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As of late, there has been some controversy concerning season 3, episode 11′s scene between Lydia Martin and Peter Hale concerning the latter character’s past abusive behavior.

First of all, a run down:

In season 1, episode 5 shows Lydia’s first encounter with Peter when he breaks through the window of a video store in his werewolf form where she is clearly frightened and is then heavily drugged.

In season 1, episode 11 we see Lydia’s second encounter. On the night of the winter formal, Peter brutally attacks Lydia, and she is hospitalized as a result.

In season 2, episodes 1, 7, 9, and possibly others, after Lydia has recovered from her (werewolf-inflicted) wounds, she is plagued by visions of a teenage Peter as well as a deceased, adult Peter (after being slashed in the throat by nephew Derek in the last episode of Season 1) trying to interact with her from beyond the grave. He eventually succeeded by somehow controlling her to perform a ritual to resurrect him.

Fast forward to season 3, episode 11 where we see Lydia meet Peter for what looks to be the first time since said resurrection took place. The only dialogue shared between them was:

Lydia: “You.”
Peter: “Me.”
Lydia: “You.”
Peter: “Me.”

While it was established that Peter and Lydia would, in fact, share a scene at some point in the first part of season 3, it was eventually revealed before episode 11 was aired that Jeff hadn’t initially written the aforementioned Lydia/Peter scene at all until Holland Roden and Ian Bohen inquired about the lack of attention their previously abusive relationship was receiving. Roden is quoted as saying:

Ian and I have a scene coming up and…our past abusive relationship was never addressed in the scene how it was written! And so Ian and I walk in and we’re like: “really? Really? What’s going on?” And so, poor Jeff, he’s got a million things on his plate, and he’s like “yeah, oh…yeah” You know, I mean, it was fun though because it allowed us to make a decision as actors, you know? It’s been fun when you play a character for almost four years now…how would you react? There’s, like, a natural instinct there.


It comes as no surprise to hear that Jeff Davis does have a lot on his plate where his schedule and job are concerned. He is the one with the task of writing a sufficient and entertaining episode to be shown every week for fans ALL OVER THE WORLD, he has a deadline to write said episodes and, to add to that, there are time constraints so scenes will undeniably be edited out or, if not included in the initial script (like the Lydia/Peter scene from what I gathered from Jeff in Roden’s quote), might not be included at all because of the time each episode has already been given.

It’s safe to say it was Jeff’s aim to make this season’s plot as suspenseful, intricate and entertaining as possible. Sure, this might have been have been a little too ambitious and was the cause for him to forget about Lydia and Peter’s past history, but he is entitled to act forgetful every so often because we, as people, do that; we shouldn’t forget the motivation behind taking on such a task in the first place. It’s been noted before that he experiences sleepless nights trying to write and finish each script so that it can go into production as fast as possible, thus allowing it to be delivered to our screens.

(Skip to 30 minute mark)

While the scene in question was invariably and unnecessarily brief (believe me, I, as did so many others, wanted to witness a scene between Lydia and Peter where he got his comeuppance in some shape or form), Jeff has proven that he has the ability to write both impressively and effectively for Teen Wolf and other shows like Criminal Minds (which was created when he sold his own script to CBS, eventually leading to the conception of the hit series it’s known as and currently watched by millions).

It’s worth noting that we are currently just finishing the first of TWO parts to this season, so Jeff has ample opportunity to redeem himself with this minor indiscretion with regard to these two characters.

Lastly, some food for thought: The fact that people seem to have this idea that Jeff cannot make certain mistakes with the show here and there is, quite frankly, nonsensical. No show is, by any means, perfectly written or executed every time. Everything has its cons no matter the amount of outweighing pros it may possess.

While we as viewers of the show are perfectly entitled to our own opinions concerning certain aspects of the production, it is by no means helpful to say Jeff “isn’t a good writer” or that you’ll “never give Jeff credit for anything. Ever. EVER,” because that is plain disrespectful when you consider what he does for the Teen Wolf fandom on a daily basis and what is expected of him in his line of work. The provided quotes are just a couple of examples of the counterproductive nature present in some messages written by people.

Some people seem to forget the positive aspects of the show that make it what it is: the female characters are depicted more realistically as independent, strong, skillful and intelligent figures and leaders who can be forces to be reckoned with if not treated properly; the fact that sexuality is just another facet of someone’s personality – plain and simple; and it’s clear Jeff and the TW team do a considerable amount of research with regard to etymology for each individual character and mythological aspect of the show (having said himself, more than once, the names the characters are assigned pertain to the current story being told at the time); and the mythos attached to each season is clearly researched and rightly so in order to allow the story to progress, allowing to be more and more engaging.

There are more positive attributes to the show than negative, so don’t lose hope so soon!

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  • Amelia Robin King

    Im sure at some point Peter will pay…

    • FinnM

      Oh, definitely :3

  • Mianha

    Do you work for Jeff? Are you a friend of his? A totally biased article.

    • FinnM

      Purely my own opinion, is all. I wrote this on the basis of what we all see and are shown. That’s all we can give at the end of the day!

    • Amanda Douglas

      Is he not allowed to have an opinion? If that’s the case, then people aren’t allowed to dislike the scene in question either.

      Personally, I agree with him. While I expected a bit more from this first encounter, I didn’t really have an issue with it either.

      • FinnM

        I know, right? It’s nothing but an opinion, thank you for seeing that, Amanda! :3 I appreciate your comment :3

    • Rayna

      Hey, fun fact, there are people who genuinely enjoy the show and everything about it still and they’re actually in the majority. A good portion of the fandom – one I suspect includes you – is extremely oversensitive about everything that happens on the show and constantly bashes it with extreme prejudice. You are the biased one. Have a problem with the show? Just. Stop. Watching. It’s that easy.

      • FinnM

        HOW did I miss this comment? xD Yes, what you said right there is completely possible and I appreciate the comment entirely :3 I don’t know for sure if that is, in fact, the case for Mianha though. I suppose we’ll never know!

  • theaterboy1

    I personally found that scene to be hilarious and so cool!

  • Zeo

    Thanks for this! Jeff has a lot of work to do with little time to do it and I think he does a pretty great job considering. I actually didn’t have a problem with the scene. There was a heck of a lot going on and there wasn’t really time for them to have a proper confrontation. So there was that first sort of shocked, uncomfortable (and hilarious) moment of meeting for them, and then they moved onto the more important things. Because.. you know.. people LIVES are in danger. Lydia and Peter knew they didn’t have time for that right now.

    • FinnM

      Yeah, exactly! That’s not to say we should completely forget what happened between the two of them. I think some people shouldn’t act like the show is a lost cause and the writer’s ability to write has gone to shit. It just seems kind of strange for people to think nothing can or ever will be done, you know? I mean, have patience, you know?

  • Shaft Almasy

    Cool AfterBuzz TV I do like their stuff and their interview with Hayley Webb was pretty cool too, this article seems a little big I mean these things happen every now and then a scene might stutter it doesn’t stop the show from being awesome.

    • FinnM

      Oh, no, I totally agree! I literally said the exact same thing; forgetting something here and there is what people do but fans seem to forget this aspect of /being human/ and almost immediately lose faith completely in the show or the writer. I can’t fathom this way of thinking. The reason this is so long, however, was actually kind of unintentional but I felt compelled to write this because I kept seeing a lot of negative feedback these past 2 days and felt people were being a little too harsh too soon with something quite minor, in retrospect. It’s perfectly fine to give any opinion on how the show could be improved, heck, even I have my own, but simply blurting out angry comments over something so small without finding out what exactly was behind it is just bizarre…

  • Julia

    I first saw the scene in a gif set on tumblr and thought ‘wow that actually looks quite intense’ and looked forward to it. I was most disappointed by the really light-hearted and humorous music that they used during the scene more than anything. It kind of trivialised the moment when the acting was actually quite intense… it confused me a little bit.

    • FinnM

      I agree, I was actually quite surprised and confused when I heard the background music for the scene; definitely not fitting the tense atmosphere.

  • Cory Skelton

    With the way the episode was set up and with things that were going on, an emotionally intense confrontation between Lydia and Peter would have been a distraction and also bored me due to its placement in the episode. I like what we got…yes, I *DO* want there to be more between them eventually and have it addressed properly, preferably next week, but I liked the scene as it was just fine.

  • Meg

    While I do want to see a deeper Lydia/Peter confrontation, I actually really liked that scene. First, I think it provided some necessary comedic relief. I get that people may not like that those are the characters it was provided by, but I was fine with it. Second, Lydia already knew Peter was alive, so even though she hadn’t yet seen or interacted with him, she’s had a lot of time to come to terms with his existence and what he did. So I thought the look on her face at the moment of being face to him was perfect. Finally, I think that it was realistic that given WHY she was there (knowing that all 3 parents were about to be sacrificed and that Derek and Peter were the best chance of finding out where they were being held) that she would get to the point. She’s smart and strong, and I think this showed that.

    • FinnM

      I actually think you serve a very good point here. While I do still think it could have been a somewhat longer scene between the two, it wasn’t as bad, that is, not as bad as people are making it out to be. If the scene was longer, it could DEFINITELY have been comedic scene that worked in Lydia’s favour; being her sassy, skillful-with-words self. Maybe being held back by Derek from Peter or something!

  • Sarah

    It would have been inappropriate to have a blow-out at that moment. Three of her best friends’ parents had been kidnapped, and Lydia was coming to see Derek so he could do something to help. I wouldn’t discount the thought that they could have some deeper discussion at some point in the future. However, if they don’t, I don’t think it was a big deal. What is Lydia supposed to say?

    Lydia: “You’re a big jerk and just an all-around terrible person.”
    Peter: “Well…Yeah…”

    • FinnM

      Yeah, that does make sense now that I think about it. But I wouldn’t consider it to be a loud, blow-out moment by any means. After all, when has Lydia ever raised their voice during any sort of confrontation? Look at the Mystery Girl in 3×01: all Lydia said was “easy with the physicality” in a sort of hushed yet sharp tone; 3×07: Cora warns Lydia to stay away from Aiden but what does she do? She asserts her independence and says she can deal with a little werewolf. A Lydia/Peter conversation could have simply been a scene consisting of Lydia using her snappy, sharp-tongued remarks at Peter.

      However, I do realize she was there on business with 3 people’s lives at stake so it could have gone either way.

      • Doop

        Don’t forget, though, that Lydia was completely taken off guard by seeing him in the first place, not to mention the sheer amount of pain Peter caused her. I also think if that was a laugh-out-loud sort of scene it would have detracted heavily from the weight of what happened between them. It was amusing, definitely, but there was that ‘oh crap’ element to it.

        • FinnM

          Yeah, that’s true. What with the music playing in the background, it was enough to make it feel less tense than it had the potential of feeling. Also, I don’t think it would have effected the whole episode’s atmosphere if that particular was tense in some way what with it being pretty serious and dyer in nature! On the other hand, it wouldn’t have been the worst idea if there was a bit of light-hearted comedy..although, abuse really wouldn’t be something to make light of….hmmm, SO MANY SIDES >.<

  • Arianne Garcia

    Pydia’s interactions and storyline is very, very good.

  • DarrlynM87

    Everything about this article annoyed me but I’m not sure why

    • FinnM

      Woops, didn’t catch this comment until now! Well, could you explain as to why..? Perhaps there’s something I could consider improving on?

  • Blasemy

    I love the show. But That scene was not meant to be a laugh out loud moment. Like he attacked her and then he basically mind f***** her for an entire season. How do you see comedy behind that scene? There wasnt supposed to be. The music was wrong.

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