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Did you catch these Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor details on your first watch through?

The Day of the Doctor had fans laughing and crying – but in between all of that fangirling and fanboying, did you catch these references to past episodes? The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode starred Matt Smith and David Tennant as the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors (or are they Twelve and Eleven now?) alongisde Eight and a Half the Warrior Doctor played by John Hurt. While you were drooling over Tennant’s return, here’s what you missed.

If ‘The Moment’ sounded familiar, that’s because it was.

In David Tennant’s last episode, “The End of Time: Part Two”, the President of the Time Lords says, “He still possesses the Moment. And he’ll use it to destroy Daleks and Time Lords alike.” (source/source)

The Black Archive was basically the ‘Doctor Who’ props department.

The Black Archive is supposed to hold the most dangerous weapons on Earth. And in keeping with that, here are River Song’s shoes from “The Time of Angels” (we bet her lipstick is around there somewhere). (source)

Whereas this is obviously a hugely dangerous weapon, as proven when it broke out hearts and destroyed our souls back in “Doomsday”. (source)

Archived footage just can’t replace the real thing (but we knew that).

All 13 Doctors may have turned up to save Gallifrey, but that didn’t stop the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) from taking a minute for an outfit change. (source)

The Museum is basically the curator’s TARDIS.

That’s right, those are round things on the walls. And no, we still don’t know what they do. Is “the Curator” simply a new title in the place of an old one, like say, “the Doctor”? (source)

We now know why Queen Elizabeth hates the Doctor.

We all wondered about the sexual tension in “The Shakespeare Code”. But getting married to the Queen of England, and then never coming back after you promised that you would? Yeah, that would do it. (source)

Also why one of her nicknames might not be appropriate

No one tell Eight and a Half/the Warrior Doctor/John Hurt that Ten was getting it on with the Queen, he didn’t even like seeing them kiss. (source)

And does that make the Doctor the King of England?

Because never dying does create certain problems for the chain of succession. And the whole idea of a monarchy.

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  • Readman

    The last one we can call the Capaldi glare and also we never saw the valyard if we are still going with that but if Capaldi is now the 13th doctor does that make Matt Smith’s doctor the Valyard probably not the best place to put this but its been on my mind for a while.

    • Frances Early

      I read an interview with the Moff yesterday where he said that Matt is actually the 13th because Hurt becomes number 9 and Tennant used a regeneration at the end of series 4 to stop regenerating. Apparently the Christmas episode has to work out how to make Capaldi’s Doctor possible, if Matt is at the end of the regenerations.

      • Doctor Who Joy

        Easy, River gave up all her regenerations for Matt when she initially “killed” him. That could possibly be portrayed as being enough to not only heal him completely but give him that extra regeneration for future use.

        • Frances Early

          Hey that’s a good theory!

          • rehash

            Note that Moffat also said at one point that Hurt wasn’t actually included in the numbering because he wasn’t The Doctor, he was The War Doctor. I’m pretty sure Moffat also mentioned that he wasn’t officially numbered because The War Doctor claimed that he was not actually the Doctor. Of course, he claimed to be the Doctor near the end, but with the time streams out of sync he never remembered that and so on and so forth. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff.

          • Lou G

            yes, but moffat also made these recent comments post-DotD

          • rose1957

            Yeah, but Moffat admits he lies.

          • Lou G

            which also means Moffat lies about lying. To be fair.

          • Ruth Carini

            But hurt’s doctor wouldn’t remember “being the doctor again” once returning to his time stream, forgetting he tried to save gallifry and beliving he destryed it. So upon regeneration (which is disorientating as well) he “remembers” his regeneration of hurt destorying gallifrey and rejecting the title of Doctor, making Chris once agian his 9th incaration of the doctor. (sorry for typo’s, I’m in class, haha)

          • taymie

            what he said is that he is another regeneration, but he is not counted as a doctor, so that makes Matt the 11th Doctor, but the 12 regeneration.

        • Jakk Frost

          That’s a theory that’s posted all over the place, but the problem is she never “gave up” her regenerations. As is stated right in the episode, she USED up all her remaining regenerations, meaning they’re gone, it took that much regeneration energy to heal the Doctor, that’s how deadly the poison was.

      • Daryl Stephens

        Also, the Time Lords have the ability to grant a whole new set of regenerations. They did that to the Master at some point in the classic series.

        • GriffonClaw

          So maybe when the women in the cave gave the drink to 8, it put all generation limits out of whack? Maybe a possibility, No?

          • Thomas Poulisse

            she did say it was her own special recipe,

          • GriffonClaw

            So, who knows what was in her “special recipe”, what she added or didn’t add, how she changed it to suit what She wanted to occur, right?

          • JosieBeller

            They specifically said that the elixir could “trigger your regeneration cycle.” Trigger something already there, not add a new one, and his own regeneration, not something from them. Moffet is too careful with language to make both those word choices if it wasn’t his intention.

        • JosieBeller

          Actually, they had *offered* to give him a new set, but he didn’t hold up his end of the deal, and he never got any from the Time Lords. He got new regenerations when he stole a new body — that of Nyssa’s father.

          • Daryl Stephens

            Thanks for the clarification, Josie! I was going on old memories. Either way, the point is that a Time Lord could be granted a new set.

    • Richard Harold Weatherfield

      Punctuation. You need it.

  • Juan Pedia

    There was also Kate Stewart’s request for a UNIT record that she wasn’t sure was from the 70s or 80s. This is a reference to the UNIT continuity errors from the Classic Series. For example Kate’s dad worked for UNIT in the 80s, but then retires from UNIT in the 70s… before UNIT even existed.

    • Raven

      UNIT did exist in the 70s. ‘The Three Doctors,’ the 10th anniversary special in 1973, featured UNIT prominently.

      • Grandad

        Hence the UNIT dating problem.

      • PhilStewart

        The UNIT stories in the 70s are set in the 80s. But the ones in the 80s refer to them being in the 70s…

    • Sandshoes

      It was also a reference to “The Three Doctors” when they were transported to the anti-matter universe and the Brigadier thought they were in Cromer.

  • kelsey0403

    Wasn’t the point of showing the picture of Kate and Clara to prove the point of the memory wiper thingys? I took it as more of a “yeah, you’ve been here before, you just don’t remember it” situation rather than a “you’ll come here in the future” one.

    • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

      Good point, but I think those memory wipe things only remove your memory of the Black Archive. Those photos of her, and Kate, seem to have been taken outside, or at least not in the Black Archive. So why would that memory for Clara have been erased? I think Marama is right in saying the photos are a future glimpse to a meeting between Clara and Kate. Kate dropped a hint earlier in the episode about meeting Clara before (clearly her memory wasn’t wiped of that moment) but Clara has never meet Kate or UNIT before which is why The Doctor explained what UNIT is in this episode.

      • CliveRogan

        They could have been taken outside, but we don’t know how much of your memory they take. For instance, the security guy who’d been working there 10 years thought it was his first day which suggests that the entire 24 hour cycle gets taken otherwise he’d remember coming home/going to work.

        I think they removed Clara’s entire meeting with UNIT from her memory to hide the fact they were snooping on The Doctor’s companions. I can’t imagine it’d make compelling viewing to see the interview in full.

        • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

          True. If the moment in the pictures were in Clara’s past or in her future I don’t think they would ever show it, Moffat seems to love to let things happen “off screen” which I really like. the point of that scene was UNIT knows everything, not timeline.

          • Kristina Grigsby

            All I know is I kept focusing on a photo of clara and a blonde doctor in a white suit… To me it sounds like one of the other clara’s… pushing us back to the fact that we haven’t finished trenzalore.

          • Sam Osborne

            Could you screengrab that, Kristina? I’d love to see it. I’ve had a second look and all I can see is Clara with Kate (amongst other companions)

          • David Perry O’Sanz

            Yeah, because Clara will be like 6 or 7 years on the show, to be with 3 doctors…

            Oh god, the flawless logic and thinking…

          • Douglas Griffis

            Not a blonde doctor..its another angle of her walking with Kate L-S

      • DoctorWhat

        Kate clearly states that the memory wipe wipes your memory of the whole day

      • Samuel Garcia

        It good be an Impossible Clara (the splintered, fragmented Clara in the different time streams) from the Name of the Doctor, making sure she helps the Doctor in the future.

      • Steven Newdick

        dose no one remember that clara jumped into the doctors timeline and therefore is everywhere in his life

      • Davros

        then why Hasn’t Kate’s memory been wiped?

    • Frances Early

      This is what I thought because Kate says they like to know who the Doctor’s companions are, VET them, if you will. She says something about Clara’s ‘last visit here’ when talking about the memory wipe. I agree with you whole heartedly.

      • Andrew Bowman

        Knowing Moffat’s love for language, could “last visit” mean just that – Clara’s final visit to the Black Archive? Maybe it is an indicator that Clara had visited before, but Mr Moffat does like to tie things in knots! :)

        • http://www.mibreviews.com The Man in Black

          It was there to set up a Chekov’s gun that went right over this article’s head.

          • David Perry O’Sanz

            This, because most of this is shit. Like the shhh thing. Everybody do that. There’s no special sign, that’s no secret mimic.

          • Jonathan Evan Stern

            True, but because of her massive fangirling (if that’s a word), the scarf, and her insistence that The Doctor will save her, and of course the iconic scarf, I think that at some point(s) in her past, some version of The Doctor has saved Osgood. Perhaps she will be a future companion, or perhaps she’s like that girl from Demon’s Run (in that The Doctor saved her once, and that became the most important event in her life… up until that point). Also, it was the Zygon Osgood (Zosgood) who did the Shhh signal, not the human Osgood.

          • Jaycey Reinhold

            actually it was the human Osgood that did it because you will remember when she pulled the scarf out from beneath the Zygon one she grabbed her inhaler and ran off.

          • Jonathan Evan Stern

            Oh yeah, you’re right.

          • Jim Gorr

            I would love to see Osgood become a companion in the future.. Maybe even find out, about her past…

          • Ruth Elizabeth Juarez

            maybe its fours daughter or grand daughter she has some physical similarities to four when he was young and playing the Doctor

          • David M

            Maybe she’s four in drag and gone through the chameleon arch.

          • Ruth Elizabeth Juarez

            That makes so much sense! lol

        • Mandi M. Lynch

          Clara was in the doctor’s time stream. Wasn’t she everywhere past present future already?

        • John_Duncan_Yoyo

          It could be Clara’s last visit for Kate will be Clara’s second visit after this one. Sort of a reprise of the River Song timeline.

    • DOKTOR


      • WARREN

        wow! thanks man.. i looking for this one!




      • The Doctor

        now now, no spoilers

        • guest

          why watch it there when you can travel to the cinema and watch the 100th anniversary in 12D?

          • boobman

            your mind couldn’t perceive 12D just saying

          • http://www.mibreviews.com The Man in Black

            Why couldn’t it? I’m fairly certain I’m perceiving 10 or 11D with each Excel database I use at work.

          • BillGates

            Excel database is a contradiction. Excel spreadsheet, Access database.

          • http://www.mibreviews.com The Man in Black

            An Excel workbook has many spreadsheets.

          • Neilandio

            Doesn’t matter, it would still sell.

      • The Doctor


      • http://www.randomgiant.net TheGiant

        Thanks spammer, much appreciated. NOT

    • DOKTOR


    • DoctorWhat

      Exactly what I was thinking, Kate even said “We screen all of The Doctors allies…”

    • Ricky

      anybody watch Torchwood? they used to Retcon/ B67 people all the time. maybe UNIT has something similar?

      • GriffonClaw

        And what about that worm thing that 11 tries to get “potatohead” to get to blank Clara in the Christmas special?

    • oodles of oods

      yes! and if that was a “future shot” that would mean Kate would be able to travel in time too to take the damn picture…

      • http://www.mibreviews.com The Man in Black

        Actually, it would mean that Clara traveled back in time in order to allow the picture to be taken.

        • Joe

          she now has the vortex manipulator, so its not impossible for her to go back and return it.

    • Aaron E Hoosier


    • Mustafa Zaidi

      yea. and its been mentioned before that Kate is his daughter. Plus they missed the really big one of the fact that 10 is with Elizabeth I which he mentions to the Ood at the beginning of the End of Time. So much connection. He even mentioned marrying her in that little monologue to the Ood which he also did

      • DarkProphet

        No that was good queen Bess

        • Mustafa Zaidi

          Good Queen Bess and Elizabeth I are the same person…

      • shadowlark

        Also explains why the queen wanted to behead him in The Shakespeare Code.

        • Skellzers

          no it doesnt

  • http://sihirbazinguncesi.blogspot.com/ Sihirbaz

    I thought Clara’s memory about this place was gone, that’s why she was all like “what the hell” when she saw her own photos. You know, whoever gets into the Black Archive can’t go out before his/her memory is erased. Or did I understand it all wrong? o.O

    • Sara Jung-Claßen

      That was my take as well. Nothing timey-wimey about it.

    • georgina ragg

      she didn’t “leave” she teleported out

    • Jakk Frost

      It’s timey-wimey because she’s never been there before. This is the first time she’s even met Kate. This was implying that she’ll be in the black archives sometime in her future, but in Kate’s past. That’s why there were photos she had no knowledge of.

      Her memory wouldn’t have been erased because, as Kate said, she had top level security clearance for the archives, much like Kate had.

      • http://twitter.com/JonHike jghike

        She had met Kate before, Kate even says Clara was vetted on her “previous trips here.” They DO wipe their minds after the leave the Archive.

        • Jakk Frost

          Since we haven’t seen her meet Kate, only Amy, it’s safe to assume that due to the (strangely coincidentally) time-traveling nature of the show, she hasn’t met Kate before, but Kate has met HER before. It’s out of order, exactly like the Doctor and River. It’s clearly implied that Clara will meet up again with UNIT at a time PRIOR to the Day of the Doctor, which is when they will vet her.

          And if they wiped the minds of even those with top level clearance, Kate wouldn’t know about the black archives any more than Clara did, since she would have top level clearance the same as Clara.

          • Levi Da Silva Moura

            they wipe the minds of the visitors not the girl in charge of frakking UNIT, and it is really logical that in one of those imes clara made the doctor come back a week later or something she was abducted by UNIT, grow some logic

          • Sarah Ouimette

            Kate keeps her memories. She clearly stated the companions get their memories wiped so they cannot go telling the doctor about the archives.

        • Joe

          or her memory wasn’t wiped and clara used the vortex manipulator to go back before this visit to the archives, and return it. the whole think about the manipulator being jack harkness’s could be a lie. moffat lies.

          • jbo5112

            I thought River ended up with Jack’s vortex manipulator. Dorium Maldovar sold it to River Song. He was in regular contact with the headless monks, and said it was fresh off of a time agent.

            Captain Jack Harkness was the first Boeshane resident to become a time agent, and so became a poster child for the area, known as “The Face of Boe”. When we first meet the Face of Boe, he is presented as the one of the oldest known creatures in the Universe and just a living head. We also see Rose Tyler turn Jack into an immortal being, who can die and come back to life over and over again.

            If you put all the details together, it’s reasonable to assume that the headless monks decapitated Captain Jack, and like all their victims, the head still survived, separate from the body. Dorium, who deals in exotic trade, then either purchased Jack’s vortex manipulator from the monks or just took it off of the body, knowing he could sell it to someone for a nice profit. We then see him sell it to River.

  • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

    I spotted a fair number of these. They did such an amazing job with this episode. Just the number of little cookies they were able to insert into the episode without actually interrupting the flow is awesome. This is definitely my new favorite episode.

  • kelsey0403

    So for Elizabeth I’s timeline with Ten, would that make it “Day of the Doctor” —> End of Time Part I —> Shakespeare Code? GAH! It’s River all over again!

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    How about the activation code fro the vortex manipulator? 1716231163. Its the air date for the first Doctor Who episode. 17:16 (5:16pm) 23 November 1963.. Also the time Clara rode away from school on the motorbike. 5:16.

  • merelyfreshmen

    The storyboard that Clara saw was showing that she had been there in the past. That’s why you can see Rory and why Clara later saw Susan on there. All the Doctor’s “known associates”

  • ConnorF42

    The nose thing was a common fourth doctor mannerism. I assumed the sshh thing was because she knew she was human, as she had the asthma inhaler. I believe five tore up the original scarf right after 4 regenerated.

    • patriot

      Lol! That scene was hilarious. 5 was going through major PTSD and unravelled the entire scarf, got lost in his Tardis, had no memory of present companions and kept talking about past ones until he slept in the Zero room. It was a brilliant post-regenerating sequence.

      • VBartilucci

        He unraveled his SECOND scarf, the one with darker colors that Tom baker wore during his last season. The first one is presumably unassailed, and as far as I’m concerned, around Osgood’s neck, different stitching style be damned.

        • SqnLeaderRex

          Do you honestly believe that a production run by a huge Doctor Who fan (Moffat); with a production team full of Who fans; would have realistically placed a scarf that only vaguely resembles Baker’s scarf in the 50th Anniversary – which is guaranteed to be watched by Turbo-Whovians – with the expectation that everyone would accept that it’s one of Four’s scarves? If it was meant to be one of the Baker scarves, they could have got a repro season 12 scarf right from the BBC’s own gift shop.

          • VBartilucci


            Yes I do.

            David’s Law – “If the writer writes a moment that the audience loves, wants and needs, they will ignore any logical inconsistency required to get them there.”

            My mindset is “It’s a shame the scarf isn’t 100% perfect, but it’s clear to me what it’s intended to be.”

            Yours is “Since the scarf isn’t 100% correct, it CANNOT be what he thinks it’s intended to be, no matter how glorious and awesome that would be”.

            I mean, the Zygons don’t look exactly like they did in the original story, and the stasis system they used on Kate doesn’t look the same (it was rather tat, honestly), but nobody’s arguing they’re not proper Zygons.

          • SqnLeaderRex

            My argument is that people have floated a fantastical theory that Osgood’s scarf is the same scarf that Four wore with no in-story or outside story reference for it (“nice scarf” doesn’t cut it). The Zygons are Zygons because they are identified as such both within and outside the story. It would be like seeing her driving a yellow ’57 Chevy and claiming it’s Bessie. It’s “close enough”, right? That scarf was purposely made to look like that when acquiring a proper one would have been much easier and cheaper. My mindset is “if they meant us to think it was the ‘real one’ they wouldn’t have gone out of their way to use a ‘fake one’”. Osgood is a proxy for fandom – your head-canon notwithstanding.

    • graisdays

      But the Osgood with the inhaler would have been the alien because the alien took the inhaler from the real Osgood when it morphed into her…

      • rehash

        No because the real Osgood tripped the Zygon using her scarf and picked up her inhaler as she ran.

        • graisdays

          OH! Of course! I forgot all about that bit. SMH.

      • ConnorF42

        She got it back when she knocked the Zygon over.

      • imastrgazer

        but did you miss the part of the scene where she escaped & grabbed the inhaler? She pulled a 4th doctor move by tripping up the Zygon (sp) with the scarf. While it was on the floor she picked up the inhaler & left.

    • Meekrob

      The scarf Baker wore at the end of his run wasn’t the original, though.

  • Amy Lawrence

    On the board outside of the school Clara rides out, the board proclaims ‘I. Chesterton’ As the chairman of the governors.

  • Esmeblabbed

    I know this isn’t really part of the 50th, but I read somewhere that Amy is technically the mother-in-law to two different incarnations of the Doctor. The obvious one being River and 11, but the other less obvious one is Ten and Queen Elizabeth because in one episode, Amy accidentally married King Henry VIII. I found that really odd, but also hilarious.

    • Michael

      Well what? I remeber the King Henry stuff somewhere back in my mind but now that you say it… that is amazing.

    • kay

      amy is rivers mum! not MIL

      • Esmeblabbed

        I know, she’s River’s mom and the Doctor’s mother-in-law

    • Lou G

      It was the Power of Three. She had to speak up during the vows or something and that meant she was married to Henry.

  • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

    Pretty sure Osgood’s finger shush was about the fact that human Osgood had the inhaler and Zygon Osgood did not, so when one pulled out the inhaler it revealed to the both of them which was which. However they didn’t return to trying to destroy the other but remained friendly and decided to keep it a secret from the others that they knew.

    • CliveRogan

      It could easily be both.

    • kbe

      I thought the Zygon Osgood took the inhaler from the human one. She even commented about hating getting ones with defects.

      • kbe

        Never mind, I see the other comments below. I have to watch it again – the kids were interrupting too much before I kicked them out and locked my door. :)

        • Kathy Isaacs

          Mine were on orders that if they speak, they leave, no second chances…

          • jackjones

            is that a reference to the Christmas invasion

      • JRummy

        And the human Osgood promptly snatched it back when she escaped from being cornered a few seconds later.

      • mad4plaid

        Zygon Osgood took inhaler originally, then after Human Osgood pulled the scarf out from under ZO the inhaler fell to the floor. ZO left the scene, leaving HO there, where she picked it up upon leaving.

        Or at least that is how I viewed the interaction.

      • KK

        Yeah, but real one took back the inhaler when she knocked Zygon one down.

      • Kyria Seramyn

        She did, but human!Osgood yanked the scarf out from under Zygon!Osgood’s foot, making her fall over, and then grabbed the inhaler back before she left.

  • Castinghub

    Have to watch the episode again to catch these!

  • Allons-y!

    The sign at the start of the show for the scrapyard is the same scrapyard where the First Doctor hid the TARDIS.

    The school where Clara worked at the beginning was the Coal Hill School, where the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, was a student in “An Unearthly Child” in 1963. The sign that tells us that this is the Coal Hill School also says “Chairman of the Governors: I. Chesterton” otherwise known as Ian Chesterton, one of the First Doctor’s companions.

    The clock when Clara rides her motorbike past it reads 5:16, which was the time the first episode of Doctor Who began in 1963.

    The activation sequence for the Vortex Manipulator – as carved by the Doctor – is 17:16 23/11/63 – the time and date of the first episode of Doctor Who.

    • Haybales

      Also, I’m not sure If I am the only one that noticed, but At the very beginning when Clara was writing on the board, the words ‘No More’ were being erased. Like it was Moffat foreshadowing what was a big theme of the 50th.

    • Kim

      Not just the same sign and school, the opening scene, with the police man’s shadow on the wall, was identical to the opening scene of the very first episode :)

    • Amiche

      And there was a sign before the copper turned the corner to see the Governor’s sign, which read Foreman (Susan’s last name).

  • K8_8K

    In regards to having mechanical ravens, it’s a superstition: “If the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.” It makes my inner history-lover giggle.

  • Chris Hardy

    Have a look at the scene where the Doctor picks up the Fez in the under
    gallery. Clara is looking at a large picture in the background.

    Is it me or does it look like a large number of Cybermen trying to pull themselves onto a raft of some kind.

  • Hannah Howden

    I loved Kate’s line about the ravens. One of my favourites! My other favourite? (I’ll use actor names ’cause I’m still confused by the whole re-working of the order thing)
    Smith: “It’s a… uh, timey-wimey thing.”
    Hurst: “‘Timey’ what? ‘Timey-wimey’?”
    Tennant: “I’ve no idea where he picks that stuff up.”

    Writer gold!

    • Lou G

      Hurt not Hurst.

      but yeah, that was great!

    • Dave

      Hurt no Hurst

    • Hannah Howden

      I spelt something Doctor Who related wrong?! *hides head in shames*

  • CyndiLouWho

    I spotted little Amy’s pinwheel from The Eleventh Hour in the black archive.

  • CyndiLouWho

    I also caught nods to Doctor 1-5 but couldn’t spot nods to Doctor 6-8. If anyone spotted them please let me know because I missed them.

    • Muhammad

      In the theater showing the after credits behind the scenes was narrated by 6

  • Shaylee Bell

    you missed one……. Amy ponds sonic screwdriver from the girl who waited. the dalek supreme’s head in a case on the wall and god knows how many in the Black archive including mickeys gun

    • patriot

      You’re right, I was trying to remember why that gun looked so familiar.

      • Michael

        I saw Mickey’s gun (or is that Rose’s or even Jackie’s?) but I didn’t see the sonic probe/screwdriver that Amy made.

  • Shaylee Bell

    malcom…… the scientist from the planet of the dead?

    • Michael

      Seems so. I didn’t get it at the time but it sounds legit.

  • Emil Knight

    Sorry, but marrying the Queen does NOT make him king. Look to Queen Victoria and her husband for evidence of what happens when a someone marries royalty. Victoria’s husband was titled “Prince Consort”, which I’m guessing would apply to The Doctor as well.

    • terramundi

      Actually, that is not correct. In the age of the first Elizabeth, he would have been King. The title of Prince Consort was made specially for Prince Albert–which is why he remained “Prince” Albert. The only other example of a marriage between a legal female heir and husband was, I believe, William and Mary– and he refused to allow his wife to take the Crown unless he was her co-ruler.

      • taymie

        Well there is also the current Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip.

        • terramundi

          Yes, that is true– thank you!

    • JosieBeller

      Read your history. Elizabeth’s sister, Mary, queen immediately before her, married Phillip II, and he became King of England. The English common law doctrine of jure uxoris was that the property and titles belonging to a woman became her husband’s upon marriage. After their marriage, official documents bore both their names. They did negotiate in the marriage contract that he would only remain King during her lifetime, but this was considered quite an unusual and onerous condition to impose on the King.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.king88 John Paul King

    What about the storyboards they have references to past companions….

    • Dr Natural

      The even have pictures of companions before The Doctor met the Brigadier and started working for UNIT.

  • Chaos

    There’s also the theory floating about that Osgood is one of Clara’s incarnations.

  • David

    Two Characters that I would have loved to see in this was Donna Noble and Capt. Jack.

    • rehash

      At least Jack got a mention! :-)

    • merbrat

      Catch the Five-ish Doctors (5, 6 & 7) special. Jack is in it.

      • kbe

        “Don’t tell anyone.”

    • ceili_dancer

      Wouldn’t that fried have Donna’s mind?

  • sezyrrith

    The part about the Museum being a TARDIS is wrong. As shown in Logopolis in the classic series, landing one TARDIS within another creates a paradox, and can create an infinite regression. Having three different versions of a TARDIS landing inside its future self would most certainly cause noticeable issues.

    • Carilyn

      Doesn’t mean the curator wasn’t inspired by the design and wanted to put it in the place where he worked

    • Justine Hill

      The black archive was tardis proof…

      • Samuel Garcia

        it wasn’t the Black Archive of the Tower of London, it was the Undergallery of the Museum

    • Michael Silk

      Except in Shada, where The Doctor’s TARDIS lands inside Professor Chronotitus’ TARDIS.

    • JosieBeller

      We also saw the TARDIS land inside itself in the minisode pair Space and Time. Results were amusing but potentially disastrous.

      “I’d give you a driving license!” “I know you would!”

  • Jakk Frost

    Nope, I didn’t miss the Four and Osgood connection, I posted about it the other day on FB. In fact YOU missed a couple of other potential connections.

    First, and this is stretching I admit, the similarity in names between Osgood and (Clara) ‘Oswin’ Osborne.

    Second, and this may be a stretch too, but I’m not so sure, there’s something very compelling about it; Osgood’s asthma. Before she uses her inhaler, we hear her wheezing and groaning, a description also applied to the sound the TARDIS makes.

    Given her obvious connection to Four/The Curator, I find this a bit suspicious, personally. And the TARDIS, the Doctor’s only other true love apart from Rose, HAS been given life before. I’m picturing retirement, marriage, conception, kids, grandkids, maybe all of whose bodies can only barely handle their heritage, leading to certain weaknesses such as an asthma with a familiar noise associated?

    • BakaNeko

      Don’t forget the fact that the Zygon makes a reference to Osgood’s “prettier sister”. Clara Oswin Oswald anyone? (not Osborne, by the way)

      • Jakk Frost

        Derp, yeah, you’re right, don’t know where ‘Osborne’ came from O.o

    • taymie

      rose is NOT the Doctors only other true love. River counts in there too.

      • Jakk Frost

        Whoops, yeah, i forgot her, somehow

  • maryam

    So River Song’s pumps are weapons of mass destruction ? Cool…

    • kbe

      Either that or Kate (or maybe Osgood) like to go down there and wear them. :)

  • Camille Panetta

    David Tennant got a hair erection when Bad Wolf was mentioned

  • jpbmww12

    I thought it amusing that Osgood brings Kate a cell phone and says something like, “I think it’s for you…” and we hear the sound of the TARDIS as her personal ringtone.

    • JosieBeller

      Osgood said she recognized the ring tone, meaning that Kate has that ring tone programmed into the cell and specifically assigned to calls from the Doctor. A bit fan-girlish of her, eh? ;-)

  • Saleh Mohamed

    you missed this one :D

    • JamesJournal

      That Black Archive is something if it can pull stuff that has been erased from history.

      • Saleh Mohamed

        yup..exactly what I was thinking when I first saw it..they revealed so much but they didn’t forget to cleverly plant more questions to keep us hooked.

  • John

    What about right at the beginning of the episode “I.M. Foreman, it was the first shot in the very first episode too…

  • Daniel James Baker

    I thought it was hilarious that The Doctor still conciders himself employed by U.N.I.T. even though its been YEARS since he last worked with them.

    • Meekrob

      Why not? Time as we experience it means nothing to him.

  • cm

    River songs red heels in the archives made me smile. Because they were hers they’d be considered dangerous!

    • SqnLeaderRex

      You’ve never heard of “Killer Heels”? ;)

  • good on ya

    The Queen-mother did not become the ruler when her husband died and Phillip would not become the ruler if Elizabeth passed now. Being married to the ruler of England does not change succession.

  • Carl Draper

    I spotted the scarf straight away, though I was a bit annoyed by the hipster glasses (no lenses).

    • good on ya

      Hardly anyone on TV wears real glasses because of the glare of the lights in production. It is just easier to notice if you watch in HD.

      • Carl Draper

        I wasn’t watching in HD…I’m just tired of the old geek must wear glasses cliche.

        • rose1957

          They’re the same glasses that Amy wears in at least one episode.

        • Amiche

          but it did make her look even more like the military Osgood (see his picture above) – could be done on purpose?

        • Krud

          Crap, I’m a cliche’.

    • Starr Capps

      It looks like she has lenses in the GIF above where she’s “shushing”

    • Krud

      In some scenes, the glasses do have lenses, judging from the refraction. And if she has asthma, it’s not a stretch for her to have an astigmatism as well. Not everyone who opts out of contact lenses is a hipster.

  • Nick

    I have a 15th. Did anyone notice that in the start Clara owns and drives doctors ani-grav moto?

    • David

      I have a 50 year old question or a 1200 year old question depending on your point of view was William Hartnell’s Doctor ginger before it turned grey with age? Could explain why he want to be a ginger?

  • Carilyn

    I’m not sure if this counts as a hidden detail, but remember the book in “Bells of Saint John” that was written by Amelia Pond/Williams? It was released by BBC as an actual book, and there are some parallels between this book and the episode:

    1. The protagonist is a fearless and clever girl named Kate who has no father.

    While the character is probably partially based on Amy, or perhaps on Clara, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, who lives in her dead father’s legacy, played a key role in the anniversary. And we can certainly say she’s fearless and clever
    2. There’s a painting that seems to come to life. Living paintings were definitely a key part of the anniversary special
    3. There’s a museum caretaker not dissimilar to Amy’s Raggedy Man, who’s “between names at the moment.” Foreshadowing for 11 meeting the Curator who may or may not be the Doctor with a changed name?

  • Doctor

    I don’t know if it’s been pointed out yet, but did anyone realize that a rendition of the tenth doctor’s theme was playing in the background behind rose when she was talking to hurt?

  • The Jump Off

    You missed two. In the opening scene they show a sign alluding to Susan Foreman with the foreman sign and the school that Clara works in was the same school other companions came from…

  • Justine Hill

    Also, I want to point out that in the scene where Osgood (girl with 4th Doctors scarf) and Zygon Osgood are standing in the black archive, and Doctor Who stated that all “humans and zygons” would not remember whether they were human or zygon for the next 2 hours, Zygon Osgood starts to have an asthma attack, and the “other” Osgood hands Zygon Osgood her inhaler and says with a curious expression on her face… “Shhh”…. why did she seem to not have her memory wiped???

    • Atlee Hamelin

      1) It’s “The Doctor”, not “Doctor Who”

      2) I took it as such: there was only one inhaler. While they didn’t remember whether they were Zygon/human, they both knew that Human Osgood picked it up last. Thus they were able to figure which was which.

  • Ghostkid31

    I saw those eyes

  • Rob Macdonald

    It would not make the Doctor the King of England, since if a male marries into the royal family the highest rank they can have is Price. Prince Phillip is QE2′s husband and if she dies before he does he doesn’t get the throne Charles does

  • Zack Holt

    One of my favorites was when Clara was looking at the board and there was a picture of Susan.

  • Xcalibur

    …no more…

  • troλλ

    Is there something deeper when Osgood gives the inhaler to the alien clone of hers? Or is it just me?

    • taymie

      there was a silent communication to just keep quiet and let peace happen. It’s like of all the body snatchers and scientists, only those two had the sense to try to work it out. It was very profound, and instant, and silent. One of my favorite scenes

  • Natasha Thomas

    That isnt how someone would become king…. The Doctor would be Prince, like Prince Phillip, and as QE1 is dead, he basically has no rights to the throne… Just saying

  • wineymomma

    Clara could have met Kate as another version of her broken-in-time-self as the impossible girl.

  • SqnLeaderRex

    People really need to get off the idea that Osgood’s scarf was in any way the 4th Doctor’s scarf – or given to her by him. Since the new series came back, multiple members of UNIT have expressed knowledge of the Doctor’s past and, in one or two cases, were full-on fans (Malcolm Taylor in Planet of the Dead anyone?). I have no doubt that Osgood is just a fan of the Doctor’s 4th incarnation and made the scarf to emulate his. The fact that the colours and stitch used (stockinette vs garter) alone means that it couldn’t be one of Four’s actual scarves.

    • Samuel Garcia

      Four had different colored scarfs, though. There’s a website that explains each different pattern and colors.

      • Martha

        Yes, but all of them are garter stitch and the colors in Osgood’s scarf are wrong.

  • R.a. Rayne

    Dude you guys missed like 20 more hidden easter eggs.

  • dooweeoo

    When she says “Tell Malcolm they need feeding” does she mean the same Malcolm from the episode with the London bus and the flying metal rays?

  • antony492

    Also, they said that the high council had gone into a closed meeting, this is so the events of the end of time could take place. But does that mean the prophet’s vision for Gallifray falling were false?

  • Samuel Garcia

    It is entirely possible that the Clara we see on the board is not THE Clara, but one of the fragmented, splinter Claras in the Doctor’s timestream in the Name of the Doctor.

    • S0l

      This was Clara’s SECOND time visiting the Black Archives. If you watch the scene you can clearly hear Kate mention that they bring ALL new companions, including Clara, in for a background check.

      Remember the Mind wipe devices at the door and daily mind wipes!?

      Clara’s mind was wiped after her first visit. Those pics are from the first time she was there.

      • Samuel Garcia

        No, they had a picture of Susan, who existed before UNIT was even revealed or encountered by the Doctor. Clara was given a security level clearance, not only a background check. (You can give background checks to anyone by “googling” them)

        • JosieBeller

          * A background check is considerably more extensive than googling their name.
          * There could have been a picture taken of Susan during her time on Earth. They’ve researched companions who were with him before UNIT was created. Or, it might have been from an off-camera adventure in “the future” that happened with the first Doctor.
          * Clara may have security clearance, but they still made it pretty clear that she had visited with Kate once before and had her memory of the visit erased. (This episode, on the other hand, she left with her new time travel toy, so she missed being mindwiped. After the negotiations, I’m betting the mind-wiping devices weren’t active again yet or were reprogrammed not to affect her.)

    • taymie

      I think that trying to figure out the order of things in a world of time travelers is rather headache inducing.

  • Jack

    dem eyebrows

  • Guest

    I don’t like how the title says that “you missed” these Easter eggs.
    Out of all 14 of these Easter eggs, I only missed one. The others are super obvious. Fair enough for writing about them, but don’t tell me that I missed it when I know I didn’t.

    • Krud

      I don’t know if they’ve changed the title since you posted this, but on mine it says “you may have missed,” which means “we don’t actually know whether or not you missed it, since we don’t know you and are not inside your head.”

      • JosieBeller

        The title text at the top of the browser still says “you missed” but the title on the page itself now says “you may have missed.”

  • Rhain

    I don’t like how the title says that “you missed” these Easter eggs.
    Out of all 14 of these Easter eggs, I only missed one. The others are super obvious. Fair enough for writing about them, but don’t tell me that I missed then when I know that I didn’t. haha

  • Josep Rueda Collell

    can anyone explain me, how 13 doctors came there if only 3 (or 4) knew about the war?

    • Samuel Garcia

      Timey wimey! We know Doctors can communicate with his past/future selves.

      • Josep Rueda Collell

        no I didn’t know, jajaja but thanks

    • Martha

      Time Lords are telepathic…it helps them recognize each other with all the regenerating going on…also it can connect the incarnations of a Time Lord

    • Amiche

      10 and 11 did mention ‘prepared for during the centuries’ when the war council said – even 3 is not enough. So they had called on the others ‘off-screen’.

    • Wendy

      All they would have had to do is go back (or otherwise contact) and explain to the 1st Doctor that he needed to begin running the required code on his sonic so it would be ready in the future. Then each incarnation afterward would know what time to be there to help.

      • JosieBeller

        I don’t think that program would fit into the sonic; I suspect the TARDIS itself was running the calculations for saving Gallifrey.

  • Devgog

    I was more excited about the picture of Rory (3rd photo in) :D

  • Glasgow1975

    marrying The Queen does not automatically make you a King (Prince Albert, Prince Phillip etc) – and any claim to The Throne ends with the death of the spouse – or Elizabeth herself would have been a subject of Phillip of Spain – William and Mary II ruled jointly so that was an exception.

  • Rick Steckler

    Kate mentions that they debrief all known companions of the Doctor. So they could have had Clara in there at any time, not necessarily a future Clara. She just wouldn’t have remembered being there.

    • ceili_dancer

      So, wouldn’t that explode Donna’s mind?

      • Rick Steckler

        Could be that she was scanned long before the meta-crisis. They said they interviewed all ‘known’ associates of the Doctor.

  • oodles of oods

    spoilers? this whole post is a spoiler…

  • Diane Charmley

    What a great marketing ploy..and it will work on me.all these fun litle connections to make me curiouser and curioser…

    • ChrisOU812

      Upvote for A in W reference.

  • foxencanyon

    Alright, there are all these clues, details, etc. But the Doctor has a daughter, Jenny, from 10 May 2008, episode 193. Has she just evaporated? Sometimes important stuff happens to or because of the Doctor, major stuff, and it becomes kind of ethereal. It bugs me, but I love the Doctor old and new. Sorry to change direction.

    • rose1957

      Moffat’s made a mess of the mythology. Rule one: you can’t cross your own time line without some bad juju happening. Rule two: some events are fixed points in time. Rule three: when you violate either rule one or two, those actions have some serious consequences. Our Doctor–the one we know since the reboot–is a tragic hero because of his actions during the Time War. That’s been taken away from him and us now.

      • Wendy

        The entire episode was a Predestination Paradox. They crossed their own timelines because they’d always crossed their own timeline, they just didn’t remember doing so. The events WERE “fixed”, so the only consequences would have been if somehow events didn’t wind up happening in a way that allowed the causality loop to form. Basically, they didn’t mess up the mythology at all. They used a literal “loop”-hole to add to it. He is still the same tragic figure he was in the most recent 3 incarnations. All the same motivations are they because he wasn’t able to remember what happened during the causality loop until it had been completed. Now, the next Doctor gets a storyline of hope instead of darkness. I think it was a brilliant idea for them to go this way.

    • taymie

      You know I’ve been bugged by the failure to mention Jenny thing too. I think we need to see her again at some point.

      • Amiche

        She was in the five(ish) doctors :)

  • Michael Ian J Weasley

    here is the only thing i have to say about all of this, the doctor would not be king by marrying the queen, look at duchess kate, married to prince william, she will only ever be a duchess because she is not of the royal bloodline, well, the doctor wasn’t either, so he shall never be king, only duke, which is funny, Duke…. Doctor

    • Amiche

      That is also wrong – the women will always be queen when married to king (look at queen mum), but the husbands will not be named king anymore. The reason is that the original title is King from old, outweighing the Queen, so a ruling queen cannot have a king as husband – as per title he would have outranked her. But never the other way ’round. That is the reasoning behind it.

  • realsmartmom

    And who is Osgood’s sister? The Zygon mentioned that it wished it had morphed into the “prettier one”….. hmmmmm

  • Neptune J. Max

    So, now that we know more about the Time War, where are all the other Daleks and Time Lords that were fighting in it? The Zygon’s planet was destroyed by them as well as countless other places in the whole of the universe (according to the Sisterhood Of Karn and other sources). So that means Daleks are fighting Time Lords throughout the entire universe. Yet, somehow the entirety of the Dalek and Time Lord races have all suddenly gone to Gallifrey to fight, leaving the rest of the universe alone? And, if so, where are all the other TARDISes? The Doctor’s TARDIS is the “old” and apparently quaint “Type 40″ TARDIS that Gallifrey has improved much on since The Doctor left Gallifrey (multiple sources for this). So where are all the other, newer and more powerful TARDISes, and where are the Time Lords who were operating them?

    • Amy R. Newson

      Did you watch The Doctor’s Wife? House ate them. ;)

    • JosieBeller

      I believe the Time War was a central battle between the two sides, with spun-off consequences throughout time and space. All of the related actions were attempts to win the central battle.

      For example, say the daleks are trying to get past a particular sky trench. It’s too well-defended to break through. The commander of that trench was born 800 years ago, and 200 years before that his father visited Castrovalva. The daleks want to take that commander out so they can take the trench. They send a squad back to Castrovalva and kill the commander’s father, the commander ceases to exist.

      Except that the Time Lords know this tactic, and have sent a counter-squad to protect the commander’s father. So the daleks send a bigger squad, and the Time Lords set up more defenses, and eventually it escalates to the daleks nuking the entire planet to complete their mission.

      In the next trench over, a Gallifreyan has been coerced, taken over, or otherwise forced into a betrayal that allows the trench to be taken. The Time Lords know this guy’s grandmother was sent on a mission to Logopolis, and they try to take her out, triggering another escalation that ends in someone triggering a supernova to take out the entire solar system.

      For every attack we see onscreen, there are thousands that happened in the past. It’s all about winning that central battle around Gallifrey, but the consequences spread out and out until the whole of time and space are burning.

  • Michael Cuthbertson

    We know who Kate is! She works for U.N.I.T. just as the Brigadier once did. The Doctor is their top science officer. That’s why she works with him so often.

  • Gabe Williams

    did you NOT see rory on that wall of pictures???

  • mekela

    There were so many more not listed here

  • Samuel Hart

    I think think Tenant would be King of England, he’d be Royal Consort unless the marriage agreement specifically included a royalty clause.

  • EmpressCrane

    I missed three out of the 14, not bad.

  • Kevin Burnard

    That wasn’t a future storyboard photo. That was a past screening of Clara by UNIT that was wiped from her mind.

  • Christine Case-Lo

    The Curator was also a character in the book Summer Falls – written by Amelia Williams (aka Amy Pond)

  • Kevin Burnard

    I rather liked that a fez was among the artwork which Queen Elizabeth deemed ‘unfit for public consumption’.

    • Krud

      I also like the fact that she must have gotten the fez from Ten, who had retrieved it from the War Doctor after he brought it back from when Eleven threw it into the vortex, which he’d retrieved from the archive because the Queen put it there after taking it from Ten…

      • JosieBeller

        And if you’ve watched the minisodes, he got it from Albert Einstein at one point….

  • Theodore Trout

    ” If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you? ”
    The Doctor, Episode One, November 23rd, 1963.

  • Clay Wuensche

    “all thirteen” Does seem to indicate that Capaldi is the final Doctor.

    • Neptune J. Max

      There may be some wiggle room here. These Doctors were the only 13 that they KNOW about. Since we don’t even know where Gallifrey is anymore, it’s possible that the Time Lords’ knowledge of the Doctor doesn’t go beyond Capaldi.

      • Wendy

        Exactly right. At the “time” they would assume that if there were 13 Doctors there, that would be “all” his regenerations. Because as far as they know that’s all the regens he’s supposed to have. So the line saying “All of them” isn’t really representative of anything in the future.

    • ChrisOU812

      An article came out in The Mirror claiming that Moffat said that Matt Smith’s Doctor is the 13th. That is not a typo. He counted David Tennant’s time as TWO regens, plus the John Hurt Doctor. IDK what to believe anymore. I think Moffat likes to kill. Period. They’ll find a way around it, even if Capaldi becomes not Doctor Who but Doctor New. Or Doctor WTF, at this point.

      • rose1957

        And Moffat blows smoke up our collective skirts by his own admission.

      • http://harrymyland.com/ Harry Myland

        ATM I’m still not including Meta-10 as an official Doctor, even if Moff is sorta saying otherwise. And even if that used up a regen cycle we still have half excuses of either River accidentally giving him more or those Space Witches.

        I hope we get a legit, not-open-to-interpretation reason when he gets more lives, though. And a rough number wouldn’t hurt either, or otherwise he’s an Immortal Superman and that’s boring.

        (even if he IS an immortal superman realistically – because this show isn’t going anywhere – he can’t be that in-story. If that makes sense.)

  • D Bateman

    The Queen is the Monarch so the Doctor would not take the title of “King” as he would out rank her (as is the case with Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip)

  • Mandy

    Not sure if this is already noted below but in Queen Elizabeth the first’s letter to The Doctor, she appointed him the curator. So it makes sense (to me at least) the Tom Baker’s appearance as the curator means The Doctor will “retire” on earth as the curator.

  • Kieran McMullen

    You can’t marry into being king, but you can become a prince, so yes, he’s a prince.

  • Mandi M. Lynch

    First of all, according to Moffatt, Hurt is not 8 1/2.
    Also, you missed so much stuff that should have been on this list – like the board Clara walks past has pictures of past companions. The shot you showed shows Amy and Rory, for instance. Amy’s red pinwheel is in another pic. Is this list anti-Amy!?

  • archie_lala

    So The Curator was a Zygon?

  • Claire Bullows

    He wouldn’t be king of England because a male consort is a prince not a king.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Is the person who wrote this article a complete dunce? Could she not have watched season 7 Part one to answer some of these questions for herself?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.king88 John Paul King

    There’s even a reference to the Christmas Special that Katherin Jenkins starred in, the line he say’s about the stone on the ground is similar to the line he said when he never met anyone as important

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.king88 John Paul King

    What We See: The access code to Jack Harkness’s vortex manipulator is 1716231163.

    Links to the Past: This is code for 17:16 (or 5:16 pm), the 23rd of November, 1963 – again, the exact date and time that Doctor Who debuted on television.

  • H.McCoy

    I love how this thing just assumes people who watched this know absolutely nothing about Doctor Who whatsoever. I am only here because some one posted it on FB and I actually thought I missed something. Nope. Nothing here that ANY fan could have missed. These are all scenes people only needed eyes for to notice them. Seriously how blind, deaf and stupid do you thing people are?.

    • Krud

      Well, I can’t say I appreciate the “deaf” label, but I missed the raven comment the first time around. Or at least its significance. (I only saw “The Power of Three” once, so any references to that may have flown over my head. I didn’t immediately recall having met Kate before either, so I guess I can add blind and stupid to my list of credentials as well. =P)

  • Jon Davis

    So by rights of succession, if the Doctor had to, could he declare himself “King of England”? ;)

  • AJ Ketchum

    No, being married to the Queen does not, in fact, make you the King of England. The reigning queen is married. Even if Prince Philip outlives his wife, he still does not become king. Their son Charles (or grandson William, etc.) will be the next monarch of the UK.

  • http://twitter.com/Xenophore Xenophore

    So, where were Rassilon and the Master during “The Day of the Doctor?”

  • Jonathan Evan Stern

    Point two reminds me of the “Universe of Shrimp,” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (BTW Buffy is the greatest TV show ever). For those of you who don’t know, Anya first mentioned a universe entirely comprised of shrimp when trying to explain the multiverse. This started off seeming like some kind of joke, but then Illyria mentioned during Angel’s final season that she once visited the Shrimpverse and quickly grew bored with it.

  • VBartilucci

    If the Undergallery was the interior of a TARDIS, then they would have experienced the same space/time/anomalies that happened in Logopolis, when The Master tricked The Doctor into landing his TARDIS around the Master’s TARDIS. A similar problem happened in the recent Comic Relief shorts Time and Space – The Doctor’s TARDIS landed inside itself, several seconds out of phase.
    The anomalies would have been even worse, since there were THREE TARDISes inside the museum, all of them the SAME one, at different points along its timeline.
    So no, the Undergallery is not the Curator’s TARDIS. The motif on the wall only serve to resemble the roundels.
    Technically, The Doctor would have been the Prince Consort of England, as Elizabeth was the bearer of the bloodline.

    Malcolm named a measurement not only after himself (“It never did Mr. Watt any harm”), but Bernard Quatermass, founder of the British Experimental Rocket Group.

    My review’s over at Comicmix(dot)com, if anyone would care to read it.

  • Lady Warwick

    To be honest…this is stuff any fan should know, these aren’t some big fat secret details. I bet noobs couldn’t even name the companions on that photo board.

  • dubsteper


  • David Lorier-May

    All guesses. Lets see how Moffat gets past the regeneration limit thingy when the Christmas special comes out eh. Its a bit like sport commentators predicting the result of a test match on this post.

    • taymie

      I don’t think they are going to try to find away around it, other than by ignoring the aborted regeneration in 10s time. I think Peter Capaldi will be the last Doctor ever, and this special set things up to forever end the series. I’m depressed by that, but I seem to be a minority. It just seems a very Moffat thing to do to me.

      • David Lorier-May

        If you have seen the Christmas special (spoiler alert) well Gallifrey reset his limit so he’s back to 14 regens left again I believe

  • David Lorier-May

    However just like Hurt’s Doctor said….”Anything can happen”. Moffat got past the time lock of the Time Wars. Should be easy peesy to get past the regeneration limit now?

  • Ruth Elizabeth Juarez

    this comment thread has me entertained which means i need more whovian friends. asap!

  • Michael Silk

    Hurt’s sonic had a red setting.

  • TheCastros

    The word “Curator” comes from latin “cura” that means “care, healing, medical attention”…
    So there you go :)
    He even said he could be called “The Great Curator” :)

  • Michael Silk

    The Fez is a temporal paradox. It cannot exist.

  • Zalizen

    Can’t be king of england, the rules dictate that the person marrying into the family is passed aside when the monarch they married dies in favour of children, cousins or siblings that the monarch has. Perhaps if the entire line died out then the doctor could claim the role but not feasibly until then.

  • Michael Foley

    The Doctor isn’t King of England because he married the Queen, He’s a Prince with no place in the succession, Like Phillip. Diana would have been Queen because she had married Charles then he succeeded Elizabeth to be King. Yes it’s misogynistic, but that’s the least of the problems with monarchies. The title would also have been “Diana, Queen of England”, not “Queen Diana of England”. Kate will be Queen, my queen in fact, that’s worth hanging around for.

  • John J Wyres-Smith

    What a load of rubbish this piece is.

  • Zem

    Actually, the Doctor is NOT the King of England. He was the Prince Consort during Elizabeth I’s reign.

  • guest

    In correlation to The Day of the Doctor, what happens to Gallifrey than in the End of Time? Obviously Day of the Doctor takes place before 10 sends it back into the time lock, so does that it is just sent back into the pocket universe or does something worse happen to it?

    • Amiche

      The high council were in a diff. ‘pocket’ not on Gallifrey (as the war council mentions in the beginning of DotD “they have their own plans”). Whatever they did during the war is not yet explained, except we learned they were messing with time for their own purposes (ascension?) at some point. So maybe they were never involved in the war and biding their time after until the Master folled around with them etc.

      • guest

        I must’ve missed in DotD when they mentioned they weren’t on Gallifrey, but than we do see Gallifrey trying to re-appear next to Earth in the End of Time and 10 sends the planet back into the time lock. What happens to it afterward, Is Gallifrey just sent into the pocket universe without 10 knowing or is it sent back to the time war?

  • Beckie Stroud

    I just figured that with the same scarf and mannerisms, that she was a relative of the curator doctor and when she was asking the doctor to save her, she meant him. And he did…with the gifted scarf.
    P.S. Please don’t tell me the show ends with Capaldi! I heard this is going to be the last regeneration!!!! Not when Tom Hiddleston has publically said he would love to play the doctor!!!!!

    • BlueLightAlarm

      There’s no way they’re going to end it after Capaldi’s Doctor – they’ll figure out a way for him to get more regenerations and it’ll carry on for hopefully another 50 years at least

  • TheLastAirbender

    The meeting between Clara and Kate already happened, they just wiped her memory before she left the Black Archive. Were you not paying attention?

  • Naniquena

    a meeting between Clara and Kate that has clearly not happened yet for Clara. Consider it a sneak peak of Moffat’s storyboard. (source)

    WRONG WRONG WRONG… as Kate said they ERASED Clara’s memory after the encounter… it happend already for Clara… we just find out

    • Playhouse

      Seriously. This seemed pretty clear as it happened right after Kate made the point of showing her the memory wiping devices.

      • Naniquena

        Dont u tell me… the the person who wrote the article

  • PrincessLunaSummer

    Did people really miss the Tom Baker scarf? Or the fact that the museum curator is Tom Baker? And the next Doctor… isn’t that the guy from The Fires of Pompeii? A bit weird that they’d use the same guy for the Doctor as was already used for another character. Of course, in the old series, Romana did that. Changed her appearance to look like someone she and the Doctor had met, that is. FYI, for those not in the know, Romana was a Timelord too.

    • Amiche

      which is why the ‘Baker’ doctor mentions choosing a face from memory …. it all gets explained somewhere, somehow :)

  • http://svalb.org/ Tomb Svalborg

    It’s not the same scarf. As you can clearly see on the stitching.

  • SamThePsycicClam

    Technically the Doctor would be the Prince Regent, like Prince Phillip is now, until the Queens death, so he wouldn’t be King.

  • Cletusk

    Guys, I don’t think that was a glimpse into the future, honestly I just think it proves that UNIT does screen all the Doctors companions.

  • DarkProphet

    you making a lot of assumptions of what people do and do not know or see and do not see aren’t you, and to say that Clara’s visit is from a future episode is also assumption. it may be from an episode that will never happen, remember there was a memory filter in place, and just because we dont see things happen, not all adventures are stories.

  • Teranel

    Does anybody else think the name “Osgood” is too close to “Oswald” to be a coincidence?

    • The_Ponds_Forever

      That’s what I was thinking

    • BlueLightAlarm


  • Jack Sym

    What if, the reason the Twelfth Doctor looks so angry is because he failed to find Gallifrey.

  • Francis Short Jr

    Nothin like the end of time

  • Joe Jordan

    What if Osgood is a future Doctor?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.king88 John Paul King

    Hasn’t anyone noticed the clothes worn by the Time Lords in Gallifrey War Room are the ones similar to the ones worn in Classic Who

  • BlueLightAlarm

    If a man marries the Queen of England he doesn not become King

  • BlueLightAlarm

    No, no, no! Most of this in complete tosh! The meeting between Clara and Kate HAS already happened – Kate talks about it in this episode!

    • Penny Marie Sautereau

      It’s already happened FOR KATE dumbass, not for CLARA. Timey-wimey remember?

      • TheLastAirbender

        No, the Black Archive wiped her memory. Obviously explained plot points, remember?

  • Rona

    Is it just me or are there only 11, not 14?

  • Olak

    1)At start Clara drives doctor’s anti-grav motocycle to the tardis…
    2)There finds the doctoe reading andanced quantum mechanics and the publishers logo is a tardis

    i waited a little long but i thought you would spot it easy :)

  • TimThomason

    He’d be a Dowager Prince Consort of England. Perhaps entitled to a salary, but I doubt the modern Royal Family would publicly recognize his claim.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.king88 John Paul King

    What about the chair that Tennant was strapped in?

  • ed

    did anyone catch that after the opening the opening shot was almost identical to unearthly child and the names under the school was I chesterson and A coburn (the writer of the very first ep). also plenty of pictures of the classic companies on tha tboar din the black vault.

  • Kevin M

    Noone has got the best reference ever… How can the ‘Moment’ become sentient and why was it able to send the Doctor back and forth through time??? Go back to Rose absorbing the time vortex and wanting to save ‘her Doctor’. She saw all of time and space. She saw his greatest pain – triggering the Moment. So she put a part of herself into the Moment to save him from his greatest pain. That’s why she’s identified as ‘Bad Wolf’, That’s why the Moment can manipulate time and space. That’s why the Moment became Sentient!!! WOW! – Kevin M

  • Ghoul

    Somehow, the thought of Tom Baker’s Curator having a relationship with Osgood makes this all the more excited.

  • Jim Gorr

    I’m hoping for more Osgood in the upcoming series… I just took a real shine to her right away…

  • Friend of the Ood

    We were told that Clara had already been to the Black Archive, so it’s not a glimpse of the future.

    • Jonas Billion

      Has already been can mean in the future for a time traveler.

      • Friend of the Ood

        I understood it as she had been in the past, but had her memory wiped.

        • Jonas Billion

          Past, Present and Future are strange things for time travelers. As we had not seen it in an episode I just assumed that she will go there in the past.

          But it IS perfectly possible that she has already been there in the past.

  • Queen

    Did anybody else notice that this book was written by AMY?!?

  • Queen

    So the book from the third episode with Clara Oswald was written by Amelia Williams! Am I the only one who noticed this??? XD

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