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Big News

Fans of Orson Scott Card’s Enderverse know that Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow are stories that go hand in hand, and none understand that better than director Gavin Hood.

Ender’s Shadow, the fifth book in Orson Scott Card’s brilliant and extensive science-fiction anthology, takes place during the events of Ender’s Game, only from the perspective of another character, Bean.

We asked director Gavin Hood if we would get to see the events of Ender’s Game through the eyes of Bean in a potential sequel, and he responded with his usual enthusiasm and bombastically friendly attitude.

“I want to,” said Hood. “I love Ender’s Shadow. Ender’s Shadow is awesome. I wanted to shoot Ender’s Shadow at the same time as shooting Ender’s Game.”

Eagle-eyed fans living in this “sequel release dates announced before opening weekend” age may have noticed that a sequel to Ender’s Game has not yet been announced. Wait, do you call it a sequel when it takes place at the same time as the original?

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In any case, as many of you may have noticed, they didn’t get the opportunity to shoot the two films at the same time.

Director Gavin Hood elaborates, “We had such difficulty getting the money for Ender’s Game that it was like, everyone said ‘Gavin, shut the f*** up, there’s no way you’re getting the money to shoot two movies at once.’”

Ah, there it is. Money. Considering that the budget for Ender’s Game is rumored to be just over $110 million, it makes sense, but we don’t have to like it. Neither does Hood.

“It’s a pity on many levels because that cast was all there, the sets were all there, we should’ve shot the two movies back-to-back,” said Hood. “I’m not in any way bitter, I mean I’m disappointed, but there’s a big difference. My producers busted their asses to get enough money to make this movie.”

Now that the dye is cast, the potential for an Ender’s Shadow film featuring Aramis Knight as Bean seems very unlikely, and for more reasons than just money.

“It’s really hard to make Ender’s Shadow because Aramis is gonna be older, all my kids are older, they would have needed to be made at the same time.

Don’t abandon hope though, Hood has one last thought on how to get Ender’s Shadow into a visual medium.

“It could be made, I think, as a TV series. I’m sorta looking at that.”

Would you prefer to see Ender’s Shadow on the big screen or on the small screen?

  • Brianna Lofton

    It definitely would have made the most sense to shoot the parallel stories at the same time. I loved Ender’s Shadow even more than Ender’s Game. That would’ve been awesome.

  • Castinghub

    It makes sense to shoot the two movies at the same time, but there may still be hope

  • Laurelin

    Kind if like Arrested Development…. that would have been really cool to have. I read both books at least twice because of the parallel thing.

  • Daniel Stuart

    Here’s hoping this one bombs so we never have to see another dime go to the hateful author of the source material.

    • Josh Zimmerman

      Basing this movie solely on the author is honestly not a fair way to think about it. Yes, he created the source material, but this film is the vision of TONS of other people. You have to separate out the author from his work. I loved the book, I think Card is a great writer, but do I like him as a person? Based on the things he’s said, no, I do not. But that doesn’t mean I can’t like Ender’s Game. It’s about the characters, not the author. Not supporting this movie doesn’t just mean not supporting Card, it means not supporting the director, producers, the entire cast…if you see the movie and hate it, fine, then hate it. But I wouldn’t hope it bombs solely because the author of the source material is a prick.

      • Daniel Stuart

        I wasn’t hoping it bombs because he is a prick, I am hoping it bombs so that he fades away from the public consciousness and receives no further money or recognition. I wish no ill will towards those who worked on the movie except that I will never give my money to any project connected in any way to the author and I would advise them all to research what they are getting into before signing on to something like this.

        • Josh Zimmerman

          “I wish no ill will towards those who worked on the movie” but you just said you want it to bomb? You’re contradicting yourself. And they knew what they were getting into, there are interviews with the cast and director about it. But they were able to separate the material from the author, which is something people need to learn to do. His homophobic views are not reflected at all in the book or movie, so why should it matter? Chances are Card was paid a set fee for the rights anyways so he already has his money whether the movie does well or not. The director even said “I optioned the book, not an author.” Understand that what’s important is the STORY, and the story has no hint at all of any homophobia. In fact, Lionsgate is hosting an LGBT benefit premiere of Ender’s Game to raise awareness and money for the cause.

          • Daniel Stuart

            This is exactly the problem with much of fandom culture in general. It seems to be so hard for some people to understand that no matter how well he writes it will always be tainted garbage to me. I would no sooner support this movie or any works related to Card then go down to the KKK’s bakesale because “the cookies are REALLY good and isn’t that what matters”. It doesn’t matter how high quality the stitching on the Neo Nazi’s quilts are or how inspiring the Westboro Baptist Church’s paintings are I’m not gana support them or give them my money. I don’t care how much you like his stories, I’m not interested. Especially when there are so many great pieces of Scifi writing that weren’t written by mad, raving homophobes.

          • Josh Zimmerman

            Relating Card to the KKK is totally ridiculous. The KKK went out and physically harmed people. Card has a big mouth. Do I agree with him at all? No. He’s a homophobic prick. But he doesn’t act on it like the KKK. Also, none of the money from the movie is going to Card. None. He already got paid. Boycotting the movie only harms the filmmakers and actors involved, and chances are that someone involved with the film is LGBT! There is no trace of homophobia at all in the film. Mel Gibson has made racist and homophobic remarks, but does that make Braveheart a bad film? No. John Lennon was a terrible father and emotional abused his son, and is even known for abusing women at times. Does that make Imagine a bad song? No. There are claims that Thomas Edison was anti-semitic. I’m Jewish. Do I still use electricity? Yes. Sean Penn was charged with domestic violence, but won Academy Awards for the movie Milk. If you boycott every single movie because a shitty person is involved, you’d be going to see very few movies.

            You have to separate out the author from the work. If there was anything homophobic about the actual story, then by all means boycott it. But there isn’t. At all.

          • ttoe

            Oh, brother,

            what did he say, that homosexuality is not natural?

            I agree with what the Bible says about homosexuality, does that make me the insufferable bigoted Nazi prick?

            LOL, yeah, it’s not the right wing anti-homosexual people who are out there advocating for the death of those that disagree with them or for the silencing of contradictory ideology in prestigious academic institutions across the U.S. That’s your homosexual-supporting side that does that.

            Because we have simple opinions, we’re insufferable Nazi pricks, but because you want to force everyone to agree, it means you’re open-minded and loving.

          • Joe Corica

            Hear, hear! An excellent summary of the ‘tolerance and open-mindedness’ of the left. Simply holding a contrary opinion as to the moral nature of certain human actions makes you a ‘bigoted Nazi’. ‘Tolerance’ is a euphemism for ‘everyone must think like us’. It is easy to be tolerant when there are no dissenting opinions.

        • Danathar

          Dude, I hate to break it to you but the book has been on the best seller list for ages. If all the press about his views has not affected the book sales what snowball’s chance in hell do you think the movie bombing would do to him.


          • Joe Corica

            generally the author sells the rights to the copyrighted story/characters prior to the movie being made. i dont know the specifics of this contract but it is probable that the loss would be only to the movie producers, not OSC personally. he probably made his money when he sold the rights

        • ttoe

          Why, what’s wrong with the author? What did he say?

          • blurp

            If you read what he actually talked about (instead of listening to pr flak), it was because homosexuality was illegal. He even made statements after gay marriage was legalized about how it would be interesting to see how they reacted. And they go back 20-30 years to dig up statements he made, just to get ‘good’ pr chances…. Go figure, straight bashing…

    • Tim Hansen

      For the same reason, I hope it becomes the Box Office hit of the year, just to make people like you to shut up.

      • Daniel Stuart

        I wouldn’t hold your breath, honey

  • kcjones

    Small screen but if the movie is any guide Gavin should stick to directing not writing.He has very little respect for the source material. True fans will want to destroy him he muddles the story like he did with the enders game movie

    • mgm5215

      Not what he said on his interviews. He tried very hard to stick to the source material. And true fans would be appreciating that someone dared to adapt these books when other people would have done an even worst job.

  • kcjones

    I don’t know what Card said about gay’s but I don’t see how he can be homophobic because the main character in that book was very GAY.

  • JayJay

    Awww…what a missed opportunity. Any studio with the balls to have done two would have made the money back and then some. Aramis Knight (Bean) is perfect for that role. It would be sad if they lost him. I always wondered who would play Bean. That was a fantastic casting job.

  • GTans

    They could do the films for the sequels of Shadow as the sequel (since Butterfield is too young for the Ender sequels), with the missing Shadow materials from Game as flashbacks.

  • Ethan

    I don’t care where, I just want to see it

  • Anthony James

    Enders Shadow was better than Game in my opinion.

  • http://www.itsadiel.com/ Adiel Corchado

    Small screen!

  • Modi

    It would have made sense to make them at the same time and it would be horrible it Ender’s Shadow didnt get its chance to shine. Also, I would prefer it to be a movie although I believe both options have their own pros and cons.

  • ttoe

    When they said TV show, I naturally assumed they meant to chronicle the voyages of Admiral what’s his face as he wandered the vast empty space in search of a new home for the unborn larva that’s so precious in spite of the opinion of liberal America. Although, without a mate, I have a difficult time believing it will ever be a fruitful journey amounting to anything more than simply saving the life of a single person.

    I wonder if the author of the book realized that asexual reproduction for such a species is rather infeasible. First of all, if it’s asexual, that means everyone is a clone, i.e. everyone has the complete gene-makup of a queen, even if the queen physical characteristic genes are not expressed in every single one of them. It makes way more sense if the queen had given Admiral kid more than just one egg, but two.

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