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This past October, Arrow debuted on CW. The story of season one follows 28 year old billionaire-playboy Oliver Queen and how he becomes the masked vigilante known as “The Hood.”

After the family’s yacht crashes on its way to China, Mr. Queen gives Oliver one task: survive. Throughout his five years on a Chinese island called Lian Yu (purgatory), Oliver learns to fight like a maniac and shoot a bow and arrow. He eventually is rescued and returns home only to find more trouble. Oliver uses information from his father to take down certain social elite who are ruining his city. Nicknamed “The Hood” by the police force, Oliver secretly uses his bow to strike down all of the baddies in his city to make it peaceful again.

Below are five reasons why you should watch Arrow season 2, which premieres this October.

1. A Superhero with NO Powers

Nowadays, superheroes are very mainstream. Whether on TV, in the mall, or at restaurants there are superheroes everywhere. But, the thing about the heroes such as The Hulk, Spider-Man, and Superman is that they all have special powers.

Oliver Queen was not bitten by a spider, exposed to gamma rays, or born on another planet; he had to go through five years of training on an island to become what he is today. He had to learn what he did in order to survive. There is something exciting about characters who aren’t gods or aliens. No hero on the show has had any actual superpowers, even though the story is set in the DC universe.

The Flash is set to join this season, though, and will be the first character with powers depending on how the writers handle his appearance. The kinds of characters without any powers are always the most relatable to the audience.

2. Interesting Characters

What makes Arrow a really interesting show is the array of characters and story arcs every week. A few notable characters are Thea Queen, Deadshot, and Helena Bertinelli.

Thea Queen is Oliver’s 17 year old sister who had to find a way to cope with Oliver’s death for the past five years. Thea decided to get into drugs and alcohol, an addiction which becomes a major problem later on in the season. This becomes a problem not only for her, but also for Oliver and The Hood.

Another problem for The Hood is Deadshot who appears a few times in season 1. Deadshot has an unfortunate connection to Oliver’s bodyguard which makes things personal. Because he is able to fire a bullet from a few hundred yards away, Deadshot is a deadly foe.

Another character that draws interest to Oliver and his alter ego is Helena Bertinelli. With a grudge against her father, The Huntress kills the men closest to her father. Oliver has a need to try to change her, even though she is very set on what she wants. Each character’s story, whether a hero or villain, is told in a great way for anyone to relate to.

3. The Island Story

Just because Oliver Queen doesn’t like to talk about what happened on the island doesn’t mean that the audience shouldn’t know the full story. With flashbacks throughout the entire season, Oliver’s story of what exactly went down on the island is told.

He comes onto the island just a weak and foolish boy, but over the course of five years he becomes a hardened man able to fight for his life. Oliver’s first year on the island is full of unrelenting enemies, a lot of training, and betrayal by the people he becomes close with. More flashbacks are set to come in order to make the story more complex and to tell how Oliver finally escaped the island

4. A Love . . . Square?

Arrow wouldn’t be a great TV show if it didn’t have some sort of love story happening while the main story unfolds. Oliver might have been better off staying on the island with how he left things back home.

Oliver’s ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance remembers him by only one thing: sleeping with her sister the night his yacht crashed. And now Laurel is nearly dating Oliver’s best friend Tommy Merlyn. The entire love story is a little messed up, and it doesn’t get much better once Thea gets involved and Oliver starts having feelings for Laurel once again.

5. Oliver is a Bad Ass

Five years of training on an island didn’t get Oliver nowhere. He is now a master of archery and fighting. Throw a penny in the air and Oliver will be able to hit it with his arrow. His enemies aren’t even able to pull out a gun before he has an arrow pointed at his or her head.

There are some pretty intense action scenes throughout the first season that get the audience excited. Many scenes even have Oliver fighting more than five guys at once. These fights are some of the best, although it is refreshing to see Oliver knocked down a few times to know that he isn’t completely invincible.

Watching Oliver work his way out of tough situations and come up with an escape plan is rather intriguing because his brain always thinks up something new and inventive. Oliver Queen really brings the word bad ass to a whole new level.

Arrow is a great show that deserves more attention than it is receiving. With many unknown actors and actresses, Arrow is still able to pull its weight and deliver a quality show. This season boasted many comic book characters, but there are a few more to come this year including Flash and the Black Canary.

Arrow is able to entertain both comic book and non-comic book readers alike. This is why the show is truly successful as it appeals to a wide audience.

Will you be a part of the season 2 premiere coming in October?

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  • http://spoilers.tumblr.com/ Shana Debusschere

    I kind of wanted to watch this because John Barrowman and Alex Kingston (!!!) but the pilot didn’t really do it for me, however after this article, I think I might give it another try!

  • WillowBlood

    Don’t forget all the eye candy!

  • lorepottter

    Come on!! Stephen Amell Abs need their own point!!!
    Damn that is the only reason i watch, ok, Diggs Abs too!!! and Felicity I LOVE HER

  • guest

    I’m most excited for Roy Harper’s evolution into Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal. I doubt they’ll go with making him Speedy since Oliver called Thea that early on the first season… Probably Red Arrow since he’s always running around in red hoodies. Plus Colton Haynes is SO attractive.

  • Silvia

    Off course, me and my friend always watch because we like the eye candy that is Olver Queen…

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    Guess I’ve gotta be the one to say I think that this show is terrible. I couldn’t even make it through the whole first season for John Barrowman’s sake. I made it through over a dozen episodes, trying to give it a fair shot. But the dialogue is terrible, the plots are terrible, and the acting is terrible. Stephen Amell turns Oliver Queen into a flat and uninteresting character with zero depth. But if he’s shirtless enough, apparently we don’t notice. There is no way that a real comic book fan could think that this show is good.

  • andrea

    John Barrowman, Team Arrow and the fighting scene, I only love those three other than that, even the plot sometime gave me a headache, not to mention green arrow/black canary, CW corny love!! what a disappointment

  • EneerGy

    Poster of the new season of “Arrow” leaked. -> http://imgur.com/On1oeyu

  • WarBeast

    I just finished watching the first season and while I found the show to be entertaining overall, I still had some problems with it.. We have a show that is based on the character, Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow… Why would they not use Green Arrow in the show? That doesn’t make sense to me.. It would be like a Batman series where they just call him The Cowl…

    The other thing I dislike is something that I understand will be remedied in the next season and that is the lack of super-powers in the show. I know that the Green Arrow has no powers and that’s fine, but this is a COMIC BOOK based show, and nothing pisses me off like a movie or show that’s based on a comic book but refuses to embrace the fantastic aspects of the comic book universe. It’s part of the reason I wasn’t really a fan of the Dark Knight trilogy… When I see a comic book based show, I want super-shit going on.

    All that being said, I still enjoyed the show enough to watch the entire first season in a matter of days,.. and I felt, even with the lack of super-powered stuff going on, that it beats the living HELL out of Smallville’s soap opera nonsense.

    • Nobody

      It’s not that they chose not to call him Green Arrow, it’s that they haven’t started yet. Remember that the name was suggested in one episode to which Oliver said, “Lame.” I don’t think he really cares much what they call him, he’s just trying to get the job done. I’m sure it will catch on soon enough!

  • Jaime

    Oliver Queen is a shallow, indecisive, self-centered S.O.B. who thinks nothing of playing and betraying his best friend. I’m glad that Tommy died before his character is turned into a villainous, shallow and vengeful S.O.B. He is a better man and friend than Oliver.

  • sky

    Can’t wait find out if Thea and her lover boy make it out strong after the cities disaster!!

  • linah

    i cant wait to see season 2..
    hope laurel and oliver will always be together from now onwards

  • Digastop

    Am i the only one that thinks that ” arrow ” it’s just like spider-men???? A men have a girlfriend, he lost her to his bestfriend wich father is the bad guy, he win the girl back. the only thing that isn’t the same its the fact of his bestfriend died…

  • Josephine

    Watch the Comic-con trailer on imdb… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2193021/?ref_=sr_1

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