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Fox has unveiled the songs that will be performed during Glee season 5, episode 3 – the Cory Monteith tribute.

The Cory Monteith tribute song list is as follows. Each one of these songs will be performed by the Glee cast:

- Seasons Of Love (Rent)
- I’ll Stand By You (The Pretenders)
- Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
- If I Die Young (The Band Perry)
- No Surrender (Bruce Springsteen)
- Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan, covered by Adele)

“I’ll Stand By You” was performed by Finn in Glee season 1 to Quinn’s ultrasound in which Finn thought he was the father.

Update: Watch the first video look at the episode released Thursday night.

This appears to be the complete song list for Glee season 5, episode 3 titled “The Quarterback” and will be available to purchase beginning October 15 (five days after the episode airs, but don’t be surprised if this gets released a little earlier).

Series creator Ryan Murphy spoke about the difficulty of filming the tribute episode in August. “I think it turned out to be a lovely tribute, and it’s a very heartfelt look at how young people grieve. After that, we’re going to take two weeks or three weeks down to get our heads together because it’s been a really hard thing to write.”

Glee‘s Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson tribute airs Thursday, October 10 on Fox. Tonight, the second episode of season 5 airs and will wrap up the show’s Beatles tribute.

What do you think of the Cory Monteith tribute line up?

We’ll be sure to share audio, photo, and video previews as they’re released over the next week.

  • Guest

    this episode is going to destroy me. I’m not ready for it but i think its the closure i need so i’d finally be done with this show for good this time. glee is not what it use to be for me anymore

  • Diana

    I just got complete chills seeing “Make You Feel My Love”. Adele’s performance of it at the Royal Albert Hall came to mind and if it’s anything like that, I will completely lose it (If I haven’t lost it yet, lbr.)

    • gunny

      yes, the tribute for Amy Winehouse

  • Allison L.

    The title just gives me chills.

  • Alicia Irwin

    No “Faithfully”…? So disappointed.

  • katherine

    thats awesome song i just watch it here…tiny.cc/Glee-5×2

  • Matthew Gottula

    I don’t think I’m emotionally ready for this episode.. I may never be.

    • lorepottter

      Welcome to our world.

    • Tara Murphy

      i watched JUST the .33 promo of it.. I bawled my eyes out :(

      • Breeannah

        Me too . Crying now.

      • Raquel Richards

        I’m am just waiting for it to start and already tearing up

  • lorepottter

    Seasons of love, im gonna lose it, that is one of my favorite songs from the musical, damn all the songs are perfect….

    • KimS

      I called this as soon as they were doing a tribute episode. Love it

    • Frederick Rolandi

      I FEEL YOU. I am planning to get some wine and look myself inside my room, “really seasons of love???” Rent is my creed!!

  • Gary65

    I was sure Lea’s Without You would get another hurrah but apparently not. I’ve kinda lost touch with Glee but I’ll tune in for this :(

    • Abbie

      I don’t think she is appearing in the episode at all.

      • Antara Chowdhury

        I believe Lea is appearing in one scene in this episode.

        • gunny

          At the very end of the show.

      • Gary65

        She’s in the promo so I think she is.

  • marti19013

    When Cory died I was in the hospital with my son. Two months later, my son passed away (Sept 7). My son didn’t like Glee at all and was always teasing his sister and me about watching it, but he did like Cory’s singing. I wasn’t planning on watching this season, and honestly probably won’t watch as fervently as I did before, but I DO plan on watching this week and next week. I already missed him most of LAST season because of his reduced role, but without him at all I know I can’t watch the show any longer.

    • Liderc

      Sorry to hear about your son, wish you and your family the best.

    • Emily

      My brother passed away on the same day as your son. It was completely unexpected. I know this is the hardest thing my family has gone through and I am in the same position as your daughter. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts as the 1 month mile stone approaches.

    • Frederick Rolandi

      i am very sorry for your loss

  • jozefd14

    For sure fyeahgleeclub’s Tumblr will have the songs up over the weekend.. possibly sunday nightish in the west coast time zone..

  • popprincess5678

    No Surrender must surely be sung by Puck.

  • Enelya

    His version of Girls just want to have fun still makes me sad every time I listen to it

  • Emily Bryan

    I was really hoping that they’d include his REO Speedwagon song…but this is good. I’m not ready though :’[

  • Colette Hill Martin

    Love it! Great songs!

  • Kallah Jean Turner

    I am not, and will not ever be prepared enough for this episode. I am going to cry the whole time. Just one week away…

  • lauren

    I am not ready to say goodbye….

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    Seasons of Love is going to be so beautiful!

  • Tj

    I may be forced to watch this later when my friends have gone to bed and inform my roommate about what I’m going to be watching. It’s going to be very difficult to watch this.

  • yealalexa

    I wish they’d cover ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ for Cory’s tribute episode. It will mean a lot to the gleeks.

  • Jack

    No Surrender will be very sad. Was just listening to it with this in mind, very sad. Although, for a writer’s team who loves Springsteen so much, I would think they would know Terry’s Song would be more fitting

  • guest2

    No ”my heart will go on”?

    • KimS

      I’m glad. That would have been really maudlin, an emotion that is appropriate for with 1500 die due to ego and greed.

  • Alyssa

    I wish they had Lea doing “Without You” from Rent… that song expresses exactly the way both Rachel as a character and Lea will have to move on and realize that life goes on… and it’s such a beautiful song

    • gunny

      Lea tweeted after recording the song that it was perfect. Wasn’t my first choice, but if she thinks it is then………….it’s perfect.

  • alexa

    ooh god if rachel sings If I Die Young i will cry so hard

  • Optimus Prime

    That episode is going to mean so much to so many people but at the same time, we are all going to bawl like newborn babies :(

  • theaterboy1

    This is going to be so emotional!! I thought “Seasons of Love” might be one of the songs! I am going to cry so much, in fact I cried just seeing the promo for the episode!!

  • Nicole

    I’m just not sure I can handle this episode. I just loved Cory. He will never be forgotten.

  • cathy g

    I saw the 33 seconds promo for the tribute episode and I was already crying. I don’t know how we will get through this episode. It’s going to be very emotionally and like most fans, I don’t know if I’m ready to watch, actually I’m very nervous about it.

  • Harshita Lawania

    Are these all the songs they are going to perform or just some of them…… cause i really want them to sing I Cant Fight This Feeling Anymore..

  • Frederick Rolandi


  • alexa

    i really hope Puck is in this episode it feels wrong for anyone but him to sing Stand By You…. maaaybe Mr Shue but mostly puck

  • jay

    i wish they did ill be missing you by p iddy

  • ifan

    Surprised that Don’t Stop Believin’ isn’t on there, it was sort of his song at the beginning of the series.

  • Strumchick

    Where’s Can’t Fight This Feeling and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  • Kaitlyn

    I have been crying since I found out that he died it’s been hard for me but I will never stop watching glee ever since I started watching it when my 8th grade choir teacher shower us the single ladies episodes from season 1 and I haven’t stopped watching it since I love them all

  • http://www.instagram.com/luuiii luuiii

    I am seriously not ready for “I’ll Stand By You”. Like not at all.

  • Mike

    Judy Collins’ “I Can’t Cry Hard Enough,” written as a tribute to her son who died, would have been so perfect for this episode.

  • dmichele

    all are great songs, however, Bob Dylan’s song was first covered by Garth Brooks and then Trisha Yearwood, and even Billy Joel before Adele.

  • Mike G

    I wish they would’ve done Don’t Stop Believing, a throwback to Finn and Rachel’s duet from the first season of Glee

  • Sarah Gilligan

    Why do none of these songs sound like something Kurt would sing? Finn was his brother, shouldn’t he have a song?

  • Guest

    “If I Die Young” is such a beautiful song. I’ve never really related to it on a personal level, but this will be very emotional.

  • Jaycel Butastas

    i will miss you Finn and Cory and also your irresistable dimples and antics. I know that your watching from above and continue to support the show and with you in heaven it will never be lonely.

  • al perky

    I was kind of hoping for Bon Jovi “Never Say Goodbye”; Bette Midler “Wind Beneath My Wings”; Sir Elton John “Candle in the Wind”; or maybe Finn’s mom and step-dad to break out in the Oakridge Boys “Thank God for Kids”

  • ava

    i’m not ready to watch this…

  • Kim Burton

    So glad they included a song from rent as was tweeted by lea Michele that she often caught Cory singing songs from Rent. For an hour on Thursday night all Gleeks will be peering with glazed over eyes watching the show….and then rewatching it over and over as we have recorded it of course.
    We would not be avid gleeks if we did not cover all bases. Fellow Gleeks and cast of Glee and family and friends of Cory Monteith. I embrace you, I will have extra tissues should anyone require them…and we will stand by you Cory. You were our Leader our Quarterback and number 5 will burn in our memory forever. (Damn sitting here crying as I write this…practice for Thursday night. GLEEKS forever…Gleeks love unconditionally and we do not judge but accept.

  • glocc

    watch here>>> http://tiny. cc/m8tr4w

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