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It was revealed today that Star Wars Episode VII will be shot on real film and not on digital cameras.

It’s a sad reality that more and more filmmakers are going away from shooting movies in real film. This is, of course, because it’s far easier to shoot something digitally, but digital camera still can’t quite pick up everything film can.

Fortunately, J.J. Abrams will be reteaming with cinematographer Dan Mindel ASC, BSC to shoot Star Wars Episode VII. Mindel says that they’ll be shooting it on Kodak film stock 5219 film, and not digitally.

The two previous Star Wars films had been shot digitally. The 1999 released Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace had been shot on film.

Since they won’t be shooting digitally, it is impossible for Star Wars Episode VII to be shot in native 3D. If Disney wants to release it in 3D (the mouse will definitely want to), they’ll have to do a post conversion. This method creates an inferior 3D, but we don’t think you’ll find too many Star Wars fans complaining because the 3D won’t be as good as it could have been.

Shooting in film (and not using 3D cameras) will allow J.J. Abrams to utilize lens flares (which we hear he loves) if he chooses. We think this is unlikely though. They’ve already gone out of their way to tell us that they’re going back to the style of the original trilogy by using less CGI and more real effects, so we’d be very surprised if they decide to have the two styles clash.

Are you glad to here ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ will be shot on real film?

Thanks, bobafettfanclub (via SlashFilm).

  • PabloRuiz7

    YES. Nolan will be proud. =’)

  • Mugglable

    *1999 release

  • http://harrymyland.com/ Harry Myland

    Cool news.

    Two big pluses I always give Episode 1 are that it was shot on film and that it incorporated far more practical effects than Episodes 2 and 3. Given the state of CGI today it’s going to be far easier to seamlessly blend the practical and digital for something truly great. Now we just have to hope the story and characters are up to snuff.

  • Cameron Moore

    Brilliant! However I really wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a few lens flares pop into the movie. I love Abrams, and his flares, and given that this is one of his movies I wouldn’t mind some sort of amalgam of the two styles, albeit with far fewer lens flares than some of his other films.

  • Roj

    Less CGI and more real effects……….there is a god after all.

  • johngy

    As the President of C. A. D. (Citizens Against Digital) I highly approve!

  • Rob

    “Since they won’t be shooting digitally, it is impossible for Star Wars Episode VII to be shot in native 3D. ”

    That will come as a surprise to the folks who made the 53 3D features released during the golden age of 3D.

  • Jezz

    Assuming Kodak is even still making film when they begin shooting…

  • muswell

    So someone at Disney noticed that the two shot on video episodes looked like c**p, in the Cinema at least not sure a TV screen can present film at its best anyway.

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