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A Pixar employee has informed The New York Times that the Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory’s ending has changed in light of a recent controversy.

Warning: Light spoilers ahead concerning how Finding Dory ends.

The documentary Blackfish, which exposed the inner workings of SeaWorld and their improper treatment towards sea creatures, has inspired Pixar to make one key adjustment in their 2015 fish follow-up.

At the end of the film we will see creatures placed into a marine park where – we presume – they will start their happily ever after. The New York Times says that Pixar changed the rule of the marine park following a viewing of Blackfish so that “fish and mammals taken to its aquatic center have the option to leave.”

This, of course, is unlike real life where animals do not have the option to leave a park they’re placed in. Pixar seems to be adding the option so that viewers can rest easy knowing that if the characters do not like their surroundings, they are free to go live their life elsewhere.

While a nice gesture by Pixar, it won’t be able to influence how parks across the world treat their animals.

Details surrounding the plot of Finding Dory are still quite unknown. We only know the general premise: Dory searches for her real family. The film opens in theaters November 2015.

At the D23 Expo today, Pixar announced several actors who are set to play Dory’s parents.

Thanks, New York Times.

  • Rach

    Hahaha good for Pixar for being cool to the fish and all, but I feel that’s gonna be weird to portray on screen. How will the park KNOW the fish aren’t happy?

    Marine Park Employee: “Well, Dory, do you wanna go back to the ocean or stay here with us?”

    Dory: “Gee, I dunno… Guess as long as I can just keep swimming, anywhere will be home!”

    Not sure how, although I’m sure Pixar will come up with something great, as usual!

    (P.s. sorry for my lousy screenplay writing, haha)

    • Plat

      I believe the fixture will have a doorway back to the ocean in case they want to leave.

    • Charlie

      (I think) The area the fish are in will probably connect to the ocean. Like a semi-natural enviorment, where humans can look in at one area, but the fish are free to swim out of. Maybe they’ll show some of the characters swimming from the main ocean into the marine park to show how it works?

  • Dlmarvin05

    I wish people did more research on “how parks across the world treat their animals.” Before I get too much backlash for that statement, I really don’t feel like discussing everyone’s personal views on this. Not to be rude, but it would only lead to mean, hateful comments. I’m just going to leave it like this; don’t believe everything you hear, make sure you look into both sides of something before forming an opinion on it

    • disneyfan56

      I’m kinda of curious to know more of what you mean (the other side of the story and all that)

      just cause we all hear about the horrible stuff going on in sea world- but I kind of want to hear the other side of the story.

      (disclaimer- animal cruelty is horrible and should be discouraged no matter who does it)

      • Dlmarvin05

        Honestly, that’s all that usually makes the news is the “horrible stuff.” I am currently going to school and earning my degree in zoo technology; I plan on working at facilities just like Sea World one day. And, sadly, some of the past events of these places aren’t so pretty. But any accredited facility now adays primary focus is teaching the public about conservation. It is actually very frowned upon to house animals “just because.” If they do not serve a purpose in educating the public in some way and helping people see the need for preserving natural habitats, AZA pressures facilities highly to not house them. And people can try and make the argument that animals should just be let go, but most fail to realize what this even means. It is very stressful, if not almost impossible, to release an animal born and raised in captivity to the wild. And so few animals in accredited facilites even come from the wild anymore that the animals they have don’t have their inherited street smarts if you will. Also, even if enough captive animals were truely and sustainably releasable, you have to consider if the original problem in their natural enviroment was fixed. Example; tigers. Its all well and grand to say let’s release them, but if they all got put out there and were just poached and killed what good did it do? Now their are backyard zoos, poorly ran facilities out there. But that’s with any kind of animal, not just exotics. Hell even some orphanages for humans are downright horriying. My overall point is this: Many zoos and aquariums (including Seaworld) may not have the best past. But its all about learning from their mistakes and making sure the animals they have are well taken care of. Also, specifically talking about Whales and howmuch people say to let them go. Look up the original story of Free Willy, better known as Keiko. He was the first whale released back into the wild after being held captive and guess what? He died because he couldn’t mesh with the wild whales. This isn’t always the case, but sadly most of the time it is. So its better than to just make sure the facilities they are in provide them with as best care we can give them instead of sending animals to their death.

        • Dlmarvin05

          I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about this stuff. But, like I said, if people want to truely have an educated opinion about wild animals in captivity (for or against) I just wish they’d put more of an effort into their research first.

  • Vajackster

    Wait, they end up in fucking SEA WORLD? (or somewhere like it) Great. Shameless advertising for even more fucking money. That’s all this piece-of-shit movie is really for, right? And how the fuck would a fish be given an option to leave? How would humans know if fish are happy there? And it’s not like real parks actually do this. For marine fauna, if you end up there you’re fucking screwed. This is a bunch of lying, offensive bullshit. Fuck Pixar, fuck disney, fuck Sea World and anywhere else that mistreats animals, and fuck this piece of shit garbage sell-out movie.

    • http://thetams.tumblr.com/ Sasha

      To be fair, It says “creatures”. That doesn’t necessarily mean Nemo and Dory.

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      Um, I think you need to calm yourself and reread the article.. It says they end up in a ‘marine park’ not SeaWorld. Also, do you think you said ‘fuck’ enough? That was totally uncalled for.

    • Kate

      Considering Disney doesn’t own Sea World it’s not exactly advertisement. Disney doesn’t even own a marine park, though they do have an aquarium portion to “The Living Seas.”

      • Vajackster

        They’re gonna own it soon, I bet. Or somewhere else like it.

      • Charlie

        Plus, Finding Nemo takes place near Australia. SeaWorld only operates in the USA. It’d be confusing advertising to say the least.

        • themeparkfan

          There is actually a Sea World (two words) in Australia that has no affiliation with SeaWorld (one word) in the US. From pictures it looks just like US Sea World parks with rides and marine shows.

    • becca

      You. Gotta calm down.

      • Vajackster

        Damn it, I’m just sick of Pixar selling out. It used to be story before sequel, and now we just get an amusement park ad.

        • becca

          You could, I dunno, SEE the movie before making that assumption?

          • Vajackster

            I made an educated guess based on Disney-owned Pixars abysmal recent track record that is pervaded with unoriginal tentpole franchises and blatant merchandising endeavors, what Andrew Stanton said about Disney making him do it and how he has little confidence in the project, and the fact that they JUST TOLD US THE ENDING AND IT SUCKS.

          • Plat

            It said Spoiler alert, you didn’t have to read it, just saying..

          • CliveRogan

            We’re told where the film ends, but we have no idea of anything else concerning it. It’s like saying Toy Story 3 ends at a waste facility, it tells you where but tells you nothing about the plot. Not a lot to get worked up over.

            Anyway, they have some unimaginative franchises (cars) but what about films like Brave? There was nothing in that film that could lead to merchandising of a level higher than any other film with integrity.

            Edit: And yeah, the title says the article’s going to be about the ending, then it says spoilers. It’s not the articles fault that you read it.

    • thedogking101

      Finding Dory is meant for the entertainment of small children. If you feel like this 1. don’t see the movie and 2. it’s probably meant for people in a much different age group than you.

      • Plat

        Pixar is for everyone.

      • Vajackster

        Pixar USED TO BE for everyone. Now they’re just cheap kid’s movies (for monetary reasons) that pander to the lowest common denominator and are apparently above criticism because I’m not the target audience anymore.

        • thedogking101

          I’m not saying it’s above criticism. I just don’t think it’s a huge deal especially to the target audience.

    • Jeremy

      They won’t be going to SeaWorld. Disney does not own Sea World so It won’t happen.

      • Maria Wang

        lol, that’s one way of looking at it

    • Plat

      They are not advertising Sea World, it never said they are going to “SeaWorld”, they will go to an aquarium like it.

  • Kit Cat

    For some reason every time I see the picture of Dory and Marlin holding each other screaming, I can’t help myself but to do the same.

  • Maria Wang

    What’s sad is that so so many people are still ignorant of what goes on behind the scenes at places like SeaWorld. They go and see spectacular jumps and tricks, but fail to realize that the animals are literally swimming in a bath tub, doing the same routine, day after day after day after day.

    And how they get their animals is even more disturbing. It’s a horrific situation.

  • Simone

    I personally think this is nice :)

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