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Warner Bros. and Universal Orlando announced Wednesday a three-day “Celebration of Harry Potter” event taking place in Florida.

Kicking off on January 24, 2014, “fans will enjoy three days of unforgettable experiences – including interactive Q&As with Harry Potter talent and more,” according to a press release. “Special event vacation packages will go on sale August 22 and will include exclusive benefits such as access to a private evening reception held in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”

A breakdown of the planned events:

- Attend Q&A sessions with Harry Potter talent, filmmakers, and other special guests (talent attendees will be announced at a later date)
- Revisit some of their favorite Harry Potter film moments during a film tribute with Harry Potter talent and filmmakers (talent attendees will be announced at a later date)
- Learn the art of “duelling” at a wand masterclass that’s featured at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter and hosted by Paul Harris – the choreographer who trained the cast of the Harry Potter films
- “And much more!”

Packages include access to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. The above events will be open to the public who don’t purchase a package, but “only guests who purchase the special event package will enjoy exclusive benefits and reserved seating for select events.”

So how about those packages? Tickets go on sale August 22. The graphic below shows the two different ticket purchasing options. See a larger graphic on the event’s official website:


We suspect that Universal will also use the event to announce/reveal aspects of the Wizarding World Diagon Alley expansion which is currently under construction at Islands of Adventure’s sister park Universal Studios. It is expected to open around summer 2014.

Warner Bros. and Universal held a similar event to this one to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 on DVD/Blu-ray in November 2011. This event appears to be much larger, with many more activities than the last one.

  • lastyearswishes

    omg I wanna go. D:

  • Winkyxx

    Sign me up

  • xosnowangel

    It’s times like this that i love live living in Florida. WOO HOO CAN’T WAIT

    • Pipwig

      You’re lucky, many of the other fans live half way across the world…

    • HarryHungerAvatar12

      AGREED!!! I feel so bad for people who don’t!

    • Laura

      Yeah it sucks living in New Zealand at times like this:( but enjoy and report back!! :)

  • Gina

    They most likely will have another one at the end of next year for the Diagon Alley opening. I rather wait (and save my $$$) for that!

  • Hagrid’s Coat

    Eh? So far, it doesn’t sound like there’s enough going on to have a 3-day event. And I’d like to know who the “talent” is. Maybe I’m just not very excited because I’m more of a book person than a movie person?

    • David

      Um, the series has most of the legends of British cinema in the past 40 years.

  • Trent Taylor

    Could they be more blatant with the fact that they are copying Star Wars Celebration?

  • Kit Cat

    Unfortunately it hasn’t sold me. The best part of it is that it starts on my birthday! But… I’ll wait till Diagon Alley. And preferablly when I have money.

  • Abs

    Please define “Harry Potter talent”.

    It was easy enough to get them on board for the opening of the theme park and the WB studio tour. But now, they’re all busy doing their own stuff. I don’t know how many of the actors will actually make it to this one. I mean, they’re not “under contract” of WB anymore. I suppose people like Evanna Lynch and the other minor actors could make it here. As such, people like Evanna Lynch really don’t care about being “pigeon-holed” with HP for the rest of their careers because acting-wise, it’s the ONLY thing they’re good at.

    To be completely honest, I really don’t expect to see Dan, Emma and the others over here, considering that they’ve got pretty busy careers of their own right now. Also, the fact that they’re trying their level best to move away from the “HP image” as much as possible, in order to avoid being typecast in their first place.

    • Winkyxx

      I think Evy can act well in other things…

    • Alex

      “because acting-wise, it’s the ONLY thing they’re good at.”

      Say who? You? You dont even know that ( Also come across as arrogant and rude)

      . A lot of secondary hp actors have up comment projects, (evanna already did a small role in a tv show and is going to be in a play in the fall) so clearly they can act on stuff bebidas HP.

      Complain about WB and their greedy schemes all you want, but dont insult the hp actors/actresses because you are no director/film crític.

    • Trent Taylor

      I think it’s possible to expect a bit of both. Plenty of secondary actors, some major crew, and maybe 1 or 2 big names being there for a limited amount of time based on availability. I’m basing this off of what I saw at Star Wars Celebration, which this seems to be mimicing.

    • Antara Chowdhury

      Uh, since you specifically named Evanna, it’s quite obvious that she goes to cons because she’s a massive Harry Potter fan herself, and she gets to hang out with many of her friends. She’s lives with one of the StarKids, and she’s friends with Melissa Anelli and many other members of the HP community. She’s personally connected to the fandom in a way that none of the other Harry Potter actors are. It has nothing to do with Harry Potter being the only thing she’s good at acting-wise (according to you). I mean, have you even seen any of her other projects in order to determine whether or not she’s a good actress? I don’t see how you can make such a judgment without seeing her act in anything else.

    • David

      Evanna did a special guest on a TV show, where she played the dead daughter of a sorceress, and in the end of the episode, she’ll become into the villain. Evanna also did a british accent. Also, she’s starring on G.B.F., where she’s playing a character totally different than Luna, and making an american accent.

      She was casted in a thriller with Malcolm McDowell, Dominic Monaghan, and Gary Oldman, where she’ll be playing a fiancee who becomes friends with his butler who’s a murderer. Another one called Stray Dogs, where she’s playing a fugitive. Evanna has a role in a series called Apex where she’s killing monsters and making out. And two short films

      So, tell me how Evanna has being pigeonholed? Same with the other actors, who have different roles in other things.

  • Emily Bryan

    Always too broke lol xD

  • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

    Why am I so poor lol! I hate that these things are always so expensive and never near me.

  • Jake

    One day, I shall have enough money for this…

  • Laura Cain

    Wish they would stop milking the fans like this.

  • Shaft Almasy

    Oh look another US Harry Potter event quelle surprise

  • giuliadimauro

    i am coming to america for a holiday in january (from australia), and i was already going to be in orlando when this was happening so this is fantastic!

  • VBFan

    To all the people who said the Harry Potter fandom was over, “look at us now.” haha. This and Leaky Con happening in 2014? It’s a great time to be a Potterhead. See you there if you’re going!!! :)

  • awkwardjenny

    I should just move to Orlando, then I could actually go to some of these events!!!

  • Kit Cat

    haha…if this were true it would change everything. I would go JUST for this.

  • Katie

    How quickly do you think they will sell out?

  • Tom

    The trío (specially Emma and Daniel) HAVE TO BE PRESENT. It’s just attending an event. Otherwise, the fact that they’re turning their back on Potter will be a reality. It’s because and ONLY because of Harry Potter that they are making movies now and being absent (again) would be quite disgraceful from them. I’m tired of seeing the “backups” (Evanna, Bonnie, Matt) who I love, but they’re not the main actors, so please Em and Dan, show some respect for the series that made you famous and go, it won’t harm your careers, that’s for sure.

    • hpfan

      can you sound any more like an arrogant, entitled prick?
      Just because they no longer go to these things doesn`t mean they are being disrespectful or they forgotten what helped them become famous actors,etc.

      they didn`t sold their lives to Harry Potter and as far as I know Rowling gave them a respite and said she wouldn`t force any more Harry and co. adventures for them to act on. so if Rowling has no problem I dont see why should you.

      and they acknowledge potter- every time a harry potter question comes up they answer it gracefully and talk about how much they still love harry potter and how they wont mind if people ask them harry potter questions/or keep on associating them with harry-ron and hermione_ the rest of their lives because they know HP is The biggest thing they will ever do.

      heck, they even were open enough to admit that when the harry potter series gets a remake they`re definitely on board to play a character if they ask them to. (Dan said specifically that he would be willing to play James Potter)

      the fact that harry potter launched their careers means exactly that- they now have careers, which involved different projects that dont give them enough time to do more potter.

      so be thankful that they gave 10-12 years of their lives to bring harry potter to life and don`t act like an even worse version of Dudley Dursley.

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