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Doug Jones of Hellboy fame has been added as a villain for the second half of Teen Wolf season 3.

According to TV Line, Doug Jones will be a season 3 villain. There’s no word yet if he’ll be the only one, but considering Teen Wolf likes to throw as much at their characters as they can, it’s quite possible he won’t be.

Jones’ character will be called Barrow and will be a “known killer.” There’s also no word yet on whether or not he’ll be a supernatural villain or a human one, but TV Line does refer to him as a “monster.”

Barrow will appear in season 3, episode 15, which will be the third episode of the second half of season 3. This episode will be titled “Galvanize.”

Season 3B will begin airing on January 6, 2014. The cast and crew are currently shooting the final 12 episodes for season 3.

Jones has played a variety of characters, and playing a non-human wouldn’t be out of his range. One of his best known roles was Abe Sapien in the Hell Boy franchise. He was even one of the Gentlemen in Buffy.

Although we don’t know much about his character right now, we’re sure he’s going to bring plenty of creepiness to the role. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing who exactly he’ll be playing and what Barrow’s motivations will be.

Previous casting news for Teen Wolf season 3 has come in the form of Arden Cho playing Kira, an Asian-American student of Beacon Hills. We don’t know much about Cho’s character either, but it’s quite possible she’ll be tied to the kitsune myth.

In Teen Wolf season 3B, the story will focus on Japanese folklore, which includes the kitsune. The kitsune is a werefox (among other things, depending on the legend). Could Jones’ character be tied to the myth as well, or will he be a separate diversion our favorite characters will have to deal with?

Are you excited that Doug Jones will be joining ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3?

  • Gary65

    :( This does not bode well for the Darach. I can’t see them having 3 villians in 1 12 ep arch so, chances are, one of the current 2 is going to go. Deuchalion is the least explored so far so I’d say he’ll stay. I don’t want Haley to go though :( I love her

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      I’m with you. I don’t want Haley to go, she’s so amazing but I just want that damn Darach to die. I hate her so much. So I’m conflicted. I definitely don’t want Deucalion to go. I love him! He’s a wonderful villain.

      • Gary65

        Jennifer is amazing. The Darach is awesome. What are you talking about? I have such a weakness for women who don’t take no shit from no one. I hope they find a way to keep her around. I would so sad if she died. Stiles is obvsly going to be Scott’s emissary and become a druid but I think dark Stiles would be interesting. Darach Stiles maybe? Only without the attempted killing of the awesome characters.

        • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

          Oh, I know she’s amazing, never said she wasn’t. I can still think she’s a good villain and still hate her. But the moment she took the sheriff and tried to kill Lydia made me hate her. Taking Melissa and Chris added to it. OH GOD YES. Dark Stiles. That would be amazing. I can see him definitely taking it a different route, without the killings, like you said.

        • Adderall Addict

          Stiles won’t be magical, Jeff Davis already pretty much said as much, plus it’s pretty clear Deaton has a major boner for Scott as True Alpha, so if anyone had dibs on the job, it’s Mr. I’m Only A Vet.

          • Gary65

            Deaton is the Hale’s emmisary(given how well that’s going, I can understand why he wants a job change :P). Scott needs a new one.

          • Antara Chowdhury

            “it’s pretty clear Deaton has a major boner for Scott as True Alpha” I literally laughed out loud at that.

      • Adderall Addict

        Personally, am in favor of both of them kicking the bucket, it’s about
        Effing time THIS SHOW killed off a villain, other than Kate, it really
        has not happened: Peter was brought back to life for no real purpose
        other than to snark, and they even cured Gerard’s cancer. Would it
        really make you guys happy if they defanged Demon Wolf but kept him
        around just so the actor could make more ‘don’t point those toes’ at me
        jokes on the show?

        • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

          Gerard can just die in a hole. I mean, at least Peter is funny!

          • Adderall Addict

            He is sassy, I agree with Natalie from the podcast about that, and it can be pretty funny. But they need to have an episode where Lydia, Melissa, Chris and Allison, Scott, Cora and Derek all just beat up on him for his past behavior. Just 39 minutes of painful retribution, and at the end of the episode, Stile can walk into the room and say, ‘so Peter, can you teach an old dog some new tricks?’

        • Antara Chowdhury

          Peter definitely has a purpose; he’s just biding his time for now since he doesn’t have his full strength and power. He lied to Stiles and Cora during the flashback episode, and we saw him urge Derek to turn Paige into a werewolf. In the most recent episode, he gave Derek the idea to heal Cora, and informed him that he’ll lose his Alpha status. Peter made it seem like he was warning him against it, but I’m positive that this is what Peter wanted all along. After all, Derek gained Alpha status by killing Peter. Jeff Davis is just slowly building this up in the background. We can’t have all the storylines at the forefront.

          • Adderall Addict

            I still want Peter to get pay back, even if that is the case. For all we know, it will end up being a story on the floor even if there is a fourth season, such as all these Jackson hints from S1 and S2. THAT’s the annoying about these dangling plot holes.

            Especially now that we are having all these Peter/others reveals (Melissa, Lydia so far, only Chris and Allison are left). At least a punch in the face, but more wouldn’t hurt. Just because people like a sassy villain doesn’t mean he gets to go around and Eff Up the lives of people, go to jail for that a/k/a pay the price for his actions, and then walk away from his prison (death).

          • Antara Chowdhury

            I want to see Peter get his comeuppance as well. He’s hurt every single one of them, and even though I know it’s hard to fit everything in, it’s upsetting that his abuse of Lydia hasn’t been addressed at all. He hurt her the most, both physically and mentally. In season 2, Lydia wasn’t as close to all of them as she is now, and she never confided in them. They know that Peter used Lydia to get himself back to life, but I don’t think they know the extent of what he did to her.

          • Adderall Addict

            True – they wrote that episode, if you remember, where she wanted to talk to Allison about it, but just as Allison didn’t make time for Victoria the night of the full moon, Allison also put off Lydia, only for it end up that, instead of having her needs address, Lydia translated the Bestiary!!

    • Adderall Addict

      The way Jeff Davis explained it, each set of 12 episodes has it’s own over-arching Big Bad; they really can’t leave the Darach alive based on his comments that they will have a distinct villain for each set of 12 episodes for Season 3. IF the Darach was a dual personality, they could kill the Darach aspect, leaving Jennifer alive, but that’s not what this is. And Jennifer would just be a floundering, needing therapy teacher [not the villain you both love] that would STILL be forced to leave Beacon Hill (the sheriff knows about her, for starters, even if the kids would leave her alone).

      Both villain stories will be resolve by the finale, per Jeff. Some Alpha Pack members will live past the finale, but am guessing not as villains and based on casting and other news, it’s probably just Ethan and Aiden although why they would want to stay in high school when they aren’t really students is beyond me.

      • Dominican Barbie

        so r u saying by the end of season 3a both jennifer and duecalion and some of the alpha pact will be dead? also do u think scott will become a true alpha by the end of 3a

        • Adderall Addict

          The show has a poor track record of killing their villains. I would hope that Teacher/Darach would die (killing 9/12 or more people is pretty serious, and as many as Matt and Kate killed). They may just decide to defuse Demon Wolf by killing Kali (who I hope and I think will die), and having the Twunks turn away from him, but personally, since I want them to FINALLY kill off a villain, I’d like to see them kill them both. I predict only ONE will go, plus Kali, with the Twunks being gone by the end of the next 12 episodes due to their HBO show.

          And no, I personally am not fond of the whole True Alpha idea. I’d prefer they come up with a better way to grow Scott’s character and develop his story.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    Dunno who this is, but awesome! ‘Murderous villain’ hmm. Interesting descriptor for a Teen Wolf villain. I wonder if he’s human or.. other.

    • Adderall Addict

      Hellboy is probably not something you would enjoy greatly based on what else I’ve noticed you like, but the Abe portrayal is actually pretty good, a bit of comic relief that you can enjoy without being a fan of the comic boy (my only HB knowledge is from the two movies). You can probably find clips on Abe on line, I’d check them out.

  • JCman7

    He better not be leaving falling skies! He is incredible as the alien Cochise and he also played all of the other Volm alien species. He is very talented and hope he can work on both projects.

  • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

    After tonight’s episode, it makes me wonder if they’re going to go down a villain a episode type thing? Or something similar to that? Scott, Stiles, and Allison’s sacrifices is going to cause more supernatural shenanigans. Sunnydale = Beacon Hills. Nemeton = Hellmouth?

    • Adderall Addict

      A Nemeton is something that actually exists in Celetic/Druidic history (I could have type mythology, but it’s a real thing). Nemeton’s were considered sacred places and this has been used as that by other TV series (MERLIN, for example, used them, in this particular case, either the actual Stonehenge or a set built to replicate it, as location of worship for what that series called the old religion: http://merlin.wikia.com/wiki/File:Nemeton_2.jpg).

      A hell mouth, in the sense of a passage way through or into/from a place for MOW is, thankfully, something the show doesn’t look like it’s going after. Jeff has said they are going to have a ‘season’ arc Big Bad, and he specifically (as I recall the interview) said following Joss Whedon’s playbook, so last year, it was the Kanima/Gerard, and “this” season, it was the Darach/Alpha Pack. Jeff also said that they were treating, at least for S3, each set of 12 as their own season, so if the werefox/Kitsune is neutral or a good guy, then Barrow is a 12 episode arc villain, not a Monster of the Week one.

      Karen is pointing correctly, they will likely have more than one bad guy for the next set of 12 episodes.

      • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

        Oh I know what a Nemeton is, I was just comparing it to the Hellmouth because they both attract the supernatural, as pointed out in this most recent episode! :)

        As to whether or not there will be a monster a week, I think you’re right. I do believe that Jennifer/Darach/Julia is going to die or go away in 3×12, Deucalion will probably stay alive because I feel like his character can be tremendously built upon still (we still haven’t seen him in action really), and I’m also wondering if he might just disappear for awhile as well considering the twins and Kali might be turning on him soon. So we have this guy, the Kitsune, and possibly Deucalion as villains for 3B, but I also think that the Kitsune might not necessarily be totally evil but possibly just a disagreeable character (her character description said she’s bringing new threat to Beacon Hills, but that could just mean something followed her) . We also still have Gerard lurking and Peter manipulating in the background. I’m just entertaining the idea of it turning Buffy-like, monster a week, for at least a little while.

        • Adderall Addict

          I’m personally not fond of the MOTW, and that’s one thing I do enjoy about TW. The Kryptonite MOTW on Smallville particularly made that show unwatchable for me, since many were absurd. Prefer a large, multi-episode mythology but understand that networks don’t like that because then people can’t just skip and miss episodes without losing out.

          What I don’t enjoy is that TW is not killing off the villains (do not want Gramps lurking, but since they cured his cancer, we’re stuck with that for a bit) and it would be tiresome if Peter became a villain in the 4th year, if they strip the Alpha abilities from Derek. You’re right, they haven’t developed Demon Wolf, but I’d prefer that he and Kali kill each other off, that Aiden and Ethan turn nice and hang around next season, then move off to their HBO show by just leaving Beacon Hill, and that Peter dies next set of 12 episodes at the hands of Barrow or Kitsune or something…. As long as it meant they spent some time developing the existing characters – Derek, for example, we really know little about, Cora will likely have to be written off due to Reign on CW – but we know nothing about her, we need a first name for the Sheriff, for starters, and now that ALL three parents know, we can develop their stories some more, and the four teen leads could use some more character moments.

          • Antara Chowdhury

            Wait maybe I missed something, but when did they cure Gerard’s cancer? I thought Scott just took away some of the pain and healed him a bit?

            But I agree it’s becoming kinda crowded in Beacon Hills villain-wise. We have Peter, Gerard, Deucalion, Darach, maybe the kitsune, and this new Barrow character. I’m pretty sure the Darach will die in the next episode, but that still leaves everyone else.

          • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

            I think it was said in 3×08? That the bite cured his cancer, yet he still had black goo coming out of places.

          • Antara Chowdhury

            Oh yeah, that’s right! Thanks :)

          • Adderall Addict

            Yeppers, what she typed. I usually try to give episode references but assumed everyone caught that as it’s been bandied about on the interwebs.

        • Jen

          I hoping the Kitsune is one of the good guys. Cause a Kitsune could be messengers warning the main characters about the evils that are coming to Beacon Hills.

  • Meg

    Karen, thank you so much for bringing us so much Teen Wolf news! I discovered Hypable during the Teen Wolf Takeover, and have been a daily visitor ever since! You have quickly become my go-to for TW news and recaps! All your hard work to bring us scoop and recaps is very much appreciated!

    • Karen Rought

      Thank you so, so much!!!

  • Gabry

    Ah, I’m so excited that Doug will be on the show!

  • Cory Tomlinson

    Jennifers dead. Stop saying she is coming back. She isn’t. Kali is dead. Jennifer projectiled glass into her skull and body.

  • YupYup

    I’m pretty sure that the new Asian Chick will be good & bad, it was said her & Scott might have something together, but she has a bad sign when she shifts into her were-fox. I’m pretty sure Doug is supernatural. Peter is bad & a Alpha, Gerard will come back to redeem himself and his evil ways, just wait on him. Deucalion is pretty much good now.

  • ScorpionTDC

    Can we PLEASE get a female villain that lasts more than 12 episodes?
    I can’t begin to count how many male ones are still alive -_-

  • Malik Myers

    I liked this guy in the first season of American Horror Story and I thought he was really creppy so I’m happy to see him in Teen Wolf.

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