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The Walking Dead season 4, episode 8 is the mid-season finale for the AMC zombie drama, and new previews will make you despise the Governor even more.

Two clips from The Walking Dead mid-season finale airing this Sunday offer light clues into what’s ahead in an episode that will pit the Governor against Rick and company.

In this first scene we see Gov’s new-found family members Lilly and Megan out in the woods. The latter girl is digging in the ground when Lilly sees a walker coming across a river towards them. The clip ends with Lily drawing her weapon and preparing for an easy fight.

In a second clip, the Governor is spewing blatant lies about the humans at the prison in order to encourage his team to fight with him.

A trailer for the mid-season finale, which debuted earlier this week, shows a major confrontation between Rick and the Governor’s parties. The teaser also promises that people will die. Who could it be? Gov’s new daughter? His new love interest? Someone on Team Rick? If it’s someone on Brian’s side, we can only imagine what he will do to exact revenge (for a second time).

The Walking Dead season 4 fall finale airs Sunday, December 1 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC. After two episodes without our favorite survivors, we’re looking forward to this battle between the two groups. Unfortunately, this week’s synopsis doesn’t offer any fun clues. It reads, “After things begin to calm at the prison, Rick and the group face imminent danger. This time, they might not win.” That last sentence may suggest that someone on Team Rick is about to bite the bullet.

Who do you think will die in ‘The Walking Dead’?

The evening’s episode of Talking Dead will feature series creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman as Chris Hardwicke’s guest. Appearances from the stars are also promised.

  • Janice

    I feel like they’ve focused a lot on Herschel lately which could be foreshadowing his death. I also certainly hope the Governor dies. His time has most definitely come, there is no redemption for him.

    • shelly

      Noooooo not Herschel!! :’(
      Unfortunately, you’re probably right

    • Pnoy Abnoy

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    • sleepysacstel1976

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  • alexa

    i hope the governor doesn’t die! good or bad he has become the most interesting character on the show!!!

  • anonymous

    It’s going to be Hershel’s demise for sure, along with Maggie maybe and possibly Rick losing his arm or some sort of limb. The writers wouldn’t kill Carl, Glenn (after his already recent brush with death), or Michonne. I also suspect Beth or Judith or both won’t make it.

    • Ultron

      I think hershel and judith. Judith is barely in it anyway so it would just be easier that way. Plus she dies in the comics when the governor attacks..so I’m gonna guess she’ll die. I also think the gov will die. I think he’ll maybe accidently kill that little girl. He can’t just live happily ever after. Or get away again.

      • jj

        To be fair, Judith’s death wouldn’t exactly be one easily forgotten. I mean, it would drive Rick insane. You saw what happened with him after Lori, and their relationship was pretty much at a “dead” end at that point anyway. Losing one of his kids (even tho Judith is probably Shane’s) would definitely hit him harder, and I mean how many times can they really play the “mourning/delusional/angry” Rick arc?

  • Tim Bardtke

    i thing hershel dies i dont think the governor dies

  • Aidan

    As far as casualties go…..I think we should expect the unexpected.

    • Ken

      Herschel and Judith….and carol will kill the Gov


    If you watched the first teaser on TTD last sunday, the gov says “they’re going to find d out their people are gone” I suspect govvie will either kidnap or kill michone and Herschel.

  • beverly ballard

    i do not think main people will go but not Rick or Hershel but they will surprise us!

  • jla

    Upto now season 4 been very slow/poor and im a dedicated follower

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