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By Andrew Sims (@sims) at 10:45 am, October 25, 2013 | Reviewed by

A new app on Facebook called Bitstrips has taken over your Newsfeed, so how can you stop or block the comics from appearing?

This writer finds them annoying, and if you’re reading this you may not like them either. The customizable comic strips called Bitstrips have recently swept up Facebook users thanks to their charming graphics coupled with the ability to create your own graphics about your life.

So, how can you hide, stop, or block Bitstrips from taking over your feed on Facebook?

Step 1: See the millionth Bitstrip in your feed that makes absolutely no sense to you.


“Ha ha… I don’t get it. At all,” I think to myself.

Step 2: Hover your mouse over a Bitstrips article and click the down arrow at the top right


Step 3: Select ‘Hide All from Bitstrips’


Just like that, Bitstrips will stop appearing in your Facebook feed and your comic woes will be over.

You can repeat this process for any application that you feel is taking up too much room in your feed. One good thing about everyone’s Bitstrips usage is that it’s not like memes that people pull from Tumblr and repost. In other words, it’s easy to block all Bitstrips items whereas it’s impossible to block a slew of similar memes appearing from a variety of people (Remember the “What People Think I Do/What I Really Do” meme?).

Bitstrips for Schools is a popular new service that they say can be used as an education tool in the classroom. The site boasts that their educational software can “get students hooked on reading and writing, motivate them by making homework fun, and spark their creativity.” They add, “the possibilities for self expression are endless.” We think the only thing endless is the amount of time kids will waste when they make their own, education-less comics.

With that said… we wish we had this as a kid.

Your thoughts on Bitstrips? Annoying? Fun? Or Both?

  • jennlynn1025

    Thank you for this!

  • frezb

    This thing just annoys me to no end. Thanks Andrew

  • BeckWalden

    My God, thank you!

  • Ananya

    I actually laughed out loud when I saw ‘Kara ghost rides the whip’. That made no sense at all and it just became funnier when Andrew lampshaded it.

    • Lefer F Ayala

      oh damn, i thought i was the only one that thought this was funnier than intended lmao!

    • Not_LebronJames

      Ghost ride the whip is a “dance” in the bay area where they drive slowly, put the car in neutral, then get out (with the car slowly rolling) and they walk and dance alongside the rolling car. Its called ghost riding because, well there’s a pretend ghost riding the whip (car)… hope it helps…

  • Diggles

    I only hide the ones from the ppl who abuse it. Like multiple posts within 15 minutes

  • fruttivendolo

    Thanks for the PSA!

  • TheHamburglar

    My question is, why/how did it get so popular? I remember using it 6 months ago. Not trying to be a hipster about bitstrips, I’m legitimately curious.

    • rdh014

      My thoughts exactly. I have already used them and got bored of them as of like may.

    • shotshiv

      The mobile app was just released.

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

      They launched their mobile app.

    • Barrie

      I was wondering the same thing. I started using it in June and haven’t touched it much since then. Wondered why they were suddenly surging in popularity just now, but the mobile app explains a lot.

  • Tracy

    doesn’t work…clicked hide bitstrips and the damn things still pop up in comments, pictures shares, etc…argh!

  • anw618

    Most of my friends download them to their hard drives and update them like regular photos, so you can’t block them. In my book, it’s right up there with all the FarmVille and Mafia Wars BS.

    • Nathan Leroux

      There’s another option in that drop down window that says “I don’t want to see this.” now. That way you can just not see that post ever again instead of the person as well.

      • YouMonstersArePeople

        You can also just unfired them– which I totally endorse.

  • http://lauraej.tumblr.com/ Laura Jurgensmeyer

    I have not seen these on my news feed yet, thank goodness!

    • Gary65

      Yeah same here. This is the first I’m even hearing of them. Must be an American thing.

    • sexbum

      No friends is not equal to ‘awesome friends’.

  • Glaciusx

    Only the unfunny and excessive ones are annoying.

  • вrείgн со.

    I downloaded the app to try and figure out everyone’s facination with it… I’m still trying to figure that out.

  • Emily Bryan

    Haha I see more liked pages in my news feed than these things. I’ve probably seen one.

    • Barrie

      In my case I see more people complaining about them than the actual comics. I’ve seen a couple but nowhere even close to any kind of annoyance level, yet now on my feed people are saying “OMG STOP WITH THE BITSTRIPS!” I’m still hardly seeing any.

      • Grand Poobah

        That’s because like with anything on Facebook you generally just see 15% of what your friends (non-best friends, anyways) post.

      • Emily Bryan

        Unfortunately, I jinxed myself with my comment :P I’m seeing a bit more, but at least I know how to get rid of these strips if it gets out of hand ;)

  • Jay

    I don’t see any Hide all from Bitstrips… :-(

    • Nick Zalud

      You can also block it straight from the app page.

      • tags

        Could you please run me though how to do this as I don’t yet wish to block my friends who use the app. Thanks

        • icke

          do you need to approve the app first?

    • Dave

      Same issue here…

  • Trasher

    hate on first sight, blocked them, but when friends comment on each other’s bits, they still appear on the wall!

  • lauren


  • Amy Smith Costin


  • Olof Friström

    Is this an American thing? I haven’t seen or heard of this at all :S

    • Camie

      My friend who started posting his Bitstrips on his FB a few days ago (which is how I learned about them) is Swedish.

      • Olof Friström

        Really? I’ve never seen them at all, but I’ll keep a lookout in case one of my friends goes to the dark side in search of cookies.

      • Olof Friström

        I’ve begun seeing them now, they keep showing up even after blocking!

  • Septima

    They’re funny when people put them in hilarious poses and situations, or show inside jokes among friends. Obviously it depends on how creatively you use them

    • Feisty

      Inside jokes are only funny to the handful of people in on the joke. They are not funny to the 90% of your friends who aren’t in on it so you’re just annoying 90% of your friends when you do this. The rest are usually too generic to be funny, i.e. Feisty is a monster before her first cup of coffee.

  • Jude I⚡caяiot

    The only thing I find more annoying than BitStrips are people who complain about them.

    • Eli Bishop

      In turn, the only thing more annoying than that is the people who complain about the complainers.

      • Jon Edwards

        WE could be here all day with that statement

        • Michael Allen

          I hate people who think we could be here all day with statements….

          • Alexander Jacobs

            My favourite colour is ham

          • Anime Shaun

            ugh nonsensical distraction….. there truly is nothing worse

          • cmcp

            People who like anime, more sub-human than Nazis.

          • Nobby Smith.

            Bring back National Express, that’s what I say!

            I meant service. Bring back national service.

          • PoppyCock

            I have a fear of foods that resemble private parts. I refuse to eat bananas from either end, watermelons make me anxious, and shellfish freak me out. Do you know how many foods look like naughty bits? The best kinds!

          • Rick Captain Redtyde Robinett

            I can hear the number 12.

          • anarchduke

            Yes, and its sound smells like purple.

          • Alexander Jacobs

            one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelveeeeeeeeee *queue bow wow chikawowow 70s trippy music*

          • Jason Jarred

            I hate people who hate people who think we could be here all day with these statements that the only thing more annoying than people who complain about complainers are those who complain about those complaining about the complainers. So yeah…

          • Michael Allen

            Yeah… wait, what?

      • darktwistedjojo

        The only thing I find more annoying than that is the peoo le who complain about the people who complain about the complainers that are complaining about the people that complain

        And miley cyrus. F her.

        Edit: Also, the jews.

  • Vala_M

    What’s more annoying is after you block it from your feed you still get to see them through the comments and likes, even if you have comments and likes disabled for every.single.friend.

    • stephanie

      I agree!!! My feed is full of “John commented on Jane’s status” moreso than a comic about someones personal life!!

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    Thank you! My newsfeed was filled with them! Not anymore though ;)

  • John Smith

    Bitstrips is almost as annoying as the pick-up truck ad that popped up over the content as I was trying to read this article. Where’s the setting to Hide All from Dodge Ram Pickup Truck?

    • Liderc

      Bitstrips don’t help Facebook stay afloat as a company, advertising on websites keeps the servers going so we can read their articles. Kind of a big difference.

    • dude.

      Dont be from america.

  • Dickhead

    OMG! People making fun of REAL LIFE!! What have we resorted to? We need to just post serious stuff about Duck Dynasty all the time. Or posts about ACA! YES! That’s IT!!! NO HAVING FUN! NOT ON MY PAGE YOU DON’T!! I swear I’m living in the twilight zone now where having fun is bad and all drama is good…have a nice life losers

    • shit4brainz

      No need to be a dickhead about it.

  • August Banks

    I cant believe no one has commented on the OP ignorance of “ghost ride the whip”.. This is actually one of the funnier bitstrips I have seen..

    The quote “ghost ride the whip” is from a rap song called “Tell Me Where To Go” by E-40, and it means to drive the car (moving slowly) while walk beside it, or in sitting on it.

    • spakkenkhrist

      Yeah, it’s still not funny.

  • J

    That’s useful but how can block the increasingly invasive ads on Hypable? One did the redirect to a blank white page with an ad thing, and now there’s another just hovering an inch from the bottom of the screen. Really wish pop up blockers would work on them. I’m ready to abandon Hypable even though I really like this site :(

    • Eli Bishop

      Weird, I use ad block on Chrome and don’t see any ads or pop ups…

  • Fawkes

    okay I swear I’ve never seen these things until literally the day I read this article, Hypable you have cursed me.

  • becca

    Thank you thank you thank you!! You have made my day. Was being driven mad by cartoons all over my feed….so pleased now!!

  • Raoul Duke, Jr.

    Maybe we should all just lighten up about it. Complaining about a comic is worse than the comic itself. If you don’t like it, turn it off and shut it up.

  • Rebecca

    Lighten up people. You are free to hide whatever app or post you desire. Just like I am allowed to post whatever I choose on MY PAGE. Think I’ll make a Bitstrip about that. lol

    • lkn4trouble

      I’m going to tell you mommy you’re on her computer without permission

  • KarenCanfieldMaskens

    I’ve never seen one!

  • scotec

    facebook dot com slasH appcenter slash bitstrips… Bottom right of the app page is the block link… —-Blocking Bitstrips will prevent others from sending you invitations and requests for this app and will prevent this app from getting any info about you.
    This will also prevent you from seeing Bitstrips if other people have it installed. this is the only true way to BLOCK bitstrips

  • Heidi

    Now I want to start using it and getting really irritating with it on purpose.

  • Intelius

    Totally annoying!

  • z

    How do you block it using a droid?

  • Paul

    There will probably be something else trending on FB next week, and then something else the week after. Do you want to know the sure-fire way of blocking apps, app requests, cat pics, dog pics, candy crush et al from FB? Simple. Don’t use Facebook.

  • Tompsy

    Quite pathetic that people have nothing better to do with their precious time than to ‘speak’ through cartoons – acting like 2 year old kids.

  • Jeff Dypko

    Hipsters hate everything.

  • Bonnie Lee

    annoying, and i blocked them, but i dont care one way or the other if anyone else uses them. i dont have to see them .

  • imeanyou

    Don’t whinge about bit strips then post photos of your paleo (or insert other fad diet here) meals and pathetic runkeeper updates! Such and such ‘ran’ 3.1 km in 28 minutes is a half hour walk. Who are you trying to impress? And yes I’m referring to a specific person

  • Disappear Here

    “…the possibilities for self expression are endless.”

    Or you could just leave Facebook and create something original.

  • ioasuka

    The only option I have is to block all posts from the person posting the Bitstrips, or to report the person. My Facebook does not seem to be interpreting these images as submissions from an app, but as any other saved & uploaded photo. :T ideas?

  • Daniel Chamberlain

    What I find difficult is the actual USE of the app. all the work you put in to make a funny comic strip, and you could have made 15 facebook posts! I now only use it sparingly. But I do enjoy reading other people’s bitstrips

  • Dave

    This isn’t working. Is the post just old and they’ve changed the functionality since, or does this only work on mobile?

  • ls86

    I tried this at least one 10 different bitstrips and they are still showing up.

  • koko

    this doesn’t work when people comment on their stupid bitstrip…it is when they comment..that is still appears.. appears on my newsfeed

  • Dan J. Chiccino

    It doesnt work when people start tagging you or your close friends in them and people comment on them. I’ve clicked “hide all from bitstrips” at least 10 times now and they keep showing up in different ways.

  • AlexTannerBooks

    This doesn’t actually work. I blocked it, which stopped them for a short time, but they’ve made their way back into my feed and they’re all over the place again :(

  • James Burt

    I wish blocking them was so easy, even with the app itself blocked, an annoyingly amount of them are posted as traditional images which shy of manually blocking each one or the user, you are forced to view.

  • Micky Clark

    What is wrong with people, can’t you just have fun? You people with the dislike for such fun things have a problem….you lost the ability to be silly…your seriousness has taking over your life…laughing is the best medicine and smiling is the best thing to light up your face!!!

  • Kristen Gault-Arnason

    Love bitstrips.

  • Rebecca

    It doesn’t work all the time. I have done this numerous times, and they still keep showing up. They’re annoying and senseless.

  • Sammy

    Painfully annoying, unfunny and completely unrelatable. I’ve started seeing repeat scenarios just with different characters (different friends of mine that do not even know each other) which suggests to me that this app is very limited. Pointless.

  • http://GoAwayStalkers.com/ Athiest

    Most stupid and annoying app ever. Cartoons all over my feed and I have no clue what it is or why I should give a shit. I have a feed to keep up with my friends and see their real life pictures and what they are up to, NOT some retarded video game comic app whatever the hell this is bullshit. Fuck off, Bitstrip! Love, me.

  • guest

    I blocked mine this way and recently they started appearing again, anyway, despite it STILL being blocked.

  • lordofthegays

    I still see if if someone uploads it as a cover photo even though I blocked the app.

  • Marshall Lee

    I’ve clicked “Hide All From Bitstrips” and it STILL shows up constantly.
    I finally went into the Apps feature under my Settings and it wasn’t there so I manually added it to the block list. Here’s hoping it works.

  • Artemis

    This doesn’t work anymore for me. I keep clicking ‘hide all from bitstrips’ and they keep showing up.

  • Barbara Brown

    I would say “both.” It depends on how creative the person is who is using the program. A lot of people don’t know you can customize the blurb, alter who is in the cartoon, or add talk or thought balloons. In the hands of a creative person, they can be funny. With someone who just uses the defaults, not as funny. I’m a bit addicted to them now, but I customize mine heavily. And since I’ve done hand-drawn cartoons for the fan newsletter I edit, I am fairly creative.

  • Not_LebronJames

    Ghost Ride your mom!! Oooohhhhhh no he didnt

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