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Looking ahead to the penultimate Game of Thrones season 4 episode, director Neil Marshall promises spectacular sets and large crowds of extras.

Every Game of Thrones season so far has had a spectacular ninth episode, and in this interview with the  Irish Film and Television Network, director Neil Marshall previews what we can expect from season 4, episode 9.

Beware of mild spoilers.

Marshall has previously directed the award-winning season 2, episode 9 “Blackwater,” and reveals that in some ways, that episode was simpler to make than the season 4 episode.

“The Castle Black episode has three different battles going on at the same time in different places,” Marshall reveals, “so it’s a bit more complex from that point of view.”

Speaking about the battle scenes, Marshall teases that there will be beheadings, and further enthuses, “we got to blow some people up, set people on fire and do quite a few high falls. We pack quite a lot of stuff in there.”

With 200 extras and a large number of stuntmen, “this episode is loaded with stunts, effects gags and visual effects. It’s a very, very action-packed episode!”

There is speculation that the episode will be called “Castle Black,” but that has not yet been confirmed.

Cat Taylor has added a few more small teasers from behind the scenes of Game of Thrones on the Making Game of Thrones blog.

Specifically, she has posted a few out-of-context comments about season 4 from the production office:

“We’re going to be killing the stuntmen 3 times each at least, so we’ll need to look at beards and hair.”

“They do say an owl is twice as hard to do as the eagle, and you know what that was like.”

“There is no silent wind, only noise wind.”

“We can’t tube the silent wind across?”


Game of Thrones season 4 premieres spring 2014.

  • Marcia

    Since the ninth episode is going to be about the battles between the Watch and the wildlings, I wonder what episode the Purple Wedding will be in?

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      They might be shocking and start the season off with it. Although I hope not, I want to keep anticipating it!

      • Gavin Walsh

        Ep 2 the one GRRM is writing

        • Colin Patrick

          That’s what I’m expecting. I’m so excited for this season… We’ll have the PW early on, a battle near the end (it looks like they’ll be pulling out all the stops for this one) and just about every twist, turn, and character death that the book could throw in amidst it all. Those who have not read the books are going to freak out. It’ll easily surpass season 3 in my opinion.

    • Anthony Runyon

      im thinking episode 3-4. because they then have to deal with all the fallout from it over several episodes. I would imagine that it would lead up to a certain person finalizing some business in episode 9, and leaving Kings Landing in ep. 10.

      Hope that was spoiler free enough for the Unsullied

      • Gary65

        MILD SPOILERS: I always hoped(even though I know it’ll never happen) that they would make the character’s departure from King’s Landing ambiguous, so we wouldn’t know where he/she is in s5. Then they can expand the political assassinations plot from ADWD to begin in s5 as a multi-season slowburn and have said person discussed as a potential suspect(which would be helped along by a similar weapon of choice, if you catch my drift). Then, at the final eps of s5, he/she can have their actual location revealed, thus proving to the viewers that they’re not guilty of the political assassinations. Then reveal the actual culprit in s6 or 7.

        I hope that makes sense. It was the only way I could phrase it without spoilers

  • OpenTheMoonDoor

    The later they leave the Purple Wedding, the less likely we are to see any action in the Eyrie, which is what I really want to see. It’s well known that Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn) shot scenes for Season 3 that were cut; I can only hope they don’t do the same to her scenes in Season 4.

    • Gary65

      MILD SPOILERS: It’s been reported that George RR Martin is writing s4e2. He wrote s1e8, s2e9 & s3e7. This is the first time his ep has been this early in the season. A lot of fans have deduced from this(as well as the fact that there are only 9 chapters between the Red & Purple Weddings, meaning it should happen very early in season 4) that the Purple Wedding will taken place in George’s ep, giving us 8 episodes in the Vale :D

  • thewolfisloose

    I am anticipating the revenge by the iron isles sister for what they did to her brother with her band of assassins the suspense is too much for the likes of march 2014 !

  • Sophia Low


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