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It’s our selection for the quarter finals with our shipping tournament, BattleShips. Who will go on to the next round, Elizabeth/Darcy or Bella/Edward? You decide!

Over the past two months, we’ve selected relationships to represent each book in our tournament, and now that they’ve been selected, it’s time to put them against each other in the tournament!

Pride & Prejudice’ VS Twilight

Who do you think should win?

- Bella/Edward (54%, 18,239 Votes)
- Elizabeth/Darcy (46%, 15,655 Votes)

Total Voters: 33,893

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This poll will end August 18 at 12:00PM. If you have trouble voting just refresh the page a couple of times!

The Participants

A Song of Ice and Fire: Jaime/Brienne
His Dark Materials: Lyra/Will
Bloodlines: Sydney/Adrian
Twilight: Bella/Edward
Heroes of Olympus: Percy/Annabeth
Divergent: Tris/Tobias (Four)
Pride & Prejudice: Elizabeth/Darcy
Perks of Being a Wallflower: Charlie/Sam
The Vampire Academy: Rose/Dimitri

The Tournament


How it’ll work

Each battle will last 48 hours, so be sure to get your fandom in the know when its your favorite book’s turn! The tournament will continue until we reach the final battle, and then we’ll name a ship the Best Book Ship of All Time!

You can advertise your book’s battle through any social media site to help your favorite ship win, and every vote counts until the 48 hours are up, so don’t think your ship is done just because it’s a few votes down near the end!

Reminder: Sudden Death

In the event that a battle ends with a margin of 150 votes or less, the battle will go into sudden death. Sudden death means that the next day, a new battle will be set up for only 6 hours, and the winner of that poll will go on to the next round. All votes will be reset in sudden death, so every vote counts!

Who did you vote for?

  • leigh_bag

    o heeelllll no, there is NO way bella/edward can hold a candle to the-best-effing-ever elizabeth/darcy. please.

  • Ultron

    I hate both of these books, but I had to vote for elizabeth and darcy even though pride and prejudice is sooo boring. I couldn’t get past the first chapter. I’ve read, been in the play and seen the movie and that really sucked but anything is better than twilight so P&P has my vote! Pride and prejudice and zombies is good though

    • Jaye Thompson

      You, talking about how much you dislike Pride and Prejudice? Still a better love story than Twilight.

      • lorepottter

        Its a classic Pride and Prejudice, some people just dont get it

      • Ultron

        I’m not going to argue there!

      • Lala

        Your “still a better love story than twilight” is getting pretty old tbh. :-) :-)

  • Roxanne

    Im looking forward to P&P absolutely TRASHING Twilight.

    • Emily

      I think you might have spoken too soon :(

  • Alex

    well this is ironic.

  • StarTripping

    I don’t have any hatred for Twilight, but I am seriously shocked and disappointed to see that B&E are beating out E&D. I would think even Twilight fans would go for E&D here o.O

    • Chels

      Not a fan of either but.. whatever do you mean when you say that? Which fan in the right mind would vote against their ship? I think each ship is precious to their own fandom. No one would do that js

      • Samma

        They might if they were fans of Bella/Edward AND Elizabeth/Darcy. Or if they were Twilight fans but not Bella/Edward shippers?

        • Ginna

          If you know of Twilight fans who are even aware of Liz and Darcy, let me know!

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Hi! Come on, we’re not that stupid… get over the stereotypes.

          • Samma

            I know several….do you want names or something?

          • Ginna

            Um no thanks, I think you missed my point. There aren’t many who love both the ships.

          • Samma

            No, I got the point you were trying to make, I just thought I should point out that it was inaccurate.

          • Ginna

            You :-) Are :-) So :-) Funny :-)

          • Yaritza

            Hi, big Twilight and P&P fan.

          • Bookluver1208

            Wow, seriously?

          • k

            Are you kidding, was Elizabeth & Darcy fan loooong before Bella & Edward (whom I also love) Love them both, but must vote Lizzie and Darcy, come on.

        • Chels

          Hmm I guess I never considered the first possibility, you’re right about that one. But if there were more Twilight fans who shipped other people from the books, I don’t think Edward and Bella would’ve been voted as THE ship.

          • Samma

            Ron and Hermione lost in round one, so anything’s possible.

          • k

            I know right, that’s crazy….but I guess because the Potter books were not big on the love story part, but more of the love for each other part….

    • Shelby

      Im a fan of both stories and a serious Bella/Edward shipper, but nothing beats Darcy and Elizabeth!

  • Kimmee

    If Pride and Prejudice loses my faith in humanity will also be lost

    • Lindsey


    • Jasmine Dixon

      that’s what i was going to say

    • Amy

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Jj

      The same goes for me. How can Bella and Edward be winning this?

    • Deniece Jones

      You read my mind.

    • Deanna

      I am in total agreement.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ very own Lizzie tweeted about BattleShips and basically express this same sentiment. LOL! I’m loving this round. So close!

    • Gabby

      Have you even read the series?

      • Jj

        I tried. They suck. So badly that I can never get those few hours back. So badly that I weep for the youth of today who consider that series literature.

      • Kimmee

        I actually have read the books and I didn’t like them at all. I don’t like the character of Bella. The story behind Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship is literacy perfection.

    • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

      I already lost it when they beat Alanna/George

    • María

      So agree!

  • zpplnchick

    If Bella and Edward win, I give up on being a human.

  • Lindsey

    Is there any way to see the %ages after you’ve voted? Also, it says voting will end at 12pm… I think it means to say 12am or 11:59pm?

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      12pm. Sunday at noon.

  • PabloRuiz7

    I hope people are voting FOR the amazing Elizabeth/Darcy and not Against Bella and Edward =)

  • Flitzy

    Edward and Bella are eternal. <3

  • Hayley

    I respect that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but if E&B beat E&D, a small part of my soul may die.

  • Irakli

    Thank god real ,not real sh*t couple of Katniss/Peeta are out. I’d love to see Twilight down, but I know it’s very unlikely.

  • ValeriaKementari

    fuck Twilight

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    Since I no longer care, this round is going to be the most fun to watch. LOL!

    Also, I encourage people to be respectful in their comments. Let’s be respectful of all fandoms, no matter what our personal opinion is on the source material. Let’s keep it fun, guys. Make Hypable proud. Hehe!

  • Rachel Whelen

    uh oh I was thinking I should vote for Twilight as a joke then I came to my senses realized I couldn’t live myself if I did that so I voted the right way. Good thing too. Lizzie and Darcy need all the help they can get.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan


  • Meghan

    I asked my mom for this one because she has read both (I never had the patience for Twilight) and she said no question Darcy/Elizabeth and laughed. :)

  • Belieber

    Edward and Bella get my vote. I know a thing or two about being in a fandom which gets universally hate from all sides and it’s tough. :) Long live twihards! Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate ;)

  • Mary Anne

    Pretty sure that the majority of the people who vote for Liz and Darcy are doing it because they hate Twilight. Trust me I love P&P and we don’t have a ‘fandom’. I wish everyone would be mature about it and refrain from posting hate comments ~it’s called BattleShips for a reason. You vote for your favorite ship and that’s it. Does it say anywhere you need to post crap about the ship that you’re NOT rooting for?

    Yes, everyone is allowed to have opinions, but some people abuse the privilege. What does stuff like “Fuck Twilight” or “Twilight is gay!” even mean? And these comments get the most likes?

    Grow some brain cells, please.

    • Liv Arleth

      Sure P&P have a fandom! Have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries?!?

      • Teranel

        For the record, I didn’t realize this battle had started until I saw it posted on the LBD Facebook page.

      • yucaistudent

        Yeah! The LBD deserves more publicity. Get the facts straight and yeah, if you know about that, you’d know that the fandom about it is HUUUGGGEE

    • Heather Martin

      Actually, I’d say a bunch of people are voting Twilight in order to screw the whole tournament. Especially after couples like Ron/Hermione and Hazel/Augustus got knocked out.

      And Lizzie/Darcy are like the OTP of all OTP’s. Pride & Prejudice has a huge fandom. Not in the sense of a HP or THG fandom, but Pride & Prejudice is so universal, and so well loved even today. I’d say all the votes Lizzie and Darcy are getting are legitimate, because they are the ultimate OTP. Sure, some are voting so Twilight doesn’t win, but it’s more because P&P in fact does have a fandom. (Ever heard of the massively successful Lizzie Bennet Diaries?)

      • Borkie

        sorry but your fandom is severely small. Like VA. It’s scattered and w/o structure. no one is dumb tbh, I wish you’d stop asking people about LBD like they’ve been living under the rocks.

        • Borkie

          and to be winning, the size of your fandom does matter. as for the “otp of all otp”s I’m pretty darn sure every fandom feels that way. But I completely respect your opinion tho.

          • guest

            Most fandoms havent been around for a tenth as long as P&P has. It deserves it.

        • Heather Martin

          Haha wouldn’t call P&P fandom small. Like I said it’s not a loud fandom, but P&P is a huge book, and has a ton of fans. But to each his own I guess. I just would never call the P&P fandom small..

          And the question about LBD was sarcasm… Obviously people have heard of it. I’m just pointing out that it was successful, and there’s obviously a large fanbase there.

        • Elphaba Thropp

          People think that the Pride and Prejudice fandom is small because it isn’t shoved in your face like other fandoms. We’re okay not being the best all the time.

        • SnatcherGirl

          If VA was small, it wouldn’t have the number one seed.

        • Kits

          No, I’d say P&P fandom is HUGE, even without LBD, because so many people who aren’t in the normal internet fandoms (and, in many cases, aren’t even aware there is such a thing) are super fannish about it. Have you seen how much published fanfiction there is out there for it? And, perhaps more importantly, the fans are /consistent/.

        • yucaistudent

          Ha! So it’s small!? That’s because you never even bothered to take a look of the greatest modernised classics. Maybe if you started watching it, you would know why we are known as “The Most Faithful Fans” as quoted from The Post in 2012. =P

      • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

        It can be said that just as many people are voting against Twilight on purpose, so it should even itself out… It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason why people vote on these things. You get a bit of everything in the mix.

    • Anya

      Haha, P&P has a MASSIVE fandom!

    • Rebekah

      You may be right but I would also hazard a guess that those voting for Twilight have never read Pride and Prejudice- because this shouldn’t be a competition. It is actually the only book on here with a great love story. Some of the others are fun but lets face it- where are the real books with actual believable love stories? With true trials of faith, trust, and hardship? Where is the ache and loss? Lizzy and Darcy are not a teenage drama they are a true love story.

      • Lexie

        You sound like you’re saying you’ll believe in love stories only if they’re human! (:

        • Aslee Blansit

          What, because non-humans can’t have trials of faith, trust, and hardship? As a hardcore supernatural/urban fantasy/things with aliens supporter I have to give your comment a big ol’ hell to the no.

          Just because the story is between non-humans, or a human and a non-human, does not mean that the narrative shouldn’t make the relationship feel real, which often means that the characters EARN their happy ending. And it ESPECIALLY does not mean that the pairing gets to be abusive and have it written off as a trait of the non-human species.

          You are ridiculous.

          • Myah

            I don’t believe she was saying anything against non-human relationships in fiction. As far as I understand, she was trying to say that P&P comes the closest to reflecting love- the characters and faults of the people involved, their trials, shortcomings, and sheer blind actions- as it is in real life.

            It has nothing to do with WHAT the characters are, but WHO they are, the choices they make and the impact of these on the world around them.

          • Malachy

            Exactly. By saying that Pride & Prejudice is a “real” story, I think that Rebekah just meant that it is firmly rooted in history not that other love stories were unreal because they were between non humans.

          • Aslee Blansit

            Yeah, and I agree with that sentiment- But the person I was replying to wasn’t making that point. What she was doing, however, was implying that the root commenter only preferred Darcy and Elizabeth because they were human. I was merely correcting her ridiculous statement, because Lizzie and Darcy would be perfect together no matter what species they were.

          • Myah

            Ha- my mistake then. I assumed that the ridiculous comment at the end of your post was directed at the original poster- not Lexie

      • Jessica

        A majority of Twilight fans have actually read it!
        God, i hate that stereotypical view!!

        I’m a twilight fan and know that the first book (as well as BxE themselves) is influenced by P+P. That’s why i read it.
        It is brilliant and it has better writing, but for me, vampire/human wins out. Just my opinion! :)

    • Souffle Girl

      We do have a fandom – the LBD Seahorses xD

    • reema

      You are totally right, people always hate things that they don’t understand !!

  • Suspicious

    First Ron/Hermione, then Katniss/Peeta, and now Elizabeth/Darcy? Why do I feel like someone’s sabotaging this Battleships?

    • zingea

      I agree about Ron and Hermione, but looking into the comments section of the THG poll made me realize that Katniss and Peeta are apparently not a readers’ favorite ship.

      • DrwhoDrpepperDrSeuss

        EXACTLY why I want Elizabeth and Darcy to win this. (this round at least.) Not only do I ship them like crazy and adore the living heck out of them, but any other otp I could have is now GONE.

    • Souffle Girl

      Also Hazel/Augustus!!!!!!! :(

  • Angie

    really people…. really? How could you seriously pick Twilight over P&P in this?!

  • Merina

    Fellow Twilight fans, I knew you were still out there ;) Edward/Bella for the win!

  • Nanny

    Nooooo!!! Now Stephenie Meyer gets angry even more!

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      Umm… why?

  • Dakota Guynn

    Seriously I agree with Kimmee.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    That’s it, guys. We are officially fucked and here is the evidence.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    Um seems like there have been a massive amount of votes for P&P in the last hour. Either the news reached Tumblr…or you know…

  • Hal

    I unknowingly just broke the tie. For now….

  • Ness

    If Lizzie and Darcy lose then the ONLY ship I care about is Rose and Dimitri and if they get kicked out next then I don’t give a rats ass who wins.

  • Rebekah

    I can’t believe this is even a contest! SHOCKED!!!!

  • Glaciusx

    If Twilight wins here then Giles was right…the earth IS doomed.

  • Shelby Walker

    I don’t understand how people can vote for Edward and Bella over the ship that pretty much started modern day romance. Most romantic comedies use the example of Lizzie and Darcy to set up their romances. There’s so much more depth to Lizzie and Darcy… I’m sad now.

    Lizzie/Darcy, please come out on top!

    • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

      My thoughts exactly. I have nothing against Twilight, I’ve read/seen/enjoyed them all, but there is no contest against Elizabeth and Darcy! This is ludicrous.

      • Shelby Walker

        Yes! Exactly.

        Btw, love your name. Destiel all the way! :)

  • Grace Chen

    how da fuq did Lyra and Will beat Ron and Hermione? *facepalm*

    I seem to be very behind in this tournament.

  • M. Gabriela Sosa

    Who dares chooses Bella and Edward over Lizzie and Darcy? I someone likes them more, I understand, but I think we can all agree that their relationship’s development is ten times more than Bella and Edward’s. And it wall in one book. They grew more in one book than those two did in four!!

  • Rene Fox

    Pride & Prejudice: Elizabeth/Darcy

  • Souffle Girl

    Ron/Hermione are out and Hazel/Augustus are out and now it looks like Lizzie/Darcy are heading for a loss…

    • The Legs

      Hypable Battleships – Books

    • Heather Martin

      Wouldn’t count them out so quickly… They just gained the lead (again)

    • JC

      I would add Sam/Frodo to that list.

  • Bertie Wooles


    I think this sums up my mood right now

    • Ash

      Best post EVER

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    I have a feeling that this will turn into a Sudden Death… damn :D

  • Twizzler

    I vote for P&P because they made Twilight. Almost every YA book or any romantic comedy out there. Edward is Mr. Darcy, Bella is Elizabeth Bennet and Jacob is Mr. Wickham. They have the hate relationship before they get into the real relationship. I like Twilight but I LOVE Pride & Prejudice. Its a story that needs to win. Especially now.

  • Renata Cristina Novelli Cullen

    Edward and Bella get my vote.

  • Alexa

    So Hazel/Augustus and Ron/Hermione are tossed, but BELLA AND EDWARD are going to win?! what world do we live in. my hopes now lay in Tris and Four

  • Delena

    I’m so surprised by how this whole BattleShips thing is turning out…

  • YoYo

    Come on, even Stephenie Meyer would vote Elizabeth & Darcy over Edward and Bella!

    • Shelby Walker

      I believe that wholeheartedly. :D

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    820 votes difference… come, on Twihards! We can do this…

  • Alissa Roy

    I’m still so aggravated that Ron/Hermione and Hazel/Augustus are out of this… They are the two of the best couples that I have read about, ever. So it has to be Lizzie/Darcy now. None of the other couples in this are that good- I can’t believe that some have gone this far and have beaten out R/H and H/A :( But Lizzie/Darcy are AWESOME so if they don’t win I am going to be thoroughly depressed.

  • JC

    Oh my BattleShips, SO MANY VOTES! For both Ships! At this moment, the number is 11,931 total votes. It this the most votes total out of any battle?

    • Liderc

      Oh no, the final battle last time had 40,000+.

      • JC

        Wow, that’s crazy! LOL!

  • Gabrielle Woo

    99% of the people who are saying things about Twilight haven’t even read the series. Give it a chance. This is a competition about the books, not the movies. So please stop. It’s hard being a fan of Twilight, seeing all the hate. Just read the series before saying, “All faith in humanity will be lost.”

  • Reeds

    Considering how many people have gone through the Abusive Behavior checklist for “romantic relationships” and found that Edward and Bella’s relationship fits every single facet, I’m surprised this is even a competition. Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship went through its troubles, but there was none of that “I’ll throw myself off a cliff if you won’t love me!” nonsense.
    I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of Twilight in general, but they don’t even belong in this running.

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      Well, if you’re one of the Twihards, even if you know about this, well…

      • Marine

        Wait… You don’t care that you’re supporting an abusive relationship???

        • ZofTheTwiHard

          That’s how you see it.

          • Marine

            I think the issue is exemplified in your blindness to the abusive nature of the relationship. If ‘twihards’ think that a relationship which fits all the questions of the National Domestic Violence Hotline is ‘true love’ rather than ‘domestic abuse’, Meyer has managed to influence people. The fear of people who speak out against twilight is that you won’t be able to see the signs of abuse, and see it as a good relationship. Which is dangerous considering the large amount of young girls reading this story.

          • Joana Eme

            Please, don’t waste your time with ZofTheTwiHard. I’ve already explained Zof extensively how this pairing is horrible, and Zof still doesn’t see it, or at least does, but prefers to dismiss it because their view is better.

            I don’t mind people shipping horrible couples (I myself ship one horrible couple, I apologize…), as long as they are aware of how horrible they are.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            I am quite well aware of how horrible Edward and Bella as a couple may be. You yourself were a part of that process, Joana. The reason I degrade that fact is because, infinitely, I do realise they are a fictional couple. I think that, in fictional worlds, things tend to work a bit differently to reality… so when I read them, I think within the rules of that world. I mean, just ’cause I like them two doesn’t mean I’m happy with similar goings-on in reality. But, despite that, I still love the books and the movies and I still find them intriguing. I just don’t like to think negatively about stuff because I’d rather save my energy and be happy than waste it on how horrible and sickening this world is. I do realise it. I just like to keep it out of my head.

          • Joana Eme

            Ok then, thanks for clarifying that, and I’m glad you do. =)
            Haha, poor you, we’re still arguing. XD

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            This really does make my life more interesting :D LOL…

          • Joana Eme

            What? Arguing?

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Yeah :D But also just participating within the world of fandoms. Much cooler then I thought.

          • Joana Eme

            Same here (about the arguing). XD

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            That’s why I think that Twilight being rated as 9+ (least it is in the UK) is ridiculous. I think it should be at least 12+, because, like you said, if a reader is not able to distinguish between rules of the real world and the world of fiction, then stuff like this becomes a real problem. But not everyone is so brainwashed as to not realise. I’d like to think that I do. I mean, I myself have an argument against Twilight which nobody used against me in these arguments yet. I just like to have a positive state of mind, and keep the horror of our society out.

          • Marine

            You need to see the horror in society in order to fix it. Allowing a fictional couple, especially one so popular, even in its fictional world, to have an abusive relationship without calling the author out on it or acknowledging that their relationship is not appropriate makes it more acceptable in the real world. However, if you take that relationship as an example, young girls will be able to recognise the signs of abuse and realise that it’s not acceptable.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Do you mean ‘you’ as in me or ‘you’ as in the whole fandom? ‘Cause, to be honest, I don’t see how my personal opinion should change anything… it’s not like I’m famous or something.

          • Marine

            I mean ‘you’ generally, which includes ‘you’ the fandom and ‘you’ yourself. The idea that you have to be famous to change something is ridiculous, fame usually comes after you change something! One person alone, with the technology we have today to share ideas, can definitely change something. If more than one person decide to change something, that’s even better! If the whole Twilight fandom were to agree that the books and universe created by Meyer are wonderful, but that Edward and Bella’s relationship is unhealthy, you could definitely mount a whole campaign around it. It would stop being a mark of a bad story, and become a controversial statement and an agent of change. The Harry Potter Alliance does great things for charity, the Twilight Alliance could definitely bring publicity and awareness to the problems of domestic violence and abusive relationships in young people!
            People would then be able focus on the rest of the novels which I’m sure are great!

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            That is a good idea, I admit, but it could just make the hate towards us and Stephenie much worse. I think this whole issue is being overthinked, though.

          • Marine

            Doing something positive about a negative would not make the hate worse. The issue people have is not that it IS an abusive relationship, but that it is glorified and not recognised as such.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            I’m not talking about those. I know whose would be fine with it, more-or-less. I’m talking about those haters which have no idea what they’re talking about.

      • Reeds

        Yeah, I forgot how much we all love emotional abuse. Because, you know, battered women’s syndrome is everybody’s favorite lifestyle these days…

        • ZofTheTwiHard

          To quote myself again… “if you’re one of the Twihards”. Obviously not one of us.

  • olga

    Scared for Jaime/Brienne rite now

  • nikki

    I think it’s hilarious that people think p&p has no fanbase. Its fanbase spans almost 200 years. I’m personally not sure if most people will recognise twilight next decade, let alone next century. It’s a good story, but not well written and relies entirely on hormones to get you through it. Which of course is why it makes such a good showing in a BattleShip competition. Plus twilight has exactly the type of audience that would be more likely to find and take a quiz like this. If we want to see who is the true winner, I’ll meet you back here in 100years. I’m betting p&p will still have a fanbase, while twilight will either be unknown or like Mrs. Radcliff mysteries which nobody has actually read.

  • MusicMaker2010

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

  • Sofia Malik

    Wow, I was not expecting it to be this close

  • JT

    I can’t believe Ron/Hermione got beat.
    Now I guess it’s Percabeth all the way!

  • DrwhoDrpepperDrSeuss

    No, I don’t care how much you ‘love’ Bella and Edward. Darcy and Lizzie should win. Most of these ‘twihards’ voting must not have even read the book. (..dear god, did they not even watch any tv adaptations?) Look, anyone who voted belward (or whatever the heck it’s called.) and have not read P&P, do so. It’s really really good.

  • Dancergirlmelody

    I don’t understand. How are Bella and Edward winning this? How did Lyra and Will beat Hermione and Ron? My faith in humanity is declining rapidly…

  • Julie Bresnahan


  • LizzieJ

    It is not easy at all to vote – not even sure when it finally loaded correctly that my vote was counted. Very disappointing.

  • Cruella

    fella and edtard are winning????? damn, i thought people would be over this twilight crap by now

  • Elena

    i have no words. Just; What. The. Hell.
    Honestly? Lizzie and Darcy respect and love each other and they have been a popular ship for 200 years
    Edward and Bella? an abusive relationship which is commonly referred to as a disgrace of english literature.
    And the latter is winning?
    What. The. Hell.

  • P&P Fan

    The Twilight author has always said that the first book and it’s characters were written with P&P in mind.
    The other few twilight books are influenced by classics like romeo and juliet and wuthering heights.
    You’d be surprised what the Twilight community has read because of this. They ARE allowed to make up their own minds which character they prefer. That’s the point of this poll lol and just because Twilight may get more votes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better than P&P.

    Again, though…. it’s a poll. Everyone needs to relax! :)

  • upper_westsider

    Bella & Edward being compared to Elizabeth & Darcy?! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • kat09

    Seriously?! Twilight is winning?! Be ashamed people

  • Laura Jurgensmeyer

    Well, the one bright side for me is..if they win, I won’t have any trouble with my choices in any of the next four rounds. I have no idea who I’d vote for if it was Elizabeth/Darcy vs Jaime/Brienne.

  • vivianastrozombie

    Pride and Prejudice

  • Mathew Gibbons

    I’m not surprised. This is all Twilight fans have left now after all. Still sad to see a classic literature couple loose to a couple who seem to compete for who can be the most horrible person.

  • Rosewind

    Twilight…. I have no words to say but keep you vampire powers away from the fucking poll!

  • Rosewind

    How did Katniss and Peeta lose?! Let’s see you get you leg infected and cut off to get replaced with some metal scrap, THENNN That’s see what you say about them!

  • Nina

    I really LOVE elizabeth & Mr. Darcy but I Love Edward & Bella even more, you can so easily relate to Bella

  • Ch73

    How can you compare Pride and Prejudice, a true Masterpiece, with Twilight ???

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