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Frozen is headed to Broadway, and we already have a wishlist.

Earlier this week Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the very cool animated musical would be headed for Broadway. While we might not be seeing Frozen on Broadway for some time (Iger says, “We’re not demanding speed, we’re demanding excellence.”), we can still dream.

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Frozen has been whirling up a storm since its release. It recently crossed the $300 million mark at the U.S. box office, and picked up the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature.

‘Frozen’ on Broadway: A wishlist

Include songs from the ‘Frozen’ deluxe soundtrack

frozen broadway musical
We are still tapping our feet to “Fixer Upper” and annoying our friends with karaoke renditions of “Let It Go,” but there is no question that a Broadway adaptation of Frozen is going to need more songs. A lot more. And luckily for the creative team, the Frozen deluxe soundtrack has a range of songs composed for the film that went ultimately unused.

A lot of these songs have great potential but did not fit into the final script. Our personal favourites are the “Reindeer(s) Remix” and “Life’s Too Short,” but the seven extra songs by composers Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez certainly give the production team something to start with. And aside from these songs – the very first thing we want is a real song for Kristoff.

Magical special effects

frozen broadway musical
“Let It Go” showed that while there was danger in Elsa’s magic, there was also great beauty – and we want to see this play out on stage. Frozen includes a lot of elements that might make the transition from screen to stage more difficult than a straightforward story. Unfortunately, that is the cost of magical and fantastical stories.

The other obstacle is that the solution for magic on stage is often a smoke machine, a wind machine, or flashing lights. The visual manifestation of Elsa’s magic is so beautiful that we hope the production team finds a way to incorporate it into the show. Other problem areas? The entire “Let It Go” sequence and Elsa’s ice palace, and Olaf. Which brings us to…

Don’t cut the side characters

frozen broadway musical
Don’t take away Olaf and Sven. Olaf (Josh Gad) had one of the sweetest songs in Frozen with “In Summer,” and we would hate to lose this in the Frozen Broadway musical. And Sven made us all want to go home and get a pet reindeer, so we would be sad to see him go (and what would happen to the hilarious and adorable “Reindeer(s) are Better Than People”?

It is difficult to include non-human characters in a production without it seeming cartoonish. Frozen might have started as a cartoon, but the Broadway-style songs mean that Disney has a chance for this to be a classic Broadway production. The animals worked in The Lion King because they were all animals – in Shrek they were funny, but like we said, cartoon-y. Still, we have faith that Disney will find a way.

Keep some of the ‘Frozen’ cast

frozen broadway musical
Frozen did well when it came to casting, and we really hope to see some of that translate into the Broadway show. Of course, when it comes to live on stage, the actors have to look the part as well as sound it. While we would happily buy Kristen Bell (Anna) and Idina Menzel (Elsa) as much younger characters if it meant seeing them together on stage, it is likely that the producers decide to go with a younger cast.

But one cast member who could stay on without question is Jonathan Groff (Kristoff). Okay, you caught us. Really, we mean “Keep Jonathan Groff.” Groff earned a Tony nomination for his work in Spring Awakening, and he certainly looks the part. That said, Menzel is one of the queens of the Broadway world, and would essentially guarantee sold out audiences every night – so maybe she is more likely to be asked that he first thought.

Which ‘Frozen’ cast member would you most like to see in ‘Frozen’ on Broadway?

What is on your wishlist for the ‘Frozen’ Broadway musical?

  • Jenny

    I could see Idina being involved, but not as Elsa – no offence meant but she’s too mature for the role of an 18-21 year old. I could see Jonathan Groff and Santino Fontana potentially being involved. The two things I absolutely want are a Kristoff/Anna song and for Hans to have a villain reprise of Love Is An Open Door (when Anna returns to Arendelle).

    • Mel

      Thank you for mentioning Santino! He, like Jonathan Groff, is also a Broadway vet and would fit perfectly into the show as his original character.

  • Ultron

    O god I couldn’t choose which star I want to stay. I mean Idina is perfect and I don’t think anyone could truly replace her but I really love Kristen Bell’s voice and I want Jonathan Groff to sing whatever song they give to Kristoff! And I feel like they’ll end up cutting Sven. I just don’t see how he would really work too well and be believable. Then again Kristoff sells ice and how can he do that without something pulling his sled?

    • fruttivendolo

      Well, Disney managed to keep Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle in the Mermaid stage musical, so perhaps they’ll surprise us and find a way to make Sven believable :)

      • Ultron

        That is true but they all could talk. Sven doesn’t :/

  • Ross

    If Glee is over by the time this comes into production, I’d happily watch Lea Michele play Elsa.

    • Trish

      I think she’s more focused on her singing career right now unfortunately and probably won’t go back to the stage.

    • anzo12

      I would think it would be pretty neat to see Lea Michele play Elsa! I mean come on she plays a college student! She would be very neat watching play a character like Elsa but sadly she prob wont

    • kimberpower

      I LOVE this idea!!!

    • Simone

      That would be nice but she’s talked about wanting to do Funny Girl when she goes back to the stage so I don’t think Frozen would be on the cards unfortunately.

  • Caroline J.

    Josh Gad! He IS Olaf and just a fantastic comedy actor as well.

  • Elphaba Thropp

    Mostly what I’m concerned about is the music: what it ABSOLUTELY needs is a real Elsa/Anna duet, a romantic duet between Kristoff/Anna, a villain song for Hans, and a song for Kristoff. Seriously, Olaf got a song and Kristoff didn’t??

    • Julie Bresnahan

      I want a Kristoff song more than anything! That silly reindeer song was not enough :

  • xiku

    I’m sorry, I love Idina, but NO ONE would buy that she’s 18. Come on! Seriously???

    • Joanna Boese

      Elsa is supposed to be 23. That was when she could take the throne in her country.

      • xiku

        Either way, she’s still too old.

        • Oh My Rowling!

          Its Idina Mezel, I dont care if shes a hundred: she is Elsa

      • Casey Sara

        She’s actually 21, according to Jennifer Lee.

        • Joanna Boese

          Are you sure? I think it was said in the film she could take the throne on her 23rd birthday.

          • Casey Sara

            I downloaded the script off of waltdisneystudioawards and it says that Elsa is 21 when she inherits the throne. Plus Jennifer Lee, who is the screenwriter and co-director did confirm it on twitter.

    • Hannah Howden

      I’d actually kind of like to see Idina playing the mother. I know that it’s a small roll but I actual think that character would work for them, even if it was a guest appearance that only occurred a few times.

  • alexa

    i think when everyone hears Idina it too old, we all think “younger idina”, and we immediately think of Lea Michele. even if she doesn’t do it i’d love to hear her cover “Let it Go”
    as much as the world would adore her in Frozen, if she is gunna do anything to do with broadway first and foremost it HAS to be “Wicked”
    maybe her character Rachel was “born to play Maria”… Lea was simply born to play Elphaba

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    I really hope they have the slower version of ‘Do you want to build a snowman” in that fan made video where Elsa sings it to Anna when she’s Frozen. It would be a perfect fit.

  • hpboy13

    First and foremost, Disney needs more (and better) music! A villainous reprise for Hans, and tragic reprise of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” and a helluva lot new music in Act 2. “Let It Go” is too early to end the first act, so it’ll have to end on “First time in forever (reprise)” when Elsa freezes Anna’s heart. And the only song the movie has after that is the pathetic “Fixer Upper.”

    And please get the male lead a song, stat!

  • Casey Sara

    My entire life would be made if they could possibly get all of the original voices to be their characters. I just cannot imagine someone else singing Let it Go other than Idina. I will cry of happiness if any of the voice actors get to reprise their role on stage.

  • http://kathryynmerteuil.tumblr.com/ Sasha

    You know how the High School Musical broadway show had subtle but indisputable references to Ryan’s homosexuality? That’s kind of what I want for Elsa.

    • Ultron

      I don’t think Elsa is a lesbian though? Nothing has brought anyone to believe she is. Ryan in highschool musical was definitely gay but it just wasn’t stated.

  • lauren

    I would very much enjoy laura osnes as Anna! and santino can stay as Hans lol they can be in the same musical again!

  • lucca

    I have a hard time picturing Idina as Elsa, and even though I’ve watched the movie three times now I still don’t think her voice suits Elsa (her voice is absolutely stunning, but it just doesn’t connect for me).

  • http://wordsintoworlds.blogspot.co.nz/ Katrina Welsh

    All I want is Aaron Tveit as Hans. That’s all I want.

  • Ananya

    Santino , apart from Idina, is literally the only one who has done Broadway and he played Prince Charming in the recent version of Cinderella. So, its only logical that he should stay.

    • Ambyr

      The article mentions that Jonathan Groff got a Tony nomination for his work in Spring Awakening. So he’s been on Broadway.

  • Rhiannon

    Honestly, I can see Carrie Fletcher as Elsa. THAT would be amazing. She’s just started on broadway as Eponine in Les Mis, and this would be fab.

  • ayriss valdez

    Sierra Boggess should play elsa, and laura osnes as anna.

  • Caroline

    I just wished there was a way for all of them to go on Broadway and somehow keep there voices but change there appearances to look like the characters because honestly their voices all match up but not there looks

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