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By Andrew Sims (@sims) at 9:59 pm, December 15, 2013 | Reviewed by Karen Rought

Homeland‘s season 3 finale titled “The Star” was another big finish for the CIA drama. Our recap breaks down the events of the episode.

The episode picked up right where we left off last week. Brody drags General Akbari’s body behind the desk, then mops up the blood with the pillow he killed him with. Carrie makes her way out of the hotel through a kitchen so she’s unnoticed.

Brody leaves the building and is incredibly nervous. He moves at a quick pace so he can leave before they notice the General is dead. Moments later, Akbari’s secretary finds the body and alerts others. As Brody is passing through the gate, people run out of the building, but Brody holds a gun to his driver’s head and tells him to keep driving.

Meanwhile, Carrie calls Saul and tells him that it’s done. Saul is hesitant to believe it, however, and asks Dar Adal to call Javadi, who could confirm the death.

But now, a new problem: Javadi has been tasked with tracking down Brody, and he tells Saul that he needs to know where he and Carrie are heading so that he can capture him. Otherwise, he’ll look weak and won’t be able to ascend to power, which has been the plan all along. Saul then speaks one on one with Dar Adal, who reminds him it’s his last official day as CIA Director, so he needs to take his “foot off the gas.”

Saul refuses, however, and orders the extraction plan because he wants to go through with his promise to Brody and Carrie. At the safe house, the two lovers have a talk about a wide range of topics, including their future. Asked what he wants to do now, Brody doesn’t know because he hasn’t thought this far. He talks about getting his redemption, but wonders how he can when he had to redeem himself by killing someone.

Then Carrie drops the bomb. She’s pregnant. Four months in. And confirms it was from the time at the lake. She believes she was put on this earth for their paths to cross and admits it’s crazy. Apparently happy with this little speech and revelation, Brody says that he doesn’t think it’s crazy and thinks “it’s the only sane fucking thing left to hold on to.”

While Brody is sleeping, helicopters arrive. The two come outside to meet what they assume are members of the extraction team, but it’s Javadi’s men who are outside. They take only Brody.

Carrie calls Saul to tell him about the development, and he immediately meets with Dar Adal and Lockhart to find out who revealed Carrie and Brody’s location to Javadi. It was Lockhart, who is now the CIA Director as ordered by the president of the United States. They argue that for the protection of Saul’s legacy and Javadi’s rise to power, Brody had to be captured. “I honestly don’t know what the fuck we’re doing anymore,” Saul says.

The next day Carrie is back in her hotel room packing up when she’s grabbed by Javadi’s people. He informs her that Brody has been sentenced to death because he’s an enemy of the state. He insists it’s out of his hands, and a public execution is scheduled for the middle of the night. “The plan is a success. You and Brody pulled it off,” he reminds her. “But not if he dies,” Carrie replies. “More so if he dies,” Javadi counters, “I ask myself over and over… why? Why would anyone do that to themselves? Why would you? And I think I know now. It was always about [Brody]. That’s what you care about.” Carrie asks for a phone call with her man, which he grants.

On the phone with him, Carrie insists Saul can still fix it, but Brody knows it’s over. “I want it to be over,” he tells her. Brody asks her to not come to his hanging, but she insists that she will. She calls Saul and begs for help, but he knows it’s over, too.

At the hanging, Abu Nazir’s wife Nassrin spits on his face and puts the noose around his neck. Carrie watches from the fence where many have gathered to witness the hanging. A crane lifts up the rope. Carrie climbs the fence and yells at him. A guard knocks her down.

Brody dies.


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  • OccasionalSpectator

    It’s sad that he died, but at least there is some good news…



    • Brian Pearson

      I enjoyed seeing Jessica’s tiny triangular shaped titties in prior episodes. I would have liked to see Dana’s young little box at least once. Anyone else feel same ?

      • OccasionalSpectator

        Yes to the first part

        Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to the latter.

      • Christopher Columbus

        Fucking weirdo creep

    • Chris Brody

      No more fucking anything. What’s the point of the show? Some new stop-the-terrorist story? No longer care about the drama between Carrie and Saul. At the end of the day, Saul would sacrifice Carrie if he had to. What was the point of showing any of Brody’s family this season? Can’t trust the writers. I’ve canceled Showtime. Fuck Homeland

      • OccasionalSpectator

        Yeah I knew YOU would say that…

      • Nate Opgenorth

        Well thats mature. lol. I usually give a show a chance even if I don’t like where its going. Man you wouldn’t have liked 24…scratch that you couldn’t have handled 24…people are expendable, we all are and it was never going to be a fantasy story with brody making it out alive.

      • Sal

        They dont get it, i cant cancel it ,but there is nothing to watch, HBO has same issue, not about expendable cast member,it was a boring season, and it had its ending..its over!

      • bob

        Let’s not forget the fact that Iran has now been pacified and is playing ball.

        That could all go tits up of course, but they really have painted themselves into so many corners with this season.

        The following season will probably be the last one. Half because they’ve painted themselves into the corner through lack of imagination, and the other half because people are getting bored of it.

    • Sharyn G.


    • Funwithguns11

      I miss Mrs. Brody. BIG TIME!

      • ross

        miss those tits in every eppisode

      • Woodey

        I wish she would get together with the cast of V and finish that series. Talk about leaving a series hanging with MAJOR cliffhangers. They should have avoided making the show altogether if they were going to leave it hanging like they did.

        I really loved looking at her in Firefly….damn she is even hotter with long curly hair!!!

        • Bring back Brody. and deadwood

          Deadwood. No more to say.

          • Woodey

            I loved Deadwood, that pissed me off to.

    • bob

      Oh she’ll still be around for sure. Which is a good thing since she’s probably the best actor on the show.

  • Brian Pearson

    Hi !

    • Funwithguns11


  • Sandy

    That was a terrible ending to the season. I don’t know that I can continue watching it next season with Brody gone.

  • Homeland fan

    Can’t believe they would kill off Brody. The way he was hung allows for some leeway. Possibly, Javadi set it up to look that way? I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

    • Emeli

      Oh I hope you’re right! I’m upset at losing Brody. I hope that Javadi “rescued” Brody within minutes of death. When Brody surfaces later in the 2014 season, Carrie has already bonded with Quinn (shared pain); the baby will be Quinn’s chance at a do-over in the kid department, although it’s bittersweet to him that it’s Brody’s child. Brody and Quinn both alive will present a dilemma for Carrie, as well as fierce possessiveness for Brody, against a backdrop of the usual bad-guy terrorist blah blah twists and turns. Ugh, I cannot believe I endured a pounding heart all these past Sundays just to see my man Brody leave the show! Nooooooooo …. Please somebody, say it ain’t so!!

      • bravo romeo oscar delta yankee

        I so agree with you. I also am so disappointed as it appears that Brody
        is going to be killed off. I remember one of directors recently saying that he hopes that ‘we the audience will find Broady delicious’. Episode11 left you waiting with baited breath till the finale which was tonight. Brody was hanged and Saul, the new director and Carrie appeared to act as though Broady was nothing but an afterthought. Online tonight I read that “Damin Lewis,will start filming the movie ‘Queen of the Desert’ in March.” You cannot have Juilet without Broady our Romeo. I am sick

      • ncsturek20


    • Fred

      When I saw the crane, with no platform underneath, I realized that wasn’t a standard hanging. Hanging that way strangles the victim, instead of snapping the neck and providing a quick death. However, I think he’s dead, as the body wouldn’t have been taken down right away. Brody needs to die for show to move on.

      • Raymond Hak

        Actually that’s exactly how they hang in Iran. “Short drop” as it’s know as opposed to “long drop” which kills instantaneously by snapping the spinal column.

    • Pinkerton

      He is the cockroach that never dies, so I guess the door is open for his death to have been staged. I’d prefer that they move on, though. Next season will be make or break.

    • Sharyn G.

      That’s what I think and also that’s why he didnt get a star on the wall.

    • Paul Russell

      It’s hanged not hung!

      • kate

        coats get hung. people get hanged. hanged is grammatically correct odd as it may sound.

        • Funwithguns11

          Hanged may be correct but its stupid. Like dived instead of dove.

    • Raymond Hak

      I agree that Javadi faked the hanging, maybe by putting some kind of a ring around his neck. Something didn’t look right about the way he hanged.

      • Funwithguns11

        Sherlock Home Game of Shadows.

      • Brad Schoenfeld

        He never FALLS FROM A DISTANCE thats the whole purpose of hanging someone to break their neck, it takes a LONG time to suffocate if your neck doesn’t break and how about the star fading? or the CIA director maybe won’t give him a star because he knows something. Only way the show is still Homeland. Otherwise it could still be entertaining its just totally different.

        • Teabilly Hunter

          They don’t do “long drop” hangings in Iran. They prefer the strangulation method shown.

      • Jocelyn Michelle

        That’s probably because he’s an actor who really wasn’t hanged! They had to have some kind of safety harness for Damian Lewis to film that dangerous scene. But I agree with your post – I keep hoping that Gevadi somehow rigged Brody’s hanging and that Brody will turn up in season 4. I would even be happy if he comes back like Dexter’s father Harry did in Dexter. At least, give us some flashbacks of Carrie and Brody together.

      • bob

        It didn’t look right because it wasn’t real, it’s a tv show prop noose. They can’t make it look really real without actually hanging the actor in real life.

        Having said that, I have my fingers crossed that you are right.

    • MCat

      Those were my thoughts! Let’s hope. The show was so much more interesting with Brody’s character. How could America turn their back on him now? How was Carrie so calm about it?

    • Sarah

      There’s no possible way Brody’s death was staged. As devastated as I was by his death, If that’s the case the show has truly jumped the shark and turned to crap. Critics and viewers were tear it apart for something that unrealistic.

    • Woodey

      If they bring Brody back, they risk turning the show into a soap opera. I loved Brody and did not want him to die, but I think it would hurt the show more than help if they bring him back.

  • hpatdh33

    The ending was perfect because they can go anywhere they want now. The show can redefine itself.

  • saucy

    I’d like to see more of Quinn next season.

    • WGlisane

      Love Quinn!

    • Lindsay

      Lots more :-D
      The crazy shipper in me is unabashedly glad Brodie is out of the way now, Carrie/Quinn needs to happen.

  • WGlisane

    ohh nooo…I hope Brody comes back! Could it be that Javardi knows saving Brody would be his ticket to controlling Carrie? and Saul to an extent. Could be..I suspect there was lot more to this episode than meets the eye. Remember…Brody said he’s been called a ‘cockroach’, unkillable. I think Javardi had only one ace card up his sleeve and that would be Carrie because he knows her heart, studied her so that he could learn how he may manipulate. So was the Maestro Saul…or Javardi?

  • KT Banks

    Not sure he’s really dead. No one, not even Carrie, seemed upset enough.
    Very anti-climatic. They would let him get murdered for doing what they
    sent him to do – and then congratulate each other for a job well done? I
    don’t think so. (and I’m a writer)

    • CableLegend

      He’s dead. D E A D dead.

      • KT Banks

        It just seems like I’ve seen people get more upset for running over a squirrel.

      • Funwithguns11

        No way!

      • Sarah

        He is so dead! I don’t get how so many people think otherwise. There’s no way they would do something that unrealistic. I’m sad too, but come on people!

    • HeywoodJa

      Carrie was fooled. She thought he was dead. Javadi I think is acting on his own. Carrie’s hijab was very unconvincing, FWIW. Jacket too short, scarf did not cover hair. Also, way too much wood in some of those scenes–wooden floor in Iran? No way. Marble and rugs.

  • kevin

    Homeland will not be the same.

  • dtb24

    Will be very interesting to see where they go. I knew Brody had to go since it seemed hard for him to fit into the future. He was no longer an asset for anyone and they could not have kept flip flopping his loyalties for much longer

  • WGlisane

    The more I think about it, the more I think Javardi faked the hanging, at least faked that Brody died. I think Saul cut a deal with Javardi and they orchestrated this false death. Saul was not going to be drop kicked out of the agency without more repercussions than the finale let on. This is Saul we’re talking about! He is not one to allow a fool like Lockhart get the better of him. Something is up that and not what it seems.

    • NCsturek20

      I agree! He went out to easy!

      • Mike

        totally agree!

  • Crap Ending

    These Homeland writers better wake up and figure out a way to make this right. I thought this show was getting so good. Then they had to go and trash it in the season finale. It’s as if the writers got together and said, “how can we completely ruin Homeland for everyone? Oh, I know! Let’s kill Brody, send Saul packing, shove Carrie into a deep depression, and make sure the CIA is headed up by Senator DickHead.” WTF!?!?!?

    • Jesse Jackson

      Every single critic in the world said he had to die. Don’t be a Dexters style fanboy tool

      • bobby

        people watch shows, not critics. you and the other 4 people can watch season 4 before it is canceled.

        • Collie

          I agree, I only was attracted to the show for Damian Lewis, without the chemistry with Brody/Carrie/Saul its over for me. I know there was this talk about Brody’s future never being a sure thing, but with him only in a few eps this season, it really wasn’t very enjoyable for me. They’re getting good at writing themselves out of a show, aren’t they? :/

        • Mike

          I totally agree!

      • Jocelyn Michelle

        Who really cares what the critics say? A lot of people watched Homeland and became invested in the Carrie/Brody storyline. It was what the whole show revolved around. Without Brody, I can’t see the show ever being as good as it was.

      • bob

        The fact that the writers painted themselves into a corner and were forced to kill Brody, doesn’t make him being killed off a good option. It was just the only option.

        The problem is that shows require characters, to exist. If you kill off your main, or second to main character, you don’t have a show anymore.

        The Dexter comparison is terrible, because Brody has died halfway (presumably) through the show’s lifespan. Dexter on the other hand would have, or should have died at the show finale.

        Homeland will continue, but with less characters to tell the story with. It’s not a smart move. And it’s not just fanboys who understand that fact.

    • Jennifer Leigh Tyson

      holy shit that’s an awesome way to sum up exactly what I was thinking

    • emmalynnnil321

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      Fiat 500 C Abarth by working part time off of a macbook air… Look At This B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

    • BrodyIsOurHero

      it ruined it for me. I am not looking forward to another season of Homeland without Brody. He is the show anchor. If the writers decide to shoot themselves in the foot, we’ll turn our remote to another show.

    • Rohan Kanojia

      homeland plot star were brody and carrie, show will not sustain without even one of them
      i think in the upcoming season carrie will get intimate with peter quinn.
      and i believe they will reveal that peter quinn is LANGLEY BOMBER.

      homeland is over for me..

  • randy mo

    Staged execution – Brody is swapped for Iranian spies secretly, which still enhances Javadi’s stature; but Brody is still in a cell somewhere, since knowledge of is being alive by Carrie would undermine this plan.

  • The Shows Over

    Im done with this show now horrible writing to kill Brody ruined the entire show!

  • bobby

    Did Soprano’s kill off Tony? Did Dexter kill off Dexter? Of course not. The star of the show was Brody. 99% watched for him not Claire Danes. She was the sidekick. Season was so good because of Brody no one else. Bye bye to season 5 Claire

    • Crap Ending

      Agreed. After the beginning of this past season I kept asking myself, when is Brody getting back into the show? There’s over 9 months until the next season, and I really think the writers are going to see the overwhelming backlash from fans over this finale. They’ll get together, make it right, the show will sign Damian Lewis to another season, and get it back on track. at least I hope so.

    • Dawn345

      But Brody was hardly in Season 3 anyway. It’s as if the writers were training us to get used to the show without him. (Which no, we didn’t like let alone get used to)

    • yadot000

      No, but Broadwalk Empire killed off Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt) at the end of season 2. Yes, he was not the “lead-lead” character, but HBO and writers had the guts to do it. We all have our own favorite characters in a show that may or may not be the lead. The show was never the same for me again because Jimmy was my favorite character. I was dis-interested in the series and eventually stopped watching after that.

      And… I agree with most recent comments posted about Homeland thus far. I would not be surprised if Showtime/ writers killed Brody – it’s a bold risky move, they have enough confidence in the other characters that they would be able to carry the show without Brody. Also, I think not having Brody in 50% of season 3 was getting the viewer used to not seeing Brody for seasons to come. And, I still enjoyed the seaon, with or without Brody… I was still hooked. But, with all that being said… Brody IS NOT DEAD. Body never went limp… Carrie was crying, but not as upset as we all would have imagined her to be after witnessing her “lover’s” death. Four months later and she is STILL with the CIA… and somewhat happy-ish… closely working with the new CIA Director? Come on… she would have completely given-up on the agency if in fact she knew that the US turned it’s back on Brody during his last capture and death. Saul and Dar’s cryptic convo in the diner?… Maybe it’s hard for me to let go of a good character… but I still believe (like others still believe that Elvis, MJ, etc are alive) that Brody IS NOT DEAD… YET.
      Looking forward to Season 4 regardless…

      • Mike

        actually what you say about Carrie that she wouldn’t still be with the agency if they had turned their back on Brody does make sense -but then again she also did say to him that serving her country matters a great deal, didn’t she? let’s just hope you’re right and Brody’s still alive..

    • ETR

      Many people think the Sopranos writers did kill off Tony at the very end. I’m one of them…

  • bobby

    Blame Claire Danes. All reports say she was beefing with Daniel Lewis before season 3 began. Biatch

  • John Mathew

    HOMELAND had the courage to kill the main role.. that’s fucking awesome… usually in normal series whatever happens the main role will stay till the end… It’s freaking cool..

    • shelly

      except game of thrones :)

      • Funwithguns11

        I don’t think GOT has any main characters that can’t be disposed of. There are just too many. The show was fine after Ned met his end.

  • Thewolf

    To even things out, saul should get killed by a random mugger armed with a napkin-wrapped glass shard, carrie should die in an ambulance crash, quinn should be iced after a bad coke deal with the Russian mafia, and dar adal should succumb to ecoli poisoning from a whitecastle burger.

    • Joe


    • Jennifer Leigh Tyson


  • Erick S

    Brody is either still alive or they wanted us to think that is a possibility. The hints were clear. The hanging was bogus…that’s a strangulation not a break-the-neck hanging a-la Saddam Hussein. We never even see his body go limp.

    The bigger hint I thought was the conversation between Saul and Dar near the end. They are so friendly now after Dar supposedly betrayed Saul on the Brody exfil. I thought that was fishy that such a cool character like Dar would end up being a backstabber. And Saul specifically commented about Dar’s loyalty in that end scene…I thought for sure at that moment they would reveal that Dar and Saul had fooled the Senator and everybody and secretly saved Brody.

    Maybe the show runners aren’t even sure yet? Maybe they want to see what happens this offseason before deciding what happened to Brody?

    • Liderc

      His body did go limp, look at the final shots of the hanging and you can see his feet turn outward, once he’s either died or lost consciousness. Not guaranteeing he’s dead since his neck wasn’t broken, but he definitely lost consciousness at least.

      I’m not sure about him dying or not, at the time I didn’t question his death. But now that everyone is talking about it I guess it’s possible. I think his story and more importantly his family’s story is just over. I know I was ready for them to move on (the CIA).

      People saying “the show was Brody” seem to miss the fact that it’s Carrie’s show, it’s her story that will continue, not Brody’s most likely.

      • Funwithguns11

        You mean can’t fake losing consciousness? :-p

        • Liderc

          Not sure what that has to do with what I said, but sure you can fake losing consciousness. But would Brody fake something after he was THAT ready to die? Don’t think so.

  • upper_westsider

    Brody’s death, if he did die, really shocked me. So many questions about where the show goes from here. Will Carrie actually end up in Turkey? What about her baby? What happens with Saul? I’d hate to see his character gone. The wait for season 4 will be like waiting for Christmas when I was little.

  • I am Brody

    No way he died. Season 4 ratings people! Same writers who had us believe brody wouldn’t go through with the mission…until the very LAST moment of episode 11. Wake up!

    • brody

      The whole show IS Brody! No one will watch next season otherwise, writers not that stupid and we already saw backlash when Brody didn’t appear in a few episodes.

      • Brody is Alive

        Correct! Javadi keeps him alive since he is OWNED by Saul. (Saul is awesome by the way). Brody is so alive!

        • Javadi is Owned by CIA

          Remember how Saul never filled in Carrie on the plans until the very end? Same thing here. Javadi ensures Brody is kept alive.

  • I am Brody

    We NEVER saw him actually die…Javadi is owned by the CIA and kept him alive. Can’t wait for season 4 premiere…Ratings will go through the roof!!!

  • Raymond Hak

    I don’t think he’s dead. I think Javadi faked his death. You’ll see.

  • Jim in MN

    You guys CLEARLY missed the 2 second desert shot at the end of the show with the two bodies along the afghani border – where the “Cherry Pie Productions” logo would normally go.

  • crash

    I think Carrie will keep the baby (at least in her family), go to Afghanistan and bring Saul aboard to partner with her and Quinn. I’ll bet Brody is still alive but we won’t see him until mid season 4 and we won’t know which way he is turned when we do

  • thewolf

    Javadi should be bit by a scorpion while in the bathroom, and die from the subsequent blood poisoning in an agonizing fifteen minute scene. Lockhart should be pumping gas at a Chevron when approached by a group of latino gangsters who beat him to death and steal his watch and chevy suburban. Brody’s wife ends up overdosing on neo citron and tylenol 3s and never wakes up. Brody’s son ends up developing a violent bipolar personality disorder, and finally Dana is kidnapped and ends up in a human trafficking ring in eastern Ukraine. The end.

    Seriously, it may as well happen after all the time invested in Nicky B only to have him kick the bucket via hitatchi crane and rope.

  • Funwithguns11

    Think about it. If someone killed your leader, wouldn’t you want to know HOW and WHY he did it? I think it would be silly to think he did it all on his own and I’m sure the Iranians would too.

    Also, if you saw Sherlock Holmes 2, it’s very easy to put a harness under a person’s body and place a hook from the noose on it. That is how he survived.

    • thewolf

      Man, did you see Brody’s head when he was swinging from that shoelace? Looked like his grape was about to bust. In HD he was shaking so bad I could see specks of dust coming off of his head.

      He’s dead, jim.

      • Funwithguns11

        Sherlock looked dead too! :-p

  • Collie

    I’m disappointed, as far as I’m concerned the show is over.

  • Mack

    Without Brody&Carrie’s storyline, I’m off Homeland. And, still, VERY PISSED!

    • MissB

      I am too very UPSET. It gave me a stomach ache to see that hanging. All the time I thought he was going to survive. I also thought his face was strange… like if he knew how to put strength in his neck to survive the strangulation. He did not seem dead… although I believe they really killed him. I am so mad with that ending of “4 months later”… with Carrie working at the CIA that I don’t want to see Homeland EVER AGAIN… I will cancel show-time, which I only paid to see Homeland… but not ANYMORE. GRRRRRRR

  • Mike

    I don’t believe they have killed Brodie off -are the writers nuts?! I know that there are some folks out there that saw that move as the series’ “savior” but I think it’s quite the opposite. Brody NEEDS to be there and so does Carrie. And, yeah some of us need to see them together finding the hapiness they deserve after all the shit they’ve been through. And possibly, Brody also getting the proper acclaim.

  • Ed

    Andrew … I think you (or your editor) meant to write “The Maestro”.

  • HeywoodJa

    Is Brody really dead? Or did Javadi fix it so that people thought he died, but he really didn’t? You’d think his neck ould have been stretched out if he’d really been hanged. He looked like he was in a harness.

    • Funwithguns11

      I think he is critical to the show and him being in constant limbo is what keeps people interested.

      • Sarah

        Dude. He is dead.

  • Funwithguns11

    Also, BRIAN was just resurrected on Family Guy!

  • Sarah

    I’m absolutely shocked at how many people seem to think Brody is magically alive and this his death was staged. Really people? !?! We’ve known from the beginning that Brody was a short-term character…. writers and producers have stated that multiple times. Brody’s death being fake would be so completely unrealistic that critics and viewers would tear it apart. I was/am absolutely devastated by his death, but if he magically turns up alive in season 4, this show has truly jumped the shark.

  • SabinaFell

    Seriously, why does everyone hate Dana so much? I don’t mean to be mean or anything, I’m honestly curious. I think the relationship between her and Brody was really well portrayed, and I get that she’s got annoying teenage moments or whatever, but why does that make everyone hate her so much?

    • Thewolf

      It’s that her garbage lifestyle has literally nothing to do with the overall plot. Think of all the filler they involved her with, and looking back it was all about some dead guy’s kid.

  • Brad Schoenfeld

    The premise of the show is how do you see brody hero or villian IF he;s dead even if they somehow make the show interesting without him it doesn’t deserve the name Homeland. Homeland and Breaking Bad very similar in the idea of how you look at the main character but this is like killing Walter White. Theres no way hes dead unless these showrunners are morons.

  • JavadiBinks

    Javadi needs Brody to play back against the CIA.
    Javadi has no issue with what Brody did because it will get him a promotion.
    Javadi will use Brody to get out of his deal with Langley.

  • Sarah

    I’ve said this before, but Homeland exec Alex Gansa just confirmed it, too. Brody is dead. There’s not going to be some magical resurrection. From tvline:

    “All evidence points to his death, undoubtedly,” exec producer Alex Gansa tells TVLine, dismissing speculation that Brody’s public hanging was somehow staged. “I encourage [doubters] to watch the episode again. The issue has been settled.”

    I’m sad too, but Brody’s gone. And good for showtime for having the balls for having a realistic ending to his storyline, despite how heartbreaking it was for viewers. There was no way his storyline was ever going to end well.

    • Sarah

      He talks about it here too….

      “At what point did you know this episode would be the end point for Brody?”

      It was one of the very first decisions that was made in the story room this season. Sometime in January, we started to talk about this being the season that Brody would not survive — but the manner and the exact method of his death were things that we did not decide until sometime in September. We knew his shelf life had expired but didn’t know exactly how [his death] would take place.

  • Dan

    I didnt want Broady to die but he has I can get over that, but I do not understand getting rid of Saul as well, seems he will only play a bit part in future + broady seems to be forgotten about, Lockhart in charge who no one can stand and this baby story line with carrie will bore us to death.

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS SHOW THE BEST IVE SEEN IN MY OPINION, but wow the season 3 finale just was awful literally I cant believe it, only episode i not like

    No Broady(and forgotten about already), Saul(bit part), Lockhart(CUNT) heading CIA, Carrie Baby story line yawnnnnnnnn

  • Fred

    Season 4, Episode 1:
    Carrie breast feeding. Carrie changing a diaper. Carrie burping the baby. Cancel your showtime subscription now and save the money

  • Jocelyn Michelle

    When I watched the season 3 finale, I kept thinking “there is no way that they are going to kill off Brody”. I’m still hoping that somehow Jivadi rigged the hanging to look real. I know it’s highly unlikely, but I can’t imagine watching the show without the Carrie/Brody dynamic. Damian Lewis is one of the most amazing actors I’ve seen and, if I do tune in to season 4 of Homeland it won’t be the same. Can’t wait to see him again in another show.

  • Steve Mckinley

    googling ” does anyone care if there is a homeland season 4″ took me here…. gotta agree with almost everyone here. tediosity. not interested in season 4

  • Guest

    WTF! Brody dead???????????? what a awful finale!

  • Cat Barlucchi

    WTF!!!! BRODY DEAD???????? WHAT AN AWFUL FINALE!!! The writers have gone crazy!

  • Woodey

    I felt that Brody was the glue that kept everything together and killing him off leaves me wondering how the show will be able to sustain its suspense and momentum. I get concerned when shows finish off the main story arcs, but continue on with new ones with the hope of keeping the show going due to its popularity. Shows like Weeds and Dexter fell victim to this and spent the final couple of seasons limping to the finish line. Breaking Bad was one of the few shows that avoided that quagmire and ended strong; Sons of Anarchy looks to be following in BB’s footsteps by ending the series next season.

    I hope Homeland doesn’t try to milk its fanbase and unless they do something radical that keeps us glued to the television,they should try to tie everything up next season. I’ll still watch it next year and will try to keep an open mind, but I am skeptical. They still have strong characters, but minus Brody, I don’t know how they are going to keep it as riveting and engaging.

  • rb3b3333 .

    Had they killed off brody as intended in season 1 as intended, then maybe the show could of survived with my interest. Since showtime execs did not allow brody to be killed off in season 1 they made us all fall in love with brody. We all wanted him for the most part to become the hero in my eyes that he was. Now that hes dead my interest in the show is now dead as well. It was very depressing seeing carrie 4 months after brodys death being ok with the very asshole that made that happen. To the people saying theres nothing left for brody and he had to die, are you serious? He carried out everything the cia had asked of him. They can make him continue working with the cia. They can make him work for iran. They can do so many things with brody but most off all without brody there is no carrie. My interest in this show died along with brody. I will now cancel my showtime subscription. The only way i will get it again is if they bring back brody. END OF STORY, END OF HOMELAND for me.

  • Rohan Kanojia

    it was already getting so bore in some of the episode not containing brody

  • danial

    brody should definetly come back in season 4 but in the mid when carrie is s
    tressed and the CIA’S plans aren’t working,he should join the CIA and carrie and before all of that he should have a romantic love scene with carrie(HOT)

  • danial

    Without brody,there is no excitement and no good reson for me to watch homeland anymore

  • danial

    These writers of homeland need to get creative,in season 4 brody should make a surprise return and then the reson for this should be that once the CIA the rope from broke and brody fell down and survived only breaking a leg and all the enemies (eg abu nazirs wife) were shot by some stranger who brody didn’t see and then brody left alive but hurt. then he makes a surprise return to season 4 in south Africa.

  • danial

    guys one of the lines in my comment below aren’t written properly,
    what I meant to say is after carrie and the CIA left, the rope broke and brody fell down but onlu broke a leg and didn’t die and some stranger in the shadow shot all of the enemies,like the guards and abu nazirs wife.

  • danial

    if brody doesn’t return then the only way the homeland writers can make it up to me atleast,is making carrie have some HOT SEXY AND SWEATY SEX that goes on a lot throught the season.

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