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We’re still months away from the official release of Lady Gaga’s highly-anticipated next album ARTPOP, but it hasn’t stopped internet leakers from getting ahold of new music. Check out a pretty good quality version of “Burqa” which is expected to land on the new album.

There’s no telling what the final version of this song may sound like by the time the album comes out but the production value sounds pretty close to a finished, mastered version. The song surfaced on various sites, including Tumblr which is where we received an embed code from. Listen for yourself below:

“Applause” is now available! Purchase the song in iTunes and pre-order ARTPOP.

The lyrics to the song are as follows:

I killed my poor, former friend, left her in the trunk on highway 10
Put the knife under the hood If you find it, send it straight to Hollywood
Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha
Aura-a-a-a Aura-a-a-a
I’m not a wandering slave I am a woman of choice
My veil is protection for the gorgeousness of my face
You want to fancy me cause — woman to love But in the bedroom,
the size of them’s more than enough
Do you wanna see me naked, lover?
Do you wanna peak underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura, behind the aura?
Do you wanna touch me, let’s make love Do you wanna be the peak underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura
Behind the aura, Behind the aura, Behind the aura
Enigma popstar is fun
She wear burqa for fashion
It’s not a statement as much as just a move of passion I may not walk on your street,
or shoot a gun on your soil I hear you screaming

Because of pleasure and toil
Dance, Sex, ART POP, Dance, Sex, ART POP
Do you wanna see me naked, lover?
Do you wanna be peak underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura, behind the aura?
Do you wanna touch me, let’s make love Do you wanna be the peak underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura?
Behind the aura, Behind the aura, Behind the curtain, Behind the burqa,

Most fans would agree that even this sounds a little odd for Lady Gaga. Update: The more we listen, the more we like it.

It looks like Lady Gaga has been listening to “Burqa” since at least October of last year, as she has tweeted to the producer that she was listening to “**rq*.”

Lady Gaga’s first single “Applause” is due out in just two weeks while the album and app ARTPOP will be released November 11.

What are your thoughts on the first sounds of ARTPOP with “Burqa?”

  • MonsterLane


  • Deon Summerville

    Oh no, not odd, I love it! I’m getting total Government Hooker meets Americano vibes from this song!! I HATED the first 30 seconds, but then EARGASM!! Definitely gonna be on repeat for the rest of the week

  • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

    The more I listen, the more I like.

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher


    • phantogram


    • Emilee Marie Self


  • Jared

    Odd? Did you take a survey already? It’s FUCKING AWESOME

  • Saif Hossain

    The Huffington post updated saying its not gaga. :(

    • Andrew77

      That was the leak 2 weeks ago which had a completely different sound

      • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

        In addition to that, this song is getting pulled down in so many places that it’s unlikely this is a fake.

        • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

          And the song is her vocals, includes the lyric “ARTPOP,” and she tweeted about the song in October.

  • Jim Houston

    This is AMAZING!!! not odd at all!!! This will be HUGE in Dance clubs!!! Can’t wait por ART POP!!

  • Corbin Bolies

    Fuck it’s removed :/

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      We added it back. Refresh!

      • Corbin Bolies

        Got it, thanks!

  • Shiva Seecharan

    This is hilarious and good at the same time!!!

  • hausofvega

    I LOVE IT. I think some of the lyrics are wrong. I think “let’s make love” should be “cosmic lover”.

  • Maria Wang

    Music is so weird this decade

    • Kev

      What metrics are you making this judgement with? Next.

      • Maria Wang

        No metrics, just my opinion. I mean seriously, have you seen anyone like Lady Gaga!

        • Jony Rozon


        • ckat

          This has lot’s of Daft Punk Discovery in it several oriental twists and loads of post jazz, have ou been earing anything in the last half century?

          • Maria Wang

            nobody that dresses themselves as an egg on the red carpet

  • http://www.facebook.com/rayan.carvalho.75 Rayan Carvalho


    ALSO GUYS CHECK OUT MY LYRICS TO THE NEW AWESOME SONG BY ”THE WANTED” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd6yU97ky70

  • Kev

    Lady Gaga + EDM = Perfection. Little iffy about the verses but that chorus is goddamn amazing.

  • Riana-Tiana Menezes

    “The file link that you requested is not valid”
    As you can see I haven’t heard it as yet but by the lyrics I’m pretty sure the Muslim community won’t be happy. I bet a bunch of of Muslim countries will ban it from radio stations too. hmmm

    • hausofvega

      Not sure how people will react. She seems to be defending burqas though, “I’m not a wandering slave, I am a woman of choice”

      • Riana-Tiana Menezes

        But then she totally undermines that by saying “Do you wanna see me naked, lover? Do you wanna peak underneath the cover?”

        I can totally see the outrage coming.

        • hausofvega

          yeah, you have a point. we’ll see reaction soon.

        • MarkyMark

          What are you doing? Waiting by Fox news? Your posts make you sound like a sensationalist drama queen.

          • Riana-Tiana Menezes

            First of all, in no where in my comment did I say anything about Fox news, so please don’t make your own crappy assumptions about me (a person you don’t even know) and then believe them to be true.

            Secondly, I’m just stating the obvious here. It’s a fact that some Muslim countries have banned certain sites, songs, movies etc because it offended their religion. For example, following the outrage of the Mohammad-mocking video that was on uploaded to Youtube, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Iran, Pakistan and a few more have all banned Youtube in their country. (because of one lame 3 minute video).
            Overreaction? Of course. But it still happened/is happening so I am not at all wrong in assuming that they will do the same to this song. Plus I’ve lived in Pakistan all my life so I think I would know exactly how the Muslim clerics would react.

            I’m not some conservative sadistic drama queen, hoping those countries do ban it, I’m just making a carefully calculated assumption based on all the facts present.

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      Fixed again.

  • Ivan Gatewood

    I don’t like it, I don’t see this making it on the radio. Hopefully her first single is much better.

    • DAM

      Both the producer and Gaga have clearly stated MOST of the tracks on the album aren’t radio friendly, a song doesn’t necessarily have to be made for radio stations! You may not like it but this is epic!

    • C▲l

      Within three hours of its release, it was played on every major Top 40 station in Australia. They all loved it and have since all played it again. Sorry.

      • Samantha

        Really? Would they even have the rights to do that since it’s a ‘leaked’ song? Sorry but I’d like to see some evidence that that is the case, I was listening to the radio all day and didn’t hear it play once on the major commercial radio stations.

        • Garrett Pletcher

          I listened to 2dayfm last night from their website because they were playing it. They actually played it a few times! Idk if they could legally do that but they did haha

        • Liastraeth

          I was driving home after I just listened to it online and they played it! It didn’t have this weird unmastered intro though, it seemed more produced in the beginning. And also a bit long at the start, like an extra/longer verse. I can’t find this version anywhere yet but it was AMAZING. They talked about it and said they loved it.

        • C▲l

          We believe it was purposely set up as promo by Gaga. We believe SHE leaked it, and so, gave them permission.
          Burqa on the radio:
          It was played on a lot of stations – 92.9, 94.5, 104.1 and a lot of others.

  • Michael

    I love music like this! For the past year and a half I’ve become addicted to Dance music. I’m in love with it! Im so excited for this album!

  • Jay Banks

    Once it hit the bridge, I was freaking sold.

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher


  • chickenbitch


  • chickenbitch


  • Zachary Boswell

    So crazy and artsy… love it!

  • Gina

    Fucking horrifying can she please leave

    • Lindsey

      Horrifying? lol

    • fuckingcunt

      or you could just leave?…………..

  • ag

    OH SNAP! This is sooooo F*cking Fantastic! This just makes it harder to wait. Seriously mind-blowing, but sould we expect any less from Lovely Lady Gaga?

  • semicolon

    I liked the first part. And then the HAHAHAHA AURA part came on and I was like wtf. But the rest was … WOW

  • Furree Katt

    Being a Muslim, I’m not offended by the lyrics at all. I think this is a brilliant song. I’ve always been a huge fan of Lady Gaga. I hope many people aren’t going to make an issue out of this. ARTPOP let’s go!

    • Seb

      You don’t speak for all Muslims.

      • Michael Kneller

        So glad you’re here to remind us all that Furree Katt isn’t the definitive source for Muslim approval.

        Dude, just… okay?

      • Chris K

        She didn’t claim to speak for all Muslims…

      • Gary65

        Being a human being, I am getting real sick of Muslim superiority. You do not hold the key to righteous indignation. We each have the right to be/not be offended by something and Muslim people need to stop acting like their demographic should be treated differently than any other demographic. Lady GaGa, just like any other human, is free to comment and critique on any topic that comes to mind, including Islam. And when you bust a *** over it, I am just as free to ignore you, as I do when Christians do. I am sick and tired of the media saying “STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!!! A Muslim is annoyed and we must pay special attention to them and consider their perspective”. We are all free to voice our own opinions and no one’s faith is going to stop me from doing so. And that is not me speaking for all human being. just me

        • Sarah Kn


          • blujai

            longest. conversation. ever.

        • bookworm236

          Okay, im not speaking for all Muslims either.. Im speaking for myself. If i hear something insulting what i believe in, im going to stand up for it. Im sorry most Muslims are really passionate about their religion and stand up for it when someone makes a comment or remark about what they choose to do and believe in. Muslims (at least i dont) believe im better than anyone. I go to a public school. I dont know any Muslim kids my age. All my friends are of mixed religions and i dont act like im better than them.

          • Gary65

            Exactly. YOU don’t. The same does not hold true of Muslims in general.

            You are perfectly free to be passionate about something. But you also have to respect that other people are not. Lady GaGa is passionate about music and, while I am unsure as to what the exact message she is trying to express is(or even if she is making a comment on Muslim tradition at all), she is perfectly entitled to write a song calling the concept of the Burqa a load of crap.

            Having just returned from an Islamic country, I respect Muslims and I realize that, just like Christianity, it has done a lot of good in the world. However, just like Christianity, I think there are sections and concepts in your religion that would best be wiped from existence(such as Islam’s approach is women’s rights). I am perfectly entitled to think that and no amount of Mulsim anger is going to change my mind.

          • bookworm236

            Okay, I am perfectly fine with her song.. she does have a right to think and do whatever she wants and I wasn’t really saying anything about her song.. I was replying more to your post. I understand that you also have the right to say whatever you want but you were also being extremely rude and stereotyping. That is what made me angry. You said we act like our demographic should be treated differently than other demographics but it really shouldn’t. Everyone thinks what they believe in is right and we just stand up for that. Honestly, there have been a lot of rude things said and done to Islam in America just like every other religion but we speak out waaay more because we find it extremely offensive. We don’t talk crap about what other people believe in and we don’t see why other people should diss us. That I am sure speaks for at least 90 percent of Muslims everywhere. And about women’s rights.. I agree in Arab countries it’s a little crazy.. but we are standing up for ourselves. I would LOVE to see a guy try and make me do something I don’t want to do or treat me like I am not an equal because i am a girl. I think people should get the whole picture before saying anything.. that’s all..

          • Gary65

            Setting Fox News’ propoganda and racism aside(which we all protest against), even Muslims(some, not all) in the Western World are guilty of trying to force their religion on other people. I’m sorry but any group, religion, faction, person etc. who loses their marbles over a drawing(such as sending death threats to the South Park creators over potentially depicting Mohammad(threats which came from Muslims residing in the United States, not in some Afghan backwater)) is automatically in the wrong. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

            Everytime someone in the mainstream comments on Islam, a large section of the Muslim community go nuts. And that is just as wrong as large groups of Christians sending threatening letters to abortion doctors or some white people threatening MLK for standing up for civil rights. NO ONE, regardless of their background, has the right to demand that another person change their behaviour because it is an affront to their beliefs. That is the only statement being made here.

          • davidoff

            i totally see your point! and i admire your courage for speaking out, as many people are too “scared” to voice their opinions on this subject in particular in fear of being labelled racist!

          • ogeezus

            You returned from a “Muslim” country yet couldn’t differentiate between culture and religion? Smells like BS.
            Islam gave women rights 1400 years before the west did. Stop kidding us, YOU are the one making a fuss here, I haven’t seen a single muslim raging like you, writing novels of ignorance in comment sections lol… seriously get a life and do something worth while.

          • Gary65

            It can smell like BS all it wants. That doesn’t make it any less true. And I’m not really sure what Muslim culture has to do with this. I never even mentioned Muslim culture. Islamic religion is the issue here.

            Islam gave women rights 1400 years ago. And 2 weeks ago, they tried to force an 11 year old Yememi girl to get married. A pity they haven’t followed through.

            If you think this is raging, then you really are quite naive. And if you haven’t seen a single Muslim “rage” like I have, then you haven’t seen many Muslims(nor have you read the Quran, apparently. Plenty of rage in there).

          • ogeezus

            There you go spouting more BS… yada yada yada, some of us actually have better things to do than read your life story on here. You can’t even comprehend the fact that you are in a comment section whining like a 12 year old kid, so far not a single Muslim has complained about this as MUCH as YOU have.

            There is no such thing as “muslim culture” you are confusing 3rd world Arab culture with Islam which are 2 completely different things. Don’t ask me “have I read” the Quran, because you clearly haven’t, but I have studied Islam at college, and know it’s a pretty tolerant religion. I’m not going to look at the crusades, the KKK or Hitler and then paint brush all the christians the same, because that’s not the case. http://www.skepticsannotatedbible.com/cruelty/bible_quran.html Do me and your little ego a favour, and stop replying, because I have better things to do and will not reply any more, till you actually study it with an open mind. I’m agnostic as far as things go.

          • Gary65

            If I’m not mistaken, I left 1 comment and rest is me replying to people who replied to me. It’s called a discussion. You want it to stop? Then stop talking back.

            You say you’ve studied Islam in college but I have no proof of that so I’m just gonna call BS on it. It seems the staple thing to do in this conversation.

            I would think anyone who studies religion would know that, just cos religion teaches something, that doesn’t mean that its believers obey it. Luke 6:37 preaches that you don’t judge others. That doesn’t stop Pat Roberston from calling gay people abominations. The Quran specifically says that killing other Muslim is forbidden. That didn’t stop Heshu Yones’ father from slitting her throat.

            And if you actually read my comments, instead of reading what you wanted to read, you’d notice that I did not say that all Muslims are the same. There are lots of perfectly rational, non-violent Muslims in the world(I’m friends with some of them). But any Muslim that shits their pants over a non-Muslim drawing the Prophet is in the wrong. And no amount of argument or reading of the Quran is going to change my opinion on that.

          • S.J.

            Excuse me, you’re completely confusing RELIGION to CULTURE! I’m Yemeni and I know for a FACT that my culture is sadly the reason why the girl was being forced to get married NOT Islam. It’s absolutely PROHIBITED for anyone to get married without the FULL consent of the girl in Islam!

            All the problems and stereotypes you see about Islam from the media is sadly the fault of the people who claim to know islam, and preach it, and think they represent it, when in fact they’re only giving it the WORST image to the world.

          • Gary65

            Islam can be as pacifistic and as caring as it likes. It’s how its believers interpret and apply it that really matters. That is what I am speaking to. Jesus makes no comment on homosexuality. But some Christians still invoke his name is condenm gay people. The people are, and remain, the issue. Not the religion.

          • S.J.

            I completely agree! That’s exactly the problem. It’s how people these days are interpreting it ( which are like a fraction of the over 2 billion people in the world ) that’s giving the worst image about Islam that’s possible. 20 or 30 years ago, it wasn’t like that. So it’s like you said, 100% the people, not religion.

          • S.J.

            Also I still don’t understand how this song has ANYTHING to do with Islam in the first place lol!

          • Gary65

            Neither do I but people started kicking off about how offended they were so here we are :/

          • RageMojo

            Do those women’s rights include acid to the face for going to a school??

          • ogeezus

            I know it’s very dangerous for you to use your brain, but PLEASE try use it! if that was the case don’t you think half a billion Muslim around the world would have had acid on their faces?? bloody moron.

          • Daughter of Eve

            calm down. No need to be so rude and calling someone a moron because they asked you a question.

            Here’s an example of how to be tolerant: your username is a variation of “oh Jesus” but no one is nitpicking to you about its use, especially not by Catholics who may see it as a violation of one of their 10 Commandments. However, you are being rude and demeaning instead of having a discussion.

            As for your reply on the acid issue, you cannot deny that it doesn’t happen, because it does. Doesn’t mean it happens to every woman of the Islamic faith, just that it happens too many women, which is the issue.

          • ogeezus

            He didn’t ask me a question, that was a rhetoric question. Did I deny it happens? no I know it happens in places like Pakistan under Taliban control, the SAME taliban that was funded by the U.S. LOOK at what I said, I said about womens rights in ISLAM which they are clearly given in the book itself. In a 3rd world country like Pakistan where cases like this have happened are under Taliban control.

            He is implying it happens to every women, which is why I came off with such a aggressive response because culture is VERY different to RELIGION. No my name is not “Oh Jesus” it has a completely different meaning, just search it on Youtube.

          • Daughter of Eve

            It does happen in a place like Pakistan, but this has been going on long before the Taliban control. Women would be burnt alive or have acid thrown on them. This is a societal matter, not religious and it happens in India and Bangladesh too. And I never said it happens to women ‘because’ they are muslim, just that the demographic is of muslim women more so than other women. I wouldn’t have used it as an example to draw connections between religion and society. Honour killing, however, I would.

            I did just search it on YouTube, something to do with a Christmas mixtape. Regardless of the connection you’re making, the underlying origin of such a name is likely to come as an abbreviation and variation of “oh Jesus” when spelt out.

          • RageMojo

            I find your position on women’s right in Muslim nations beyond laughable. and not just the Taliban areas as you would have us believe. In Saudi Arabia women won the right to drive a car less than a year ago. By ANY measurement women are severely oppressed in Muslim nations as compared to the west. That is my only issue. My country is the new form of evil and war mongers which I am fighting. But to say women’s right were Muslim driven is complete and total BS.

          • ogeezus

            Yet again another spineless response, Arab CULTURE is the ROOT PROBLEM of this, they practice something extreme called wahhabism, just how there is ultra orthodox jews. In what ever way you look at it this is not the real teachings of the religion. Yes Saudi is an “oppressive” state, however the fact most families there are rich, who have drivers, private chefs etc. (Not talking about the people who migrated there.) It would not kill you to do some real research rather than coming to a conclusion from what you “heard” or “saw” on the media. Culture is not Religion, you seem to struggle to differentiate them. I wouldn’t say British binge drinking culture is part of Christianity, I expect you to use some common sense. Study some history and Look at women’s rights in Afghan before the soviets and U.S completely destroyed the country. Don’t reply to me if all you can do is nit pick things.

          • RageMojo

            I am not the one conflating culture with religion. The people committing these atrocities are doing so in the name of Islam and stating as such. So your issue is not with me it is with them. And it is not driven by a single culture as the religion is ingrained in many of these counties. In their laws and regulations its on their money and in their courts, so saying it is singular to one culture is plain ignorant BS. In fact is happened just yesterday in Zanzibar, so tell me how it is Arab culture only. Stop being so rabid, it doesn’t help your cause.


          • amira

            Actually you are heavily misinformed. Coming from Saudia Arabia just a month ago, i can tell you that with all respect to Islam, it is extremely oppresive. People who are not islamic are not allowed to celebrate Christmas or any other festivity, and if they do it must be in private. Often muslims enter the western world and make a huge disturbance about their own ‘issues’ such as their opposition to gay marriage, sharia law and their inabllity to INTEGRATE within a secular society. Islam at its extreme spreads hate and the right to kill if the victims are not ‘fit’ enough for their god. Don’t tell me i’m wrong because i come from an islamic family who forced me into being religious. my mother is forced to stay at home and do the work, and all my aunties and female cousins in saudi arabia are treated like trash by their husbands.
            dont try and act as if us muslims are the victims because we are not and quickly islamic youth who are open to western traditions are turning away because we see where the rights are and we want to access them.

            FYI im only a 15 year old female and im clearly more open minded to you.

            p.s im not saying muslims are bad, however the religious beliefs spread hate and its clearly not hard to see it.

          • ogeezus

            Amira… I do agree with you partially, as I too have suffered similar experiences, but this is from narrow minded people., which has LED me to research more about the faith. you have to REMEMBER this is wahhabism a EXTREME sect, exactly as it says on the tin. Saudi is a corrupt state what ever way you look at it, and they do not follow the “Sunnah” this is NOT the teachings of Islam. Islam doesn’t say to kill unbelievers if that was the case, half the world would be dead already. Look at America for example, Extreme Christians make a bigger fuss about “Gays” and “Abortion clinics” than muslims do, these are just certain groups, you shouldn’t paint everyone with the same brush. I didn’t say muslims are victims if you read anything I’ve said, this is once again Arab culture at it’s core. ONLY EXTREMIST groups try promote their lifestyle onto others, this is not the case for 99% of muslims living in the western world. We all have the same rights, it is our culture and tradition which has held back womens rights, All Islam is saying is be a good human being, give charity, do fasting, be considerate of others, praise your mother. It is certain people who misinterpret and tweak things around to suit them. I’m not here to argue with anyone, If you want to talk this out else where privately, I am available to do so.

          • kittenzz

            No Amira you are wrong the Muslims these days are bad the religion is not spreading the hate. The religion is actually all about peace but the Muslims these days think that they have the right to just oppose gay marriage etc. When in reality. Muslims these day just try to get in the spotlight if they want to oppose to anything due to their religion they should do it in a more formal way as Islam tells them to not by going all around saying that being gay is wrong maybe the idea is considered a sin in Islam but if a person from another religion is gay then you should either just tell them that in your religion it’s considered a sin and that they should not be gay instead of telling the whole world, you should convey your message to the one person you think is committing the sin. You might have lived in Saudi Arabia to notice all that but i am telling you this coming from a Muslim family. I myself have been to Saudi Arabia every year since i was 6 and know that Islam isn’t causing all this commotion it’s the Muslims. Muslims these days think just because they are Muslims they can publicly humiliate others but Islam teaches them to tell the other person in a more respectful way. I know I don’t speak for all of them but I speak for myself and as a Muslim I can also speak for my religion but you definitely are missing the point you are telling me that Islam is wrong and the people following it are right?! No you definitely are wrong. The reality is that Islam is not wrong it’s right the people are bad and wrong. I am a Muslim but I don’t consider myself wrong because I don’t go around publicly making a drama about how someone is gay. As a Muslim it’s my duty to tell anyone I see doing something that is considered wrong in my religion to stop doing it but if they do not listen to me I don’t go and get media to promote my idea if you are not going to listen to me it’s your decision if you don’t listen to me when I tell to to stop something nicely I am sure you wouldn’t listen to me if I tell it to you rudely I don’t have the right to embarrass you in front of the world who didn’t even knew you existed until today just because you’re gay. I don’t hate gay people. I know people will say that my opinion is wrong but it’s my opinion so you don’t have the right to tell me its wrong i can have whatever opinion I like it has nothing to do with my religion. I myself actually don’t know why someone on the top is going like “I am Muslim and this doesn’t offend me” maybe it’s because Muslim women are instructed by Islam to hide their bodies in a robe like structure and also to hide their hair and face. This robe like structure in known as “burqa” and in the song it’s stated that she is actually inviting a man who is not her husband to see her without the burqa which is her “veil is protection for the gorgeousness of her face” so that is kind of an insult to the Islamic women and that might be the reason for any Muslim to be offended by this song.

          • Nadia

            You’re still 15, and clearly you know NOTHING about your religion and you need to grow up and educate yourself. It isn’t Islam that did this to you, it’s the TRADITION. Learn the difference before you speak of nonsense.

          • Claudia

            Wow, again… there’s a difference between RELIGION AND CULTURE. Learn the difference and educate yourself, it’s offensive.

          • RageMojo

            I am not the one conflating culture with religion. The people committing these atrocities are doing so in the name of Islam and stating as such. So your issue is not with me it is with them. And it is not driven by a single culture as the religion is ingrained in many of these counties. In their laws and regulations its on their money and in their courts, so saying it is singular to one culture is plain ignorant BS. In fact is happened just yesterday in Zanzibar, so tell me how it is Arab culture only.

          • ogeezus

            I don’t have a issue with you, but yet again you keep implying religion is the motive behind these things, when it has no clear coloration. Go find me 1 verse that says women should be attacked with Acid for doing something wrong? that’s right you wont find that anywhere, so stop blowing things out of proportion. Criminal acts can happen anywhere to British tourists while they’re abroad. You need to stop picking and selecting your source of info, because it’s looking pathetic. I didn’t say it was “arab culture” only, but everyone knows in Arab culture men are the more dominant figure. I don’t go blaming Christianity for all the world wars, and illegal invasion of other countries. You’re the ignorant one who can’t see outside your own little bubble. Seriously educate yourself and stop wasting my time.

          • Bleakvision

            Yes Islam gave women rights, descriminatory rights to be ecaxt.

          • http://www.joey-nation.blogspot.com/ Joey


          • Gary65

            -_- Really?

        • MarkyMark

          Where in the world are you coming from? Have you ever heard of privilege? No one in the media stops what they’re doing because they’re offensive to Muslims. Which is precisely why they’re always speaking out. Muslims, Black Americans, immigrants, Latin@s; they don’t have the privilege of telling others that their issues are annoying and that their protest is interfering with their ‘right’ to be racist, only idiots like you feel like someone else speaking out against injustice is somehow injustice to yourself. Your flawed logic and your clear islamaphobia in believing that Muslims are inherently up in arms all the time makes you look foolish and out of touch with reality.

          • Gary65

            I think you misunderstood me. Whenever Muslims are angered by something, the media always gives it massive coverage, like it’s the most important thing ever. Let’s be honest here. When that movie disparaging Islam came out, the media gave it massive coverage(and continued to long after Muslims around the world had stopped protesting about it). If a similar movie was made about Christianity and a bunch of Christians flipped their ****, the media would barely bat an eyelid(aside from Fox News ofc).

            Having just returned from an Islamic country, I can assure you that I am neither Islamaphobic nor an idiot. But we can both agree that Muslims make a much bigger deal about slights to Islam than other religions do(i.e. when non-Muslims depict the prophet).

            Enlighten me. What “injustice” has Lady GaGa committed here?

          • RageMojo

            Muslims have entire nations and they do as they wish. In America while it is still free a little longer, we will not censor ourselves for your benefit. you should avoid things you don’t like. Just because you are offended does not mean I am, and I have the right to enjoy things as I wish. So get some god damn perspective. Now with that said the USA shadow government is doing all it can to vilify the muslim world and they suck at it. a growing number of americans think 9/11 was an inside job and thus both wars illegal. but you still need to get a grip.

          • dayglowjoe

            the wars were illegal whether 9/11 was an inside job or not.

          • Honestly

            Islam is a religion… You can’t group them with Latinos and blacks and then call that prejudice “racism”. Get your facts right. And the person you are insulting was making a point which you don’t have to agree with but shouldn’t disregard. Prejudice against Islam is much more offensive than prejudice against Christianity or Judaism. And it’s treated as ignorance. But disagreeing with Christianity is the same as disagreeing with Islam.

          • Lax

            First of all, Lady Gaga is an American singer. She lives in America. Why should anybody care about what muslims on the other half of the world think? They don’t even speak English

          • Nadia

            “They don’t even speak English?” Where the fuck do you think we come from? Mars? GROW UP.

          • mohamed

            i’m a muslim and i speak english much better than you do as an american

          • Qamaryah

            im muslim n i speak in english.. :)

        • Daughter of Eve

          Coming as a Christian born in a muslim country, I have personally suffered at the hands of muslims for my faith and I know for a fact that muslims tend to get all hot and bothered when they think they are wronged by anyone not sharing their views. Not all muslims are the same, that is definitely true, but in my experience, most think the same.

          • Riana-Tiana Menezes

            *Totally unrelated topic here* but being a Catholic born in a Muslim Country myself, I just wanted to know more about you and hear about your experiences; that is if you want to :)

            We don’t need to do this here though, if you have a tumblr or anything we can maybe follow each other?

            (I just really hope I’m not coming off as a creepy person though, I’m just curious :).

          • Daughter of Eve

            You are not coming off as creepy at all. I don’t have tumblr, but we can definitely chat.

          • Riana-Tiana Menezes

            I bet you have facebook. Just type “Riana-Tiana Menezes” in the search bar and you should find me :)
            (You don’t have to add me if you don’t feel comfortable, a message will work just fine :D )

          • Carmen

            I’m a Christian born in a Muslim country (Pakistan, in case you were wondering) and I think it really depends where you live. I’ve lived in Karachi for a vast majority of my life and people there were wonderful and super open-minded, as their interpretation of the quran and Islam told them to be. On the other hand, you go to certain rural and impoverished areas where Islam is such a mainstay, from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night (prayers, eating, family life, etc.) that culture and religion are completely interwoven. Just like I was given horribly dirty looks and bad treatment when I went to Italy and France and they assumed because of my dark skin that I must be Middle Eastern and therefore a Muslim and therefore, well, you know… people are afraid of what they don’t know. It’s fairly basic human nature and to say that ‘most Muslims think the same’ is disavowing the fact that most humans in fact think the same.

        • Seb

          That escalated quickly.

          • Gary65

            LOL it always does.

      • Sean Dewar

        You could say that too literally anyone of islamic faith and it would be true – because no individual speaks for an entire group

        • John

          There is only ONE GOD & that is the pure heart of humanity. Hate vs Love!!!!! no contest love Will always win….. peace & be wild.

      • Henry

        No but she is speaking for herself as a Muslim woman & that’s the most important thing she is using her voice as a woman & so she should. Because this world isn’t all about MEN!!!!!!!

      • yani

        she was giving her opinion

    • Lady Gaga’s slave

      Hell yes, Islam has nothing to do with our mother monster. anyway I would love to forget about this stupid religion and never talk about it. religion of hate and murdering innocents

      • Ahmed Tarek

        Islam is not religion of hate and I would love to forget your stupid talk about our religion and never talk about it like that again. you’re too full of hate.

        • K-gaga

          IT hate religion it’s the most stupid thing in the world I’m glad to be atheist all religion is the root of evil most people that follow are hypocritical people need to accept we’re all individual and we can express our opinions as much as we like so personal I don’t agree with any religion

          • Ahmed Tarek

            You have the right to be an atheist and not agree with any religion as much as you can, but please don’t be disrespectful to religions. You can disagree with them, but politely

        • Omar Alwee

          bro, lets pray for the taufiq and hidayah of Allah SWT

          • Ahmed Tarek

            Yeah, let’s.

      • Seb

        As a Lady Gaga fan I’d like to believe that you’re just trolling and not being serious.

    • _D_C_O_

      I think its about how the most sexiest of women are the ones who cover themselves.. I might be wrong but i think that might be it.

  • Nathanshradr

    Part three of the Gaga/Beyonce epic ;)

  • Sarah

    Biggest piece of shit I’ve ever heard.

  • Trell West


  • Trell West

    She is brilliant. Literally… consistent as fuck. I love the fact that shes actually an ARTIST. A performer. An entertainer.

  • Blaine

    I wonder why people always feel like music needs to be radio friendly. It’s not always about the radio. Sometimes it’s just about good music. And honestly half the stuff that’s radio friendly is garbage.

  • john

    i think my heart stops for about 2 seconds wen ti herd this <3im in love

  • Leslyge

    In LOVE <3 omg this is fucking amazing

  • Blake

    It reminds me of experimental Bowie in some instances. She really did give up alot of this pop nonsense (but not completely). I can dig it

  • Anthony Brennan

    Can all the gays stop getting offended the moment someone saids they don’t like it, your giving us all a bad name haha I personally love it though, I see it doing well. She needs this album to do well since her last one was considered a bit of a flop (not taking in sales of the $1.00 albums) sounds like she is heading in the right direction

    • http://anthagio.com Anthagio

      The album sold over 7m copies WW (the second highest-selling album of 2011) and only 400k were sold at 99c, which had nothing to do with Gaga and all Amazon.

      • Anthony Brennan

        This is not anything against Lady GaGa (so stop stressing) but to put it into perspective, Adele’s “21″ shifted 15.3 Million albums in 2011 with GaGa shifting 5.3 million and than considering it took a 62% decrease in the second year it only shifted 1.7 million compared to adele’s 12.5 million it shifted in 2012 and thats not even comparing it to “The Fame” which has a worldwide total near (but not correctly verified) of 18 Million so by those standards, yes it could be considered a flop. Now if anyone else becomes irritated at these facts you could say that she did very well for herself with her singles especially “Born this way” and her tour

        • Lindsey

          Compare any album from that year to Adele and it will be considered a flop then.

          • Anthony Brennan

            FFS, lets compare it to the fame which has sold 18 million not including 3 million in sales from “The Fame Monster” than yes it is a flop. That’s not saying the quality of the album was less than “The Fame” but its just showing you a huge sales decrease, your second album “should” sell more than your first to be considered a success. Anyway this is moot, creatively this album was hugely successful and I look forward to hearing the new one

          • Lindsey


          • Anthony Brennan


  • No

    The racism ugh rule of thumb: if you’re not strictly part of a culture, respect it from a distance and don’t judge

    • Quentin Jersey

      I know in the 18th and 19th Centuries the Europeans TOTALLY respected the slavery culture of the USA.

      • Anthony Canney

        um.. SLAVERY was brought to America IN the 18th century thanks TO the Europeans. The UK, Spanish and the French were ALL making profits off of the slave trade, so one can;t say if they respected it or not, but they had NO issue making money off of it that we know for SURE.

  • Afame44

    This ROCKs!!!! Cannot deal with how much anticipation is building up inside me for ARTPOP!! True artists create, and that defines Lady Gaga! :D

  • http://anthagio.com Anthagio

    The first bit is a tad jarring, but the rest is absolute perfection, especially the chorus.

  • HellishGhoul

    I don’t like the beginning but I like the rest

  • slam3000

    It’s abysmal. Like, 20 songs in one. It could almost be a megamix of her ‘greatest hits’.

    • joshsummer

      Its complextro which isn’t necessarily her fault its the fault of her trendy fucking producer who only knows how to make a dance track. She should have booked Rick Rubin or something this is just too much.

  • Guest

    PLEASE don’t make a music video for this song; the middle east would be in rage…it’s sad that people here take offence of the slightest thing that can be considered an insult to Religon and can get violent :(

  • Rafique

    love it. another Muslim who is not offended. did i say I LOVE IT!!? I love it!


    Omg! This is just to great :D repeat repeat repeat!!!!!!!! ARTPOP will pummel radio into something fierce!!!!!

  • Tin

    ARTPOP will slay but my fav will always be BORN THIS WAY

  • xiku

    Hmmmm… Some parts reminded me of Judas.

  • HellishGhoul

    She should have said send it to ”bollywood” instead of hollywood

    • Daughter of Eve

      erm, why? Bollywood is Indian and if you look at post-noughties movies and song videos, you’ll see Bollywood is not a shy industry where sexuality is concerned. Maybe Lollywood is more appropriate, but that would stir a whole bunch of unnecessary controversy.

  • sarahd15

    Omg. Love it. Mother Monster is back!

  • ItIsWhatItIs

    I’ve tried to like this chick time and again, but I can’t make it happen. I’ll say that I was much happier when she was muted for a while. And now this crap :-/

  • Joe

    It’s incredible!! So original. So GAGA. Yu made a lyric mistake, it’s ‘do you wanna touch me cosmic lover’

  • joshsummer

    Hopefully it isn’t the strongest song on the album lets put it that way. Hate to be a critic but i just don’t think zedd should have had anything to do with this album she’s a songwriter she doesn’t need that much complextro in one fucking track. Hopefully the album is more stripped down then this.

  • Kai

    im a muslim women and i dont find it offensive, the more i listen to it THE MORE I LOVE IT! Gaga’s back!! ARTPOP!

  • Joe

    Lyrics are so awkward.

  • Chelsea Mons†er Quin

    Lady gaga you amazing human being! WOW!! At first I was like :/ then I was :| then I was :) then I was all :D Then I just started dancing like a mad woman!! HAHA Paws Up!! <3

  • Nick Schmidt

    Amazing. <3 Can't wait for the rest!!!

  • kitty

    wait… what?……. is this real….?? THIS is her new song………… oh…..

  • Sarah Kn

    Ugh. More fetishizing of Muslim women. I love how more than half the people who are like ‘YAY. ZOMG COOL SONG. LOVES IT.’ have no idea about the history of orientalism and cultural appropriation of Muslim, South Asian, and Asian women that are perpetuated by idiots like Gaga and Stefani and their burqas and bindis (respectively).

  • Jonesgaga

    i think its great, the first lines make me wonder however if its gonna be an end to her and beyonce? cannot wait for the single and album now!

  • Arjan

    I was like… WOOOWW AMAZING!!!

  • Ginny777

    I like it the more I listen to it! Definitely different! I think we need to keep in mind that I don’t think Gaga would use the concept of the Burqa in an offensive way…. I’m sure she will have an artistic explanation.

  • tamara

    I’m a muslim… and honestly this song is not offensive at all.

  • Jess

    whoever transcribed these lyrics needs their hearing checked…

  • Nick

    Download? <3

  • Matthew Howland

    I really tried to like it. It’s just not Gaga to me… :/

  • biancabz

    It’s not my favorite Gaga song but I actually really like it. It’s a little humorous but in a good way I guess. Being Muslim I don’t find this offensive in any way.

  • Enelya

    I’ve never been a Gaga fan……but this sounds especially terrible to me

  • Er Tan


  • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum

    ‘Burka or Burqa’ means veil. This is NOT related to Islam or Muslims. The clothes a nun wears is also called a Burka, because it is just an Arabic word for something like a loose robe that covers the entire body. So according to me, no Muslim should take offense. Instead of using the French/Spanish word for a veil, GaGa chose to use the Arabic word.

    • http://thetams.tumblr.com/ Sasha

      But she’s definitely using/appropriating Islamic imagery. People don’t associate the word “burka” with nuns the way they associate “burqa” with Islamic women.

  • Deki

    Can somebody tell me where iI can listen to that song?

  • Eben

    i want the download link!!!!!!!

  • DarrlynM87

    Ugh, can’t stand Gaga and her offensive cultural appropriation of POC and Queer POC

  • Tyler Fulton

    Gaga did say she’s planning to make “good EDM.”

  • spacie19

    I don’t get it.

  • Kimberly

    Absolutely love it! Gaga never disappoints! <3

  • ShadyStefani

    I don’t like it. It sounds like she’s trying to come up with a song with the rationalization as to why she’s taking off her “Lady Gaga” costume that she’s been climbing into all this time of her fame run & allowing her true self, Stefani *be* the one in the limelight instead. Not sure if that’s the best move for her since Gaga is what makes her stand out. Stefani is just the “man behind the curtain.” And the lyrics aren’t “brilliant” like her first 2 albums, so I hope this isn’t a “real” leak because after 2 years of putting together this overly-hyped album & after the awful flop of the overly-hyped “Born This Way” album, it’s just disappointing. Especially after Gaga said she’s written over 50 songs already for it, has amazing songs on YouTube she never put on any album..my personal favorite being “Let Love Down” because it was written by her about her *real life” experiences, which is very admirable, pulling me in as a fan to begin with & last, she’s done songs with ICON’s she’s “channeled” & looked up to like CHER & decidedly discarded them (again, after promoting them.) That, I think is terribly disrespectful to CHER. I mean, think about it. She got soo much inspiration from CHER, mastered the duet & now she won’t use it?! Wow…she really has some nerve. Just my opinion, no need to attack me, Little Monsters. That’s another thing..I’ve found that Little Monsters seems to be the most vicious cyber-bullies ever. There’s a way to talk & say your opinion and most don’t do it that way at all; it’s disturbing, especially when Mother Monster is an advocate to *not* be that way. If you were a true Little Monster, there wouldn’t be such vulgar negativity towards others who don’t share your same views. I’m really hoping this album gets Gaga back to her roots (Meaning “The Fame” & “The Fame Monster”) cuz her third was just a disaster. She needs to tone it down with the designers & who her famous friends are. She says her Little Monsters are who she cares most about, not being popular or famous. Show it then. That’s what got me interested in her to begin with, yet again. I’ve just seen sooo much change with her getting this ridiculous ego. Ya never know what the future holds & you have to stay grounded. I’m very much anticipating ARTPOP but it sounds to me like there are major mistakes being made already. Song choices, dissing well established icons before her & now lying to her fans about a “hip surgery” which was obviously a cover for bad record sales & a reason to reconstruct her face. She has no scar (I know people who had the same surgery & there are pics online in her in a bikini with *no* scar) along with the fact that her big nose was supposedly one of the huge reasons she felt like a freak. She told all her Little Monsters that we were “Born This Way,” so why is it now that she’s slicing off & rearranging her face to be what the world deems as “beautiful” when that’s the opposite of her message to the world? It sadly just makes her look like a hypocrite.

  • Niall Adams

    Although the beginning’s not great, the more I listen to this the more I like it. Can’t wait for the full album

  • DD

    I like this! It’s like going back to the punk grunge type sound

  • OJ Von Erich

    According to early reports, this will be the follow up to ‘Telephone’.

  • http://www.joey-nation.blogspot.com/ Joey

    Just clicked with the double-meaning of aura/awrah in the song. Aura referring to the auratic mode of art’s existence, made famous in Walter Benjamin’s essay “The Work of Art in the Age of its Reproducibility” which can be directly applied to Warhol’s “pop art” and it’s supposed ‘reversal’ in ARTPOP. And of course awrah, an Islamic term referring to the parts of a woman that must be kept hidden. Clever integration of artistic knowledge and cultural meaning.

  • jt

    guys – its just a song! who cares! catchy beat. i like it

  • Garrett Pletcher

    To me, this song isn’t about the Islamic culture at all. It’s more so about her as an artist saying, do you want to see the girl behind all the costumes, the performances, etc. She used the burqa as a symbolism.

  • Dlils

    Okay enough all caps. In other news, the song is cool. It grows on me after a few listens. :)

    • cc423

      I like the cut of your jib.

  • aldendoy

    This song sounds very empowering for our burqa wearing sisters.

  • Mr. Not You

    Add me to the list of Muslims that isn’t offended by this. As a matter of fact, Burqa is nowhere mentioned in Quran (holy book) and it’s never required by Islam in the first place. It’s just a cultural thing that started in some regions. So if you’re offended by this because of religion, then you’re ignorant who needs to do some research.

    Besides, I think those lyrics actually sound more like a compliment. Some people criticize Muslim women for wearing them, so this song sounds like it’s trying to say – you’re just jealous of the pretty face behind it and wish to see it. At least that’s how I interpreted it, I’m sure GaGa won’t disappoint. Buying her album day one.

  • kenandgamer

    this is cool

  • kenandgamer

    this is awesome

  • Matthew Dwayne Cummings

    At first I was like Tf but then when the chorus I fell in love <3 #cantwaitforARTPOP :)

  • Gilbert

    Noooooooooo!!! I can’t listen to burqa

  • dayglowjoe

    whether it’s offensive or not is somewhat secondary to the fact that it is an utterly dreadful car crash, both lyrically and musically.

  • Daryl Ormesher

    I looove this song CANT WAIT FOR ARTPOP!!!!

  • Anna Godwin

    You know…not everything Gaga produces is an intended “statement” for or against something. I for one believe she is a great master-mind at igniting in the masses what her lyrics (ART) could potentially mean. So people need to pipe the ***kity **ck down! It’s what we (around the entire world) like to refer to as ART. It’s rarely enjoyed or appreciated for what it is until the artist is deceased. (Cough,cough- Papparazzi- cough, cough.)

  • Bitch

    Go for it BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • drj

    this song is called “Aura”, it’s confirmed from the itunes festival

  • Maruki

    I dig this. That is all.

  • baboo butt

    no one ever sing any song on “ninja” … then why on burqa…???

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