly the best one. No way did I feel more scared and confused than Murder House or Asylum. And I felt infinitely more disturbed in this season. The characters: Zoe, Kyle, Nan, Spalding, Luke and his mother contained more depth than any of the characters of the previous seasons. As you have said, the acting was ON POINT. Just my opinion of course!

          • Meg

            lol!! i see what you did there..

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    A mediocre season finale for a mediocre season.

  • Michael Vartanian

    I agree that this season finale was awful but I personally think that Asylum’s finale was the best out of all the AHS finales.

  • Michael Giustini

    I would call it a satisfying ending. Not great, but certainly not underwhelming either. I actually thought the season as a whole was pretty damn good. The weakest of the series, I thought this ending was much better then the boring 3 episode long epilogue to Asylum.

    • Plat

      I agree. The ending was satisfying, however also underwhelming. I definitely hope they step it back up next season. If Ryan turns this into another Glee situation (Show starts of excellent and slowly gets horrible), Im gonna be upset.

  • Alex Smith

    Coven was the worst season of AHS. It was boring and offtrack by the fourth episode. Ryan really plotted this one out week-to-week other than the Cordelia Supremacy.

    • Colin

      I’d even hesitate to actually give him the benefit of the doubt in believing Cordelia’s supremacy was known from the start. I have a very strong feeling it was supposed to be Zoe, or Misty, and only one of those two until, like, the winter break.

  • Septima

    And how come EVERY TIME a witch is physically abused, they don’t use their powers??? Fiona letting the Axe Man grab her hair, Madison letting Misty beat her and Kyle kill her? WTF

    • Zozo

      The Ax Man fight with Fiona was a memory. It didn’t happen. And it probably has something to do with feeling vulnerable in the moment. They may be witches but they are still people who have fears and blah blah blah.

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