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We’re learning more today about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD and Blu-ray which is expected to hit store shelves in early March.

The British Board of Film Classification has had a look through the Catching Fire DVD and Blu-ray to rate its various features, and as usual they’ve posted details about what’s included on the home entertainment release.

For example, there are five Catching Fire deleted scenes that total 4 1/2 minutes. They are:
1) “The Hob Scene 8″ (21 seconds)
2) “Train Station Scene 62″ (23 seconds)
3) “A Wrinkle Scene 81″ (1 minute, 42 seconds)
4) “Switching Envelopes Scene 84″ (1 minute, 4 seconds)
5) “Finnick Ties The Knot Scene 119″ (56 seconds)

All of these deleted scenes take place before the 75th annual Hunger Games begin. Perhaps the most noteworthy scene that was shot, but scrapped, was the one in which Finnick and Katniss interact at the knot tying station during training. This scene could be the one depicted in the photo above. This still was released in January 2013 but never appeared in the movie.

Thanks to the BBFC, we also now know the names of several special features which are a part of the included documentary:

1) “A New Kind of Hunger – Continuing the Saga” (10 minutes, 58 seconds)
2) “Visual Vocabulary: Building a World” (12 minutes, 52 seconds)
3) “Stirring Things Up: The Cast” (17 minutes, 52 seconds)
4) “Fashion Forward: Make-Up” (16 minutes, 34 seconds)
5) “Let It Fly: Production In Atlanta” (15 minutes, 9 seconds)
6) “Moves and Countermoves: Stunts & Weapons” (19 minutes, 43 seconds)
7) “Tick Tick: Production In Hawaii” (14 minutes, 26 seconds)
8) “Threading The Needle: Post-Production” (27 minutes, 31 seconds)
9) “The Revolution Lives: Reflections & Looking Forward” (9 minutes, 6 seconds)

Other expected special features include a sneak peek at Divergent and filmmaker commentary. Again, Catching Fire should hit DVD and Blu-ray in early March.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to seeing Mockingjay, Part 1 in theaters this November.

Thanks, HG Girl on Fire.

  • Gary65

    :( No District 6 Tributes painting on Peeta’s arm? We saw a still so we know they shot it. Why didn’t they include it?

    • Sofia Malik

      I’m guessing the part with the morphlings painting on Peeta’s arm could be during the scene with Finnick and Katniss at the knot tying station. One of them probably says something about Peeta, then they show a shot of him and then they go back to Katniss and Finnick.

  • Amy

    I’m intrigued by the Switching the Envelopes scene. Is that going to show them manipulating the Quarter Quell to put the victors back into the arena?

    • humanbeing

      But weren’t the victors going back into the arena no matter what? That was the whole twist of this particular Quarter Quell, right? Unless you mean putting particular victors into the Games?

      • Guest

        its probably showing snow or heavensbee switching out the actual envelopes from the Quarter Quell box to make the twist suit the snows agenda.

      • oblyviate

        Who’s the independent/supervisory body checking to make sure they are good and follow the envelopes? I’m pretty sure Snow can pretty much do what he wants. He can put anything in those envelopes and say that’s what It was.

      • jasonferulo

        In the book I think I remember the envelope/card looking “newer” than the rest, like it had just recently been written and added to the stack, implying that it was not arbitrary. So this is probably the movie way of showing that.

  • discotia

    Does anyone think there is a chance that they will ever release an Extended Edition released? I know that there are only over four minutes of scenes that will be included on the DVD, but Francis Lawrence has said in the past that his original cut of the film was over three hours. I would LOVE more than anything for there to be an Extended Edition! Perhaps after all the films are released they will go back and release all the films as extended editions in a boxed set?
    P.S. I’m still upset that we didn’t see any deleted scenes from the first movie.

    • Ross

      As much as I love the idea of Extended Editions or Collectors Editions, Harry Potter have taken all of my funds for special DVDs…

  • Ross

    I’m happy with all of these special features and deleted scenes but I really wanted to see Peeta and the Morphling interact and Peeta and Katniss’ final day together outside of the arena on the rooftop :(

    • applepie

      Didn’t Francis Lawrence say in an interview that the rooftop scene was going to be included in the deleted scenes?

      • Brett Vickerman

        No, he never promised he would include it. He just mentioned a “very short” rooftop scene (along with the Hob scene listed above) as small moments cut out of the film. He did promise deleted scenes on the DVD in a separate interview so people are combining the two ideas in their head.
        Costume designer Trish Summerville mentioned dressing Katniss in orange and Peeta in green in a scene watching the sunet so I’m guessing that’s all the scene was, probably right before we see them in bed together and the sun is rising. Doesn’t sound like it was anything like the much-loved rooftop scenes from the novel.

  • Dlmarvin05

    There has to be more deleted scenes than that :/

  • Bob

    Aw I wanted to see the rest of the stuff from the Cornucopia Bloodbath. And I wish it showed some extra training, including the morphlings. Oh well, better than none.

  • Alexander Aubert

    what i wish is when the fog hits katniss and friends in the hunger games, i would like to see their muscle twitching uncontrollably

    • http://twitter.com/lukassongley lukaseverdeen

      But there is a scene including this.. Just look at Peetas legs and body during the fog scene.

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