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As Supernatural season 9 approaches, we’ve rounded up some of the most important teases going into the premiere.

Season 8 ended with Metatron expelling all the angels from Heaven. Meanwhile, Dean prevented Sam from completing the third trial to seal the gates of Hell permanently, but Sam was left deathly ill in the wake of the aborted trial.

When the ninth season begins, Sam will have survived the trial. However, TVLine reports that Dean will have something to do with his survival, and that will be a secret that may cause a rift between him and Sam.

According to executive producer Jeremy Carver, Dean will open the season “in a slightly different position, one where it’s his decision driving great importance and weight on their relationship.” Carver adds, “It’s a heavy weight to bear, and it has a great effect on their relationship.”

Meanwhile, the brothers will also be forced to deal with the fallout of the angels falling to Earth. There will be “a lot of players for the throne of who’s going to rise to the fore here,” Carver says.

The players will include Ezekiel, “a dignified warrior angel injured in the Fall” who will be played by Battlestar Galactica alum Tahmoh Penikett.

Beyond Ezekiel, season 9 will explore some “really interesting, really neat angels,” Carver previews. “Wherever we can dive into Biblical references, we do and then we turn that the way that we need. Some of the angels that we see…have deep roots in angel mythology.”

Felicia Day will also be returning in season 9. She will appear in episode 4, titled “Slumber Party,” which will tackle The Wizard of Oz. The episode will feature flashbacks to 1935 and reveal “the first Men of Letters ever to occupy the bunker,” teases Carver. “It’s a lot of fun and heartfelt.”

Supernatural season 9 premieres Tuesday, October 8 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

  • Tyler

    Yes, because he’s never had a “heavy weight to bear” up until this point. :)

    • H

      My thoughts exactly. I’m thinking, “Jee, I wonder what it’ll be like seeing Dean deal with something like that. Oh, wait…”

    • sharonally

      Oh well you know this show this is done to you Sam but this is how horrible it is for Dean it is the way since they lost John oh no actually Dean lost John they forgot Sam. Anyway they will not change how they do things not now.

      • Kerwin

        wow….your post is almost unreadable.

        • sharonally

          No it isnt so I dont know what to say to you . Either reply or dont to to the post . .

          • bradleylloyd

            All you have to do Kerwin is reply with runon sentences since that’s the only thing that sharonally understands and uses to communicate with on this site. lol

          • Ruthie

            I cant stop laughing at this. so funny!

          • bradleylloyd


          • Kerwin

            I see I also noticed he doesn’t really use proper punctuation even when he tries to break up a run on sentence that runs on and has has multiple multiple words that seemers to repeaters…

          • bradleylloyd

            Well it’s like they say…a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          • bradleylloyd

            to to?

  • Gma1958

    Am thrilled with Mr. Carver addressing the angelic hierarchy … opens up such a huge door of possibilities … The angel hierarchy is extremely large and thus far all we have seen is the angel (messenger of God concerned with the living) and the Archangel (though only Gabriel and Micheal are directly referenced in the bible, Raphael in the Book of Tobias, and Uriel in the 2nd book of Esdras . Never has Supernatural addressed/shown a Seraphim (caretakers of God, who have six wings) nor a Cherubim (mentioned in Genesis) who have 4 faces (one each of man, an ox, a lion, and an eagle), though St. Thomas Aquinas did believe Lucifer was a Cherubim. It will be interesting to see how true Mr. Carver stays to the real angelic hierarchy, what branches of it he uses, and how he utilizes them. Looking forward to Season 9 premiere .

    • Hellboy

      Zachariah did mention he had six wings and four faces, one being a lion. But since the show has a small budget, and the angels are in human vessel’s, we’re not going to be seeing what an angel actually looks like.

      • David Edwards

        Castel stated that only a select few Humans can see his true form. which would be the same for other angels. Thus we will never ever see an angel’s true form as its impossible.

  • Nick

    Just once could this show maybe start with “Sam and Dean’s relationship is at a pretty good, healthy place right now because they’ve dealt with their issues during the hiatus and have grown stronger as a unit.”

    • Kerwin

      I think that was season 2 lol

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    So excited with the angel aspect of this season!! The biblical mythology has always been so interesting to me as a part of SPN. Can’t wait for this season!

  • sammylovegood

    I just hope that they braid Sam’s hair during the Slumber Party episode

  • momo

    I’m so excited forS9 but up just wish there were no more secrets or burdens to bare. I’m sure dean will somwhow save sam and won’t tell him but can’t wait for more angels!! Hopefully that aren’t dicks!! Can’t wait to learn more about MOL either!!!!

  • Kerwin

    Dean doesn’t have heavy burdens…He just eats a cheeseburger and is fine.

  • John

    Yay recycle the same plot point between Sam and Dean again!

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    What I find very interesting is that most people enjoy the overarching dramatic season-long plots more than they do monster-of-the week one off episodes. And yet, they apparently are tired of friction between Sam and Dean? I think that in order to continue with the slow burn season-long “baddie” or whatever, there has to be friction between the two main characters. Am I wrong? So I see a lot of what people are saying about SPN as a contradiction, honestly. I’m referring to several SPN articles that I have read the comments for, not just this one. I would be way happier with every episode being a monster-of-the-week episode, personally. But TV drama just doesn’t work that way anymore.

    • Priyanka

      The friction is getting same old same. Remember the time when Dean decides that he will go to hell to save Sam. This plot sounds almost the same. I got hooked to this show because I expected something different. Otherwise there are a lot of shows with just romance and drama. Season 4 was strong because the reason of the problems were sensible. I still fell this show does not need a friction between two main characters, because they have a lot of things going. I gave up last season from episode 2 to episode 9 completely and I know a lot of people did the same thing. In my opinion, the friction is not helping the show to last any longer that it can.

      • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

        I see your point, but I feel like at this juncture it has become such a trope that it wouldn’t be SPN without Sam and Dean fighting like big girls. But regardless of that being part of this season, I think that the new angel situation is going to make for some interesting TV. Hopefully it will renew your faith in the show :)

        • Hellboy

          Also, I think it makes sense that they are a bit passive aggressive/hold grudges. I mean look who raised them and how they were raised.

          Plus look at how they live, they really have no privacy, except for the odd years where one of them ended up in another plane of existence, where it was usually just horrible. That they would keep secrets from each other, and jump down each others throats feels more realistic.

      • Elizabeth Orozco

        I so totally disagree. Any relationship does have its friction and for 2 independent smart intelligent men who each want things in their life and know what they are doing it is natural. Supernatural is not just action, it is drama. IT has been from the beginning and I love it and always will. I dont know how much longer there is for it but I hope a while. I think this show is great and for there not to be something between them would be weird

  • Destiel Fan

    Rumor has it Destiel will be cannon in episode 4……………. I doubt it. The writers will either just tease it horribly or it will be another aletrnate universe ploy.
    But I still ship Detiel for life.

  • Louis

    Another secret of Dean. my favourite. But I’m mostly worried about Cas this time.

  • priyanka

    It has always been a terrible idea to create a difference between Sam and Dean for more than two episodes..the creators don’t learn their lessons..last season they lost a lot of viewers due to the same stupidity

  • M. Gabriela Sosa

    Felicia Day’s episodes are always a treat. Can’t wait!

    • Elizabeth Orozco

      Maybe on that We ll see She is a good character when they are putting side shows to go off the plot a little

  • idontknow

    i still want cas and the angels to get their grace back though

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