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Hypable got a chance to watch the first two episodes of Once Upon A Time season 3 this afternoon. Check out our spoiler-free list of the amazing things you can look forward to.

The two episodes we watched on the Disney lot in Burbank, California today were episode 1 “Heart of the Truest Believer” and episode 2 “Lost Girl.”

The first episode is full of great twists and character introductions, and we absolutely loved it! Be sure to check out our review of the episode later this week.

10 things about ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 1:

1) The episode begins with a flashback to a character’s birth.

2) We discover who Greg and Tamara are working for.

3) An action-packed, death-filled ten minute segment. Uh-oh…

4) Mulan is confused about what a movie is and why she’s in one.

5) Mermaids galore! And boy, are they fierce.

6) Why did Neal end up in the Enchanted Forest? He tells us.

7) There’s a brawl and it’s hysterically amazing.

8) “Your belief of love wasn’t strong enough to overcome your fear of rejection.”

9) There’s pixie dust! Only…does it work?

10) Peter, oh Peter, where art thou? Oh. Hey there, good looking!

10 things about Once Upon a Time season 3, episode 2:

1) Peter Pan is not the little boy we know and love from the Disney movie.

2) Flashbacks throughout the episode explore more of Snow and Charming’s back story.

3) Surprise character comeback! You’ll never see this coming.

4) Emma goes on a journey of self-discovery.

5) There’s a surprising dynamic between Henry and a certain Lost Boy.

6) A reference to Merlin and Excalibur?!

7) Someone gets fatally injured.

8) Family drama and tears a-plenty.

9) There’s a budding romance between a couple of characters that will absolutely send an uproar through the fandom.

10) Captain Hook and David getting along. …no, really.

What stood out to you most from our notes?

Both episodes bring up new plots and mysteries, and we look forward to seeing our questions answered throughout the season.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Hypable’s Once Upon A Time podcast, Onceable. Our ladies offer amazing discussion and crack theories about the characters and story arcs. You can check out their episodes here and subscribe to them on iTunes.

Once Upon a Time season 3 premieres this Sunday on ABC.

  • Castinghub

    So much teasing! Can’t wait for Sunday :)

  • merlinarthur

    Yay! Merlin and Excalibur!! Can’t wait!

  • Carilyn

    “Surprise character comeback! You’ll never see this coming.”

    Well, knowing this fandom, we’re gonna try.
    (My guess: Lancelot.)

    • NONNIE

      SYDNEY GLASS / GENIE IN THE MIRROR… been in cast notes / spoilers since earlier this summer….

      • …..


    • Lucille H. Schmidt

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    • Hannah

      My guess Greg. Peter Pan never killed him just took his shadow away, and going back to season 2 when Neil was on hooks ship the lost boy said that it hurts but never mentioned having your shadow ripped from your body being lethal. I’m looking forward to seeing which lost boy Hennery befriends.

  • Rita

    Can’t wait for Sunday! I am sooooooooo excited!
    My guess: Graham! Because he’s my favorite character lol :)

    • Carilyn

      Graham would be nice too, that’s true :)

      • Hannah

        Agreed I would love that as well !!!!!!

    • El

      Aw I miss Graham :(

  • marie

    Between this and all the other articles about supposedly spoiler-free teases, those two episodes were totally spoiled

    • MP

      easy fix, stop reading spoilers!

  • http://www.twitter.com/starlysh Lysh

    It’s interesting combining information from the other news websites’ teases and you kind of can figure it out. But I’m LOVING everyone’s enthusiasm about the first two episodes. Everyone knows the season season was a little hit-or-miss, but s3 seems really promising. And FUN. And some great character moments. (I’m really looking forward to that brawl!)

  • bart

    my guess is the guy who was the mirror in season 1

  • somegirl91

    Oh my god why are you doing this to me??!! CAN’T WAIT!!

  • Aleana Harris

    family drama and tears a – plenty Emma goes on journey of self-discovery reference Merlin and Excalibur and action-packed, death- filled ten minutes segment. Uh-oh…

  • madge

    The Charmingstiltskins are cool and all but I wish we didn’t focus so much on them is that bad?

  • L3nn13

    Charming and Hook bromance bring it
    Emma and Hook romance bring it

    I am thinking Lancelot as well coz most ppl think he is dead… thats the assumption we were left with but seen no body.

    Also romance department i will include in Ariel-Eric as well

    • Trinity

      Lancelot coming back would be interesting I’ll give you that, BUT if he’s on the island wouldn’t Pan have sent the lost boys after him? Or maybe He will show up to save Hennery and end up being the one injured? OH WHY CAN’T SUNDAY COME ANY FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but at the same time after the episode comes out then I can’t let my imagination run wild about what’s going to happen in this episode al though I could always move on to dreaming about the next
      ;D “…zzz…” ;D

  • Briah Johnson

    Cora returns. Emma and Hook hook up or Regina and PeterPan. BTW Regina already knows TinkerBell so it would make sense that she also knows Peter

    • Tirisha

      first off gross Regina is like early thirties and Pan is supposed to be 12 forever because no one ages in Never land. I know that’s true because the blonde lost boy who does all the talking didn’t age from the time Neil was 14 and Hennery is his son.

  • Dana

    Hook and Emma hell yeah
    Hysterically amazing brawl hell yeah
    Lancelot(?) hell yeah

  • Arielle Burkhart

    Want to see Hook and Ariel be a couple! That’s what I want to see!

  • Aleana Harris

    I have a theory about how Storybrook and Neverland can connect since they are introduce Ariel in Neverland first what if the way they connect is by the lake by swimming through a cave in the lake

  • Dani

    Character comeback please be graham

  • Sundayiscoming

    “There’s a brawl and it’s hysterically amazing.” I wish it can be Emma and Regina, and thats why Emma went over board. I Think Ariel she has been traveling worlds looking for someone. for something.

    I can’t wait for sunday!

  • missxsteph21

    Mulan is confused about what a movie is and why she’s in one…Haha that cracked me up. I’m so excited for this season! Been re-watching season 2 to get prepared

  • Brantly

    “Peter Pan is not the little boy we know and love from the Disney movie.”
    Um, I thought the title of this post said SPOILER FREE.

    • Stage

      this was given away the last the last episode of season two when it was stated that Greg and Tamara took Hennery to Neverland and Mr. Gold ( don’t know how to spell his real name) said that Peter Pan is “someone we all should fear”

  • Victoria Hurren

    I need some small bit about Rumple

  • Paris Vazquez

    SPOILER The character comeback is Robin Hood.

  • Emily

    I don’t want Emma and Hook to end up together! :(
    Swanfire forever!

    • Hannah


  • timmyconstantine
  • ericamitchdoyle
  • Matthew Howland

    There’s a surprising dynamic between Henry and a certain Lost Boy? Could this be the gay romance the writers have been hinting at?

    • Serinity

      MY GUESS is the lost boy will end up being Hennery’s first friend. Remember Season 1 episode 1? Hennery never had any real friends his age, and watching all the episodes after he never hung out with any kids either partly because he would ditch school every chance he had. In the end though (I’m guessing) all the lost boys are going to remain on the island, leading Hennery into a search for a new friend in Story broke and winding up in him feeling a little depressed because he doesn’t know how to make a friend which will cause him to go into the dream world and run into Aurora and her telling him about his dad being alive. I get a little elaborate sometimes :p

  • Bree Valor

    The first episode was amazing! Hook and Emma are amazing!

  • Kevin Landeen

    Im just going to say it, Neal and Mulan.

    • Hannah

      NO WAY!!!!!!!! If Mulan is half the couple then the other half is Robin Hood. Although I could also see the writers putting Hook and Regina together, otherwise the fatal injury will be hook; He doesn’t have much of a story line anymore. That’s my guess. I am an avid watcher and studier of TV series, when they are at least decent (OUAT being the Best I’ve ever seen); moreover, pulling all the ways a character dies off or moves off the show the Main one is no story plot and no way to embed one in with out a major drop in ratings. Hook is going to either “hook” up with Regina since in episode one they had an ALMOST moment, and I can see the writers being able to blow that up into a love interest.

  • Sarah

    Wonder who the fatally injured person is cause i saw a spoiler on a different sight that said this
    One of the would-be rescuers ends up with what could be a deadly injury.
    Know we know from a prior spoiler a few days ago Alas,no sooner does Hook save Charming from a fatally ‘thorny” situation. I wonder if that has to with this. Also Ginny did say in an interview that the theme of when is it ok to comprimise your integrity for the greater good was going to be exemplified between them by what happens to Charming.
    I hope they don’t kill any of the core group off. I love those characters and also doing that wouldn’t be a good thing for the show. They just need to tell us who it is now and if the do die or not so we can mourn them ahead of time nd maybe be a little less emotional on Sunday. Does anyone on her know who the person is?

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