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At their Television Critics Association panel today in Los Angeles, Fox confirmed that Glee season 5′s Cory Monteith tribute episode will focus on drug abuse.

While he did not confirm whether or not the Finn character will die due to a drug-related incident, Fox president Kevin Reilly told reporters that Glee season 5 will “deal directly with the drug abuse.”

Glee fans had speculated this would be the case for two reasons. For one, the show has never taken on the subject of drugs like they have gay marriage, school shootings, and other hot button topics. Two, Monteith died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol, a coroner’s report confirmed.

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Reilly added that the tribute episode will include several drug-related PSAs during commercial breaks created by Ryan Murphy and Glee cast members. He would not confirm that the episode will run unused footage or outtakes of Finn, only saying “it’s a possibility.”

Following Monteith’s death, Fox pushed the season 5 premiere of Glee back one week to Thursday, September 26. The first two episodes will be Beatles-centric tributes. Episode 3 will be the Finn/Monteith tribute.

Numerous Glee stars have spoken out about Monteith since his passing. After several weeks, co-star and real life girlfriend Lea Michele broke her silence and thanked fans for their unwavering support. Kevin McHale and Mike O’Malley are others who’ve chimed in on the tragic news in recent days.

Is talking about drug abuse the right way for ‘Glee’ season 5 to go?

  • Lovisa Andersson

    Ugh. I feel like it might overshadow the Finn tribute if they try to put a drug PSA in it. They should’ve saved it for later in the season if they wanted a PSA. I also hope Finn doesn’t take drugs. It would be going too far. Maybe have him in an accident because someone else took drugs, but I would hate it if Finn took drugs and died because of it.

    I like how they’re creating a fund, that’s great.

    • Lovisa Andersson

      (with it overshadowing the Finn tribute, I only meant that it might do that if it’s in the episode’s plot, not OOC videos during commercial breaks)

      • Ric

        I think they should kill off his character with an od. It’s real. Everyone has secrets and all too often this happens to real people, heros even. It could show today’s youth that it can and probably will touch even their own lives at some point.

    • Marie

      Well, the show regularly tries to push the idea of Finn as a hero. Therefore, I think it’d make the most sense was if it was in someway heroic. Although dying in something like a drunk driving accident is tragic, I don’t see it as a fitting end (although the most plausible, if they’re going to involve drugs somehow).

      Something I could potentially get interested in would be if one of the characters close to Finn started self-medicating their grief with alcohol or drugs. I think Puck would be the most likely candidate, although he’s not really on the show anymore. So, I don’t know. But I think Finn overdosing would make no sense.

  • Marie

    If they run PSAs around the episode, that’s fine. But in the show? No. And I really don’t want that to be tied to Finn. That just seems wrong.

  • Richard Bailey

    I wonder if they’re going to have anything about Finn’s dad seeing as he dealt with drug abuse due to PTSD

    • Cassie Drake

      I hope they do. It would be a good way to introduce the idea of Finn having a drug problem, without it being like “…wait, he died of a drug-overdose? FINN??? Where did THAT come from??” They could write that maybe Finn was predisposed due to his father having had similar problems.

      • Marie

        I would still struggle to buying he’d ever consider trying anything other than alcohol. If they’re gung-ho about this, I think alcohol poisoning during a party or drunk driving/hit by a drunk driver would be most plausible. Still not my ideal situation, but Finn overdosing on something like heroin wouldn’t make sense to me,

  • hypableaddict81

    i see the logic in wanting to address drug abuse in the tribute episode since A) that is what Cory really died of and giving him a fake death may be disrespectful and B) they see it as a way to hopefully show viwers the real dangers of drug abuse.
    but the problem i see is how would they write in Finn dying of a drug overdose? While it’s tragic and heartbreaking that Cory struggled with it, the character of Finn Hudson never had such problems and looking at from a continuity standpoint, it doesn’t make too much sense. Maybe they’ll say he was experimenting in college and took too much? this whole thing is so sad :(

    • Liderc

      Since his Dad died of drug abuse, it’s very possible they could write in that Finn was secretly dealing with a drug addiction as well. No matter how good anyone seems, anyone can get caught up in drugs and alcohol. Not that I think they should go this route, as any way they do this it’s going to be awkward.

  • sarahd15

    Either way, this is going to be the saddest episode ever…

  • Rose

    “The Finn character”? That sounds a little cold, don’t you think?

  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

    Am I the only person who thinks it’s weird that they’re first doing two Beatles episodes *before* the tribute? That’s just so…awkward. I would think that they’d want to tribute Finn first before getting back into themed episodes, but that’s just me.

    • Marie

      I think it’s largely because they were already written and are in a major time-crunch. And I think it’s good to not start the show with Finn’s tribute. It’d be a really down opener, although it’ll be an awkward situation no matter what they do.

    • hypableaddict81

      i totally agree, but i read the reason for this is because they didn’t feel they could put together a proper tribute episode by September 26th. they figured if they did the original Beatles episodes first then they’d have an extra 2 weeks to plan the episode and make 100% sure everyone was comfortable with it.
      but i agree watching the those first 2 episodes act like everything is fine when we know what’s happened will be weird

      • ComeAlongPond

        Agreed. And I was also thinking perhaps they decided the Beatles tribute episodes they’d already written would be inappropriate directly after Finn’s episode because the episodes that follow need to focus on how the characters deal with the grief and aftermath. Also I think they’ve said there will be a break after the Finn tribute to allow them to reconfigure the season arc without him so I think it makes sense that the Beatles episodes probably don’t fit into their post-Finn plans.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      The problem here is that there’s very little chance for anything to not come off as awkward. One of my biggest “concerns” is having Finn die and then have the characters continue with their usual Glee business without giving the proper weight to what happened: death. [In that sense, having the Beatles episodes after Finn's tribute might be even more awkward.] I mean, Glee has struggle with continuity issues and addressing the aftermath of serious events before. I guess part of me doesn’t believe that they can pull this off beyond that single tribute episode, even though I really hope they do.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    Until I watch the actual tribute episode, I can’t help but feeling like they are dangerously walking a very narrow line here. I truly hope they pull it off, though. Hoping for the best.

  • hypableaddict81

    OMG i think im really late to this but it just occured to me that Finn’s dad died of a drug overdose alone in a hotel room.
    damn that is sad. maybe that’s how they’ll incorporate it? addiction, or rather addictive personalities, are often genetic.

  • Sasha

    I think the best thing for Glee to do after the Cory/Finn tribute is to try and get back to its roots and be, y’know, gleeful. Nobody likes the Glee after-school special episodes and I don’t think anybody wants a drug abuse arc. Glee doesn’t have to die along with Cory.

  • ComeAlongPond

    I think it’s good Glee is addressing it. Before he died, Cory was very vocally against substance abuse and he urged young fans not to be like him. I think he’d appreciate Glee continuing to spread his message, but I really hope if this plot line has to do with Finn’s death that he is not the one taking them. From a continuity standpoint I don’t think Finn ever would have, especially after how strongly he reacted when he discovered his father did. If Finn’s death is going to be drug related at all, I’d much rather what someone else had already suggested, that it be because hew was involved in an accident where someone *else* was on drugs and caused it.

  • Liderc

    This is kind of tacky, hate to say it. I somewhat understand the angle, but it feels wrong overall.

  • jozefd14

    I’m kinda glad that the PSA of drugs is happening during the commercial breaks and not in the episode as much. This is probably to give more tribute justice to Cory/Finn

  • Wise Witch

    I don’t mind PSA’s inserted into the commercial breaks, but I want the episode to be cathartic for the fans while staying true to Finn’s character. Finn Hudson would never, under any circumstances, do drugs. So as long as Glee stays true to who Finn was, I’ll be curious to see how everything plays out.

  • Jake

    I personally think this is necessary and appropriate.

  • cathy g

    I have mixed feeling about this. In a way, having a PSA at the end of the show sums up the tribute episode and what happened with Cory, but it can also give a messages to teens about the use of drugs or people with addictions. They need to do this in a way that doesn’t offend anyone. I mean in real life that’s what happened to Cory. I’m not sure how Finn should die on the show, but I thought about Finn dying from drugs just because of the drug PSA. I thought Finn can die from just experimenting with drugs maybe mixed in with alcohol from a college party or something, but not to the extent where Finn is label as a drug user or addict. What ever they do, I just hope it reflects his life as a great person nothing else and not in way that will upset the general public.

    • Guest

      I do not see how a PSA at the end of the show would offend anyone. However the general public does, unfortunately, get offended quite easily.

  • Me

    I think this is good.

  • Helen

    I seriously hate them using Cory’s death as a platform to ‘take on’ another issue. He was a real life person who died, not a way for the show to up their ratings. No no no no.

    • Antara Chowdhury

      Cory spoke about his issues in interviews and warned his fans against substance abuse. The people on Glee, especially Lea, know Cory and what he would have wanted, and I don’t think they would do anything that would be disrespectful to his memory. They’re not just doing this to get higher ratings. They’re going to pay tribute to Cory, and donate all proceeds from iTunes sales to charity in his honor.

  • Guest

    I made the decision to not watch glee next season because they got rid of all the old characters that I got attached to in the first place then i learned of Cory’s death and i thought if there is any reason i’ll watch glee again is for his tribute …. but now, i’m standing by my first decision to not watch glee ever again.

    Nope. i don’t trust Murphy and co. to deal with this sensitively enough even with Lea’s input and i am not sold on how they are planning on dealing with the whole situation TBH. so good luck to the rest of you who are sticking with the show!!

  • Michael Vartanian

    I really hope Finn gets a different death as Finn never had drug issues in the show. The idea of a drug abuse plot line makes me hesitant because 1. Glee rarely takes the time to tackle serious issues properly and 2. It’s been done so much on TV, I can’t bear to see it on Glee too.

  • Mina Hanna

    Drugs are defiantly the topic they have to talk about, but in a way that finn’s death topic won’t be minimized

  • Gary65

    I’d say Finn will be accidentally killed by a drug addict, rather than Finn himself turning to drugs.

  • Shantel Burkholder

    I like the idea of them talking about drugs in a future episode but I would hate it if Finn died that way. We want to remember Cory for how much he loved life and how he portrayed a beloved character, not for his struggle with drug addiction.

  • jay

    I wonder if they are going to use the fact that Finn is now in College. Maybe he was at a party and tried something, maybe it will be accidental. Drugs are a problem in colleges everywhere. I just hope they do it with the dignity that Cory deserved.

  • Karola

    For me the biggest hero here is Lea… Imagine how strong she has to be playing a girl losing his boyfriend while it’s exactly what happened in real life! I think the best way for the show to go is to focus on the character lives after this tragic loss showig their real feelings, grief over Cory/Finn’s death. Just the way it is in real life. But will the cast agree on that? Will Lea be strong enough to act a grieving girl or rather not act in this situation but show her real grief on the screen?

  • Vicky Ardon

    I think it’s a great idea. It shows that drugs are nothing to play around with and it can hurt you, your family, and your life. It would be a great thing to show teens that it’s very harmful and it’s not worth it, no matter how fun. I really hope they don’t say he died over drugs. Maybe he affiliated with people that did them, and things went out of control, people got in fights, and he was just there, wrong timing and got killed. Hopefully something like that, but it is a touchy subject to put him as if he died of drugs. I can’t wait for this episode to air!

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