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Miley Cyrus has released the “Wrecking Ball” music video, and in it the singer opens up emotionally – and sexually.

“Wrecking Ball” is a song about a partner who destroyed her, but Miley couldn’t resist sexualizing the emotional, serious message as much as possible.

What starts off as a sad song with a close up of Miley shedding a tear turns into a bunch of visual, sexual innuendo which doesn’t relate to the single at all: The licking of a sledgehammer, riding nude on a wrecking ball, and forcefully turning to show her backside are all seen in the video. What could’ve been a nice way to play mature Miley turned into another attempt at grabbing attention.

Supporters of Miley could argue that the singer was baring all because the song is about being torn apart by the bad relationship. To most, Miley is making another attempt at shocking the world so everyone talks about her. Like her Video Music Awards performance with Robin Thicke, this one will get people talking and Miley will once again have a big win on her hands.

“Wrecking Ball” is the second single off of Cyrus’ forthcoming studio album BANGERZ which is slated to drop on October 8. Her first song, “We Can’t Stop,” has been at the top of the popular music charts for months.

Is Miley off her rocker with the ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video?

  • Dobbythefreeelf

    Oh my god. I can’t decide which video is more bad: Blurred Lines, We can’t stop, or this.

    • http://thetams.tumblr.com/ Sasha

      Blurred Lines enforces rape culture and We Can’t Stop uses black women as Miley’s playthings, so…

      • Septima

        SO true. Don’t even get me started on Blurred Lines and the video

  • upper_westsider

    Does Miley have any idea that she’s become boring? At least with me.

    • Rach

      Actually, I think she does know. As someone who’s never been impressed with her, I get the feeling she’s realizing her original fans have grown up and aren’t interested anymore. And because of that, she’s trying to gain the spotlight back by doing outrageous things so the media starts talking about her again and she’ll get the attention she’s lost the past few years. Of course she’s going about doing this in the worst possible way. Sure, people talk now, but it’s nothing good. “Any press is good press” in her eyes, but at the same time no one is taking her seriously; everyone sees her as a lost cause whoring for attention.

      • Amy

        do you seriously think any of this is Miley’s own concern? she’s recording the songs and starring in the videos and concerts, but people like her have managers and publicists who decide how things turn out, what “message” to send (or not) and what her image is supposed to be to make as much money as possible. I’m sure she can influence it somewhat, but I’m even more sure that she also has a contract and has to stick to it; that’s how she makes her money.

        • stargazer

          Well, if she had any sort of respect for herself she’d tear up that contract if they refused to let her back down and give back the money. It’s not like she needs it. But instead she pulls off stunts like this.

          • Amy

            well, maybe she doesn’t mind? who are people to judge how and what women are supposed to show of their bodies anyway? self-respect doesn’t mean “doing what other people think is appropriate” but doing what you feel good and comfortable with. i don’t actually want to go there, but this whole miley cyrus debate is both so unnecessary and so lacking in substance at the same time…

  • Mike

    There were so many better ways that this could have done. The beginning was actually beautiful – simplistic with the bright red and blue on the white, and very artistic.

    Of course, then we had to do a damn 180 and ride a wrecking ball naked. There goes hope that she’ll learn something soon.

    • DylanM

      This is a really good point, which is something that really separates Miley from other pop singers who do “out there” things as well. Take Lady Gaga for example. She has done some crazy things that have gotten criticism, but no matter how complex or stretched the reasoning is, there’s still a message behind it, which is why I respect her. She doesn’t wear a meat dress for the sake of being a trending topic on twitter. There’s nothing artistic about this video. There could be, but there isn’t. Same with the “We Can’t Stop” video. She can do whatever she wants if there was some sort of artistic reason or message behind it, but I struggle to see how mashing bread into her mouth, or gyrating on a teddy bear can come across as anything mature.

      • Isak

        I respectfully disagree on a couple of things.
        What differentiates people like Miley Cyrus from Lady Gaga, apart from the obvious, isn’t just the message.
        Lady Gaga with her music takes a different risk because whatever she does she always tries to pass it as something inherently artistic, that has a very specific reasoning behind it. Sometimes it has been true, but it is very hit and miss and this can make her seem like she takes herself too seriously to a fault. For instance, some of her most obscure songs that apparently sound like tackling silly topics are always claimed to have some sort of deep meaning, same goes for some of videos of hers that are so full of ideas and “messages” that at the end of the day they are just all over the place (You and I).
        A video like “We Can’t Stop” – if you ignore the fact that Miley Cyrus is Miley Cyrus, and all the discussions regarding her age and her fans – is very effective in the simplest way: it’s fun for the sake of the fun. The bread, the bears, and all of that, it’s not meant to have a message, it’s meant to stick, to be fun and sassy. If you take other pop videos which have become iconic or a part of pop culture you’ll realize that they didn’t become so because of the message, but because those videos had the right atmospheres or visuals.
        And this is what pop music is expected to be, 90% of the time, which is why at the end of day people like Katy Perry in the long are always going to be more POPULAR in the charts than Lady Gaga, because they embrace their music in a more carefree way and take themselves less seriously. Lady Gaga on the other hand always tries to make something a bit out of the box – with various results – and that’s why, while still being very successful, she might be a bit more in a niche. She makes the less obvious choices.

        • Lindsey

          Gaga has said many times that people take her too seriously and not seriously enough all at the same time. You’re so right about Katy. She likes to play it safe with her music and videos that’s why she is more popular with the general public. Her music is quite lukewarm.

          • Isak

            To be honest I think Gaga herself has the same problem.
            I actually love Katy, because she has a wonderful sense of humor about everything that she does, which is not always the case with Lady Gaga. But yes, I agree with you.

          • Lindsey

            Cool. I forgot to add that you’re right about Gaga’s music being a bit more niche. She even said at one of her shows that when she played the music for her label that’s exactly what they told her. I like Katy’s sense of humour too. Gaga has a sense of humour about her music too but it’s in a more kind of morbid way lol

        • melpa

          And Lady gaga can actually sing (and play piano) and has talent. Miley is like a bad stripper singing karaoke! It’s not good. Her signing at the VMA made me gasp. This song would be unbearable if not for autotune!

      • mfan2

        Or maybe you are just not seeing it because you don’t expect it from Miley. Couldn’t the reason for the nudity be to visually show her vulnerability, and at the same time she is “baring” her feelings. I don’t agree the video wasn’t thought out.

        • Mike

          The nudity for barring feelings is fine when it’s done properly. Being nude in cowboy boots while swinging on a wrecking ball is not.

          • DylanM

            Thank you! For example: Janelle Monae- Cold War. In the video, she’s presumably naked, vulnerable, and tastefully done. She’s not licking a sledgehammer, or sexualizing anything. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqmORiHNtN4

      • mfan2

        There were at least three messages behind We Can’t Stop. First, it can be literally taken as a party song. Plus it’s central message is to love yourself, whether you have a “big butt”, are gay, have drug issues, or you are a midget (see her performance of the song in Germany). Also, if you want to, you can actually take the song as a critique of the constant party/drug lifestyle, e.g. what does it say that these people Can’t Stop themselves.
        I just don’t think you try to understand Miley’s videos because you don’t take her seriously, a legacy of her Disney days maybe. That’s why you can ex[ect her to keep pressing her point that she’s not a little girl anymore.

      • Dr Dre’s Intern

        Well, if you pay attention to the lyrics, the whole thing makes sense. Being naked on a wrecking ball is all she wanted to do in the first place, i.e. “All I wanted was to break you off”. but she fell for that person, and now shes crying about it. Its not detached from the lyrics at all. I was surprised at the thought that actually went into it.

        “We cant stop”, on the other hand, was just meant to be crazy.

        Last, who says something has to be mature to be artistic, anyway?

  • Isak

    The licking part was too much, but honestly I do like the song, quite a lot.
    I think people are overthinking it. I LOVED “We Can’t Stop” (and the video) and I love “Wrecking Ball”. That’s it for me.

    • Isak

      But yeah, I do agree with Andrew that it would have been nicer for Miley to release a tamer video just to prove her critics wrong.

  • DylanM

    She’s bad at fake crying.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    Jesus Christ wtf is wrong with her she is the worst.

  • Liderc

    Is it bad that I watch her videos with the sound muted?

    • Riana-Tiana Menezes

      Not if both your hands are visible.

  • Zack

    This is a shame since the song is actually quite beautiful and moving.
    And then she had to run her tongue all over a sledgehammer and go nude. Seriously?! Miley, this song’s video should be more than just another chance for you to take your clothes off in an effort to appear “adult”.

  • Alex

    Terry Richardson, I would not have put my name at the end of that video.

    • Kushie

      You must not know who us is, huh? Google him, dude. He’s a freak.

      • Alex

        I haven’t seen his other stuff and quite honestly, I’m a little scared to Google him now that two people have warned me.

    • Kate

      This is exactly the stuff he does. He is creepy. Yeah, look him up sometime…

      • melpa

        she probably banged him to get a discount on the video! lol. She’s a sad, sick little girl trying to be a grown up and she needs help.

  • Anna

    What I find stupid is not that she gets naked, but that it has nothing to do with the music. She ruins a perfectly OK song that could actually have some meaning with those shenanigans that are overly sexualized with no reason whatsoever. She starts beautifully and then decides to suck a hammer and ride a demolition ball naked? I really don’t see the point of it…

    • mfan2

      Maybe it’s to show her vulnerability, and that she’s “baring” herself emotionally.

      • Charlie

        I think that she was going for that, but kind of screwed it up by including scenes of her licking objects suggestively and writhing around on the floor. The nudity= vulnerability angle would have worked better if other scenes in the video weren’t so sexualised (considering the lyrics aren’t sexual at all).

        • alexa


        • samm

          Complete agreement here. I had to write a song review for my school paper and really thought this nudity could’ve been pulled off well had she not sexualised the sledgehammer so much or other scenes of the video. The coupling of the harsh nudity and wrecking ball creates this false cover of strength, which underneath signifies the vulnerability the song revolves about.

  • Amber Grant

    The beginning was beautiful. She looked so vulnerable and then you see her licking a sledgehammer. I had high hopes for this video because it sounded like the “old miley” that everyone keeps comparing her too. But then I see this and get disappointed. Atleast the song is still good

  • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Melissa West

    I actually like this song a lot and really wish she had gone a different way for the video. There was absolutely no need for the licking of the sledge hammer nor riding the wreaking ball necked.

  • alexa

    Drinking Game:

    take a shot every time she licks the hammer

    take a shot every time she does the same backwards dip on the wrecking ball

    aka How To Became Wasted in 30 Seconds or Less

  • Winkyxx

    Oh, honey no.

  • Bobs

    I think this video is about her celebrity. The “you” being her fans. The overt sexuality is in fact the wrecking ball right now. It’s not elegant, but it doesn’t let you idle. None of this reads as sensual or sexual to me. It’s just pushed to the limits of grotesque. Which I like.

  • Esmeblabbed


  • Caroline J.

    i feel like such a lemming for even watching this…

    listen, miley can do whatever she wants and i dont pretend to be the morality police. i just look forward to her next album, or thing, or whatever, because i’m officially done discussing this overly-sexualized character she’s playing CLEARLY for publicity (even if she denies it). in all likelihood she will promote a new and different version of herself for her next album release, and will continue to do so for every subsequent artistic endeavor.

    i suppose it IS kind of reflective of real life where you morph and change over time, but the fact that we’re watching it play out in the media makes it all the more uncomfortable. we don’t ACTUALLY know what miley’s like; who she is; and i suspect this is in fact NOT what miley is like on a day-to-day basis, but if that’s what she thinks she is right now, that’s fine; self-discovery doesn’t happen over night. if she wants to share that self-image with the world, that’s her choice. but honey, i got better things to do than discuss your very first identity crisis.

  • Matthew Howland

    This song has so much potential…..but she well, not ruins it, cause its still a great song, but sort of diminishes it with a trashy video. WHY? ;( I was so hopeful….

  • Garrett Pletcher

    I absolutely love this song. It’s a very emotional + mature piece. I think it’s a great contrast to We Can’t Stop + shows that the album(and Miley) are versatile. But I’m disappointed in the video too. This song didn’t need to be sexualized. I thought Miley knew that…I guess she didn’t.

  • Ksue

    Why does every female pop singer feel she has to be more and more provocative? That’s one of the main reasons I don’t listen to much pop anyway, but almost no female artists. I can’t get past their need to sell their sexuality more than the music. That’s why an artist like Adele was so refreshing. And look how much she has sold. IF you are talented, you don’t need to get naked. Give me the ladies of alternative rock any day. They can be beautiful and talented and don’t have to display everything. I’m not a prude. There are some songs with explicit lyrics that I love. These songs are almost always song by men who while the industry demands that they be packaged attractively, don’t have to degrade themselves to this level.

    If I had heard Miley’s song without the video, I would have thought it’s interesting. But with those video images burned into my brain now, I will turn the station whenever it comes on.

    • Jessica

      They’re doing it because generally it’s what sells. Adele is great, but she’s an exception to the rule. For most female artists, the only way they’re going to make it is if they sexualize themselves. It’s a really unfortunate part of our culture, but one we have to acknowledge. Miley isn’t the problem, she’s just part of the system.

      • Phoenix07

        Well, you could argue that Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift and even Selena Gomez, who are all in the same vein as Miley Cyrus (meaning they sing somewhat similar sounding music, are mainstream pop artist and started their career young), sell just as well as Cyrus and don’t display nearly as much (if any) skin or sexualize their music videos as Miley does.

        I agree with you that unfortunately female artists have a great deal of pressure to “sexualize” themselves in the media in order to really make it and that our culture absolutely feeds into it. And we should not only acknowledge it, as you say, but try to make an effort in changing it. But I think that to say Adele is the exception to the rule is exaggerated. And again, this this is because if you look at Miley’s contemporaries (Lovato, Swift, Gomez) you realize that she could do just as well without going so completely over the top.

        I think the problem is that, as someone else pointed out in a previous comment, maybe Cyrus is going through a phase where she really is exploring her sexual side…which is great and completely acceptable. It’s the fact that she’s sharing it with the rest of the world that makes it uncomfortable for people to watch and that gets her labeled as trashy.

        This reminds me a lot of when Christina Aguilera went through her “Dirrty” phase, doing and saying a lot of the same things that Miley is doing and saying now. I’m sure this is something that Miley will get over at some point when she realizes, like Aguilera did, that she has nothing to prove to the world about establishing her status as a woman.

        • Sara

          Christina had 1 song that was sexual.. she was almost 23 aswell. She got bashed. BUT Christina has an amazing voice and no one can say shit about that. Miley has a very hoarse voice, kind of raspy sounding. I never hear anyone say “Omg MIley is such a good singer. Wow Mariah Carey quality” No. Also Christina’s nakedness in a lot of her pictures WERE vulnerable. Her whole stripped album was about abuse and neglect. From “Walk away” and “fighter” to “The voice within” and “I’m okay” plus “Beautiful” and then “Singing my song”. Infact the ONLY naughty song WAS dirrty. She is also a big feminist so she threw in “Can’t hold us down”. I’m sorry, but I’m huge Christina fan and I know that whole album inside out… it was NOTHING compared to what Miley is trying to pull.

          • Phoenix07

            I think talking about actual vocal talent is irrelevant to this issue. I absolutely think that Christina has a better voice, but I’m sure Miley fans will tell you otherwise and that’s fine, I’m no one to judge what others like. My point is that debating their vocal talent is incredibly subjective. More so than that, saying that Christina (or other artists) has an amazing voice isn’t a valid reason for her nudity and overtly sexual images (back during that time). That would be like saying any artist regardless of gender can show however much skin he or she likes and be as vulgar and/or sexual as they want because, well, he/she has an amazing voice “and no one can say shit about that.” Tastes and opinions are too varied to outright say that an artists can get away with such and such behavior just based on their “amazing voce.” And I’m saying this as a fan of Christina, but I have friends who are not fans, in fact don’t like her voice at all, and think this way.

            But back to the behavior comparison….I referenced Christina Aguilera because she went from being a Disney sweetheart to taking it all off for the world to see (much like Britney Spears), regardless of whether she was doing it to reflect a message of abuse or not. And this is similar to what Miley’s transition has been like. (Again, I’m a fan of Christina and I love her as an artist back then and now and I had no problem with her nudity or sexual portrayal back then either).

            I find it interesting that somehow nudity to show abuse and neglect and vulnerability, as you say, is accepted, but nudity for the sake of blatant sexuality is harder to take in. We don’t know what “Miley is trying to pull”….we’re not her confidants or her publicity team to know. But like I said, maybe this is just a phase for her and she’s exploring being able to show her sexual nature, free form the reigns of Disney, and people are just uncomfortable with it because she clearly doesn’t care about it.

          • Samantha

            As Christina Aguilera herself said at the time, “If I was a man doing what I’m doing it wouldn’t be nearly as controversial… People have a problem when they see a woman’s sexuality, it scares people” – When I see all this hullabaloo over Miley and then look back and watch the same thing happen to Christina (back in the day), do you think we would really be having this type of debate over her if she was a man? Would anyone here defaming Miley Cryus like she’s brought on the apocolypse if she wasn’t a woman?

            Something to think about….

  • LiaCavasotto

    I like the song, don’t appreciate the video. I can see how can’t stop can take the sexualized music video but it was totally unnecessary for Wrecking ball.

  • Brenden

    People need to calm down. Replace Miley with ANY other singer and this would be nothing new or controversial, just a decent music video. And the vulgarity of her VMA performance has been blown way out of proportion.

  • Laura Jurgensmeyer

    If they cut out the sledgehammer bits, I would really enjoy this video.

  • Septima

    Sorry to her defenders, but *Miley said herself* that she doesn’t think these
    things over as much as we do. She is not putting artistic thought into her
    videos/performances/music lately, she actually does just want the fastest route
    towards buzz, which is through sucking a hammer, going nude, and sticking her
    tongue out more than a dog. She could choose to gain recognition by focusing on
    producing truly artistic, moving videos/music, but instead just wants to cause
    a stir.

    Lady Gaga started as carefree pop, then moved to more daring costume, video,
    and lyrical choices. The fashion choices were artistic, as well as the lyrics
    and video (though the existence of actual meanings/messages behind them is
    debatable). Thus she started the pop trend of trying to look as ridiculous as
    possible (Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry followed suit…). The initial effect was
    amazing in the best way. Then she basically abandoned real art and now just
    tries to be shocking in everything she does. Her fashion lost actual meaning,
    and now her songs are either traditional pop (Marry the Night), modern club pop
    (Applause) which has some great lines amongst the blah, and songs that address
    hot topics for popularity (Born This Way) or controversy (Burqa, now Aura).
    Burqa (Aura) starts by representing those women the way they want, but then
    sets them up as if their burqa is a call for sexual attention and intrigue
    (false and insulting). Nowadays she’s somewhat of a mess. She lost her edge
    when she replaced art (which had sensational effects) with sensationalism
    posing as art. It’s sad because Lady Gaga actually does have amazing singing
    (and acting, in a way) talent.

    Not all publicity is good publicity. If Miley wants people to see her as an
    adult, she needs to start acting like one. She has talent and should bring it
    to the table in a mature, genuinely artistic way, instead of adding to modern
    pop’s corruption of meaninglessness. Also, if you say the point of pop is to
    not take yourself seriously and just have fun, you’re partly right (I’d say).
    You can have carefree fun without debasing yourself, and when you’re doing a
    video for a song with a serious meaning (Wrecking Ball), there’s absolutely no
    excuse for pointless sexualization.

    Hopefully in a few months Miley will reveal that all the tongue, nudity and sex
    was really a big social experiment, and that she actually isn’t losing her mind.

  • Daina

    Tears and close ups? Loved it. Licking the sledgehammer? Fine. Riding the ball naked? Whatever. Switching between looking heart-broken and lovin’ it/sexy? WTF! That was the only part that totally lost me. This video had so much potential, even with the raunchiness, but she should have maintained that angst throughout, not reverted into her “I know you think I’m sexy and you want me” face.

  • Eva Rod

    Leave miley alone….just let her live her life and make more money than all of us. At the end of the day she is entertaining us….whether you guys think its good or bad. I’ve liked miley since her disney days and I like her even more now because she is actually allowed to be herself. Look at the history of the disney stars…they all break out with a bang when the contract is over. So we can see that they are women. She isn’t doing anything different from anyone else In the music bbusiness, which is trying to make a name for herself. stop hating because she’s hot

  • Imogen

    Miley is brave. What girl says they’re happy with their own body. Haters gon’ hate but Miley seems she’s telling her fans to be confident in who they are and while your at it stick your middle finger up! (:

  • Rebecca

    I opened a new tab and listened to the song without watching the video and it was surprisingly good/nicepretty….

  • mama

    Shes good .. in pain .. we all make boo boos .. i dont thinl anyones done making mistakes at twenty .. people shouldnt build people up to tear them down .. shes a kid i feel her sorrow xo

  • Daniel Stuart

    Let me preface this by saying I have not really ever been a Miley fan and her VMA debacle was tasteless and attention seeking. That being said, I really like this song. While there is certainly room to improve this video, I didn’t think it was necessarily inappropriate and the sexuality was done tastefully enough. I interpret the video as her being sexual with the subject of the song as a way to become more intimate and break down the barriers he/she has put up emotionally. Then the other side of the video when she is crying in the white room is her lamenting over being unable to really connect with the subject of the song even after trying so hard to grow closer to them and it is her saying the failure was not her fault for lack of trying.

  • dvon1988

    I LOVE this song and Miley, but I think this video would have been great, nudity and all, if she wasn’t licking the sledge hammer!!! I think the nudity works for vulnerability, but overly sexualizing was unneeded! :( I still want her to succeed as an artist because I think she is very talented!

  • Jake

    I don’t see how this is so bad. I mean, give me 5 pop music idols that haven’t been naked in a music video. Some that come to mind (and no one are talking about these people): Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pink (I think), Rihanna, etc. What’s the problem? She’s maturing, trying to make it in the music business. I don’t think this is a stunt, rather than an attempt to level the field with her fellow artists in the genre. So everyone needs to get over themselves and move on.

    • Sara

      To be honest a lot of celebrities HAVE done sexual things, but Miley kind of came out of nowhere and BAM! Here I am ..new and naked. Where as other artist took time to develop this.. Britney went from school girl outfit (which isn’t honestly that bad, considering if you watch Miley’s old videos, she was no different) to “Sometimes, born to make you happy and bottom of my broken heart” all of them she was trendy and fully clothed. Then Oops I did it again, she wore a red outfit that covered herself the whole time. Lucky, she looked classy in. And “Don’t let me be the last to know” wow, she was on a beach the whole time. I never saw Britney Spears actually do anything naked the way miley did on the wrecking ball ..besides maybe Toxic. Sure she was sexual in I’m a slave 4 you… but c’mon she was 19-24 in that time period but she was dancing, and had a choreography. Not to mention she was pretty much the Madonna of the time. The only real song that Britney was pretty much naked was womanizer and by then Britney already went through her crazy stage, so no one really cared… she was also like 27.

      Christina Aguilera got hit hard with Lady Marmalade and Dirrty, pretty much her only ‘Sexual songs’. Can’t hold us down was a feminist song, fighter and beautiful and voice within were all about abuse, neglect and self image. Then she did a 180 and came out with “Aint no other man” and was a blonde 1930′s looking star. Which how can you say is bad.. she was looking great and classy! And by that time was like 25 years old!

      Or let’s take Avril Lavigne.. a punk rocker who didn’t really show any sexuality at all for at least 2 albums. Could you imagine her in “I’m with you (an emotional song)” being naked? No. She wore cargo pants, boots, big coat and a tank top singing outside in the cold. Or “Nobody’s Home”? Nope. My Happy Ending? Nope. In fact, she was ‘hott’ because she was the girl with attitude that said “Don’t eff with me! I don’t need to do anything to get your attention. I’m me”. And with Girlfriend, she wore heels, and had blonde hair …omg sooo bad! Not.

      Or how about Kesha. She was 23 when she came out. She was immediately called a drunk whore. But wanna know something, she is a weird person in general. My sisters best friend is an actress in Hollywood and knows her, you can already tell that Kesha would be weird EVEN if she wasn’t famous. I mean if you listen to her songs she pretty much talks about her past a lot and all the strange things she did. “Stephen” basically pokes fun at herself. She doesn’t take herself seriously at all …Dinosaur, hello. Even if you watch or listen to interviews, she’s just an odd person. Miley seems like she is a very serious person that wants to come off ‘peculiar and weird’ or different… but she sucks at it. It’s a vibe you can just tell she isn’t meant to be like that.

      And this is why Miley sucks as an artist.

  • Lindsey

    It honestly isn’t that bad. Doesn’t fit the message of the song but oh well.

  • CC

    10 million hits in couple of hours…I say job done Miley is brilliant singer and where she is at in life she is portraying well done couple million dollars first day? That is why she is in this business ….Go Miley Go…I admire you

  • Rachel

    Song is actually not too bad…the video scares is awful. It is really a shame, she could be an amazing artist if she stopped selling her vajayjay. She can actually sing, but she needs to stop hitting the Molly, humping teddy bears and now wrecking balls (I feel bad for the chain—it probably has an std now). I’m waiting for her to start dating Lindsay Lohan and being a bitter man-hater…but seriously I think Liam should dump her–no normal man would go out with someone who loves drugs and showing their camel toe at least once a week to the general public.

    • Souffle Girl

      She can sing? Please, have you heard her live? She’s absolutely terrible…

  • Serah

    And yet, no mention that this video is directed by the creep of the century, Terry Richardson. Seriously, look him up. Dude has issues and was accused several times of sexual assault. Only his connections in the industry keep him out of jail. Again, Miley is going to be crucified, but this dude will avoid any bad press, just like Robin Thicke after VMAs

  • Zack

    “All you did was wreck me…”
    No, honey, you wrecked yourself.

  • lananirvanalover123

    I feel like she’s completely plagiarized Lana Del Rey from her video Ride, were she’s swinging on the giant swing; only Lana has class to not act in a sexualized manner.

  • lananirvanalover123

    I feel like she’s completely plagiarized Lana Del Rey’s video ”Ride”, where she’s swinging on the giant swing which appears to fall from the sky(heaven); only Lana has class to know better that to act in such a grotesquely driven, sexualized manner. Lana can act sexy, without looking like a completely and utter imbecile. Just my personal opinion, nobody has to agree with me.

  • Colin

    Andrew, your one-sided, opinionated news reports are becoming almost too obnoxious for me to handle reading. Please please please identify articles as opinion columns if you’re going to make judgmental comments throughout.

  • Lillie Marie Peterson

    Musically I actually really enjoyed this song. The video is good too if you close your eyes.

  • Claire

    I think the tragedy that everyone is overlooking is the poor sledge hammer. It’s a real victim here.

  • mudbloodandproud1996

    i have to say that this video could have been a lot better. miley has come out and said that the message behind this video was that “She is in love with the pain” which is why she licks the sledgehammer and rides the wrecking ball naked, and it shows her vulnerability, but it could have been done so much better and in a not too sexualised way like she did. i am not saying that this video is bad, i actually love the song, i’m just saying there are other ways to get the same message across, most of which do not involve nudity.

  • FortofElan

    I totally understand the whole wanting to move on from her Disney days angle, and showing her maturity and stuff, but there’s different ways she can do that. The VMAs and the We Can’t Stop video have already established the sexuality. What about emotional maturity? Sure, ‘baring herself’ as a form of vulnerability, totally okay, but the sledgehammer? Why is she licking a sledge hammer? The part where she’s embracing the chain of the wrecking ball makes enough sense, as an imitation of her lover, but she totally does not have to be naked and swinging around. The sledge hammer should be used for smashing his heart out, not licking! I want to see the emotional, adult Miley, not an older, slutty Miley. She needs something more than sex.

  • Christian

    getting naked to show vulnerability ≠ getting naked to “sexualize the wrecking ball.” i swear people just love hating on things…

  • Glaciusx

    Music isn’t about the words anymore, it has become about the video and how much attention/shock value you can get from it. It’s sad…without the video, the song is actually nice. But of course, Miley feels like she has to let the world know she’s a ~woman~ and not Hannah Montana anymore. *rolls eyes*

  • Cguy

    What a slut.

  • TooQuickToJudge

    How does no one seriously understand the symbolism behind this video? I will completely agree that her VMAs performance was a complete disaster, but this video is actually extremely artistic and beautiful, and every movement throughout the video has a deeper meaning. She starts out clothes on the wrecking ball because she wanted to “break his walls” and eventually becomes nude (no full butt shot or nipples included AHEM Blurred Lines) to show how it has emotionally stripped her and left her feeling naked emotionally. She is licking the sledge hammer to show that even though it is what is wrecking her and everything around her (him/Liam) she still loves it and wants its affection so badly. Then by the end of the video, she is laying in the pieces of what once was. And think about it, if she was wearing a memorable outfit, pretty much anything other than solid white, it would take attention off her facial expressions and how hurt you can tell she actually is when she made this video. I am a woman in my late 20′s, and I myself as well as probably almost every other person have experienced a heartbreak like this. She is telling a story so don’t be so quick to call her a “skank” or “whore”

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