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19 amazing gifts Benedict Cumberbatch gave us in 2013, or, why 2013 was the year of the Cumberbatch.

He was involved in two new huge franchises, as seen in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Star Trek Into Darkness. He voiced Alan Rickman and the Prime Minister on The Simpsons. He starred in the critically acclaimed (August: Osage County and 12 Years a Slave) and the controversial (The Fifth Estate).

Benedict Cumberbatch has been on top of the world in 2013. Here are just 19 of the wonderful gifts he gave us this year.

1. When even he couldn’t get Siri to work, proving that he is just like the rest of us


2. His re-enactment (with monkeys) of how Sherlock survived the fall


3. When Evangeline Lilly called him “fit” and he was adorable in reply


4. When he gave the most perfect response to a question ever and caused an internet meltdown (and probably mountains of fanart)

Source: reddit.com


5. He gave a dramatic reading of ‘Genius’ by R. Kelly, and the internet simultaneously swooned/exploded


6. The moment in the ‘Sherlock’ season 3 trailer when he suggested jumping out of a cake


7. When he became his alterego, Benedict Cumbersass, during his Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

Source: reddit.com


8. He showed us his amazing Chewbacca impression (just look at that face)


9. He (rightfully) got annoyed that people were ignoring half of his work on ‘The Hobbit’


10. Not to mention, when he showed us exactly what that motion capture work looked like


On page 2: Nine more amazing gifts from Benedict Cumberbatch in 2013

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  • Camila Arellano Bütikofer

    i love this guy :) thanks for the gifts, nice way to end the year

  • Mari

    Thanks for the the post! 2013 is a great year for CumberCllective! :-)
    I’m sure there will be many more fab Cumberyears to come; this sexy, adorable, extremely talented dork never cease to amaze me in his every project! CAN’T WAIT FOR SHERLOCK S3!

  • Gary65

    And the bit where he got a call from Nina Gold :D Benedict Cumberbatch as a Sandy Dornishman(in all the culturally appropriate attire). Make it happen, HBO.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    How is this man so damn perfect? He’s just the best!

  • Winkyxx

    THIS ARTICLE WAS AWESOME. Benny Cumbersass is awesome.

  • cnd

    The shower scene that got cut off in Star Trek!

  • froggyhpmb3

    I never realized what a good year I had because of him.
    Thank you Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • Shenanigans

    I want this man’s babies. And his love. And his friendship. And everything.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matsemann08 Mats L

    I just want to watch the actual video of these.

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    I thought the title said “Nineteen amazing /GIFS/ Benedict Cumberbatch gave us in 2013″ which is basically what the article is anyways :)

  • alexis596

    He’s had a pretty great year!

  • CumberCookie

    My favourite Cumberbabe moment when Harrison Ford appreciated him for his portrayal of Sherlock… just the look on his face made me burst into tears with happiness :’)

  • Christine Hudson

    Simply The Best!!!!!!

  • FangirlingOverSherlock

    (All I need to say)

  • Azeem

    Number 20: His existence!!!

  • Andy

    I don’t really like him that much, Think he is rather over rated but this article is making me wonder why XD it was rather amusing and adorable..

  • ukmelia

    This was the best moment for me. My cheekbones touched his cheekbones and I can die happy now.

    • Winny Gomez

      was that u??

      • ukmelia


        • Winny Gomez

          great experience then…
          I wish i would’ve gotten a touch of his cheekbones too :)
          I saw that btw on youtube
          u know about u being kissed by him!! Oh im sooo darn jealous of u now :P

    • Alyssa Hiddlesbatch-Tennant

      OMG this is super late but I feel really happy for you :)
      At least you could see him in the flesh. Oh to hell with that, he actually KISSED you.
      Wish I could meet him IRL someday, but for now I’m content with feeling happy for you.

      • ukmelia

        That is really sweet, thank you! He seems to making the rounds at conventions this Spring, maybe you’ll get your shot soon!

        • jäz

          i am jealous omg you lucky girl :O

          • ukmelia

            I’m totally jealous of the lucky fans in Oz getting to meet him.

  • Name

    You forgot the Harlem Shake thing…

  • SH

    The Sherlock Christmas mini episode, ‘Many Happy Returns’ was excellent! Such a great warm-up to The Empty Hearse. ‘How Sherlock survived’ was just hilarious :D

  • Lizzy Muransky

    Um…all of them but mostly reading the rap song…He continually shows what a gentleman he is, that he is a funny guy, he’s incredibly humble, English and intelligent. He’s a brilliant actor, the best of his generation, and I look forward to every single thing he does in the future.

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