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A Song of Ice and Fire series creator George R.R. Martin took to his blog on Monday to profess his love for the latest Breaking Bad episode.

The author, whose series was adapted for television by HBO and is known by viewers as Game of Thrones, wasn’t afraid to talk about his appreciation for the AMC meth drama.

“Amazing series. Amazing episode last night. Talk about a gut punch,” he said.

Breaking Bad appears to have inspired him to create a character as evil as Walt. “Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros. (I need to do something about that),” he wrote.

Being the tease that he is (Come on George, where’s the next book?!), he also compared the two shows in terms of their Emmy chances. “This is the final season of BREAKING BAD. I think GAME OF THRONES may have a shot at upsetting BB for this year’s Emmy (only a shot, though, I think they are the clear favorite), which pits us against their previous season… but there’s no way in hell that anyone is going to defeat BREAKING BAD next year, when their last season is the one in contention,” he wrote.

He makes a valid point, but last year’s eight episodes of Breaking Bad were certainly a high point for the series. On the other hand, they can’t compare to the final eight episodes of season 5.

Following last night’s shocking episode, there’s been some debate over whether Game of Thrones’ “Red Wedding” episode is on par with Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias.” What say you, viewers of both?

Image credit: College Humor

  • Andrew Edward Rex

    The Red Wedding episode was awesome, but fans knew it was coming since the show is based off of a book. Plus, the bulk of the action in that episode happened near the very end.

    Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias” elevated the show to a brand new extreme, where every second was crucial to the story, and where every second kept you on the edge of your seat. Plus, you didn’t know what was going to happen next.

    Both are amazing shows, but there is just something about television shows that are ending their reigns that elevates the entertainment value and importance. Breaking Bad takes this one.

    • CliveRogan

      Generally I agree. Though I think it’s a bit unfair to compare a final season episode of one show to an early season episode of another. Like you said, when shows enter their home straight they can go all out, they don’t need to waste any time establishing characters and setting up future plot lines leaving them time to burn out their characters, to end their stories with no loose ends to string another story together with.

      The Red Wedding as a scene was spectacular, and above and beyond pretty much anything you see on TV these days, but as an episode very few other shows come close to the greatness that was Ozymandias, maybe not even The Wire.

      • Keith R.

        “when shows enter their home straight they can go all out”

        Somebody should have told this to the writers of Dexter this season. I’m just glad I have Breaking Bad around to wash the bad taste out of my mouth. And I’m glad I have Game of Thrones so I have an assuredly good season of television after BB is over…

        • Willy Occam

          I stopped watching Dexter in the middle of this final season because it kept ruining the powerful effect of Breaking Bad each Sunday night. Like following a five-star gourmet meal with a bag of White Castle sliders.

          • Kevin

            I happen to like White Castle…

          • EpiC

            That is why I watch Dexter before Breaking Bad. Save the best for last. But yeah, Dexter has been disappointing and I’m glad they’re putting this old dog out its misery.

        • CliveRogan

          Yeah, they really should. I think Dexter’s trying to go the Heroes route of boring the audience so much that they’re glad they don’t have to watch it anymore, something they’re only doing out of a mixture of habit and optimism it can become even half as good as it once was.

        • MJ Pacino

          Dexter has been a massive disappointment this season.

          • Allister

            or every season except for 1 and 2.

      • PasosOlvidados

        I’m sorry, but Ozymandias cannot compare to the best episodes of The Wire. The last few episodes of season 3 alone were phenomenal. Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale on the rooftop deck of a hotel overlooking Baltimore, reminiscing right before they both stick the daggers in each other is shakespearean and nothing less than perfect. The subsequent seasons showed the masterful writing in classical spanish literature stylings with everything ending just as it began. Breaking Bad is great, but The Wire was on a level all its’ own.

        • Taylor Thomas

          This article isn’t about The Wire.

          • John

            Did you miss the comment this is replying to?

          • Taylor Thomas

            No, but you obviously did.

        • Megadepth

          Breaking Bad has been nothing more than a continuous crescendo of enjoyment.

          The Wire is a great show but one word, or name rather: Ziggy.

          • PasosOlvidados

            Ziggy was pain, but he was in season 2. I could definitely spout out some useless characters in Breaking Bad that definitely didn’t matter. Badger and Skinny Pete are definitely two that come up as comedic relief, which is much of what Ziggy’s job was. I feel like season 4 and 5 were the best because you got to see how the people in season 1,2, and 3 came to be. Duquan became the new Bubs, Micheal became the new Omar. Some things changed but the city stayed the same. It was poetic.

          • Megadepth

            yeah but in the grand scheme of the series season 2 of The Wire did not continue off the “high” left off from season 1. for me personally, my interest was piqued & then season 2 totally diminished that. The Wire to me earned my respect because it’s probably the closest series to depict the streets/lawenforcement/politics etc. but the show in its entirety wasn’t able to keep me engrossed as BB. BB sucks me in, & again, it’s a crescendo through & through, & you know the show is going to end in a bang. The Wire fizzled out for me – McNulty & the “Red Ribbon” bit was terrible. the downfall of Dookie hit me hard though.

    • Michael Schmidt

      Lost did all of this years ago and did it very very well

      • Yezen

        You mean like the part at the end where they all go the Christian church themed heaven for all denominations? or the part where Jack Shepard fights the formerly immortal smoke entity/main antagonist in a fist fight to save the world from him (and then he dies from a gun shot wound.)
        lol that show….

        • Michael Schmidt

          You clearly didnt understand what was going on with “heaven” then because it wasnt heaven at all… what you saw was the combination of multiple people’s perspectives of what flashed thru their heads when each one of them died plus alot lot more that im not gonna explain because its probally not worth the time

      • Megadepth

        Lost, another series that fizzles out midway through.

        not in the same class of Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, etc., bro-tha (Desmond accent)

        • Michael Schmidt

          No its far above them. It did not fizzle out halfway thru. Every show you mentioned takes ques from Lost on several levels. Its usually people like you that say dumb shit like what you said that didnt understand the show at all yet are still will to critique it based on your skewed perspective

          • dan_veev

            There’s nothing to “understand”, the last season was a massive cop-out. Smoke-monsters and light-caves and a magic man called Jacob explaining all the crazy complex mysteries. I think your perspective is the skewed one Michael.

          • dan_veev

            Also, Lost pulled off nothing close to Ozymandias or the Red Wedding. They killed off three main characters close to the end, but in Sayid’s case it was honourable self-sacrifice and in Sun and Jin’s case it was sad but quite lovely because he refused to leave her to drown. I’m not saying that episode wasn’t good, but if you’re trying to compare that to the brutality of Rains of Castamere or the nightmarish quality of Ozymandias then you’re having a larf. Not even in the same ballpark.

    • TtheOneAndOnlyCliche

      Honestly, the fact that the fans knew it was coming shouldn’t in any way hinder the quality of the episode. And action does not signal quality – I do see what you’re saying, but I have to disagree that either of these points do anything to tarnish the episode. If one has read the books, it is their responsibility – or at least, one I believe I would have, had I read the books – not to let the fact that I knew what would happen stand in the way of appreciating how the story is told by the producers of the TV show. It’s hardly something that should be used to say ‘It was great, BUT…’

      • PasosOlvidados

        Not to mention that there were things done in the show that were never done in the books. The Stark’s wife being a part of The Red Wedding is one of them. The brutality that was her end as well as the love that the audience feels for her ( something that the audience is also not meant to feel in the books ) makes The Red Wedding truly horrific, emotional, and game changing in one. The last scene of Caitlin Stark howling in pain for minutes straight is still a haunting image. The audience is made to wish that she would just be put out of her misery, but once she is, the pain continues.

        • http://www.heijastuspinta.fi/ Maria M.

          This is interesting, because I personally thought the scene was even more painful to read than to watch. On pages it seemed to go on forever (or did I just read and re-read it every couple of lines out of sheer disbelief?) and only then I could put two and two together of the strange things that had happened earlier. That was a real kick in the stomach. On screen it was yes horribly sad and dramatic, unexpected even, but it just failed to deliver the same living nightmare. I’m really sad to say, but to me the Red Wedding on tv was a bit of a let down. That’s why I would go for Ozymandias. Now *that* felt like a never-ending nightmare of continuing disbelief and heart wrecking turn after turn after turn… And so well executed from the start to the end…

          • CliveRogan

            It generally seems that people find the one they encountered first was the most horrific. I watched the series first and was blown away, then read the book and thought “well, at least Queen Stark isn’t here.” It was still horrific, but didn’t carry quite the same weight.

          • PasosOlvidados

            The difference between The Red Wedding and Ozymandias to me is that The Red Wedding, though justified through story and character, was a surprise for anyone that encounters it the first time. You don’t know it’s a trap until it is set and everyone is murdered. Ozymandias on the other hand did have a lot of things happen, but nothing that it didn’t either telegraph in an earlier episode (the shoot out starting in the episode before) or something that you haven’t already seen done by the character. Hank dies, but he was engaged in a shootout with a gang of neo natzi’s. Skyler attacks Walt, but she has done much worse to him before, including trying to commit suicide, cheating on him, and paying off the person she cheats on him with. Todd forcing Jesse to cook? That definitely isn’t like what Gus did to them… Ozymandias was good, but wasn’t a surprise. It was just the known next step of all these characters. Hank even got to tell his wife one last time that he loved her. I wish the Starks had that luxury in The Red Wedding.

          • Megadepth

            exactly I agree, the way Catelyn sees how Robb looks like a young boy throughout was especially profound. also, I thought it was corny to have “Rains of Castamere” ordered to be played by the old vulture Walder Frey. the flavor gets wasted by having that song recycled throughout the series.

  • Gary65

    Having read both Joffrey and Ramsey Snow, this new more evil character would have to do some pretty sick stuff. I’d prefer if he didn’t to be honest(cos the quote is written and spoken, I’m not sure if he’s joking or not).

  • jp1

    Love both shows, but I have to give it to Breaking Bad. Ozymandias was the best episode of any television series I’ve ever seen

  • Lo

    As an episode Ozymandias was better, but the actual Red Wedding was probably more shocking (to none book readers at least) Both great. I think the quote was a joke though. (And I would say Joffrey, Ramsay,Littlefinger, and Euron Crows’eye are more despicable. At least Walt had good reasons for his actions in the beginning)

  • Hugo Weasley

    Walter White is an amazingly evil but complex character. I feel that Game of Thrones characters like Joffrey and Ramsay Snow are much more Evil. Walt has remorse for the things he’s done, he wears them with him rather than scrub them off. Joffrey and Ramsay are intentionally sadistic and cruel.

    • Ramblon

      The fact that Walt has remorse seems to make him more evil in my mind. He is fully aware of the consequences and the impact they have, yet he goes through with his actions and tries to justify them.

      • anon

        When Walt has inflicted unimaginably cruel and twisted torture on probably dozens of people purely for fun, I will consider the possibility that he might be in the same league with Ramsay evilness-wise. Martin must have meant that he wants to match the complexity and depth of Walt for his super-evil characters… but maybe he was just REALLY torn up over Jane :D

      • Kel

        Maybe not more evil, but it’s certainly more disturbing. He’s a complex character, and he shows that there’s darkness in everyone. It’s much more harrowing when he goes from a guy we root for who slowly descends into depravity.

    • Vlad

      I’d have to agree with Ramblon here. Walter White is self-aware yet he still continues to do what he does. He knows how his actions are affecting those around him and himself. Being evil is just part of Joffrey and Ramsay’s nature. It’s what they grew up doing, it’s just them, it’s how they are. I doubt Joffrey and Ramsay actually stop and think if what they’re doing is wrong or how it affects others because it’s just clear to them that they must do what they want to do.

    • mikeman123

      I thought what Walt did to Jesse in the last episode seemed as intentionally sadistic as anything I’ve seen Joffrey do.

      • soaos21

        drug addicts are scum. who cares about that junkie who wanted to rip WW off?

        • bbmcrae

          Touch a nerve here?

        • CliveRogan

          Nice blanket accusation there. Teach me to have a black and white morality like you.

          • eraserhead12

            he probably has a colored perspective on the matter because he actually has to interact with them.

            It’s one thing living in the ‘burbs saying benevolent things through rose-colored glasses, it’s another thing entirely having to live in an area where hardcore drug addicts commit deplorable acts to other human beings. like killing a man for chump change just to get a hit, or robbing a house that’s currently attending a funeral. or going on a homocidal rampage because you’re high as fuck.

        • TtheOneAndOnlyCliche

          What a nice sweeping generalization, but no; what makes a person a scum is their actions. Jesee may have some issues, and he’s not the most innocent person in ABQ, but the scum here is one who goes by the name of Heisnberg.

        • Wendy Darling

          If drug addicts are scum, what does that make drug makers? I suppose they’re nice guys just trying to make a living, right?

      • Jon

        That may have been Walt’s way of absolving Jesse of his guilt. Previously Walt had used Jane’s death to control Jesse (with Jane gone, he was free to cook).

        While him divulging this information seems reprehensible, it may also give Jesse peace to know that Walt is the monster and not himself.

        • pugnaxbonecrusher

          i think he meant leaving him to be tortured by nazis

        • Kevin

          He wasn’t absolving Jesse of anything. He was sticking the knife in and twisting it.

        • TtheOneAndOnlyCliche

          It’s possible that happened on some level – but did you see Jesse? It would be surely interesting to think those were Walt’s intentions, but nothing that happened in those surrounding moments suggests he had anything but ill intentions concerning Jesse. He was destroying him.

        • Wendy Darling

          Jesse already knows Walt’s the monster. That’s why he was trying to take him down at all costs, including working with the enemy. Walt saw Jesse as being responsible for Hank’s death. He was working with Hank and lured Walt to the desert with that phone call. Of course, Hank was behind that call, and Walt was the one who called Uncle Jack. But he has to blame someone other than himself, so it’s Jesse.

      • PasosOlvidados

        Lets not forget that Joffrey buys the services of a whore just to tie her to a bedpost and shoot her multiple times with a crossbow. Little Finger sells the husband of the woman he pines after into death. The bastard bolton tortures and castrates theon greyjoy. Sometimes, perspective is necessary.

        • Kiki

          Tbh Theon Greyjoy deserves everything he gets – treacherous little weasel

        • Megadepth

          Incorrect. Joffery didn’t pay. Littlefinger gave her to Joffery as a gift since she was one of Varys’ “little birds” or trying to be at least.

    • http://www.heijastuspinta.fi/ Maria M.

      To me Joffrey and Ramsay are in some way like caricatures, they don’t quite seem real or believable as human beings. They’re like… over-the-top-evil. Walter White is more nuanced and not so black and white, that’s what makes him so terrifying: he started out as an ordinary guy who found it in himself to be something others would have to fear and respect. He wants to be loved too. He is so much closer to us than Joffrey or Ramsay, who in turn seem to be evil in their nature without a drop of sympathy for anyone. Walter White is evil because he makes us care for him, and that’s because he started out as a hero to us, and now he is our antihero. We root for him and see the damage he does, we hate him for it but still we root for him. He is a reminder that anyone is capable of evil, not just essentially flawed and cursed characters like Joffrey or Ramsay.

    • Jeedubz

      Joffrey and Ramsay seem like more one-dimensional characters to me–you really only know them as evil people. Walt has much more dimension and depth to his character.

      • trollreign

        You guys probaby didn’t read the books, and you judge those characters by the show only, though even from there it is obvious: none of those guys are really evil. Joffrey is practically a child (12 years old in the book), who is so very spoiled! Think about it: spoiled children do the exact same thing in real life, the only difference is that Joffrey also happens to be a prince (and later a king), therefore he can do whatever the hell he wants, and this makes him look more evil. But if spoiled children had all the power they wanted, they wouldn’t just dissect frogs and take the candy from the smaller children, trust me!

        Talking about Ramsay, he is just batshit insane! To him, what he does is not that evil, he just does what he likes to do. He didn’t have the best childhood, and he is mad.

        Because of these, none of those characters are one dimensional, not at all. But they are also not as evil as Walter White, just as GRRM said.

      • Penny Stock Millionaire

        I’m still waiting for Walt to “break bad.” I always feel like the only person who thinks this show is lame–and I’ve been watching from day one. Really the only bad thing he’s done is slightly poison some kid who didn’t have any lasting injuries.

        • Godinho

          Wow, I think you have to watch the show again. A lot of people died because of his actions.

  • Kevin

    BB kicks ass. GoT is nothing in comparison. Why? Because only 10 episodes per season, that’s why!

    • Harlow

      Horrible reasoning – because so no one takes your opinion serious

    • CliveRogan

      By that reasoning the first season of Breaking Bad was terrible for only having 7 episodes.

      • Kevin

        There is a difference between suffering through a writers strike and just being cheap.

        • CliveRogan

          There’s a bigger difference between stretching a story to fill a certain number of episodes and making the show in enough episodes to tell the story right. (not saying Breaking Bad has filler, just that it has more episodes in a season through having more episodes in a season rather than it being better).

          Also, Game of Thrones episodes are up to 20 minutes longer than Breaking Bad episodes. I don’t care enough about the debate to do all the maths but their overall series run time of seasons 2 and three will be roughly the same.

          • Kevin

            When I was a kid, TV shows were 22-24 episodes per season. BB did 16. GoT does 10. You can’t blame to production costs and sets because they’re already built, costumes made, etc. You can’t blame the cost of talent because they keep killing everyone off. They’re doing it to be cheap.

            Lastly, Imagine what GoT would be if they did even the 16 episodes that BB did? It could be phenomenal.

          • CliveRogan

            I grew up in Britain where most TV series only have 6 episodes per series. Why did they only do 6 episodes? because they only needed 6 episodes.

            If Game of Thrones had 22 episodes a season it would become as watered down as every series that currently runs to 22 episodes. we’d have episodes of people just wandering around waiting for a dozen episodes to pass before they get to do what was written in the book. Or, if they wanted to maintain the pace and quality they’d just do two books per season, and what would the point of that be? other than give them less time to write the show.

            Also, I think you wildly underestimate the cost of the show. Many of the sets are already built, some of them thousands or millions of years ago, spread across multiple countries. On location shoots are insanely expensive, it’s why most programs are filmed in doors, even the outside scens. If this were a sit com, sure, it’d be dirt cheap and they could throw out a million episodes while only having to pay out money for the cast, and crew, and writers, and caterers, and costume designers. Oh wait, that’d still be pretty costly.

            The way the show works means they’re having to produce new set pieces all the time as the characters move around, they’re constanlty having to make new costumes as characters like Cersi and Margery wouldn’t be seen dead in an outfit more than once.

            Also, only season 5 of Breaking Bad has 16 episodes, and that was spread across two years. What excuse does that have? Other than the same argument as Game of Thrones, that you can’t rush quality.

          • Kevin

            No argument about the last paragraph, that’s for sure…

          • TtheOneAndOnlyCliche

            The only thing that dictates how good a show is, is how well everyone is doing their jobs. There’s no set time frame in which someone must do a job in order for it to be as good, or better, than another. Likewise, a TV series doesn’t need to be greater in run time than another for it to be quality entertainment – it’s down to how well it performs/is performed.

        • CliveRogan

          And Cheap?! Really?! There are many valid criticisms that can be aimed at Game of Thrones, but it being cheap is not one of them.

    • Sunshine1011

      But GOT episodes are almost an hour long, BB are 42 minutes.

      Besides, GOT has got BOOBIES.

      • Kevin

        I like Boobies. Boobies are a definite plus.

  • Shadowstare

    If Uncle Ray said Walt was a bigger monster than any one in Westeros, I believe it. I notice he didn’t say more evil, but bigger monster. I think there is a difference between the two. Walt has done some horrible things, but he no more evil than anybody else. What makes Walt such a monster is his ability to justify or rationalize his actions, no matter how despicable or horrific they might be. He has almost no limit to what he’ll do to achieve his goals.

    Can you imagine is Walter White was king of Westeros? King Heisenberg? Wow.

    • JVI

      There is a guy like just that in the ASOIAF books, Littlefinger.

      • Franz Perez

        Walt isn’t a traitor though. Littlefinger gains people’s trust, uses them, then discards them. Walt really cares about the people close to him, but will do anything to anyone else if it means he can regain control of his situation.

      • Nate Hale

        Yes there are a lot of similarities between the quest for empire that both have. Also, the relations between Jesse and Sansa, both needed for some kind of emotional support and both being harmed and manipulated by their benefactor.

  • Lorenzo Graziano

    The Bastard of Bolton less evil than Walt? Lulz

    • duke

      hahaha thats what I’m saying… do we need to even start with the comparisons?

  • nikhil

    You can’t compare anything to Game of Thrones, but Breaking Bad is one of the next best shows

  • Nick Fehlinger

    I’m a huge fan of GoT, but Breaking Bad is a better show all around. That’s not a criticism of Game of Thrones, I think it’s going to be a long time before we see a show that’s even as good as Breaking bad. Red Wedding was a hugely shocking episode but it was one shocking event whereas Ozymandias had about half a dozen shocking event. It’s also (as with every episode) just one of the most beautifully written and stunningly shot things on television in the past decade at least. Game of Thrones is amazing, but it’s going to take a lot more than amazing to compete with Breaking Bad.

    • Barbara

      Exactly. Game of Thrones is very well done and is definitely one of the best shows on TV right now (and there’s a lot of good stuff on TV nowadays. I truly believe we’re in a second Golden Age of Television)… but Breaking Bad just blows everything out of the water. You’re completely right that it is not just beautifully written, but the way it is shot is absolutely stunning as well.

      • Booker Dewitt

        Breaking bad isn’t as good as an episode of “Gilligan’s island”.

        • Barbara

          Hahaha troll!

    • Booker Dewitt

      I don’t care for Breaking bad.

      • NMARKS

        Have you watched it?!

        • Booker Dewitt

          I’ve watch 2 season of it because my friend said it was good. I thought it was crap. And I stopped.

  • Marcio

    Ozymandias is higher than the Simple Game Of Thrones is a series based on a book which is much easier to do something great. But if compare the work of books with Breaking Bad, then yes for sure A Song of Ice and Fire is much better and grand, second only to the Lord of the Rings. Finally, Ozymandias is the greatest episode ever seen in TV history .

  • Wilpap

    So, anyone remember Walt sitting in the doctors office getting his diagnosis? …the whole series lived within those few blurry moments when Walt phased out over hearing he had Cancer…his mind went into hyper mode worrying about how to provide for his family before he dies…we will see in the closing moments of the series our Walt make his mustard stain comment, get up from the chair and go about his life. Ever notice that right before each chemo scene the screen is blurry? Maybe Walt is going to Heisenbergland in his head and fleshing out his story…the story of how life would have been if he hadnt lived it cowering behind a safe no frills job and an under her thumb wife…thats what dreams are, arent they? …mini scenes showing your life as you would like it to be. Walt dies in a hospital bed surrounded by his family…all of his family…a little smile on his face as he passes from a life as a well-loved husband, cherished father and revered chemistry teacher…fade to black, cue music…”you cant always get what u want…but you get what you need…”

    • Fishy

      That would be the worst ending I could possibly imagine.

    • Willy Occam

      “It was all just a dream” is too much of a cliche for Vince Gilligan and his writers to even consider.

    • http://www.dpsinfo.com LaurieMann

      I haven’t watched the show, but I agree with the people who say NO.

  • WhatTheGrace

    The only way i think a new evil character could top even Joffrey and Ramsey is if he/she has some good in them and has some sort of integrity that we’re able to relate to but is also at the same time capable and is able to do some terrible terrible things. I don’t but this character if he’s going to create it, needs to be something extraordinary! IMO

    • Nate Hale

      Both the Stark girls seem to be headed down that path. Arya is already a murderer and Sansa could easily be tweaked to become a very evil character.

  • Zone99

    not following how WW is a “monster” – jesse was a dick who caused the death of hank…

    • John

      really? Jesse is a dick because he was scared he was going to get killed by walking into the courtyard to talk to walter?

    • Callan

      Yeah, Walter poisoned the son of Jesse’s girlfriend, allowed Jane to die, and orchestrated the entire series of events that led to Hank’s death. Not to mention that Hank approached Jesse about cooperating with him. But you’re right, Jesse is the bad guy. /s

    • bbmcrae

      Ah, a WW defender. Hi, deluded, simple fella.

    • Wendy Darling

      Well Hank was behind that phone call luring Walt to the desert. And Walt actually called Uncle Jack. Walt also ordered a hit on Jesse. Should he just sit around waiting to die? Would that make him less of a dick? Better to be a live dick than a dead idiot.

    • hume07

      The person that is to blame for ALL of the is WHOEVER planned that surprise party in the pilot.. Where Walt first saw the money to be made from by cooking meth, when Hank turned the TV on to see himself after a bust.. Didn’t help much that Hank gloated about how easy it really is.. “till we bust em..” ..Hank

  • Mike Brinkman

    I love both shows, but I think “Rains of Castamere” was a much more shocking episode than “Ozymandius”. Then again, I hadn’t read the books up to that point. It seemed pretty obvious to me though that Hank would be dead in the next episode when the previous one ended with the gun fight.

  • I1I111II

    House White
    “Tread Lightly”

  • sp00n

    Ramsey “Bolton” is more evil than Walter White, by a long shot.

  • Uluruguy22

    The Red Wedding seems like a cheap sucker punch in comparison to BB. It wasn’t entirely unexpected – I haven’t read the books but I knew the Starks were taking a big risk – still, it was more like, “OK, it seems they have a tentative, uneasy partnership that will end up fine….ACTUALLY NO THEY ALL DIE!!!!!!!!!” See what I mean? It was a simple dupe. Sunday’s Breaking Bad was the culmination of intricate plotting from the entire series – we knew in our hearts most of that was going to happen at some point, but not so much all at once, and it was portrayed so masterfully. It was EARNED and inevitable. The Red Wedding was just like some reverse deux ex machina.

  • Patrick0711

    I’ve never watched GoT so I don’t know how evil any certain character is or isn’t. But, one thing I think people overlook about how evil Walter White is, is the fact that he’s the guy next store. He’s your neighbor, your father, your brother-in-law, your teacher, etc… – He’s not some evil dictator or king. He was a normal man and he shows that there is always the possibility of evil in each and every one of us.

  • MZ

    Ozymandias was a better episode from beginning to end. Rains of Castamere might have the best scene ever put on television, but only the end of the episode was of that quality. Ozymandias was a stressful ride from the cold open until the credits.

    • Stan

      The only tension about Rains of Castamere was whether or not YouTube was going to provide us with the glorious reactions of people who can’t be bothered to read books.

      And fortunately, it did.

      • Nate Hale

        I can’t stand the “I read the books” snobs.

  • Jessie Pinkman

    Evil as Walt? Walt is as far away from evil as possible.

    • Wendy Darling

      Yes, sometimes I confuse him with Mother Teresa.

  • kevin72132003

    What about Roose Bolton’s bastard?

  • Lana

    This pic goes with the article pretty well.

    • William Roth

      That is my current desktop right now :3 i love it.

  • Officerjackboot

    Joffrey is the most evil character to have ever existed imo.

    • http://www.dpsinfo.com LaurieMann

      Joffrey WANTS to be evil. He’s moderately evil, but he’s mostly manipulative. OTOH, his fiance generally has him under her thumb.

  • Ramettacard

    First off, Westeros already has at least one person alive who is definitely as evil as Walter White, Ramsay Snow. Although Walt might have killed a couple people, poisoned a kid and ruined his family, Ramsay has done all of that as well as raping and tourturing women, and castrating people. Not to mention, he posioned his own brother and killed him so that he would inherit the Dreadfort. Joffery would have been even worse had he not been killed off. Both of these characters have sadistic serial killer traits.
    Walt on the other hand became what he had to in order to adapt the world that he put himself in. I don’t not feel one ounce of sadness fo rJessie. He is a junkie, a rat and pretty much has been more of a problem than anything else throughout the entire series.

    • Philip Murray

      well said my friend.

  • Garrett

    It’s a bummer that GRRM basically just admitted he is willing to change his entire storyline. It definitely makes me question whether he’ll just rip off a popular internet theory that may or may not have been part of his plan all along.

    • Nate Hale

      You know he just looks for excuses to screw with the Starks.

    • TheEmperorIsStarkers

      OR he was making a funny.

  • justme

    I don’t know what breaking bad is but I can’t believe there is a more evil character than Ramsay Snow or Gregor Clegane. Those guys are pure evil.

  • rekt
  • leftwingnuthunter

    Breaking Bad has thrown a big rock into the drama pond and the ripples will be felt for many years. Thank goodness.

  • Jason Skavery

    Love both shows…but BB is so creative, intense, thought provoking…Watching BB is comparable to reading a classic piece of literature…while GOT is like watching a great show based on a pretty great series. I say this as someone who graduated with a B.A. in English Literature before entering Grad School so for me to compare BB to say Steinbeck well 10 years ago I would have laughed my ass off at the very thought…hence it has come to pass

  • alesys

    Ozymandias is fresh in the mind of the audience, but to be clear, in order to make Breaking Bad comparable to GoT, Walter White should have died in the first season and Jesse Pinkman with Skyler should have died in the 3rd season.

    Just take a look at youtube and look for reactions of Ozymandias, now look for reactions of Baelor, or Rains of Castamere (The Red Wedding).

  • The_Show_Inquisitor

    lol. The whole season 3 of GOT sucks. Bad acting, zero respect of the original books ; the red weedding is just made to replace all the boobs by blood, and it’s just pathetic. I am a fan of the books, but…the show…dafuq…..seriously it’s like beverly hills adapted to medfant theme…..That’s why it touches so much people. People are so dirp on that red wedding…I just laughed so hard, it was so like a bad acted french theater…. Breaking bad is a true show, with good actors, with good scenario…..NO MATCH ; NO MATCH AT ALL,

    • Wulgus

      no you suck

  • Jeedubz

    Walt had ten people killed just to cover his own ass.

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