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Following a weak box office for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Constantin Film has decided to delay the already greenlit sequel City of Ashes.

What’s more: Sources tell The Wrap that City of Ashes may be canceled all together.

UPDATE: In a press release, Constantin says that the decision to “postpone the start of principal photography” was made so they can “analyze the results to date and reposition the franchise in order to maximize the results for future installments.”

The news is significant, as Sony/Constantin were so confident in City of Bones’ box office potential in May 2013 that they decided to green-light the sequel ahead of the first film’s opening. Stars Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell-Bower, and director Harald Zwart were all set to return for the second movie. Production was scheduled to begin next week, and in July Sigourney Weaver had joined the cast as Imogen.

Since its August 21 opening, City of Bones has made $37 million worldwide (Update: Constantin claims Box Office Mojo is wrong and the film has actually made over $70 million). With a budget of $60 million and the added promotional costs of which there were many because the cast embarked on a world tour, Sony and Constantin ended up with a loss on their hands.

The studio likely made the decision because of the aforementioned loss, and the fact that the sequel would likely do even worse at the box office since the first one didn’t take off.

It’s a sad day in the Shadowhunter world. Do you think the film should be made still? Was your opinion on the franchise swayed after seeing the movie?

  • dillonmays

    While the first one was bad, it felt like it was missing something like what the books had, I think a sequel would be good because the books do get better as things move along.

    • Amir Khan

      Hey Percy jackson said the same thing, look how that turned out…

      • Nathan

        I enjoyed Sea of Monsters, thank you very much!

        • Amir Khan

          It wasn’t as true to the book cause of the 1st one. I liked them as causal movies but they’re terrible adations.

          • Brittney Lewis

            Agree with you here. As an adaption its terrible, because as readers of the books we can see every single flaw. Especially at the end of TMI. But over all for a movie its pretty good.

      • dillonmays

        Well I liked both the books and movies, although I haven’t seen Sea of Monsters. TMI didn’t even feel good on it’s own. The movie at least. And the books were good, but got better as they went along.

        • Amir Khan

          The Percy books were AMAZING. But I felt if I didn’t have such high expectations It would’ve been better…

      • http://such-a-tragic-thrill.tumblr.com/ VBFan

        The second movie was such a big big improvement from the first movie. I absolutely loved it. I’ve been a fan of the books for years and I’m already planing to see it in theaters at least one more time.

    • Heather

      Yeah, the books get really good! I’m waiting for the next to come out in May!

  • http://www.temas-wordpress.com/ Yaira

    It was expected, since it BOMB badly!

  • hermine

    screw you people im upset the movie was awesome!!! I want a sequel!!!!

    • Loun

      same here!i like it so much..they have good actors and the story is good…hope they will have good promotion next time before the movie show :)

      • Lexie Francis

        The only thing that kills me. Is the that everyone does not support the movie that made it. Sometimes Jamie and everyone looks a bit akward. If they do not believe in there movie, How is America suppose to believe in it, I honestly don’t get what the director said about his daughter getting strong role models from this movie. Because Jace is every worst mothers nightmare. lol

        • Amy xx

          Yeah I love the film I don’t know why ppl don’t like it for me it’s like twilight it has bits what remind me of it I hope they do have a second one coming out I really love this film they have action love and etc it’s got good graphics in it I’m very much on bord for a 2nd film thinkers crossed that they do have one I love it and I think coz of the hit with twilight (wat I love) I think ppl r compairing it to much x

          • Rebecca Hopper

            I agree. Does have the Twilight feel and hope for second one.

      • Loun

        Same here

    • Natalie


    • Tiffany

      I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jowka4321

      too right !!!!!!

    • Jessica Lofthouse

      I completely agree, sure its not exactly like the book but what film is??? i think it was an amazing film and really enjoyed it and i really want them to make a sequel!!!

      • Victoria-May

        I don’t now if any of you are fans of the vampire diaries but the TV series is nothing like the book series and its gone pretty far in its popularity even if most people say its just a long version of the twilight movie series

      • Victoria-May

        I don’t now if any of you are fans of the vampire diaries but the TV series is nothing like the book series and its gone pretty far in its popularity even if most people say its just a long version of the twilight movie series.

        I’m one of the people that is hoping they make all the books into movies, and have no idea why they even doubted themselves in the first place so what if it wasn’t that good in the box-office if they had second thoughts about the movie they shouldn’t have ever made the damn thing!
        I loved the movie and I’ve got high hopes for the rest of them.

    • May

      I want a sequel too!!!

    • Lee Plitt

      I agree with this person because the movie was freaking awesome and franknly you cant start a movies series without finishing it. It takes a way from people that actually enjoyed it and want more :)

      • weimer4mama

        I completely agree, I really truly hope that they make the rest!

    • ziggy

      i agree! there needs to be a sequel

    • amber

      agreed ive read all the books and think they should continue

    • evelyn

      i agree with you

  • D:


  • Katiedora

    I think it’s unfortunate. I enjoyed the movie, and I think the changes made from the book would have made more sense once they’d been expanded upon in the second movie. I thought it was a good set up for more sequels, even if it wasn’t as strong on its own as the City of Bones book is.

    Like, the cast was great, it looked beautiful, and really, book adaptations really need to be seen as a separate entity from the books.
    When they first green lit City of Ashes, I was excited, but a part of me did wonder if that would potentially hurt the box office for CoB just because people knew they were getting more and wouldn’t rush.

    • Rae

      I really agree with you, I enjoyed the movie and have seen it twice. I really want them to countinue with the rest of the books. One of my favorite book series to date.

      • Heather

        I cant wait for the rest of the movies. I hope they don’t cancel em.

  • Riley Peek

    I love the books and really enjoyed the film, but I called this a while back, because while TMI DOES have a huge, devoted fandom, fans aren’t always enough to keep a series afloat. It’s too bad Constantin couldn’t reach out to the general public. I’m really worried for the future of adaptations.

  • zara

    everyone BUT the fans and constantine saw this flop coming from miles away. I really don’t understand why they had to hype the sequel when things weren’t looking good for city of bones in the first place.

    • zara

      actually I would like to to correct my own statement by saying that constantine did see this coming. the poor release date and the atrocious marketing pretty much told everyone what the producers expected from this movie. the sequel hype was simply a marketing ploy.

      • Jordan

        I’m a fan and I saw this coming. There was no way this movie was going to live up to the expectations set upon it and I knew they weren’t going to keep to the story because Constantine are clearly on a suicide mission.
        I’ll be surprised if Constantine are telling the truth when they say they made profit because this movie makes me wanna cry from the horrible way it was executed.

    • Mal mal

      Agreed its underworld for teens

  • Crazi Clovely

    The entire MI fandom will be up in arms if they don’t make this sequel!!!

  • KK

    I expected it but I would have like to see the story continue. Maybe big ass maybe they would learn from the 1st ones mistakes and COA could have been better. but as I said I was expecting this, so it does in a way hurt my heart but then again no shock here.

  • theaterboy1

    I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled. I may be in the minority but I loved the first movie, and I hope the second one happens!

  • Tori

    that’s horrible you never wish ill on anyone. whether clare made mistakes, it’s not fair to the fans of the series or the actors and crew that put so much love and effort into making the movie. it’s only because America can’t appreciate good entertainment. I hope the end up making it.

  • Kitster

    I’ve never read the books and I haven’t seen the movie. But as a writer myself, I feel sympathy for this outcome–both for those behind the films and books and the fans. I don’t know how “cliche” this story is, but as a writer, you start to learn and see how stories grow out of other stories, stories inspire other stories. “Inspired by” or “stolen from” can be a thin line to tread sometimes.

    • TK

      I think people have more of a problem with her threats and bullying, than the fact that she plagiarized. I mean everyone makes mistakes, but when you ostracize people and call them names and have your fandom threaten them for calling you out on said mistakes, then that kind of makes you the bad guy.

  • andrea

    Um plagiarized how exactly? I mean I thought the movie was good with what they had. I was really looking forward to a sequal..Percy Jackson made hardly enough then what it should have and they keep making those movies so I don’t get why but whatever.

    • medash

      Google “The Draco Trilogy” Cassandra Claire, then maybe you’ll get your answers.

  • zara

    everyone is laughing at this mess, nice of constantine to make a complete fool of themselves,

  • Janet Gutierrez Crispin

    I hope the second movie is made. I loved the first one.

  • Nicola

    Oh I hope they make the sequel..Yes I was a bit disappointed in the movie but I LOVE the books and was really hoping they would do a bit better on a sequel since they may have learned from mistakes & made it amazing..I thought the Percy Jackson movie didn’t do the book justice and after nearly 3 years they did another…fingers crossed they decide to make the next one..I know the actors had such passion for this movie I would hate to not see it continue :/

  • Stephanie Evans

    I wasn’t even aware of this movie.

  • Katie

    oh no nono this cannot happen! I loved the movie and I want the whole series to be a movie!!! UGH!!!! I will be very devistated if this does happen! if they cancel it ! oh please please let them continue!!!

  • Kristen Keys

    Jamie couldn’t pull off Jace and that ruined the movie for me! If they cast another Jace then it might have a shot.

    • Arial_29

      Here here, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Sizzy

      You’re so wrong! Jamie is more Jace than what he was allowed to portray in the movie.

      • Holly Hammonds

        so true i love jamie campbell i think he played jace’s part great

  • cambas

    Let’s sign a petition to get this movie made!

    • zara

      petitions don’t work

      • sarasepicdetour

        I agree, I was apart of the Save the Circle campaign and even though we had numerous petitions and fan campaigns to save the show. None of it worked because we don’t matter against the all mighty dollar…

        • a.c.

          Go see the movie again and again and spread the word. Sales are what counts

  • Julie L

    As a movie goer, I am sad to hear this! I admit I have not read the books, but went to the movie out of curiosity and enjoyed it!! According to my friends it was a fairly faithful adaptations (with some changes they liked) and I was looking forward to seeing the sequel!
    But seeing how much money they made, I’m not at all surprised that they won’t be continuing! You just can’t go into a sequel losing that much money in production!

  • Severus Snape

    I demand a sequel! This is outrageous, screw you people! It was the best movie made in mankind. I tell you we shall seek justice!!!

    • Albus Dumbledore

      Don’t make fun of my boyfriend’s movie, Severus!

  • Tay Brown

    I haven’t read the books yet so I can’t say anything about the quality of the movie versus the book. I do think, though, that this has a lot to do with “Hollywood” equating book success with movie success. It just doesn’t always work unfortunately =/

  • Amanda

    I’m not surprised. This movie was set to tank thanks to bad casting choices. I personally do not mind who was picked as the lead characters, but a big part of the fandom wasn’t happy with the selection. I also think the movie relied too heavily on the fantasy elements and it didn’t give as much backstory as I would have liked to see, IMO.

    • Peta

      The acting choices were not the problem. It was the marketing, terrible book and lack of any real substance. They took themselves to seriously making it hard to follow and cheesy.

  • shadowhunter for life

    NO. NOT FRACKING OK. NO. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!! STUPID MUNDANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • liz

      LOL. Not guilty. I’m a muggle

  • Maribelle

    There are a lot of people who didn’t want this movie to succeed because of Cassandra Clare’s bad behavior in her fanfic days. I guess they got their wish.

    • Sizzy

      Yeah, Karma is a bitch and I’m really sad that all the talented cast had to pay for Cassandra’s past mistakes. She might be the first one regreting it by now.

  • sarasepicdetour

    If they can make a sequel to the travesty that was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, then they damn well better make a sequel to City of Bones! I can’t deal with another The Secret Circle disappointment!

    • http://www.temas-wordpress.com/ Yaira

      Difference is Lighting Thief made back its product budget and them some more. Same is happening with Sea of Monsters it already has it budget cover. TMI is not there money wise, and after 3 weeks of release it is hard to imagine it will get there.

      • sarasepicdetour

        Do you think anything could have been done differently in regards to the release?

        • http://www.temas-wordpress.com/ Yaira

          They could have try to market it to a wider audience not just teen girls.

          • Tee

            No offense though but this summer sucked for everyone the only movie that did well was MOS

    • Shelby

      I was thinking the same thing regarding the Percy Jackson movies. They waited several years to make a sequel, so maybe theyre going to do the same thing with the Mortal Instruments.

      • sarasepicdetour

        The thing with waiting though, much like how they waited in between sequels for The Chronicles of Narnia,is that the actors age and the public becomes less interested. I think if they wait any longer than a year or so to start production no one is going to care.

        • Tee

          Which is why they are probably going to wait a year .. I mean if they really wanted to cancell it they would have just came out and said it was done and not delayed.

          • sarasepicdetour

            This is very true, though its kind of rude to the actors who no doubt have put time aside to begin shooting again.

          • Bianca

            Time aside and dropped off of other projects…

          • Danae

            I felt sad about the cast too, they didn’t deserve this …

  • medash

    The first one was horrible! They butchered any hope for sequels.

    Still don’t know how fans are claiming its “the best adaptation ever” or “true to the book”

    Honestly I hope they cancel it. Save whatever dignity Sony may have left.

  • SnatcherGirl

    I am a huge fans of the books. HUGE FAN. Okay? Okay.

    I was not a huge fan of the movie. They tried to make a movie that would please the fans, fitting in a lot of the book, not changing things too much (people who complain about relocating somethings, changing little lines, that’s small). It ended up as roller coaster ride with no clear beginning, middle, or end. Instead it’s an awkwardly face paced run to the finish, where we only get to catch our breath during small interludes at the Institute. The pacing was too off, and I couldn’t shake it the entire time I was watching the film, even though I wanted to. I really wanted to.

    Imagine someone with no motivation to shake that off? They’d watch it and realize it was done poorly and not like it. Another thing, the quick witted one-liners were really hard to follow. I could – just barely, and that’s being very familiar with the books and Tumblr gifs.

    Unfortunately, this movie failed at appealing to the very large group of the audience that have not read the books, and also failed to appeal to some of the select group that have read the books. So while this news is sad, it’s not altogether unsurprising. I was really hope that since CoA was already green-lit, that would mean a second chance to get it right. The books do progressively increase in quality. I think TID series would be the best to adapt to screen. But I guess it’s all up in the air, now.

  • Garrett Pletcher

    As someone who enjoyed the movie + is just now getting into the books, I hope it doesn’t get cancelled!

  • Tee

    They will probably delay it a year I am bet. They need the time to regroup and how to make the sequel possible

  • Jake

    THIS PISSES ME OFF AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. This is why places that convene a lot of movie reviews and score them ought to be taken down. It’s giving the general public a certain frame of mind before seeing a movie. I’m not saying get rid of critics, but just places like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic that just slam good movies like slander.

    • sarasepicdetour

      Thank the lord!!! Someone else holds a hatred to Rotten Tomato!

    • Sizzy


      • danae

        agreed ! I hate how the critics judge anything that isn’t oscar-worthy. Not everything would be, there movies that are good for their purpose- entertainment !

        • Laura

          Not completely true. Yes, critics do tend to be snobby more often than not, but look at movies like The Avengers. Hardly Oscar-material, but it was still pretty universally loved or at least liked by critics because it was good fun.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      The thing with the critics is that they don’t care about the enjoyment – they care about the precision and the story – the meaningfulness. But your average human looks at it the other way round. Especially the fans. We don’t care if it gives us valuable lessons, we just want the movie to be what we want it to be. So I think that’s why we disagree a lot.
      But I agree. Critics should lay off YA adaptations.

  • megan

    I knew from day one that this series was doomed. It never had the success THG or Twilight did. Loud online fanbase does not make a movie audience.

    • Tee

      I wouldnt exactly lose hope just yet. Maybe they need the time to do it. I thought it was too soon for the sequel to be made anyway.

      Also the problem is critics and everyone is going to see it as next twilight or whatever which they need to get out of anyway.

      • megan

        Movie companies “delay” making movies all the time to ease into a future cancellation altogether. The first movie was terrible IMO, I don’t see them doing a second.

        • Tee

          I guess we will see,… but I am waiting to be the same problem is going to happen with Divergent comes out too. or even vampire acadmey … The problem is they dont market these smaller book series well enough which was the case of TMI. That movie should of been premiered at different areas like award shows, magazines, So if you dont have the greatest marketing behind you then of course its not going to do well. ESPECIALLY when THE MAIN audience is back in school.

          • megan

            Divergent is the only one that stands a chance at any kind of success, and even then it won’t be on THG or Twilight level.

            Vampire Academy is going to flop, which is a shame as I’ve heard that series is good, but the trailer wasn’t great and people (IE: movie audiences) are tired of vampires and paranormal romance in general. TMI’s failure proved that.

          • Tee

            I am just trying to hold out hope even if others are telling me how bleak it can get LOL!

          • Holly Hammonds

            right thats exactly what im going to do lol honestly i cant wait for TMI 2 and i hope they dont cancel it and if they did already i hope they continue it cuz i loved the first movie ive watched it like around 3 or 4 times

          • zara

            at this point, divergent may just be another box office disappointment. Vampire academy may get a second look if the trailers gets better and it is written and directed by the water brothers so that may give it some credibility. all though it isn’t much because the teaser makes it look like it belongs on CW, and it is being released on a very competitive weekend. Divergent is already getting a lot of heavy comparisons to the hunger games, that can either work in its favour or work against it but something tells me it will be the latter. overall, none of these two movies are scoring major points with the general audience so the outlook is bleak.

          • karla

            I’m going to disagree here. I’ve noticed many people saying that Divergent might be the next (maybe) big thing compared to Vampire Academy. But what I’ve noticed is much more hype towards the VA movie. I wouldn’t count VA out just yet, their trailer is about to hit one million views and the real marketing for the movie hasn’t even begun yet.

          • zara

            I actually don’t see any enthusiasm for the VA movie outside the fan base. also, it will hard for this movie to break out because the release date is awful.

          • karla

            As far as enthusiasm, there have been some mentions from bases like the AMC Movies, The Los Angeles Times, and some other other ones where they were positive and intrigued in what this movie could offer. For the marketing of the movie, the Weinstein Company is going for a more adult theme in their trailer and it has caught attention. On different websites it was featured as one of the most trending trailers on the web. I know the movie is in very early stages of being marketed, but yet this kind of buzz this early is looking pretty good for the movie. As for the release date, I think it’s a very clever marketing move. They’re releasing the movie on Valentines Day which lands on a Friday, and with the movie being marketed as dark, sexy, and humorous, what better time to watch it.

          • zara

            I won’t buy it until i see something more concrete closer to the release. February is known as the studio dumping ground and it is being released alongside 5 other movies, it is a bad time to release a franchise starter.

          • Lexie Francis

            I think they both will flop.

          • Felicia Zuniga

            I loved the VA books. I was looking forward to the movie and willing to reserve judgement on the casting. Then I saw the trailer. This movie is going to bomb in a way that other YA movies haven’t. The acting is atrocious, the writing we see in the trailer is stilted and it isn’t even well shot. There is zero about this movie that is interesting at this point. Piss poor casting, laughable acting, cringe worthy dialogue and cinematography that looks like a four year old was in charge? Crash and burn, baby.

          • karla

            It always amazes me how some people, including you, feel like you can criticize a whole movie in a minute long trailer. So much negativity.

  • Jasmine

    I think I may be the only Shadowhunter happy with the potential cancellation of these movies. City of Bones was just terrible. I was not looking forward to CoA after I saw CoB. So I’m very delighted that it looks like it won’t be happening at all.

    • Tee

      They can delay to regroup it otherwise they would of just came out and said it was. I think that is what they are going to do.

  • Tee

    and Plus more series are coming out Divergent, and Vampire Academy so its not like its guaranteed they will do well either.

    • zara

      divergent is the only one that is positioned to be the next big thing, Vampire academy already looks like a flop.

    • sarasepicdetour

      Vampire Academy looks absolutely atrocious! I don’t know if its just how the trailer was presented but it seems to me that the YA adaptation could become a dying breed…

      • Tina

        I kinda have faith in VA because its directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls) and its written by Dan Waters (Heathers). My dad works in the movie business and he says that that alone is giving the movie more credibility in the market than Divergent. People are really interested to see the film, its garnering a lot of buzz! Plus, TWC is distributing it and they haven’t had a flop in over five years.
        As for Divergent, the trailer isn’t doing nearly as well as VA online and on forums. So, lets see how this goes!

        • zara

          maybe VA is getting credibility because of the writer and director but I haven’t seen many positive feedback on the teaser. not to mention that it is being released on february 14th along with five other movies. neither divergent or VA is being met with a lot of enthusiasm by the general audience

          • Tina

            Yeah, neither VA or Divergent and their teasers are being met positively by general audience. But, THG’s teaser didn’t have a lot of fans either. It really all depends on the theatrical trailer now.

          • jose8180

            i disagree THG was getting a lot of hype months before its release, i didnt know anything about the books and the franchise but there was so much hype i decided to watch the first one months before i saw a trailer. A month before the first movie was released i decided to read the first book and understood why THG was getting so much attention.

      • Peta

        Doubtful that YA adaptations will die out. It’s just difficult to make a success but every now and then a new hit will come around.

  • Katharine S

    I went to see the film last week and as a movie on it’s own, it was a mish-mash of past young adult sci-fi and fantasy that I have seen. I hadn’t read the books before hand and before seeing the film, I knew nothing about the world of the Mortal Instruments.

    Coming out of the movie, I didn’t find anything too extraordinary about it. It had some good moments and Jamie Campbell-Bower was quite funny. I found the chemistry between the lead lacking and the plot of the movie stretched out too thin. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a terrible as the villain. He was a terrifyingly bad actor rather than terrifying. I was a bit disappointed with the mythology of the film. I found it wasn’t very well explained.

    I wonder how fans of the book found the film. Overall, I am not surprised the sequel was shelved.

  • Sarah Beth

    NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! The movie is freaking incredible, this would so hurt the fan base!! After the opening weekend I thought that there was no question about City of Ashes. Now I might just cry.

  • Casandra

    The movie was Awesome I would Like to see A sequel It should have been made. Most of the Bad reviews were done by People who did not read the Books so some people were thinking it was going to be bad so that is most likely why they did not go!

    • Peta

      in order for it to be a good movie the audience should not have to read the book to understand or like it.

  • sarasepicdetour

    http://networkedblogs.com/OUZKG The execs have heard us!

  • Maddy R. Tue

    Nooooooo! Please make the sequel, I loved the movie and have seen it twice already. :(

  • tumbliina

    can we just start a kickstarter project for it? seriously, you can’t make one and then quit. i now need them all to be movies for my fangirl sanity.

    • Liz

      Kickstarter are for indie/small budget movies. Even if the Kickstarter approved this, I doubt it can grab 10M, let alone 60. They need to double the money from the original budget

  • Andrea

    Percy Jackson flopped it did not make any money at least not enough to get back what they spent on it! After the first week of the second one I never heard about it again so obviously the second one FLOPPED. And compared to the other supernatural movies tmi is a really good fantasy series. Critics are sick of it not people. Critics only give good reviews to independent films. Hell the hunger games had HORRIBLE reviews. So fine put it away..don’t give tmi another chance. But honestly you guys are horrible. Have a nice life.

    • Ananya

      hunger games has an 87% fresh rating on Rotten tomatoes. Critics loved the hell out of that movie and many of them got pissed because Jennifer wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for it!

    • Peta

      Dude Percy jackson did okay. Not major blockbuster but it made profit. Hunger Games got mostly positive reviews.

    • SofiaCalista

      i don’t care if you want to rant and whine but where did you get all your information? like it or not, here’s a tip: google is your friend. research.

  • Phoebe Lim

    actually at first i thought the book and movie seemed interesting, but didn’t get a chance to read the book. when the trailer came out, was super disappointed with the acting from Lily Collins.. thought she had the same expression the whole time

  • Raven

    to bad, I loved the movie

  • Ilikemovies

    Im Gonna Die Alone! NOOOOOOOOO! Please tell me I dreaming

  • a.c.

    The movie was so good and has so much potential. People need to go see this movie again and again to make it to a sequel. Sales are what counts. So spread the word people. Go see it again and again.

  • Ashley

    They need to make the movie City Of Bones was awesome and yes it didn’t follow the books exactly but they did an amazing job with it and they’re going to have a lot of upset people if they don’t make the next movie…they need to make it

  • Jane Gael

    I am not a fan of the books – I AM a fan of Aidan Turner. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the film is and have seen it 3 times (for Aidan) but I really enjoyed it and would go again. I don’t think it was given a fair shake by the press. It had a good pace, interesting characters and great effects and sets. There was nothing not to like. It is unfortunate that Cassandra is not a nice person. I wanted this to be a hit for Aidan. Prejudiced a bit, but he’s just getting known and he’s a hell of a nice guy I’d like to see do really well. And I just fell in love with Luke. My god he’s a sweetheart! I hope he and Josie get to live happily ever after.

  • Zoe Amelia

    I think the main reason they lost money was because it was released in late August which is still summer and vacation time for most of the age group watching. When your away its sometimes hard to see movies. I know that was why I didn’t get to see it until a little while ago.

  • Sandra

    It should still be made. The movie was Amazing!! I still plan on going to see it again! I need to see more of Clary and Jace!!

  • desine77

    There has to be a sequel. I will be so disappointed if there isn’t.

  • Tawn

    I was so looking forward to City of Bones after reading the books the summer but I literally almost left the theatre crying it was so bad.
    If I was a director in Hollywood, (I wish :P) I would just wait a few years and then try rebooting the series again… recast and rewrite so that the plot actually will allow a sequel.

    The Mortal Instruments is my favourite series I have read since the Hunger Games three years ago, and although it was originally a Harry Potter fanfic I thought it was a unique enough story to actually become something big, and still do think that. The filmmakers really let me down with this one and I hope that someone will come along and see the real potential from the book, not the garbage cliches that this movie gave us.

  • Tee

    Honestly? besides Man of Steel named one movie that did well this summer. It was a dry spell.

    That is why flims like YA adaptation needs to stick in the fall

    • medash

      Fast and Furious 6, Despicable Me 2, Iron Man 3, The Butler, Monsters University, World War Z and The Heat.

    • Peta

      Get your facts right

  • Samantha

    It’s unfortunate because there is a lot potential. The movie honestly wasn’t as bad as the critics were making it out to be but honestly I think thanks to Twilight, the critics were going into this film with a bad taste in their mouth.
    I think that if they do decide to make the second film, which is still a possibility, they need to work on the screenplay because I think that is what really did hurt them. The books are actually really enjoyable but unfortunately they changed a lot of the book to fit a 2 hour film and while that is acceptable you’ve just alienated your build in fan base. Also the marketing could have been a whole lot better, I went and seen it over the weekend with a friend of mine who hadn’t even heard of the movie. I honestly think they could save face with a second film and making it ten times better then the first. Prove the naysayers wrong and make a great film.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      I don’t see why you blame Twilight for Mortal Instruments not doing well. If critics were legit, they wouldn’t care. And they’re hardly related, unless you count paranormal romance.

  • Lupita

    Say it ain’t so! I need the sequel to happen!

  • Christina

    I love the books but the movie wasn’t good. They made disappointing casting choices and added unnecessary things in the movie without explaining a lot clearly enough.

  • Ana

    I want a sequel!!!! It was an amazing movie!!!

  • Sarah Gilligan

    I never read the books, but I went to see the movie. I really enjoyed it and felt like it didn’t leave gaping holes in which I felt like I was missing something. I plan on going and actually reading the books now.

  • Angela DiNardi

    If they make more, I hope they keep to the story line in the book. Besides that, I enjoyed watching it and thought it was a awesome movie..

  • Guest

    It was only delayed, not cancelled. I heard it was due to an unfinished script. Your source updated their article twice.

    • mia


  • Kristen Wilhoit

    I did not enjoy the movie very much and thought it was poorly done. However, I was hoping the sequel could turn things around. I guess we shall see.

  • Kazzie

    But, there HAS to be a sequel!!!!!!

  • C21

    This movie bombed, was a horrible adaptation. Gave away the story line, causing me to lose all hope for any sequel.

    Don’t blame the critics, if this movie was “the best thig ever” then it shouldn’t of mattered what they had to say. Look at Twilight, those books/movies sucked, yet they still made bank.

    And no it wasn’t due to a dry spell at the box office.

    I’m probably in the minority who actually liked “Beautiful Creatures” you don’t see me throwing a fit because the sequel won’t be made.

    It’s just a movie…

    • nbujhilkjol;i

      Shut the fuck up.

  • aimee

    I have read all of the books except 4 the last one and I think the movie was pretty good. The chemistry is there between lilly collins and jamie bower campbell which is hard 2 find in most movies. Maybe all of the fans should petition the studio 2 show them just how much ppl like it and want city of ashes made.

  • Frenchie

    I actually loved the movie and because of it decided to read the books

  • popoK

    I actually did enjoy the movie, what can I say, hope it still works out.

  • Lucien O’Corvi

    I want the other two to be made! the first movie was great!

  • BisseGris

    AHHHH!!!! NOOOOOO! It can’t be cancelled!!!

  • Tiffany Harris

    I honestly think that they should continue with the film because people didn’t know what to expect so some people would choose not to see it, but if they let out a second film everyone will remember how good the first film was, and would take their friends to see the second film with them. Also, with all the fangirls of the world, you’re sure to at least break even with another film!

    • Petiib

      Most reviews have been bad so it’s doubtful people would see it

  • Richelle

    I am a fan of the books and was greatly disappointed by the adaptation. Who made the decision to give away the major plot point?! So many useless and poor adaptation decisions. It’s a shame

  • danae

    I am a fan of the books and I was looking forward for this. When I went to see the movie I felt confused in the beginning, friends that hadn’t read the books were even more and wondering when it would explain what on earth is happening. They should have cut more scenes of the book in the beginning to give pace to the events.
    We all liked the movie and the protagonists, my friends were fangirling over Jamie. But it was just good, not great even if the potential was there, there was something missing. I hope they do make another one with the same cast and different screenwriter and director. There were two scenes were Jace and Clary talk and they don’t look at each other! that was annoying and weird. Jamie was an incredible Jace. He pulled it off.
    They should have waited before they sign for the second, they get our hopes up over nothing, and the actors might denied other jobs fot CoA…

  • pattyscake

    Fans Speak with your dollars! The film is still in theaters – go see it as much as you can!

  • Hazmat6478

    To me, the movie was great. Anyone with the slightest imagination would get sucked into it. I think where they went wrong was advertisement and promotion. I talk about the movie to my friends and they have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. Please make the sequel and just spend a little more on promotion. Promote City of bones hard on cable and Netflix, Hulu or what ever. That should intrigue audience to want to see part 2

  • Haleigh

    All across Tumblr and Twitter, we are spreading the word about the ‘delay’ and the phenomenal movie. We are getting people to question what the series is about. Please, spread the word! Make it known WE WONT GIVE UP!! WE WANT CITY OF ASHES!!!!

  • Annoyed&Upset


  • lydia

    so sad….. I love this movie. German fans are crying, now.

  • Ashleigh

    I’m gutted!! Loved the movie, watched it 4 times, I don’t know why it didn’t do well at the box office but really hope and pray the entire series gets made!!!!

  • Vanessa Bouldin

    I’m actually really glad about this, and do hope this gets canceled because I really don’t want to see another painful movie. There isn’t really a “to each there own” because critics will agree with me that this movie is really bad. Not even from the viewpoint of a fan, but as a movie by itself it was near impossible to watch… Like honestly if it had been any other movie I would have gotten up and left to watch a different movie, which i never do! It just felt like a really long, really bad episode of Goosebumps(not knocking the books though! Those were awesome <3)

    I feel sad over how many of these fans are raving over the movie when what needs to happen is people need to get angry and demand a proper version. What Sony didn't realize is that this could have been the next Harry Potter, they didn't give it that kind of love and that's their fault. As a fan I'm glad it cost them, they did these books no justice.

  • Gwen

    I would strongly argue that there will be more upset and pissed off people if the sequel is not made. This movie was done really well and although the box office didn’t do great, it is worth it too keep the story going! Who knows, it could end up better then the Twilight series. This is a great series with talented actors and it should continue. I mean afterall they made the sequel to Percy Jackson series.

  • Rose

    Well no wonder it didn’t do well, I hardly saw any advertising for it at all, I didn’t even know it was out here in the uk until a friend posted about it on facebook & I really liked the books!

  • Heskey

    I think the movie was awesome and they should deffo make a sequel and also I would like to add that the first twilight was a massive but they still made a sequel to that so why don’t they do the same with The Mortal Instruments I know I would carry it on !!! x

    • heskey

      I meant wasn’t a massive success

  • Trumpeter Korm

    Well, atleast finish the Trilogy.

  • Karem Silvera

    There has to be a sequel! There are SO MANY scenes I’m looking forward to seeing!They can’t just stop after one movie. City of Bones was AMAZING. I LOVED it. It isn’t fair to us who have supported it and would like another one nor to us whom have actually read the books. I say they make it.

  • Laura

    i want to see the squeal it was really good the first one

  • elou24

    I think the film was weaker than the book and they should have tried to keep it closer to the story – the scenes with hodge, valentine not getting the cup, simon not defeating the greater demon for example. these changes changed the storyline I feel considerably. However, that said, I thought the film was good, cast was good and was a good lead up to a second film, which I was looking forward to seeing. I think the second film would do well if brought back to the books storyline a bit more. There’s more action and the books just get better. The films would do the same. Hope they make it!

  • Niki

    sad to hear this… I only just discovered this series… saw the movie and liked it – can’t understand why it did so badly, especially since the series should already have book reader fans. Seeing the movie got me interested in the books & I’ve now started reading them (I’m on city of ashes)… I guess it helped that I hadn’t read the books first because now I can see that they did change quite a lot in the movie. I was looking forward to seeing city of ashes on screen though…

  • Juli

    It is pity, that open-mouthed lilly was chosen to play Clary – she is so wooden, that it takes a really big efforts to imagine, that I should have sympathy or enything at all for her character. She is not an actress, she is a modell – sweet and plain, as it should be. But NOT an Actress. And it is pity, that the scenario does not explain lot of things, which should be explained. For not-readers, I mean. Demon-scanning in Dorothea’s house, Demon in the Pandemonium (too jammed), Luke and his wolfes – everything was so flashy, so unemotional, that that that… No words. And it’s a pity, that Lilly Collins is soooo woooooden. I’m repeating myself.
    Jamie rules. He alone was carrying the whole story. And with that hm, specific face of him that was big of a deal. To love for both, to joke for both, to be sad for both – cause She is not sad – she just can move her eyebrows in a “pity@ position.
    But sequel would be great. :)

  • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

    At the end of the day, for whatever reason the fanbase did not come out and support this movie. If you look at the book sales totals on the Mortal Instruments novels they aren’t quite as high as Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games, but they are up there. Looking at the movie sales totals not even half of those who bought the books bought a ticket. That’s a shame no matter what anyone does or does not think of the author personally, that a fanbase did not support the initial film

  • Rebecca Walden

    This was an adaptation that I actually enjoyed. However, hopefully this is just another sign to Hollywood that they need to STOP turning every single YA book/series into a movie. This year The Host, Beautiful Creatures, and now The Mortal Instruments have failed at the box office. Obviously marketing these movies in ‘Twilight-esque’ ways is not bringing success. I’ve never wanted them to turn the books I read/love into movies but they keep doing it. Hopefully these instances will make them stop.

  • Apryl

    I believe it should still be made. You still have fans who loved the series and loved the movie. It is possible to learn from your mistakes and make a better sequel. I’ve seen it happened before when the first movie of a series is horrible but the sequel is was awesome. If they learn from the mistakes they made and try not to make them again, then they will make a better sequel

  • farrah

    There has to be a sequel!!! I loved the film, and will be very upset if they decide to cancel city of ashes all together!!!

  • Supernaturallove

    nooooo they have to make a sequel. i read the books and even though they changed a couple of things. I loved the movie!

  • Will/Tessa<3

    If Percy Jackson, a book-movie adaptation 10 times worse than The Mortal Instruments, can be made into a sequel, I’m sure City of Ashes can be too. I hate myself for saying this and I know I might get hate, but this is my opinion. I’m a HUGE Percy Jackson fan myself and I think that the movie was really bad. If I hadn’t read the books, or there hadn’t been any book series, the movie would have been great! So I believe that the City of Ashes can be made.

  • Natali Lara

    Am with #Hermine I loved the movie I had never read a book, but when I saw the first movie I couldn’t hold my self but when to the store yesterday got the book City of ashes and am almost done with the book!!!! I really hope things get turned around and a sequel its around the corner!! Its not fair you did the first one, you cant leave “US” the fan like this! PLEASEE!!!! ++ I LOVE Jamie Campbell ++ You are awesome ♥♥♥

  • Ella

    i think, and so did my father, that the movie was great! true that there were changes between the movie and the actual book from where it was based, but i guess that no director or no producing company can “copy” every single detail from the book. and from what i’ve read before, director Harald Zwart asked for some advice and for permission from cassandra clare to do some scenes he thinks will be best for the movie while filming for it. they made changes so that they can more or less capture what clare visualized.

    anyway, what i just really want to say is that they should proceed with City of Ashes, who knows, the results might surprise the whole team! just keep faith!

  • Lizzie

    Just start over with a new cast

    • Juli

      I liked Jamie. Collins go home ! :)

  • unbelievable

    Twilight started strong but turned into this laughable mess and THAT they didn’t cancel. This movie was exciting and fun. Why cancel????

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      Look what you call ‘laughable mess’.

      • jose8180

        twilight is a horrible mess, worst franchise and fans ever, Long live Potter :)

        • ZofTheTwiHard

          I think that just by this you’re proving me right. I don’t mind your opinion, but I think that being pointedly critical to the fans and the franchise is, frankly, really rude. And I think that 50 Shades is still worse than The Twilight Saga anyways.

  • awkwardjenny

    Not. Surprised. While the plot and concept for the books was interesting i was never a fan if Clare’s writing. Compared to other big YA franchises out right now it just didn’t have the same legs for me as a book experience. I was not too hopeful for a movie adaptation, and this one just failed in a lot of ways. Bad script, poor character development, bad story development, and even bad casting in some cases. I’ll be sorry for everyone involved and fans of the books, but not surprised one bit if it gets cancelled…

  • Jasmine Dixon

    i want a sequel!!!!!

  • Tessa

    I am a huge fan of the books and even more so of the prequel series. Though I loved the first half of the movie the second half was terrible! If they didn’t make so many unnessessary changes to the second half it would have been a very diiferent and more enjoyable movie. In my opinion they need to thing about getting a new director and definitely a new Magnus, as one of my favourite characters in the books that guy ruined the movie for me. I really hope to get the City of Ashes movie, I just hope they do a better job than the City of Bones.

  • J

    I’m not at all surprised. I had high hopes for this movie–h*ll, I only read the books because the initial trailer I saw looked pretty and interesting–and ended up really disappointed. Actually, I take it back, my hopes weren’t that high considering it’s based off a YA novel, but I was at least expecting to enjoy it enough to not cringe at the idea of watching it again.

    I thought the first half was pretty good: they stayed rather true to the book, there was humor–I was enjoying it. Then the second half hit and they seemed to veer off from the book, adding and changing things for reasons I don’t really understand. The way/order they presented some character backgrounds and plot reveals just did not appeal to me. Plus, I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but I DID NOT like the way the movie decided to portray the character.

  • Courtz

    Please make the film!!!!!

  • brg55

    I loved the movie hope they do make another one.

  • Maddie

    I loved the City of Bones movie and made all of my friends go see it. Not to mention the fact that I was super psyched for City of Ashes and now that its been cancelled I’m just like, nooo that so sad

  • michelle

    I want a sequel im reading the book and I fell in love with the series!!

  • EverAfter

    I was so looking forward to the sequel! I saw City of Bones 4 times! THEY NEED TO MAKE A SEQUEL!

  • tarabean

    a sequel is needed! I’ve finished the books give me more movies!!!

  • vanessa

    they should make the movie. i would be really disapointed if they didnt.

  • FinnM

    In a press release, Constantin says that the decision to “postpone the start of principal photography” was made so they can “analyze the results to date and reposition the franchise in order to maximize the results for future installments.”

    If this *is* the case, I think the wait is TOTALLY worth it. City of Bones, while for the most part wasn’t bad except for the ending, wasn’t as good as it could have been either. Zwart either added unnecessary bits (e.g. Valentine’s henchmen having way too much screen time than in the book; the portal being made of some magical aquatic substance that could be frozen by Steles) or depicted certain characters somewhat poorly (Magnus Bane not acting as the flamboyant and sassy warlock he is in the books). It seems City of Bones, which had so much potential in becoming an entertaining film as well as becoming a part of an engaging franchise, was adapted just so Hollywood could put it’s own little ‘spin’ on it to make some money and, while it has been successful in the past as a result of good recruitment and, ultimately, film-making choices, just ended up making it another cheesy flick filled with clichés and not-so-great music to accompany some of the cringe-worthy scenes (the greenhouse) and wasn’t, in certain aspects, very well thought out (e.g. Shadowhunter attire – particularly the women’s).

    The fact the film crew are treating the next film more carefully and are taking more time with it in order to make it BETTER than it’s predecessor is something I, as well as a lot of TMI fans, would wholeheartedly welcome and embrace with open arms. I’m sure a lot of people would agree they’d rather wait and eventually watch a film that was made with the utmost care, attention to detail and dedication to stay as faithful to the book and it’s universe as possible one would assume the director and co. went in with during the initial stages of the film making process.

  • Lexie Francis

    They have to make another one. SO Very disappointed. My friend loved the movie as well. Make another movie. Maybe the fans that do appreciate the movie should make a petition to go ahead with city of ashes. I like it a lot more than twilight. How can you possibly compare it to HP and twilight. It is soooo different.

  • Ali Ailport

    I love the books, but I could already tell from the beginning that it wouldn’t translate into movie form. And it just came off as totally ridiculous. It did not capture the essence of the book at all so they should definitely not make any more.

  • Shanay

    I am sad that they have delayed the CoA. I absolutely love the books and really liked the changes they made to the movie. I would think that those changes, though not what the book fans expected, makes it better for individuals that have not read the books to keep up with the movies and help the movies be a stand alone entity separate from the books. It is true that the promotion was not as grand as they did for the Twilight or Hunger Games, however even the first Twilight movie did not do as well as was originally expected and then became a phenomenon. I just hope that CoA does not get cancelled all together.
    At least we still have City of Heavenly Fire to look forward to. May cannot come fast enough.

  • Leila

    TMI, Vampire Academy, Divergent, Beautiful Creatures…none of these books should have been movies, especially all at the same time. The popularity of THG seems to have convinced studios that all young adult novels can achieve the same success, and they are wrong! Movie studios are milking the YA sci-fi/fantasy romance genre for all they can get, and it is just too much. Stop making every single mildly successful YA sci-fi/fantasy romance series into a movie, people are getting tired of it!

  • Glaciusx

    This honestly isn’t very surprising.

  • jiggly

    This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me really. The movie was ok, but if you hadn’t read the books you probably would have no idea what was going on. I won’t be heartbroken if the sequel never happens.

  • Tash

    I really enjoyed city of bones yes it was different to the book in many ways however was still a great movie and I am really hoping they continue to make the rest as it is a fantastic serious!!!

  • Marie Squyres

    I think Sony/Constantin SERIOUSLY missed the boat by waiting until the END OF AUGUST to release this movie with the summer releases. If they wanted to capitalize on the summer, they should’ve pushed it up for a much earlier release. It was a summer probably far too packed in with epic movies, but waiting clear till the end I think they missed out on capturing audiences who hadn’t read the book. If they were so reluctant to do it earlier in the summer, they then should’ve waited for a mid to late fall release. I think people were just … kind of done seeing movies for the time of year, focusing on the end of summer, getting ready to return to school, etc, and there’s always more of a lull in the fall when studios are kind of holding their good films for November-December and yet people are still wanting to seem films. Oh well. Sony didn’t ask me. I haven’t read the books, but I was one who was willing to see it a couple of months ago but was much more diverted with other things at the end of August. -shrug-

  • LBolt

    At the end of the day it is financial success that determines if a film gets a sequel.

    So lets look at the first film in some of the recent YA series.

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – 2001
    Budget: $125 Million
    Worldwide Box Office: $974,755,371
    Sequel: Yes

    Twilight – 2008
    Budget: $37 Million
    Worldwide Box Office: $392,616,625
    Sequel: Yes

    Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief – 2010
    Budget: $95 Million
    Worldwide Box Office: $226,497,209
    Sequel: Yes

    The Hunger Games – 2012
    Budget: $78 Million
    Worldwide Box Office: $691,247,768
    Sequel: Yes

    The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – 2013
    Budget: $60 Million
    Worldwide Box Office: $37,313,960
    Sequel: Probably Not

  • MARI

    I WANT SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deborah Esquivel


  • michelle

    make the next one i thought it was brilliant and so does everyone i speak to if they dont make anouther one it will look bad twilight didnt take off untill the 2 and i think this could be brilliant stop letting fans down saying your going to do something and then stop

  • Ang26

    I think the movie was awesome they did a great job and it will be ashame if they don’t make the rest!!!

  • Lauren

    I read the books the books are amazing i saw the film and i loved it! im 23 and i love all stuff supernatural so yeah. And by the way its been filmed its just in the last stages that have held it up that’s all.

  • amyh

    I am broken hearted that City of Ashes has been pushed back, possibly cancelled and am ready to sign a petition!

  • amyh

    It’s not Twilight, give me a break! The acting in City of Bones was far superior and had a better story line, I just hope it kicks ass on dvd. The movie never had a chance with critics because they are sick of the YA adaptions period.

  • Lexie Francis

    Sell if to someone else. Would love to see city of ashes.

  • Zooash

    I really enjoyed the movie. Saw it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. Got excited at the thought of a sequel then found out later that evening that the sequel was shelved. Sad news. Guess I will have to go read the books now to find out what happens. PLEASE reconsider making the sequel. Loved the cast too! (Maybe more fans could have recommended through social media)

  • Sophie

    I enjoyed this movie and I hope the next movie will be continued. They did amaizing job seriously!

  • Daniellargh

    Would just like to say that to all those saying its a teen movie based on teen books, that i am 21 and love the books and the movie, i even love the spinoff books the infernal devices and the bane chronicles.
    The trouble with the film
    was that if you had read the books, youd be fine but if you hadnt, it wasnt very easily accessible story wise

  • samantha

    the movie was great as the book i think the sequel should be on screens it would be great and fabulous some think the city of bones was lame, well it wasn’t it was just a push up towards the more action that’s going to happen in the next movie before judging you should see how the city of ashes turns out. because im a real big fan of the book and quite think their should be a sequel to the movie.

  • KC

    There is a hardcore fan base, of which I am one. The movie was different from the book but the story and characters still true. The actors did an AMAZING job. I want to see the second one in theatres. I hope the delay by constatine does not mess with the other jobs the professional cast may have turned down. I would go to see anyone of their other movies if this production company can’t get it together.

  • KKatieRobinson

    They need to promote it more, I didn’t even hear about it in the uk I only found out about it cause of twitter…

  • Alex87

    I think the movie was pretty great. But for all the “real fans” of the novels,
    and I say this in order to favor Constantin Films, they should hire Cassandra Clare to do a rewrite of the movie City of Ashes and continue
    doing so with the rest. That would definitely attract the audience they
    desperately need and that way they can get back to production as quickly as

  • Lala

    I think the city of ashes should be made as side they would for the book fans as there is lots of them

  • Kaiki

    Movie should still be made. City of Bones was awesome movie and I loved it even if I was little suspicious in advance.
    But this delay might be good. They can plan and analyze things more like Constantin said. It’s better make good film later than worse film sooner.

  • beth

    well I enjoyed the first movie, and I think that they shouldn’t start these things if they don’t mean to finish them. Another movie would be good to explore the characters more and show us the rest of the story…I admitt I was a bit annoyed with some of the changes to the books, but I understand why they changed things. I do think some characters could have been introduced better, Alec and isobel’s names weren’t mentioned untli half way through the movie it felt like, they needed to write that better. But I am really sad about this news and am hopeing that it is a rumour! Some books are just not meant to be movies though and people should realise this instead of just trying to make money all the time, maybe think up some original film ideas instead of adapting books?

  • DanceWithTheDevil


  • Laura

    I don’t think it should go away completely, but definitely delayed. The script was horrible, there was no character development and was way to fast paced- someone with experience should be working on a movie with potential franchise (((oops))). The delay may be what is needed to strengthen the script thus a better movie.

  • chuck

    it will completely suck if they don’t continue with the movie franchise whether you have read the books or not the movie was very good and the second book has so much in in that the movie could be nothing more than great if its given the chance. I hope they continue in making the next film as well as the rest.

  • AngeNunes7

    I just watched the film and it was
    awesome and true to the book, I’m sad that they are considering not doing the

  • CityofBoneslover23

    WE WANT A SECOND MOVIE! IT IS NOT FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT :(((((((((((((


    please we NEED a second movie. please don’t do this to us!!!! we will be very sad.

  • LuiseSantiago

    The movie was great. There is no reason to be canceled. There are a lot of fans who will be VERY disappointed. I’m looking forward for the next movie. I really wanna see what happens on screen!

  • Teanna

    maybe they just need to go out on a lime and make the 2 one and try to go by the book more this time and see if that helps I mean come on people don’t like it because its new not what people wanted not nice monsters that are sweet and kind. No monsters that DO go boom in the night the ones that will kill you just for the hell of it all. so try again. things get better if you just keep trying.

  • Loun

    felt sad that this movie was flop…but i like it so much…i guess they also need good promotion,it will help too!
    still hoping and waiting they will continue the sequel :) KUDOS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    They just need two things: A production company that gives a shit and a new screenwriter.

  • Jen

    I really hope they make a second movie. I didn’t know a whole lot about it until I read the first book a couple weeks ago and wanted to go see the movie and although it was way different from the book I really enjoyed it. Since watching the movie I have read 5 of the mortal instruments, all three infernal devices and even up to date on the bane chronicles. I WANT MORE MOVIES!!!! :)

  • Joann

    I loved this movie and am disappointed they have stopped production for a sequel. I can’t see how the Hunger Games was successful, I couldn’t stand reading it and didn’t even finish it. It was a bore, and the movie, put me to sleep. I loved reading the 5 books and wish they would figure something to make all the books into movies.

  • Coleen

    They shoudl stick with the book if they want to hit box office

  • M4ganOsmile

    I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!! They have to make the next movie!!! :D

  • city of bones fan

    dont cancel the next next movie

  • city of bones fan

    dont cancel the movie :’(

  • city of bones fan

    lease dont cancel the next movie!! i love the movie so much !!

    • city of bones fan


  • yo

    they have to make city of ashes! city of bones was awesome your stupid if you want see that!!!

  • Vzator12

    I really loved the mortal instruments city of bones movie!!!!! And I really hope that they still make the mortal instruments city of ashes into a movie!! I’m a really big fan of the books and the movies!!!!!!!!

  • Aleesha

    I will die if another movie doesn’t come out i have already read the books but i want to see the scenes acted out and replayed i will hate it if they cancel!!! SERIOUSLY :(

  • Jade


  • nadine

    I loved it and although the books are much better I feel they should go forward with their plans for a sequel. Obviously take into account some of the feedback from the first film

  • Em

    I had no expectations to this movie what so ever, had never even heard of the books. The trailer looked really good so mum and I decided to go watch it, despite hearing about bad critics… But we both LOVED it. Honestly, yeah the story was sometimes hard to follow and gave few answers, but Im okay with that since the sequel (please make one) is coming to hopefully answer them. I otherwise had no problems following what was going on, and the chemistry between Lily and Jamie is remarkable! I thought it was extremely well made with a good strong cast and hope they will make another one

  • jonathon fray

    i think the problem is, is that they didn’t promote it enough and like i barely saw it on tv and i wouldn’t have even heard of the city of bones if it wasnt for my friend telling me to read the book, BECAUSE it was gonna become a movie. so i think they should have promoted it more

  • Cat lady

    Really I really liked the movie and all the books. Love the cast don’t change them if book 2 does make it to a movie. The action would is awesome.
    Hope in book 6 “they” finally get to be “together”!!!!!!!

  • Cat lady

    Better marketing !!!!

  • Ashley!


  • JadeHelena

    I think they should make a sequel, I loved the movie, they just have to work a little to make more people interested. I loved the books, and the movie, so they should make a sequel.

  • angie

    YOU HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE. the first was awesome don’t give up hope PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want more try to make it happen you have to

  • Mya12345

    I completely loved the movie!!!
    I really hope they make city of ashes!! Even though there was some changes to city of bones, it was nothing drastic.. I actually loved the movie enough to go and watch 3 times!!

  • Becky

    Honestly I have never been more excited for a movie in my life! It breaks my heart to hear that they are canceling!! This series is wonderful and it’s absolutely ridiculous that this is happening! I want to see city of ashes! Someone finally comes out with a movie worth watching and now they won’t be continuing. I honestly want it to go on everything was perfect and I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! I don’t think ending it here is a great thing. A great thing would be to start filming right now! I know they’ll continue. That’s what I hope for!

  • Amanda

    I loved the moive!!!! I think it one of the best I have seen that was based off a book in a while!

  • Natalie

    I disagree completely ! I loved the first movie and i think whats happened is not uncommon! I think all first movies that are starting a series are awkward and dont perform that well. The series just needs to keep going and things will get better. In my eyes twilight was an awkward movie and they got criticised to no end. I truly believe the mortal instruments will do amazingly if more of the magical elements are incorporated in the movies. This because city of bones lacked alot of the magic that happened in the book. E.g The flying motorcycle. TMI needs to establish something that will distinguish it from other franchises and it will do that because the other books make the series <3

  • rach

    how do we save it movie

  • mj

    the story line gets better and better in the books I think it would be a tragity not to make all the books into movies and to base an opinion off the first book is heartening the reason we all love the stories is Its never boring and gets better to stop now would be horrible to all the fans .. and sorry to say this but its better than twilight ever could be and look how many people bought the movies after the 3rd movie was made I didn’t even read the books till I seen breaking dawn part 1 pepole just need to read this to see how wonderful the shadow hunter world is

  • TeamClace

    I believe that they should make the rest of the movies because the way they set up the first movie really helped set the story for the 2nd movie! The Only people who didnt like the movie would be the people who dont like those kinds of movies or hve never read the book so its not fair to not finish making them. In my honest opinion its not fair to all of use who are Mega fans to the mortal Instruments…this is just my opinion but i believe the 2nd movie should be made with in the next year at least…

  • Stella Xia

    I am a fan and I’d have loved to see a CoA movie but seriously? With that cast? They ruined all the characters, except Jace, Simon and Isabelle thank the Angel for that but really I’d rather them just have not done the movie or movies in the first place if it was going to be as terrible as it came out to be. I’d actually be glad not having a sequel to that piss poor excuse of a film

  • Nater

    Just got home after seeing it and I went in thinking it wasnt going to be good. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t great, but I was glad I went and my boys liked it as well. Oh and MAl mal Underworld is an amazing movie. I love them all. Underworld awakening was pushing it but it was still ok for me.

  • Katherine

    I’ve read the books and compared to the film, books are engrossing while the film is just… OK. If you haven’t read the books first you might get confused. And if you did – you will get confused, too, because of the major differences between the series and the movie. The movie reminds me of a video clip (like “Underworld”, in that matter), everything happens kinda fast. I liked the actors, though. And soundtrack is great, as well. It could have gone better. On the other hand, this decision to delay/maybe cancel the sequel… Well when I compare “Mortal Instruments” to the definitely worse film/series “Twilight”, it’s kinda amazing that the latter got so much posivite response and it so beloved by fans.

    • Sheechiibii

      What are the ‘major differences’? The only differences I saw were very, very minor. I think if there’s one thing this movie did right it was keeping pretty much everything important from the books.

  • zac

    the movie was fantastic i wnt sequel

  • Leah

    The book series is fantastic, I am reading them again and am excited cause the story gets better and better I was really hoping to see the whole series come to life. Way more deserving of a movie series than twilight the characters are well written and the story line is actually interesting. I am really hoping they will continue with these movies I really want to see this whole trilogy brought to life. The wonderful actors they picked to play the characters were spot on. I would be sad if I didnt get to see it all come to life.

  • Ashley Saundercock

    I have read all the books and I really liked the first movie (despite the changes). I really hope that they reconsider continuing the series by making The City of Ashes. :)

  • Brit

    you guys are all lame as fuck this movie was amazing and i am praying they make the sequel. In fact I havent gone to a movie where i was entertained thew out the whole movie in a long ass time!! PLEASE MAKE CITY OF ASHES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  • lilly

    I think that they should make the city of ashes movie

  • Danae

    I have read many books and city of immortal instruments were the best series when I heard about the movie I was like oh no! But I actually loved it so its really disappointing… I thought the movie was very similar to the book and now definitely want to see the second :)

  • mari

    can someone throw a bucket of ice cold water on whoever made this dumbass decision. i really liked it. i was drawn into the movie, and was really excited for the second movie. and now I read this, and I feel like i got hit. someone has to please make a sequel. everyone acted extraordinarily well, and they should go on. it was a real big thing for me.

    • mari

      i would also like to say that they shouldn’t put up a movie that has sequels if they aren’t going to finish the whole ‘series’. they get so many ppl’s hopes up and then slap them silly with a fish. i just wished they would make the next movie.


    Sequel YES!!!!

  • als

    The books are amazing, they should def make the second!!! Movie and cast were great!

  • Kylie You

    yes please make another sequel I’m dying to know about what happened to Clary and Jace’s relationship i know there are books but movies give a much better image and simplier story to understand

  • Aqueela

    Honestly I bought the books because of the movie cause I loved the movie!!! Even though big parts of the book are different from the movie, I love them both and really hope the other books will make it onto the big screen!!! With the same actors!!!

    I think the actors put a big part of the charecters in the books onto the screen just the right way, I love the sarcasm of Jace and the way Jamie acts it out. The sweet unconditional love between Simon and Clary, and the way Jonathan plays the role of Valantine… I’d really like to slap him silly!!!

    The thing I’m curious about is how the movie plot of the second movie will stand to the book, seeing they do divert from each other. Honestly, I hope they will start filming the movies soon… I’ve seen the first movie in theaters several times and can’t wait till it’s released on dvd!!!

  • t

    i liked the movie they should continue with making more movies of it , the movie company should be promoting the movie more

  • filmlover2011

    i loved city of bones and i really want them to make a 2nd movie!

    • filmlover2011

      .. and id be very disappointed if there wasn’t a 2nd movie!!

  • yallnis

    are they not doing the 2nd one then? :/ :(

  • liz

    I loved the movie I have seen it several times and i have went back and read the books yet again. I hope they continue to do the rest of the books into movies. If they stop doing the movies they will never see what good would come out of them.

  • myrte

    the city of bones was beautiful, there should just be a second film. I am so waiting on the second. how can people not like this movie.

  • KR

    I loved it and will be very disappointed if City of Ashes and the rest of them arent made to film..the books just kept getting better and better…so will the movies

  • leahapril

    I think they should make the second film as I thought the first was amazing

  • ali


  • Alex

    I hope they make a sequel because i hate the fact that no one knows for sure if jase and clary are really related. It’s not cool to just leave it like that especially for those who haven’t read the books. I would also like to add that i loved the movie and it was awesome and Id watch it again.

  • ashleighh

    someone please reply to this..
    is jase and clary related because hobs says to valentine if you lie and say there both your childern it will break there hearts.. so that must mean there not related and they can be together right? please tell me im right otherwise i hate the film and it will be stupid if there related!

    • Sheechiibii

      They’re not related.

      And to anyone else who’s read the books and thinks it was wrong to give the hint about Clary and Jace not being related ^ this is why they did it.

      • ashleighh

        okay. Now i love it and hope they dont cancel the next film

  • Bella

    hey i want them to make another one because that was like the best movie and i want to see jase and cary get back together i will die i tell you if they dont make a new one almost everone wants one

  • toni

    really love this series after I saw the movie I had to start reading the books! Now im waiting for the new release of the last book.. I really would love for the movies to happen!!!!!!

  • rebecca

    CITY OF BONES WAS LIKE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! i so want the city of ashes to come out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    nooooo! they have to make city of ashes!

  • Elka Weber-Blaise

    I think the second movie should be made, no doubts about it, especially if they consider that many people (myself included) run into these wonderful books because of the movie.
    I’m totally into the Mortal Instruments and I’m looking forward to the second installment of what I hope is going to be a very successful franchise.
    Cassandra Clare has crafted an epic story full of all the elements great stories are made of and don’t see a reason why they couldn’t do good on the big screen.

  • AnneFromMoors

    I saw both Twilight and City of Bones and think TMI is much better than Twilight in all categories: actors’ performance, script, mood, directing, work of camera (this havenly chiaroscuro at Jace’s face!). I’m probably much older than most fans, so my opinion is based neither on addiction to R.Pattinson nor to J.Campbell Bower. I really can not understand why TMI has worse audience rating than TMI

  • Jowka4321

    you cant do this to people first movie was amazing and now that we all read the books we wanna see more of the Clary and Jace not being siblings and all the action that should be shown on films ! Twilight was a hit this might be a big one too !!!!

  • kiwi

    I think City of Ashes should be made, since City of Bones was new in the box office. I would think that it would do better on the next movie. City of bones was awesome!!

  • Jessica Lofthouse

    my own opinion is that it was an amazing film, i think it was well made and that its a twist on the boring supernatural films we have seen these past years, i would be upset if they could’t bring out the sequel even if it was just to conclude the story. I loved the film and really hope they go ahead with the sequel.

  • Vixsen

    i cried in the beginning when it started cuz i was so excited and i continued to be excited the whole movie. the actors/actresses except clary all matched who they were supposed to be, i wanna see more and dear god do i love jamie. he is my epitamy of perfect and fyi my mom would totally love him lol

  • May

    I love the books so much!! The movie was good and I hope they make more! I would love to see the whole series played out on the big scream. If they stick to the books they can’t go wrong. The third book is so good I don’t think that movie could suck.
    Was it just me or did valentine seem very kid-movieish. Like a bad guy from Megamind or the Incredibles.

  • Stephanie

    I love these books!!! Sure the movie could of been filmed better but it was still AMAZING! I really hope there is a sequel!!! I loved lily as clary. Jamie played jace perfectly which surprised me honestly. Im i am so excited to see city of ashes as a movie i wish it was already out!!!

  • Brittz Hollowell

    I can’t stop watching the movie, I want more, I want to see how Clary & Jace end up together since they are perfect for each other

  • MyTryst

    The movie wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t sure about the casting of Clary as I haven’t cared for Lily Collins in anything, but I actually thought she was pretty good. My only real complaint was Jace. JCB was terrible. I felt he would be terrible before seeing the movie and felt even more strongly afterward. Whoever thought of him as a sexy stud of an angel was seriously delusional. I found that thought popping up continually while trying to enjoy the movie. His protruding forehead, his gaunt appearance, that scraggly hair. This could have worked great with the right casting. Now it appears we won’t get to see the remainder of the books on the big screen. What a shame.

  • Jackie

    I think they should. I love the books and sure the movie was not as good like it should of been but it was still a good movie and I liked it. I hope they makes the next movie and maybe improve and then see how it does. Now if they do and the city of ashes flops then I will understand. Its whatever not like my opion really matters anyways

  • derrick

    I’m really trying figure out how anyone could have sat through the Twilight saga and enjoyed them and then not like City Of Bones. I feel this movie was ten times better and more interesting. its just upsetting to know that they are talking about not making a sequel.

  • Guest

    I agree. I do not see how people could not like this movie. I have not missed the Twilight movies one bit. I am a casual movie goer meaning I am lucky when I go for it is expensive on myself. I am reading the book from the library. I love The City Of Bones. They made Epic perfectly. Make this sequel please. I hope they do not abandon this franchise. I feel a TV series would not be good also. I would personally prefer it as a movie like the books.

  • Ava

    It should still be made, I just think that the second movie needs a better script writer! I would still go to the movies to see the second one, because I still have to find out hat happens, even if they are different from the books in a lot of ways.

    • Ava


  • aurora

    there should most certainly be a sequel i am obsessed with the mortal instruments and i went and saw it in theaters 8 times

  • faith

    i want a sequel!

  • Zeke

    There HAS to be a sequel!!!!! Love this movie and all the books!!!

  • carla

    YES YES YES make another one or i will cry

  • Kayla

    I feel like for the people who did not read the books first this movie is great and would be disappointed not to get the sequels! Understandably though the readers already had an image in there heads that no one could really live up to, power of imagination. I personally want the sequel, its a story in completed to me now and I thought the passion on screen was intense and well played!

  • Robin Leigh-Habicht

    I loved the movie!!! I hope they do a sequel!!!!

  • Jenina Pablo Delos Reyes

    well its so sad that the movie just don’t hit but im still looking forward to the second sequel…..i really do love the movie….i will definitely watch it if ever they decided to play it on the big screen……

  • Krissy Lynn

    I’ve watched city of bones like, twenty times. I can’t get enough. I’m 24 and I thought this movie was kick ass! I really do hope they continue with it.

  • Zora

    The movie was good and got me to read the books which are amazing they need to hype up the advertising a bit more as people hadn’t heard of it or seen it advertise when I went cinema to watch it. Screw the negativity bring on the sequel I think this story line could easily be as big as the twighlight saga if given the chance.

  • Jenny

    The movie was pretty good though I do admit they messed up the storyline a bit, but I think it deserves a second chance. The Mortal Instruments is a very good series and they should continue with the second movie.

  • Dev

    I truly enjoyed it.. I want a sequel. I didn’t even get around to watching it until now. So if they were to create a sequel I would be looking for it. Ready to watch. I haven’t read the books and I’m sure had I, I’d be feeling the huge difference, theres no way to capture every single detail in a book and place them in the movie. Unless the movie is ridiculously long. Having only watched this movie, Im interested, and I want more.

  • Gabby

    I have been waiting to watch Mortal Instruments for a long time and now that i have watched it, I can’t stop watching it. I really enjoyed the movie and am hoping for a sequel. I don’t even know why the sequel should be cancelled. If there are many people out there who enjoyed the film ten why not make another film to make it more enjoyable and interesting. I really need a sequel.

  • Audrey

    Honestly I thought the trailers for it were crap! It seemed like a totally different story from the books (which I am a huge fan of). My mother even read and enjoyed them. Maybe if the trailer had actually resembled the movie it would have been more popular! I enjoyed the movie very much. For the most part I felt it stayed pretty true to the book. No movie will ever be exactly like the book there just isnt enough time for it to have every little detail. If you have read the books watch the movie with an open mind. If you only watched the movie read the book! I thought the director and actors did an amazing job and I really hope there will be a city of ashes but please make the trailer a good one that doesnt make you think they tried to pull off a totally different story line. The trailer editor should be fired.

  • Stelena

    That can never happen. There has to be a sequel, the first one is awesome and there are so many people who loved it. if it didnt make as much as it was thought to make then put it more out there make it more publisised. I, for one, loved it and will be very VERY angry if they decide to cancel it, and so will about 10 billion other fans in the world, or even more!!!

  • Kimberly

    So hope they make the rest of the movies! I loved the movie (except for the scene with Luke and the little girl, it was really fake) Tired of so called fans of the books that said the movie would fail before it even came out. They had it set in their minds that it wouldn’t be good enough before it even came out. If they were true fans they would have realized the movie would be a bit different. They would have just been happy that they got to see the characters the loved on the screen. Maybe if there is another one they will come around and realize they can like both the book and the movies.

  • Elly

    i like the movie, im watching it now and i dont see whats wrong with it! i want to see another movie come out

  • Adam the grey

    I liked the film I thought it was great! Thought there was enough action for blokes to watch and the love triangle for the girls to watch. I am very disappointed that they may not continue with this franchise.

  • katelyn wilson

    this movie was amazing and i am hoping so badly for a second movie, maybe a sequal is just what this movie needs, + in my opinion the second book was alot better than the first, and it would kickoff better with all the drama and cliff hangers from the first movie without having to worry about setting the perfect storyline

  • Denella Hansen McCormick

    i loved the movie i cant wait for it to come out on dvd so i can get it. i cant wait for the other movies to come out. im so excited to see them. i think they are done way better than twilight.


    I am a fan also and i think your all being stupid because the film was amazing and they cant put a very long book into a 2 hour movie but from my point of view they did incredible….

  • Gabrielle

    Can you have part 2 please……..I want to know if Clary and Jace will have a cery happy ending…….please …me and my friends are begging…we want part 2…….we can’t accept that Jace is Clary’s brother……

  • Me

    i love the first movie and i hope they`ll film the second one!!! i red the second part and its an amazing book!! they have to film the second part! They have to!

  • Me

    I want a sequel!!!!

  • BrookBazzerk

    I’m a huge fan of the books and I really enjoyed the movie. I’ll agree it had parts that were… if-ie.. but ill be upset if they don’t go on with the story. If they know it was going to be a flop, they should have ended it differently and not wide open for a sequel. If twilight with Kirsten Stewart, the worse actress alive, can make a hit, this movie series can.

  • Guest

    They are making sequel. City Of Ashes. Good news!!!

  • Lexie Francis

    They are making City Of Ashes.

  • Noemi

    yes they need to make a sequel. the first movie was kick ass and the next one will be too! plus Jamie Campbell-Bower is so hot!!!

  • noek

    I liked the movie, but i like the books more. but i do hope on the movie of city of ashes!!

  • FoxWhisper

    I personally LOVE the movie. I think they did a good job. So what if the movie wasn’t exact. No movie is. I thought it was exciting and I think the actors did a great job. I want a sequel and If I don’t get one there will be problems. I know others love the movie too.
    To the directors and people in charge, MAKE A SEQUEL!!!!

  • Penille

    I’m normally very critic about books i have read years before the movie is being released, and when i heard about the mortal instruments coming in the cinema, i was very angry, but i have seen it, and i absolute love the movie, of course is the movie not exactly like the book but we can’t be angry about that, it is hard to make that kind of movie with the effects etc. because they don’t have endless of money and can’t make everyone happy, but in my opinion i absolute love it!! And i would sad to see the movies get canceled just like “Number four”, i personally think it would be sad to see it end here.

  • Mike

    Jace was cast wrong!!!!! I knew that would be the movies undoing. Come on have is supposed to be this kick ass stud!!! Look who they got to play him. No wonder the movie isn’t doing well.

  • fortunatebewel

    Make the sequel!!!!!! Please!!!! I’m dying for it to come out!!!!!!!! I loved City of Bones!!! It was better than twilight!!!!!!!!

  • Shannen23

    I love the movie!! I want them to make a sequel no doubt about it! :)

  • Caleb765

    Loved the movie i want the sequel but maybe you could do a retraction and remake the 1st movie to be more like the book because many people i know were a little disappointed, but they liked the movie, may i point out the books did do a little better on selling. All in all the movie was good but making it like the book would make it great!!!!

    • Sheechiibii

      The movie followed the book pretty closely. Other than who has the cup at the end all the rest of the main plot points were the same as the book.

  • jessica

    I loved the first movie and would watch it over and over again…..please make a second one!!!!!

  • Lucy Wynne

    I Love the books and the film that followed, so what if the film wasn’t exactly like the books, what film is? this was an amazing film and I thought they managed to pull it off really well! pleaseeeeeee make a sequel its just plain mean to leave it like that I want to see how they manage with the next book, not every film series starts off with a bang.

  • KJ

    I hope they make the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th movie, love these series

  • i<3themortalinstrumentsseries

    i absolutely loved the first film and i hope they make a second!!!!!!! I’m still watching city of bones!! xxx <3<3<3

  • Limana

    The movie was a flop because it didn’t follow the book, also there were to much action scenes it wasn’t a story anymore only action, action and action… If they had followed the book like Harry Potter did, then it would have been a big success. I’m never been so dissapointed in a movie.

    • Sheechiibii

      What was so different? They kept it very much the same as the book. The only main plot point that was different was who had the cup in the end.

  • Nem

    I loved the books and knew for a fact that the films wouldn’t measure up to them. But, people I know who haven’t read the books said that the movie was awful, poor choice in actors and the changes from the book to the movie were ridiculous, I cringed when I saw they were making this film, and hope there is no sequel

  • cat

    I hope there is a sequel!!! I read all the books and I loved it all!!! I really think that they could have made it a little better. They shouldn’t have left out so much. Still a great movie though. I don’t want them to cancel it either!!!

  • JJ

    NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That was the best movie ever! To sad to even bare! I’m so sorry Clary, Simon, and Jace! :(

  • Roni

    Please Please make the sequel I love this movie is great!

  • Haze

    Need the next movies!! Please don’t stop!! :D

    • haze

      Read down some of the comments are shitty but the majority are good! Loved the music in this movie too

  • Amanda Kryptonites Harter

    Do not do a tour…. and what national tour, they were not here that much, more commercializing. Second the release date…. It was around the time of all the bigger expensive movies that people were def going to go see first!!

    I personally loved the movie, but as with any movie for TEENS, There are going to be many who hate it. and a movie series never completely lives up to the books. I mean seriously?

    I would love to see the second one!

  • James

    The first movie was ok but the books are better, they should make another because it’s a bit strange to just end it like that, they could have made it more eye catching for teens because the books were mostly for teens, I am not very convincing but I believe they should give it a shot, when I told people about it I got them hooked on the novels straight away if more teens were to enjoy reading maybe your would be laughing right now.

  • sammy_45

    The first movie was amazing and I hope there is a second one! I definitely will go see it!!!

  • dawn

    I want a second one because I loved the 1st one

  • lulu28

    I loved this movie! It better have not been cancelled!! :(

  • Ellan

    I didn’t even hear about the movie, but I love the books. So marketing was pathetic. I found out a week ago that there was a movie made…how did they advertise it??? Not at all it seems.

  • Katrinia

    the main reason why some people may not like the city of bones is because it is rushed. yes theres not too much money enough to make it longer but there is so many details left out and put in that it doesnt make a kind of good movie that captures the audience as much as the books. If the movies were to ever become more like the books can make multiple productions. (I know that theres not enough money but this is the reason I think that it wasnt so good, but personally i liked the movies)

    • Katrinia

      but yes i do want a 2nd movie. Just in my opinion for movies they should be at least a little bit more like the books so it wont seem completely different.

  • Gina

    I am a big fan I would love to see the next movie it just the first movie did not really seem to follow the book there were scenes that were wrong if they would have follow the book story and what and where things happened the movie would have been kick ass the acting was great though I will buy the movie I just hope if they do make the next one follow the story better and what happens in it , be done in the right places

  • hshsjs


  • Elese

    City of Bones was fantastic, they did what they could with the book given the allotted time for the movie. City of Ashes should definitely be made because peoples opinions change from film to film

  • Meg

    I would like a sequel because the first movie wasn’t that bad.

  • D.Hart

    For me the casting was all wrong. Bane looked more like Jaces Bro, Jace was just plain ugly. The lead looks appropriate to the character although a bit short. And the guy friend zone vampire was great.

  • Marsh

    They can’t just have a cliff hanger movie like that and not finish it out! That’s not fair to everyone who did watch it and are fans

  • aubry

    I thought the movie was good. I read the book, and it didn’t match entirly but it was long enough ago I was able to watch the movie with out the book so fresh, if you didn’t read the book first it was a great movie.

  • tams

    It really ticks me off when a company starts a series and then stops. If they do that I’ll make sure i don’t support their movies anymore. I also won’t buy the movie when it comes out because there will be nothing after so why bother.

  • lauren

    I’m a big fan of the books and I thought the movie was good, I wish they would have kept with the book a bit more but that’s me. Other then that I loved the movie and hope for the second movie to come soon.

  • Stephanie

    I Loved The Movie It Was amazing It MadeMe But The Book And ThenThe Entire Serious IncludingEvery Book Written By The Without I Would Be Do Disappointed If The Sequel Doesn’tCome Out I Think It Was Incredible Please Make The Sequel

  • Day day

    That was a really good movie I just think it went a little fast but it was a really awesome movie I hope they make another movie city of ashes…. And all the people that played in city of bones were great at acting the parts That they played loved the movie :))))

  • Jon Len

    Fuck yea make part 2

  • Opal hayes

    I would love a sequel, but they gave away the best twist too soon

  • Rcouc1

    I am dying to see the next movie please make it!!!

  • sha

    I have read the books and i love the movie it no point in making a part one and not a part 2

  • Erica

    the movie should still be made because in most series the second one gets more people involved and makes them want to start from the beginning and watch it until the end. The only thing I think the second one will do is help and now that the first one is out the true fans are going to get very angry if they do not see the end.I really hope they finish the series.

  • maddie

    this movie was awesome. it had amazing graphics and the action was phenomenal. it was nothing like twlight or the vampire diaries. it had everything from vampires to demons to warewolves to warlocks and witches etc. there was love and action. the story line was excellent and had quite a bit of an awkward twist. they really should consider making the sequel. take some time on filming keep the audience wondering. love this movie 100%!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe

    I think it would have been so much better as a TV series as there are many details in the books that have to be missed out because films can’t be too long, shame but I still think the movie was very good :)

  • Jordan

    Srew the haters im a fan of the series and you need to make the second movie the first one was amazing i love the books and the movie lived up to the book almost followed it all the way.Make it!!

  • Gabrielle Spence

    I loved the movie, i would hate for the second one to be cancelled!!! If it does make it i will for sure be there to see it when it comes out :)

  • Rebecca Hopper

    Hope they make 2nd one. I loved this movie and Beautiful Creatures movie. Really hope to see a 2nd one for both movies.

  • jonathan gonzalez

    i think that they could have changed a few things but other than that the movie was great. lots of people that i know are upset that there will not be another movie. well actually thats what i have heard i dont know if they are just postponing it or if they are not going to make another one at all. please do let me know if you find out so i can tell people.

  • kmoy

    I want a sequel but they need a different screen writer! I watched the movie and felt it lacked so I took to the book series and it was amazing..there was no need to change sooo much. Harry Potter was an amazing Series and the movies stayed very true to the books and look how that turned out.

  • a fan.

    i;ve read all the books, i would love to see the next movie !

  • John Shirley

    OMG OK I DIDNT GET TO WATCH IT AT THE MOVIES BUT I JUST RENTED IT AND IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!ok I’m a guy and this is all drama and stuff and not really my type of thing.but I was bored and picked up the book at the library….I read the first two in one day I was so enthralled.let me remind you.I HATE dramas.the movie was sweet!!!!I swear if they do not make a sequal i will go on a damn rampage.

  • Tia Marie Bishop

    I loved this movie and the cast and honestly I want to see the next movie, so I hope they make one! I haven’t read the books though after watching this movie (2x) I really want to get into the book series. However, I rather watch all 3 movies (if they are made) prior to reading the books, because honestly books are always better :P

  • Erica Newton

    I love the movie and i will be so disappointed if they do not make the second one

  • ky

    Is it just me or did they kill off Valentine..Huge character to the series??? please answer that question..How can they even make a sequel??

    • Sheechiibii

      No he didn’t die he just went through the portal.

  • aja d

    I think the biggest fault in this franchise is the promotion. I thought the movie was FANTASTIC but I’d never heard of the books & didn’t hear of the movie until it came to Redbox. I ship a sequel but PROMOTE IT!!!! People will love it if they know about it.

  • fan

    I want a second movie! In my opinion it is a very good movie for all people it has action killing love and a twist!

  • Jolene Wine

    I loved the first installment I want another

  • AngelaMaybe

    No! The movie was great! MUST BE A SEQUEL !!! whoever’s decision it is to make, should most definitely make it pro- sequel !!!

  • Princess015999

    I luv the movie

  • Princess015999

    Better be a second movie! Her best friend is her brother not the guy she luvs

  • Movie/BookEnthusiast

    Just saw the movie. Well Done! I didn’t hear much about it coming out in the theatres. Saw it on our Direct TV VOD and just had to rent it. I have read all 5 books and love Alyson Noels’ writing style. I hope Sony pictures will continue to film City of Ashes! I thought they did an excellent job casting all the characters too. Perhaps timing was bad in the first movie, again…shocked I didn’t see it when it came out. I would re-release it because if it gets the proper timing, it will be truly an outstanding turn out at the movies. My daughter’s loved the movie so much they are reading the next book. Please do not throw this movie down the drain….it is worth the investment. Just need to get word out and perhaps a winter time release would work out well. We have literally watched it 4 times since last night. EXCELLENT! I will look forward to the last book in the series! May 2014 can’t get here quick enough.

  • kimber21

    I actually don’t believe it got enough marketing. People needed to see more previews. I read all the books and I love every single one. But if I didn’t like the page on Facebook then I would have never seen a preview. The movie was great and I truely would be upset if the others weren’t made.
    It’s only going to get better! #1 Fan right here!!

  • Jess

    I love the movie and the books I need the sequel’!!!! The movie was amazing . I was unable to see it while it was in the movie theatre but it just came out on iTunes.

  • Val

    I Loved ThIs Movie And I Want The Next One.

    • Val

      At Least Make It For DVD Release.

  • Guest

    I really hope they decide on a sequel, it was a great movie and while I did notice it did not hold exactly true to the book it was still a good representation of the characters and the world itself, yes they could expand on certain points a little more but there’s time for that in upcoming films like I said this was a good beginning, i just hope they don’t stop a potentially great movie series.

  • Tiny

    It was a great movie … I don’t understand why people are so shallow minded. I would love to see a sequel being that I’ve already see City Of Bones 5 times. Its a must see and I recommend it to all movie buffs such as myself. Some people just cannot grasp the concept of these types of films and honestly I feel they need to broaden their horizons a bit. I mean seriously Twilight had 5 parts, and I actually think this has the potential to be much better. I vote yes for the sequel !!!

  • Kitten

    It needs to be made!!!!! I love it

  • Courtney

    The book was amazing but the movie not so much.They wondered too far from the book and that is what made the movie flop… At some parts it looked cheap and underdone/ developed. They tried to squish too much in and in the end cut soo much o

  • Nancy Garcia

    I hope they make part 2!

  • Best Movie Ever!!!

    This was an amazing movie. I want a sequel so bad movie was amazing. Look at allbthe these fans that live the city of bones, I know I love it… We need the 2ed Movie!!!

  • Best Movie Ever!!!

    Best movie ever need a sequel!!!

  • Imani Darcus

    I agree there shud be a sequel. I love the movie so bad tht I blushed haha

  • Stella Gollnick

    I would love to see a second film from this book series. Jamie Campbell was excellent as Jace!

  • Brandie

    I loved the movie even though I had never even heard of the series. I could only hope that they make the second movie

  • New fan (:

    Honestly I didn’t even know it was in theaters!! I just watched it in red box and loved it!! I’ll definitely go see the rest of them but they should do more commercials or something cuz I don’t remember seeing any…maybe that’s just me though

  • rosasalgado28

    I love it, I want to see a second One.

  • sperry

    I had never heard of it so I wanted for it to come out on dvd. When I saw it though I loved it. They absolutley have to make the next movie.

  • Jessi Kits

    I want a sequel! I thought the movie was really good! I hope they do a City of Ashes movie!

  • Ricky

    My wife is freaking out becuase of this and wants to knoe what happens in the sequel make the next one PLEASE!!!!!!

  • crystal

    That movie was great!! I dont know what you people are talking about. Not every movie gets off the charts ratings in the box office, but once its out and people rent or download and watch the movie they will love it and be more likely to go see the sequel. I absolutely loved this movie and think it would be stupid not to make any more!!

  • Guest

    Omg I loved this movie, all the action and etc where amazing this movie makes you crave for more so please at least make a second.

  • Samantha c.

    It was amazing I saw it 3 times in the theaters. I have been reading the books for years. I think they should make the next ones.

  • Bob

    Definitely liked the movie.. A sequel would be wonderful

  • Heavenly Fire


  • Jaimee Labanino

    I loved the movie best movie ever i want a sequel

  • Tanya Lawless

    I am reading the thitd novel and i want to see the sequel. I hate how directors cancle a film franchise. Like the past. Alex rider and eragon series.beause of a crazing idea they should contiune so it will be silmiar but bettet then twilight

  • jace wanted


  • Jupiter

    The movie was fantastic, yea they may have left out good parts. But this movie is so awesome to watch. Better than the Twilight Series.

  • Angel Chavez

    Make a sequel!!! Please these where my favorite books!!

  • Brianna

    Bring the sequel or I’ll never watch your fucking movies again!

  • JordanWayland

    Yes! Please for the love of god make it, this is literally crushing dreams right now! I’m furious

  • Phoebe Rose-Yon

    Please Please Please do a sequel, I am desperate! its 2 in the morning and I am watching it for the 3rd time

  • amber

    they need to continue what they started they have fans all over the world and it wouldn’t do any good to start a seres and then just end on the first one…. they need to go with the books…… I am really looking forward to the second up to the sixth movie please don’t cancel it

  • Nicole Gralewski

    I want the sequel!!!! The first one was awesome.. I soo need to know whats going on..

  • anastasia

    I loved the movie !!!!!

  • kkens

    Mortal instruments was a awesome movie its my favorite now. So they had to make another if they don’t they suck. Every one loves that movie please make another one. And jamie is hot in that movie.

  • nun ya

    i loved that movie ,i want a sequel!!!! >:o

  • nun ya

    i will be depressed if there isn’t a second movie :,(…

  • kyra renee


  • najohnson

    city of ashes would be sick.

  • Lorrany Campbell

    the movie is awesome … I Want a sequence

  • nicole

    sequel please :D

  • Nicole Rubino

    don’t think that the movie was done right.. I’m not crazy about the actors they picked but that’s to be expected because I read the books first. That’s acceptable. My issue is more with the story line itself, not that they left things out, but that things were added. Mostly the end. The biggest thing was that, in the book, the villain wins. Valentine does get the cup and that’s the entire premise of the following book. It’s also what made me, and others, continue reading. Everyone loves a happy ending and I get that, the ending of this wasn’t supposed to be happy. That’s what separated it from things like Twilight and Harry Potter. Also, Hodge telling Valentine to LIE to Clary and Jace about being related. Completely added due to lack of faith in the audience. They didn’t trust that people would continue watching if they were held in suspense. Figured the scare of incest would scare people away. I understand the fear there, but I think they may have lost some loyal book fans by adding that. If the concern is low box office sales, they need to remember the original fan base. Word of mouth is more powerful then any billboard. The original fans will make this a box office hit. You won’t get that if the readers are disappointed. The reason Harry Potter was as big as it was primarily had to do with the fact that J.k. Rowling wouldn’t let them diverge from her story line. I’m disappointed that Cassandra Clare didn’t follow suit. }

  • shadowhunter#!

    I Totally AGREE with you people,i hope there is a sequel.and i don’t know why people are saying that its a twilight rip-off, doesn’t everybody like twilight, so i don’t get whats the problem?but i REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS MAKE A SEQUEL, I THINK ITS A GREAT MOVIE, with many conflicts instead of just one like most movies.

  • Monica

    So much better than twilight. Part 2! Part 2! Part 2!

  • Melissa ♥’s CU

    Love the books and hoping they continue to make the movies!!! Think part of the problem was that a lot of people didn’t know about the books before the movie was made so not enough hype … as well Jamie was the wrong guy to cast as Jace!!! Jamie is a good looking dude but not for me what I pictured Jace to look like!!! The make-up seems to make the shadow hunters look sickly instead of hot like they are supposed to be!!! Please make more!!! Do more advertising!!!

  • mesha

    I want the city of ashes!

  • amy

    I loved the books and loved the movie n I want to see the second film.

  • Licy

    The series should go on!!! It’s so amazing

  • jackie

    In my opinion (so please don’t hate)…replace Jamie and cast another actor more accurate and befitting Jace Lightwood. Why would you cast an actor that is skinny, not-so-tall, mediocre in looks to play a character that is buff, tall, and stunningly attractive?

    With physicality aside, Jace is cocky, witty, and his snarky lines in the book were funny but when done by Jamie, it came out mean and bitchy, instead of sounding funny and cocky, it just sounded like diarrhea of the mouth and oh so so soooooo contrived.

    No matter how hard I force myself to look past the horrible casting choices and to try to enjoy the movie I just can’t. Each time a line is squirted out of Jamie’s mouth my joy for the book diminishes a bit and each time I see a fight sequence I keep getting distracted by Jamie’s scrawny legs and lack of grace and I become angry that my love for the book has been ruined by visions that are unfortunately imprinted in my brain.

    I read somewhere online that Constantin Films blamed the film’s box office fail on Sony for bad marketing. But in my opinion, fire the casting crew since I don’t think anyone of them read the book.

    I definitely won’t go see the 2nd movie, the 1st movie has done enough damage for me.

  • buddy robinson

    i agree i want to now if there brother and sister is her nrdy freind a vampire whats going to happen i love the two main characters they cant be related percy jackson first movie wasnt so good it was good but the second was better make mortal 2 ashes but bring all same characters back as city as bones i cant wait to see it

  • evelyn

    i don’t understand why most people didn’t like the film i think i was a very good movie im looking forward to see more of this series

  • melissa garza

    they need to make another one!!!!!! and besides they have to because what happened to the mother.what happened with the guy who got bitten by a vampire!!!! and the most important part what happens with claires and jace ( jonathan ) love so they have to make another one !!!!!!!!!!!! i love that movie the mortal instruments city of bones . i need another one i need a part two!!!!!!! so they should and need to make another one or am i wrong

  • syanne

    i think they should continue with the sequel a lot of people want to see it

  • valley girl

    omg there better be a sequel how can they leave up in suspense and never find out whats going to happen….

  • Marissa Musto

    that movie was AWESOME!!!!!!! Don’t you dare cancel it!

  • hannah

    Loved it really hope the continue going to get the books now but really think it was the previews that messed it up

  • leen

    I love the dam movie just make another part.

  • Nicole Patterson

    i think they should make the sequel the fisrt one was great and i have so many question answered about the first that im hopeing will be answer in the second part so the hell with them people say make the sequel

  • lesley

    I agree there definitely should be a sequel ive read all the books so far and cant wait for the sixth to be released in may really hope to see a sequel soon :)

  • Dian

    We need a sequel. Especially since the book series is ending.

  • Trish

    Make a sequel just don’t over spend on unneeded things. I WANT A SEQUAL!!!!

  • http://wantingmemories.tumblr.com/ aly2011AMA

    Even if that’s true, there’s still a lot of us that would have loved to see a second movie. Just because some people think she should suffer doesn’t mean the rest of the fandom should suffer.

  • Lillie Marie Peterson

    I’m out of the loop. What do you mean?

  • Katiedora

    Well that is personal and harsh. And the movie is different from the books, you know. Far more people are dependent on the movies doing well than just her. And also, what has she plagiarized?

  • seggfej

    Please do tell how is she a plagiarist, and fyi her name is Judith Rumelt…

  • Jill

    A) Did she do anything personal to you? Stop judging what you don’t know as fact.

    B) Everyone deserves a second chance, and the fact that people keep bringing whatever “this” is probably what pisses her off more than anything. Let bygones be bygones. Have you ever said something you wish you could take back?

    C) Just because you don’t like her, doesn’t mean that the movies shouldn’t be made. That’s not only selfish but honestly it’s kind of mean. It seems you get joy from the disappointment of others. Maybe you should see a therapist.

  • Megan

    Agreed. Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” author, to be honest.

  • Angela DiNardi

    wait, what? how is she a bully…

  • Arial_29

    if all you’re basing this on is fan fiction then who cares? it doesn’t reflect her work on her books, so drop it already.

  • Insulted

    How is she a plagiarist!

  • Susan

    I am friends with Cassandra and she is a wonderful person…unless you know her personally- you should not make such statements.

  • helga

    she already got her money for selling the film rights, postponing or cancelling City of Ashes isn’t going to affect her in any way, it’s only sad news for the fans of the books and the movie, and you should respect them enough not to make such comments. Or did the TMI fandom hurt you in any way too?

  • oli

    There needs to be a sequel because this is one of the best movies I’ve seen and the only reason it didnt take off was because of all the other movies that were playing people wanted to see more so if u make a second one it will make more money and people will love it!

  • http://wantingmemories.tumblr.com/ aly2011AMA

    In her fanfiction writing days, she used a lot of direct quotes from other authors, so much so that readers complained and had her profile deleted from the site. She’s had a few instances of threatening legal action against people that bring it up.
    It’s an unfortunate thing to hear, because I’m a huge fan of the book series. Despite all of this, I’ll continue to read and enjoy her work, even though I won’t give her a dollar for it.

  • yelloweyedowl

    I read her fanfiction on Schnoogle.com, and she definitely disclosed that she used quotes from TV shows and books. She also put an additional disclaimer saying that she may have forgotten to credit some of them becasue she collected them and may not know where they all came from and that if anyone knew where a quote came from they should email her. Honestly, I really liked the quotes in her fanfiction and they helped some of the slow parts stay more interesting. Perhaps not the most thorough work, but she wasn’t making any money off of it so it shouldn’t be held against her.

  • Lillie Marie Peterson

    Oh I gotcha. Thanks for cluing me in!

  • ladybirds

    So disappointed by this. I’ve heard it before but did not know it was that bad. :-/

  • TeamEdwardJace

    And where is your pro Perhaps she could’ve cited things better

  • KaylaRashelle

    All you have to do is google cassandra clare and plagiarism and you can read for yourself.

  • Souffle Girl

    Apparently ‘The Draco Trilogy’ (her Harry Potter fanfic) took so much dialogue and action sequences and plot concepts from various published books and TV shows that she failed to cite or put a disclaimer or whatever and now with her TMI series, it’s basically that fanfic series with differently named characters (though very similar personalities) and slightly different plot lines and all but basically a huge rip-off Harry Potter and all the other stuff she copied.
    As for the ‘bully’ part, apparently she tracked down and harrassed people who said she plagiarized and all that.
    Seeing as I’ve never read her fanfic/TMI series I can’t personally comment but if it’s all true then shame on her and good riddance it’s being cancelled.
    If you wanna read more, this is where I got my info from



  • http://thetams.tumblr.com/ Sasha

    Apparently, in her fanfiction days, she literally tried to get a girl kicked out of university. More recently, someone on twitter tried to call her out on some of this and she got her fangirls to verbally attack her until she deleted her account. (This all comes to me secondhand, btw)

  • Jill

    I was just kidding at the last part, by the way. I’m not mad or anything. I’m just tired of reading comments like this about her all the time.

  • Reyna

    Beautiful Creatures was a relatively good movie, but did it get a second chance when it deserved to? NO, so stop complaining please

  • Angela DiNardi

    well said.

  • Holly Hammonds

    so true jill that was well said

  • crystal221

    Your comment stop judging what you don’t know as fact does not make sense because there proof what they are claiming is true (despite Cassandra Clare’s best efforts to hide it). It is a fact that Clare is a plagiarist and a bully.

    I agree everyone deserves a second chance but they have to earn it. People might stop bringing it up (if them doing it pisses her off that it get kept being bought up, she deserves it. She has no one to blame but herself for her infamous rep) and let bygones be bygones if she would acknowledge and apologize for her past behaviour, that’s what people who do something they they wish they could take back do. I loved City of Bones and am disappointed that it tanked at the box office but I can understand why there are others who are thrilled it did because cyber bullying others is serious and not something that is easily forgivable especially when she doesn’t appear to feel any remorse.

  • WeasleyWrock

    I’m not sure of the exact link, but I’m pretty sure that the woman who was called to her uni police because of Cassie has a blog post about it all.

  • WeasleyWrock

    Terry Pratchett, LotR, HP, Buffy, and plenty of other works. A Google search of “Cassandra Clare plagiarism” should give you a good list.

  • Jake

    Absolutely nothing. I know that, after researching, the only things she “plagiarized” is in her fan fiction writing, which means, by that thinking, every fanfic writer is a plagiarist. People think she’s stolen character traits for her current books and yadayadayada, but that’s not plagiarism. Honestly, give me a modern character that is 100% unique all on it’s own. These accusations are the result of word of mouth, coming from people who don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

  • andrea

    That’s actually not plagiarism she did fanfictions..completely different

  • christa

    Actually, it was plagiarism. She took straight passages and plot points from other books and TV shows, often word for word. This sort of behavior is a threat to all fans, especially those of us who enjoy fan fiction, because authors and showrunners are not going to be as open to fanworks if it if copied and abused illegally.

  • WeasleyWrock

    Fanfictions themselves are not plagiarism unless the writer is receiving payment for them. However, within her fanfiction, she took work from others and did not credit them. That’s plagiarism. With one, she said the chapter/passage was “inspired” by a novel which name’s she could not remember, yet she had a paragraph in there word for word except with the names of her fanfic characters. The book would have been in her possession if she took something word for word, so she should have known the title.

  • Souffle Girl

    TMI is based off her fanfiction and therefore yes it is plagiarism….

  • Angela DiNardi

    I agree aly2011ama

  • Holly Hammonds

    i agree

  • Just Me

    Me too!

  • TheFirst

    Actually it isn’t. I’ve read both her fanfiction and her published books and the stories are completely different. Nothing is the same. Maybe some of the characters are a little similair but that’s it.

  • Holly Hammonds

    just because its based off of something doesnt mean she used other peoples work in her TMI series which she didnt no one has shadow hunters not that i know of that is unique and if you want to say that her work is plagiarized because of the werewolf and vampires and angel and demons then twilight and every single werewolf/vampire/angel and demon books are plagiarized just because her fan fiction was doesnt mean her actual books are

  • Glee

    Me 3!

  • http://wantingmemories.tumblr.com/ aly2011AMA

    I don’t know if I believe the claims 100% or not, partially because I don’t WANT to accept that these things are true because I love the series so much. All we have for evidence are the blog posts written by the people who were involved in the original fanfiction incidents.

    Going from that, we know that a lot of people were hurt or offended by what happened. Whether or not it was to the extent of what the original people reported, we still have to acknowledge that she did something wrong, even if it was something as simple as lacking proper citations.

  • TeamEdwardJace

    okay. i knew about this allegatino a year ago. if she has, she learned from it. i don’t think its fair that we’re judging on a mistake that occured 5-10 years ago. theres no defnite proof and people need to move on. otherwise some of them may have a serious issue of holding grudges!

  • April

    Honestly, I used to love her books, but I can’t even stand to look at them now knowing that her works are too “inspired” by others.

  • yelloweyedowl

    I don’t know about the bullying, but TMI is definitely a different story then “The Draco Trilogy”. She invented a lot of back story for Draco Malfoy in her fanfiction that she also based Jace’s back story off of in TMI, but it was her own work to begin with so there isn’t anything wrong with that. I read her fanfiction years ago, and she made it very clear that she used quotes from other sources and none of those quotes were in TMI. I think people are just blowing the whole thing out of promotion.

  • April

    She bullied someone off of Twitter who called her out on it this year.

  • Holly Hammonds

    exactly i didnt even know about her fan fiction but rather she plagiarized or not who in the f*** cares its not that serious its not like she went out murdering people lmao plagiarism is not that bad in my opinion i mean yes its stealing someone elses words but its not like she went out and got rich off of her fan fiction

  • Jake

    OH. MY. GOD. Ignorance. By your logic, nearly all fanfic is then plagiarism. City of Bones is a story that is completely separate from her fanfiction that shouldn’t even exist anymore because she deleted it. So if you see a copy of her fanfiction out there…plagiarism.

  • TeamEdwardJace

    and what proof of that do you have? maybe it was made up or osmeone took it the wrong way.

  • TeamEdwardJace

    well that clarifies things if anything. so she owned up to it if happened and didn’t plargaize. seriously people, its a thing called moving on or taking things with a grain salt! move on already!

  • Laura

    She owned up to it after all the pressure and bad “press” pretty much forced her to. And honestly, her bad rep doesn’t come from the plagiarism so much as it comes from her reaction to being called out on it. It was not nice. At all.

    Really, you can support her all you want, but don’t tell people who don’t wish to to “move on”. It’s their money and their choice and they’re allowed to be feel strongly about plagiarism and bullying.

  • Holly Hammonds


  • yelloweyedowl

    I can’t speak to the bullying, but I’ve known about her using quotes and “plagiarizing” for over 10 years now and years before she published TMI. However, I will concede that I read it after it was taken down from Fanfiction.net, and I don’t know what form it appeared in on there. On schnoogle.com (I belive the second site it was on) she had a footnote sections for quotes (though she did admit that she may have missed some) at the end of every chapter. Same with the PDF she temporarily made available for free download on her website before TMI was released. And again, she made no money off of any of it. People take the same creative license in fan fiction all of the time. Because, you know, it’s fan fiction, and by definition draws from the work of someone else.

    The passage she “plagiarized” in TMI from her HP fan fiction was entirely her creation, and therefore is hers to use as she sees fit.

  • TeamEdwardJace

    do you have any actual proof? do you? perhaps she just wanted a fresh star. people make mistake and people can change. what do do you think her supporters are idiots? perhaps she felt she was being wrongly accused. she’s learned from her mistakes if she did actually commit them. yes plargaism isn’t good but i don’t think she did. also you are allowed to write your own orignal stories off fanficton as as long as you make it your own which cassie did in my opinion . no one forcing her to say hey some of it invovled my hp fanfittion no one seems to be accusing the 50 shades of grey author as it was based off a twilight fanfiction. or does it get a free pass becauses its porn including its bad writing. which i heard about

  • Katiedora

    Honestly, I’m not a fanfic person, but I feel like if people are capable of creating something using an existing work as a springboard, I don’t see any problem with it, especially if they aren’t making any money from it. Given what I do know about the things in the list you provided, I don’t see plagiarism in the TMI books, which the movie is based on and which this article is about. I didn’t even know she wrote fanfic before this article, and I’m not holding her accountable to what really was a movie studio fail, and I don’t think the sequel deserves to be cancelled because of fanfiction from years ago.

  • Sheechiibii

    Yeah, in her fanfiction? Heard of it? It’s where fans write stories based on other sources. She wasn’t making money from it, she was doing it as a hobby.

  • Katiedora

    Yeah, that’s the feeling I’m getting. The TMI books seem to stand pretty well as being their own thing, so I don’t understand where this plagiarism meltdown is coming from, or why it’s on an article about a movie sequel delay that should be blamed on the studio (not the author of the book the movie was based on).

  • Holly Hammonds

    so true jake its getting on my nerves lol

  • TeamEdwardJace

    Ah ok. I still don’t think she plarzuwd but forgot to cite things

  • Sheechiibii

    Beautiful Creatures was not a good movie, or a good adaptation. It certainly wasn’t as good as City of Bones.

  • WeasleyWrock

    Fanfiction is typically based off of one source. Otherwise, it’s a crossover. She claimed other work as her own, and yes, she did receive compensation. The readers of her HP fanfiction set up a fund to get her a laptop.

  • Sheechiibii

    From what I understand (and I read a lot about it), she added a multitude of different quotes from lots of different sources, and didn’t disclaim them properly. It’s not that she didn’t disclaim them at all, she did have disclaimers all throughout her fanfiction. She didn’t always have the exact author or book though, and said that she didn’t always remember specifics, and asked fans to tell her if they recognised where it was from. As a fanfiction reader and writer though, it’s really not an uncommon thing to find work that isn’t disclaimed properly. It’s pretty typical. I’m not saying it wasn’t wrong, but I don’t think she was trying to pass others work off as her own, because she did clearly say she’d taken passages from other sources. And the amount of borrowed material in there compared to her own writing? It’s really insignificant, her fanfiction was huge.

    As for the fund for a new laptop, she didn’t set that up herself, that was something others did for her. She wasn’t setting out to make money, or trying to make money. It was a gift, not payment for work she’d done. I don’t even like Cassandra Clare, I just think this whole plagiarism thing gets blown way, way out of proportion.

  • Holly Hammonds

    definately not i think city of bones was way better although i liked beautiful creatures city of bones was much much better

  • Holly Hammonds


  • Holly Hammonds

    exactly because i mean seriously what book or movie has shadowhunters in it i know alot of vampire/werewolf/warlock/angel and demon movies but shadowhunters, thats different, also the TMI plotline is not plagiarized at all i have no clue where these people are getting this crap

  • TeamEdwardJace

    lol. many authors may use from their old fanfiction for writing. i wonder if people think that its ok for el james to have 50 shades of gray to be based off a twiligth fanfiction, because its porn lol. i don’t think she plaragixed, maybe could have cited things better but some things happen subconciously. and i think people thought the sh she did. she has learned from her mistakes and okay, there’s nothing wrong with having a story or novrl based off fanfiction as long as you make it your own worl and orirginal. and hello, there are other tv characters and peole in real life, that are similar to people. certian characters could have been based off cassie knows. there are lots of people who may be like jace. she didn’t plaragize. also, unessecay grudes for 10 years in not healthy! it’s not liking having a parent who abandons you and then you fel anger, there’s nothing wrong with that. some people are just bitter towards cassie

  • Holly Hammonds

    right and i dont understand how people can be so mean becausein my opinion cassie is a great author i love all of her books

  • TeamEdwardJace

    excatly . some nay not like her books and that’s their thing, but their cassie is a plaragist is annoying

  • Sheechiibii

    She wrote fanfiction and didn’t properly cite where she had taken quotes (and sections of writing) from, although she did tell people it wasn’t all her own work. Since she was making no money from it and considering when it comes to fanfiction you are using others work all the time, it’s debatable whether or not that can be called plagiarism. Also, she did apologise for not properly citing her fanfiction.

    As for the bullying allegations, I know less about that. From all that I’ve read I’ve seen nothing that shows her bullying anyone, but if you have seen otherwise I’d be very interested to see it.

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